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dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/18/2021 11:53 am

I watched Chloe walk away, and she knew because when she got the
front door she stopped and waved at me over shoulder, wiggled, and
walked in laughing. Holy crap, these women owned me. I was driving
away when Chloe called me, and I knew was on speaker.

"Did you like that love?" I was thinking about about saying
"what?..." but I didn't. Instead I said,

"Yeah I did Janey. I'll you later." I heard one growl, and three
hysterical laughs. Sam was was right. I was stupid. I hung up. and
called Ben so I could keep my family safe. I would for calling Chloe, Janey, but I'd
take as I smiled.

"Hey brother. I got your . What's up?'

"I need pull in a favor Ben. 's important and urgent." Ben was
quiet for second because I figured he was talking his wife.

"Hold on daniel."

"What do you need brother. sounds intense. You have the day. I
talked Kimee and she is rescheduling right now. Shit happens my
friend but it feels like yours is more intense. Talk me." I told
him what I knew and that were multiple places. I had him focus on on
the shop, Henry's, Chloe's, and Maggie and Sam's, and change the locks
at Alison's. "This is going be more than my balance brother but I
feel the urgency and we'll get done. me Alison's info because
's easiest."

"I told him OK, and texted him. I just need done Ben and
if costs more for the short notice, I'm OK with that. I need it
done by Saturday. I know it's short notice but it's important.

"I'm picking that up. Don't stress, you're family. We've known each other a long time. Hold on a sec." Silence...Kim and Ben came back on... "Daniel."

"Hey Kim, how are you and the ?"

"OK, but they sure miss the tickle monster. What's going on my friend?' Silence.

"I can't tell you except it's defense, but it's moving quickly and I can't be everywhere at once...."

"...and you want be everywhere at once."

"How long have we known each other?"

"I have forgotten, but a frickin' long time. You've got us until 's done Daniel.
I'll deal with the complaints. Are you OK?"

"I am but are people I want keep safe. 's complicated Kim, but
thank you. What are you doing Sunday? My Aunt and Uncle are coming
into town and you'll get a glimpse of my life, 's complicated but
's family." Silence

"Send us when and where. 'll be done brother and we'll be ."

"Good, I miss you. 's a cookout so bring something you like but
bring the munchkins and they should be on high alert because I am certain the
tickle monster will be . " They laughed and said deal.

"I'll you the info for Sunday, and the locations Ben, but stop by
after the lock change, and we can talk."

"I'm on my way to change the lock. I'll when I'm done and then stop by."

"Thanks guys, I love you and you have whatever you want on top of the
cost. I hope you are Sundays because I need tickle some
rugrats. Thanks."

Sara called.... "Yeah Love, what's up?"

"Are the rocks yet?

"Sweets, 's just after 7am, but I promise I'll you."

"Deal, mister! Are you mad at Chloe? Don't lie."

"First of all, I would never lie you. No sweets, I'm not mad at Chloe. I have never been mad at Chloe?" Mumbling...

"Have you ever been mad at me, or Janey, or Alison?" I smiled as i
shook my head.

" No, I haven't." Mumbles


"Hi Chloe."

'What is going on?"

"I think they were concerned that your were mad at me, and got
sidetracked, so we went on a meander." Silence....Silence...

"Are you mad at me?"

"No, I am not mad at you, nor have I never been mad at you..... but I
reserve that right." I couldn't help myself. Chloe looked at me through the phone, and
I knew the sisters were listening.

"You really want be Jake's dad?" I heard the gasp before she muted
. Silence.

"Chloe, I am Jake's dad and if you don't think so then you need let
us know," Silence. 's complicated how we'll make work legally,
but that's irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. You and Sara are Jake's
moms. Period. I don't need anything else...I'm just sayin'." Silence.

Sara got on the phone.... "we need go love, but you better me
mister." I pulled up the shop shaking my head as Sam opened the
overhead door. I didn't bring out the bag of biscuits because he would
want them. I did tell him that I told Henry that he wanted to switch
to checkers, because I was actually hoping that would happen. Henry
would still lose, but it would be closer.

He looked at me and shook his head, "He thinks he's going to win,
right?" I nodded. Silence. "What, you want me to let him win? You
can't cheat in dominoes, and you can't cheat at checkers either, daniel.
What makes you think it'd change if we started playing checkers?"

The truck pulled up with Bob's rocks, and I called Sara. She screamed,
and hung up, which wasn't surprising. What was surprising, thank God
Sam was , was that Chloe got out of the car too as the guys were
unloading a pallet of a 00 pounds of rocks. Sam grabbed me and said
he'd deal with it...with Sara. I handed in the bag of biscuits for the guys.

Chloe was standing by car with her head down as i walked up. I reached my
hand under her face , and she took it. We stood like that for longer than I
thought we should but I kept holding her hand, and breathing. She
squeezed my palm.

"You want to be Jake's dad?" Her eyes were still downcast. I grabbed
the side of her face and lifted so we could see each other. She
resisted, but I persisted. I won. She looked at me. She didn't want to
but she was Chloe and she wouldn't look away, regardless of the
reason, even if she wanted to.

I looked at her like she had lost her mind, and then kissed her as
passionately as I have kissed any woman. I could hear Sara clapping in
the background. "Chloe, I already am Jake's father. We just need to
make legal as a family. Chloe fell into me and breathed. Sam and Sara
were having all the fun, but Chloe didn't care about rocks, and
started crying into<b> chest </font></b>as I hugged her.

Sara looked over at Chloe and I and smiled. I'm not sure how long we stood
but Sara came up and tapped me on the shoulder. She was sheepish
but said "the delivery guys were expecting a tip..........AND they
moved big rocks mister, but Bob's den will be amazing once you two stop
hugging. They need to leave. I came back to my senses, mostly, and
nodded. I handed each of them a fifty. and said sorry, but thanks. I
expect to see you both next week when we have that thing" They
smiled and nodded. My dad taught me that money was important in how
you used . If you worked hard, were reasonably smart, and paid attention then
you'd make money. How you give away determines your worth. I was glad I
had a god dad because I was quickly becoming one.

Sara grabbed us and dragged us back the rocks, and Bob's den.
Sam, Chloe, and I walked as Sara ran, and sometime skipped. Oddly, we
got at about the time. Sara showed us Bob's den, but said
wasn't done. I said,


"No, silly. We'll have fill in with grasses, and more rocks." I
looked at Chloe as if I had lost mind. She looked at me, shook her
head, smiled, and kissed me.

Come sis, we need get back and I'm sure Daniel's head is going explode.

13129 posts
6/18/2021 6:48 pm

this series is better than Corrie !

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