It's the month of love  

daddysmichele 48F  
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2/6/2022 8:19 am
It's the month of love

And I hope it works out that way. The weekend after Valentine's Day we're meeting up with our friends for dinner and a movie. The exact details aren't set yet, but it looks like it's going to be a double date, but I'll be with er hubby and vice versa. Maybe things will progress like I'm hoping? Only time will tell for certain. I guess next weekend they are having a date night amongst themselves, and being the Valentine weekend I hope they enjoy one another's company. I have no idea what we're doing. Probably not a lot which is usual. We used to go out to dinner, but that's become too crowded. I also don't care to be in the middle of a busy establishment. That's just asking for trouble. Last year it was a home cooked meal and a quiet night together. It was nice, and I liked it. I'd be happy for that again. I guess I'll find out.

Other than that I lead a very boring life. Nothing is different aside from me taking the new position at work so I'm busy trying to transition into that job along with trying to train for my last job. Double duty in a way, but I'm not on the system answering the phones or stuff like that. Just answering questions, and there's a lot of those. I'm hoping to be fully transitioned by April. It seems like an impossible task at the moment though.

That's all I have beside a few more caption pictures that I hope are enjoyed. Thanks for reading my drivel, and stay safe and healthy. Later my friends.

Prof10001 62M
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2/6/2022 12:35 pm

Fingers crossed that you have a great time with that couple. They are lucky folks.

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daddysmichele replies on 2/6/2022 1:35 pm:
I consider us the lucky ones for them to be so patient with us. I doubt any other couple would have been so nice. Plus, the way I figure it even if nothing sexual happens we will still get out and have a great night away with friends.

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