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take me part 156  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
7/10/2021 10:42 pm
take me part 156

I finished chopping and slicing and put everything thing in the cooler. I asked Henry for 10 sausage biscuits, when Janey called. I walked out back and knew what was coming. "Hi Jane's. What's ?"

"Don't be mad, and you're on speaker."

"Hi Alison."

"Don't be mad."

"Why do you think I'm mad?" I was mad.

"Because we can feel it Daniel, but we're still coming. We're leaving after breakfast. Marnine sealed it. It was maddening for and Ali had watch. Where are we staying?"

"Well, we were going be staying at Sara's, but it's not ready because we had another day, or two, but you both are putting a fucking bullet in that plan, so you're staying at Chloe's." I was pissed and they knew it.

"We're sorry Daniel but we'll deal. We could just stay at my place. The chances they know about are slim....'

"No! You're not staying alone until we get this done. You don't know who these people are."

"Well, you could stay with us," They both laughed. Jesus Christ.

"I'd rather you just stay where you are. We'd rather you stay there. If you're coming back go the shop, or Henry's...period. Understood?" They said yes and I hung , and that is when Marnine showed . "Fuck!". I turned and said Hi. I could feel both Chloe and Sara moving toward and Janey growling.

"Hello Daniel. I apologize for the abrupt notice. Tell Chloe and Sara that it's fine, and the other one," which made Janes growl the more. "I know I said tomorrow but it's just such a lovely morning I thought we could walk a bit before you leave for work." I told her to give a minute. She nodded.

"What the fuck Daniel."

"Chloe, it's fine. If she wanted hurt she wouldn't need pretense. I'll be fine, and you'll be listening." None of them liked it, just like I didn't want Janey and Alison coming back tonight. well. I grabbed a sausage biscuit and headed out back as Henry looked at .

"You sure about this?" I shrugged.

Marnine smiled and kissed my cheek. "Try do what I do Daniel." She jumped over a 10 foot fence with out touching it. "Try love, I bet you can do it." I put the biscuit inside my shirt and jumped the fence like I always did. I'm not stupid. She smiled as I handed her the

"What's this?"

"A gift from Henry." She was quiet, thinking.

"Ella." I nodded.

"How is he?"

"Better. It's a sausage biscuit." She smelled it, smiled, opened it, and took a<b> bite. </font></b>She looked at me and spoke with a full mouth.

"This is wonderful Daniel." I nodded as she took another<b> bite. </font></b>" My God, it's amazing. Can we walk from here?" I nodded. "Please tell Henry thank you for ," I nodded again. I extended my arm. She looked at , shocked. Smiled, and put her arm through mine as people use do when they walked, before hand holding was acceptable. I still remembered. We walked in silence as Marnine ate her biscuit. The girls growled. She finished and kissed my cheek.

"Ladies, you can relax. I mean Daniel no harm. I tried that and it didn't work out so well for me. I am also not trying seduce him either because I couldn't, even if I wanted . He is in love with you, Chloe, and Sara. I am simply curious and have very few beings converse with so please stop. He'll be safe. I give you my word." That ended the angst so I guessed her word was important. I still didn't trust her but I was curious as well. We walked, and chatted about manner of things that were totally unrelated to anything we were going through, until we got back to Henry's. Chloe and Sara were waiting out back. Marnine jumped the fence as she had before.

"Try Daniel. I bet you can do it." I climbed it like had always done, hand over foot until I got to the top. She smiled. She looked at Chloe and Sara and kissed them both on the cheek and then looked at . "Gustav knows about Alison. It's a mistake for them come back, but sometimes things don't work out the way we plan. Isn't that right Daniel? I'll see you tomorrow and if Henry would indulge me with another biscuit I would be most appreciative. Please tell him thank you for me." She walked and kissed the cheek. She looked at , cocked her head the side and said, "You are an interesting man, Daniel. I will look forward our walks," and she was gone. It was still unnerving the way she just vanished.

Chloe and Sara both punched in the arm, and walked inside. Holy crap. I could hear Janey and Bet saying that they would have kneed in my balls, so much for reconnaissance. I went and told Henry what Marnine said. He nodded, but looked at .

"You sure you know what you're doing ? She a lot older than you."

"Is she Henry? I'm not so sure, but my guard is . I think she is just lonely. I don't doubt for a second that she has another agenda, but she is lonely for company, and it's got nothing do with sex. Well, it might at some point but I'm not interested because I am in love with
Chloe and Sara. She wanted know if she could get another biscuit tomorrow?' He smiled and nodded. "I would just make that as a standing order, like Sam." He laughed.

"Go to work. You have a family to support. I nodded. Chloe and Sara walked in and hugged . Chloe spoke for them.

"We're sorry that we you love. We got jealous. We're blaming it hormones, at which point they both laughed, kissed , and went back out front. Holy crap. I said goodbye Jake and Emily. They were coming over after breakfast. I pulled into the shop and everyone was waiting for . Jesus Christ, I created monsters. I handed Sam the bag.....even Maggie was there. I looked at her and shook my head. I would never eat in this family. I took two biscuits into the kitchen for Unc and Ellen and got a cup of coffee. Maggie walked in and said,

"Let's take a walk Daniel. Sam will be fine. We need to talk. She got a cup and took her biscuit, which she did share with , and we walked.

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