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Take me part 120  

dadigan 60M  
317 posts
6/20/2021 8:34 pm
Take me part 120

Henry left and we were all cleaning up. Jake put some of his music on as I walked the shop lock the guns in the with the tools. I'd show him how to clean them tomorrow. I wasn't happy about this all but I'd rather be the one teaching him. I was blessed with good parents and good grandparents and I was going to be sure to pass that on. Jake had already dealt with the fire and most everything was done so I walked front. I was a lovely, clear, evening. Thankfully it had cooled off. Chloe and Sara walked up and hugged . Sara said,

"Daniel, sorry I bit you."

" three times."

" three times."


"Hard," and we all laughed. She kissed me on the cheek and asked what we were going do.

"We're going keep our family safe. I just wish we knew more about Simon." We need go, or I need go, Becky, the insurance agent tomorrow because life's not on hold." They both said for handle it and let them know. I nodded. "We have the attorney on Friday and then Billy and Ellen.

"I'll Bet tomorrow to have a couple people around Henry's for Friday just in case. Hopefully you'll see something else, but try to not fall. You scared us." I kissed them both on the head and we walked inside to say goodbye. Janey and Alison walked up hugged all of us. Alison looked and kissed my chee She was scared and we all knew it. Janey hugged us both and stepped back with Alison. Words didn't really matter at this point because there wasn't much we could do except let it and deal with it. I made sure the back doors were locked. They followed us up front and we made sure they locked the door and set the alarm.

I knew there was no threat so Jake and Chloe got into her car and I followed them home in the truc. Chloe was on the phone as her and Jake walked in the house. I walked around back check, nothing. I walked front and stood in the shadows and felt outward. I focused on Simon. Nothing. Maybe these visions just happened and I had no control, and that's when I saw him. He was in hotel room, on the phone. I sure wish I could have heard the conversation. It was about whatever Philip and him were involved in. He was angry, but also worried. There was another person involved that scared Simon, which was a problem because you never back a scared animal into a corner.

I called Bet and told them. I was hanging up when Chloe walked up. It would never matter how dark it was we would all find each other. I told her what I saw and that Bet said they send some guys for Friday and that were amping up the search on Simon. Chloe was talking with her friend Annie when they walked inside. She took me hand.

"Come inside mister, we need to talk and it's time for Jake to go to sleep. He has a test tomorrow so he needs to get up early with us so he can study. Christine is dropping Em of at Henry's, early, so they can study together. I'll drop them off if you'll pick them up. I nodded. I knocked on Jake's door and said lights out. He nodded.


"Yeah Jake," Chloe felt it and walked in behind me. We sat on either side him holding a hand.

"Should we be worried for Alison?" I looked at Chloe.

"Worry is a losing bet because most times nothing ever comes it of except a loss sleep, and stress. We should be cautious and prepared, as much as we can. We don't really know what the deal is with Simon but we know he's coming here so we are aware of that. We have an interesting family ," Chloe smiled at me. "We'll keep Ali safe but that's not your concern mister. Your concern are your last tests, and enjoying summer with Emily, but you and I still need tal" He smiled and hugged us.

"I love you and happy." We kissed him and walked into the kitchen. You want talk with him alone?' She nodded. "I don't think Sam and I are going have time check a van but I still want give him the truck on Friday so we're going have work the car thing but there are enough, especially when Unc and Ellen leave."

"Agreed, but we all have be there when he gets it."

"Agreed. Tell about Annie."

"I explained things, mostly and her about all of us sharing, and biting you but when Bet bit you something happened. I told her what an oddity you are for us because you're hard for us to read, except for Sara and that it took us being intimate before we all could." I interrupted.

"I wonder if Bet can now since she bit me. We need to ask her."

"I hadn't thought about that but it's a good idea. I feel like we're trying to put a puzzle together without the picture. Annie knows more about her family because they are all alive, which usually happens with us. We live long, especially the girls, but for some reason neither mine and janes mom, nor sara's did. Again, more questions than answers."

"She is intrigued by you because she can't get a sense either, and Annie is very good at that. She's going to talk with her mom and over the weekend. I told her about Simon and she could connect with him and she said what you careful. She told that twice, so she was concerned. She thinks the visions are something you were able to do naturally and getting bitten just enhanced it but she'll talk with her mom about that too."

"She was confused why us biting you didn't trigger that but thinks maybe it's because we are connected somehow. Our families have . Dad and Ella had David, and I have Jake, but we mostly have females because it's a matrilineal line. Like you, Daniel, certain males are drawn us, all of us, just like dad was drawn Ella and Sara's dad was drawn her mom. I don't understand it, but it happens. sure there is a reason but I don't know it."

"Annie thinks, since you and Bet aren't intimate that is why these visions were triggered. She was curious about what would happen if someone else you weren't intimate with would<b> bite </font></b>you. kinda curious about that myself. going talk Maggie and Bet about all this. I know Bet and I are trying figure things out and Mags has more answers but we need get sleep."

We brushed and got ready for bed. Sex had taken the backseat, which was fine. We fell asleep holding each other and I woke up at 3am in the exact position, which was wonderful. I rolled out of bed, took a shower and was brushing my teeth when Jake came in to . He finished kissed my cheek and stumbled back to bed, I smiled. I quietly went into the bedroom and Chloe was was sound asleep, breathing deeply. I knew things were weighing her down and regardless of what I told Jake about worry, she was worried. I grabbed my clothes and dressed in the kitchen, left them a note, and headed to Henry's after checking the perimeter.

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