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11/15/2021 5:16 pm
take me 401...will edit tomorrow

Sara looked at when I opened my eyes along with Annie. Goddamn<b> balls. </font></b>"I need to speak with Miriam, and with Ingrid and Roan. Are we married?" They both smiled, then laughed. We were married when we became pregnant, goofball, the rest is a ritual, as is the hand binding ceremony. It's for continuity, and unity of the clans." I smiled, and nodded.

'We'll speak with Miriam after I change, and then I'll speak with...."

"You and I will speak with all of them, Danael, together. I have as much to say to Ingrid, as you do." I nodded and we walked into the bathroom so I could shower and change. Everyone wanted to talk with me, and I wanted to talk with them just as badly....more so." There was a DHL envelope on the bed addressed to me. I left it until I cleaned up, and dressed in clean clothes. It seemed I needed a lot of clothes, everywhere, which I absolutely hated. I walked into the bedroom, in a towel, and the girls were sitting around Annie and reading the contents of the envelope. I got dressed and said....

"I'm pretty sure that was addressed to me as I sat to put my boots on. They didn't even look up as I smiled. I wouldn't want it any other way because I'd rather have these women watching my back than anyone else. Annie looked at me and handed me the papers related to Ingrid, and Roan.

"They really were planning on killing me...us. Ama." She started to cry as the girls hugged her, and I read while Sara looked at me. I growled and picked up the rest. It was from 'Bob,' Javier's hacker friend. The first page read.... "We were able to get most everything they had, most of them. Some were smarter, but we'll get them. We sent evidence of sex trafficking, abuse...ra... murder, to the local authorities everywhere they live. We sent it to Scotland Yard, the FBI, Interpol, the Police Nationale in France, and the Bundespolizei in Germany." It seemed fitting given the mess I left in the Black Forest. 'We sent it to everyone. These people don't have the same connections as the others, and we'll make sure they even if they don't go to jail. We have long memories for shit like this."

"Tell us how you want your share dealt with. My suggestion is to start a bank somewhere because it's a significant amount. We are sending a share for your people in Denver, and we have a large share for your non-profit...more than any of us. Make good use of it, Daniel. We'll stay in touch, brother. If they come back then we will fight them with you until they stop." A bank...

"Sara, love, will you, Chloe, and Taiiko please show the figures to Bethany and have her start thinking about option? I think her and Christine want to stay close to Emily and Jake, and she'll need something to do. Have her contact Charles, we can meet with him when we go back to Denver." Sara clapped because she adored Bethany. She was a Super Genius Accountant, after all. I looked at Annie. "Can you please have someone find Klara and Annika a place to stay?" I miss all of you." She smiled, and nodded. "Where is the puppy?"

Sara smiled, "Jake, Emily, and Annika have her. Isn't she cute?" I told her it's a Bernese Mountain Dog, of course it's cute. I stood and reached for Annie's hand.

"Are you ready? I can't promise I won't one of them." She nodded. Sara yelled that I was kidding, as we left. I wasn't. We went upstairs and knocked on Miriam's door. Ama answered and let us in. Miriam was staring out the window. Ama asked her to join us by the fire. Annie walked over and helped her Ma to the fire place. I only partially cared. We sat as Ama poured us each a bit of the brandy Kana lashed to from the ship. I put the papers related to Annie in front of her.

"Please read those Miriam.' She looked at as she downed her brandy, and Ama poured more. She finished and her hands were shaking as she looked at Anryd, and then at . She couldn't look at Ama. 'You understand what you read?" I asked because I wasn't sure she did. "Your youngest was plotting to you, Annie, and Ama.... and the rest of us... because they thought they could seize power, and take control, and you stood by and did nothing, except protect Roan." Annie stared . It was harsh but it is what Miriam needed, and I was going to give it her.

"Under clan law, Miriam, what is the punishment for what Roan, Ingrid...and her family, and all those that helped her, did?" They all starred at me, in horror. In knew what it was in olden times, and I knew what it was now. Annie didn't think I understood their ways, but I did, I just focused on the laws and customs, and not on social protocols. I hated them in Denver and Japan, and I hated them in Norway. I'll give it Miriam because she looked in the eyes and told me.

"In olden days, they either would be burned, or flayed, alive for this because of who they were, if they were successful. It might still be the case now, I'm not sure. If they hadn't been successful then it would depend upon the benevolence of the one they tried to , but they would be banished from the clan, all clans, and become outcasts, and none of their family could have any contact." She looked me. Ama looked me. Annie looked me, but none of them said a word.

"Is that what you want for Roan, Miriam.... for you and Anyrd?" She shook her head with tears in her eyes and said no." It's my understanding that Anryd is the new leader of the clans...that she and I are the leaders, like you and your husband were back in your day. Is that true?" She nodded. I pulled my chair next to hers and took her hands as she looked at me.

"You couldn't protect these clans from Roan, or Ingrid, Miriam. Annie and I can...will, and we aren't Marnine. Our ways our different. Annie and I will discuss this but neither of us want you to lose your connection with Roan, and I don't want you to hate Annie, but know this... if Marinine was still here she would have all of your heads on pikes at the entrance.

We will help Ingrid, against my counsel, but Roan is in love with her. From what I know, there are places for Roan to stay while Ingrid recovers. I have told her she is responsible for her care until Ingrid recovers. She lives in the least of the accommodations available...small, but not dirty...and she works like the people she disdains. She works on top of taking care of Ingrid. You won't help her, is that understood?" Miriam nodded and squeezed my hand. She will be banished for one year, except for you and Anyrd, and we'll discuss the matter then. You will have no influence over anything pertaining to the clans. Period! Think about this and let us know. I mean you no ill will Miriam, and I am trying, but if this happens again I will end all of you ... am I understood?"

She nodded, and squeezed my hand as she looked in my eyes. "My Anryd chose wisely, Dragon...Danael. She carried the strength once her father died, and it's true, I have made many mistakes. Anryd is strong, like her father, as are you, but you carry his wisdom for what is best for the clans. Thank you both, I agree to all of your terms." I walked outside as Annie sat next to her Ma. Now we needed to deal with Roan and Ingrid. I walked to the barn.

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excellent piece, sir!!!! great!!!!

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