Take me part 91  

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6/11/2021 12:24 am
Take me part 91

Sam and I unloaded what we brought back and put it in the shop. We had
a lot of work do, but we also had more keep safe. We were going
be busy, especially once Jake got out of school. I told Sam to
have lunch and checked out back, and of course Bob was sniffing around
because he had been trained.

I justified it because we didn't feed him every time he came in, at
least I didn't, and I was the one there most of the day. When he did
show , we'd given him a wing, or drumstick in the evening, and a
breast in the morning because we figured the rabbits were faster, and
that would suck. It's why Sara first wanted make Bob a den.

He was sniffing around. I finally got Sara not feed him cooked
chicken, because she was feeding the cooked chicken I liked. It took a
few conversations but she finally grokked that he's a wild animal and
we didn't have to bake, or boil, the chicken. I went to the fridge
and got the platter because there were still some bits and pieces, and
blood. I took it to where his den would be.

Bob followed the entire away at a 5 foot distance, as he should. I put
the platter down and walked away without looking back, but I could feel him
watching me. I wasn't sure how I knew it, but I did. I also knew when
he started licking the plate and i was pretty sure Sara was clapping,
even if she didn't know why. I checked the fences, went back in as Bob
was finishing and laid down.

It pained me, but I think Sara was right, because Bob felt safer here
than wherever his den was. I locked the back doors and pulled the
blinds, set the alarm, locked the front door and called Chloe as I
drove off.

"Is Sam there?"

"What do you think, mister," as she laughed?

"When does Jake get out? I want to drop off the paperwork the cops
gave me. The State troopers have to send it to the state of Colorado,
but I'm clean sweets"

"Even in WY?"


"Hour and a half."

"Can you stay there and heard the cats? I need to talk with Bethany.
I'll get Jake and take him back to the shop so he can help. I'll check
about his tests firsts. Tell Sara that Bob is licking his plate and I
haven't forgotten about chicken." The phone was just mumbles, and then
a scream, and clapping....and silence, and then,

"Mister, I adore you, and I miss you tons!"

"Hey, is she crying?"

"Tearing, but so am I. We're fine love, but we I don't think you have
any idea how much we miss you. It's crazy."

"I think I know babe. I'm heading out to go talk with Bethany again...."

"What about?"

"You, Jake, and Sam. You, because it was a curve ball, and I have
known her for over 10 years. Jake because he is working here, Sam because I
wanted to see if we could give him a raise because his share will be
less, but he'll be doing more... I also am trying to have a surprise our , but I don't want to say until I talk with her."

"... and he has a family with ."

" yeah, and there's that." I wanted laugh but I didn't. Silence.

"You're a jerk Daniel, but you're our jerk. Call when get our
so we can say hi." I told her I already knew and that was a dingbat, but she was MY dingbat!
I told Chloe that I adored her, and that I would...first thing.... and drove to Bethany's, looking around the entire time.

I walked inside, knocked, and heard a muffled sound that I thought was
Hawrowwww? I opened the door and walked in. Bethany glared at me but
I got that a lot, so I was use to it. "Whhawwrratt?"

"What are you having?"

"Tuna salad with sprouts, Why?"

"Do you have another half?" She looked at me and nodded. I reached
out my hand and smiled.

"I haven't had lunch yet. Can I have the rest of that half, and the
pickle? You can have the chips and cookie."

"How do know there's a cookie?" I just looked at her.

"I had worked
with Bethany for at at least 10 years, but I knew her before then
because she did bookkeeping while she was in school. She was part of
the family, so much so that my dad left her an inheritance. It didn't
go over well with the rest of my family, but I was happy.

After the burial, everyone left. Bethany and I went
back to the shop, even though it was VERY different then. After getting a
bottle of 20 year old Scotch. I grabbed the air mattress out of the
back of my truck, and both sleeping bags, and we walked inside. I locked
the door but there was no alarm. Bethany set the pizza on the counter, grabbed two glasses, and walked out back as I followed her. It was still a shop, but the fire pit had been built..

Bethany blew the air mattress as i put 6 records, or as many as the
record player would hold, I can't remember, turned it and spent the
night of my dad's death, next a roaring fire, fully clothed. We ate
an X-large pizza, kicked ourselves for not getting ice cream, but it
was before delivery of ice cream, and listened my dad's favorite albums as we held each other. It had nothing do with sex, at least for us... not in that moment.

We kissed, deeply, and touched each other, deeply. We shared our
grief, and loss, lying an air mattress and looking at stars, sadden
the rest of the family wasn't there with us. I'm Irish, and I was going be
Goddamned that I wouldn't have a proper Irish wake for my dad, regardless of
my family.

We finished the bottle, which was a mistake since neither of us drank
Scotch, but we didn't care. I put more wood the fire and put the
screen . I got towels to use for pillows. Bethany kissed as
gently, and lovingly as anyone has, with tears in her eyes, but never
said a word. She lied down facing opposite, stuck her butt toward ,
and exhaled.

I got onto the mattress as I put both sleeping bags over us and pulled
them as i pushed my crotch into her. One of my arms moved
under her, as I pushed her shoulders toward and grabbed her breast.
My other hand reached forward, as did my hips, as my hand landed upon
her stomach.

My face was in the crook of her neck as she softly breathed, dead to
the world. We were both fully clothed and remained like that until we
shared the bathroom the following morning. I was peeing, naked, as she
came out of the shower dripping wet, which started getting me hard.
She looked at me, smiled, walked up after I finished, and said as she
grabbed my cock,

"Take a shower Daniel. We have things to do." I stuck my hand between
her legs, which she spread, as I put my hand between her lips and
pushed. She was wet like I was wet. She moaned, like I moaned. We held
that for I'm not sure how long as we kissed. She sat down and peed,
and I took a shower and we went to deal with will. We never made
love...we never fucked. We never took our clothes off except in the
bathroom, which you sort of have to do.

I walked out in a towel and Bethany smiled. She was in her underwear
and smiling at me. She walked up, dropped my towel, bent don't and
kissed my limp penis and then kissed me. "Get dressed love, we need to
go and deal with this." Bethany and I never talked about that again but it solidified us.
We never dated. We never had sex. We were never naked again because she was account, as was she in that moment, but we never stopped being us."

She handed me the unfinished half of her sandwich, and the last half of the pickle. "You mind telling me what you're thinking love?"


"She glared at me." I took a<b> bite </font></b>and said,

"It just sorta happened Beth. Jake, Chloe's , asked if I would be his dad after a family party. Chloe and Sara were tipsy, and listening, and I told him yes. I would love that, because I would. It got complicated, and went sideways after that, but the end result is the same Beth.
I have two wives, and . I'm complicated" She looked at me.

"You do know what your mom and dad would say, right?" I looked at her and smiled.

"Of course sweets, and you'll be able to hear it when Uncle Billy and Ellen come in on Friday."


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