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dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/15/2021 6:13 pm

It was 4:00 when I got Henry's and started opening and I still felt amazing. I hoped this feeling didn't go away but it might be worth have Bet<b> bite </font></b>every now then and that is when the room started spin and I dropped on knee. I saw disjointed faces and people I had never met. I saw Philip's face but it morphed into someone else that I knew was his brother. There was no immediate threat but apparently there was still some threat. I stood up had some juice in case it was blood . I put the home fries on the grill, along with bacon and sausage and made biscuits. It was almost 5:20 when Henry walked in saying,

"Those biscuits are done," as I set them on the counter and smiled. He looked at them and nodded as he poured himself some coffee. Can we talk Henry? He nodded as I put another sheet of biscuits in and stirred the potato's. Chloe told me some things about her and Janey, Sara, and Bet. There are way more questions than answers but something happened to me after Bet bit me, and I'm still totally unclear about Maggie. These are your girls. Can you shed some light onto this for me?

Henry was quiet as he got a refill of coffee. I'm not exactly sure about Maggie except that her family is similar. They are slightly different but have the same origins. Ella didn't tell me much that other than it was ancient and it was matrilineal but there are different blood lines that diverged. Ella passed before she was able to share her insights with Chloe and she took over being the oldest . We haven't figured out how Sara fits. I suppose that is why all of you have bonded because while Sara is family, she's not blood related. Chloe has tried talk with Maggie about it but Maggie said it's not time. There a lot more that I don't know .

"You have any idea what the largest living single organism is Daniel." I shook my head no. It's an Aspen grove in Utah. It's symbiotically connected via it's root structure. It's huge but it's all a single organism." I stared at him. "I know, but it's true. I don't know this for a fact but I think these blood lines are like that Aspen grove and they're linked in some way because they seem gravitate each other, and we males that are involved also have some connection."

"Chloe mentioned something about that being why Sara and I connected."

"Maggie seems know the most, I think, but for some reason she isn't saying. I do know that in a family the girls are different than the boys. I'm not sure about Jake because he's an only but it's the case with Chloe, Janey, and David. He's just different from them, not in any inferior sense, just not alike even though they are blood." He walked the stove and took the biscuits out that I had forgotten, and smiled as Janey, Alison, and Jake walked in the back door laughing. We all hugged each other and Henry asked,

"You want some real breakfast Jake?" Jake smiled, looked me and laughed. I rolled my eyes as I walked out front and called Chloe and Sara.

"Morning love," they both said. "You're spoiling us sweets. We think pretty soon you're going to ask us to marry you," as they both laughed.

"Well, there were rings in the bag Bet and Javier dropped off. I'm just sayin." I could barely keep from laughing. There was a prolonged silence and I knew they were staring at each in shoc "Hey goofballs, I'm definitely not opposed the thought but how about we focus on immediate concerns?"

I could feel the growl through the phone. Chloe said, "you are so getting pinched mister, and Sara said....'yeah, in a place you might not enjoy." I laughed.

"This is not urgent but attention as you leave. I feel no threat but I am uneasy about those drives so attention. I'll explain when you get here." Janey and Alison walked up and said they loved hanging with Jake, who smiled.

"Ali, does Philip have a brother?" I was trying keep it present tense. She stared at in shoc

"How did you know that? I only met him once but he was more of a jerk than Philip." I explained what happened and said it was likely nothing but continue attention. They unlocked the front door as Henry brought Jake's breakfast. I grabbed a piece of bacon and smiled..

"I like Emily kiddo but you and I need have a talk, OK?" He nodded as he went back studying.

"Hey dad, can Em come the shop after school so we can study there and she can meet Bob?" I told him it was fine with me if it was OK with her mom and your moms. "Cool." I walked into the kitchen as Chloe and Sara walked in looking worried.

"Henry, can we have 15 minutes?" He looked at the girls and nodded. I motioned out back and we all jumped the fence and walked along the ditch. I told them what I had experienced and Chloe kept looking at me. Sara had no clue what I was talking about.

"Was this a real person, Daniel?" I nodded.

"I asked Alison if Philip has a brother and she was shocked, but he does. She only met him once but said he was a prick too. It was weird. I felt great and then everything started spinning and I thought I was going to pass out. I fell to one knee and that's when Philip's face morphed into a similar, but different face." Chloe was quiet as Sara looked at her.

"Do you have your phone, sweets?" I nodded and handed it to her.

"Mags, I need to talk with you. Can I stop by after I drop Jake off at school? I'm not sure but I want your take. It involves Daniel. O I'll see you then."

"Bet... yeah we do but can you and Javier stop by the shop this morning so Daniel can tell you what happened. I think I know but I want your take on it. No, it's not urgent but it's odd and y'all should now. I'm talking with Mags. OK, thanks." She handed back my phone as we turned around.

"I need talk with Maggie and press her for information, but I think what happened is that you pushed out too far and you weren't use to it. The face is a worry because it started as Philip's. It might be that since you were guarding Ali you connected to her in that regard and if there is threat, or perceived threat, you'll sense it. I don't know but that's my hunch. Like I told you, you are odd to everyone."


"They can't read you. It's disconcerting, not in a bad way, just in an odd way because it rarely happens. I couldn't read into you until we were intimate, but I think that's more involved because of Sara and Jake and we are a family. I'm not sure about Janes but she's still learning, and I have no frickin' clue about Alison other than you protected her. Bet knows her line better than I know mine, and better than Sara, because our mother's are gone. Ella told some stuff but it's a verbal tradition. She might be able share some insight but it's wise keep them in the loop in case you saw a threat before it became a threat. Destroy those drives sweets and get rid of them." I nodded as we hoped the fence.

Chloe and Sara walked out front help Alison and say hi our . "Either of you need do anything." They shook their head. "Can you make 3 sausage biscuits Henry?" He nodded. "Sam said that he's getting worried about you and is thinking of asking if you want switch checkers." He smacked the spatula on the grill and nodded.

"I'm kicking his ass on Saturday," as he smiled into his delusion. Janes whispered in my ear that I was terrible and kissed . I grabbed the biscuits and walked out front say goodbye.

"Jake would like Emily come the shop and study so she can meet Bob. I told him it was fine with me but he needed Em's mom, and you , on board. Sara said she'd call Christine as Alison walked up."

"Should I be worried Daniel? I was just starting breathe normally."

"No, just attention and act like you just left because Philip was a pric Don't go beyond that if someone asks you. We're looking into it but now there is no threat to anyone.. She hugged me and went back to waiting tables with Sara. I kissed Jake and asked when they got off and said I'd pick them up. Chloe walked me to the truc

"This is going be a busy week sweets." She nodded as she hugged . We need see the insurance agent and we have the appointment with the attorney Friday morning, which is Jake's last day of school. Sam and I have to install the motion lights at all the places and plant, and then move the rocks for Bob's den." She smiled and shook her.

"I know. I know, but have tried saying no to Sara?" She kissed me. "Yes I have and it's darn near impossible but Bob will happy, as will the girls. Sam, Jake, and I, and probably Unc need to pour the foundation on Saturday, which is going to be brutal because it's going to be HOT...... and I need to tell him about us, which will be fun. On top of that, I was hoping Sam and I could look at vans because I'd like to let Jake know about the truck on Friday now that he has a girlfriend and all." I smiled as I stepped back but she was too fast and hit me in the chest.

Chloe wrapped her arms around and kissed me. "We'll work it out sweets but it would be nice for him to get the truck this weekend. He's going to be SO happy, and, mister, we all like Em... a lot, and Christine."

I headed to the shop. Sam was already there. I walked in as we was making coffee. You're late."

"Been an odd morning Jefe."

"When isn't with you." I put the bag on the on the counter.

"Chloe is talking with Mags about stuff so we should be safe. Do we have a carbide blade for the table saw.?" He nodded.

"It's not the best. Why?" I told him the drives. He was quiet but nodded. I wanted them gone even though I curious what was on them but I didn't need to borrow trouble.

evernshamdodges9 65M  
35 posts
6/15/2021 9:15 pm

this was a good one

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