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take me part 162  

dadigan 60  
318 posts
7/15/2021 2:42 pm
take me part 162

Bet and I walked up to the shop, laughing, and holding hands. She
helped shift my thoughts, for which I was grateful because they were
weighing on me and I didn't need that now. Javier, Chloe, and
Annie were waiting outside. Shit.


"The guys in the UK said they'd be ready by 6am tomorrow, our time.
They just need the go ahead, Daniel." I wasn't sure how I was in
charge of things, but it was annoying.

"What are your thoughts?" They stared at me. "Seriously, now you're
going mute?" Chloe spoke.

"I say we take them down because money is what's important to them.
Send what we have to your friend and we focus on keeping Ali safe.
This needs to end and we can help end it." Annie and Bet nodded.
Javier looked at me.

"What Javier?"

"We'll have maybe hours.... 24 if we are lucky... before they start
tracking who did it. The guys in the UK are pro's, and their cut is
enough for them to shut down their operation, but there is always a
trail. It could come back on us at some point. It's not likely, but

"Gustav already knows about Alison. There is nothing to link her to
any of it, and I don't think he even cares. He wants to hurt someone,
and he has her name. I say we take them all down and we deal with
Gustav." I didn't want this but it's what we had. I could feel Sara,
Janey, and Alison in the backyard. They were SO happy.

"Give them the O" I knew it would be as secure as possible and the
funds would get moved through so many places that I doubted many folks
would be able to keep up. It wasn't a sure thing, but what is. If we
could end these assholes then that'd be a huge ball out of play, and I
could focus on Marnine. I was still unsure if she was friend, foe...or
both. I walked into the shop, got some disposable gloves, and grabbed
the information to send to my friend at the FB I wanted the heat
turned up. Everyone looked at me.

"You sure about that homes? He's still a cop."

'I'm not sure about anything brother, but I think more heat is
better." They nodded. Chloe, Annie and I drove to FedEx so I could
send the package of information. He'd get it tomorrow. I texted him anonymously, let him know to expect a package, and then destroyed the phone. Bret was a good guy and was OK skirting the lines as long as it wasn't too egregious. There was plenty evidence already being shifted through with the three places that were taken down, and the FBI was already looking at it. We were just giving him the keys. He would follow through on it, I just hoped it was soon enough.

"Why does Marnine hate you Annie?" Silence.

"I'd rather not discuss that...."

"Not an option...."


"It's not an option Chloe. There is too much going on and I need to
understand. I am already at a disadvantage with all of you as it is."
Annie looked at me in the mirror, and smiled.

"My ancestor was suppose be in her role but her family had only ever
cared about power. It's part of why I am here, and won't be leaving for awhile, so get use to me. You can't trust Manine Daniel. She'll do whatever she has to for her own
aims, and I shudder to think what that might be. You, Chloe and Sara
are a surprise, to all of us, especially you. The one thing we have
going for us is that most of us despise her, not all but most. Did you
really talk with Joseph?" I nodded and couldn't tell if that relieved her, or worried her.

We pulled up to the shop and walked inside. Henry and Uncle Billy had
music planning. We made some dinner and went out back to enjoy our family.
I needed to remember to eat more. Sara smiled and waved. She was so happy to have her sisters bac Chloe and I looked at each. It was going to be hard not having her next to us, but now was the time because as her pregnancy continued it wasn't going to be an
option. We would have to figure something out. There was so much that needed to be done.

We all had a great time, especially Unc and Henry as they took turns
being the DJ. It was fun to watch, as was Sara. Her stress was gone. Chloe
and Annie, leaned into my lap, uncomfortably I'm sure, as they hugged
me and watched Sara being Sara with Janes and Al She kept waving. I
could feel everyone wondering about me, Chloe, and Annie...especially
Christine and Bethany, but no one said anything.

Everyone started to head home as we cleaned up. Sara, Janey and Alison
walked up and asked if they could leave. Sara was almost in tears as
she walked up to me and Chloe. We hugged her and said pay attention.
Sara, Janey, and Alison kissed us and walked to the car, after this
afternoon I was getting use to standing naked in front of people, even with clothes on. There were no secrets in this family. Sara was at the car and turned to look at us.

She lowered her head, looked up and ran at us. She hit me and bit my
neck and wouldn't let go. Janes and Ali ran up and Chloe and Annie
were rubbing her bac She was sobbing into me but wouldn't let go. It
broke my heart. I knew some of it was hormones. She finally let go, looked at
me, wiped her mouth and kissed me and Chloe. She looked at Annie a
long time and hugged her, turned and walked back to the car without
saying a word and got in. She wanted all of us together but I wasn't
sure how to do that. Chloe and Annie were talking with Janes and Alison.
I walked up to the car. Sara got out and looked at me.

"Please don't be mad Daniel but I have a hole right here," as she
touched her heart. It hurts so bad you have no idea." I hugged her as
she jumped up on me. She leaned back and looked at me.

"You are without a doubt the goofiest goofball I have ever met." She smiled.


"Ever, and I've lived a long time young lady."


"Without a doubt, love." She jumped down smiling and said good!

"Figure out a way that we can all live together. I mean it mister.
You're a super genius when it comes to things like that. It's nice
that Janes and Ali are bac" I nodded as they walked up and put her
in the car. They kissed me and smiled.

"I'll keep both of them safe Daniel. Don't worry." I kissed Janey as
she got in the car and drove off. I understood about the hole in the
heart as I watched them drive away. Chloe, Annie and I walked back
inside as Christine and Bethany were walking out with Em and Jake.
Bethany said that we needed to talk and to call her tomorrow. I nodded
as we kissed all of them goodbye.

I walked out back and jumped the fence like Marnine wanted me to and
started walking. I felt Chloe and Annie do the same and run up on
either side. "Nice night for a walk, mister." I nodded and kept on
walking. They looked at each other, unsure what to do. I didn't know.

"Fuck this!" Annie got in front of me and looked up. "Stop this
Daniel!! Now," and then she bit me so hard that I grunted, but she
wouldn't let go. These women were interesting because they only bit
men that were important to them, and only on muscle. They didn't mind
blood, but they weren't vampires. The blood wasn't the point. I still
wasn't exactly sure why they bit, but it wasn't random. I was still confused by it all and
that is when Chloe bit me and I blackout. They caught me before I fell.

I opened my eyes as they were looking down at me, talking as if
nothing had happened, because nothing had happened for them. I was
lying on the path. "How long have I been unconscious?"

"Maybe fifteen minutes, love. You needed a break and we gave you one.
They both kissed me as I stood up. You're thinking too much Daniel, and carrying the blame for things you have very little<b> control </font></b>over. Annie's right, Love, you need to stop. You're not alone. Can we go home now?" We're horny. I nodded.

evernshamdodges9 65  
35 posts
7/15/2021 9:33 pm

spreading Daniel mighty thin. I see mistakes coming. rock on!!!!

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