take me part 128  

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6/25/2021 9:09 pm
take me part 128

I walked out back and asked if they want another, they shook their
heads so I sat down to catch up on the family. It'd been a couple of
years since I'd seen them because I can lose track of time. Unc said,

"The place is fantastic Danny," Ellen nodded. "The front looks like I
remember it, except for the rocks, but the studio and back here is
awesome, and what a view. I guess you're glad you took this, and all
of your dad's stuff and let your brother's have most of the money."

Ellen touched Billy's arm as I was quiet. I was glad even though it
was hard for a while. money never meant as to me as it did to them.
Because the house and land had exploded in value and the shop hadn't,
because it was industrial, I did make the smart call but I hadn't done it for
that. I simply couldn't sell it. Unc was here, partly, to look at
dad's equipment, and it was hard, but I knew I needed to move on. My life was telling me
that. I was telling me that by taking Sam and Maggie on as partners.

I looked at them, wistfully. "I couldn't let this place go Uncle
Billy. It's my home. They sold the house and land so this is the only
place I have left, and the city is encroaching on it. Most people here who own
their building don't want to sell either, but they don't live here.
It's why I put the rocks out front. It's my home. I have more to do
but only so many hours because there's a lot going on," and that is
when Sara and Chloe walked in, followed by Jake and Emily. They were
all laughing. Sara walked up to Ellen and introduced her to Jake and
Em. Chloe walked up and kissed me on the lips, turned, and said,

"You must be Uncle Billy. I'm Chloe, Sara's sister and Jake's mom. We
have another sister, Janey but she's out of town for a couple of weeks
with her girlfriend, and a brother, David, who you'll meet later. It's
wonderful to meet you," and she hugged him. We all bunched together
and Sara and Chloe changed places. Sara introduced Jake and Emily to
Billy, and Chloe and Ellen said hi and chatted. I went in and got more
beer and gave them all one and pulled Jake and Em aside. I hugged
Emily, and kissed her head.

"How old are you Em?"


I opened a bottle dumped some of it out into the fire pit until it was
a little more than half full and handed it to them. The both said
Yeesssss! "Hey Unc," he walked over. Let Jake show you how make a
real fire." He smiled.

"Deal." Jake handed the beer back to Emily and told her to save him
some. I wasn't trying to get them to start drinking, I figured they
would sooner or later. I want to start teaching them about
responsibility, and being able to trust us and it's more effective
with actions rather than lectures. Jake was going to get some talks this
weekend about Emily, the truck, and alcohol but I figured it's half a
beer split between them, and they're 17. Emily was hugging me as she
sipped the beer and we watched Jake show Uncle Billy how to make a

She looked at me and smiled, and that is when I knew Simon was in
Denver. I acted like nothing was happening and watched as long as I could. He was
north a bit, but he was here and he was stressed, and angry. I was
sure that he was going to Philip's though. I was tempted to just call
Javier and let him know, but I didn't. I hoped I wouldn't come to regret
that. Emily's phone buzzed.

"Mom's out front Daniel." I kissed her cheek, and she beamed.

"Stay here sweets, and save some for your boyfriend. I'll go." She
nodded and I went up front to help Christine, followed by Sara. She
caught me in the kitchen and wrapped an arm around my waist as
we walked into the shop.

"We missed you, mister." I kissed her head and said likewise as we
opened the overhead and said hi to Christine. She had her SUV backed
up with the back open and filled with enough food to feed 5 blocks. We started
unloading as Ellen and Chloe came out laughing, all three of them were
fast friends. It didn't take long to bring the food in, and that's
when Bet and Javier rode up. Christine had met them before, but Ellen
was nervous. Chloe took her hand,

"They're family, Ellen. They just look scary. It'll make sense when everyone
gets here and I can draw you a diagram." Sara walked up and grabbed Ellen's hand,

"Can you help me and Christine arrange the food?" Ellen nodded as
Chloe walked toward Bet and Javier and I grabbed beer. We sat where Sam
and I moved the chairs, the only shade on this side of the shop. I
kissed Bet on the lips, because this family did that, unashamedly, and
Javier on the cheek and we sat. I gave them theirs and hand Chloe our beer. Javier said,

"You first homes." I filled them in on everything to current, about the
eyes I couldn't recognize, about jumping over the fence, about seeing Ella,
twice, and that Janey and Alison were OK, and then told, in detail,
about the house in Scottsbluff. They were both quiet and looked at
each other. Bet asked,

"Would you recognize it?"

"The house, yeah, and I might be able to push in again since Simon was
there and it was so intense." Javier said,

"We'll check out houses on line with that number and try and get
photo's. I can tell you now, just from that, that these are warped
motherfucker's, and that alone makes them dangerous. They do cover
their tracks though, so they have some skills, but we're close to
unraveling Simon. He was more careful than Philip, but he's also
freaking out. You need to pay attention, all of you. We'll let you
know about the house." I could feel Bet looking at me, and Chloe
looking at her.

"Tell me about Ella, Daniel."

"She didn't say anything, Bet"

"I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in what you felt," she
looked at Chloe and something was shared.

"Well, I saw her was this morning as I was walking, we were walking,
Chloe and Sara were worried and caught me. We jumped the
fence onto the ditch path..." Chloe interrupted.

"Sara and I climbed the fenced. Daniel jumped the fence. He hit it
mid-height and vaulted over it and was walking before we got over, and
we beat him climbing fences." Bet looked at me.

"I told you I was getting better at climbing fences." She smiled. "The
girls asked what was going and I told them that I had no answers
because I hadn't been born into this like them and that is when I
dropped to my knees and saw Ella smiling. It's odd because my first
thought was that maybe I was born into this, but then it was gone. I know I'll be
seeing Ella, but I'm not sure if she'll speak to me, I doubt it, or if
I'll feel things like this. It's odd and confusing, and I have way
more questions than answers," she nodded.

"However, since we are talking about this I was thinking about
something Chloe and Annie mentioned after they talked that I wanted to
ask you. What do you think would happen if Maggie bit me? I have no
idea how Sam would take that, or Mags. It's not sexual, but after you,
and especially now after Ella, I'm curious." Chloe and Bet looked at
each other as Javier watched. I could feel him. He was a little
concerned. Bet was quiet for a bit.

"I can't say I'm not curious," Chloe nodded, "about Annie too since we
are all different lines. I'm still trying to grok why Sara's<b> bite
</font></b>seems to merge in with Chloe's and Janey's. As far as Mags, she's
intense. I would say see what happens over the next few days because
things are shifting with you, quickly, but it would be interesting.
It's obviously not my call but I don't think you get hurt.... well,
except for the actual biting but you don't seem to mind that," Chloe and Bet
laughed and stood up. Bet kissed me and said to keep her informed and handed
me her empty and then hugged Chloe.

Javier hugged me, "we might need to take a drive to Scottsbluff,
homes." I nodded. We all walked to their bikes.

"We've got something to do but we'll be back." We waved as they rode
off and we closed the door looking at each other. We walked into the
kitchen and food was everywhere, plates and silverware were set
up. The microwave was going to get a work out. I stopped at the
turntable and looked through my parents albums, Chloe hugged me, until
I found it, Dark Side of the Moon, by Floyd. Chloe smiled and kissed
my cheek as Henry, David, and Issa walked in. Chloe took David and
Issa out back and introduced them, as Henry stood next to me and
picked up the jacket. He put his hand on my and said nice as I hit

"You mind if I look through these some time."

"Not at all Henry, and can play whatever suits your fancy tonight, or
anytime," he nodded, "but let me introduce you to Billy and Ellen first."

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