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take me part 160  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
7/13/2021 8:13 pm
take me part 160

I drove to the shop wondering what else would happen. Holy shit, none of them were shy, and it's not like I actually minded, but there were a few other things going on. I pulled up to the shop and Emily ran at me like a bat of hell, and I knew what was coming. I braced myself and she launched five feet out. Uncle Billy and Ellen were watching, and smiling. She nailed the landing and wrapped her legs around me as she kissed me.

"We HAVE to get a dog, dad. WE HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!! Jake told me all about Buster and I want to help build his gate. Promise?" Uncle Billy and Ellen had walked up and were listening.

"Well, sweets, that depends on Jen and Jeff because it's technically their but they'll let me know tomorrow." She looked at me displeased, jumped down and stormed off. I shook my head. Ellen walked up and kissed me.

"Get use to it dad," laughed and walked inside to talk with Emily who was on the phone with Bethany.

"How'd the fence go?"

"Easy. Jake loved it and we got all the holes dug for tomorrow. We need to get some more 1x's but it shouldn't be bad tomorrow, and that is when Marnine showed up behind Billy, and smiled. Ellen was already walking out and took his arm.

"I need you sweets," as she led him the opposite direction. Marnine walked up. looked at me as she grabbed my balls, and squeezed. She said, "I feel left out Daniel," as she kissed me. Everyone growled, including Annie.

She glared at me. "I can do whatever I want love as she bit me on my chest. Annie? You bring that bitch here after we were doing so well together. I grabbed her under the chin, lifted, squeezed, and waited for her to vanish. She kicked at me, and scratched my arms, but I just squeezed harder. I was done with the games. She spat what she could, and was gone. She knew if she touched anyone in my family, which now included Annie, I would end her but I didn't expect to see her again anytime soon, but I was wrong.

I turned to go back inside as Sam lowered the hammer. I smiled. Janey and Alison pulled up and Janes was out the car before it stopped, and running at me. I braced myself as she jumped and bit me, hard. She wrapped herself around me and started crying as Alison walked up. She kissed my cheek and waited.. Being away from us was brutal on Janey. We all knew it but it was important and spending money only goes so far. She licked me and said she'd take care of that as Alison hugged me, and kissed me.

"We've missed you Daniel. We missed all of you and I don't know what Janes knows. We are not doing that again. Period." I nodded.

"Go say hi and meet my aunt and uncle." She smiled and nodded. Sam walked out with the med kit and said, "Good thing we heal quickly," and took care of the bite. I was still thinking about Marnine and why she had such a visceral reaction to Annie. I pushed to Chloe and Annie, which meant everyone now. Secrets were over.

"Love, we'll talk later. Henry is closing early because Tuesdays are the slowest dinners. We're doing spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and salad. Do we still have enough dressing?" I told her I'd check. I pushed out to Mags and Bet but they already knew.

"Sam, one of these days we'll get things back on track." He patted me on the back and said to stop worrying as he handed me the hammer and headed home to get his family. Chloe and Annie pulled up and got out as I walked up. They smiled, but they were worried. There was also something else that I couldn't discern. Annie's eyes bore a hole into me, but then she smiled, walked up and kissed me, as did Chloe.

"How was the shower?" They laughed and each grabbed an arm.

"Sara and Dad are stopping by Gio's on the way. They've already called. How are Janes and Ali?"

"Upset. We can't do that again." She nodded. I need to get some stuff at the store. Go enjoy your sisters. I'll be back." Chloe looked at me, conflicted."

"'I'll go with him, Love. It'll give us time to chat. Chloe smiled and kissed her, and then me before she walked inside.

"Don't take advantage of her Daniel. I mean it mister!" I nodded. Annie took my arm as we walked to the car. I opened the door as she leaned in and kissed me saying, "you'll get use to it Daniel. We're different. I closed the door and got in. We went to King Sooper's and got stuff to have at Sara's, especially for Jake, which meant ice cream. We were pushing the cart together, Annie's arm wrapped in mine. We were kinda binge<b> shopping.... </font></b>we got cheese and crackers, hummus, olive tapenade, a variety of olives, peppers, cornichons, chips, fruit I found ripe avo's and heirloom tomato's...and then we got beer and Prosecco. Annie insisted on paying for it, which wasn't easy but she did. We walked out with her head on my arm.

"You can really smell my scent, and know me from it?" I nodded, and that's when I knew what was coming. I just hoped Ellen and Maggie were mature enough to not participate. They weren't. "What do I smell like?" They were all fascinated by this, i guess because no one had ever told them. It was easy for me, and getting easier, but everything was getting easier and that is when I slumped onto the cart as we got to the car. I wasn't unconscious, but I wasn't conscious. Marnine was smiling at me.

"You said you wanted to be bitten love. Enjoy. She laughed and was gone. The girls were going nuts. Annie was throwing bags in the back seat. She grabbed the keys, helped into the car, and called Chloe.

"Where do I go?" Chloe directed her back to the shop. I knew they were all worried about me but they needn't be. I wasn't sure what was going on there but were I was, was interesting. I could see a figure walking up to me in the distance. I waited, because I was curious. He had a hat, and a cane, not because he needed it, simply because he liked it. He walked up to me, smiled, and said..."Hi Daniel. I'm Joseph and we need to talk," And I was back in the present as Annie pulled into the shop and everyone ran out, Jake and Emily leading the way. I shook my head, got out, and exhaled. Everyone just stared at me. Chloe and Annie grabbed me and they both told Jake and Emily to grab the bags as they helped me inside. I could have walked but I'm also not stupid. Everyone laughed, and they both pinched me, hard. We walked out back and they sat me down by the fire pit.

"What the fuck is going on? Who were you talking with? We couldn't see, or hear. I looked at them, confused. "Daniel....who?"

"Joseph." I heard the gasps from God knows where, but there were a lot of them, and then silence. Ellen and Billy walked up and shooed everyone away and handed me a beer. Sam had gone to get his family, and Bet, Javier and the were on the way and Bet was stressed. They were ALL stressed, and that included people I had never met but there was rapt attention all around. Ellen looked at me, and smiled.

'You need to have someone else look at those migraines, Daniel." Uncle Billy nodded. I felt like I was running out of time but the treadmill kept getting faster. Jake and Emily walked up and sat on the arms of the chair.

'Are you OK, dad?" I hugged them and said I was fine and not to worry when, thankfully, Bob walked in. Emily clapped and ran into the kitchen and got a chicken breast. She walked past all of us, five feet from Bob and knelt in front of him. He looked at her, and then at us. He wasn't scared because he knew her. Jake took a video. She closed her eyes, breathed, opened them, and extended the chicken to him. Bob looked at her, then around, and at us again....walked up, and gently took it from her, but he didn't trot away. Instead, he looked at her and then walked to his den, turned, and went in. Emily stood up and I knew Sara was going to be over the moon. Things were getting strange.

Janey and Alison walked up and squatted down and looked at me. "Are you OK, Daniel? We need you to be OK." I stood up and told them to stop being silly, that I was fine. They gang hugged as I wondered who Jospeh was in all of this, and why we needed to talk.

evernshamdodges9 65M  
35 posts
7/13/2021 9:20 pm

trying to figure out how this is moving. you are a good one. major switch in whats the headline. keep it up

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