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dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/14/2021 9:46 pm

Janey walked up first, smiling, and kissed both and Henry on the cheek as she went into the kitchen to make Jake and Emily lunch. Chloe and Sara walked up misty eyed but smiling. "He's so happy." We all nodded. I kissed both of them and said I need to go help Sam. They both put their hands on my<b> chest </font></b>and smiled. I said goodbye to Jake and Emily and said she was always welcome. They both smiled.

Sam and I cranked out the bulk of what we needed to do and he said he'd come in early if I got sausage biscuits again, and then we could put the plants in the ground because they needed to be planted. I agreed. He got the the wheel barrow, and shovels, from the side yard as I closed the door and and grabbed Sara and Heather's design. I called Sara to verify.

"Hey Love. We adore Em, and her mom. We just met her and they're coming on Sunday. Jake is over the moon happy. You definitely have to talk with him about stuff." I laughed.

'I will. I promise. Sam and I are going to start planting but I wanted to make sure about the orientation since North is on the drawing. What direction do you think North is when you're in the back yard." Silence.

"North, looking at the open space. North." I shook my head smiling. "O Do these plants have arranged exactly." Sara was quiet.

"I suppose not except I wanted the grasses around the rocks for Bob's den. That isn't North?"

"No sweets, it's East. I live in a complicated area because of all the circles."

"Can you wait 20 minutes and I'll bring Jake over and we can talk?"

"Of course, Sam and will have a beer. Take your time." I turned on Stairway Heaven and grabbed brews." He asked what was going on and chuckled but we'd both take it. Maggie walked out and looked at both us. I explained as she smiled. I handed her my beer and grabbed another. She was kissing Sam as I walked up. She sat on his lap and said,"

"Javier called. They are stopping by here a little later. The original thing is down and they took their cut and wanted to drop off the split. They actually went into his place, but they know what they're doing, and it's good Ali and you didn't because he had camera's. He was a nasty piece of wor There were a lot of drives. They're bringing it all and no one looked at any of it, but they didn't want just destroy them so they are are bringing everything here. It sounds like he had other stuff as well. I didn't ask," as she took a swig.

"Quite a piece of wor" She nodded as Sara and Jake walked out.

"Did you lock the door, sweets?" Sara smiled, turned around, came back, and said yessir as she sat on my lap and grabbed my beer. I showed her the design and asked if was based on the outline of the yard, or where she thought North was.

"The yard," and she pointed where North actually was, and said that plants went over there except the grasses where for Bob's den. We needed place the rocks first. Which reminded that I need rent a jack hammer before they were delivered. I was unsure about how we were going get all this done when the phone rang. It was Unc.

"Hey Unc, hold on." I told Sam and Jake to just water the plants and we'd deal with them tomorrow and to hang out. They both gave a thumb's up as did Sara. I walked out front, grabbed my own beer, and sat on the back of the truc

"Sorry, there's a lot going on. What's up?'

"Hey bigboy.... Hey Danny!"

"Hi Ellen."

"Just wanted verify that everything is set. I emailed the arrival time...."

"Oh, you wanted us pick you up? OK" Ellen laughed. "I got it. Don't worry, we'll be there and work it out. We're looking forward it. You actually have places you can stay now. You can stay at Sara's house, or you can stay here at the shop in the studio, but Sam and I are getting busy. You guys don't sleep late, and know it. We'll leave it up you...either is fine and neither is an inconvenience." Sara walked up, grabbed my beer, again, and said.

"Hi Uncle Billy and Ellen." They both said hi and you could hear their smiles. Sara did that. "We'll take you both because they aren't that far apart and you can pick which is most comfortable. Both will be clean. As far as you both are comfortable then we're happy."

"You'll be here through the weekend, right?"

"Yeah. we're going drive see Bill and the in Idaho next Friday and see Utah and then come back and spend some time there with y'all and then fly CA see Ellen's . It's WAY cheaper out of Denver."

"That sounds great Unc and we can talk about the machinery and whatnot, if you're still interested. We need run because we've got folks coming in but we'll be there, don't worry.

"BYE!!!!!! we love you." Sara finished off another of my beers and burped."

"What are you, a bottomless pit?" She kissed again, smiling, and burped on my mouth, and laughed hysterically.

"Nope, mister," as she patted her leg. "Hollow!" We walked toward the back as Bet, Javier, and a truck pulled up. Sara went to get Sam and Maggie as Jake listened to his music. We hugged each other as Bet touched my face where she bit and looked at it.

"You heal fast Daniel" I nodded, because I did. "The five of us will talk soon but it's not strange. How do you feel?" I looked at both of them and said,

"I feel fantastic Bet. I haven't had time see what I can do, but what I have seen is awesome." We are all curious Daniel because you are odd us."

"Maggie said that as well."

"I'll leave it Mags like I'll leave this bit Javier because it'll just piss off." Her and Sara hugged each other and walked the bac. Javier hugged as I waved at his guy in the truc

"Open the overhead, homes. We have stuff drop off. I grabbed them a beer, which they gladly accepted. I told his guys there were snacks in the cabinets and pointed. "This was a nasty prick Daniel. Alison is WAY better off." He opened up the back of the truck and there were half a dozen digital recorders, multiple computers, and DVD's along with a bag of finger drives. I looked at them with my mouth open.

"We didn't look at any of it out of respect but we are all, including Bet, regretting he didn't suffer, but bottom line is that's he gone." I nodded. "My suggestion is to destroy it all and don't even loo He had nothing written down that we could find but he had cameras everywhere. We looked but couldn't find any link outside of his condo, and our guys are good at that."

"He did have a safe but we have a guy who is expert at that. It took a while but was worth it." I just stared at him. He smiled. "I told you homes, don't do what you don't know how to do." Sara, Maggie and Sam walked up with Bet as Javier was handing me canvas heavy, and one not as much. "You have a safe?" I nodded. "Good, you'll need it."

This is what we got from his cards, and what not. He had checks backed by his condo which we used but that's a crap shoot, and more dangerous, but we'll see how it plays out. It's going into an account and we'll shift into bitcoin if it works. Don't count on in it but the crew is top notch. We took our cut of the cash and the bling we bought....not cheap shit. Your cut is in that bag. Bet knows jewelry so that's usually what we buy because it hold's it's least what she buys. Sara clapped and hugged her."

"This is part of what was is his safe. We left the drives for you but again, my suggestion is to destroy them because you don't want to know. That sort of thing will fuck you up faster than anything else, homes. If he's blackmailing people then just let them wonder and move on." He didn't need to tell me that.

"He had gold, silver and some platinum in his safe, and a few diamonds. We're checking to see what he was involved in but we aren't finding anything. We think it's what's on the drives and he just shifted the cash into something tangible. He probably had bitcoin but we couldn't find it and we're done. We didn't leave a trace and no one saw us." He handed me the bag and smiled. I looked in and looked at both Bet and Javier. They nodded.

"You took your cut?" They nodded. "Jesus." I handed the bag to Sara as Chloe pulled up smiling.

"I've got no idea what he was into but he was good at it. He had some guns and ammo, which we took since you don't like them, but we found these in a closet." Javier pulled a blanket out of the truck and unwrapped it. There were various bows, quivers, and and an amazing amount of arrows. "Bet and I thought you'd appreciate these." I started tearing up as I hugged them together.

We unloaded the drives, computers and everything else as their crew drank beer and ate snacks. It wasn't that much from a 'bulk' perspective, but it was substantial. Chloe and Bet hugged but didn't say a word even though I knew a lot was passed.

Bet said, as they were going and was there anything they could bring Sunday." Chloe and Sara shook their heads and hugged them. We walked inside and locked up. We put the bags on the counter. There was close to $40,000 in cash. There were multiple high end watches and what looked like antique, platinum rings. We all just looked at everyone. I walked into the bedroom and opened the back of the closet so I could open the safe and walked back out. There were gold and silver coins strewn on the counter.

"Shit!" Everyone nodded. "Are you OK if we just put this stuff in the safe and deal with it later?" They looked at me and all said, "Safe?" We put everything in the bags and walked into the bedroom. No one else knew about this but these people were beyond my family. I would kill for them. I almost did. They looked in the closet, and then at me. Chloe and Sara hit me in the<b> chest </font></b>at the exact same time as Mags smiled.

It had my family's guns and some gold, but mostly silver. It had the deeds to some property....all the stuff you want to keep safe. I put the bags inside, locked it, and closed the panel hiding it, and pulled my clothes bac Sara and Chloe were still looking at . Sam left and brought some beer and we walked out back as Bob walked up. Sara jumped up and down and handed me her beer as she ran into the kitchen. I yelled drumstic

Jake built a fire even though it was still a little warm for one. We did live in high desert and once the sun started set it could get cold. Jake was talking Em and telling her about the fire and Bob.

"Seriously, Em, we have a fox. It's not a pet but it does take chicken out of my mom's hand. I'm serious. You can come over and see...your mom too. No, he's super friendly and chill. He's not a pet but he's family. Yeah, we are kinda odd. Hold on em."

"Yeah dad."

"Do you and Em need to study?" He smiled.


"Hey.... we need to study but you can so come over and see Bob. Deal. See you tomorrow."
Chloe and Sara gang hugged him and said they both like Emily as he smiled. "Are you , mister?" He shook his head no....... "Maybe some ice cream."

It was such a relief not worry about Philip showing up. I was a little concerned about the drives in the shop under a tarp but I put it out of my mind. I decided that I was going stay at the shop until we got rid of them even though I wasn't sure how that was going go over.

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