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Take me part 86  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/5/2021 10:51 pm
Take me part 86

Now I have say, and this is probably a personal preference, that I have never minded the smell of ass, within reason, sweat, or pussy....and I especially enjoy when my woman is having her period. I'm not sure that would be the case with anyone other than this group because I had absolutely no interested in being with ANYONE outside of these four. I pushed Chloe off of me.

"Am I suffocating you sweets, smiling, because she knew I LOVED it."

"No, is that the desensitizing lube?" She smiled...bent and kissed me, then pushed her ass back on my face, and pulled my hair. As you would expect, it went par for the course with Chloe riding my mouth and both of us moaning. She twisted, and looked around and then kissed me as she winked.

"Sara gave Alison the red dildo, and Janes is letting her go first. Breathe. Relax" ....and then thank God for lube because Alison had been waiting for this for a while time. I grunted. Moaned, and went back licking Chloe's ass. I knew Jayne would likely be worse, or better, because she and I had been flirting since we met, and she liked the purple the dildo.

I shuddered think what Sara was going do. One, or both of them, were sucking and squeezing my balls. Alison put more lube on the dildo, raised legs, bent and over , and totally fucked as Chloe pushed her ass harder my mouth and nose. I cried into her. Luckily it was muffled, and I actually whimpered as I came, but I think I had lost my mind by that time, but not enough to know that it was only going to worse....OR better. Sara was last, and had the thickest one....with bumps and ridges, and I knew she wasn't going to have fun.

Chloe moved back and sat on my belly, stared at me, smiled, and then kissed me as deeply as she ever had. She cocked her head and looked at me. "I see why you like that. I get to try too." She looked around, and then back, smiled. "Janes. Breathe, Love as Chloe stuck her pussy on my face and Janey grabbed my ankles, pushed them to the wall and fucked me like I am guessing she has always wanted to fuck a man.

"I was sucking Chloe's clit while my tongue was trying to stick inside of her pussy. She was pulling my hair to try and get me to stop but I wouldn't. I had my nails, what there were of them, dug into the flesh above her knees and pushed her onto me. She squirmed....tried to lift ...pulled my ears, pulled my hair, and the head and then exhaled...

"stop,stop,stop,stop,stop. PLEASE." I kept sucking her, as her sister kept fucking in the ass.

'daniel...... puhleeeze, intense. puhleeze." and that is when I bit her clit with my lips and nibbled. I'm pretty sure Chloe lost her mind as I losing mine. I didn't know what Sara and Alison were doing my balls. All i knew was in that moment, I didn't care because there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Chloe pushed her clit harder onto my mouth, pulled my hair sideways, and then . She bucked, screamed, pushed down my mouth, and drenched . She left go and said "asshole!" and then "thank you" as she fell back, and over. Sara caught her and kissed her as she made sure Chloe was the bed

"Chloe..... we squirted way more than I ever do." Jayne never let go focus and fucked until she came from the vibrating thingie. Sara came back from the dresser with her Alpaca blanket, which was originally mine, but no longer, and put it over her sister as she started stroking Chloe's hair. Chloe just moaned and held her hand but her other one on the side of my belly, and pinched. Alison was still sucking me and playing with balls as Janey fucked me.

Jayne was in as deep as she could be. She leaned forward, onto my chest, as she used her weight to grind into me moving to my left side, by Chloe. Alison was on my right. I was gone by that time, even though Alison was still sucking my now soft cock. I felt my prostate clench, along with my butt muscles, as I pushed forward. Alison laughed. Patted, and squeezed my balls, moved my mouth and kissed , sharing the last bit of cum I would have for weeks.

Jayne was still staring at as she arched her back and then dug her nails into my sides, just above my hips, which her like a motherfucker, but she kept as she looked at . I could feel Ali looking at her, perplexed, because of her eyes. She was confused . Janey looked only at , and dropped my chest, while she still inside my ass. She looked at , growled, and bit harder than either Sara, or Chloe.

Both Sara and Chloe reacted, but Chloe pushed Sara off the bed, jumped onto both Janey and I, and bit her on the back the neck , hard, and a loud enough growl for notice. Chloe didn't hesitate. She grabbed Janey's shoulders, rolled off of , and threw Janey onto the floor. Chloe climbed off and stared at them and growled. They were naked still.

Janes, you stay. Sara, you and Alison go take a shower, which they smiled at, but bring the first aid kit and hydrogen peroxide." She looked across the hall and then looked at them.... be quiet." They both nodded. Sara walked back in and kissed my wound, then kissed Janey, and Chloe. They looked at each and Chloe lowered her eyes as Sara walked out. I thought I was starting understand after Chloe and I talked after Philip showed . Chloe walked and Janey hugged her, crying. We could hear the water as Sara and Ali where taking a shower. Chloe walked Janes and I reached my hand out.

"I'm sorry," as I stroked her hair...."

...." you can do that later Janes. It's my fault, not yours. It was too soon, and too much intensity. Sit next Janey and attention. You bit WAY too hard, but that is my fault." Chloe touched my cheek and looked at with sad eyes. Chloe was right, she knew in a that neither Sara, or Janes did. I had no idea where Alison was in this family.

"What happened sis? I was fine and then I was gone."

"We'll talk about it later, not tonight. We are spent, for a obvious reasons." Chloe sat next . and poured hyrdogen peroxide in the wound. Jayne was looking at it, and looking at Chloe. Chloe grabbed her by the hair, "Stop! attention. We don't have much time." Chloe looked at me and kissed me as she touched my face. "This is going to hurt love. I'm sorry." I nodded.

Chloe and Janey dabbed the H2O2 and Chloe showed Jayne a small packet of herbs and told her about them, but I couldn't hear they said. She sprinkled some in with her fingers, being sure to keep them inside the wound and then they both licked it, which I thought was odd, but I also thought I was hallucinating after this night.

Chloe kissed me and smiled, but her eyes meant pain. She held a curved needle . "You can't go emergency care Daniel. I nodded. Janey kissed me and said she was sorry. "Do you want a couple of shots, love?" as Janey squeezed my hand.

I shook my head no as I grabbed onto the sheets, twirled them around my hand and pulled.... both Chloe and Janey said, "We love you Daniel. Breathe, and relax." I did as Chloe stuck the needle into the muscle and started closing the muscle. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I squeezed and breathed.

"Janes.... you CAN'T bite that hard. again Put some saline in. This was my fault, not yours, so don't cry, but you can't bite that hard. I didn't take into account the intensity of what you feel, and the stress since meeting Ali. and before. I'm sorry." I think I blacked about then but when I opened my eyes Chloe and Janey were looking at me, smiling as they kissed me. Janey kissed where she bit me and said sorry.

Chloe kissed me as gently as she does, I'm sorry love, It's a weird a few days." I pulled her onto me, grabbed her butt and pushed her onto my mouth as I kissed her as deeply as I ever had. "We need talk after we deal with other things." Janey and I nodded.

Chloe went over Sara and told her she could tomorrow with whatever dlido she wanted but we needed to go to bed. Daniel is sleeping between and Janey." Sara's eyes narrowed, and kept narrowing.

"Sara, enough. You have Alison. It's important." Sara looked over at her, turned and looked at but kept going. I could feel Janey. "I'm serious Sara. It's too late to do this bullshit. We're exhausted and Daniel's in pain. You need trust sister." Sara kept coming toward her. I had never seen her like this..

Janey, subtly stepped close to Chloe as Sara looked at , and at them. She wasn't stopping. Chloe started to growl which made Sara start to growl....which made Janes start to growl.....which made Alison jump on the bed next to and "Say what the fuck is going daniel?" I held her hand and said it's be OK. I wanted go sleep but I couldn't. "It's fine Ali. They're sisters."

Sara crouched down, looked at , and started at Chloe and Jayne. Chloe waited, in silence, and pounced. She jumped at least 10 feet before landing close enough Sara grab her hair before she could exhale. I reached and touched Janey's shoulder and shook my head as she looked at and Alison. she sat down. Chloe got inches from Sara's face and growled in a way that would have scared . Sara looked at her wide eyed and looked the ground.

Chloe let go and started stroking Sara's hair, and hugging her. She kissed both cheeks and said she was sorry. Sara looked with tears in her eyes and threw herself into her sister, both Janey, and Alison went over. I either fell asleep, or passed out, but I woke in the dark and both Chloe and Janey were lying on .... faces breathing gently my neck, one hand each on my<b> chest </font></b>and Janey's hand on my cock, and Chloe's hand on my ball. Sara and Alison were completely entwined and snoring peacefully. I fell back asleep and slept for what I thought was 4:00am, but it was only 3:30. I felt great. I kissed both Janey and Chloe as I tried roll her over and next Janes. She opened her eyes, looked at , smiled, and then bit my neck muscle above where Janey bit , not hard enough break skin but hard enough leave a mark. "be quiet and let them sleep."

We got , gently, quietly, and walked into the bathroom, naked....uncaring. She kissed , and my bandage, but said I couldn't take a shower with her so it didn't get wet. I brushed my and was peeing when a wet woman hugged from behind, grabbed my penis, and directed my urine as she giggled, kissing my neck. She shook it, and squeezed my balls and then shook it again...and then grabbed both at he base, squeezed, and shook it again.


"Yeah sweets?"

"I think I'm finish."

'I know, love, I just like touching because I might be falling for you mister." She kissed as she filled the sink with warm water, gave a sponge bath, brushed her teeth and then peed. I knelt in front of her and kissed her bush as I took some toilet paper and wiped the pee from her. Her hands never left my head until I was done. She pulled me her, gazed at as she kissed , and smiled. It was 3:50.

We stopped at Jake's door and gently opened it, naked. He had seen , and probably his mom. It wasn't a "thing' but it happens in a family. He was half off his bed, again, and we had stifle a laugh as we walked back into the bedroom, grabbed our clothes, kissed everyone, and then went into the kitchen to change. I was putting my boots when Chloe sat on my, grabbed my face and kissed .

"How's you bum mister?"

'A little sore, but not too bad. i've learned to relax and breath."

'That's good Love, but what Sara and I do to that cute butt hole, with the glass one.... will blow your mind." I bit her lip, and drew blood, and smiled.

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