Take me part 97  

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6/12/2021 12:23 pm
Take me part 97

Chloe and I walked into the shop marveling about Sara as Janey and Alison walked toward us. Janey knew the threat Philip could pose and was on alert like the rest of us. None of us were sure about Philip, which was odd for this group. was certainly odd for me, which is why I was concerned. He was a threat me because I couldn't grok his intention, but I knew that wasn't just for him talk Alison.

We waved as they walked up smiling enjoy the beginning of summer with our family and Philip pulled up behind them. Chloe and I bolted. We didn't speak because we didn't need speak. She got Janes and Ali, took them inside, and yelled. I made Philip as he was getting out of the car and kicked the door as hard I could. He screamed as I grabbed him and threw him on the asphalt. He actually slid because that was how angry I was.

I felt, rather than heard, a rumble because I was focused on Philip. I was going kill him and didn't care. was done. Chloe jumped on my back and bit me so hard on my neck that I dropped my knees but she wouldn't let go. I could see people drag Philip away and then Javier in front of me as Chloe let go, and got off.

"Jefe. Jefe!" I finally heard the snapping. "Don't do what you don't know how do homes." He smiled and kissed my cheek. "We'll be back for food later. Thanks for the assist but we'll take care of ." I grunted and stood up as Chloe hugged me.

"Come on mister, I bit you too hard but you wouldn't listen. I need to take of that. Sam, Maggie and Sara were guarding the door. The rest were in back with Bob. Sara looked at me, and then at Chloe. "He wouldn't stop Sara. Come help me."

I shook my head as Sara and Chloe were fixing the wound. The hydrogen peroxide helped clear my mind somewhat. Maggie walked in to on me.

"Doesn't he need stitches Chloe?"

"No, as she put damp herbs on the<b> bite </font></b>and a bandage. I'll teach you how close wounds but we don't go the ER unless 's terrible This isn't terrible." I shook my head and stood up as Henry walked in smiling.

"Thanks for the backup Henry. 's grilling?"

" do you think ? I didn't need do your job Daniel, nor did Jake. 's why we hung out with Bob and the girls. None of them needed be involved in any of that. Is done?"

" would have been but your bit me, hard." Chloe looked at him.

"It's done."

"Welcome the family Daniel. Come and get something eat." Maggie kissed my cheek and went out back. Sara and Chloe kissed me in silence and went out back too as Janey and Alison walked up. They both kissed me and started pulling records. I walked to the shop. Sam was watching. I put my arm around him and asked,

"Everything OK?" He nodded.

"I thought you were going to kill him."

"I was Sam." Silence

"We need to go to the insurance agent tomorrow." I laughed as we heard, and felt, the rumble of Harley's.

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