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Take me part 116  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/19/2021 4:08 pm
Take me part 116

Jake and Emily went running into the kitchen. I sat in the truck as Dawes' song Some People finished. It was going to be an intense few days. Hell, it was probably going to be an intense summer. I was thinking I should have Bet<b> bite </font></b>me again. I could feel Sam watching me, worried. Sam rarely got worried. I knew I had too many balls in motion, but they needed to be in motion until they resolved themselves. Simon was the wildcard. Sam walked up and knocked on the window. I rolled it down as I turned off the truck, since it was hot.

"Everything OK brother?" I looked at him and smiled as I got out and we walked into the shop. "It's heading in that direction Sam but it's not there yet." I told him about what Emily said and started helping him finish up. I was thankful that the motion lights were up. Ben pulled up.

"You trust me?" I looked at him and acted like I was going to smack him. "I've got you covered and we'll just charge % over wholesale for the equipment because it's best on the market. Kim and I talked and we both agreed. We don't know what the actual threat is but we want your family as safe as possible. I couldn't sync a satellite, but this stuff will come close because it's advanced as they have. I'm going start out front and hopefully I'll finish the back today, but we'll get it down by Saturday." I hugged him.

"Let us know if you need help, and thank you."

Chloe was still waiting to hear from Annie, her friend on the East coast but we were plodding along even though it felt like one step forward and two steps back. Sam and I cranked out the remaining orders and prepped the wood for the following day. It was close to 5:30 when Ben walked in and said to follow him. We walked to the end of the parking lot and he pointed onto a pole where an innocuous camera was placed high enough that it couldn't be tampered with. He also showed us the laser trigger that he installed that would notify us if anyone, anything, tripped it.

"I need to set all this up inside but those are wireless. I checked the signal and it's fine." He pointed to the cameras as we walked up to the shop. We could barely see them. He pointed out two above the front door, covering the entire entrance and another on the side. You'd never notice them if you didn't know they were there.

"The technology just keeps getting more advanced. I'll put the one out back up tomorrow morning, connect everything and show you how to use it," as Chloe drove up. "I'm not sure I can do all four places by Saturday." I nodded. Chloe walked up and said hi as she hugged me.

"If you can do Chloe's house and Henry's that would be great because we can wait on Sara's and Sam and Maggie's, and will cover the places we'll be. If something happens it'll be at those three. Do what you can do." He nodded.

"That's totally doable and lets me get some other jobs done as well. Henry's will be easiest. It's strange times." We all nodded and hugged him. "It seemed to me this place was the most urgent. I'll be early and get everything hooked up here and Chloe's will be done by the weekend, and I should be able to get Henry's worked in but it's pretty secure as it is. I checked when I was there. It's habit and paying attention. Locking the back door. It's the simple things that are the hardest." Sam and I nodded.

"Thanks Ben." I told Sam I would close up and to go home. I told Chloe what Emily said about me her wanting me to be her dad too. She looked at me, smiled, and nodded. I was never sure I would even have and now they were coming out of the woodwork. Christine pulled up to get Emily so we all sat down and I told her about Em, and she started crying. Chloe went to hug her because she understood.

"Emily hasn't heard from her father for most of her life. It breaks my heart but I don't want to go down that road again because I don't want her to be disappointed but for her to ask you after such little time says something. I'll talk with her."

Chloe said, "Christine, Daniel just told me too. He told her that we would talk but that he would be honored, because he would, we would, but ponder it and talk with Em and then we can all talk as a family because the way it feels, Jake and Emily are a thing." She hugged both of us as we went inside.

I was cleaning up in the shop as Christine and Emily came out. I waved to them because I had sawdust all over me. "We can pick her up and bring her here tomorrow if you want." She nodded and said thanks. Jake and Emily hugged and kissed as we all watched and then walked to the car. We, of course, smiled. I could hear Bet and Javier heading our away, or feel them. I was heading to fridge to get some beer when I dropped to the floor, luckily my head landed on my arm.

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