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Take me part 118  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/19/2021 10:53 pm
Take me part 118

I walked into the kitchen as hurricane Sara stormed in and I braced myself. She didn't say a word but hit me in the chest, hard, three times and walked out front. It was going to leave a bruise. Chloe followed her, also not saying anything. She put her hand on my chest where Sara hit, kissed my cheek, and walked out. I grabbed a beer and walked out back with Jake. Somethings didn't need to be conveyed with words. I would show Jake how to clean a weapon and teach him how to shoot like my dad taught my brothers and me. I prayed he never needed to use it, like I prayed I never did, but it's a good skill to know. I didn't like hand guns because they're loud, too easily used in anger, and a lot of people think they know how to use them when they don't.

I liked rifles for the same reason I like knives and bows. They require skill, and diligence to master, especially long range. I understood why Sara and Chloe were upset, and why Sara hit me. I didn't like it either, but I would teach him. I would focus more on the bow and the knives but I wanted him to know what to do if he ever needed to.I takes more to get a driver's license than it does to buy a handgun, I prayed he didn't. I prayed I didn't. Jake was listening to music as Janey, Alison, and Henry walked out. Janey and Alison clapped as Henry sat next to Jake and hugged him.

"Is Bob in it?" I said yes and they jumped up and down as Sara ran up and started telling them how we were going to 'retrofit' Bob's den. Chloe kissed Henry and Jake and sat on my lap and took my beer as she kissed me.

"Does it hurt love?" I nodded. "We understand Daniel but it takes Sara longer to process somethings." I nodded and kissed her as she told Jake and Henry to follow her into the kitchen for dinner. It was a fucking pain the ass day, and they weren't going to get any easier. Sara walked up and looked at me with tears in her eyes and sat on my lap. She put her head on the spot she hit and started to cry into me. I kissed her head, gently stroked her hair, and let her.

When she was finished she looked at me, kissed me, and said we needed to see if we could convince Janey and Alison to leave town and let us try and deal with Simon with Bet and Javier. Since Bet had bitten me we had all linked, I knew that, and it meant we were more than family. They would stand with us just as we would stand with them. We would have anyway because they were our family, but it was different ...more intense. Sara put her head back on my chest and never said a word about punching me. She didn't have to.

Jake came out and started building a fire as Chloe and Henry finished getting dinner. Janes and Ali knew something was up but didn't know what. Jake said.

"Mom told me about you teaching me to shoot dad, that's awesome!" Janey and Alison glared at me and I figured I would be hit again. Jake was , mostly, and a guy, and it's a typical response.

"Jake, it's feels awesome you because you're young and you don't know anything about guns. It's necessary, I think, whether you ever continue follow through. It is fun when you are shooting at paper targets but you do that in case some day you need shoot at something that isn't paper." He got quiet and looked at me as he kept building the fire. Janey and Alison walked inside crying. Sara stayed on lap hugging me.

"Shooting is fun, and is a good and vital skill have for protection but also for hunting. I like it because it's a skill master. It's not a game and the first time I see you taking it as game, we're done. Do you understand?" Sara looked up at me. Jake was quiet.

"Yeah dad. Can I get a gun? I could feel Sara tense as she looked at him but it was an innocent statement. I was remembering what my dad and grandfather's had taught me, and I was grateful.

"You have one, it was my dad's. He taught us how shoot with it. When you get it is up you . It's something deadly and you need truly understand that. He was quiet as he pushed the logs around and looked me and Sara. He nodded but didn't say anything. Henry, Chloe and Janey came out with Chinese as Sara kissed me. I told you I know what you like mister as Chloe handed and her a plate. Alison came out with a bottle of Prosecco and glasses and started pouring with a third of glass for Jake. He beamed and was on the phone talking with with Emily.


"Yeah dad. Leave the gun conversation until we tell you. Capiche?"

He nodded. We ate and enjoyed each other and even though there was slight tension it didn't last long. I picked up the plates from everyone and went inside. I put them to soak in the sink and looked through the records, this time for one of mine, Dawes, Stories Don't End because I had heard them on the radio when Most People was on and wanted to hear it. I walked into the shop and grabbed another bottle of Prosecco and walked back into the kitchen and Janey and Alison where standing there, arms folded, looking at me. I put the bottle down because I figured I was either going to get hit, get bitten, or both.

"WHAT! Daniel?"

"Simon is on his way. He's either in Iowa, or Nebraska. He'll be here this weekend, if not sooner. He's looking for you Alison because whatever his brother was involved in, which none of us know, so was he. He's worse." Alison nodded. "He'll find you sweets. I would."
Everyone had walked in and were listening. "I think you should reconsider going somewhere, or several somewhere's, until we can figure out who he is and let us deal with it. He's going to end up here, Henry's, or Chloe's sooner or later because Philip did. It's just going to be harder for Simon, unless Philip talked to him.

This place has lights and cameras up and the cameras will be connected tomorrow, and at Chloe's, and hopefully Henry's by Saturday. I'm less worried about Henry's because there are more of us but we need to more attention and keep the back door locked." They both looked at me because of Philip.

Alison stood upright and wiped the tears out of her. "We aren't running Daniel. Period. I understand why you want me to but I won't do it. I have no idea what he's looking for because I have no idea what Philip was involved in. I'm not running from this prick." I admired her chutzpah but she didn't understand Simon.

"Simon isn't Philip Alison. He doesn't care about you at all. We're your family, and will stand by you but he's worse than Philip." Alison was quiet for awhile and nodded. Janey said,

"We aren't running." Sara did what Sara does best. She grabbed the Prosecco, and Janey and Alison, and they walked out back with Henry and Jake. Henry did look at me concerned because it was obvious that Janey and Alison were a couple, and family now, as convoluted it was with us. I hit the counter and growled because I had felt this SOB, but I wouldn't have run either. I couldn't tell WHEN he would show up, just that he would and it was frustrating. Chloe gently<b> bite </font></b>neck, and sucked.

"Let's go outside love and be a family. We'll deal with what we have to deal with. Bet was right, we know more than him." I looked at her because was I wasn't certain and asked,

"Do we?" I dropped the needle on Dawes and went out to enjoy the night , the fire, and our family.

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