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Take me part 93  

dadigan 60M  
317 posts
6/11/2021 6:43 pm
Take me part 93

I dropped Jake off and told Sam I needed to make a as i walked
toward the ditch that Sara, Chloe, and I had jumped. I wanted this
ended, but that wasn't why I was calling. I wanted the entire family
together on Sunday.

"Hola, Daniel. We're working on it Jefe. It takes planning."

"Hey Javier, I appreciate that, but it's not why I called. My Aunt and
Uncle are in town and we'd like you and Bet there because it's a
family dinner and you are the people in Maggie's family that I
kinda know. There was silence.

"You want us to meet your family."

"Yeah, you're our family. Stop being dumb Javier!" Silence.

"We have a large family Daniel."

"Javier, I just need to know how many adults and since I think
it's a cookout. Have Bet Sara, because sure they are best
friends by now. Family is family, Jefe!"

"We'll let you know Daniel and I'll keep you updated on that."

"We are changing tack on it. Everyone is staying at Chloe's until this
is done. There is angst, which I think is justified, that we shouldn't
be separated. No place is secure and he already knows Chloe's .
Focus there tonight. If you want a burger, or dog, then stop by
around 7:00pm the shop, earlier if you want to around. You're
crew is welcome as well. It's industrial, which is why I like it
here." I walked back to the shop and texted Chloe to bring more meat,
and , and why, as I went inside to finally work with Sam and

Jake was inside studying as Sam and I were going through wood to prep
for the week. We had another hour to go when Henry drove up, actually
drove up, and walked in. Our mouths could have caught flies because
they were open so wide.

"Someone told me that we're having a cookout." Sam and I still stood
with our mouths open because it was like seeing a dragon, or a
unicorn. "Jake inside?" We nodded and looked at each other shaking
our heads as we finished the wood.

It was almost summer....well, it was summer. Maggie and the girls were
out back with Jake. Bob hadn't shown yet. Sam took a shower and walked
out as I was putting the beer in a tub..

"Take a smell."

"It was occupied Sam, and now I have cold water, thanks. Go help
Henry." I was VERY sweaty and went into the bathroom. I was halfway
into the shower when the door opened and Sara walked in smiling.

"I don't think so mister. I get to wash that sweat away," as she
started to undress. I didn't move, because not . She pushed
into the shower and jumped on while kissing like she hadn't
seen in 20 years as the water beat down. Sara looked at , as she
reached in between her legs, grabbing my cock and putting it into her,
and nodded. I let go, briefly, and she dropped onto as she gasped.

Sara wrapped her legs around my hips, and pulled. Hard. She moved
liked I moved. I was trying to maintain when Sara tapped my forehead.
I opened my eyes and looked her. Her eyes were as glazy as mine but
she bit my neck in a way that Chloe would be pissed, as she rode my
cock as hard, and as deep, as she could. I held as long as I
could and shuddered when I came, holding Sara.

"You came inside me mister! I kinda like that," as she kissed me.
"Please do it later." We washed each other, brushed our teeth
laughing at.... things... and got dressed. We came laughing and
Jake was walking by looking worried.

"What Jake," we both said?

" worried about History." I kissed Sara, and marveled that he
didn't even blink that we came out of the bathroom together. I asked
Sara if she could orchestrate. It was like telling a duck there was
water it could play in.

Jake and I walked toward the fence.

evernshamdodges9 65M  
35 posts
6/11/2021 8:38 pm

keep them coming. still lost on a couple of things, but thats a sign of a good writer

dadigan replies on 6/15/2021 10:27 pm:
sadly... it's software that mangles the words. I'm glad you enjoy them

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