A Quick Update  

daddysmichele 48F  
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11/18/2021 8:20 am
A Quick Update

Here's a quickie for all those wondering how my coffee (which I don't drink) went with my female friend. We actually got close an hour chat, and we had a very good conversation about everything. We both things we need discuss with our husbands, and things consider ourselves. I'll post more in depth when I return from vacation. I'll been able talk my hubby at some point? Don't know, and all I do know is that I'll be back after Thanksgiving. No captions this time, but I may add some when I the time. Be good, be bad, and just be yourselves. Love everyone and everyday add though 's your last. Later.

Prof10001 62M
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11/19/2021 2:38 am

Enjoy your vacation and I hope great times are in store for you with the couple.

Swing by my blog!

daddysmichele replies on 11/29/2021 11:03 am:
I hope so too.

justme51 70M

11/20/2021 7:29 pm

Excellent enjoy your vacation and I to will be waiting to hear your progress with hubby.

daddysmichele replies on 11/24/2021 4:28 pm:
It's slow, but still forward. I'll post more when I get back.

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