628...edited. (Here's to the Bengals!)  

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2/13/2022 3:02 pm
628...edited. (Here's to the Bengals!)

I lumbered around the north end of Iceland with such a burden that I knew it was unsustainable, but I didn't know how to let it go. I kept hearing the Iris Dement Song, Our Town, playing on an endless loop in my brain. I needed to do something because I couldn't meet Dreka like this. I knew that he thought my hesitation was a sign of weakness when, in fact, it was the exact opposite. I would end him once and for all but it would be on my terms. Revenge is dish best served cold, the people in my past understood that. We were very patient and while Aisha didn't like it, she understood it as well. I lumbered back to Ama's as Gaia jumped onto my back and laughed. I couldn't blame her because things were simpler as an animal, even though we still had the same burdens. We just walked until she finally spoke.

"What are you going to, Dragon?" I stopped, and thought.

"I'm going to rebuild the past, and fix what was damaged in the present. The elves, and Elisabeth, will help me find more treasure. They could probably spend the rest of their lives looking for it and still not come close to what has been lost in the oceans. It doesn't matter because it won't bring the ones we loved back, but it's to focus on." Gaia was silent because she knew that I was the on who could assuage my guilt and no words from her would matter.

"And Dreka?" I growled as she jump down and got in front of my face. "His power comes from thing, remove that and you can destroy him." She nuzzled me and then trotted off sniffing the ground as I walked to the house and shifted as I walked inside. The elves ran to me, led by Aafje, as I hugged them. Irina and Malinka walked followed by Sara and Chloe.

"We want to see our home Danael. We have been to the baby doctor and are taking the pills she gave us. We like it here, and will come back, but we need to see our home, and people. I nodded as Aafje grabbed my hand.

"I'm going too, Danael, and I'm staying with Ilsa and Hammish to try and ease the pain in their hearts, my heart, for the loss of Alfher and Elfas." I nodded. "None of these things that happened were your fault but it speaks to you that are carrying them for us. Elves have lived a long time, longer than dragons even,<b> death </font></b>is a part of life, Danael." I nodded and kissed her forehead. Most everyone had gone back to their homes after tribute. I looked at the Elves, who were sad because I was sad.

"We can take you hom...." Aafje smiled.

"They are coming to the past but we need to find a place we can swim as sirens. I smiled and nodded as I shook my head. Sara and Chloe walked and bit me saying that I should consider it practice as they held their growing bellies. I said goodbye, opened the mist, inside thank you very much, and we all back to the past, me and eleven elves. What could possibly go wrong.

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