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Take me part 149  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
7/6/2021 11:22 am
Take me part 149

I parked at Henry's and pushed toward Melissa. She was crying at the
kitchen table but they were happy tears. She was totally confused,
which I was sorry for. She had no idea who sent the money to her,
except that it came from CO. She also had no idea how law firms she
didn't even know about were asking if she wanted a job. It wasn't a
bad place to be, and I knew she was competent and would be fine. I smiled
and wished them well.

I called Bethany. She answered, which was a first when she was
working. "Hey you." I could feel the smile shining through the phone."

"Morning sweets.... have a nice weekend?" She laughed.

"OH MY GOD!!!! Can you fall in love with someone in three days?" I
told her yes. "I absolutely adore them, and Em is over the moon happy.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"Right place, right time love, but I need to talk with you. I wanted
to do it in person but there's too much going." She got serious
because she has known me for a long time.

"Everything OK Daniel?"

"Yeah, it's just something you and Charles need to know. Both Chloe
and Sara are pregnant." Silence. "Chloe wasn't suppose to be able to
get pregnant, but she did. I wanted you and Charles to know because
that's gong to shift things somewhat." Silence. "We're still fine with
Sam and Maggie, none of that has changed, but it'll change things for
Charles and you regarding me and the girls. We're also adopting a
...who I think you know. Not legally, but it means the same
to us." Silence.

"Wowzers. You keep me on my toes, mister. Congratulations! Tell Chloe
and Sara I am sending my best. I'll talk with Charles and we'll figure
things out. Welcome to Monday. You need to talk with Beth because she is
the most important person to talk to right now Daniel."

"I'm calling her next Bethany. Thanks and we're very happy about you
and Christine. Don't fuck it up." She laughed.

"I'll call you later in the week and we'll work a time to go over the
business but also y'all. Wow. It is pretty exciting. I'll call you
sweets." I called Beth and the response was about the same except she
had more wor"

"Don't let them go to the doctor until we finalize your insurance.
They don't really need to right now but I'll focus on that first so
that it's covered. I'll give you tiers to choose from and include Jake
in that as well. I'm not sure if it'll be one policy but I'm not sure
why not since it's obvious that man can get two women pregnant."

"Asshole." Beth howled. I'll work it out Daniel. You keep this up and
I get a boat. I'll call you. Congrats, and pass it along to Chloe and
Sara." I walked inside shaking my head, The girls smiled and waved as
I went into the kitchen.

"Grab a tray and take these out. It's getting busier. I know it's
better for Janes and Ali to be away, but Janes is huge help back here when
it's busy."

"I think they are coming back early Henry." He looked at me. "We get
the hand we're dealt. Gustav is own his heels and that is buying us
time. He has other worries at the moment, and will have more, soon."
Henry nodded. "We'll keep our family safe. Did Billy and Ellen stop
by?" He nodded.

"Yeah, they invited us for dinner. I'll talk with David and Issa when
they get here."

'Leave the bulk of closing Henry. I'll do it tomorrow morning. I'm not
sleeping much anyway after Bet. Her<b> bite </font></b>accelerated a lot of things.
I'm serious." He nodded. I took the tray out front. Sara and Chloe
both kissed a chee They didn't care who knew. Jake and Emily showed
up for lunch but went into the kitchen to ask Henry what he needed. He
smiled. Jake helped Henry on the grill and Em cleared tables and
rinsed dishes as I kept bringing out trays of food. Chloe and Sara
pushed that they adored Emily. I agreed. She was part of the family. It
seemed to be getting larger by the day.

I walked into the kitchen and told the to order something and sit
down. They both got burgers, fries and milkshakes. The funny thing
was, they would be hungry again in three hours.

I pushed Jake over and sat down. "Did your aunt and uncle invite you
for dinner?" She smiled and said, with food still in her mouth, that
they had and she called her mom and Bethany." I smiled because she didn't
feel weird about having burger left in her mouth. I kissed both of
them and went back to help Henry.

"What do you need?"

"Take that tray out and then Chloe and Sara can handle it because it's
slowing down. You can clear table and bring the dishes back and
replenish up front so it's done for dinner. Monday's
usually aren't that busy but who knows since we're closing on
Sunday's. I think Sara is sticking around to help." I covered all the
busing and cleaning while the girls did orders. Jake and Em walked up
asking us if they could help and we shook our heads. Sara and Chloe
told them go back to the shop and hugged them. They said goodbye to
Henry and walked out holding hands as we watched.

It was 1:30 when things were slow enough for me to leave. I finished
the last of the dishes as both Chloe and Sara gang hugged me and
kissed me.

"We miss you mister." I kissed them both and nodded. You know what
we're having tonight?" I shook my head. The girls walked out front and
I said goodbye to Henry and headed back to the shop. Billy and Ellen
were there raiding cabinets and the pantry. Emily had moved into the
shop to my desk and had her head phones on but she could flirt with
Jake, until I got there.

I pointed to the headphones and she took them off. "I love you Em, and
you're fine being back here, but no flirting with Jake while you are.
Understood?" She nodded. "He's already a teenage boy," she smiled,
"he doesn't need the distraction because of what he's doing." She
looked me deadly serious and nodded. I kissed her as she put her
headphones back on. I walked over to Jake and smacked him on the back of
the head, not hard but to get his attention.

"Stop flirting and pay attention Jake. I'm serious." He looked at me
he knew I was. ", you can easily lose a finger, or hand, if you don't pay
attention. I love having Emily here, and today is odd, but when you're
working that is your focus. Understood?" He nodded. "Em will be there
when you're finished.

He hugged me. "Sorry dad. I'll focus. Sam was telling me that too."

"Sam's the boss Jake. I'm just your Father. Got it. He smiled and
hugged both us. I kissed Emily again as I grabbed my paper work and
went out bac I put it on the counter in the kitchen and asked if
they needed anything. Ellen asked if I had a deep fryer. I looked at
her while was I thinking. I had all of my mom's stuff because my brothers
didn't want any of it. I went outside and opened the shed and looked
around until I found it. I never used it but I wasn't it throwing it
away. I brought the box in and set it on the counter, smiling. Unc was
impressed because he was more of a pack rat than me.

I looked at what she making and knew why she wanted the fryer. They
had gone to Frank the fish monger and got catfish. It still wasn't as
popular as it was in the South, but it was catching on and Frank
always stayed ahead of the curve, that why he was so busy. She had it
soaking in mil She was going to make hush puppies and fried okra,
which I was never keen on but Ellen was a good coo

"You get potato's?" She smiled and nodded. "I'll come in and help when
I'm done." I love mashed potato's. I grabbed a beer and walked out
back as Bob walked in and went into his den. I needed to finish it
tomorrow. Unc had watered the plants earlier. I pushed out to Gustav
and he was on the phone, screaming. I thought off balance was good
with him.

"Find out what the fuck happened and who did it. I want heads." He
slammed the phone down and poured more vodka. I called Bet.

"Hey Papi, how are you. I smiled."

'I'm good sweets. If you ever want to ditch that guy you're with let
me know." She laughed. I knew it was on speaker.

"First of all, I have enough , and second 'that guy' is listening."

"Oh, hi Javier. I was just kidding." We all laughed. "Seriously, I
just pushed into Gustav and he looking for who took down his places.
He has no clue but he wants heads. Are the guys in Commerce City and
Dallas clear? I don't want blow back on them, or us. We'll have to
deal with him soon enough.

"I'm sure they are homes but I'll call and check before we head over
just to make sure. Thanks for letting us know. We'll see you soon.
Can we bring anything?"

"I have no idea. Beer and ice? Ellen is a good cook but if the
don't like fish I have hot dogs so maybe some chips. They chuckled.

"You stepping into this Papi thing Daniel. It's nice. We'll see you
soon love." I cranked out the rest of the bills when the phone rang.
It was the driver for Home Depot and he was finishing up a job close to
Sam and wanted to know if he could stop by on his way home..

"Hold on," as I went jogging into the shop to tell Sam. He nodded.
"Yeah. They should be there in minutes or so. OK, sounds good, and
thanks." That was one less thing. I'll finish up but hold one. I need
to give you some cash for the guys. Em, you're welcome to stay here
and hang with us, or go with those lunkheads. It's your call sweetie."

"I'd like to see Maggie and the girls, and watch."

"Sounds good to me. You can come back with Sam and Maggie." They
nodded. "Pay attention Jake and help if needed." He smiled and
nodded. He was loving being included in things. I walked back into the

"Mind if I go in your room. I need to get some cash out of the safe."
They shook their heads.
I grabbed three fifties because i didn't know how many guys were
there. I figured better safe than sorry because they were doing us a
favor. I grabbed my dad's 30-30 and the cleaning kit as well. I was
better suited to the kitchen and Ellen and I hadn't had a lot of time to
tal They would both be happy and I wanted to shoot it when we went
to the range. I walked out and they looked at me, surprised.

"You want to clean this for me while I help Ellen." They both smiled.
"Jake and Emily are going with Sam. We need to clean the handguns
tomorrow with Jake, and probably Em, but today got away from me. I've
been wanting shoot this."

"Is that your dad's?" I nodded. "I remember when he got it and how
excited he was. We took down a fair amount of mule deer with it, and a
couple of pronghorn's." I smiled because I remembered us doing the
same. I missed them. "Yeah, Daniel, I'd like to clean it if you don't
mind." I checked it and handed it, and the kit, to him as we walked into
the shop. They were getting ready to leave. I handed Sam the cash and
hugged Emily and Jake.

"Don't worry Jake, we're cleaning the handguns tomorrow. You're not
being left out. Your Uncle knows this gun and he's cheap labor. Go
move a generator, and have fun with the rugrats." Chloe pulled up as
they were leaving.

"What's up?" She kissed uncle Billy as I told her. She smiled. I
grabbed some beer out of the fridge and opened one for Billy on the
side of the bench and told him to have fun. I put Credence on and
connected it to the shop as well. He yelled Thanks.

Chloe hugged Ellen and they started chatting. I got the potato's out
and the okra, and asparagus out and washed. Nothing needed to be done
so Chloe took Ellen outside, came back in, grabbed a chicken wing,
kissed me, and walked back out. I knew what she was going to do
because she didn't trust Sara not blurt things out. I suppose we were
going to tell everyone else tonight as well, even though most people
already knew. I was guessing Jake was going to tell Emily, and Bethany
was going to tell Christine. Two people can keep a secret when one of
them is dead, but we weren't killing any of these folks.

I watched out the doors as Ellen opened the wing and held it out. Bob
smelled it and looked at her, and Chloe, and walked up, cautiously. He
looked at Ellen again and gingerly took the wing from her hand and
trotted to his den. Chloe was filming it for Sara. Ellen clapped. It
would be nice if they moved back here but I didn't think that because the
business was in GA, as was half their family, but I did figure they
would come out here more often. I got to work cleaning veg.

I could feel Ellen through Chloe. She was stunned, but not surprised if
that makes sense. I looked out the door and Ellen was hugging her. The
conversation was getting animated. I was glad I gave Unc the rifle to
clean. Chloe was pretty wiley because Ellen would tell Billy and diffuse
any objection he might have, which was probably minimal. I had water on
to boil when Ellen and Chloe came in laughing. Ellen looked at me
shaking her head, and smiling. I shrugged. She hugged me and said
congratulations Dad. They shooed me out of the kitchen. I flipped the
record and went out back to check on people, and practice.

I pushed out to Claire, and then Ella. They both waved. We were all
trying to figure our ways through that. I think it drained all of us
for them to talk like that. I was hoping I would see them in dreams
more often because I had questions.

I pushed out to Simon. He was only stopping for gas, peeing, and food.
He was well into Iowa and didn't seem inclined to stop. I pushed into
Gustav again and almost threw up before I closed off the connection.
If I ever met him I was at least going to hurt him like he hurt these
women. I didn't take it any further than that.

I pushed out to Charlie and her family in Philadelphia. I wasn't going
to try and find Gustav's operation then, but I would. I wanted to wait
until Bet and Javier figured everything out. Charlie was drawing, like
she was last night. It took her out of her life. She didn't like
school, except for art, and music, but that sucked these days in
public school. Mary, her mom, had a decent job, and they lived in a
nice town home, but she didn't make enough to send Charlie, or
Benjamin, to private school. I pulled back and called Janey and
Alison.and knew what was coming.

"Hey Papi, guess what we're doing?"

"Spending money."

"No silly. We've already done that. We got a late check out and we're
heading to Redstone for a couple of days because it looks nice, but we
need to talk with you about something. We are coming home after that
and not going to New Mexico.... don't be mad Daniel. We miss you."

I smiled because I couldn't blame them. "O I'll let everyone know.
Try and get here before Friday and you can meet my aunt and uncle.
A lot has been going on and we all miss you just as bad." Silence.
I almost laughed because I could see them looking at each confused. I
could feel Chloe and Sara laugh.

"Seriously, Daniel?"

"I try not push rivers unless I have too loves. We'll work it out."
Alison spoke.

"Holy crap Daniel, we thought we were going to have to fight you on
this." Oh my God, what a relief."

"Sweets, none of us wanted you away from us, especially now. We know how
hard it's been. It was easier for what we're dealing with, but
it's for our family. and beside, Henry needs you helping him Janes."
They both laughed. "Loves, we'll work it out and keep you safe. I do
think you'll like Redstone Inn because it's funky but also up scale,
at least it was when I was there. I need to go Javier is almost here.
We all adore you, but pay attention."

Chloe smiled as I walked through. I was getting better at hearing
them. I still couldn't hear Bet or Maggie and no idea about Chloe's
friend Annie but I was still interested in what happened if they bit me
too. I was beginning to feel that i was an anomaly. Ella told me to
focus on what I was feeling. Chloe looked at me and nodded. Sara asked
what we were talking about. Chloe told her as I walked into the shop
and Unc was walking outside. Uncle Billy hugged him and said was
cleaning a rifle. Javier asked to see it as he looked at his saddle
bags. I nodded as I hugged him too. Chloe and Ellen and came out as I
grabbed two large canvas bags and walked inside, nonchalantly.

It didn't matter because I was nonexistent at that moment except to
Chloe and Javier. Billy handed him my dad's rifle and started telling
him about it. Unc told him we were going shooting and asked if he wanted to
come. He looked and Chloe and Ellen and they both nodded.

"Yeah Billy. I'd love to, just let me know and if you and Ellen come
back in the fall we can go hunting. You'll need to check into the
licenses but we have great hunting." Unc smiled and nodded as I put
the bags in the safe and walked back into the shop. They were all talking. I
hugged Chloe and told her I needed to make a call and that I'd be
bac She smiled and nodded. i knew she would listen. I didn't care
because I had no secrets from any of them. I walked and listened to
Ella because I was trusting my feelings. I called Bethany.

"Hey love. I need to say something. I was out of place but I spilled
the beans about you and Chloe and Sara. I'm sorry. I figured we are
all family and there are no secrets in a family. Please don't be mad"

"Have I ever been mad at you sweets?" Silence.


"I'm not mad, and it's one less thing for me, so thank you. How did
she take it?"

"She was quiet at first, thinking, but said it made a lot of sense
given her interactions with all of you, and that was that. She was
very excited about the babies so I'm pretty sure you'll have tons of
babysitters when the time comes. Are you sure you're OK Daniel?"

"It's fine Bethany and you're right, you are family. Most everyone
knows, or soon will. I'm guessing Jake will spill the beans to Emily.
We were going to tell everyone that didn't know, tonight. There aren't
many. It's fine. It would be very hard for me to be mad you."

"Good! What's up?"

"I need to find an architect, but not just any architect. one....."

"I know the perfect person. She's young and doesn't have a lot of jobs
yet. She has her own business, but works for a firm in Denver. Why?"

"I/we need to figure out where we are going to live as a family and
none of the places are big enough and we're not going to sell any of
them because they are family homes, and WAY better made than the crap
that's out there now." I could feel the girls tearing. This took
eavesdropping to a whole new level.

"I've been thinking about expanding the shop because we'll need to
hire new people in a year or so. I'm looking around the area to see if
I can find someplace for sale rather than expanding because it'd be
easier. I haven't discussed this, so it's tentative but I'd like our
family to be raised here. I'm grandfathered in and it's industrial and
residential as long as I don't rent it.. I need someone who can blend
metal, wood, and stone. There is plenty of space and I have some
ideas." I could her Sara clapping because she loved it here, and
missed Bob. Chloe and Janey were happy too.

"Let me call Sabrina. Can I fill her in on things?" I no longer cared
about secrets and told her yes. "Good. She'll understand because she
is fringe too. I'll let her know and give her your number. I'm so
excited. You'll love her. I'll see you in bit." I walked back and put
the girls out of my mind because they were already excited and chatting up
a storm. I walked up as Javier was leaving.

"Start practicing homes because we're going hunting this fall. Nice
rifle. We like your aunt and uncle," I smiled and said I know. It's
mutual. "She you soon." Chloe and Ellen picked up my slack and dealt with
the potato's, and okra. the asparagus would wait. Mags, Sam, the
girls, Emily and Jake showed up. As did Bethany and Christine. Bethany
pulled me aside.

"I overstepped my bounds again Daniel?" Chloe walked up and heard.

"You're family Bethany....that's not possible, and besides your one of
Daniel's oldest friends and know pretty much everything about him." I
pointed to Chloe.

"I invited Sabrina because she lives close to here, and she was so
excited to see the place she was almost jumping out of her skin..." My
phone rang, and Chloe's phone rang. I was talking with Sara, and Chloe
was talking with Janey. We listened, nodded, and smiled as we shook
our heads at each other.



Chloe spoke. "It's unanimous. Sabrina is more than welcome so let her
know. Hold on. Ellen, is there enough for one more person?" She
laughed. "There's your answer."

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