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take me part 126  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/25/2021 8:35 pm
take me part 126

Sara was anxiously awaiting Billy and Ellen. I was, too, because it
had been a while since I seen them, but there were a few other things
going and that worried me. I felt them coming. They walked off the
escalator. I touched Sara as she turned, smiling. I pointed. She
turned back and I pointed again and she screamed and ran. "Uncle Billy!
Ellen!" She hugged both of like it was the first time she had seen
them, which it was, but they had long since become family to her. She
was so excited she was bouncing. She gave Ellen the flowers as I walked
up and shook Unc's hand, and hugged Ellen when I could.

Sara started walking away with Ellen, in the wrong direction. I looked
at Billy, shook my head, smiled and yelled "SARA!" She stopped and
looked me. I pointed over my head with my thumb. She smiled, turned
around, and kept talking about God knows what. We waited for the
luggage, chatting, and catching up when I felt dizzy, bent down and
saw Simon as he was arriving at a house outside of Scottsbluff.

I went to sit down as Sara told them that I get headaches sometimes,
but we've checked it out and it's not serious. Ellen asked if was like
a migraine.

"Yeah Ellen, but they usually don't last long, and they're random but
they happen out of the blue. He'll be fine in a couple of minutes. So
how great that you get to see your . Tell me about them" Force of
nature was an understatement.

Simon was walking up to a nondescript
house. It was residential, but older, because the houses weren't
close. It was pretty run down. He went in and I could smell the
stench, which was odd. I didn't want to know but I kept watching. He
walked into the
kitchen, cursing, and almost puked because no one cleaned out the
fridge. He didn't either, instead he opened a door, turned on the lights,
and walked into the basement.

It seemed like I was watching this in real time. He walked into a
large room and I almost gasped. There was sex equipment, S/M and
bondage gear, and video cameras. He didn't pay attention to any of it
but I did because I could feel what had gone on there. I tried not to
be sick. He walked through all of that to a door in the back, unlocked
it and went in. It was full of recording equipment and had two large
safes. He opened one. it had cash, weapons, and what looked like
DVD's. He grabbed cash, several handguns, and some pills of some sort,
locked everything and went back upstairs. He was still pissed at the
kitchen as he was walking out. I tried focus on things to see if there
was an alarm. I couldn't. Instead, I pulled back to see if I could
figure out where he was like Bet suggested. I would know the house and
I already knew the number 765 from when he went inside..... and it
faded away. SHIT! I stood up and walked back to everyone as the bags
started coming.

"You OK Danny?" Ellen asked. "Sara said you get migraines sometimes."

"I'm fine Ellen, they just come on unexpectedly. We are so glad
you're here. Talk with Sara and let me help Unc." I walked next to
him and he pointed. I chased it down and grabbed it. "Is that it?" He

"You OK?" I nodded.

"You want a cart, Unc? The car isn't too far." He shook his head because
our family would rather drag our suitcases than pay for a cart. Billy
and I put the bags in the back as Sara and Ellen got in the backseat.
God only knew what Sara was saying but I had given up caring. We
caught up and I said I was going to drop them off at the shop so they
could chill and then take Sara back to Henry's. I filled them in on dinner.
Sara started saying,

"So, if you don't want the noise next week then you can stay at my
place. It's not that far, and nice, except for a busy body neighbor, but
we can work it out."

I pulled up to the shop and Sam came out. I introduced him to them as
my partner, which was nice. Sara took Ellen inside as Billy and I
grabbed the bags. "It looks like remember it Danny." I smiled, and

"Wait till you get around back Unc, but mostly it's the same. The area
has changed somewhat, and is trying to, but we're holding out. I know
I am." We walked into the studio and he said wow. It wasn't all that
impressive as it was unexpected. Sara was out back with Ellen. We
dropped the bags and I asked him if he wanted a beer. He nodded. I went
to grab some as he went out back. When I walked up Sara was saying,

"This is the den we're making Bob. Bob is our fox. He showed up here
because he feels safe and it's someplace for him to go to get away
from the dumb coyotes. We finally figured out how he was getting in
and Daniel wanted to close it off. Can you imagine that?" she said
shaking her head at me. That's when Bob walked in, as if on cue, and
looked at us. I pulled them toward the chairs and we sat down as Sara ran
to get some chicken. She ran back out and said,

"You want to throw it to him Ellen?" Ellen shook her head confused
and looked at Billy. I took a swig of beer. "That's OK." Luckily she
didn't try and get him to take it, instead she threw it to him. Bob
looked at us, picked it up and walked into his den. Sara clapped as
she turned.

"He loves his den. Bob is harmless so don't worry." I told them the
same thing, that he'd been coming back here for a while. He left
me alone, and I left him alone. "He'll probably sleep anyway. He
feels safe here and has been here with more people so don't worry."

"You make yourselves home. There's beer and Prosecco in the fridge in
the shop. Sam will be here if you need anything. I need to take Sara
back to the restaurant and check on something. I'll be back in 45
minutes and we can catch up. There is a lot for us to talk about but we
can do that tomorrow. One thing you do need to know, because you will
meet him, and his girlfriend, is that Sara and I have a ." They
looked at each
other, and then at me.Sara clapped and I figured what the hell.

"Jake is Sara's sister and doesn't remember his his dad because he
just left. He asked me if I would be his dad and I said yes." Sara
said. "So that makes me one of his moms." Sara could tell you that
were going to die the most horrible, excruciating<b> death </font></b>imaginable, in
five minutes, and you would smile, and be happy for it.

"We have things to talk about, but not tonight. Tonight is a
celebration so just chill and enjoy the space. I'll be back as soon as
I can. Bob really is harmless so don't worry. He'll probably sleep
until later until people start showing up. We are giving Jake the
company truck to use and the family is going to be here, so it's good
timing. We've got a lot going on, but when is life ever smooth."

"Sam, Jake, and I are pouring a pad for a generator at Sam's tomorrow.
Unc, you are welcome to join us and oversee." He nodded. "I'll swing
by and pick ou up and bring Henry's sausage biscuits for breakfast."
They both smiled. Sara chimed in,

"Ellen, if you would come with me and Chloe that would be a huge help
and we can fill you in. We have lots of things we're doing that are
top secret and the boys can't know about." She put finger to her
mouth. Ellen smiled and nodded." At least that was set in motion. We
hugged them and I said I'd be back within the hour and we left. Thank
God Sam was now a partner.

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