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take me part 158  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
7/11/2021 10:08 pm
take me part 158

Mags and I walked back to the shop. I was glad she was there because I felt
untethered, and wondered if I could even find my way home since my mind
was swirling. I stopped and called Chloe.

"Daniel. I think I'm going insane." Sara nodded. "Was that real?"

"Chloe, Sara... breathe. All we can do is take one step at a time loves."

"Not if you're bounding over fences, mister. What the FUCK! is going
on, Daniel?"

"Sweet's, I'm not sure, but we have enough to deal with right now, and we need to
figure that out. This is.... A LOT!, but we have time. Let's all take a
breath, OK? We have other things to focus on. Janey and Alison are coming home, and Gustav knows about Ali.... THAT is our main focus, Loves." They were both quiet. They were all quiet, because apparently everyone could hear me. Great.


"Maggie and I are almost back. Have Jake and Emily left?"

'Yeah, 15 minutes ago."

"Good. I'll be there within 15 minutes...OK?"


"I need to call Janey. I'll see you soon." Holy fucking Christ, talk about pulling the rug out from someone. I was still convinced I was insane when Maggie spoke.

"None of us trust Marnine even though we respect her. A thousand years is a long time and it's easy to lose touch, even though she tries. The history is out date, like all history. Remember Love, we live in the present and not the past." I could feel ALL of those voices
chattering, but I could only discern one, Annie, and I pushed out to her. She was talking with Chloe.

"Daniel. I'm Annie, Chloe and Sara are listening. "I'm on my way to the airport. Like I told them, take a breath and chill because nothing has changed right now. You're already having babies. Congratulations, by the way." I liked her already. She was a warrioress and we needed that now.

"I'm looking forward to meeting you Annie. We'll pick you up at the airport. I'll be there soon Chloe and Sara."

Shit! The balls were beginning to wobble in their trajectory, and that was never a good sign when juggling. I called Janey.

"DANIEL....what the fuck is going on?"

"Janey, calm down. Are you driving?" She said yeah. "Pull over and let Ali drive. Now."

"OK, hold on. OK, but we're stopped. What the fuck Daniel?"

"I don't know Jane's. We're all working it out. Let Alison drive and come to the shop, OK?'


"Right now, it's just stories so let's not borrow trouble." She was quiet.

"You don't believe that Daniel, do you?" I was quiet.

"No, but I need you to be safe."


Maggie and I walked into the shop. I told Jake I would be back and to help Sam and drove to Henry's. I knew what Maggie said was true but I was having a hard time believing it since it was so huge. I was glad I was talking with Marnine the next day.

I pulled into Henry's, parked by the cottage, and walked around back. Chloe and Sara knew and ran through the place and broke the screen door, again, getting outside as they both jumped into me, and bit me on either side of my neck, hard. They were stressed. Henry walked out and then turned around and went out front.

These girls were interesting because they all seemed to<b> bite </font></b>for three reasons. Like they did now because they were scared, or stressed, and needed comfort from a male, because they never bit each other. When they were angry, or displeased, and then it was varying degrees, or when it involved sexual arousal. Now, they both needed soothing, which is why they were sucking on me. I felt bad for Janey, but knew the very first time we met she would launch onto me, and<b> bite </font></b>me somewhere. I was OK with that.

Chloe and Sara let go and smiled with blood on their teeth and lips, looked at each other, and gasped. Chloe ran back inside and got the med kit, ran back, and looked at me. It wasn't bad. Her and Sara cleaned the bites. Chloe showed Sara what to do. I would gladly deal with it because their stress was back down to a normal level, which was still to high for most people, but apparently not us. Sara put the bandages on, kissed them, and clapped, as we walked back inside. They went back up front as Henry looked at me.

"You going to fill me ?"

"Henry, I feel like sticking a fork in eye, but when I figure out what the fuck is going then you will be the first to know, because I'm sure I don't have a fucking clue. In the meantime, Janey and Alison will be home later this afternoon...and Gustav knows about Alison." He stared at meet.

"I know Henry. You're preaching to the choir but I tried. I'm amazed they stayed away as long as they did. They're your , Henry." He nodded.

"Where are they staying?"

"We were staying at Sara's but it's not ready so they are staying at Chloe's until we work it out. I don't want them staying alone." He looked at me.

"It's not like that Henry. They took us off guard and we need to adapt. They weren't suppose to come back." He nodded. The thing is, it was like that because they were ALL stressed because they were all stressed out of their minds and the dildo's were going to get a work out, as was my bum.

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