Take me part 334  

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10/14/2021 12:38 pm
Take me part 334


"What? I'm going to change our flight."

"Stop, love. let's talk with Tina." She was less than pleased, but she only glared at . She punched in the chest, per usual, which made Tina and Stephanie laugh, which made Annie laugh, and then kiss as a sorry. I think you need to listen Tina." Everyone was draped around the fire as Jake put more wood on.

Annie looked at her, and Steph. "Tina, we are sisters. We are family. You speak your minds with us, and you can punch him when he needs it, but neither of you have the option of not telling something you may think I don't want to hear. Understood?". They both nodded, and Stephanie hit me, twice.

"That's for never trying to fuck me when we and spent summers together." Everyone was stunned at that.

"What? You liked girls. Jesus Christ, am I the only sane one in this bunch?. If so, we have serious problems."

"You could have made an effort. Sara and Janey scowled at me as they hugged their new best friend, at least Alison shook her, before hugging Stephanie as well as telling her I was always a jerk. I looked at Tina, and Annie, as Tina moved into the family.

"If you make that , Annie, you are sending everyone into oblivion. We migh already be there. You live by a code, I live the same one. Taiiko and Yoshi, Kana and Airi... they live by that code. Chloe and her sisters...ALL of us live by that code, but does your mother... your sister, any of them? You trust that everyone respects the old ways like you do. Sadly, sister, few do anymore. The people in this room might be most of us that still do."

"Don't change the flight, and stop thinking you can trust people that are still work for your mom. I've known you a long time, and you have never wanted to see your family as it is. You are my dearest friend and now my sister because of Stephanie, and Daniel." Annie started cry, uncontrollably. Tina knelt in front of her.

"I'm sorry, T."

"Stop Annie, you did nothing wrong except have a pure heart. 's why your sister, and Ingrid, hate you so much. You have no tears to shed for us, but I love this family. I knew the first flight with Daniel. He sent me to Steph. I know a great deal more about the inner workings of the charter company, and I know people, like me, everywhere else. 's been a long time Ans." Annie smiled and blew her nose.

" has. Tell me, us, what we should do."

"I sent two planes to Colorado, They are fueling as we speak but I know the crews. Their flight plans won't be their destination. They will be sanctioned but you have enough to deal with it." We all smiled, and nodded. I walked up to her, looked at my cousin, and kissed Tina, before kissing Stephanie.

"I knew I liked you on that first flight, You are one smart cookie. Please continue."

"They are waiting for us to go to them, right? Bring them to us, but not here. Take them Steph's, or Japan...on take all of them into the lion's den, Norway. Bring EVERYONE. 's your right. Stop playing defense. My suggestion is...bring EVERYONE that matters to you, and lock down everything else and let what happens, happens. Danael in, but I think all of the people you love the most...ALL of them, should be on those planes, heading away from Denver."

Annie and Sara bolted for the kitchen, as I screamed... I've got Javier. I grabbed Tina's wrist as i called Bet and Javier.... "Hold on Bet. I need a plane out of here and I need it li.."

"'s done, love, but thank you for Stephanie."

"Are you love birds finished? Why are calling us, now?" I told them, everything. Silence Until I started to understand Spanish. "How long before we leave, Jefe? How long will be away?"

The plane will wait, and I'm not sure on the second. Javier, you are going with your family. Consider it an expenses vacation. You do not stay, period. They want someone, something, they can hold over me. It's not going be the people I love."

"We are packing now, Daniel. Javier is coming with us. We things we need bring...alot of things." I told her to hold on. Tina nodded as she was on the phone.

"You and your family, and Mags and Sam and theirs, are all coming here. Annie is calling Henry and Sabrina. everyone who is working for any of us, on a vacation for a few weeks. I'll make it right. Javier. I know, brother, I feel you. Do not stay, and make sure Sam doesn't either. I need to be clear, Jefe."

"He's coming with us, Daniel. We are getting texts, and calls from the girls and Mags. We will make it work love...all of us. We love you." I called Deat, as Annie and Sara handled things with Tina. I had an odd life.


"I need you to get your family out of the house, now..."

"Daniel, we haven't been in the house. My family is safe. Is yours?

"'s in process. I am on my way back.."

"Not smart, I have valid intel that active shooters are looking for you. They are for all us, which is why I am coming back. I'll enough shit to deal with in Norway. Who knew getting married was so hard."

"Smart, if you are meaning what I am thinking?"

"Probably. I need guns, and tac- gear, and it would be nice to not shoot Interpol."

Are they in on this... someone is Deat, unless 's you." He chuckled.

"IF, I wanted you dead, I'd feed you my Etouffee."

"I think you did. You aren't leaving, are you?" Sara grabbed the phone out of my hand.again.

"Hi Deat, 's Sara again. Are they safe? Yeah... o... unnhh huh? Whatever you need, you have. Call me. We can't get you, or them, anything. I'm serious my friend. boggles my mind, but there is a weightier matter... You aren't leaving are you?"




"He's my brother, Sara. He didn't leave me behind when I needed him, I'm not about do anything else. I will say to you, what I told Mel... we've been through worse, with a lot less tac gear."

Deat, tell the girls, all of them that it'll be OK. Use plates in the vests, Deat. Full plates. don't let him not do that, and don't, not, do that. You are too much of a life, Deat, but I am trying to keep both of you idiots alive, for the women love you. You keep my Daniel safe."

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10/14/2021 1:31 pm

Exciting will they get everyone out Daniel is going to cause carnage with the shooters especially if they hurt someone.

The power of second sight is useful he knows what they are doing before it happens he must stop them now they have people in powerful places.

This really is so much like the world today you can't trust anyone and people have no respect for others its all about grab what you can from everyone this is just as political and devious.

Well done Daneal

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10/14/2021 1:36 pm

Looks like Deat and Daniel will be going into Battle , in Denver, the rest of family, etc., are going to Iceland and then Norway, where the final battle will commence.
Sara, got to love her, she is taking control of everything. Just my thought, but, I think Sara has an ability to see into the future, she will guide Deat and Daniel in the Battle of Denver. ( must remember " Merlin " he had this ability ) Daniel probably has this ability, but he has not Mastered it yet.

Spell Check works fine for me, my typing is terrible now, ( have carpal tunnel, in both wrist ) and my key board needs replacement , keys sticking . And, I proof read ( 2 or 3 times ) prior to posting

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10/14/2021 1:39 pm

Damn, Posted and went back to see it in the post, and Ole' Pete posted as I was writing. We sure as hell both think alike.
You go Peter.

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10/14/2021 3:44 pm

Hell of a story

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10/15/2021 4:00 am


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