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The Second Job part 2
Posted:Aug 11, 2018 6:24 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2018 10:34 am

I show up for work filled with dread. I don't really want to do it for fear of what we may discover, but I gave my word so I'm stuck. I dive right into the job trying not to think about it, and when a group of middle aged men come in it gets much easier. There are seven of them, and they are celebrating one of their birthdays. Sue had no choice but to seat them in my section so I get to hear all about their night.

"That chick over there has an excellent set of tits." I hear one say about Tonya.

"Yeah, but she's a bitch. This chick has an okay set, and she's easier to get along with. She's just a big momma." Another answers quietly.

"The fat one's are the best fucks." Another adds. "They love to put things in their mouths, and will fuck you like it's their last time. Since it probably is for a long time." He laughs.

I take their orders, and hear one say, "It's a big ass, but I'd do it."

I pass it off like I always do, but I still like hearing it. Toward the end of the night they've had a few drinks, and are enjoying themselves at their table. I take my break late, and Jose tells me that he has everything set reminding me of the lock in tonight. I just smile, and leave it at that as I return to the customers with a birthday cupcake with one candle for the lucky guy.

They all cheer as I sing happy birthday handing him his cupcake. He blows out the candle, and I lay the bill on the table since it's now closing time.

"I hope you made a good wish." One asks him.

"I wished I could see her tits." Another answers for the birthday guy right in front of me.

I just smile as I clear away the plates and glasses.

"They are nice." Another says as I bend across from him. "I hope they pay you well to have such a nice set hanging out for all to see?"

I look down thinking that I'm hanging out, but I'm not. They laugh.

"Do they flop out a lot that you needed to look?" One asks me.

"It's a new dress." I admit bashfully.

"I like it." The birthday man says putting his hand through the slit and on my thigh.

I walk away dumping off the arm full of dishes before returning for more. I feel his hand slip through the slit again and grab my ass.

"That feels pretty good. I'm guessing that you are either commando, or wearing a thong." He says loud enough for all to hear.

I back away puling his hand away. He grabs my ass cheek tighter, and pulls me back. The guy on the other side grabs my other cheek, and they both squeeze and knead my ass. I feel my crotch wet from the attention, but I know I have to stop it. I stand there for a few seconds imagining being bent over the table and fucked by them all. Then I try to back away again before my mind goes too far.

They hold me tight. The guy that first grabbed me runs his hand down, and I feel his cold fingers touch my hot crotch making my legs tremble.

"You're ready to go, aren't you? All nice and hot and wet." He laughs.

I just stand there feeling him pushing the gusset of my thong between my labia rubbing my clit in the process. I hold onto the table to keep from falling over which makes me bend slightly, and this gives him better access. The other guy just watches rubbing my ass as the first one slips his finger around the gusset, and slides it into my ready pussy. I moan softly as his finger fills me. The rest of the guys just watch as he fingers me closer to nirvana.

"What about my birthday wish?" He asks as he slides a second finger into me.

The other guy begins to rub my right breast while his finger prods against my asshole. I feel him spreading my abundant wetness up over my ass making my crack slick. The birthday guy reaches up with his free hand, and pulls my bodice down letting my boobs flop free. He immediately grabs my left nipple, and begins to play with it by pinching and kneading it. A moan escapes me once more, and then I feel a finger slide into my ass. It feels so strange, but yet good as their fingers penetrate me. The other guy follows the first's lead pinching and playing with my nipple, and my legs begin to weaken.

In less than a minute I am biting my lip as my orgasm is so close. Then I hear on of them saying to stop. I feel my dress get pulled up bringing me back to reality. I look up to see Sue approaching. I quickly straighten myself making sure that I'm covered as I stand there. The birthday guy lets go of me, but the other guy keeps his finger deep in my ass.

"Is everything okay here Michele?"

"Yes. They were just getting ready to pay their tab." I reply cheerfully.

"Good. It's closing time." She snips walking away.

I pull the guy's hand away pulling his finger from my ass, and I see that a couple of them had their phones out recording me.

"Happy birthday." I say to the birthday boy.

I give him a kiss on the cheek before grabbing his hand, and sucking the fingers that were inside of my puss. The rest of the guys laugh as I walk away to pay the bill. When I return I tell them to come again, and I go by the birthday guy to whisper in his ear.

"But you probably already came." I say loud enough for everyone as I grab his crotch.

He is rock hard, and although he doesn't feel huge he does feel nice. But then I'm just really horny now that they have me going. I walk away thinking about how much I wished I could orgasm. I need the finish. Jose breaks my train of thought when he asks me if I'm ready as I head to the bathroom.

"I just have to reset things, and then I'll be done." I say hoping to postpone the inevitable.

I clean myself quick before returning to my section. Tonya is almost done with her part, and Sue is already gone. I reset things making sure everything is in order. I see Jose locking the door behind Tonya just as I finish. I go in to change, and Jose tells me to leave the dress on.

"It a period style dress. It might help us out."

I agree, and Jose shuts down most of the lights after setting cameras all over filming most of the restaurant. He shows me the video feeds from the security cameras, and how he has everything tied together.

"Let's start in the dining room. Then we can work our way back until we end in the basement." He suggests.

"I'd rather skip the basement." I admit.

"That's where you said you felt something, and got those scratches. I think that will be the best area."

He hands me a phone telling me that the spirits are supposed to be able to chose words through it to answer questions. We go in the dining area, and Jose calls out for Henry.

"Henry. Are you here?"

No response.

"Let us know if you're here." I say.

Nothing. We ask a few more questions before moving to the kitchen. We get the same response. Nothing. Down the hall, in the bathrooms, and to the back room. Nothing.

"I thought for sure we'd get something."

"Why?" I ask.

"Mark always wants his door closed because he says that he keeps seeing someone walk by or looking around the door while he's in here."

"I've wondered why his open door policy had a closed door." I laugh.

Jose opens the basement door, and we head down. I don't get the ominous feeling. We walk all over the basement asking questions without any replies. We call out names to no avail. Jose looks at his watch sighing.

"It's almost three in the morning, and we don't have anything. I'm kind of let down, but not surprised."

"Explain what happened to me then?" I ask as we return to the video station.

"Maybe you need to go alone then?"

"Hell no."

"Come on Michele. Put on you big girl panties, and be a trooper. We have nothing so far. I'm sure it's going to stay that way."

"Fine." I relent walking back into the dining area.

I repeat our questions, and call out names. Still no responses. Into the kitchen, down the hall, through the bathrooms. Nothing. Then in the back room the device chirps the word, "Sexy." I try to get more out of it, but after five minutes I get nothing.

Jose hands me a two way radio, and tells me that he'll be close by if anything happens. I know he wants me to go in the basement, and I figure that the one word was a glitch instead of anything else. Add that with the fact that I felt perfectly at ease before down there I open the door, and walk down. I sit on the chair still down there setting the phone device on the table.

"." The device rings out.

"Who's there?" I ask. "Is it Banty?"

"Wet." It says.

"Who is this?"


"What's your name?"


I'm shocked because this is what happened when Jose and I were down here. I felt cold fingers bring me to an orgasm. I think it's the cowboy, and he thinks that I'm a .

"Are you going to pay me for my time?" I ask.

I get no response. Instead the room gets a heavy feeling to it, and I feel an overbearing presence. I radio to Jose, and he tells me to stick with it.

"Who else is here? Banty is that you?"

I stand up looking around, and my eyes are nervously drawn to the back area. I feel like there's something there watching me.

"This is getting pretty intense down here. I think I'm going to come up."

"I'd rather you stick through it, but if you have to. I can see you on the camera. Walk back there. Don't let it know that you're scared."

I take a deep breath, and slowly walk toward the back.

"Stop." The device rings out.

I take another step after a short pause. I am soon in the hallway with rooms on either side of me. I feel like there's people still locked in the cells. When I get to the back I look around feeling the presence all around me.

"Who's here?"

No response.

"Answer me. Or are you afraid?" I taunt.

Still nothing.

"Well, I guess you're not such a tough ghost anyway. I'm going to go since you're afraid of me."

Just then I hear the basement door slam shut.

"Did you just slam the door?" I ask Jose.

"No. Let me check on it."

"Just wait a second." I say feeling the air grow heavier.

I hear a pop behind me towards the steps, and I turn to see the lights popping dark one by one as they get closer. I stand there frozen in fear until one one bulb in the middle is lit making it really dark, but still light enough to see a little.

Something in the back corner moves. It sounds like something wooden being dragged across concrete. I look close, but don't see anything. Then I feel a sharp pain on the backs of my knees dropping me down onto my knees. It burns a lot, and when I try to move I feel something grab the back of my neck. I am pushed down hard onto my hands, and I feel my dress yank up over my waist.

"Judgement." The device rings out from across the basement.

Then I hear a whooshing sound seconds before I feel a sting cut across my ass cheeks. It is quickly followed by another and another. I clench my teeth as the burning pain fills my body. It occurs to me that I'm being spanked by a ghost. It lasts for almost five minutes before I see a wooden rod roll past me on the floor.

"Is that all you can do?" I sniffle. "That didn't even hurt."

I feel it grab my hair, and yank me to my feet tossing me up against the wall. I land hard, and feel my dress yank down off me leaving me standing there in my black thong. I see some movement in the back corner of the room, but I can't move. Something comes flying at me, and lands across my bare chest. I see that it's an old tattered leather belt about two inches wide with metal staples holing it together at the ends to make the loop.

It stings just as much as the rod did, but I see it flying all over as the sting subsides. Then it swats me again. This time right across my left nipple. It stings bad making me moan, but I toughen up trying to endure. Again and again it strikes me from my neck to my thighs. After a while my skin feels on fire, and I can really feel my breasts bouncing when it lands.

"Wet." The machine rings out.

"I can't get the door open." I hear Jose on the radio.

The belt eventually drops, and I hear a different whooshing sound. Then I feel a wire loop around my boobs tying them tight enough to turn them purple starting with the left one. Then more wire wraps around my wrists yanking my arms up. the belt flies up against my belly pulling it up as it pulls me tight to the wall. Then I feel the wire around my ankles just before my legs are yanked apart leaving me suspended on the wall.

I see the rod begin to move side to side slowly at first, but then it moves faster and faster until it flies up swatting my pubic mound hard. I clench my teeth feeling the burn, and I close my eyes listening to ti whistle as it flies through the air. I feel it striking my breasts, and pubic mound over and over. I really flinch and moan when it grazes my crotch. It seems to go on for a long time before it actually cuts across my labia. I moan and writhe in agony as the sting becomes overbearing.

I swats me over and over on my inner thighs, and across my crotch. Then I feel it push against my mouth forcing my lips apart. I can taste myself on the wood telling me that my pussy is wet. I feel my skin burning as the wires loosen around my wrists and ankles. I fall to the floor on my left side sobbing uncontrollably. I feel my legs sliding across each other. I look down wiping my eyes to see. I see my legs are all wet from my juices flowing.

The wires around my breasts pull at my skin, and I reach to get them off. My wrist is grabbed, and I am forced onto my hands and knees. I feel my thong pull up lifting me off the ground before they rip off me. My knees are forced to open wide making my ass cheeks spread open. The cold basement air is cold on my exposed holes. Then I feel as though something is behind me and really angry.

"." The device rings out.

Then I feel as though a rather large cock enters me in one shove making my body push forward as the spectral hips slam against my ass. It feels like my vagina is being filled to capacity, and a pair of large hands are grabbing my hips hard. The cock pulls back before slamming deep into me again. I moan in pleasure as I am fucked hard by the spirit. I feel my tied breasts swaying from the impacts, and it feels so good.

"Fuck me." I moan.

Feeling my orgasm finally approaching. It's all I desire. Full of lustful desire I feel myself pushing back against the ghost cock feeling my ass crash against the brick wall of a specter. I feel sharp nails drag across my back bringing me to the edge of orgasm. Then I feel the dick pull out of me. I sway my ass wanting more.

"I need some more punishment."

Then the cock slams back into me harder than ever. It actually hurts in a good way. I feel it grow and harden more, and then I feel a heat build inside of me bloating my womb. It lasts for almost a minute with constant filling, but nothing feels like it's leaking out like cum would. I just fuck it wanting my orgasm.

The cock never softens, and just as I'm about to let loose I feel it pull out again. Again I sway my ass taunting. Then I feel it plunge into my asshole forcing through my sphincter before my body could react. It's all the way in my guts before the burning pain sets in as my ass clenches down tight to the large phantom cock. It feels like it's splitting me in two, and my legs shake from the pain. I feel my hair yank back as the cock pushes as deep as it can. I can feel hips grinding against my butt cheeks moving side to side as it stretches against my once virginal hole.

Then it pulls back. I feel my ass clench tight when it's out. then it plunges back in hard. I scream as it forces back in tearing me open. Again it pushes hard moving side to side before withdrawing again. Again it rams into me making me scream again. It punishes my asshole like this for a while before I feel my sphincter finally give in, and allow it to just fuck me. My ass cheeks tremble as the ghostly hips slam against them, and my insides feel like they're being rearranged.

My hair is pulled making me slam back against it's thrusts. My body goes numb from my waist down, and I can only feel the dick plunging in and out of me. It's making my womb tingle, and I find myself reaching down to my clit as the cock uses me. The specter rams me harder forcing me to stop to support myself. It goes on for a while with my guts being plunged savagely. Then without warning I feel my body shake hard as the orgasmic waves run through me.

I moan loud as the pleasure overcomes me, and I hear a growl as my guts begin to swell as the hot filling bloats my asshole. I revel in the pleasure for as long as I can before it subsides. Then I feel the cock pull out of me as I hear the door open. I just stay there wondering what just happened. In a short time Jose is kneeling beside me.

"Are you okay?" He asks concerned.

"Did that really happen?" I ask.

"Yup, and I got it all on camera."

I laugh uncontrollably saying, "You got a sex tape for ghost evidence."

I roll onto my side feeling the wires still around my boobs, and my skin burning. My insides feel like I'm really bloated, and my ass feels completely destroyed. I am tired from my intense orgasm, but still horny.

"You know I'm naked right?" I ask.

"That's obvious."

I grab his crotch looking him in the eyes.

"Fuck me then."

He just looks at me in disbelief so I unzip his pants pulling his dick out stroking it hard. I twist until I can suck it, and he kneels there letting me as he moans. In a few minutes I taste his cum as he loses control. I swallow it all down, and then rub his balls and suck more until he's hard again. Then I lay on my back as he moves between my legs slipping right into me.

"Just don't cum in my pussy."

He then pulls out sliding into my asshole. I take him easily after the abuse my ass just endured.

"That'll work." I moan as he fucks me with renewed vigor.

I feel another intense orgasm in no time, and it's followed by him filling my asshole with his cum. It feels so wonderful.

"I like our friendship. Even though it can be a pain in the ass sometimes." I joke as his cock drains into me.

He stays silent, and I see the room go black. When I come to I am still laying there naked, but Jose is gone. I slowly stand and walk up the stairs sore all over, and I feel his cum leaking out of my ass down my leg.

"Jose?" I call out in the dark Bistro.

No answer. I walk into the video room, but he's not there. Then I check Mark's office, and see him in the chair sound asleep. I close the door as I walk out, and go to grab my clothes. When I look down the hall I see a black shape at the end of the hall. It's over six feet tall, and looks like a man.

"Who are you?" I ask. "Are you back for more?"

It doesn't more, or answer. I turn to go into the changing room, and feel as though it's right behind me. I hear a faint whisper in my ear, but I can't make it out. I feel the cold press against my bare back, and feel large hands wrap around my breasts making my nipple harden almost painfully.

"You seem to like."

I lay may hands flat on the wall feeling myself getting horny once more. I feel my hair gently sweep back off my face, and feel the hand run down my right side to my hip and ass. I spread my feet offering myself as my pussy flushes with anticipation.

"Is this better?"

I hear a faint, "Yes." whisper in my left ear.

The cold hand runs over my right ass cheek to my crotch. I feel the cold air touch my heated labia making me moan.

"Nice." I hear whispered.

I move my feet back as I keep my hands on the wall bending over. The left hand moves from massaging my breast to pinching my nipple gently. Then the right hand moves back up my back gently until it's just above my ass. I feel it grab hold softly just as I feel a cold hard cock slide into my eager pussy. I moan loudly as it stretches and fills my vagina until I can feel it hit my cervix. I have never been so full in my life.

"Fuck me." I beg.

I am answered with the ghost slowly fucking my pussy. It feels so good. The hall is filled with the sounds of my moans, and the sound of a really wet me getting fucked. His hips softly slap my ass as I am made love to. An orgasm slowly rises inside of me, and being stuffed so full is driving me wild.

"Harder. Make me cum." I beg.

The pace stays steady. My orgasm approaches so slowly, but it keeps growing as it nears. The hands clench and massage my back as I am used. I've never felt so much lust before. My body rocks back to fuck harder. My legs grow weak as my pleasure comes to a peak. I feel the hands grip the top of my ass cheeks clenching as I am pulled back onto the spectral cock.

"YES!" I moan loud.

I feel the dick push deep, and begin to throb setting off my own orgasm. My legs shake and get weak, but I'm held up by the cock inside of me. I can feel it throbbing as my vagina quivers against it. It's the most intense orgasm I've had in a long time, and I can feel the juices dripping out of me as I'm filled. I don't want it to end.

When it does end I am left quivering as I stand there bent over. I feel the dick slowly slip out of me, and then I'm left feeling empty inside. I feel so satisfied, and it felt so real. Looking down I see a small puddle on the tile floor between my legs. I wonder if it's mine, and I smell it. It smells like semen. Then I taste it. It is semen. I begin to wonder if I can get pregnant from ghost cum? Then I stand up to feel it ooze down my legs.

"Wow." I say. "That was so good."

I look down the hall to see the figure as it fades away. Then I go to clean up. I sit on the toilet pushing out as much cum as I can, but there's just so much. I wrap some toilet paper up putting it in the crotch of my pants as I dress. The sun is coming up when I finish, and I walk out to the dining area finding a booth to curl up in.

Before I know it I am being woke up by Mark.

"What did you discover in you little investigation?" He asks.

"Not much." I say groggily.

I don't want to say what actually happened.

"So you're not going to quit then?"

"Hell no. Why would I do that? Being here has been a great and filling experience."

"That's great to hear." He says walking away.

I get up, and get straightened up. I look at myself in the mirror to see the bruises, and all the welts. There's even marks from where the wires were wrapped around my boobs. My asshole twinges with a pinch as I recall losing my anal virginity. Then I go downstairs to pick up. I walk to the back to see all of my clothes shredded all over. I pick them up, and then see my missing bras and underwear hanging from wine bottles as I walk back out. I giggle as I collect them, and feel a sound slap on my ass as I step on the stairs back up.

"Really?" I ask stopping.

Then I feel a hand grab my crotch roughly. I moan and sigh.

"That's better."

"Good. ." The machine chimes off.

I look back to see a dark shape in the far back. I smile.

"Later. I want to heal first." I say walking up the stairs.

As I dispose of the trash, and put away my underwear I hear a whisper in my ear. I look around to see that I'm alone.

"You're so sexy my love." I heard a bit louder.

"Thanks sweetie." I giggle.

Jose comes out of Mark's office, and we go to get breakfast somewhere else. Jose buys, and we chat about what happened. I tell him that I found it to be very exciting and loved it. He was surprised, and told me how he was worried for me. We are soon done, and head back to the Bistro. Jose starts his shift, and Mark calls me into his office.

Mark motions for me to sit after I walk into his office. He closes the door behind me. I sit in the chair in front of his desk, and he sits on the corner looking down at me.

"Do you want to continue working here Michele?"

"Yes." I say fearing the worst.

"Good. We like you here too. I have talked with Jose about your investigation last night. I'm sorry for what you went through last night, and I'd hate to have to let you go after that. But..." He pauses.

I feel myself fill with anxiety waiting to hear the inevitable words.

"But, you have to work on your discretion. As you well know I have cameras everywhere in here. There's not much I don't see. Except for the bathrooms this place is covered, and if someone complains I'll be forced to let you go. I don't want that. Business has been steadily improving since you started. Profits are up, and people are requesting you by name more often than not. I'd like if you could be here more to bring profits up even higher, but I'm grateful for the few days we have you. I've seen that you and Jose have a close friendship, and I just feel the need to tell you to be careful so we can continue like we are."

I am relieved knowing that I'm not getting fired.

"There's another dress in the closet that might fit you. It'll help you to get the tips in a way that you're used to. Go get it."

I walk to the closet to find a iridescent black dress with a deep plunging bodice surrounded by black lace. There's a red bow in the back right above the butt, and the dress portion is black lace over a red tulle. I turn to him holding it.

"That's the one. Try it on."

I open the door to go to the changing room, and I see that there's a crew changing the lights in the room.

"It's closed right now so I can't." I say closing the door behind myself as I remain in the room.

"That's too bad. I'd love to see the look on your face when you see yourself in it."

I walk to the closet listening to him, and when he finishes I turn to look at him. That's when I see the computer screen on his desk has a the security snapshot of me filling the screen. I can clearly see my breast as I lean over the table. Then my eyes are drawn t the other bigger computer screen. I see myself bending over in the hall. I realize it's the camera footage from last night.

I can see myself clearly, and it leaves nothing to the imagination. The angle shows my boobs swinging as my body moves back and forth. I can see my labia moving and see the impact on my ass cheeks as though I'm being fucked. I see myself look into the camera with pure pleasure in my eyes as I moan in delight. I watch for a few seconds at myself being fucked, and my pussy flushes with wetness as my soul fills with lust.

I turn away setting my mind, and I pull my shirt up off over my head. Then I let my pants drop to the floor forgetting that I have zero underwear on underneath. And not really caring either.

"Damn. That has to hurt." I hear him mutter.

I pull the dress over my head tugging it down feeling the snug fabric holding me in a sort of bear hug. My boobs are crushed under the fabric of the bodice, and I look down to see that they are crushed and straining to break free. Making sure my nipples are covered I realize that the fabric is just enough to cover my areolas before changing to the lace. I feel like I'm going to fall out if the lace doesn't give way under the strain.

"There's a mirror over there." He offers.

I walk to it. The dress opens allowing my legs through the large slits in the front showing me that it's just layers of fabric, and not one piece. I look at myself, and I'm awed. My chest is straining against the bodice, the lace is holding somehow, and my legs are bared whenever I move. My pale white skin stands out against the dark black of the fabric.

"Looks nice, I think. Do you think that'll give you the tips you want?"

"And then some." I say smiling.

I turn to look at him, and I see the bulge in his pants. I turn to let him see me in it, and then step right in front of him smiling and putting my hand on his knee feeling my mouth watering for a cock.

"I bet it'll look much better after you heal." He says pulling my hand off his leg. "That a couple of weekends off, and come back refreshed. I'll give you a few days of paid time off. You've earned it."

"I just hope it keeps me contained." I say walking to the closet.

I bounce, jump, and twist letting him watch me. My chest stays contained. I unzip the back feeling the strain ease as my eyes find the big screen just in time to see myself moaning in orgasm, and I can see the ghost cum leaking out of me and puddling on the ground between my legs.

I pull the dress down watching the monitor, and am quickly standing in front of Mark stark naked. He just stares at me, but in my horniness I'm glad.

"Your poor tits. You really are okay?"

"Yes. They're so sensitive right now that it a total new experience that I'm liking."

"I hope you heal completely. Those marks looks nasty."

I turn to pick up my top and pants off the floor, and I see Mark still staring. I purposely stand with my legs apart before bending at the waist. I see his eyes fixated on me as I bend. Taking advantage of things I reach back pretending to itch the back of my leg, but really spreading my crotch and ass for him. I see him adjust his dick in his pants. Then I slowly dress feeling his eyes on me.

I wave at Jose on my way out telling him that I'll see him in a couple of weeks. He waves back, and Tonya mumbles something as she walks in to change. I step in front of her telling her to repeat what she said.

"You can kiss my ass if you deserve any time off bitch." She sneers.

"Honey, if I ever kissed your ass you'd never go back to Sue." I laugh.

"You're such a fucking trashy . Nothing but a fat useless ."

I walk up to her seeing the fear in her eyes. Grabbing her hair I pull her face down to mine so we're face to face.

"Yes, I'm fat. So are you babe. From what I've seen the people here seem to have more use for me than you. And if being paid to do what we do makes me a so be it. That would make you a too, but with that stick so far up your ass I might get a sliver in my tongue if I ever did kiss your ass."

I look her in the eyes directly seeing that she's speechless, and scared. I then pull her tight to me kissing her right on the lips shoving my tongue into her mouth. I wrap my arms around her holding her tight as I kiss her for a minute before letting her free. She just stares at me stunned. I feel so full of myself, and happy.

I look her over, and see her nipples poking against the fabric of her loose fitting shirt standing erect. Smiling I turn to walk away, and Jose gives me a thumbs up laughing. As I walk out the door I look back to see Tonya still standing there watching me. I blow her a kiss letting the door close behind me. I think about what I did all the way home, and It makes me so horny.

I've only ever kissed one other girl, and that was an experience eased by alcohol. I'm completely sober now, and I took charge which is way out of my element. But yet I'm glad I did it. Just thinking about it is making me so wet. I do everything I can to take my mind off my horniness all day until I try to have sex with my husband that night. He leaves me unsatisfied again when he turns over snoring.

The next day Jose texts me asking what happened, and I explained the entire thing to him. He told me that Tonya and Sue got into an argument, and Sue tried to fire Tonya. Mark wouldn't let her so Sue quit. Mark made Trisha the full time hostess, and the tensions are almost completely gone in the Bistro. We set a time for a lunch date, and my husband gives his blessing.

I meet Jose at a small park next to the lake where he is busy cooking a lunch for us. I see a table all set up for us, and sit at it. He smiles when he sees me, and continues cooking. In a few minutes he sets a plate in front of me with a steak and veggies on it before setting his down across from me. He pours some wine, and sits across from me.

I dig in asking, "So you gave Mark all the video of our lock in?"

"Yes, I have the original though. Are you mad?"

"No. The idea actually turns me on for some reason."

"You like others seeing you?"

"I guess so."

He smiles as he eats watching me for a few seconds.

"Are you wearing underwear?"

"Just panties." I answer. "I need to do laundry."

"Take off you top."

"What?" I ask stunned.

"You like others to see you. Take off your top."

I pull my tee up over my head obeying him for some reason even though I know I shouldn't.

"They're really bruised."

I smile looking at the purple bruises covering my chest.

"So is my ass." I add.

"Show me."

I stand up pulling my pants down as I turn my back to him showing him my ass cheeks.

"Take them off."

I obey, and am soon standing there naked.

"Eat. Before it gets cold."

"It's not the food I'm worried about getting cold."

"I bet you're quite warm. You look pretty hot from here."

I have to admit that I am really horny and wet. I don't know if anyone can even see me, but the chance is there and enough to get me going.

"Touch yourself." He commands.

I reach down feeling my cold fingers touching my wet hot clit. I moan from the attention, and my legs open wide.

"Shove two fingers in."

I comply, and fuck myself with two fingers while he sits on the table in front of me stroking himself. His cock so close and so hard makes me want it. My hand moves with the rhythm of him stroking himself. In ma matter of minutes I feel the pangs of orgasm rip through me. I moan and shake in delight feeling some of my stress release. I see him stroking every time I look up.

All too soon I feel my pleasure ebb, and soon I am left panting and feeling an occasional jolt of bliss. I watch as Jose leans forward, and I see his cum come flying out the tip before landing all over my chest. It's so warm at first, but then cools fast as it runs down my body. Stream after stream covers my boobs before he rubs it in with his cock wiping the last drops on me.

"Leave it until tomorrow. Wear me with pride." He commands.

He kisses my forehead before telling me that he has to get back. I watch as he takes my clothes walking away. Across the park I see him lay them on my car before waving at me, and then driving away leaving me naked sitting on the bench covered in his semen. Now I have to actually walk in the open to get to may car. It's the middle of the afternoon, and the sun is shining bright.

I feel my pussy tingle as I begin to stand. I wonder how many will see me, and what they will do if they do see me? I slowly begin to make my walk looking down so I don't have to make any eye contact with anyone.

I hurried to my car covering my boobs as much as I could. I spotted a couple of guys watching me and they had their phones out. I jump in my car and drive off. I stop a few blocks away to dress, and I see the wet spot on my seat where I am sitting. Grabbing an old rag, I place it over my seat before I sit back down.

"You're an ass." I text Jose when I get home.

"You're welcome. I know you wanted to show yours off."

I sit back, and spend time with my family. Being horny as much as I am I try to get frisky with my husband. I even get his dick hard in my mouth, but he just pushes me away saying that he's trying to sleep. I give up, and fall asleep feeling rejected, dejected, and still unsatisfied.

The weeks fly by. Jose tells me that Sue and Mark have split, and that Tonya has been moping around. My bruises are mostly healed, and my husband being himself, I decide to return to the Bistro.

Trish hugs me when I get in, and I see Tonya smile when she sees me. Jose and the kitchen crew welcome me back as I walk by. Peeking into Mark's office as I knock I see Mark sitting there watching his computer screens.

"Welcome back pretty lady! How are you doing?"

"I'm good. All healed, and ready to work."

I walk in heading to the closet grabbing my dress. I strip down in front of him as though it were normal. He just stares. I slip the dress on squeezing myself into it again. It feels like it's even more snug, and my boobs are looking like they're going to pop out from their crushing confines.

"That looks even better on you now that you're healed up. I love the way the black contrasts your white skin."

I head in to the dining room turning heads the entire way. My customers all enjoy me wearing it too, and tip me accordingly. The night is good with the stress level way down from what it was.

Saturday night it's super busy. My customers tell me that they missed me, but the word is out that I'm back. I get groped and propositioned all night, and it doesn't help my lust. I even consider a couple offers, but I don't accept any.

Sunday it's busy once again, and Mark calls me in at 8 saying that people are asking for me. I hurry in, and change into my outfit. The door shuts as I go to exit stopping me in my tracks. I feel someone behind me, and I swing around to look. I see Tonya standing in the door to the bathroom.

"He likes you." She says walking up to me.

"Who are you talking about?"

"Him." She says pointing to the corner of the room.

I look to see a large black shadow in the corner.

"He knows I'm married." I say. "But he can have you."

"No. He can't." She says standing face to face with me. "I want another."

She then grabs me, and kisses me passionately. This time I'm stunned. She reaches under my dress grabbing my underwear.

"A sexy like you don't need these." She says ripping them off me.

I kiss her again, and undo her baggy pants letting them drop to the floor. My fingers find her crotch, and I soon pull her underwear off her for access. I get her so wet and horny before I pull her to the floor.

I pull her on top of me so she's straddling me, and I spread her pussy open while I let my hands roam her body while we kiss. She moans, and my fingers on her ass cheeks feel like they're being squished. Her body begins to sway as though she's being fucked.

I hold her close, and feel her bottom end push up as her body absorbs the impacts. Her moans fill the room, and I lift her shirt as her body is pushed higher. Her breasts sway in my face so I begin to suck and nibble her nipples. Slowly she is fucked until her crotch I'd over my face.

I lick her pussy tasting the sweet flavor of her. She moans loud as she orgasms. I feel her body push forward, and then taste semen as the juices run down my tongue. I lick her up before I hear my name being called.

I hurry out leaving her panting. I rush to work, and see Tonya wander out about ten minutes later with a huge smile.

"I'm glad you're happy. I'm still needing." I complain to her in passing.

"You can kiss my ass if I care."

"Any day." I answer.

A few of my regular more daring customers grab quick feels at my chest through the open front bodice of my dress. One even puts his hand up my dress. I just keep clearing the table feeling his hand run up the back of my right thigh. Then I feel his finger slip right into my vagina. He moves his finger around inside of me making my knees weak. I hold back a moan as I stack the dirty dishes. I look up to see them all staring at me. I look down at the table feeling dirty. A second finger slips into me making me jump and moan in pleasure. It feels so good. Too good. I remember Mark telling me to be more discreet, and this is anything but.

I grab the dishes, and walk away wishing I could have stayed. I look back to see the guy licking his fingers. Tonya looks over at me smiling. I feel like she had something to do with that. I walk over to her, and I ask. She admits that she told them that I wasn't wearing any underwear. I call her a bitch smiling as I walk away.

"You know you love it." She shouts across the crowded room.

A few of the customers look as I smile knowing that she's right. I'm too damn horny to care. The night goes by fast, and the table with the groping man is finally ready for their bill one asks me what my hours are.

"I work until after close."

"Just today, or...?"

"Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have an honest job besides here." I laugh.

"This isn't honest?"

"My husband wouldn't think so." I joke.

The man beside me is an older man in his sixties, and he drops a knife right behind me.

"So sorry sweetie." He apologizes as I turn to pick it up.

About half way down I figure out the ruse when I happen to notice them all staring at me. I grab the knife, and put it in the dirty bin quick before returning for their glasses. I take the first one which still has ice in it, and I turn purposely dropping it. I drop to my knees with my ass toward the table. I make sure my legs are apart far enough for the dress to flop open in the back. I can feel the cool dining room air on my overheated crotch telling me that I'm fully exposed for them all to see.

I scoop the ice back into the glass before standing back up apologizing for my clumsiness. Grabbing more glasses I place them in the bin seeing the men at a couple of nearby tables smile at me. Trish shuts off the open sign, and I deliver the final tabs to my tables. Tonya washes down her empty section resetting it, and I wait for my customers to leave. The table of men is the last to go, and they all give me a pat on the ass as they leave telling me that they'll be back soon.

I smile seeing the $100 tip on the table. I finally am able to reset my section. When I get the napkins out of the back room I feel a strong pull toward the basement door. I ignore it. Jose tells me that I look really nice in my new dress, and I thank him as I walk past. Tonya is sitting in her section talking to Trish when I get back, and finish my work. Trisha smiles as she tells me good bye. I watch as Jose leads her out the back.

"Why did you tell them that I was commando?" I ask sitting at the table beside her.

"I wanted to see what would happen."


"Not exactly what I imagined, but close. I didn't figure that he'd be so obvious about it, but I didn't figure you'd just let him feel you up either."

"He wasn't just feeling." I admit.

"Oh my God! He fingered you?"

"Oh yeah. I almost came right at the table."

"You are such a ."

"You too." We laugh.

"We better get changed." She says leading me into the dressing room.

I'm surprised that she's pulling me in with her, but I let it happen. I unzip my dress while watching her dress fall to the floor. I'm awed by her beautiful body. Her breasts are large and supple. they look so soft. Her belly isn't flat, but just enough to let one know that she's all real. Her hips are wide, and look so sexy. Her ass is nice and round. I see it jiggle slightly as she steps out of her dress.

"Like what you see?" She asks. "This is why I wear baggy clothes. The guys like it too, but they don't shut up about it. It's so annoying."

"I wish I had a body like yours."

She turns walking up to me, and I see her red pubic hair highlighting her crotch. She pulls my dress down letting it too hit the floor.

"Your body isn't like mine, but it is sexy. You have the proof that you have lived with all of your marks, and your breasts aren't just for show either. They look nice with your pretty hard nipples poking right out like they are."

She leans in kissing me quick on the lips.

"You know. I didn't know what to make of you when I first saw you. Sue convinced me that you were after my job. Then when you kissed me something inside of me just snapped. I realized that you aren't after my job, and that you really do like me. I had never been kissed like that in my life, but you left me wanting more."

I grab the sides of her head puling her face to mine as she talks. I silence her with my lips on hers, and I let my tongue slip into her mouth to find hers. We kiss passionately, and I pull her tight to me. She moans in my mouth while I feel her naked body writhe against mine. I kiss my way down her neck to her breasts. They are so soft and warm. Her nipples are so firm against my tongue. I lick and suck all the way down her belly feeling her soft skin on my face. I nuzzle my nose in the warm folds of her crotch as I lick her labia searching for her clit.

Her legs open letting me in, and I feel the hard little clit on my tongue. I wrap my lips around it sucking as I flick it with my tongue driving her wild. I stop when I feel her legs begin to give way. Then I stand back up kissing back to her lips. We kiss for a minute or two before I spin her around. I then kiss my way down over her left shoulder, down over her spine, and all the way to the top of her butt crack. I use my hands to rub the backs of her legs, and urge them apart.

I rub upward while kissing and nibbling on the tops of her ass cheeks until my hands are on her back. Pushing forward she takes the hint and bends over with her hands on the seat of the chair in front of her. I kiss and nibble my way down her right butt cheek to the bottom, and then back up. I repeat this with the left cheek kissing my way back to the top of her crack. Then I run my tongue down the left edge of her crack making her skin fill with goose bumps. She jumps when I get to the bottom, and switch to the other side.

When I'm back at the top I let my tongue find the center of the small of her back, and I slowly run it down her ass crack until I feel her butt hole clench under it. I lick back up over it a couple of times making her jump and moan. Then I grabs her cheeks, and bury my face in her crack while I lap up her little asshole. I get it really wet with my spit before I look to see the pinkish brown hole right in front of me. I can't believe I'm even doing what I'm doing, but I'm just too horny to care.

I dive back in shoving my tongue into her little hole. I feel it clamp down around my tongue making her moan again. Then I run my hands back up the backs of her legs until my fingertips find her wet pussy. I slip my middle finger on my right hand deep into her. Her little hole relaxes, and I slide my tongue in and out along with my finger in her puss.

She is quickly moaning and wiggling while I pleasure her. Her hips push back fucking my face and hand. She's loving it. And so am I. Her ass is grinding against me harder and harder until I feel her little hole quivering around my tongue. Her pussy flushes with wetness as it vibrates on my finger. She moans non stop as her body shakes. I keep going until she calms down. Then I sit back looking up at her. She smiles back at me patting me on the head.

"Good dog?" I ask joking.

"You can be my bitch any day."

"But you're the bitch of the shop."

We laugh. I stand up. We kiss again before she says that she has to go. I watch her dress quick, and
I tell her to sip the underwear for a few days, and quit being a prude. Then she'll get better tips, and more customers. She just smiles back at me as Jose lets her out of the door. I just stand there in the door of the dressing room naked watching.

"I see you two are getting along better." Jose asks me after locking the door.

"I think she's finally realized that I'm not here to be her enemy."

"Standing like that I'd say you're here to be a lover."

I remember that I'm still naked, and laugh.


Just then the sou chef walks around the corner. He gets a good view of me.

"This is our best server, Michele." Jose introduces us.

"This is Juan. He's my cousin, and the new sou chef."

I see Juan look away quick. He looks to be in his early twenties so he must be bashful.

"Don't worry amigo. Michele is very open about herself. She doesn't care if you see her naked."

He looks up at me looking me over good. I see him staring, and I turn around so he can see my ass too. I bend down telling him that most guys want to see what's between my legs, and I let him get a good look.

"It's just a body. Everyone has one, and God gave me mine. It's not perfect, and some would say it's not pretty, but it's mine."

"I think it looks real nice." Jose says patting my ass.

Juan says something to Jose in Spanish that I don't understand, and then he walks away. I just look at him confused.

"He's young and bashful. It's not you." Jose tells me.

"That's good. I was worried I offended him for a second."

"No, but we do have to get going. I have to drive him home tonight."

"Okay. I'll get dressed if you really want me to." I tease.

"I don't, but you have to." He answers.

I close the door getting dressed quick, and then Jose and Juan walk me to my car. I start it up rolling down the window, and I hear Juan talking Spanish. Jose replies in English telling him to settle down, and that his time will come. I even hear him say what sounded like, "She's married." I see them get into Jose's car before I drive home.

I am so horny, and need such a release. I practically beg my husband to fuck me. He half halfheartedly kisses me. I feel the total lack of emotion, and I get angry. My emotions peak, and I let loose on him. For over an hour I scream at him about everything that's been bugging me. I am so horny and frustrated that I just can't help it. I rage on with him arguing back until I give up and leave the house.

I drive around crying for a while before something tells me to go to the Bistro. When I get there I see a light on inside. Curious I go to check it out. I look through the window, but don't see anything. I try the door. It's unlocked. Walking in I listen. It's silent. My eyes are drawn to the basement door. I watch it slowly swing open. I feel a cold wind blow past me, and feel a cold touch on the crotch of my pants.

"He wants you." I hear whispered in my left ear. "Go to him."

I feel my soul fill with intense fear when I see a pair of red eyes looking up at me from the bottom of the stairs in the darkness. It's too much, and I run back to my car locking the car door behind myself. I see the light go out, and then I drive home. My husband apologizes, and we just go to bed.

The rest of the week is just as uneventful as most of my life. Then on Friday Tonya is waiting for me when I get in to work.

"You'll never believe what happened when I left last Sunday. I got home, and went to bed. I was thinking about what we did, and I felt a hand touching me. I looked up to see a black shape hovering over me. I wasn't scared. I felt my legs open, and a big dick fucking me. I came five times Michele. It was great. Then when it was time to come in to work today I couldn't find any of my underwear. No bras. No panties. Nothing."

"Sounds like you have an admirer."

"That's not funny."

"Henry must have followed you home. He'll keep you happy."

"Really?" She asks shocked. "Is that even possible?"

"It must be. Otherwise you have another by the sounds of it. There's nothing to worry about if it is Henry. You must remind him of his long lost love. At least you're getting some."

"You're married."

"Yup. To a monk."

We laugh, and carry on with our night. It's late as usual by the time we finish. I've been groped, felt, fingered, and almost brought to orgasm so many times that it's not even funny. When I get home I'm really in need, and the same argument ensues. I again leave, and find myself once more in the Bistro parking lot staring at the light inside.

I stare at the light wanting to go in, but my senses are telling me to run. I don't even realize what I'm doing until I find myself walking in through the door. Staring at the basement door feeling my heart pounding out of my chest I stand frozen. The door slowly swings open, and I again see the red eyes looking up at me. My shirt lifts from my waist up until it's pulling over my head. I feel cold hands touching my breasts, and pinching my nipples eliciting a moan from somewhere within me. My jeans loosen as I hear the zipper drop. Then I feel them pull down bunching around my ankles. The cold touch finds it's way to my crotch touching my over heated pussy over my underwear.
My legs shake, and I moan louder feeling the hands goading me toward the stairs. I find myself walking toward the red eyes and hearing a growling laugh. My feet touch the first step. My heart is beating so fast. Then the second step. one by one I descend feeling my entire body throbbing with the beat of my panicked heart. I see the light on the far end light up dimly. I walk towards it feeling that I'm being watched.

Once in the room I see a large cushion laying on the floor. On top of it is a wooden paddle. I kneel on the cushion, and lower myself onto my hands and knees with my ass in the air offering myself. I feel my crotch tingling with need even though I feel like I shouldn't be doing this. I feel like I'm breaking some law that I don't know about. The air stinks of rotting meat and sulphur.

"I'm here." I call out. "And I'm naughty."

I don't believe I'm even saying what I am.

"I deserve to be punished. I'm just a that needs to be straightened out."

I hear another growling laugh just to my left. Then I feel the paddle land hard across my ass. I moan as the sting sets in gritting my teeth bearing as much as I can.

"Thank you sir." I call out.

Another swat hits on the bottom of my ass, and then another at the top. I grunt bearing it. Swat after swat comes down on my ass beating me hard. Slowly at first, and then speeding up faster and faster until my tears are streaming down my face. I feel my underwear fall free from my right side, and I see through my blurry eyes that they have been spanked to tatters. My ass is on fire, but the swats continue. My underwear are soon laying under me spanked completely off me. Then I feel the paddle come down hard, and feel it cut in as it splinters to pieces against my ass.

The remnants of the paddle fall onto the cushion under my face, and I am left on all fours sobbing with my ass burning with ache. After a few minutes I struggle to my feet. I try to walk, but fall to the cushion on my right side. I again struggle to my feet only to feel something pinch my nipples, and pull me across the room to a table in the corner. My breasts stand straight out as I'm pulled. I feel a wire wrap around them both tying them tight just like the last time. Then in front of the table I am pulled onto my back by my breasts. My hands are pulled to the sides, and something wraps around my wrists binding me to the table.

My ankles are yanked high into the air, and my legs are spread wide as the wire around my ankles lifts my ass up off the table. My breasts are yanked up into the air pulling them hard. I see the red eyes off to my right, and slowly moving toward my open legs. The light goes out leaving me in total darkness. The eyes seems to get redder as they move closer between my legs. My heart is pounding fast, but my crotch is dripping with want.

I feel something slimy touch the tip of my ass cheeks and slowly move up both cheeks, along the side of my labia, and up my belly to my boobs. It. Wraps around my nipples covering my chest in slime. My nipples are Rick hard and sensitive feeling it moving over them. The eyes are right between my legs staring at me.

It moves back down to my crotch, and I feel it moving down over my clit. I moan. The thing also moves down over my asshole. I feel myself wanting it, and I don't have to wait long before it slides into my pussy.

I moan in sheer pleasure. Finally some attention. It also slides into my asshole making me moan louder. It moves in and out fucking both of my holes deep. It feels so good. I soon orgasm unexpectedly. It's just enough to leave me wanting more.

It pulls out of me, and I watch the red eyes hover over the top of me. I feel something hot touch my vaginal opening. It pushes into me filling my vagina so full. It stretches me out some, and I feel it hit my cervixbefore it stops. Slowly it begins to pull back before slamming back into me. My body shakes from the thrusting.

I feel my breasts being tugged from the strain they're under. It feels so damn good. I get closer and closer to a good orgasm each time it fills me. I moan for it to fuck me. I'm answered by feeling something hot touching my asshole. My vagina is already heated up by it, and now I feel my asshole slowly being opened up too.

I'm fucked as it stretches my backside wider and wider. It begins to hurt, but I'm too horny to care. My asshole has never been so full before, and it's still opening me. I feel my hole strain, and then it slides into me filling my guts.

A twinge of pain shoots through me making me groan. My bottom end feels like it's ready to burst because it's so full. Then it begins to fuck both of my holes together. It's an exciting, painful, and different experience that's indescribable.

All I see is the red eyes over the top of me as it fucks me. My entire body is alive with pain and pleasure. I can feel it slamming against me using me for its own pleasure. I can't contain my lust anymore. I moan so loud as my orgasm rushes through me with an intensity I've never felt before.

My body shakes violently for minutes before I finally feel it begin to ease. It fucks me through it all, and then just as I finish I hear a loud growl echoing from all around me.

I feel my pussy and rectum filling with its burning hot load of cum. My insides bloat from the sheer quantity. It leaks out as it over fills me, and I can feel it running down my body to the table covering my cheeks. It soon slows, and I can feel it pulsating inside of me.

It slowly pulls out if me, and I feel it squirt a couple of hot streaks of cum over my belly and crotch. Then the eyes move back into the corner, and I lay there satisfied at last. The binds holding me loosen, and my breasts are released. I just lay there as the lights pop on feeling myself leaking from every hole.

The eyes fade away, and I finally get the nerve to move. I walk up to clean myself up, and I see how bruised my ass is. Then I see my skin glistening with semen. Once I sit on the toilet most of it runs right out of me. After pushing what I can out I wipe off. I see some blood from my asshole, and wonder if I need to see a doctor. I decide to wait.

I look at the clock to see that it's only 4 in the morning. I head into Mark's office, and I sit in his chair. A file on his desk catches my eye. I look closer to see that it has my name on it. Opening it I find pictures of me and disks. I turn on his computer, and insert a disk. The screen fills with the camera footage of when I fucked Jose in the back room.

Now I know Mark has a thing for me, and it turns me on. I see his camera strap hanging out of the top drawers I look to see what's on it. The memory is empty. I have to change that. I take his camera, and I spend the next two hours snapping pictures of myself and various objects. Then I stand in front of the camera in the back room, and I run the camera strap along my pussy so he'll see it on camera. I put it away, and drive home completely naked and not caring.

My next shift I walk into Mark's office grabbing my dress from the closet. He sits there silent. I undress waiting to hear something, but get nothing. Having enough I walk over to him naked. He looks at me silent. I spin him facing me, and put his hands on my breasts. He pulls away quick so I sit on his desk spreading my legs wide. He just stares, and I let him.

"When you're ready for it, I'm ready for you." I say before walking back to grab my dress.

He stays silent, and I walk out to the changing room. Juan sees me, and stares. I wave saying hello. Jose walks out, and we hug saying hello. Then we part ways to begin the day.

Mark calls Tonya, Trisha, and me into his office a while later. When we're all in there he tells us that the Bistro us doing the best it ever has.

"We're having record profits, and you girls are the main reason why. Michele seems to have helped you both open up more, and it's showing. I want her to join us full time, but think it's going to take some convincing by alk of us."

Tonya and Trish both agree, and just look at me.

"I can't afford to lose that much money."

"I suppose you'd have to do more than just flash your boobs to make up the diffetence." Tonya jokes.

Trisha looks at her shocked.

"Yeah. There's laws against what I'd have to do." I snap back.

Trish is dumbfounded, but Tonya let's her in on things.

"Michele is just an old . She's let guys finger her for tips."

She looks at me, and I just smirk.

"You go girl." Trish says to me.

"And if she ever kisses your ass you'll fall in love with her." Tonya sighs.

"I don't swing that way, but okay." Trish says.

"I didn't either, but She's very hard to say no to."

Hearing this I contemplate things.

"I'll match your full time wages, and give you all the vacation you want." Mark offers.

"Deal." I say smiling.

Tonya grabs me giving me a deep tongue kiss. Trish watches in awe. I grab her, and I pull her lips to mine. Giving her a quick peck she just smiles nervously. Mark asks me to stay after they leave to fill out paperwork. As soon as the door shuts he takes out his camera.

"Need some more pictures?" I ask.

"No. You left me plenty. Why?"

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The Second Job part 1
Posted:Aug 11, 2018 6:14 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2018 4:51 pm

I hope this isn't too awful for you to read.

Well, we went over the bills, and once again we're short. Even with him working all the overtime he can we still need an extra hundred bucks per week. Looks like I'll have to accept that offer from an acquaintance at the coffee house across town. She was more a friend of a friend than an acquaintance, but she said I could use her as a reference. She said they are a great place to work, but just can't keep people for some reason. She went on to say how she's watched a half dozen girls walk out and never return in the month that she worked there.

Being a middle aged and overweight with an already full time job and a family it's not like I'm hiring material so I find my prospects limited. I don't want to wait tables, but I do need the cash. It'll only be temporary I tell myself as I turn in the application. I didn't even dress up. I just have on jeans and a tee shirt with my hair in a pony tail.

"Wait here." The hostess tells me. "I'll bet the manager will want to interview you right away since we're extremely short staffed."

I wait as she walks to the back, and returns a short time later with a tall older man in tow. She looks to be in her late twenties, and rather chubby under her frilly dress. He looks to be in his fifties with white hair, and he's wearing an old time suit with a bow tie.

"Hi. I'm Mark. I'm the manager and owner of the bistro here. Follow me to my office, and we can discuss your application." He says shaking my hand.

I follow him silently to the back of the building, down a short hall with a punch clock on the wall, and to a small office at the back. He closes the door behind me offering me a seat.

"Michele?" He asks as I sit.

I nod my head.

"Like I said, my name is Mark. I looked over your application, and I have to ask why you're interested in working here when you're already so busy with a full time job and family?"

"We need the extra money at the moment, and a friend told me about working here a while back. She said that you were extremely flexible with scheduling, and a good place to work. So I thought I'd give it a try."

"We do try to make it a pleasant place to work, but we do have a retention problem. Unfortunately your friend quit a few months back. She was a great employee, and you can tell her that she'll always be welcome back."

"I'll do that when I see her."

"As for working here I'll need to know what your sizes are for the uniform. The dress you seen our hostess wearing is the uniform. This building is over 200 years old, and we are a themed bistro that serves food and drinks. Our customers are mostly decent people that come for the feel of the place, and are normally very good tippers. I can only start you out at minimum wage, and our benefits aren't the greatest. I try to make up for those shortcomings with having a pleasant work environment. So if you're interested fill out these papers for taxes, and uniform sizes." He says sliding the forms and a pen to me across the desk.

I fill out the tax forms, and write in my 40 C chest size, and my 24 dress size. I put my height at 5 foot 1 inch, and shoes size at a 6 and a half. Then I return the forms to him. He looks them over smiling as he stands. I watch as he walks to a closet in the corner of the room to my left behind me. I see a closet as he opens the door, and he pulls out a light blue dress with black trim on the ruffles. He hands it to me.

"There's a bathroom across the hall that you can try this on in, but I think it'll fit you well."

I take the dress to the bathroom. It's a rather large room with a changing area to the right, and a stall to the left. There is a large mirror and sink on the far wall that I can see my entire self in when I'm back far enough. I slip on the dress, and zip up the back. The first thing I notice is the low cut of the front. I'm not used to my boobs being out like this, or for so much cleavage to be in full view. I'm no prude so I just suck it up. The shoulders are big puffs of fabric that drop down off the shoulder revealing my bra strap. So I'd need a different bra. The bodice and waist are snug, but not tight. The hem falls to my ankles like it should. I return to him after situating it the best I can.

"It fits you quite well." He says looking me over. "When can you start?"

"Well, I have to get a new bra before that so how about in a couple of days?"

"Not to be pushy or anything, but we could really use the help right now. I know the bra thing is big for you girls, but how about for today you just deal with it since you won't be working much with the customers while you train? You will be in the kitchen learning the menu, and at the bar learning the drinks."

"I have to be at my school in four hours though."

"That's perfect. You can work until then, and I'll get you on the payroll right away."

"I don't know. I think my bra straps showing kind of ruins the old time experience, don't you?" I say trying to get out of it without refusing.

"Then take it off if it bothers you that much. You'll be working with the other girls anyway, and the little you'll deal with customers they'll never know."

"Fine. If you need me that bad I can work for a few hours." I relent.

"Great. Thank you. You're a life saver. I'll wait here while you remove your bra."

Now I'm stuck with taking it off so I return to the bathroom, and remove it. I stuff it in my purse before returning to the office. Mark gets up as soon as I walk in, and leads me to to kitchen. We walk up to the cook, and he introduces us.

"This is Jose. He's been my head chef for twelve years. Jose this is Michele."

I look at the almost six foot man as he glances at me. He is dressed in all white with a black apron covering his rather large belly. He just nods at me, and I smile back trying to be nice as the nervousness sets in. We walk up to a younger girl who's sitting at a table in the back drinking a soda.

"This is Trisha. She's been with us for about six months now. Trish this is Michele."

She looks up from her phone smiling. "Hi Michele. Welcome to the Bistro."

"Trish, Michele is going to need training are you willing?" He asks.

"Certainly. I'd be happy to." She says in a bubbly tone. "Sit Michele, here's our menu. Get to know it while I finish my break."

Mark walks away as I read over the menu. It's a pretty basic menu with mostly sandwiches, and a few soups. The drink menu is more extensive, but since it's pretty much everything I just glance it over.

"We take our breaks here, and we get paid for them. We can order anything off the menu, and Jose will have it ready at our break time. Everything is at cost for us so it's pretty cheap, and good too. The bar has any type of drink they can think of so don't bother to try to memorize the drinks. The dress looks really good on you. Let's give you a little tour to begin with."

She gets up, and I see her tiny figure for the first time in her pink frilly dress. She doesn't have many curves for a girl in her early twenties. Her dress is also low cut, but she doesn't have much for boobs to show any cleavage. She doesn't have the big belly I do either. She's taller, but her figure reminds me of myself back in high school when I was 97 pounds, and a 32 A. I'm not that anymore. Thirty years and two have made sure of that.

She shows me the kitchen, prep area, where to pick up the food, the bar, and the seating area. I feel so off in front of the few people that are sitting there knowing that I don't have a bra on. I feel like they can tell. The feeling is short lived as she shows me the back room where some of the supplies are. I see a door at the back of the room, and she sees me looking at it. It's an old wooden door that's dark in color, and really beat up. It captivates my attention for some reason.

"That's the basement. All that's down there is some wines, and old chairs. We don't go down there alone."

"Why not?" I ask thinking that her telling me that is odd.

"It's not well lit, and we wouldn't want you getting hurt on your first day."

"Show me then." I say feeling drawn to go down there.

"No. I won't go down there. It's too creepy for me."

She takes me to the hostess, and introduces me.

"Mary, this is Michele."

She smiles saying, "I figured he'd convince you to start right away."

She's a chubbier girl with her ample cleavage almost spilling out of her dress, and she isn't as bubbly as Trisha, but still smiling and nice.

"I've been her for a while, and I think you'll like working here. Right now beside Trish and myself we have two other waitresses. Tonya and Sue. They work the weekends. We don't do much business during the week so it's usually just Trish and myself on. I'm sure he'll have you scheduled to work for a few hours during our slow times so you can get used to things. That would be impossible when we're busy because it gets really hopping in here. Wear comfy shoes because you'll be moving all night."

I notice the time, and I realize I have to go. I let Trish and Mary know before I tell Mark. Then I change saying bye on my way out. Mark catches me at the door, and asks how things went.

"So far so good." I tell him.

"That's great. When can you come in tomorrow?"

"I have to drop my off at eight..."

"Eight thirty then." He interrupts. "Sounds perfect! See you then."

I carry the dress as I walk out. All night long I think about that door, and wonder about the basement. I wonder why Trish refuses to go down there, and why there has to be two people at all times. I even dream about it. Like it's calling my name.

I feel tired when my alarm goes off, but I crawl out of bed getting the off. When I get to the Bistro I realize that I still haven't gotten a strapless bra. So I have to go without once more. I walk in, and change. Mark meets me at the punch clock handing me my time card. He already clocked me in.

"I seen you come in so I punched your card for you. All those that have to wear uniforms clock in before they change. Today Mary will help you wait some tables, and when Trish comes in she will help you put away some stock stuff. Nothing too hard. You get a half hour break for lunch. Take it when you can."

The morning wears on as I stumble through being a waitress. In the afternoon Trish comes in, and she has me follow her to the back. I am reminded of the door as I walk past it. It fills me with fear and wonder thinking about it. I follow her out the back door to a parked truck in the back. We unload boxes filled with supplies and food.

"This is only once a week so it's not that bad." She says. "We just stack most of it in the back room, and then use it as we need it. When you get a section for yourself you'll be in charge of keeping it cleaned and stocked."

I help her unload the truck, and feel myself being drawn to the door every time I walk past it. We make small talk as we work, and I find out that she's single and going to college. She works here to help with tuition. I tell her that I'm already working full time, but need some extra cash for a while.

"When does the wine shipments come in?" I ask.

"That should be Saturday morning. I don't do those. Those boxes are heavy, and I won't go down there." She says pointing toward the door.

"Why not? How creepy can it be?" I ask.

"More than you can imagine." She says as she finishes walking away. "Time to get back to work. I usually stop to straighten myself up before I go back out there."

We go into the bathroom together, and straighten ourselves up before returning to the dining area. Mary had finished with our tables, and now there's almost nobody sitting. We wait on the two tables that have men seated, and I can't help but to see their eyes fixated on my chest. It makes me uncomfortable, but in a sexy way. I'm not used to having men look at me like that. They all leave nice tips when they leave, and by that time I have to go.

Before I leave I talk to Mark, and set up a working schedule for myself. He tells me that I will be working with Trish for a few weeks until I'm comfortable by myself, and writes down my schedule for my available hours. He tells me that he'll call to let me know what I'll be scheduled as I leave. Before I go I glance at the door, and wonder what is behind it. It's all I think about again through the night. All the next day at my full time job I think about it, and then when I finally return to the Bistro I am prepared with the proper bra, and I notice right away that the tips aren't nearly as good. So about half way through my shift I take it off, and go braless. The tips improve almost immediately, and the looks happen much more often making me wet with excitement.

I work my shift, and wait a couple of days after before I call Mark to find out my schedule since he never got back to me.

"I'm sorry. I thought I told you." He says. "I have you from noon to 4 on Friday, 4 to 1 on Saturday, and 2 to 10 on Sunday. Does that work for you?"

I accept the hours, and end the call. The rest of the week goes on as though nothing has changed until Friday. Then I grab my dress and head to the Bistro. I forget to leave my bra at home so I stuff the one I'm wearing in my purse as I change. Trish is as bubbly as usual, and Mary is, Mary. I grab my order book, and follow Trish to her tables. The day goes by fast, and it's soon break time. Trish goes to make a phone call to her boyfriend, and I sit in the back of the kitchen watching Jose cook.

He steals a glance at me every now and then, but never stops what he's doing, or even slows. The minutes fly by, and I go to the dressing room to freshen up. I adjust my dress staring at my cleavage wondering why I'm doing this. Then when I think of how it improved the tips I squish my boobs a bit more to give me as much cleavage as possible.

Something catches my attention in the backroom as I exit the bathroom changing area. It looked like a person back there so I go to check on it. The dark door fills my vision, but I don't see anyone. Instead I find myself walking up to the door. I stare at it for a few seconds before I nervously reach for the handle. It's and old style brass handle that has been tarnished for a while. I feel the cold metal in my hand as I begin to push it down to open the door.

Trish's voice brings me back from my dreamlike state as she ends her call while she walks in the door. I let go of the handle, and walk out of the room quickly. She spots me as I enter the hallway in front of her.

"What were you doing back here?"

"I thought I saw someone." I say nervously.

"You'll get that a lot here. There's days that you don't know if you're really alone, or not. This place has history so it's not surprising."

I look at her questioning as we return to our customers. The guys seem to like the fact that I'm showing more, and I even see a few stare and smile. The tips were good the rest of the day, and the attention was good too. I think about it all night as I work my full time job. I am exhausted by the time I'm done working for the night, but I'm also horny from the attention I've gotten.

I try to initiate things with my husband at bedtime. I even go to bed naked. I gently run my fingers over his dick on his pants. I feel it twitch, but instead of a moan I get a snore. Frustrated I roll over and go to sleep myself. I sleep soundly, but dream about going into the basement, and finding it to be completely black except for a single florescent light shining in the distance.

I wake up thinking that it was an odd dream, but feel the anxiety I felt in my dream yet. I get up remembering that my bra is still stuffed in my purse so I go to take it out. The family is up, but doing their own things quietly so not to wake me. My husband is of to work already. I open my purse, but don't see my bra. I check the bathroom, hamper, and everywhere else I would have put it. I can't find it anywhere. I begin to wonder if I did see someone at the Bistro, and if that person stole it out of my purse since I had it sitting in the backroom.

Soon I have to leave for work, and I take my stuff minus a bra. I don't have enough to have another one go missing. When I get there I don't see Mary. Instead it's an older lady in her fifties playing hostess. She has gray shoulder length hair, and her skinny frame is poured into a black dress that definitely isn't period style clothes.

"You must be the new girl? I'm Sue. Welcome to your first weekend, and probably your last." She finishes under her breath.

"I'm Michele."

"I know. Mark told me all about you already. Are you catching on, or do you need someone to follow you around all night?"

"I think I'm getting it, but Mark said..."

"Mark tends to forget that this is a business, and we are short handed. Mark forgets a lot of things. That's Mark. If you can work solo it would really help. We are starting to pick up, and it won't slow down until after nine. If you have any questions ask Tonya. She's right over there."

She points out a brunette girl across the dining room wearing a purple dress. She is a bigger girl, but without the big belly like me. She looks tall, and her frame is really very shapely. I would figure her to be in her mid thirties with almost waist long hair that is put back in a fashionable way. I watch a few men stare at her as she walks away from them, and I wonder if they do that to me too?

"Well, get dressed, and get to work." She orders.

I go back, clock in, and change making sure that I am adjusted enough to maximize my assets. I introduce myself to Tonya as she comes in with orders. She is almost six foot tall, and towers over me. She just says hello as she walks by. I figure it's because she's busy. I grab my order pad, and get to work. Sue tells me which section is mine, and then lets me get to it.

It gets really busy, but I keep up. I ask Tonya a few questions through the night, and she just gives me the short simple answer as she walks by. I get my break a little after ten, and I feel my legs tingling as I sit in the back of the kitchen. Jose just watches me from the corner of his eye as I watch him cook. My half hour is up fast, and I finish up the night until closing at midnight. Sue leaves locking the front door. Jose and the kitchen staff clean up, and Tonya tells me to follow her.

She leads me to the back where she has me dig out the napkins, paper toweling, and other stuff. We replace all the used things that are normally on the tables. We reset the entire dining room with new and full items. It's about quarter to one before we finish. Tonya isn't very talkative so as we finish up I ask where Trish was.

"She quit. Just like you probably will. Nobody stays here for very long."

"Why?" I ask trying to initiate some sort of conversation.

"Don't ask me. Mark is really forgetful, but that can be dealt with. Sue can be a bitch at times, but she has to put up with Mark. Most repeat the same bullshit about someone touching them, or getting groped, but there's cameras all over the dining room. Nothing has ever been spotted as far as I know. It's never happened to me. And I know the way the perverts look at me."

"I guess I shouldn't worry then, huh?"

"Judging by the way you have your dress you'll do just fine if it happened."

"What does that mean?"

"Figure it out." She says walking away.

I have the feeling that she really doesn't like me for some reason. I go to the changing room after she exits. I watch her clock out, and leave out the back door. I can't help but to notice that she is wearing really baggy clothes. I change, and clock out. When I walk past the backroom my attention is again drawn to the door making me pause. Jose stops me as I grab my purse.

"Michele, can you stay over to help me unload a few cases of wine? The truck is really late, and the driver said that he really needs to be back on the road as soon as possible. I don't want to leave it sitting outside all night. I'll let Mark know that you stayed over if you can."

"Sure." I say putting my purse back down, and laying my dress on top of it. "How long until it gets here?"

"Any minute now. I really appreciate you helping. Normally I wouldn't ask one of you ladies to help, but all of my staff has left for the night, and I was just waiting for you so I could lock up. If the cases are too heavy just let me know, and I'll help you if you need."

"I think I'll be okay." I say as the truck backs in.

Jose takes the paperwork from the driver, and then the driver sits back in the truck leaving us to open the back and unload.

"We have ten cases. I'll set them on the back, and you can put them by the basement door."

"Sounds like a plan." I say.

We have them off the truck in about five minutes, and the driver locks up the truck before pulling away. Jose tells me to grab a case, and be very careful going down the steps. I wait in anticipation as he opens the door.

It's really dark as he reaches in to the left. I hear a switch click, and see a row of lights light up. Each light is about fifteen feet apart hanging from the cord from the ceiling. They're not florescent like I dreamt. Instead they're just regular bulbs. I grab one of the lighter cases, and follow him down a rickety wooden stair to a cinder block basement. It's a large room filled with wine racks on every wall. Each bottle held in with a rubber strap.

"Just set them here, and I can put them away later." He says.

I set it down, and look around. It cold, and dimly lit. The room is about thirty feet square with a row of lights going down a hallway at the back. It looks like small rooms on both sides of the hall before it ends in another larger room.

"This used to be a jail at one point." Jose says seeing me looking around. "From what I've heard the history of this place goes way back. I guess back there was where the people were tried from the cells on the sides. Then the other prisoners could see the convicted being dragged out to whatever their fate was. Rumor has it that a lot of them were hanged, but that's just a rumor. There's no proof to back it up, but the judge was a mean one so it may have been possible."

"Wow. Crazy story."

"Yup. It guess this place was a brothel at some point too. Hard to believe that it all started as a farmhouse."

"So did anyone actually die here?"

"A couple have been noted. The first one was a freed man named Henry that worked the farm. Henry was smitten by the farmer's , and the farmer caught them fooling around. She said that she wasn't willing, and the farmer shot Henry dead. She was so stricken with grief that she ran away. Nobody knows what happened to her after. Supposedly some people see a brunette with long hair standing in the upper window on a moonlit night."

"That's so sad."

"And not really believable. All that we know is that a farmer shot a freed man named Henry on the grounds. Nothing more."

"What about the other one?" I ask as we bring the boxes down.

"That was an old cowboy named Banty. He liked the girls, and they liked his money."

"Back when it was a brothel?"

"Yup. Banty was reported to be a real womanizer, and would treat the girls like property. He liked bigger girls, and was kicked out on a few occasions for his antics. But the girls liked his money so he was always let back in after a few days."

"So one of the girls got tired of him?"

"Yeah. His wife. She shot him dead somewhere in the building. As for the facts. We only know that an old cowboy named Banty was shot dead by his wife when he was at the brothel."

"I can see how that would happen." I chuckle.

We are soon done, and I offer to help put the bottles away right away.

"You don't have to. I will get someone else to do it tomorrow."

We return to the back room with me asking about any more history to the place. Jose says that aside from some ghost investigators a few years back it's pretty tame.

"The investigators came through and spent the night. They claim to have spooky voices and stuff recorded, but I heard the sounds. They don't sound like much to me. The ghosts they got on camera look like bugs flying around. On one I could even make out the wings on the moth as it flew by. Supposedly some pipe flew at them hitting the floor right at their feet. I figure they had it rigged since if there was something there that wanted to hit them with the pipe it would have. They weren't that far away from it. Besides, I've been here for years, and nothing has happened to me."

"I thought I saw someone here last week in the backroom, but there wasn't anyone there." I admit.

"You must be one of the lucky ones then. I haven't had nada happen to me. Not even a feeling of being watched. I'd love it if it did happen. Then I could believe the stories about this place being haunted."

"It was just a millisecond glance out of the corner of my eye."

"And that seems to always be the case. But some girls have stormed out of here making claims. I think their minds tell them that it's happened even though it hasn't. Know what I mean?"

"I do. It's been nice chatting with you Jose. I'm glad we got the chance."

"Me too. You seemed like a nice lady when I first seen you, but I'm always so busy that I never had a chance to say hello. Now get home to your family, and I'll see you tomorrow."

"For sure." I say as I walk to my car with him watching.

I wave as I drive past seeing him locking the door behind himself. I laugh at myself for getting all worked up over the basement. I remind myself that I'm a grown woman, a wife, and a mother. I shouldn't be so prone to fantastic stories and superstitions. I crawl into bed beside my husband, and fall fast asleep. I don't even think I had a dream, and I woke fully refreshed but sore from being on my feet all day. I ask my husband to rub my legs for me. He does, and it feels so good.

I feel myself becoming excited from his touch. As his hands move above my knees my legs open for him. I feel my crotch tingle with anticipation as his fingers near my underwear. He touches me so gently, and all the stresses and frustrations culminate into me needing a release.

"Close the door?" I ask.

He smiles, and tells me that there's no time. I look at the clock, and realize that he's right. Getting up
I take a quick shower, grab a bite to eat, and head in to work. I walk past Sue, and see Tonya waiting tables. It's actually pretty empty, but it's Sunday afternoon so it's not surprising. I wave at Jose on my way to change. Clocking in I see that Mark is in his office by the I'm in sign on the door. I knock before entering, and then ask if Jose had told him that I stayed late.

"He did, and thank you so much for doing that. I am so glad that you decided to join our team. Do you want me to just pay you for that, or do you want to leave early?"

"Payout would be great. I need the money."

"Yes, but you also don't want to get too worn out from working all the time, and I know you have a family that you's rather be with."

"I would, but I need the money at the moment."

"Okay then. I'll add it onto you check."

I thank him, and get changed. I just say hello to Tonya in passing. She just smiles a forced smile. Through the night I see Tonya and Sue chatting on occasion, but they are both rather blunt with me for some reason. I watch the guys staring at Tonya when it happens, and I try to see if any are looking at me like that. A few do, and it makes my crotch tingle knowing that I'm being desired. At break I sit there watching Jose steal glances at me. He smiles at me, and I smile back.

"Don't let those two bitches get under your skin." He whispers in my ear as I go back to work.

I smile and tell him that I won't. It's nine, and Sue closes the Bistro before leaving. Tonya and I reset the tables silently. I wait for her to change, and see her walking out before I go to change. I notice that the place is silent when I clock out. I look in the kitchen to see all the lights off, and everyone gone. Same for the dining area. Figuring that everyone is gone I go to leave. I see the basement door is slightly open, and the lights are on when I get my purse.

I look down, but see nobody. I hear the bottles clanging so I walk down. Jose is putting the bottles on the shelves alone. I watch him for a few seconds.

"I didn't think we were supposed to be down here alone?" I ask.

"That's just for you girls. I come down here alone all the time."

"I thought you were going to have someone do this during the day?"

"My sou chef called in again. I was short handed."

I grab a couple of bottles, and begin to help. He points me to the right rack.

"Why the straps?" I ask.

"A couple of times animals have gotten down here, and pushed the bottles to the ground smashing most of them. We can't afford that so we strap them in."

"How would an animal get in here?"

"I don't know. All I know is that we came in to one hell of a mess, and it took hours to clean up."

"Tell me about Tonya and Sue."

"Not much to tell. Sue is Mark's wife, and has extreme mood swings. Tonya is pretty stuck up, and hardly even says hi to me."

"What about Mark?"

"He's a pretty good guy. He tries to be fair, and is a really good boss. He forgets a lot which gets annoying, and that's probably why Sue gets so pissy."

"I've heard that about him." I laugh.

We are soon done putting away the bottles, and Jose offers to show me the rest of the basement. I follow him down the hall, and see the remnant of hinges where the cell doors hung. The small rooms are bare except for extra chairs, and stuff. The dim light doesn't help me to see a lot, and the very back room is the dimmest with only one bulb for the entire room.

"This is where they said a pipe was thrown at them." Jose says.

I get an ominous feeling. Like the mix of fear and anticipation. I look into the dark corners feeling like I'm being stared at. Looking at Jose I see him looking back with a smile. I chalk my feelings up to him looking at me. I see all the extra tables, empty boxes, and old lights laying in piles all over the floor. It's dusty, and dank just like a basement.

"See, nothing scary here. No ghosts."

We walk back up the stairs, and he thanks me for helping. He seems shocked when I told him that I had already clocked out. He then walks me to my car, and waits for me to pull away. I shower again when I get home to wash the dirt off me from the basement. Then I sit up with my husband for a short while before we go to bed.

I again feel frisky, but am answered with snores. I hate being so frustrated. Rolling over I go to sleep. The week goes on with my normal day to day life. I don't even think about the Bistro until Friday. I show up at noon to see Trish standing there playing hostess.

"I'm surprised to see you there." I say.

"Sue finally is letting me hostess for some real hours. She still won't let me on Saturdays, but this is a start. How are you coping?"

"Pretty good. I still make a few oopsies, but I think I have it for the most part."

"I meant with Tonya. She has the personality of Cruella DeVille."

"I've noticed, but I don't let people like her bug me."

I go to change, and begin my shift. Only two tables are full, and both are on my side. One is a bunch of young in their late teens to early twenties. The other is a table of businessmen. The teens are acting childish like expected, and it's disturbing the businessmen. I ask them to keep it down, and they do for a short bit. Then I have to ask them to leave. They don't argue since they're done eating anyway.

On the tip portion of the bill they write, "Get the landwhale back to the beach so she can find the water."

Knowing it as a barb against my weight Trish scolds them. I just ignore it. Then she writes down their names telling me that they are not welcome in the Bistro anymore.

"We don't accept people like that. That goes for everybody. Mark's rules." She tells me. "Get their names if you can, and then Mark lets all the other restaurants in the area know so they have a hell of a time getting served. We've even had a few come back begging to be forgiven."

I return to the businessmen as a few people are seated in Tonya's section.

"Those were pretty rude." One of them says.

"I'm sorry about that. It's not the atmosphere we like here. I could give you a discount on your meals if that'll make it up to you?"

"That's not necessary sweetie. Just seeing you more than makes up for it." Another says.

I feel myself blush, and feel my crotch tingle from neglected excitement as I thank him.

"We really would love to have you gentlemen back, and I hope your next visit will be more to your liking."

"We'll be back, but you'll have to tell us when you're working next."

"I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday usually."

"We'll see you soon then. And we do like seeing you." The first one says taking the bill.

"I can take that for you when you're ready."

"I give it to you any time you're willing." He laughs.

I feel my wetness run down my leg. I've never had a guy talk to me like this, and it making me so horny. I take the bill back from him, and charge his card before returning to him.

"Just leave it on the table when you're finished, and thank you for visiting." I say before heading to the bathroom to clean myself up.

"I'd lay her on the table." I hear one of the guys say as I walk away.

"Take a number buddy." Another says.

My underwear are soaked by the time I get to the bathroom. I hate that I get so wet at the slightest twinge of anticipation. Even a sexy thought makes my juices flow. I take off my underwear so I don't start to chafe from the wetness, and hope that I can refrain from getting so horny for the rest of the night. I stuff them in my purse before returning to work.

Thankfully the rest of the night goes by without a hitch. I change, clock out, grab my purse, and head to my car with Jose watching Trish and I as we leave. When I get home I open my purse to toss my undies into the wash, but they're gone. I wonder who is going through my purse, and what kind of pervert would steal my underwear? Who even knew they were in there?

The next day I get up early to spend some time with my before work. Then I get ready at the last minute. That's when I realize that I didn't do my laundry, and I have no clean underwear except for my thongs. I grab my black cotton ones, and head out. It's busy when I get in, and Sue is in a bad mood. Tonya is waiting tables while Trish is also waiting tables.

"You could have been here earlier. I had to call in Trish." Sue growls at me.

"I'm not scheduled until four, and it's only quarter to now. I'm early." I say walking past her.

I hear her huff as I go to change. Trish and I split the section, and it's not long before I see the businessmen walk in the door. I see them telling Sue that they want me as a waitress. She seats them in Tonya's section. One talks to Trish, and I see her pointing. The men move into my section, and Sue walks right up to Trish scolding her. I hear Trish tell her that they requested to move into my section or they were going to leave, and that since money is so important to Sue that she didn't think having paying customers walking out over a seat was a good idea.

Sue huffed back to the hostess station, and Trish smiled at me. I had to laugh, and was stil smiling when I waited on their table.

"There she is. That dumb old hag over there told us we had to sit where she put us. Fuck that."

"I'm glad you're back. Welcome, and what would you like?"

"Your name." One says.

"I'm Michele."

They all order, and I hear one quip that he'd like to see me on the menu as I walk away. I turn in the order, and wait the rest of my tables. I keep an eye on the guys, and I see them watching me while talking among themselves. I wonder what they're saying. I feel my tingle returning as my mind wanders. I go to the bathroom to freshen up. I adjust myself, and wipe my crotch before returning to work. The men hang around for a while talking business every time I walk up, but I see them watching me.

The place slowly goes quiet until it's just the businessmen and another table of older men left. Both in my section. Trish leaves for the night, and I go to give myself a final adjustment making sure to maximize my cleavage. When I return the older men are finishing their meals, and all five of them just begin to stare at me. Not thinking anything of it I return to the businessmen.

They too stare at me, but I see that they are staring at my chest. I look down to see half my right areola is sticking up out of the dress. I feel my crotch flush with nervous excitement, and I pretend that nothing is off. It feels like I'm peeing myself as I walk away to get their bills. My first thought is to cover myself, but I see that Tonya, and Sue are on the other side of the dining are talking to each other. I decide in my horniness that I'm going to leave myself exposed.

I return to the old men, and lay the bill on the table bending as I do. I feel my dress tug down on my breast, but don't bother to look. Then I return to the businessmen, and I see them all stare intently. I lay their bill on the table bending as I do. Again my dress tugs, and again I leave it be. When I stand up one of the guys asks if he could talk my picture since they have to return home. I agree, and all of the guys crowd around me as they take selfies.

As I walk away I look down to see my right breast fully exposed, and my nipple is rock hard. I tuck it back in, and feel my wetness trickling down both of my legs. I go to clean up, and pay their bills when I return with things in their proper places. The old men leave quietly, but the businessmen all want a hug before they go. Sue locks the door right behind them, and Tonya makes a quip to her about me whoring myself out for tips.

"I'll leave the whoring to you since you have all the experience." I say as I walk to the backroom.

I grab the things I need to reset my tables, and then watch as Tonya finishes her section. She never says a word. She finishes up, and changes before leaving. Jose watches her go, and then returns to the kitchen.

"No trucks tonight?" I ask before I clock out.

"Not tonight. We can leave when we're supposed to."

"Sounds good. Good night Jose."

I walk to my car as he watches me. I dig out a CD to listen to, and think about what happened with my boob popping out. Jose gets tired of watching, and goes back in. My horniness gets tired of being neglected, and my hand finds my waistband of my jeans. Before I know it I'm laying back with my pants undone, and my fingers sliding across my clit as they plunge into me overheated pussy. It feels so good. My left hand is under my shirt pinching my right nipple as I imagine being bent over the table as they take turns with me.

I moan loud as my hips raise off the seat. The waves of pleasure make every muscle in my body quiver as my orgasm flows out of my pussy covering my fingers in sticky juices. It lasts for a few seconds before I collapse back into the seat panting.

I look up to see Jose watching me from the doorway. I pull my hand out quick, and drive away without even buttoning my jeans. I realize when I get home that my pants are still wide open, and my crotch looks like I peed myself. Grabbing my purse I walk in, and change into my pajamas right away. Then I lay in bed thinking about showing myself, Jose seeing me, and wondering what he'll say tomorrow.

I lay awake wondering just how much Jose had seen, and what he's going to say or do? I eventually nod off, but the sleep I get is anything but restful. Before I know it my alarm is ringing off, and it's time to get ready for work. As I get dressed I realize that I still haven't washed any clothes. I grab my last underwear, my pink lace g string, and slip it on after a quick shower.

When I get to the Bistro I try to avoid Jose as much as possible. I even skip break so I don't have to see him. At the end of my shift he waits for me at the door holding it open for me. I look straight to the ground as I pass him.

"I deleted it off the recordings last night. You have to be more careful. Mark has cameras all over."

I freeze in my tracks for a second.

"I don't think any different about you Michele. It's just a natural thing, and that's all I'm going to say about it. Have a great night."

His words hit home for some reason. He sounds sincere, and I feel relief.

"Thank you Jose. You have a great night yourself." I say as I walk the rest of the way to my car.

And that was all he said about it. The next few weeks go by with nothing happening out of the ordinary. Tonya and Sue still being stuck up, and Mark always in the office with the door closed. Things are quickly normal.

Friday night at about an hour before closing the old men walk in from a month earlier. I remember them because of what happened. There's a few more this time, and they ask to sit in my section. I fix a table for all nine of them, and take their orders. I hear a couple mumbling about how nice my chest is, and how they can see how my boob would flop out. I pretend I don't hear it, and go about my work.

They eat slow, and are soon the only people left. Tonya resets her section early, and goes home while Sue goes into the kitchen to sit with her drink. When they are finally ready to finish I hand them the bill telling them that they can pay me when they're ready.

"I'll pay you twenty bucks to show me your titty again." One says.

"I don't think so sir." I say politely feeling my loins stir.

"Fifty, but you have to show both of them." Another pipes up as I clear the table.

"Nope. I need this job, sorry." I say walking the dirty dishes to the bin.

For some reason I feel my dress as it rubs across my bare ass under it, and it's turning me on.

"You know, there's nobody else here to see. You won't get in any trouble. We certainly wouldn't tell."

"I'm not a that sells herself gentlemen." I say assertively.

"Consider it a tip for a job well done."

I stand there feeling my crotch tingle and moisten. Wondering if I should all the while my hornyness is growing inside of me.

"A hundred bucks, but we get a picture to remember you by."

I look around silently. My back is to the kitchen, and Sue is nowhere to be seen. We are actually alone. No cameras that I can see.

"Come on, whip them out babe. Show us those meaty tits."

I feel my bodice pull down as I stare at the front door in front of me. My breasts flop free, and I stand there holding my bodice down for them to get their pictures. Then I pull it back up covering my chest.

"Those are some nice fat jugs my dear." The one closest to me says handing me five twenties.

"We'll be back for sure." Another says as they stand to leave.

It's already time for me to clock out by the time they leave, but I stay over to quickly reset my section. It doesn't take long since all I had left was their table. I clock out, and go to change clothes. On my way to get my purse Jose stops me.

"I hate to ask you, but do you think you could help with another truck with the wine?"

"Sure." I say giggling.

As we wait it an awkward silence. He breaks it by asking how things are going at home for me. I tell him about the and hubby's latest triumphs and tribulations, and as I run out of things to say I see the truck back in. Jose jumps in the back pulling a bunch of cases to the edge for me to grab. We unload the same as we did before. All off the truck, and then down the stairs.

While he's dealing with the paperwork I begin to carry the boxes down by myself. After the third, or so box, I get the ominous feeling that I'm being watched from the far room. I look back there, but don't see anything. The feeling stays with me even after Jose comes down to help. We finish up in a short while, and then he thanks me again.

"Someday I'll have to pick you out a good bottle for helping me so much." He says.

"Any day. Just say the word." I laugh.

We return to the back room, and we both go to wash up. I finish first, and realize that I had brought my purse down with me since the back door was wide open for unloading. I run down quick to get it, but don't see it where I thought I set it next to the stair. I figure it must have been kicked under as we walked up and down the steps so I kneel down to see under the steps.

It's dark, but I think I see it way under. I have to stretch as I reach to get it, and I can still only touch it with my finger tips. I strain to get it trying to get my entire shoulder under the step. As I'm all sprawled out I feel something cold press against my right butt cheek. Almost as though there was a hand touching me. I freeze. The pressure slowly moves toward my left cheek, but stops right over my ass crack. Then I feel it move down until it's touching my crotch. I hear a moan escape me as the coldness counters my overheated crotch.

"Michele?" I hear Jose call.

I snap out of it, and grab my purse before running up the stairs.

"I'm here. I just had to get my purse." I say brushing myself off. "It got kicked under the steps."

He holds the door open for me, and locks it behind us as we leave. He then holds my car door open, and closes it when I'm in watching me as I drive away. All night and all week I think about feeling the cold touch touching me. I wonder if there is something to the ghost stories? I chalk it off to my being overly horny and frustrated since I'm not getting any attention at home.

"Michele." Mark says as I arrive for work on the following Friday. "Please come in, and sit. Close the door behind yourself."

I get nervous wondering what's going on as I sit in front of him.

"I just wanted to say that it's been a real pleasure having you working here."

"I'm getting fired." I think to myself. "He found out about me showing myself. I'm done."

"You have been a real help. Jose tells me that you have gone the extra mile every time he's needed assistance. Unfortunately."

"Here it comes." I prepare myself to hear the words.

"Unfortunately Sue and Tonya seem to have issues with you for some reason. But they have had issues with a few of the girls that have worked here. So I'm going to write that off as Sue and Tonya just being themselves. Trish has given you rave reviews for everything, and Jose says that he couldn't imagine anyone else he'd rather work with. When you add in that we have customers asking to be seated in your section specifically I don't know what to say."

I don't really know what I'm hearing so I just sit there.

"So in conclusion I have to say that I am very glad that you decided to join our team, and that I hope you stick around for a long time. I know that you have a full time job too so if the hours get to you, or you need some time off just let me know. I'd rather give you the time off than see you quit."

He hands points to the closet, and tells me to open it.

"It for you." He says as I pull out a bag with a new pink dress in with my name on the bag. "It's made to your sizes, and should fit you better than that one."

"This one fits pretty good though." I say.

"Have them both then."

I pull it out, and look it over. It's all shiny pink with lace puff shoulders, no sleeves, a lacy bodice, and lace trim over the dress to the hem. It's actually very nice looking. I thank him, and he tells me to get to work with a smile. I close the door behind me, and hurry into the dress.

It fits good, but is snug on top. The low neckline made of lace barely contains my chest which is fine by me since it means I won't have to keep adjusting all night. I'm wondering if it'll hold since my boobs are stuffed so tight into the lace that they look like they're going to burst out at any moment. I also notice that there is a slit up the left side up to my mid thigh.

"A bit more revealing than I'm used to, but okay." I say to myself.

Mark is waiting for me as I walk out, and nods his approval when he sees me. He hands me an envelope with my name on it telling me that it's a bonus since business has been up since I started. My customers seem to like my new dress too. At least the underhanded comments, ogles, and tips tell me that they do. And it makes me so horny to think about being wanted in such a way.

Friday and Saturday fly by as though I'm in a dream. Sunday is pretty boring. I have a cute forty something guy come in around seven, and he's go such a big bulge in his pants that I can't seem to stop looking. I feel myself wet just looking. Sue seats him by Tonya, and I'm free to stare. And I do. I stare as I make sure my section is in top shape. I see him looking back at me, and once he even smiles at me. It makes me want him to take me right then, and my underwear are soaked just thinking about it.

Jose asks me to get him a bottle of the cooking white wine as I pass, and I head right to get it hoping that I can find it before the guy leaves. Searching the rows of wine My mind is constantly thinking about him bending me over a table, and his big dick ravaging me while his big hands crush my breasts as he rubs them.

I feel my hand find the slit in my dress, and my fingers quickly find my clit through my underwear. I feel his hands on my breasts as I imagine him pinching my nipples as he kneads them. I pull the bodice down letting my boobs flop free. My fingers work my left nipple and then the right before I have to hold myself up against the row of bottles. My fingers rubbing my clit makes my legs weak. I imagine him fucking me hard. Him pinching both of my nipples from behind.

It's not long before I imagine him holding on to my boobs as he uses me slamming me against the table with every thrust. I think about him slamming deep before he pulls out. He claws me under my breasts from the nipples down as I feel his cum coating my back and ass. I immediately orgasm so hard. I fall to my knees shaking in pleasure feeling my wetness running down my legs. I rub my clit for the couple of minutes my orgasm lasts, and then I catch my breath.

My mind goes to thinking about getting the wine before Jose comes looking for me, and finds me like this. I quickly cover myself, and find the wine. I also notice the wet spots I left on the floor, but don't worry about them knowing that they'll be gone before anyone else comes down. I hurry back up the stairs to the changing room.

I slip off my soaking wet underwear, and wipe myself clean. Making sure my boobs are in my dress I stuff my underwear into my purse before bringing Jose the wine. He smiles at me, and I wonder if he somehow knows what I just did?

The man is gone before I get back, and I just clean until it's time to go home. I watch Sue leave, and wait for Tonya before changing. That's when I notice four scratch marks under both of my boobs going from just under my areolas to about the middle of my belly. They aren't deep, but noticeable. I start to believe the ghost stories as I look them over.

"Did you have a good night?" Jose asks holding the door for me.

"It was okay."

"Do you want to have that drink now?"

"Sounds good."

Jose closes and locks the door before I follow him down to the wine cellar. I see two glasses sitting on a small table beside two chairs telling me that he had this planned. I just smile at him when I see it.

"Don't be offended, but I thought you'd be good with staying tonight."

"I'm not offended at all."

He pops the cork on a bottle, and we sip and chat about Sue, Tonya, Mark, Trisha, and his crappy kitchen help. As the alcohol takes effect he tells me about his divorce, and how he's been married to the job for the past few years. I find myself telling him about my marriage, , and I let it slip that we really don't have much of a sex life. He's a great listener, and I feel comfortable talking to him.

"You wanted to know if anything strange ever happened to me here?"

"Yeah, I do."

"I felt cold hands on my butt once when I was down here alone helping you with the wine."

"Other girls have said that they have been goosed too."

"It wasn't so much a goose as a long slow feel. It started on my right cheek, and ended on my crotch."

"And you didn't run away?"

"No. I'm too horny all the time." I laugh.

"I figured that you were neglected when I saw you in your car that day."

"Sorry, I got carried away."

"Don't be sorry. I love that memory, and I'll cherish it always."

"Then you'll like to know that earlier today I played with myself down here."

"I figured as much from the look on your face when you came back up." He giggles.

"Yeah. It was great. Except that I got a few scratches out of it."

"How did you do that?"

"I have no idea. They were just there."

"Can I see them?"

"They're on my boobs."

"I won't blame you for not showing me, but I would like to see."

I lift my shirt showing him my chest thanks to the wine. He looks, and nervously touches the scratches. A moan escapes me when his fingertips touch my left areola, and I shudder slightly feeling my crotch come alive. I look to see him looking me in the eyes. I know I shouldn't, but I can't say no. His hand is soon covering my left breast with my hard nipple between his fingers. I bite my lip feeling my pussy flow with need.

His hands are soon all over my chest, and my shirt is laying on the table beside me. After a few minutes of him caressing me he leans forward. I feel his warm mouth engulf my left nipple. His teeth gently bite down while his tongue flicks across it driving my crazy with lust. I moan, and pull his face tight to me. He massages my left breast while attending the right, and after a while of making me more and more horny he switches.

I feel my jeans unbutton, and then unzip. His hand runs down trying to get under my waistband. I lean back feeling his hand slip right down to my crotch. He awkwardly rubs my clit while sucking my nipples. It's enough to make me moan wanting more. When he stands I see his cock pushing at the front of his pants. He lifts me to my feet by my hand, and slowly pulls my pants off me. then he stands in front of me looking into my eyes as he massages my breasts.

I can feel his cock throbbing through his pants as we stand tight together. I'm not thinking right, and I reach down grabbing it through his pants. I am awed by how hard it is. I unzip his fly going in after it. I need to touch him, and he moans when I have it in my hand pulling it out. Looking down I see the big purple head throbbing in my hand. I drop to my knees, and run my tongue up the shaft from his balls to the tip.

He moans again, and I sit him down. I take him into my mouth, and suck his entire cock feeling it banging against the back of my throat as I suck. I love sucking dick, and I just can't help myself. I feel the cold touch on my right ass cheek again, but I don't care about it. I suck harder as I feel it move to my crack. Moans come out of me constantly as the cold touch runs over my asshole, and I suck harder as it reaches my exposed pussy.

The cold touch on my clit drives me wild with lust. I can't seem to get enough of his dick so I suck with all I can as I feel an orgasm quickly take me. I moan as the release flows through my pussy, and I feel his cum fill my mouth. I swallow it greedily as the waves of pleasure take me. Feeling his pulsating in my mouth combined with my own orgasm feels so intense. We come down from our orgasms together, and I lick of the last drops before he pulls me up gently.

"You're the first woman I know of that has had an orgasm from giving a blow job."

"I was being touched." I admitted as I lay across his lap.

"So you brought yourself to orgasm?"

"No. I was BEING touched, and whatever it is it's still touching me." I say feeling the cold touch on my left ass cheek, and moving back toward my crack.

"So there's someone touching you right now?"

"Yes." I say as the touch pushes lightly against my asshole. "And it's trying to go up my butt."

I feel it move back down to my crotch.

"Now back down to my...pussy." I say as I feel it slip into me.

He just sits there watching as I feel the coldness moving in and out of my wet pussy pleasuring me. I hear myself moaning as it uses me. Jose holds my hands as I am brought quickly to another orgasm. I squeeze tight as the pleasure courses through me. He watches me with a smile. I barely finish when I feel the cold touch subside.

"We better get you home before your husband worries about you."

"He's in bed."

I walk up to the bathroom and clean myself up before returning to Jose in the basement where I get dressed. He's already dressed when I return, and we finished the little wine that was left before we leave.

"This shouldn't have happened." I admit.

"It didn't happen except when we want it to have happened. Our little secret."

"Thank you." I say as I get into my car.

I fall fast asleep, and dream about being in the basement naked. I can't move and feel like I'm in trouble. I feel like something wants to abuse me sexually, and it turns me on as much as fills me with fear. All week long it's constantly on my mind. The scratches remind me for about three days, but after that it's just the thought of what happened. I feel ashamed that I did what I did with Jose, but I don't really regret it.

Over the next few weeks I constantly fight the urge to go downstairs. I try to get my husband to give me attention, but that's a lost cause. One Saturday Jose tells me that the truck is coming, and asks if I'll help. I agree as usual. There's a lot of boxes on this truck, and I bring them down to the basement alone while he deals with the driver. My mine goes right back to what happened when Jose and I were down there the last time, and I'm hoping for something to happen again to relieve some of my frustrations.

I bring them down box by box. The driver and Jose just stop to watch me every time I return for another box. I'm almost all the way done by the time Jose helps me finish. The driver waits as I stand there in the back room in front of him and Jose.

"Are you feeling okay Michele?" Jose asks.

"I'm feeling fine. Why?"

"I was just wondering. Do you feel a bit chilled maybe?"

"A little, but not too bad. Why are you asking?"

"Well, things have just been revealed that are usually kept under wraps." Jose says hinting.

I look down to see that I'm standing there stark naked.

"Oh my God!" I exclaim shocked as I try to cover myself.

The driver laughs as he walks away.

"Let's get you dressed." Jose says to me. "Where are your clothes?"

"I don't know. I don't remember taking them off."

I run down the stairs looking for my clothes, but they're nowhere to be found. We search all over before Jose hands me an apron to wear home. Then as we leave My clothes are laying on the step nicely folded. Minus my underwear.

"Come on! I don't have that many left." I whine.

"What does that mean?"

"Every time I put some of my underwear in my purse, or set them down anywhere they wind up missing. This is like the fifth pair of underwear and two bras."

"Somebody down here likes you. We should do our own paranormal investigation someday."

"I don't know about that." I say as we step up to the door.

He unlocks it, and opens it for me.

"Shit! I left my keys downstairs."

"I'll get them."

"No. It'll only be a second."

I run down the stairs, and grab my keys off the table. Then as I begin on my way up I'm stopped in my tracks but the feeling that something is right behind me. I slowly turn around, and I see a black shadow in the corner of the far room. It's just standing there staring at me. Then I feel faint, but I don't fall down. Instead I find myself walking slowly up the steps as though someone else was in control of my body.

"Find them okay?" He asks.

I don't say a word. I just drop to my knees in front of him, and pull his dick out. I suck it until it's nice and hard before I lay him on his back right there on the floor. I slurp up every inch of his cock feeling my pussy wet with arousal. Then I feel myself taking off my pants. Looking him in the eye I feel whatever is controlling me swing my leg over him, lift his cock up, and slip it right into me.

I moan out loud peeling my shirt off. His hands pinch my nipples as
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Welcome August
Posted:Aug 1, 2018 6:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2018 5:24 pm
Hello friends, neighbors, watchers, and stalkers. It's been a while since my last blog so I figured I'd better put something up so you know that I'm still here.

All in all nothing much has happened for me. Work and life have been pretty boring. I'm working a lot of extra hours while the are home from school. So I'm staying plenty busy.

Had the family vacation last week. It was a nice relaxing six days. I didn't want to come back. I'm also in the middle of trying to write another story. I had an idea, and I hope it doesn't turn out too cheesy. If it does I'm hitting the delete button on it all.

That's about it from me. I'm still here, still horny as ever, and still unable to act on it. Just a couple of hours alone would be great, but not happening any time soon. Sorry I'm so boring. You'll all have to punish me in your own ways to make up for it. Lol. I promise I won't like it too much.

Have a great day, and stay happy, healthy, and safe. Later.

May is Almost Done!
Posted:May 17, 2018 8:03 am
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Here I am again. May is almost d, and it's getting hectic around here as the hool year closes for the . I have a graduate this year so there's lots to do besides feeling old. My youngest is getting more active so that adds even more to my already heaping plate of things to do. That's okay though. I don't mind doing stuff for my kiddos.

Work has been picking up lately too with lots of overtime. It doesn't that my team is half of what it should be. It's leading into some late nights, but the s.

I just got back from a few days of relaxing at the cabin, and it felt wonderful. I wish I could get there more. I love the peace and solitude. No fires in the fire pit though. Too wet and rainy. Hopefully soon. Otherwise it'll have to wait until my family vacation in July.

That's about all that's going on in my meager existence. I hope your lives are more exciting. I did write a couple of new stories so feel free to check them out. Don't forget to like and comment too. And comment on my status. I was hoping to see more there.

So until the next time; have a great time. Later my friends old and new.

Becoming a Star
Posted:May 17, 2018 7:48 am
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I looked closer at the flyer posted to the bulletin board. It reads. "Come . Come all. Be part of the show. Open audiditons for all parts. All ages, and all roles. Lead roles are compensated."
I could use some extra right now. The car ment, and insurance is due setting us behind. I'm not so sure about thw acting thing though. I don't like being the center of attention, and I never could memorize well.
"It's a local that nobody will attend anyway." I reason with myself. "How big of a role can it be? It doesn't hurt to check it out."
I take down the address, and then go about my day. I get curioous who hung the flyer, if they were in any before, if they got paid, and how much? Then I wonder if I can even do something like that? I debate it all day until the night when I bring it up to my husband.
"Do it. I bet you'll be great at it. If anything you'll draw people in just to stare at your butt." He answers.
"Really? Is that all you think of?"
"Pretty much."
"Then why are you such a dud in bed?"
"You have fun those times."
"That's because they're so few and far between that a corpse would have fun. Which is kind of what your method is like."
"Ouch! Now you're being mean."
"You should be used to that. I'm trying to be serious here, and you start that crap again."
"I think you should try it because I'm sure you'll get a part, and you'll be really good at it. It'll take your mind off of things around here for a little while."
"And who's going to take over for me here? You? Yeah, right."
"I can, and I will."
"We'll see on that . I suppose I can drop out if need be."
The rest of the week goes as usual. Boring. Then on Saturday I look up the address for the theater on my ph, and find the courage to check it out. in the morning on the weekend is way too early, but I make sure I'm up, clean, and ready to go.
My husband kisses me as I go out the door wishing me luck, and I feel the nervous butterflies in my stomach the entire way there. When I get to the address I diover that it's the local college campus. My thoughts about a fair amount of drops, and I think twice about doing it. I text my husband where I'm at.
"Just check it out. It doesn't hurt to look. Even if it's not much, or even nothing at all,you might enjoy it?"
Probably not, but I check it out anyway. When I walk inside I see little signs with arrows saying which way to the auditions. I follow them to the theater, and am soon in a large room with a huge balcony. It looks like a grand opera house with the red velvet chairs and everything. There's a lot of young twenty somethings sitting and chatting or on their phs in the first rows. I feel so old compared to them. A couple just stare at me as I sit about mid way back.
After a few minutes an older man comes onto the stage. He seeems rather excited, and addresses every.
"Good morning every. Welcome to my theater. You can just call me Prof. I'll be your director for this program. This time we have a few choice roles since we are doing short s. I see a few familiar faces, and a few new s. For the s that have d this before it'll be the same deal as always. For the new people the deal is that the lead roles will be compensated for all performances. The roles of extras and supporting cast I unfortunately can't compensate for due to the budget restrains. So without any further ado let's begin. Please move in front of stage left, and wait your turn."
I watch as most of the people move to our left. I move to the right side seats, and sit with about a handful of others. After a few minutes Prof comes out setting up a stand with a paper on it on the stage. He looks out, and offs.
"Stage left people. Some of you were here last year too. You should know this."
He points to his left, which is our right, and where I'm already sitting. The grumble as they move, and I giggle. A few moments after that he comes out, and walks down the steps on the right side of the stage. He sets up a camera in the front, and then sits center before calling the first person.
"On the backs of your seats are numbers. We'll start with seat number 212."
I watch a mousy little girl step up on stage to the small stand he had set up.
"Read page line ."
She reads, and he writes notes in a notebook. Then he calls the next person. I sit there watching them all go up by until I'm the last person waiting.
"I don't know your seat number, but you're the last young lady. Show me what you have."
I nervously step onto the stage, and look out seeing all the empty seats. He sits there watching me as I wait for his instructions.
"You aren't my normal college trying to get some extra . Tell me about yourself, and what made you show up today?"
"Okay?" I say questioning. "My name is Michele. I'm a 43 year old married mother of . I work full time, and thought this would be a fun way to make some extra for bills."
"Have you ever been in a before?"
"No. This will be an experience. I don't know if I can even do it, but I want to try."
"I think you'll do great, and I'll you along the way personally. Now read page lines ten through fifteen."
I fumble through the pages, and find the right I know he expects me to act the part so I try to find the ene explanation. It just says love ene.
"Lucky me." I think before I start reading. "My dear Craig, what will I ever do without out. Your strong arm holding me make me feel so safe. Your warm skin pressed against mine brings me so much comfort. Hearing your breath as I lay my head on your chest brings me nothing but peace. When you're inside me it feels like heaven on earth."
"Very nice."
I just stand there waiting for further instructions.
"For not doing anything like this you seem to have a good idea of what to do. You have a pretty face too."
I wait for him to tell me that I'm not wanted. After all the compliments that's waht always happens.
"Like I said before we have short stories. They all have a role for an older woman at some point. We can easily make up of these other girls to look older so that's not an issue. Could you turn around for me please?"
I turn around as he checks me out. My mind goes crazy wondering if he's offering me roles in all s. Then I wonder if they're lead roles so I can make some .
"Read page ten please."
"Which lines?"
"The first paragraph please."
I flip to page ten, and find the synopsis. It says "Finding the love."
"Just as I sit here today I swear to you that it's all true. I don't know why I let him go that day. He came looking for me on the farm. I was in the milk house when he surprised me. I couldn't even ask him what he was there since he knew I beholden to another. He just grabbed my arms, and pulled me close. He planted his lips on mine, and I began to swoon. The next thing I knew he had my knicker on the floor, and his muled body between my legs. The Lord was generous with that man. He left me sore and bow legged after that afternoon. And it was all afternoon. I miss that man. Instead I went on to marry another, and here I am wishing for better days."
I hstly begin to get turned on reading this sexy story. I feel my crotch warm, and have to adjust my jeans so I don't leak through since I do get way too wet at times.
"Very good. How do you feel about reading that?"
"It's okay."
"It doesn't bother you?"
"Not at all."
"Good. What are your limits? What do you expect from this?"
"I've never d anything like this before so I can't really answer either of those questions."
"You seem comfortable on stage. Are you nervous?"
"Yes. Very much so."
"It doesn't show. With your job how are you going to be able to cope if I give you a part? We have a long way to go, and not much time to get there. That means daily practices."
"As long as they're during the mornings I'm good since I work evenings."
"They're usually from until noon."
"That works great except for having to get up so early." I laugh.
"I get up at every day so I know what you mean." He replies lightening the mood.
"Maybe, but I bed you get to bed before in the morning too."
He laughs saying, "Yeah I get to bed around every night. Sometimes I stay up to the wee hours of ten."
"I'm just getting d working then. Sometimes."
"How comfortable are you up there?"
"A little bit. Not really a lot."
"You look natural there so I was just wondering. I do have a role that I think you'd be great for. It's the southern belle roll, but it's a modern belle so you won't have to worry about the big poofy gowns."
"I like those though."
"Sorry. This modern belle is actually the opposite of the arlett O Hara's we've come to know."
"I don't know how to really ask this so I just be blunt about it. Please don't be offended."
I stand there curious and nervous.
"Is see that you're a bigger woman. Not that's bad, but it just makes me wonder how you'll feel in the costumes for the role?"
"Bigger? I'm fat. I've accepted that a long time ago. This is the body God gave me, and I have to live with it. And for the record, I don't get offended. Be as blunt as you'd like."
"Wow. I didn't expect such a great attitude about that. In that case you have the part, but I only need to know if you have any tattoos or piercings?"
"I do not. Never had any, but I did consider it a time or ."
" more thing. There is a ene at the beach, and the role that you will requires you to be in a bikini. Are you okay with that?"
"Sure. I have my suit at home I can wear."
"We will get the wardrobe, and it calls for a piece string bikini. The ene is where the character feels bold and comfortable about herself, and then is mocked into seclusion. It happens rather early in the , and the end is her sitting in her estate refusing to go out at all. It's a sad story about love found, and lost really."
"I suppose if I have to. I guess that means I'll have to shave my legs." I joke.
"And maybe somewhere else too." He laughs.
"How do you that's not already?"
"I have no response to that." He says stunned.
"I didn't think you would." I laugh.
"You seem like you're getting more comfortable up there by the second. How do you feel about trying on a bikini without any here before there's an audience? Just to see if you can do it?"
"Okay. I thought you said you didn't have the costumes yet?"
"You're right. I forgot about that for a second. How about stripping down to your underwear? That would probably be as close as we can get right now."
"You want me to strip? Right now?"
"If you're willing. Yes."
I look around cautiously, and wonder if other people are hiding somewhere watching. Then I think about how mch a string bikini will cover versus my underwear. I'm sure my underwear have more coverage.
"You don't have to do it if you don't want." He repeats.
I off my shoes, and then I pull of my tee shirt. Lastly I pull down my jeans ing them to the side. Then I stand there letting him see me.
"Wow! You are very beautiful. Can you turn around please?"
I slowly turn for him feeling myself actually getting turned on from his ogling me. I blame my lack of sex life in my marriage for my quick reactions to stimuli. It doesn't take much stimuli either. Some days just seeing a cute guy is enough to make my heart flutter. I just don't like that fact that I get really wet down there. I can't control it, and sometimes if I'm in the right mood at the right time it'll flow out of me making it look like I peed myself.
"You have a very nice body."
"Thank you." I say facing him.
"I mean it too. The only thing I'm wondering is wht color of bikini you'd look best in. I hstly like the way your black underwear contrast you pale skin, but I think red would be more normal for a bikini. Maybe white?"
"Is there going to be actual water involved?"
"Maybe why?"
"Because some white suits become very see through when they get wet."
"Okay. So if you're shaved that shouldn't be an issue. Are you shaved?"
"Not right now."
"Do you have dark nipples?"
"Excuse me?"
"They too might show through."
"I don't think they're any darker than normal."
"Can I see?"
I'm surprised, but feel my crotch tingle at the thought of him seeing me.
"You don't have to if you don't want to. I would prefer it though." He tells me.
I reach back unclasping my bra, and then pull it off my shoulders letting it drop to the floor. then I stand there topless in just my panties on the stage.
"You have very nice breasts."
"Thank you."
"If I may say it? You have really sexy nipples. I like how hard they are."
I blush hearing his doting comments.
"I would like to see the rest of you. Take off your panties."
My crotch is so wet, and I am so horny that I find myself just doing as he asks. I feel myself pulling them down past my knees. Before I realize what I'm doing I am letting them drop to my feet. I stand back up, and he just stares at me for a minute in silence.
"Turn around."
I turn around slowly feeling His eyes all over me. My crotch tingles with excitement as it begins to overheat.
"You have a damn fine body. Very beautiful."
"Thank you."
"Here. Take my card, and I'll make sure you get all the you need to be great at this." He says holding up a card.
I walk down to him to grab it forgetting for a second that I'm naked.
"You look just as beautiful up close too." He says as he holds tight to the card so he can look me over.
I blush before he lets go of the card.
"Leave me you information on the sheet by the doors, and be here at the same time tomorrow."
I turn to grab my clothes, and notice him watching me dress a few feet away as he sits there. It's distracting. I hurry up to dress before walking out the door. My head is spinning knowing that I got the part, and it excites me. Thinking about being naked in front of him, and hearing his comments really excites me.
I quickly write my name, address, ph number, and email on the paper before I walk to my car. I'm still swooning and giddy when I get home, and tell my husband I got the part. He asks if it's a ing role, and how much I'll get paid if it is? I admit that I didn't think of bringing it up, but I promise to in the morning.
I tell him the hedule, and he's not too happy about it. I shrug my shoulders reminding him that he encouraged me to go for it. He accepts it since he really has no choice, and then we go out with the for supper. Then we come home to watch TV until bed time. I fall asleep on the couch before he wakes me up to go to bed. I am so tired that I don't even open my eyes to get my pajamas on.
The alarm rings off way too early in the morning, and I hit the snooze button. My husband reminds me that I have to get up. I remember the , and jump up to get into the shower. I wash, and get ready. I slip on a button down light blue shirt, and blue jeans with my white bra and red undrewear. I slip on my sneakers, and head to the college.
He's on the stage sitting on the l chair. A few of the overhead lights are on illuminating the entire room. I walk up on the stage beside him before he looks up at me.
"Good morning Michele." He says smiling.
"Morning Professor."
"Just Prof. It's more cordial, but personal."
"So what are we doing today?" I ask looking around the empty hall.
"First thing is to give you the ript so you can learn your lines. Then I need your measurments so I can order your costumes. Then we will go over some of the nuances of being on stage."
"Okay then where's the ript?"
He hands it to me, and lets me look it over for a few minutes.
"I'll need your measurments too." He says holding a measuring tape.
I just stand thereWaiting for him to begin, but he just stares at me.
"I'll need you to take off your shirt and pants so I can get accurate measurments."
"You just want to see me naked again." I joke.
"If you get naked I would not complain bit." He smiles.
"But I do declare! I am a spoken for woman." I proteset in a southern accent.
Then I unbutton my shirt before pulling it off my shoulders. I lay it across the back of the chair. I look around once more to make sure we're al, and then I unhook my bra peeling it off before laying it on my shirt. I unzip my jeans as I look him in the eyes. His eyes fixate on my hands as I slowly pull them down leaving my underwear on. I fold them nicely, and lay them on the seat of the chair.
"Is this good?" I ask feeling the cold air against my body.
Being like this in front of him makes my crotch tingle once again, and I feel it flush with desire wetting my vaginal walls. My nipples are rock hard from the cold air and the sexual frustration I'm feeling. He just stares at me.
"Sorry. I forgot these." I say slowly peeling down my underwear.
I watch him as I bend down to step out of my panties, and then I fold them nice setting them on my jeans.
"Now I'm ready."
"You are a sight to behold Michele." He coos.
"No holding, just measuring. I want the costumes to fit."
"Yes maam." He laughs.
He measures my h before writing it down. Then my belly. I put my hand on my head lifting my arms. He hesitates, but then wraps the tape around my breasts. After writing it down he measures my hips. My crotch feels like it's on fire feeling his cold hands on me as he measures.
He kneels in front of me, and tells me that he needs my inseam. I spread my feet apart opening my legs giving him access. I feel his cold fingers on the inside I my left ankle, and the I feel his other hand running up the inside of my thigh. His cold fingers brush against my labia making me moan. He holds his hand there staring at my crotch. Then I feel him press tighter against my lips. Again I moan.
"I see why you were worried about the suit getting wet." He says softly.
"Sorry. It happens."
He moves his fingers back and forth slightly, and my legs shiver as another moan eapes me. My feet slide further apart, and my hips rock forward. I close my eyes feeling my soul fill with reckless lust. I tilt my head back as his fingers slowly slide forward across my pussy. It feels so good. My breath quickens as the waves of electricity shoot though me.
Then I feel his face press against my crotch, and just as I gasp I feel his tongue lick across my clit. My hands grab his head pulling him tight to me as he licks me more frantically. My legs shake from the direct clitoral stimulation. His arms wrap around my waist as he grabs my ass cheeks, and then he pushes hard against me pushing me back to the chair.
I sit down, and my legs open wide letting him take me. I rub his head as his tongue dives int my vagina making my moan with pleasure. My hips rock, and the pressure in my crotch grows quickly. He finds my cit again with his tongue flick it quickly. It sets me off. I moan loud as the pressure flows out of my pussy like a tidal wave. My entire body shakes in orgasm. His mouth covers my pussy as he laps my vagina.
It feels so good. I haven't had an orgasm in months. This takes my breath away, and it wanes way too soon for my liking. Then my clit gets super sensitive, and I have to push him away since his licking is starting to hurt. I sit there catching my breath for a few moments as he kneels between my legs staring at me.
"You have an interesting way of measuring an inseam." I joke.
"Yeah. I got a bit carried away. I'm sorry. It was unprofessional of me." He says standing.
"By the looks of the bulge in your pants you're not too sorry."
He smiles at me as I sit up. I can't but to smile. All he does is stare at me for almost a full minute before he s out of it.
"I'm sorry, I got distracted by your beautiful breasts. What did you say?"
"Nothing important."
"You have a very beautiful body. You skin is so soft and pale. You have such beautiful curves. I can't take my eyes off you."
"That's just because you want to get laid."
"That would be a grand experience to be with you I'm sure, but I was awed by you when I first saw you."
I reach forward feeling myself tingling once more. My hand traces his cock through his pants. He feels rock hard. My mouth begins to water thinking about what it looks like. Wondering what it tastes like. I love sucking cock, but my husband doesn't let me very often.
"I want to suck your cock." I hear myself saying.
He answers by unzipping his fly. I reach in pulling it out of his underwear. It is rock hard, and it throbs in my hand. I stare at it. The big tip inches from my face. His circumsized dick just tempting me.
"I can't. I'm married damn it. We did too much already." I moan as I kneel in front of him.
I feel my juices run down my legs as I stare at it. I slowly stroke it after a few seconds making him gasp with excitement.
"I can't. I shouldn't." I moan as I see his pre cum forming at the tip.
I lean forward licking it off. He moans again as he stands there.
"It's so hard." I coo looking up at him.
He is watching me, and I slowly stroke him. I again lick the tip as I watch him. I see the look of pleasure come over his face as he moans. It turns me on even more. I lick it again, and then I lick up the bottom of his shaft. Watching his reaction the entire time
"I have to stop. I'm married." I say staring at it once more.
Then I look up at him, and I take it all the way into my mouth. He moans loudly as I begin to suck his cock while stroking it. It turns me on so much that I moan just from watching him and tasting him. I suck harder and faster loving him loving it. My crotch is on fire with lust, and I am dripping wet. He just stands there letting me do as I please. I suck and lick all over his cock loving every inch of it.
His moaning grows more intense the faster I work him, and in a few minutes he pulls out of my mouth. I don't let go, and I feel his cock pulse as I watch his cum spurt out hitting my chest. He lets out a nice load, and I feel it running down over my breasts. I look up at him as I stroke him, and I smile as he smiles down at me. I suck the cum off his shrinking dick fro a few seconds before I lick it off the side of my hand.
"You didn't have to pull out of my mouth."
"Most girls don't like it when a guy finishes in their mouth so I decided to err on the side of caution."
"Most girls don't like to suck dick either."
"That is true."
I reach down rubbing the cum all over my chest, and then I stand up in front of him. Our eyes meet, and I lean forward kissing him. I can still taste myself on his lips, but I can mostly taste his cum.
"We better get down to business." He says breaking away. "I want to show you what it's like to feel the full effects of being on stage with all the lights."
He walks to the back of the seating area to a large wooden podium. Then the theater goes dark. The floor lights come on blinding me for a second. I can only see the first few rows, and then the spotlights come on keeping me from seeing anything. The spots turn off, and the overhead lights come on. I feel the heat of them all as they shine down onto me. Then it all goes dark once more for a split second before a dio ball turns on shining the reflected light all over.
"Dance for me girl." He jokes.
"I don't have a pole." I shout back.
Then the ball turns off and the laser lights come on. They're all different colors and shine all over making cool designs.
"You should do the lasers with the dio ball. It would be so cool seeing them reflecting all over." I shout back to him.
He does just that, and I watch as the colors again shine and reflect like a psychedelic freakshow. If I were on drugs it would have been very intense I guess. Then I hear some squeaking coming from the ceiling. I look up, but can't see in the darkness. Not until I see a metal pole lowering down in the lights. He comes out, and affixes it to the stage.
"Now you have a pole." He laughs.
I figure what the hell, and begin to twirl around it like I've seen in movies. I twirl until I'm sitting on the stage, and then I open my legs as I face him. I arch my back as I run my hand up my left side grabbing my breast. I lift it up, and then lick my nipple before pinching it as I stare at him. Then I roll onto my knees rocking my big ass back at him a few times before I reach between my legs spreading my excites labia for him.
I love how he watches me dance for him. It turns me on so much. I roll back onto my butt with my legs wide open, and I spread my labia for him again. Then I use my right hand to grab my right breast, and I lick that nipple before pinching it. I moan as my horniness gets the better of me, and I pinch kind of hard. I slide my hand down over my belly and through my bush to my pussy.
I feel so hot and wet. I touch myself watching him watch me. I slide fingers into my vagina working them in and out a few times before I put them in my mouth sucking them. I am horny beyond belief, and doing stupid things but I don't care. I pull the chair over sitting him in it, and then I dance right beside him. I rub my chest and ass on him. I soon straddle his lap, and hump him. I feel his dick poking against the fabric of his trousers once again rock hard.
I kneel between his legs, and bite his cock fully through his pants. Then I lift his shirt biting my way to his nipples where I nibble them both for a few seconds before mashing my chest into his face as I crawl back onto his lap. I grind and twirl my hips feeling his cock against my pussy. He moans as I tease him.
Then I turn around as I straddle his lap, and I bend down so my crotch is close to his face. I then turn back, and slowly lower myself down rubbing my naked body against him. I again twirl and grind my crotch against his stiff cock as it strains in his pants. I rock my hips back and forth feeling myself sliding from me anticipation. I raise myself high enough the rub his face between my boob, and then slide back down his body.
I feel his cock slide into my vagina making my moan echo through the theater. I rock hy hips as I raise myself up slightly before dropping back down fucking him. Our eyes meet, and we stare at each other as I ride him. It feels so good inside of me. My lustful want is finally being satisfied. His arms engulf me, and he holds me close. His hips move slightly matching my rhythm. It makes me gasp for breath feeling him inside of me.
I don't last much more than minutes before I lay my face onto his shoulder and whine as my orgasm makes me a trembling mess. I feel my vagina quivering against his cock as I sit straddling him. He holds me tight as the waves make me shake. I soon begin to calm down, and I kiss his cheek. Our eyes meet once again. We stare at each other for a second before I start riding him again.
I feel an occasional wave of pleasure course through me making me tense for a second. He feels so good inside of me. It's been too long since I've been pleasured. I miss it. He seductively holds my head with his fingers on my cheeks. Our eyes never breaking from each other until he closes his. He wraps his arms back around me holding me tight. I feel him tense up under me, and the moan gruffly.
He holds me still tight to his lap, and I can feel his cock throbbing in my vagina. His cum slowly making a warm spot inside of me as his body shakes under me. I smile at him feeling like I accomplished something great. He holds onto me for a few minutes before letting his hands drop to his sides. I wrap my arms around his neck, and kiss him as I sit on his cock.
He catches his breath, and calms down while I feel his dick softening inside of me. He eventually begins to rub my back gently letting me enjoy the afterglow. After a few minutes he whispers in my ear that we need to straighten up. I reluctantly move off him, and let him up.
"Looks like we got the club ene down good." I say.
"Too bad there isn't ." He laughs.
"The gratuitous sex ene that's in every show?"
"Nope. N of those in any of the s."
"Well then. I guess we're going to have to study harder then."
"Speaking of that. It's almost noon. People are going to start showing up for the afternoon program soon. You better hurry up, and get dressed. I almost forgot about that. Damn it!"
He tosses my clothes to me, and I frantically slip them on not even bothering to put on my bra and underwear. He slips them into my pants pocket before he raises the pole, and then he resets the lights just in time for the door to swing open as a couple of people walk in. I walk down to him at the light board, and he stops talking to another man who just walked in.
"Great first practice Michele. A lot of great things came together today, and I'll see you tomorrow." He says in a total professional way.
"Thanks Prof. I'll see you at ."
When I get home my husband sees me smiling, and comments that I must have had fun. I tell him that it was an experience, and then he asks about the . I admit that I forgot to ask.
"Why does it matter so much to you anyway?" I ask.
"Because that's the reason you went in the first place."
"Yeah, but I'm having a blast doing it so if it doesn't much are you going to make me stop?"
"No. But I'd like to know."
"I have weeks to ask. And if I forget you can ask on opening day."
The subject is dropped, and we go about our normal Sunday routine of washing clothes, and lounging around. I'm in no hurry to change my clothes since every time I move I can feel a little bit of his cum leak out of me. When I finally have to move to go to the bathroom I see the sticky mess on the inside of my jeans beginning to soak through. I pull them off as I sit on the toilet, and reach into my pockets pulling out my wadded bra. Then I check my other pocket, but I can't find my red underwear anywhere.
I panic thinking that I dropped them on the stage, but then it's so late that the afternoon porgram is long over. So if they were there they would be found. I feel sad because they were my favorite underwear. I grab a different pair, my pajama shirt, and my jogging pants after I pee before returning to the living room. It's soon bedtime, and I lay in bed thinking about what happened. I wonder how I could let myself be so weak.
I roll to my husband putting my hand on his waist. He answers with a snore. I roll back the other way, and begin to hate myself. I decide to not show up for the , and I cry myself to sleep.
When my alarms goes off my husband keeps nudging me until I get up. I can't tell him why I don't want to go so I just go. I dress in a ratty old teel, and my old jeans. When I get there I see a bunch of others moving things all around. The Prof is directing everybody. I feel better knowing that we're not going to be al.
"Good morning Michele." He say cheerily. "Wardrobe! Take Michele to try on her forst costume."
A young girl comes up to me introducing herself as Trisha. She leads me to the back, and hands me some clothes.
"These aren't really meant for a girl like you, but this is what he wants you to wear." She say snidely.
I put the outfit on, and look in the mirror. I see the short shorts are crawling up my butt in the back, and my belly is hanging out the front of my shirt. Which has a plunging neckline. The black shorts, and dark gray top show a lot of me which I'm not used to. I buck up, and walk out to the stage.
"There she is." He says seeing me. I see the costume fits like it's supposed to."
"It doesn't."
"I know. You are an older woman who lived a free life, and has since lost her true love due to things outside of your control. You are now talking with another debutaunt telling her to follow her heart or she'll wind up being a depressed homebody like you have become."
I walk up to the set on the stage, and hold my ript. A young girl dressed in an even skimpier outfit sits across from me. He tells us to read our lines directing as we read. We go over it and over it taking a couple of breaks. The morning flies by, and it's soon time to go. I return to the dressing room to change as every else leaves. I don't see him as he slips in behind me. I am in my underwear when he surprises me by grabbing my ass.
"Hey!" I say jumping up.
"Sorry. I didn't mean to are you. It's just so nice."
"We can't do this anymore. Yesterday was a mistake. I can't let that happen again."
"Feeling guilty? You shouldn't."
"I'm married. I have a husband and at home waiting for me."
"That's perfectly fine. You can have them, and still have fun."
"It's not right. I'm not a cheat."
"You're a pretty woman that was evidently neglected, and you lost control. There's nothing wrong with that. I won't pressure you into doing anything you don't want, but just know that I think you're beautiful in every way."
He turns and walks out blowing me a kiss as he leaves. I compose myself, and then walk out myself. I get home in time to go to work. The day drags on, and It's soon the next morning. Again people are everywhere. I dress in the same outfit, and the same girl and I go over our lines again. After it's all d I leave as he waves to me. I wave back.
The days repeat doing the same thing over and over. On Friday he says that we're going to do the beach ene. After he comes to my dressing room knocking on the door. I let him in, and he advises me to shave so that nothing hangs out during the ene. I thank him for the advice, and he leaves. I worry about how the ene is going to be all night.
Saturday morning comes quickly, and I'm still groggy when I show up. Trisha hands me a wad of white fabric shaking her head. I go to put it on, and I see that I forgot to shave. I get my clothes back on, and find Prof.
"We can't do this today." I say.
"We have to. There's not a lot of time left."
"We can't."
"Why not?"
"I forgot to shave, and this thing is tiny."
He tells me to follow him, and he leads me back into his office. Shutting the door behind himself I watch as he reaches into the desk drawer. He pulls out a can of shaving cream, and a straight razor with a razor strap. He hands me a towel and a small pail with water in it.
"Don't be long." He says walking to the door.
"I can't use this. I'll cut myself to shreds." I admit. "Let's just skip it, or do a regular rehearsal."
"No time. It's either shave, or let it hang out."
"You do it then." I suggest seeing no other way.
"Gladly. Strip, and get on the desk."
I do as he says, and sit with my legs spread for him. He massages the shaving cream all over my pubic area and crotch lathering it up good. He tells me to hold still as he grabs the razor. I feel it over my skin as he shaves me. Occasionally he rubs the blade against the strap. I feel my crotch heating up as he works lower. His fingers pulling my folds makes my pussy flush with excitement.
I restrain my lust enough until I feel him wipe me clean with the towel. I moan as he wipes across my clit and labia. Then I feel him kiss my pussy so every gently. It makes me shudder.
"No. We can't." I say standing up. I search for my pants and underwear.
He kneels there picking things up. I bend over in front him, and feel his hand on my ass again. I pull away, and I feel him kiss my crack licking up it as I move. I just glare at him as I dress. He smiles sweetly. I return to my dressing room, and put the bikini on. It barely covers me, and it's sheer white fabric is very thin.
I go to the stage feeling naked. The guys around stare at me as I go to my mark. Prof. tells me to walk through every as though I were looking for a place to tan. I do as directed, and the people off and ridicule me. I the part over and over until he calls cut.
I can't get to my dressing room fast enough to change. The door doesn't even close before Prof walks in behind me. He sits on my chair before I can making me stand. He just smiles at me staring.
"Great job today. You look sexy in that suit. I love the way it hugs your ass."
"We can't do this. You should go."
"I just wanted to say that you did well, and get more look at your beautiful body."
He stands to leave, and stops hugging me tight. I feel his hard dick press against my bare stomach, and it makes my crotch wet thinking about it. His hand grab my ass as he holds me tight.
"I don't want to go though. I want that beautiful ass of yours."
His dick grinding into my stomach is rock solid, and I find myself grabbing it.
" quick , and then no more?"
"Give me your ass, and then I'll never bother you again."
"I can't. I've never d that before."
"Then I want your sweet pussy every day until the shows are d."
"Fine. Just be gentle." I say bending over my table.
He unties my bikini bottoms, and they drop to the floor. Then I see him grab a bottle of liquid from his pocket. He rubs it all over his dick, and my asshole before he slowly push it into me. I strain as his cock opens me up for the first time. He slowly and gradually moves it in and out pushing deeper.
It hurts when he pushes against my sphincter, and my body tenses. He tells me to relax as he fucks my asshole. I try, but it's not easy. His cock pushes against it hard.
"Just do it!" I tell him.
He grabs my hips, and rams it hard. I moan as his cock pounds my sphincter. I clench my teeth to endure it. I feel his head poke through slighty before it clamps shut. Then he rams in again, and I feel it burst through burying deep into my ass. I whince as the pain sets in. He stops holding it in me.
"Just fuck me." I tell him again.
He listens fucking me. I feel my ass go numb and my legs shake as he slowly fucks my ass. It hurts a lot. I push back making him fuck me harder. He takes the hint, and rams me harder. I grab the table tight as he uses my ass good hard.
"Hurry up." I moan.
He rams it in faster making my body shake as he slams against me. His cock feels like it's pounding my insides. I endure pushing back fucking him back. I feel him tense. Then he grunts as he slams deep. I feel his cock explode it's load into my rectum. I hold still letting him finish. I feel his cum leak out of me as he slowly pumps it in. Then it gushes out when he pulls out.
He bends down kissing my shoulder saying, "Thank you my sweet."
I hear the door close behind him before I move. I clean up, and head home. I just sit there thinking about what happened as we watch TV. I feel myself getting turned on knowing that I gave him such pleasure. I feel my asshole twinge occasionally, and wonder why I'm thinking this way.
I dream of him holding me, and see my husband just sitting there not caring. His hands caress me all over touching me just right. I feel his cock pressing against me feeling it's firmness. It wakes me before my alarm, and I am so horny. I shower, and I grab a black skirt and white button down blouse to wear. I look at my bra and underwear, but toss them back onto the counter. I feel so naughty, and it's from being so horny,
I get to the theater, and see that most of the people are g. I look at Prof, and he says that today will be more about places and set design. I wait until we're al for a second before I smirk at him. I lift the front of my dress, and walk away to his office.
He is quickly right behind me. I open his drawer, and pull out the shaving cream and razor. I notice my black and red underwear in sealed zip lock baggies right beside where they were. I pick them up smiling, and then drop them back into his drawer. Then I sit on the edge of his desk, lift my skirt, and spread my legs.
"I think I need a trim Prof."
He kneels down fast, and shaves me so good. I am soaking wet and super horny by the time he finishes. He wipes me with the towel, and then kisses my labia. I moan as my legs spread wider and I move closer to the edge. He burys his face in my crotch, and I feel his tongue lap up my juices. It feels so good, and he makes me moan wanting more.
"Fuck me!" I demand. "Fuck me now."
He stands up dropping his pants, and then I see his cock swing free for a second before he plunges it into me. I whine as it opens my wanting vagina. My hips rock fucking him as he fucks me.
"Harder." I moan.
He grinds it into me, and I feel my orgasm rapidly growing.
"Fuck me with that hard cock!" I demand.
He rams it in hard and deep using me like I need. I look him in the eye just as the dam inside me gives way. I shake and quiver as I cum on his dick. He keep fucking me, and I see him tense, and the he pushes in deep. The waves still rippling through me as I feel the warm puddle grow in my vagina. We finish together with him holding his cock in me as is goes soft.
We kiss passionately until he is called on his radio. Then he steps back. I drop to my knees, and suck his dick clean as he tries to pull up his pants. I watch him struggle against me as I keep after his cock.
"I expect to see you later Prof. You promised every day."
"Only until showtime."
"Then I'll expect a part in the next too. Or maybe we'll make a of our own?"
He walks out, and I drop my skirt. I go to my dressing room, and put on the bikini before returning to the stage. All the set crew stares at me, and Prof smiles.
"It's not a dress day Michele."
"Oh well, I'm changed now."
"Okay, just watch out for the water that they're bringing in for the beach ene."
Just as he says it I step back, and trip over a bucket. It splashes all over me, and it's cold. I feel my nipples get rock hard as they gather around to me up. Prof hands me a towel, and I wipe myself down with it.
"I see what you meant about white suits." He says.
I look down to see that the suit is now almost completely see through. All the guys are staring at me too.
"You should go change."
"No. It'll dry. I'll just sit here." I say sitting near the set.
I watch the guys stare at me as they walk by, and Prof just smiles knowing that I'm showing off. There must be ten guys ing out, and they all stare at me as they slowly walk past. Some even walk past just to walk past. I lay back after a while like I were at a real beack, and I let my legs fall open. Then they seem to walk past even more.
"Can I get a drink of water?" I ask Prof.
He brings his full mug to me, and says, "You know if you keep teasing these guys you're going to be in for a long day."
"Me? Tease?" I say as I take a sip.
He stands up looking down at me smirking. Then I lift the mug again purposely spilling it all over me re wetting my entire suit.
"Damn it." I whine. "I spilled again."
I wipe it away as I hand him nis mug back smiling. Then I lay back letting my legs fall open once more. They walk past on a regular basis, and I pretend to sleep but I can see them looking at me. It turns me on. A lot. My suit eventually dries again, but my crotch is so hot that I know I'm soaked down there.
I see through my closed lids as the guys call another over to stare at my pussy. It makes me wetter. Prof walks through and announces that he has to run to the printer, and he'll be back in a couple of hours. I see him smirk as he turns to the door. I stay laying there on my back pretending to sleep, but really watching them as the goad another to do something to me.
I hope they hurry up. I need to orgasm before I explode.
The New Boss part 4
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It seems my story was too long for one post. I hope it let's me post the rest here.

I sit there as he does his thing down there, and don't pay him much attention.
"I know something that you'll really like." 'he says finishing what he is doing.
"What's that?"
"This." He says turning to me.
He grabs my left breast, and he pulls my nipple out. I watch as he grabs it with what looks like a paper punch. Then I feel a sharp pain as he squeezes the handles together. Then he repeats with my right breast. I lift them up to look since they feel sore all of a sudden. I see gold bars pierced through my nipples.
"Come back in a week, and I'll change them to rings. Then you can really have some fun with your tits. Maybe we will even put a ring on you clit so we can chain them all together?"
"Thank you." I say hugging him.
I walk back out by Lori, and she's not there. One of the guys say that she got tired of waiting for me so she left. I borrow the phone to call her, but she doesn't pick up. I borrow a phone to text her, but she doesn't reply. I figure out where I am, and then plan my walk back to her house. One of the guys lets me borrow his shirt, but it's way too tight for me to button so I have to tie it off. It's better than nothing.
I walk for about a half hour getting honked at and whistled at. I was propostitoned, and called names. All the while I could feel the semen dripping out of me and running down my legs. I make it back, and then walk into her house. I'm surprised to see that nobody is home. I grab my things, change my clothes, and then leave.
When I get home I have supper with my family, and we have a normal Saturday night. Around ten Lori texts me. I don't look. I just lay back in the chair relaxing. She texts me over and over, but I ignore them. She tries to call, but I deny it. After everyone goes to bed I finally look.
"I'm sorry I had to leave." Was the first text.
"Are you okay?" Was the second.
"I need to talk to you right away." "Hello." "Please call me when you get this."
I read all twenty some odd texts that she's sent in the last hour. Then she tries calling again. I answer it. She's crying here eyes out on the other end.
"What's going on?" I ask.
"I'm so sorry. Freddy got into a fight when we were there, and I had to take him out of there. Then he and Tad got into it when Tad got back so we had to leave there. I lost my phone in my car trying to keep them from killing each other. Now Freddy is gone, and Tad is out looking for him because he wants to fight him, and you're mad at me. I don't know what to do."
"Are you home?"
"Sit on the couch, and clam down." I say calming her. "Tad will be home soon after he calms down, and Freddy will do what he does."
She finally calms dow after more coaxing, and I can hang up with her. I then call Tad who answers right away. I tell him that I need him at my house right away, but I don't tell him why. I stand on the porch waiting for him. When he pulls in I hop in the passenger seat.
"You need to take me to Lori right now, and you need to stop being so dumb."
"He slapped her. Nobody slaps my wife."
"I think your out to find him is hurting her more than a slap. She's afraid for you, and doesn't want all the bullshit. Freddy will get what's coming to him in due time, and you won't have to chance being hauled off to jail for it either."
He just listens as I scold him.
"Now I want you to get your ass home, and comfort you wife who is going crazy worrying about you. Promise me that you'll do that?"
"Then go to her. Now."
I get out of the car, and watch as he drives up the road. About an hour later Lori texts me thanking me for talking sense into him. I send her a kissy face, and then go to bed. I am exhausted.
In the morning my husband is up well before me. I try to move, but hurt way too much. My crotch feels like it's been trampled, and my nipples feels like they're rock hard to the point of pain. I do have to pee really bad, so I force myself to endure. It hurts to bend, it hurts to sit, and it hurts to stand. I slowly make my way down to the bathroom saying hi to my husband along the way, and sit on the toilet letting my bladder empty.
I flinch when I wipe, and then I remember that I have to put salve on. I get it out of my purse, and then return to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror after I undress, and I see the bruises all over me. I turn on the shower, and then hop in. The water stings all over, but mostly my crotch. As I soap down it stings more. When I get to my crotch I find a patch taped to me. I don't remember him bandaging me up, but okay.
I finish my shower before peeling the bandage off. I can't really see down there with my belly in the way so I just rub the salve on the best I can. I fashion another bandage in the same shape as the first, and tape it to myself before I get dressed. The rest of the day is quiet with Lori only texting me once asking if I peeked at my present yet, and I told her that I can't really see down there so no.
All week long at work she just smiles at me, but doesn't say anything. Then the weekend comes and goes. We chat via text, but nothing too serious. Another week passes, and I run out of salve and bandages. My nipples feel back to normal, and my bruises are all gone. Then Saturday she and Tad pull in telling me to go with them. I have no plans otherwise so I go.
Lori drives me back to the tattooist, and he's happy to see me. I am told to strip, and sit in the chair as Lori and Tad watch. He removes the last bandage admiring his work, and making me anxious in a sexual way.
"That healed great. I couldn't ask for better." He says
Lori jumps up to look, and Tad walks aroung to see too. She is really happy, and Tad just smiles as he says it fits me. The tattoo guy hands me a mirror, and I look for the first time. What I see is shocking, but turns me on immensely.
On the right side of my vaginal cleft is the word Cum, and on the left is the word Slut. It's positioned as low as can be, but it large enough letter that it's easily readable. I open my legs, and see more writing on both sides of my pussy. In smaller, but easily readable lettering, I see the words Both Holes For on the right side, and Deposit Only on the left. I hand him the mirror back, and smile not knowing waht to think.
He sets it on the counter. When he returns he grabs my left breast, and removes the gold bar piercing replacing it with a brass ring that's about an inch round. Then he does the same with my right breast.
"Do you want the other one we discussed?" He asks me.
"I don't know. Lori should I get my hood pierced?"
"Do it!"
Tad smiles as the guy comes back holding the tool. He tries to grab my labia, but I'm too wet.
"Sorry." I mumble.
"Damn girl. Your pussy never stops does it?"
"Not really."
He gets hold of me finally, and then I feel it pinch my sensitive clitoral hood. Tad holds me still as I jump from the pain.
"No nookie for a few days now." The guy says.
"That's torture." I moan.
"Well your vagina may get infected if you do, and then you'll really have issues."
"I guess."
"Don't worry Michele. There's always anal." Tad jokes.
"Yup, there's that." The guy admits.
I smile thanking him as I dress, and ask how much I owe for all the extra stuff. He leads us to the front telling me that there's no charge. I give him a peck on the cheek as we walk to the car. My crotch sore, but not in an unbearable way.
"I forgot my purse." I say running back in.
The guy is straightening the counter when I walk in. I smile at him when he looks back at me.
"I forgot my purse, and to thank you again." I say bending down to get my purse.
I see him watching me, and I stand up looking back at him.
"Would this be better?" I ask yanking down my pants and underwear before I bend over.
He gets a good view of my ass and pussy from behind. I see through my slightly spread legs that he's watching.
"It does say both holes." I say as I bend. "And you've only made one deposit."
He walks up behind me, and I see his pants fall to his ankles. I feel him spit down my ass crack just before I feel him press his cock against my asshole.
"Fuck me. Fuck my ass." I moan wanting it.
He shoves it in all the way, and my sphincter lets him right in. His hips slap against my big ass cheeks before he pulls all the way back out.
"No." I moan. "Fuck me."
He plunges it right back in, and fucks my ass hard. I feel my entire body jiggle as he slams against me. I moan over and over feeling his cock ravaging my ass.
"Hate me. Fuck me. Make me yours. Treat me like a ." I moan.
And he complies by grabbing my hair, and slamming his cock into me hard. It feels go damn good. Before I realize it the first waves of a little orgasm is rippling through me. He maons feeling my asshole clenching on his cock, and then he rams it into me hard pushing me to the chair as he groans. I feel it pulsating in my rectum as he tries to get deeper. His cum is heating my guts as he unloads inside of me. We finish together before he pulls out of me.
He offers me a towel, but I just pull up my pants feeling his cum trying to seep out. I kiss him on the lips, thank him again, and then return to Lori and Tad who are waiting for me. I sit in the back seat, and they both look back at me.
"What? I have to get my purse."
"And?" Lori asks.
"I had to thank him again."
"How did you do that?" Tad asks.
"The best way I could." I reply smiling.
"Her ass is full of cum." Lori says to Tad.
"Yup. I figured that." He answers.
Tad suggests that we all get supper, and I agree. Lori asks me to invite my husband too. I ask when they drop me off. He agrees, and we set a time to meet at six. It's not a fancy place, but has good food. We chat, and Tad flirts with me and Lori most of the night. Then we go to their place where we chat some more before calling it a night.
My husband is glad that Tad didn't get crazy like he did last time he had seen him drinking. I explained that he was just in a mood, and that he's not normally like that. the rest of the weekend and the following week is nothing but boring. Lori and I trade flirting texts, but nothing more. On Friday Tad asks if we'd like to go to dinner again, and we both agree. This time we meet up at three at a different supper club.
It turns into another night of chatting and getting along great. We go back to their place, and keep drinking and chatting. Tad needs to go to work so he leaves around eight or so. The three of us keep talking, and Lori and I keep the flirting going between us making my husband really uncomfortable. Around ten or so He begins to get tired, and wants to go home. I tell him that I'm not ready yet, but we will leave soon. He's good with that, and we keep chatting.
A little while later Lori goes into the bathroom, and I hear a thud. I ask her if everything is okay, and she tells me that it's fine. She just tripped. I leave her be, and then when she doesn't seem to be coming back I call out to her. She doesn't answer. I call again with the same results. So then I go down the hall looking for her. The bathroom door is open, but the light is still on. I think that's odd, but I keep looking. I open the bedroom door, and I see her there laying on the bed. She is gagged, and tied to the bed frame.
"What kind of games are you playing now?" I ask.
She shakes her head frantically as I walk in the room. I get two step in when I am grabbed from behind. I feel something poke into my side that's hard and cold. A hand covers my mouth keeping me from screaming.
"Shut up, or I'll go shoot your old man out there." I hear a man snarl in my ear. "Understand?"
I nod my head not wanting anything bad to happen.
"Good. We're going to start with you two little whores learning your place."
I feel him pull the object away from my side before closing the door.
"Call him in here, and don't move a muscle."
"Honey, can you come here a second please?" I shout out.
He walks into the room, and the door is shut behind him. I don't turn to see what's happening. I just see my husband walking toward the bed in front of my with his hands up. He stops next to a chair beside the bed. and rope is tossed onto the chair.
"Fat bitch. Tie that limp dick to the chair." He commands.
I walk over to him as he sits facing the bed. I take the rope, and begin to tie his legs to the chair. He's scared, and tells me to do whatever the guy asks.
"Make sure it's tight too bitch, or someone isn't walking out of here tonight. Got it?"
"Yes." I mumble.
I tie him tight to the chair, and then see the look of fear in Lori's eyes as I stand beside my husband.
"Back up to me."
I walk back slowly not wanting to trip. I stop when I bump into him. A blindfold is tied over my eyes blinding me.
"Don't move."
I stand frozen, and then hear him moving around the room. Then I feel him behind me once more.
"What?" I ask surprised.
I feel him grab the collar of my tee shirt, and yank down tearing it off me.
"I don't ask twice."
I reach down unbuttoning my jeans, and I slowly lower the zipper. Then I pull them down leaving my underwear on. He grabs my nipple rings, and pulls them lifting my right breast. I hear my husband gasp, and I wonder if he can see. He doesn't know about those yet. His hand moves down to my crotch, and I feel him slide his fingers between my legs over my underwear.
"Nice jewelry. Any more?"
I nod my head as his finger touch my clit ring. It makes me jump like I was shot full of electricity, and then I feel my crotch respond like it always does. His hand moves up, and under the waistband of my panties before sliding down under them.
"Spread you legs."
I move my legs apart giving him easy access. His fingers find my slit, and then the ring. He taps it a few times making me moan as I get turned on. Then he moves lower rubbing between my labia. His finger slides right across from my wetness.
"I love how wet your cunt gets."
His finger slips inside of me making my legs weak. It's been two weeks since I had sex, and I am so horny. A second finger slides into me, and he curls his hand lifting me almost off the ground as he fingers my pussy.
"I did tell you to strip, didn't I?"
I nod my head unable to speak.
"I thought so. So way do you still have underwear on?"
He pulls his hand out, and tugs my panties up in the back driving them up my ass until the rip off me. It hurts my butt hole as the fabric stretches across it before it tears. I again hear my husband gasp as I stand there naked. The man shoves his fingers into my mouth, and I can taste myself. He tells me to lick them clean so I do.
"Get on your knees ." He demands.
I do as he says, and then I feel something warm slap against my mouth.
"Open up."
I open, and he shoves his dick right down my throat gagging me. He's so long and thick. I struggle to breathe, and it's making me want more. I try to relax my throat, but he's just being too rough. He grabs my head, and forces it deep into my mouth. I cough and gag when he finally pulls back. Then he does it again. I soon feel faint from lack of oxygen, but he keeps using my mouth.
"Your wife is a pretty goo cock sucker, isn't she?" He taunts my husband.
He steps back letting me breathe after a few minutes, and then I hear him moving around again. He is soon behind me, and pushes my shoulders forward making me bend over. I get on my hands and knees, and he kneels between my feet.
"Is your bitch always this wet, or is it just for me?"
Then I feel him plow into my vagina. His cock stretches me open, and it drives in deep. I feel the tip hit my cervix before he pulls it back again. I moan in sheer pleasure as he fucks me hard. He grabs my hair pulling me back to meet his advancing hips. I feel my entire body tremble with the shock waves as he uses me.
"She's got a really nice cunt. Do you like seeing it being used like it should be?"
I hear him taunting, but I am going too crazy with lust to care if my husband can see me or not. I feel his finger slide into my ass as he pounds my pussy. My insides are being ravaged nicely. All I can do is moan and push back to get more of him into me.
"Listen to your fat . Her twat is literally drooling over my cock. Don't you ever fuck her?"
He pounds me harder, and I moan louder.
"Do you want me to fill you cunt with my cum slut, or do you want me to stop?"
"Don't stop. Fuck me." I hear myself saying.
"So you want me to fill you fat cunt full of cum right here in front of your husband?"
"God yes!" I moan feeling my orgasm fast approaching. "Cum in me. Don't stop fucking me."
Then it hits, and it hits me hard. I fall to the floor with my ass in the air as he pounds me hard moaning loudly. My body shakes as it takes me away.
"Look at your bitch limp dick. Watch her cum on my cock."
His taunting is making my orgasm more intense for some reason. He rams me hard pounding my orgasm out of me. The wave never seem to end, and I don't want them to. I can't move. I can't talk. All I can do is let him take me.
"Watch old man. Your fat bitch is about to get a creampie. I'm going to fill her cunt with a full load too."
"No don't" I hear my husband say.
Then I feel the man plunge deep, and Then hold his cock tight to my cervix. He moans as it twitches inside of me. I feel his semen shooting against my insides filling my womb. It's so hot and it fills me so fast. It feels so good.
"There's a baby maker. I just made your bitch a mommy again. How does that make you feel limp dick?"
He pulls his cock out of me, and I feel his cum deep inside of me.
"Sorry old man. Looks like I wrecked her pussy for you." He taunts as he holds my crotch open with his hands on the backs of my legs.
I feel him get up, and then hear the bed. Lori's makes a sound, and then I hear her gagging. As I listen I can tell that he's making her suck his dick. I stay motionless listening. I can hear my husband trying to get free, but I tied him too tight.
"What's the matter limp dick. Don't like seeing a dick getting sucked? Then you're going to hate this. Watch this big dick."
He kneels back behind me, and I feel him push the head against my asshole. I steady myself, and try to relax knowing that he's above average sized.
"See it old man. Watch close as it rips your old lady's asshole to shreds."
He slowly slips it in, and I feel my ass opening wide accepting him. My sphincter puts up a fight, but he pushes past with a bit of force. I clench my teeth as he fills my ass full of his cock. His hands grab the small of my back pulling me back to him.
"Spread those cheeks, and tell me what your ass is good for."
I reach back resting on my chest, and I spread my ass wide for him.
"I'm only good for fucking. My ass is just a cum dump waiting to serve the next hard dick." I moan
"Tell your husband what you like."
"I like hard cocks. All of them. Big, small, thick, thin, black, white, young, and old. I love cum. In me, and on me. I like to be fucked good and hard."
He laughs, and begins to hammer my back door telling my husabnd to watch close. It makes my toes go numb as he hits deep in my guts. His balls slap against my labia making a splattering sound from the wetness and semen leaking out of me. My asshole goes numb from the abuse he's giving it. My intestines fell like they're being plunged every time he pulls out of me.
"Finger your cunt bitch."
I let go of my ass with my right hand, and touch my clit rubbing it in a circular motion. I moan feeling myself as he uses my ass.
"Listen to this old man. She's getting off on my dick ripping apart her ass. I bet she doesn't do that for your little limp dick does she?"
"Stop it." He moans.
"Do you want me to stop cunt?"
"No. Fuck my ass. Give me your cum."
"There you go old man. She doesn't want me to stop."
I rub my clit faster as he pounds my ass harder. I am treated like a sex doll as he uses me for his own pleasure not caring about what I want. It turns me on so much. I bring myself to an orgasm in minutes, and he just keeps pounding away at me. I keep rubbing myself through it all, and then feel him grab my hair pulling me up. My back arches, and I have to put down my hands to keep from having my hair ripped out.
My breasts sway in the air as he fucks me hard. I feel his dick ramming my entire colon. It feels like he's pounding his cock against my tailbone on the inside. It hurts, but not in a bad way. His weight is slamming aginst me hard, and I eventually fall flat on the ground. He just keeps fucking me like nothing has happened.
"Your old lady sure can take a cock limp dick. After this she's not going to shit right in a long time. When she tries she 's just going to shit out my cum."
He slams hard into me with all of his weight, and I feel him bottoming out inside of me. He grabs my ass cheeks spreading them wide as he uses me.
"Do you want my cum in you ?"
"Yes. Fill my ass with your cum."
"Are you ready for it?"
"God yes! I want it now. Give me your nut. Make that big cock cum in my ass." I moan.
"Then here you go." He says slamming hard a few times.
Then he moans as he pushes his cock deep. I feel it filling my belly with hot sticky cum. He thrusts a few times after the initial pangs run through him, and then he gets off me leaving my ass feeling empty and worn.
"Get on your knees . Your husband wants to see your fat ass dripping with my cum."
I raise my ass feeling my legs shake from being ravaged so hard. I lay there on my knees with my chest to the floor.
"Look at that shitter old man. You didn't use it, and now it's destroyed. Just think when you're laying next to her tonight that she has another man's cum deep inside of her. Think about how she just begged another man to fuck her hard. Not you."
He walks over to me, and takes off my blindfold. I look up to see Freddy looking down at me. He smiles, and walks over to Lori. I watch as he tugs her pants down with her underwear leaving her half naked. He unties her ankles slipping them off her, and then removes her gag.
"I know you'll be a good girl now." He says to her.
He unties her hands and lifts her shirt up off her. She lets him, and doesn't put up and resistance. He bends down kissing the top of her head.
"I love you my friend, but things got out of hand. Now it's time to finish it."
He stands up holding her hand, and sits her on the edge of the bed facing my husband. I watch closely wondering what he's up to. She just sits there with her face inches from his flaccid cock staring at him.
"Touch yourself." He commands.
She looks up at him as she opens her legs, and he tells her to look at my husband. She does as he says. I watch from the side as her right hand moves down her body. Then I see her head tilt back telling me that she has just found her own sweet spot. I hear her moan softly. Then I see her body bouncing as she jills herself rapidly.
I find myself geting turned on listening to her moaning, and seeing her going to herself. Her hips soon begin to fuck her hand, and I can tell that she's close. I watch as her body tenses and relaxes repeatedly as she loses her breath. Her mouth hangs wide open, and her eyes closed. She orgasms so nicely. It's so beautiful.
"Looks like your guest needs a turn now." He says to Lori after she settles down.
She slowly stands up, and then kneels at my husband's feet. I watch as she pulls his hard dick out, and begins to suck him. He just sits there with a shocked look on his face. It's so erotic watching my girlfriend suck my husband's cock. I touch myself spreading my wetness around my crotch as I tickle my clit. Freddy sit on the edge of the bed watching.
After a few minutes she stands up, and slowly crawls onto his lap. He shakes his head, but she isn't caring. I watch her rub her pert breasts across his face as she lowers herself onto his dick. She moans as she begins to ride him. Slowly, and methodically. Sensually.
I moan as I feel a small orgasm run through me quickly. She looks over to me and smiles. My husband looks quick before looking away. Lori looks so hot fucking my husband. I wonder if she feels the same when Tad and I fuck? I hope so because this is intense. She rises and falls like waves on the ocean. Steady and deliberate. She moans so softly as she looks down at him. He looks away.
Her movements grow a bit faster after a while. Not real fast, but not so slow. Her moans get louder too. She's loving his cock. I'm loving watching. My fingers are sliding in and out of me in time with her, and I moan too feeling myself close to climax. I hear him grunt and pant. I know he's filling her weather he wants to or not. My orgasm is set off knowing that he's filling her. I hear her whine as she too joins in the orgasmic fun.
I finish myself, and watch intently as she sits on his lap for a while. Then she kisses his forehead before getting off him. She comes over kneeling beside me, and I kiss her passionately wanting her more than ever before. We fall to the floor with our arm wrapped around each other. I pull her on top of me, and she straddles my waist. She looks donw into my eyes, and I feel her squeeze out my husband's cum onto my pubic area.
It runs down over my crotch, and I smile. She kisses me again, and then hugs tightly. Her body against mine smears his cum between us making us both messy. Then I see Freddy standing over the top of us.
"Can I help you?" I ask.
"Maybe in a few minutes, but right now I would like to have your attention. See, I'm the guy that is supposed to be in charge."
"Sure." I say letting him have his way.
We get up, and sit on the edge of the bed facing my husband. He won't look either of us in the eyes. I see his shriveled up dick hiding in his still open pants. Freddy sits behind us, and caresses Lori's back.
"Look, I'm sorry for what I did to you. I was angry, and not thinking straight. I hope that you can forgive me?"
"You break into my house, tie me up, and then force youself onto us, and that's how you ask for forgiveness?" She answers.
"I was just going to come in, and ask you. Then I seen Michele here I began thinking with the wrong head, and then one thing lead to another. You can't say it wasn't fun though."
"Not really."
"The way you fucked him I would swear you've been wanting that for a long time."
My husband seems to perk up some. Lori just smiles and blushes.
"You have!" Freddy says. "Damn man, and you didn't go for that? Are you homo?"
"I'm married, and there's more to life than sex." He pipes up.
"You're wife fucks like a minx. So I guess that doesn't exactly fit your way of thinking does it. She's married too, and she loves sex. Don't you girl?"
"I guess I'm a regular old slut."
"Nothing wrong with that." He laughs.
"You need to worry more about Tad than us." I advise him. "He's out for your head."
"So you know what's going on?"
"Not entirely, but I have an idea."
"Well, I didn't mean for it to happen, and now all this. I guess if he wants to shoot me I deserve it."
"You need to stop making rash decisions, and let the outcome happen that's going to happen. People will get mad, and people do argue and make mistakes."
"You have a damn good woman here old man. She's smart, and beautiful. A damn fine fuck too."
My husband scoffs.
"Well hell, if you don't want her anymore I'll take her." He chides.
"She's spoken for Freddy." Lori interrupts.
"I forgot. Sorry babe."
"Don't let that happen again." I laugh. "It's not that he doesn't love me or want me. He's just him, and I love him to bits even though he's not so daring in the bedroom. I've wanted more for years, and he finally agreed to let me have some fun. He just didn't want to know anything about it. Now you just dragged him into it all, and he's part of it which he doesn't want."
"Dude. There's something seriously wrong with you. You have a wife that's willing to fulfill every fantasy a guy could think of, and you won't even fuck her? What is wrong with you?"
"He's fine." I butt in. "Not everyone is as experimental as other's, and some don't get the thrill from sex as much as other's. That's the way it is."
"Most women would cringe at kissing another woman. I've seen you do more than that."
Lori and I giggle, and then kiss.
"Most women would be furious seening their man fuck another woman. You got off on it."
"It was sexy. I couldn't help it." I admit.
"What if it was a different woman?"
"I don't know. It would probably still be sexy, but not as much. Lori's cute, and sexy. So when I saw that I couldn't help myself"
"Tad is going to be home soon." Lori warns.
"I think you should stay and let happen what needs to happen." I advise.
"I don't know if that's a good idea."
"Only by staying will you find out."
"I don't know Michele. He's awfully pissed about it." Lori warns.
"Well then I guess I'll have to come up with something to keep him in line."
"I really don't think that it's a good idea." Freddy says.
"I tell you what. If it goes the way I think it will I'll be you slave for a day, and you can do wahtever you want with me." I offer.
My husband scoffs.
"Quiet over there, or I'll make you fuck Lori again." I joke.
"And if you're wrong?"
"I'm not." I say confidently.
"Well, Michele my sweet. You got balls. I don't know where you hide them, but you certainly have them. He's going to be home in fifteen minutes." Lori says.
"What about your hubby?" Freddy asks.
"Well, untie him for Christ's sake." I scold.
Freddy unties him, and he gets up to walk out.
"If you leave me now you may lose me forever." I warn. "I need you help on this or bad things will happen."
He takes another step toward the door before pausing.
"Tad does get crazy when he's mad, and there are weapons readily available. I may never make it back to you or the without your help."
He turns around angry, but knowing that he has to help.
"What can I do?" He asks.
"I didn't want you to be, but now you're part of this. I want you to support me, and be there if I call for you. You'll need to open yourself up more than you ever have before. For me. For us. For the ."
"Fine. How?"
"Tad will be home in about five minutes. I want you to sit on the couch, and just be you. Lori I want you to sit beside him, and don't move no matter what. You two are lovers now so go cuddle." I turn to Lori saying, "He's a great cuddler too."
She smiles, and jumps up. She quickly dresses, and they hurry to the living room.
"You just stay here, and I'll take care of the rest as much as I can. No matter waht don't get defensive, and control you anger. Remember, you get me for a day if I'm right."
I hear his car pull in, and feel my heat beating out of my chest. The door opens, and I hear Tad saying hello. He asks where I am, and Lori tells him that I down the hall. I wait for him to sit before I walk out to them. I am stark naked, and smiling as I stagger out.
"Hi sweetie. How was work?" I ask.
"Good. What have you been doing?"
"It's a long story, but it involves your wife, and my husband."
He looks at them, and they both blush.
"Oh yeah. They finally did the nasty. It was so fucking sexy."
"Where are your clothes?"
"On your bed." I was waiting for you to get home so I could have her husband, but you took too long. I took care of things myself."
"That's okay. We can go a round later dear."
"Sounds like a plan. Hey, do you remeber that Freddy guy?"
"Yeah. What about him?"
"Have you heard from him?"
"No why?"
"I haven't had my period, and he was the last guy I was with. I think I might have to talk to him. I know you two don't get along, but I also know that you were looking for him."
"If I find him you won't have to worry about talking to him."
"So you'll kill my baby's daddy just because he lost his mind in a fit of anger?"
"Damn right."
"Kind of like you are now?"
"That's not the same."
"Isn't it? I have no love for the guy, but the way I see it I need him around for at least 18 years, and all you're pissed about is that he did the same thing you're doing now."
"He slapped my wife. What would you do?" He asks my husband.
"I honestly don't know. It would depend on the situation. I'm just discovering my wife likes being treated poorly."
"You're no help."
"Lori, what all happened that day?" I ask.
She explains the they were at the tattoo parlor, and Freddy was chatting with old friends. When she came into the room they were having a heated discussion, and when she tried to tell Freddy to stop arguing he told her to butt out. She kept on him to stop, and tried to pull him away. He pushed her off, and then she grabbed him by the shirt trying to drag him away. That was when he swung, and slapped her face. She admitted that he wasn't even facing her at the time, and that he apologized right away. She left crying leaving him in the parking lot after he chased after her.
"Sounds like there's more that you thought to this." I say soothingly to Tad.
"He should have never swung. He still needs to pay."
"Lori, why was Freddy arguing?"
"Because they were trying to get him to steal cars again, and want to know how much it was for an hour with you and I."
"So he was defneding our honors? And staying out of trouble?"
"See Tad. You're a big strong hulking man, but you need to stop once in a while to see the whole picture. Besides, If he needs to hit somebody ever again I'll give him me so My sweetheart doesn't have to worry."
"He still never apologized. Instead he ran."
"You were chasing him threatening to kill him. What would you have done?"
"I guess I would have ran too."
"I want you to take a deep breath and think about more than just yourself here. Can Freddy be around, or not?"
"For you. I guess I'll have to allow it."
"And if I'm just late?"
"It's for you. Your timing doesn't matter."
"Okay. What if I told you that I know where he is? Would you get him for me, and bring him here without hurting him?"
"If you know where he is why don't you go to him?"
"Because you are an important part of my life, and I need you two to get along."
"I guess I can tolerate him if I have to."
"Can I invite him over?"
"No way!"
"Really? You won't let him see me in your house. Even knowing the hows and whys you are still angry?"
"But it breaks my heart since I love you so much. I need you to open up to reality. I honestly don't believe he meant to harm Lori, and I'm sure that he regrets it. He's made a lot of bad decisions in his life, and I think it would be better if you could help steer him in the right direction instead of pushing him away like everyone else has."
"He's here isn't he?"
"He was."
"Is he still?" He asks with growing agitation.
"Maybe. He's sorry, but he's afraid of what you will do to him."
"He should be."
"No, he shouldn't. He's your wife's best friend from years ago. She sees something in him. Why can't you?"
"Because he's scum."
"I'm sure people have said the same about you."
Tad goes silent.
"My parents didn't like my husband at first, but they allowed him into the family. Why? Because I asked them to. I want you to do the same for me. Please?"
He looks at Lori and my husband cuddling on the couch watching us, and then back at me.
"Fine. For you."
"Thank you!"
"Where is he?"
"Freddy. Come out here please." I call out.
Tad stands as Freddy walks out of the bedroom. When he gets into the room He looks at Tad saying, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen, and I hate myself for it."
Tad hauls back, and slugs him square in the jaw. Freddy bends down, and grabs his jaw before standing up.
"I deserved that." He admits. "But you're still an asshole."
"I'm good with that." Tad replies. "You seem to be having enough issues so I'll consider us even now."
"Works for me." Freddy replies. "But I still want to fuck your wife."
"You don't know when to stop do you man?" Tad laughs.
"Just being honest."
I sit on the love seat, and Freddy sits beside me. I'm the only one buck naked, but Freddy lets me snuggle to stay warm. I soon doze off as I listen to them chatting among themselves. Even my husband is joining in. the next thing I know Freddy is waking me up, and it's bright out.
"What time is it?" I ask yawning.
"About nine." He answers.
"Where is everybody?"
"Well, Tad passed out in the chair while we were talking, and Lori and your husband went to the bedroom. I heard her moaning soon after so I think he's opening up more for you."
I look over to see Tad still sound asleep in the chair. Then I go pee before peeking into the bedroom where Lori is snuggling up with my husband. They look so sexy together. I return to Freddy who is sitting on the love seat waiting for me. He holds me close when I sit down.
"Looks like you won. Or should I say, I won?"
"I think we both won." I say looking up at him as he holds me.
Tad fusses getting our attention, but he keeps snoring. I look Freddy in the eyes, and smile.
"About this missed period thing?" He asks.
"You're good. I'm on the implant. There's a slight chance, but it's very slight."
"So I'm not going to be a daddy?"
"I'm kind of let down."
"Sorry babe. If I was preggo it would probably kill me. I can try if you want?"
"No thanks. Not if it's going to harm you."
He kisses my on the lips taking me by surprise. I let him, and even return his advances. Things get steamy fast as we make out. His hands wander down to my breasts, and caress them as he holds me close. I feel my pussy tingle, and warm as it reacts to the situation.
"Are you going to fuck me?" I ask seductively.
"I hope so."
"The fuck me good." I reply spreading my legs for him.
I reach down grabbing his hard cock through his pants making him thrust his hips forward. He moans softly trying to not wake Tad.
"I want that cock." I whisper.
Then I sit back so I can lay across the chair wiht my face in his lap. I nibble and tease him through his pants until He pulls them down. I take him into my mouth as soon as it's bared. He let's me work at my own pace licking and sicking until I deep throat every inch of his big cock. He loves it, and so do I. I suck and lick until he tells me that he's going to cum. I want more, but he doesn't want to finish in my mouth.
I sit up let down, and I look over at Tad who is staring right at us. I smile while Freddy sucks on my nipples.
"You two are fiends." He says.
I walk over to him, and then kneel in front of the chair. I look up at him and smile. He looks down at me as he sits there. I unzip his pants pulling out his hard dick. Then I begin to suck him too. Freddy kneels behind me, and I feel his cock fill my vagina. I moan on Tad's cock as Freddy fucks me slow and steady.
"I want to fuck you too my sweet." Tad says lovingly.
I look back at Freddy before I climb onto Tad's lap. I lower myself onto his cock, and begin to fuck it. Freddy nuzzles up behind me, and I feel him press against my asshole. I stop moving letting him enter me.
His cock fills my ass so full, and Tad fills my pussy so nicely. I slowly move up and down feeling both of them inside of me. It feels so good. So sexual. They take turns covering my mouth because I'm moaning so loud. They double team me making me feel so stuffed full. It's heaven. I succumb to my lust, and fuck them both good.
I feel myself letting go, and I am happy for it knowing that the animosity is over between them. That, and their hard cocks inside of me is an awesome feeling. I feel myself begin to tense in mere minutes, and then without warning the dam inside of me breaks open making the pleasure escape through my crotch.
Freddy covers my mouth as I moan out my orgasm. It feels so good feeling my body clenching and quivering against the two cocks inside of me. Tad soon tenses under me moaning too. I feel his seed deep inside of me, but I don't stop riding out my orgasm. A minute later Freddy groans, and I feel his cum filling my ass. It drives my orgasm to new heights, and we all climax together.
It goes for about a minute before ebbing. Then I just sit there feeling their cocks inside of me twitching sporadically. It sends shiver through my body. All too soon I feel Freddy pull his soft dick out of my ass, and the I kiss Tad before standing up off him. Their cum begins to leak almost right away, and trickles down my legs.
I hear a moan coming from the bedroom, and I look at Tad. He motions for me to be quiet, and he sneaks down the hall. Freddy and I follow close behind. He cracks the door open slightly, and we all peek in. We see Lori on top of my husband, but under the covers. She id riding him while he sucks her tits.
He always does that with me, and I feel a pang of jealousy combined with lust. I listen to her moans watching her ass rise and fall under the blankets. They kiss passionately as she fucks him. I get excited watching. After about ten minutes Tad get the camera, and begins to record them from the doorway.
A few minutes later Lori moans as she lays her head beside him while riding his cock. I see her shiver as she orgasms, and then see the outline of his hands on her hips under the blankets. He is holding her tight. I hear his low grunt, and I know he just finished inside of her. It's so erotic to me. Tad records as they hold each other tightly for a while. The Lori rolls off him.
We return to the living room, and sit back. After a while Lori, and my husband crawl out of the bedroom. I look at her and see she's glowing.
"He's not bad, right?"
"Not at all."
"It just gets boring having it the same way time after time. Either him on top, me on top, or doggy. It's always slow, and easy."
"I have Tad to give me anything else." She says.
"And what am I then?"
"You're my sweetie. My wifey."
"Remeber that babe." I joke.
He sits there holding Lori looking embarrassed. I have enough of his childish crap figuring that since he fucked my girlfriend he should be more open now.
"Take you underwear off." I tell her as she sits there in just a sleep shirt and panties.
"Excuse me?"
Tad, Freddy, and my husband just sit there quietly watching things play out.
"Get then off now."
I get up, and proceed to yank off her underwear. She half assed fights me as I strip her.
"Spread em." I command pulling her knees apart.
She doesn't really fight me there either. I see her pussy still trickling with my husband's semen, and I get really horny.
"You know honey." I say to my husband. "I fucked her sweet pussy first, and she belongs to me."
Then I lean down licking her box savoring every lick. I can tastee him inside of her, but feeling her hands on hy head tells me that I'm doing okay. Her moans acknowledge what I already know. She's loving it. I lick and lap her pussy until she drives her body into my mouth as she orgasms. Then I lap her juices up before looking up at her as she sits beside my husband.
"I may be a cum slut." I say to him, "But I at least know what I want, and am willing to take it."
He doesn't say a word. I sit back between Freddy and Tad on the couch. Everybody except my husband is naked. I watch him, and the hear Lori ask my husband a question.
"What do you think about having me as you lover?"
He gets up, and goes to the bathroom without answering. When he returns she Tells him that it's okay if she's not good enough for him, and that she's grateful for the time they had. He again walks away.
"You're either making him mad, or confusing him." I whisper.
"I don't mean to."
I walk to the kitchen by my husband, and I wrap my arms around him hugging him.
"Don't feel bad. I'm happy this happened even if it confuses you. You do what you think is right, and I'll stand behind you."
"Are you really pregnant?"
"No. You heard what all happened. How could you think that?"
"You haven't had any pads in the trash in a long time."
"That's because I'm on the implant. I don't get a monthly anymore."
"I was so mad, hurt, and let down. I thought having sex with her would make you jealous."
"Well that didn't happen." I chuckle.
"No. It didn't. I don't even know you anymore."
"I'm still me, and you're still you. I've always been the sexual one, and you've always been the prude. I've always hoped you'd open up, and I really thought you had."
"I feel like a failure."
"Far from it. You are more successful than any man out there. I will come home to you. You have my heart. That's what matters, right?"
"I guess."
"Stop beating yourself up over things."
"I cheated on you."
"No you didn't. You fucked my girlfriend. That's like having sex with a second wife."
"Yes. Literally. She's my girlfriend, and I care for her very much. All the guys are just fucks that come and go, but she is important to me just like you are. I think I love her, and I can't imagine being without her."
"What if I said not to see her anymore?"
"It would break my heart, and probably her, but we would stop seeing each other."
"You get crabby when you're sad." He jokes.
"Yes I do."
"I suppose that I won't make you stop seeing her. Especially when you are so happy when you're around her."
"Thank you hon." I say kissing his cheek.
"What about this deal with Freddy?"
"A deal is a deal, and I gave my word."
"Do you really have to?"
"Would you like it if I lied to you?"
"No. I guess you have to then. Just be careful. He scares me."
"I'll be fine. He's a big teddy bear."
"Yeah a teddy bear that like to point weapons at people and slap women."
"Everybody makes mistakes."
We return to the living room, and my husband sits back beside Lori. I kiss him, and then her before I sit between Tas and Freddy. Freddy looks at me smiling.
"So when does Fred here get his winnings?" Tad asks.
"Next Saturday at midnight I suppose. Then I'm his until Midnight Sunday."
They laugh, and Freddy readily accepts.
"You should give him all weekend." Lori offers. "And I'll take your man all weekend."
"You'll have to work that out with him, but I'm good for it." I admit.
She kisses him, and asks him what he thinks.
"Whatever she wants." He says.
"You have to be with Lori all weekend." I tell him.
"I'll keep him on a short leash." She jokes.
Freddy smile when I look at him.
"Midnight Saturday morning until Midnight Monday morning your ass belongs to me." He says laughing
"I'm worried." I joke.
"You should be." He answers. "I have a lot of ideas, and Tad gave me a few more. You are going to be sore, but happy."
"Now I can't wait." I joke, "But we have to go get the . My mom won't watch them if we keep leaving them there like this."
I find my clothes, and Lori gives me a tee shirt that fits me okay. By clothes I mean jeans since my underwear are torn apart. When we finally get home I take a shower, and sit on the recliner dozing off. I dream of the next weekend wondering what he has in store. My husband wakes me up, and we go to bed together falling fast asleep quick.
The New Boss part 4
Posted:May 15, 2018 8:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2018 7:59 am

I wrote one last chapter to my story since the response I got from asking for more was that people wanted to read more. I hope I didn't disappoint with this. It's a bit long so for that I'm sorry.

She showed up at eleven sharp, and walked right into my arms. We hug, and kiss passionately. Her hands quickly yanked my clothes off. Considering I was just wearing my pajama shirt and that's it it wasn't long before I was naked. She grabs my nipples, and pinches them hard.
"I missed you bitch." She sneers.
"I missed you too." I moan as the pain sets in.
"Get on your knees, and show me how much."
I kneel as she twists my nipples pulling me down. I reach under her skirt, and yank down her underwear. Holding her skirt up I bury my face in her crotch, and feel her spread her legs as she stands there. I lap up her warm nectar as she crams her crotch into my mouth. I grab her ass pulling her closer. She tastes so sweet. I can't get enough.
"Lick that pussy bitch. Eat my cum." She moans as she begins to orgasm in my mouth.
I lick her clit and vagina until she pulls my face away. I just stare up at her wanting more. She smiles, and takes a picture of me.
"You look so beautiful with my juices all over your face."
She kisses my forehead, and pulls up her panties. I watch as she walks to the door.
"This weekend I have a friend I haven't seen in years coming over. I want you two to meet. Tad won't be home though. I let you know when to be over."
She walks out the door blowing me a kiss, and leaves me kneeling there wanting my own release. I crawl back to the couch, and lay back. Reaching down my fingers find my moist folds. I moan when I touch my hard clit, and then push my fingers down sliding two into my vagina. I pinch my nipples with my other hand while I fuck myself with my fingers letting my palm rub across my clit.
My hips quickly rock ad gyrate as my orgasm begins to swell. I hear my phone ring, but I don't care. My orgasm is much too close. The answering machine kicks on, and I hear Lori's voice.
"Don't you dare be touching yourself. You better be saving it all for me." She says into the machine.
"But I'm so close. She'll never know. Or will she?" I think to myself.
I stop playing with myself not wanting to take the chance. I'm so frustrated, and want a release. Instead I wash up, and get myself ready for work making sure to delete the message before anyone in my family hears it.
Lori smiles at me from across the room when I get to my desk. I return the smile, and she somehow knows that I'm frustrated. Before she leaves for the day she slips me a note. I move ot to the side as she walks away. When I finish my phone call I read it.
"Every day I want you to touch yourself until you're so close that you're going to burst. Take a picture when you start, and when you finish. Send them to me everyday." It reads.
I stuff the note in my purse, and finish my night. I sit with my husband when I get home, and we chat for a bit about our days. Then we go to bed just like a normal couple. He snores almost right off, and I lay there wanting so much to have an orgasm. Eventually I nod off.
The next morning I get the family off before I relax for a few minutes. Then I take out the note, and reread it. I grab my camera, and set the timer. Then I lay back on the couch, and slip out of my jogging pants and underwear. Spreading my legs I hear the camera click. Then I spread my labia as it clicks once more.
I circle my erect clit feeling the electric jolts course through me. My pussy flushes with anticipation, and I feel the pressure build inside of my loins. Two fingers find their way into my vagina, and I begin to move them in a rhythm in and out. It's not long before I feel mu orgasm rise to the cusp. I pull my fingers out, and reset the timer before slipping them back into me.
I hear it click, and then I pull out my fingers spreading my labia with them. Another click fills my ears, and I stop. I retrieve the card from the camera, and load the pictures onto my laptop. I then bring up Lori's email, and send them to her. I get an immediate response.
"Nice. One day done, and three more to go. I'll be expecting these at this time every day. See you Saturday."
I erase the pictures, and then put the card back into the camera. Then I clean myself up, and go about my day feeling the need for a release every second. When I get to work I find out Lori is off the rest of the week so I feel kind of let down. I do like seeing her even if we can't always be together.
The following day I get everyone off, and I feel myself getting wet thinking about what I'm about to do. I take the pictures, and stop short of orgasm once more. Then I email them to her. Again I get an immediate reply.
"Very nice. Your pretty pussy looks so delicious. I can't wait for tomorrow's set."
The rest of the day was me going to the bathroom to clean myself since my mind is only thinking about sex. The next day I can't wait to get them all off to their places. My pussy is dripping by the time I peel off my pants. I even see the wet spot in the crotch of my jogging pants since I leaked through my underwear and into them. I set up the camera, and hear the click, then I struggle to spread my labia. I have to use both hands, and grab ahold of them to spread them.
My fingers dive right in, and it's not long before my hips are fucking my fingers. I fuck myself hard for maybe five minutes before I have to stop. I lay there miserable as I pose for the second set of pictures. Again I download them, and send them to her.
"You look so wet. How are you holding up? I bet a breeze is enough to make you hump something. One more time before you come to me." She replies.
I respond asking her where she is, but she doesn't answer. I want to get off so bad, but I know she'll know somehow. I go to take a cold shower, but it doesn't help. I put a pad on as I get ready for work. Every person I talk to I see myself fucking. I'm just crazy with lust, and want to get relief.
I can't wait for the time to take more pictures. I really hope she treats me nice after all of this. By the time I set things up it looks like I wet myself through my jogging pants. The gusset of my underwear are soaked with my slime, and my crotch feels so hot. I hear the camera click as I open my legs, and then I again use both hands to spread my labia. I use my left hand to ram three fingers into my wanting vagina. I play with myself for only a couple of minutes before I have to stop. I take the last couple of pictures, and then send them on to her.
"Very good. Your hand looks so sexy covered in your wetness. I love the way your fingers glisten. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Be here at 6 AM, and wear a mini. I want easy access."
"What else do you want me to wear?" I reply.
"You figure it out. Let out you inner slut for me."
I then went to my room to pick something out that I would consider slutty. I found an old white button down shirt with mesh sleeves and lace bodice. Half the buttons are missing so I set it aside to fix. Then I grab my black mini. It's been years since I've worn it so I try it on. It's tight and short, but it fits for the most part. I grab the shirt, and mini. Then I fix the shirt so that the remaining three buttons are on the bottom to hold it together. I try it on, and it buttons up to the bottom of my boobs leaving little to the imagination.
"Good and slutty." I think noticing the outline of my areolas showing through.
I stuff them in a bag, and then go through my underwear drawer. I can't find anything sexy or slutty. Playful, modest, practical, but not slutty.
"What would a slut wear?" I question myself. "Nothing. I'll go without. She wants easy access she'll get it."
I wash up before heading in to work. I stuff the bag in my car for the morning, and then attempt to make it through another night. All I can think of is being with Lori in the morning. I imagine the things we are going to do, and I don't really pay much attention to my work. The clock ticks by so slowly. I then lay awake in bed feeling the heat eminating from my pussy. When my alarm goes off I kiss my husband, and head out the door after a quick shower.
I drive up the street a short ways before stopping to change clothes. I speed the rest of the way, and get there right at six. She opens the door as I raise my hand to knock. I fall into her arms, and we kiss deeply. I hold her close feeling my crotch wet with anticipation. After a few moments she breaks away from my lips.
"Remember I said I have a friend over? Let's not be rude."
I let her go, and follow her into the living room. She gives me a peck on the cheek as I sit on the couch. She leaves the room. I sit and wait wondering who this person is that she wants me to meet so bad.
She soon returns sitting in the chair across from me. I just look at her for a second before my attention is drawn to the hallway. I watch as a man about six foot plus walks into the room. He has a shaven head, muscular build, and is covered from his neck to his ankles in tattoos. He is wearing shorts, and my gaze is drawn to his hairless chest.
"This is Freddy. He is an old friend from high school. He's been in the pen for the last ten years for stealing cars, and he just got out last night. I picked him up, and he'll be staying here for a while." She tells me.
"Freddy, this is Michele. She's the one in those pictures I showed you."
He smiles from ear to ear.
"What pictures?" I ask.
"Then ones you sent me. I think he liked them, right Freddy?"
"Hell yeah. You have the hottest pussy I've ever seen."
"What do you think now that you can see her face to face?"
"Sexy as all hell. I'd hit that."
"That means he wants to fuck you Michele."
"I know what that means." I say.
Hearing him say that combined with seeing his toned body and my frustration I feel my crotch flush with moisture. He sits beside me, and I get the nervous feeling like he's going to hurt me. It adds to my excitement.
"Stand in front of him. Let him see the girl that owns that wet pussy in the pictures."
I stand in front of him with my feet outside of his as he sits up. I feel his eyes all over me, and then I feel a trickle of moisture run down my leg. He reaches down scooping it up with his finger before licking it off.
"You taste sweet. I haven't tasted a pussy this delicious in years."
He moves my feet apart with his, and my skirt crawls up my hips baring my anxious crotch. I watch as he leans forward, and then I feel his tongue on my clit. I moan loud. My legs weaken. I almost collapse, but he holds me up with his hands on my ass. I grab his head pulling him tight.
He then pulls back saying, "Keep your hands to your sides. I'm in charge here."
"Just let him sweetie. He needs it." Lori adds.
I let go, and he sits back. I see the huge bulge in his shorts.
"I see you looking slut. Don't just stand there." He says.
I bend down pulling his shorts down. His cock pops out showing me his long thick manhood. It's rock hard. The shorts drop to his ankles after I get them past his knees. I stare at his muscled tattooed body as he kicks them to the side. I again feel the trickly of moisture run down my leg.
"Kneel." Lori taunts. "You know you want to."
That's all I need to hear before I find myself kneeling between his legs. I pick up his dick feeling it throb in my hand. It makes my hand look so small. There is a dribble forming at the tip right at the hole. I watch it as it gets bigger and bigger. Then my horniness takes me, and I lick it off slow and seductively looking him square in the eyes.
"Suck it bitch. Don't play with it." He orders.
I smile, and then dive down onto it until it hits the back of my throat. I straighten my back, and reposition myself until I can take more of him. I gulp, and gag trying to get it all down before I come up for air. Then I go back down feeling it going further down my throat. He grabs my hair, and roughly pulls my head down forcing his cock into my throat.
"I said to quit playing bitch. I know you can take it."
Before long I feel his skin crushing my nose as he fucks my mouth. I feel accomplished, but need to breathe. When I'm about ready to pass out he pulls me off, and holds my head up by my hair. My vision is blurred, but I see him smiling.
"That was fun wasn't it? But I don't want you to eat my load. I want to feel that sloppy cunt first."
He lets go, and I waste no time climbing on top of him. I fel his cock throb against my pussy. I slide across it feeling it's hardness against my labia. I grab the back of the couch to steady myself when he rips my blouse open. His large hands grab my breasts, and he squeezes then hard pulling them to his face. I am tugged forward as he licks and bites my nipples one after the other. It makes me raise up off him slightly. Then he moves his hips under me. I feel his cock tip touching my labia.
He moves again, and I feel it poke against my vaginal opening. The tip slips into me opening me slightly making me moan. His hands move to my hips. I look down to see him watching me. Then he pulls me down. I feel his cock slide into my lusting vagina opening me wide as it stuffs me full. In barely a second I feel it hit my cervix. It hurts as it pokes against it. Our crotches mash together as he tries to go deeper somehow.
"Damn! Your pussy is hungry. It's eating every inch I got. Ain't no cunt ever done that before."
"Just fuck me." I moan as I ride his cock.
He grabs my hips tight, and begins to fuck me hard from below as he bites my nipples and breasts as they swing by his mouth. I moan harder than ever as my orgasm quickly builds inside of me. And it builds to extremes. The pressure in my womb is being multiplied by the pressure of his cock inside of me. It grows so fast that I begin to swoon. Then it releases without warning.
With one loud strained moan I feel it burst out of me through my crotch. I can feel his cock fucking me as my vaginal walls clench against it. I hear the wetness as my orgasm leaves me wave by wave. My body shakes and shudders. It's so intense. I can't breathe I am orgasming so hard. It lasts for a few minutes before it slowly wanes, and the waves ease down. I lay on top of him panting. He just keeps fucking me. His cock sliding in and out of me brings me back from near unconsciousness.
"You got one nice pussy." He coos. "I'm going to fill it real good for you."
He pulls me tight to him, and I feel his cock begin to throb hard inside of me as he pokes it hard into my cervix. I feel a burning deep in my uterus. It grows more and more as he moans under me holding me still. I feel like I'm cramping as his cum fills me. It takes him almost five minutes before he loosens his grip on me. His cock still hard inside of me.
"Ready for round two?" He asks.
I don't say a word as he pushes me to the side off him. My legs are weak and shakey as I try to stand. I don't even get my feet on the floor before he's back inside of my pussy. He thrusts into me so hard that he pushes me against the back of the couch. The room fills with the sounds of our skin slapping as he slams into me over and over. My moans come out fast before being cut short by his fucking. I sound like I'm barking in a way.
"That's it bitch. Take it. Take my cock." He commands as he fucks me.
My body goes numb, and all I feel is my boobs swaying, his dick ravaging me, and another orgasm forming deep inside of me. He pulls my hair, and slaps my ass as he fucks me good and hard. His cock hits deep repeatedly. It brings me to a frothy boil deep inside. I once again tense as another strong orgasm rips through me. He doesn't let up all the way through my climax. It feels so relieving. The waves take a good few minutes to ebb before he pulls out, and pushes me onto my back.
He grabs my ankles spreading my legs high and wide as he slides back into my vagina. He rests my legs on the inside of his elbows bending me as he lays over me. I feel his cock pounding against my cervix once more, but harder than the last time. He's actually going deeper in this position. His cock is forcing it's way in with every thrust.
"I am amazed at your cunt. It's so fucking wet and hot." He moans.
I can barely breathe between the moans that are eminating from me. He bends down, and bites my nipples pulling my breasts upward. He rams me hard taking me as his own, and then suddenly pulls out. He jumps up over me, and grabs my hair. I see his cock glistening with my juices as it come toward my face. My mouth opens, and he stuffs it in.
He fucks my face shoving it down my throat and pinning me to the back of the couch. I feel it begin to throb, and he pulls it out telling me to open up. I keep my mouth open, and he strokes himself a few times before I see his spunk come shooting out hitting my right cheek. The next shoy hit my left cheek from my chin to my temple. Then another splatters over my nose from my left eye to my chin getting some in my mouth. The next three shots are all in the same spot covering my nose and over my eyes with a bit going into my mouth.
"Clean the rest off bitch." He says.
I sit up more, and take the head into my mouth. All I can taste is the sour salty flavor of his semen as the last of it shoots into my mouth. I swallow it down as I suck his softening dick. When it's flaccid he stands up off me. I just sit there completely awed by what just happened. After a few minutes I wipe the cum from my eyes, and look up to see Lori sitting there smiling.
I also see a camera on a tripod facing me. The red light still on as it records me. Freddy sits on the couch beside me. I look over at him as he hands me a towel. I wipe my face, and crotch before I sit back. He snuggles up beside me, and rubs my shoulder.
"You are an amazing woman. Lori told me all about you, and I had to meet you. Then when she showed me those pictures I had to have you. She's one very lucky woman to have you." He says sweetly.
I just sit there, and he gives me a bottle of water. I take a drink. It tastes warm so I set it down instead of slamming it like I want to. He snuggles in closer, and begins to rub my leg and arm.
"I really have never been with a woman that could take all of me."
"I'm honored." I answer snidely.
"You should be. I'm not always so mean during sex, but being with you just brought out my primal desires."
"Yeah sure. So you don't normally call the girls you fuck names? You're not normally an asshole that is just out to use them?"
"Nope. I can be soft and gentle too."
"So you're a nice asshole?"
"The only nice asshole in this room is yours."
I feel something touch my arm. It feels warm and soft. I look down to see his cock is once again hardening, and it's laying against my forearm.
"I want you to prove it then." I say.
I push him back, and take hold of his dick. I feel it pulsing in my grip.
"You don't touch this time." I say as I lay down with my face near his lap.
I kiss the tip, and then down the bottom of his shaft hearing him moan. His hips rock when I kiss my way back to the tip as though he was trying to shove it into my mouth. Then I kiss my way down the top of his shaft before kissing up his chiseled torso to his nipples. I lick, and nibble on them before running my tongue down back to his cock with I still have a firm grasp on.
I lick down over the top of his shaft, over the head, and then down the bottom to his balls where I suck on each one. I then lick my way back up the side of his shaft, and then down the other. Back up the side until I get to the tip of his dick head, and then I take it all the way into my mouth. He moans with relief as I suck him while I stroke him. His hips rise to my rhythm, and I push them down with both of my hands holding him still.
I feel it throbbing in my mouth telling me that he's as hard as he's ever going to be. I work him a few more times looking him in the eyes before I sit up. I kiss his cheek as I kneel beside him, and then I nibble on his nipples again before kissing his cheek once more.
"So I have a nice asshole?" I ask.
"Best I've ever seen."
"You should watch it some more then." I say as I turn my back to him.
I look right at Lori as I straddle him again, and then I lift his cock as I lower myself onto it. Once again he fills my vagina full, and once again I begin to ride him. I move slow feeling it throbbing inside of me. It feels so different this time. So much more personal. I take his hands, and I place them on my ass. He caresses my cheeks, and playfully spanks me for a while. It feels good, and I feel an orgasm slowly form deep inside of me.
I soon feel his fingers touching my asshole. Rubbing it, and poking at it. I am such a wet mess down there that he has no trouble sliding a finger into my butt as I ride him. It makes me moan. Then a second finger slides in. I again moan more urgently. Soon a third finger slips in. I find myself pushing back harder feeling my holes being filled full.
My orgasm grows with the pleasure, or maybe the growing pleasure is feeding my orgasm. Either way my lust is becoming unbearable. Feeling his cock inside of me, his fingers in my ass, listenning to the wet sounds of sex and moand permeating throughout the room, and seeing Lori touching herself on the chair in front of me is getting to be too much.
Before I can stop myself I lift myself up off his cock, and I press it against my asshole. I feel my ass opening wide as his cock slips into it. It goes wider and wider until I feel the head pop in, and then I use my weight ot push myself down until it hits my sphincter. Then I begin to fuck his cock with my ass. It feels good sliding in and out of me stretching my back hole. I want more though. My lust craves more.
I find myself pushing back hard on his cock, and I feel it push against my muscle. I can feel it poking it's way through, and in about a minute I feel his dick slide right past my sphincter stretching it wide as my ass cheeks rest on his pelvis. My muscle tightens around him, but his hardness is the clear winner as I begin to fuck his cock. I feel it slowly give in, and eventually just stay open as his girth pummels me. I feel his hips raise as our bodies meet, but I don't say anything.
I feel his dick deep in my guts, and my orgasm is clearly ready to give inside of me. I feel his hands spreading my ass cheeks as his cock slips in and out of me. I watch Lori's hand going fast in her pants as she moans in pleasure. I fuck him with added vigor as she closes in on her orgasm. I watch as she begins to tense, and her legs begin to shake. I see her breasts under her shirt quiver as she gasps for breath. She lets out a strained moan, and I see her quiver in orgasm as she watches us,
Seeing her cum is enough for me to want my own orgasm, and it's so close. I grab my crotch finding my clit, and I rub myself hard while I ride his dick more. In seconds I moan as the first waves come over me. I sit up feeling him deep in my ass as I rub my clit through my orgasm. I feel my asshol quivering around his cock while My legs shake making me bounce on his dick too. His hands grab the tops of my ass cheeks, and he holds me tight.
My orgasm begins to slow just as I hear him moan behind me. I feel his cock throbbing in my ass, and I feel my insides begin to warm and swell as he fills my rectum with his cum. I sit still enjoying the feeling as he moans and shakes under me. I stare at Lori who is staring at me. I smile at her. I don't move another muscle until I feel him going limp inside of me.
Lori takes the camera off the tripod, and stands behind me. I spread my ass knowing what she's doing, and I slowly lift myself off of his cock. When it flops out it feels like my ass is hanging wide open for a minute before the cum begins to tickle as it leaks out waking my sphincter telling it to clamp shut. She then kisses me softly when she finishes recording the mess.
I kiss her in return, and I take her fingers into my mouth tasting her pussy on them. She lets me lick them clean one by one, and then I kiss her again.
"Next time you save it for me." I insist.
"There's plenty left my sweet." She says remounting the camera.
I wait for her to finish with the camera before I pull her down to the couch beside Freddy. I then move off his lap, and kneel at her feet. Reaching up, I grab her pants, and yank them down to her ankles. Freddy looks awed as she is bared in front of him. I pull them off her ankles, and crawl between her legs burying my face in her sweet love pot. She writhes and moans as I lick her up savoring the moment. I love teasing her labia, and circling her clit with my tongue. It drives her crazy too.
I watch her while I lap her up. Freddy watches her too, and after a few minute I see him lif her shirt to caress her breasts. She moans and writhes as we attend to her. I see him pinching and pulling her hard nipples for a bit, and then I see him bend down to suck and nibble on her tits. Her back arches shoving her pussy against my mouth and her chest into his face. He holds her hands up over her head. All she can do is enjoy the attention.
I slide a finger into her vagina fingering her as I lick her clit. She moans louder. He looks down watching me, and I see him smile as he attends to her chest. I happen to glance at his lap, and I see that his dick is growning hard again. Ten years in prison must really take it's toll on a guy. I pull my finger out and slowly work it into her asshole while I delve my tongue into her vagina lapping it up.
I feel her hold tighten around my finger for a second before it relaxes. Then as I fuck her ass with it I feel it occasionally clenching tightly around my finger. I reach up with my left hand wrapping it around his shaft. I slowly stroke it while I finger Lori and lick her. He munches on her breasts and neck as we slowly drive her to insanity.
Her hips rock faster and faster, and her moaning seems more wanting. That tells me that she's almost there. I tug on his cock pulling him down to my mouth. He moves, and I look up to see Lori watching as I suck his cock between licking her pussy. I take my finger from her asshole. Then I grab his butt pulling him almost on top of her so I can lick them together the best I can.
I quickly tire of trading between the two, and I pull her legs wide apart after pulling him between them. I snuggle up between his legs, and see his cock laying across her labia. I dive in licking and kissing both of them together. I can't see, but it sounds like he's sucking on her boobs yet. I can hear her moaning, and that's all I like to hear.
His hips rock, and so do hers. His cock is rubbing up and down her wet pussy so I just push the tip into her with my tongue. I sit back watching it disappear as it fills her. She moans loud, and I see her pussy stretching ao accept his big dick. I watch her vagina hold tight ot his dick as he pulls back and slides gently back in. Her juices coating almost every inch of his cock except for the last four inches or so which he doesn't get into her.
He moans along with her, and I just watch rubbing his ass, and occasionally licking his cockand her labia as he slips into her. I feel his ass tense and relax as his cock fucks her. Seeing the hardcore action inches from my face is a beautiful sight. It turns me on so much that I find my hand is between my legs rubbing my wet clit.
I see his cock moving faster and faster while their moans grow more and more strained. I massage her leg watching the show. Just as soon as she's ready to orgasm I pull him back until he pops out of her, and I wrap my mouth around her pussy and lick the stretched out hole. Her hips rock hard as her body shakes. I fuck her with my tongue ensuring to get as much of her into my mouth as possible licking up her orgasm until it begins to wane.
Then I slide him back into her. She moans as he fills her once more, and I see her orgasmic juices turning his cock white as it slips in and out of her. His hips move at a quick rhythm, and I rub his butt cheeks and watch the last waves making her body tense. I soon see his tempo begin to change. It becomes more erratic. I wait until it's obvious as I watch from beside them. Seeing his cock going in and out from the top is so erotic.
I wait until he gets a strained look on his face, and then I reach down pulling him out. Taking him into my mouth I suck and stroke him fast. In less than a minute he groans, and I feel his hot cum hitting the back of my mouth. The taste fills my taste buds so I gulp it down as I suck more. I feel fingers slipping into my pussy as I kneel finishing him off. It makes me moan, and I suck with added gusto.
I suck out every last drop before he steps back pulling out of my grip. Then Lori pushes me onto the floor. I land on my side. She's quickly on top of me pushing me onto my back, and straddling my face. She holds me down with her crotch on my mouth. I raise my head to lick her, and feel her tongue on my clit about the same time. I moan, she moans, and we both go crazy pleasuring each other.
I can't get enough of her, and it seem mutual. I feel her fingers slide into me. It feels like more than one too. Her hips rock with the rhythm of her hand, and we are gyrating together. My orgasm is quickly approaching, and building strong. I hear myself moaning loud and long. Her hips grind her pussy into my face riding my tongue the best she can. In only a few minutes I moan loud as my body begins to shake violently under her.
I wrap my arms around her hips holding her to my mouth while I moan and shudder. My orgasm is a nice one, and makes my entire body tense and relax over and over again. I try to keep licking her, but I have to stop on occasion to moan and try to breathe. Her fingers are fucking me as fast as she can move her hand. Her palm is slapping my clit making a splashing sound in my wetness. For a few glorious minutes I'm taken to a differnt plane in orgasmic nirvana. Then it slowly begins to ebb.
I concentrate on licking her tasty pussy as I continue to hold her tight. I feel her jittering against me, and listen her her short moans. Everytime I lick her clit she jumps and moans. Her legs are shaking rapidly. All this tells me that she too had an orgasm, but I was having mine so I didn't really notice. I kiss her pussy right at her vaginal entrance before letting her up. She rolls beside me, and we kiss as we hold each other.
"That was one hell of a sight." Freddy says interrupting them moment.
We giggle looking in each other's eyes before looking up at him.
"I hope you liked it Mister Big Dick." I say grinning.
Lori gets up turning off the camera. She smiles while staring at me.
"I can't believe Lori and I have never done that before." He says.
I sit back on the couch, and he sits beside me.
"So you two were never lovers?"
"Nope. Just friends. It's not that I didn't want to, or haven't thought about it. It's just I didn't think she would want to so I didn't push the issue."
"Okay. Lori plug you ears." I say smiling. "How was she?"
Lori is smiling as she sits in the chair pretending to plug her ears.
"Words can't describe it."
"That bad?"
"Hell no! You both are just, WOW!"
We both smile, and I think I even blush a little.
"I never even considered that the girl in the pictures was someone as pretty as you are."
"You already fucked me so you don't have to be nice anymore."
"Hey, it's true. Lori told me all about how great you are, and I was anxious to meet you. She gave me those pictures to tease me, but never told me who they were. I knew they weren't her, and I was never really into bigger girls. Then when I seen you, and the two were together. Those pictures, your personality, the way your body feels, and everything else. It all comes together into the perfect woman."
"Yeah right." I say looking over at Lori.
She's listening intently as he carries on, and I see her smile at times as he talks.
"It's true. I've always fantasized about fucking Lori, but I never thought I'd fantasize about a girl like you. But when I first saw you I wanted to have you. Then when I saw all of you I really had to have you. I think my getting carried away was mostly because of being locked up, but you took it like a champ. Most girls would have ran away."
"I didn't mind. I kind of liked it."
"She a bit of a pain slut." Lori adds laughing.
He smiles, and I agree with her blushing, "Yeah, a bit."
"Damn girl. I think I love you."
"Settle down big boy." I say smiling. "I can play, but I can't fall in love."
"What's that mean?" He asks.
"She's married."
He looks at me shocked.
"Yup. I've been married for over twenty years, and I have two ."
"She's been beholden to me for about a month now too." Lori adds.
"She's my second husband." I joke.
"And your husband knows about all of this, and doesn't care?"
"No. He doesn't want to know, and wishes I would just be Suzy Homemaker without a sex drive."
"I see. You're just in it for the sex?"
"Pretty much."
"So have you and Tad?"
"I would have never thought he was like that. That lucky of a bitch."
"I may be a bitch, but he's not my . That's gross." Lori jokes laughing.
"I still can't believe how beautiful you are." He says to me.
"Quit doting like a teenage Freddy." Lori says.
"Hey your pretty damn fine yourself bitch." He jokes.
"I'm glad you liked our little escapade. Now let's go get some lunch. I know the perfect little diner across town."
"I'll have to get my clothes out of my car since someone got carried away, and ripped all the buttons off my shirt."
"I think you look great just as you are. Right Freddy?"
"Hell yeah. She looks damn fine like that, but she will have to put something on."
"Just tie the shirt together, and pull your skirt down." She says slipping her shoes on.
Freddy slips on a tee and jogging pants before putting his tennis shoes on.
"Let's go." They say to me as I try to knot my shrt to keep my boobs in.
Lori grabs my arm pulling me out the door to her car. Freddy is close behind me. I can't get a good knot with her pulling so I just sit in the car to work on it. Lori drives, and Freddy sits in the passenger seat leaving the back seat to me. I eventually get a decent knot just as we pull into the diner parking lot. It's not the greatest, but it'll do. I look up to see the place is full.
"Looks crowded." Freddy says to Lori.
"It usually is, but we'll find a seat. Let's go. And sweetie, remeber that you're mine, okay?"
I wonder why she's saying that, but agree as we go inside. It's a small place with a few booths and stools around the counter area. It's laid out in a chrome and red motif like a classic diner. The tile floor has a checkerboard pattern in white and black. The place is definitely full of people. I notice that Lori and I are the only females. Even the cook and counter person are both male.
"Did we walk into a sausage convention?" I ask Lori quietly.
"More like the mill office lunch time. I forgot these guy get an hour lunch, and they're just starting." She replies.
We find three stools at the counter unused, and we sit there. The cold vinyl on my naked ass under my skirt makes my nipples poke out. The counter guy comes up asking for our drink orders. Lori orders me a water before I can say otherwise. I see what she meant by me being hers. Okay. I'll let her order for me. When he comes back he asks for our lunch order.
"I'll have the cheeseburger with the works, and she'll have two brats plain." Lori says.
"I don't care for brats."
"Shut up."
She has a stern look in her eye that silences me immediately. Freddy orders his food, and the guy places our orders.
"I brought you here, and I'm paying. You just shut up, and be a good girl before I have to punish you right here in front of everyone." She say to me clenching her teeth.
I sit back silently, and Freddy and Lori chat about old times. Our food comes fast, and her cheeseburger looks and smells so good. I look at my brats in the buns, and sigh as I pick one up. As I begin to raise it to my mouth Lori stops me.
"Take that thing out of the bun."
I set it down confused, and I pick it out of the bun. It's ather warm, but not scalding hot. I again raise it to eat it. She watches stopping me just before I bite into it.
"I think you know where that should go?" She smiles.
I am in awe. I think I know what she means, but right here in front of everybody?
"Now!" She says loudly garnering attention of those around us.
I look her in the eyes pleading silently. The stern look tells me that she means business. I slowly drop my hand all the way to my lap. She turns my chair to the side so I'm facing her, and watches intently. I notice that the place has gone quiet. Looking past her I see all the eyes are fixated on me.
"Now bitch!" She says loud with growing aggitiation.
I open my legs, and lean back. I feel so embarrassed knowing that most of these guys can see my crotch. I slowly bring the brat against my labia. It feels hot, and I feel myself fush with wetness. The little bit of grease from it helps it to slide right into my vagina. It feels so hot inside of me, but I slip it almost all the way in.
"All the way." She tells me.
I look at her as I slip it completely inside of me.
"Very good, but I expect better. There's one more."
I look around to see the guys still watching as I nervously grab the second brat. It too is warm, but not scalding. I close my eyes as I lower it down touching it against my labia. I wonder how I'll get these out, or if I'll get some kind of issue having food inside of me. I slowly begin to push it into me when she stops me.
"Two brats, two holes. Figure it out." She scolds.
I move to the edge of the stool, but it's not a good position.
"Stand up you stupid cunt!" She shouts.
I stand up, and reach back. I feel the heat of it slip between my big butt cheeks before it pushes against my asshole. I have to push my hips back bending slightly before it slides into my ass. I use my finger to insert it until I feel my hole close around it grasping my finger.
"Good girl." She says sweetly. "Now sit down."
I sit beside her, and watch as she and Freddy eat their lunch. The men all around resume their discussions, and all returns to normal for a short while.
"That was real good." Freddy says.
"I like this little place. What do you think sweetie?"
"It's nice I guess."
"That doesn't sound like a very good review." She says. "Why not?"
"It's not like I ate the food, or like I'll be able to show my face here ever again anyway."
"You don't have to be so self centered. I expect more than that from you. I demand more than that. You need to apologize to the counter person. After all the running he did for you, and bringing out your food nice and warm. Then you get such an attitude."
She raises her voice once more getting everyone's attention, and embarrassing me.
"Apologize right now you little bitch!"
"I'm sorry sir." I say to him.
"I think you need to apologize to everone in here. I didn't teach you to be such a hateful cunt!"
"I'm sorry." I say turning around.
They all stare at me, and a few laugh at me. I hear one of the guys shout from the other side of the diner.
"Prove it!"
"That's a great idea. Prove how sorry you are, and how you regret being such a bitch. Show everyone!" She commands.
"How?" I ask meekly.
"Use your fucking imagination! Why do I have to do all of your thinking for you?"
"Show us you tits!" Another guy suggests.
I stare at her, but she's offering me nothing but a stern look. I slowly rwach up, and untie my shirt. It opens way too fast for my liking, but I carry on. I reach up pulling it off my shoulders before dropping my arms letting it fall to the ground. I see cell phones come out as I stand there bare brested in front of a diner full of strangers.
"Nice tits!" I hear.
"Now go apologize to each and every person here." She demands.
I turn, and apologize to Freddy who has a look of surprise and happiness on his face. Then I go the the man behind him, and apologize. When I get to the next guy he stares at my chest making me aware of my nakedness.
"Nice nipples. Can I touch them?" He asks.
I look back at Lori who is just staring at me.
"Yes sir. If it helps for you to accept my apology." I answer.
His hands grab hold of both of my breasts, and he crushes them in his grasp as he kneads them. He pinches my nipples pulling them making my knees weak. After a few seconds I hear Lori clear her throat so I move on. One by one they grab my breasts playing with them pinching my nipples. Pulling my nipples.
I am so wet by the time I finish going around the room that I just want to be fucked. I look back to see the cook staring at me from the kitchen. I ask if I can go to him, and the counter man agrees. When I get back there I tell him that I'm sorry. His hand grabs my crotch making me moan from the aggressiveness. I feel his cold fat fingers slip into my vagina, and he pulls out the brat.
"If you're sorry you'll eat my food!"
I open my mouth, and he places it in. I suck my juices off it as he moves it in and out of my mouth. He eventually tosses it in the trash, and spins me around. I feel his fingers slip into my ass pulling out that brat.
"This one too."
I am repulsed at the thought, but after looking at Lori see that I don't have much choice. I open my mouth feeling my stomach turn. Then I feel it on my tongue. I close my lips around it. I am surprised that it doesn't taste all that bad. I suck on it as he fuck my mouth with it. Then he tosses it too into the trash.
He smiles at me, and I turn to walk away. He slap my right ass cheek hard enough for me to feel it bounce and push me forward. It stings right away, and I rub it as I return to Lori and Freddy.
"Did that hurt my little bitch?" She asks mocking.
"Good! You fucking deserved it for being such a cunt. I'm surprised any of these nice people accepted you feeble apology. I know I wouldn't have."
"I'm sorry maam."
"What do you think Freddy? Should I accept her feeble apology?"
"That's up to you. I don't know how she could apologize any more myself."
"You've been a naughty self centered little cunt! And now you want sorry to make things all better? I don't think so. I had to tell you how many times to do what you were told, and you still took all fucking day! I'm tired of you shit bitch! You need to shape up!"
She seems truely angry, and I begin to cry wondering if she hates me.
"I'm sorry. Please don't be mad." I plead.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FILTHY SLUT! I'm don't want to hear another peep from you cock sucker!" She shouts slapping my face.
"She's pissed." I hear from one of the guys.
"Every time I ask you to do something you take you sweet assed time doing it. I'm tired of it! When I tell you to do something you do it! No fucking around! Got it bitch?"
"Yes m..." Say say being cut off by another slap in the face.
She grabs my hair yanking my face close to hers looking me directly in the eyes. My vision is blurry with tears, but I see the rage in her eyes.
"If you don't start improving I'm going to sell your ass to whoever want it. UNDERSTAND?"
I nod my head, and she flings me back.
I lift it up not wanting to anger her anymore that she already is.
I waste no time in following her demands.
"The cook left a nice hand print on your fat ass. You deserve it don't you? Answer me."
"Yes maam. I'm so sorry."
"How are you going to prove it to me?"
"However you wish maam."
She swats may ass hard shouting, "I DIDN"T TELL YOU TO SPEAK!"
I look down at the counter feeling the shame as my tears flow. My body shakes as I sob.
"Now you're a cry baby? Stop you fucking bawling. Somebody give me a belt. I need to straighten out my useless slut."
I hear rustling behind me, and then feel a swat burn across my ass. It takes my breath away, and makes me flinch. I quickly resume my composure not wanting to anger her more. A second swat and a third quickly follow. My ass burns from the blows, and the sting makes me shudder. Then seven more swats come fast and hard before she pauses.
"Stand up and face me bitch!"
I do as she commands not wasting a second.
"Arms on top of your head, and don't move."
I again comply interlocking my fingers on top of my head. I watch as she steps to my right, and hauls back. The belt cuts across my breasts feeling like it was a razor blade. The sting burns as I look down to see the welt begin to form. Then a second swat hits just below the first, and cutting across both of my nipples. I alomst fall over before I catch myself. I resume my stance, and she resumes her punishment. I stand fast absorbing the swats as they come quickly. I feel my breasts bounce as the belt cuts across them. I am relieved when she finally stops. She takes a drink of water, and then looks me over.
"Spread your legs."
I do as she instructs, and then feel the belt hit me right across my crotch. I fall to my knees in pain.
"Get up!"
I make my way back to my feet, and resume my pose. She quickly swats my crotch again with the same results. The buring is intense. The pain is even worse.
I again stand, and again she hits my crotch hard. Somehow I stay on my feet this time.
"Very good. See gentlemen you can teach an old slut new tricks."
Five more hards swats land across my crotch before she delivers one more to my ass and chest. I stand there with my legs apart, and my hands on top of my head seeing through my tears at all the men watching and a few recording.
"Who's next?" She asks, and a few guys jump up. "SInce there's so many that want a go we'll have to limit you. You get a minute each. That should be good."
"Any limits?" One asks.
"Don't get her in the face."
The first guys hit s my ass with a slow hard rhythm. It stings but isn't bad. The next guy just swats as fast and hard as he can not caring where it hits. After him the guy concentrated on my breasts, belly, and crotch hitting me hard each time. That hurt.
One by one they spank me all over covering me in welts from my neck to my knees. My front and back are red, and turning purple. When they all finish Lori hands me my shirt, and tells me to apologize to the chef before we go. I walk to the kitchen, and he just stares at me.
""I'm sorry sir. I like your diner, and your cooking."
He walks up to me, and swats my right boob with the spatula he's holding. Then he swats my left one before setting it down and grabbing my shoulders. He spins me around, and pushes my hands down onto the counter in front of the grill. I feel the heat on my sore chest as my breasts hang perilously close to the sizzling burgers on the grill.
He pulls the burgers off, and I watch as he lays a package of frozen bacon on the grill edge nearest my chest. It immediately begins to sizzle, but his hand on the back of my neck holds me still. I feel the grease begin to pop and burn into my exposed flesh. Then I feel him behind me as he holds me.
His cock slides into my ass pushing me tight to the counter, and making my breasts hover right over the sizzling bacon. I flinch with every pop of bacon grease making him fuck me harder. He reaches under me, and turns the bacon making the grease splatter even more. I wiggle and shake as it bruns my tits and nipples. I moan as the feeling of my flesh being slowly melted off fill me with pain.
He begins to push me down as his grip tightens around the back of my neck. I fight against it not wanting my breasts to be fried on the grill. He is smashing my hips into the counter with his own as he ravages my asshole. In less than a minute I feel him ram hard into me as he groans. I feel his cock throbbing against my sore sphincter. His warm cum is heating up my insides as he fills me. He rams it in a few times before pulling out of me, and letting me up.
He then hands me a dirty wet towel to wipe the grease off my chest with. I look at him, and he points to his shrinking dick hanging out of his pants. I kneel in front of him cleaning it with my mouth as it srinks down to nothing. He then pushes me back, zips up, and goes back to cooking.
"Apology accepted." He says putting more food on the grill.
"LET'S GO SLUT!" Lori shouts'
I hurry to her, and follow her out the door with Freddy right behind me. When I sit in the car I realize that I forgot my shirt on the counter. Lori stops me from going back in.
"I guess you're going to have to do without." She says.
I fold my arms over my chest as we drive away. She doesn't drive towards her house though. She drives in the opposite direction.
"Are we going back?" I ask being daring.
"Are you really that stupid?" She asks.
"You know where I live, and you know how to get there. Are we going that way?"
"Then what do you think?"
"I'm sorry. I didn't know if you were taking the long way back."
"Yeah, the real long way. After a couple of stops."
We drive for a few minutes before she pulls into the parking lot of the local adult store. I watch as she gets out followed by Freddy.
"Let's go bitch."
I reluctantly follow covering my chest with my arms. She wastes no time in getting in the door, and I quickly see a few old fat guys who see me just as quick. They smile checking me out, and I look away following Lori. She leads me to the back where we walk down a long hallway, and then she stops by a blue door. She opens it for me, and I see a stool in the middle with a songle hole drilled through the far wall.
"What kind of girl would I be if I didn't make sure you got your lunch too? Now get in there, and sit on the stool."
I do as she says, and she closes the door behind me leaving me alone. The light shuts off as the door closes, and I sit there wondering. Then I see movement through the hole, and when I get closer to look through a half hard dick is pushed through. It's not very big, and really hairy. That's when I realize that this is a glory hole. I know what's expected of me.
I grab the dick, and stroke it pulling off the loose hairs that are stuck to the tip. Then I lean forward. The first thing I notice is the unwashed smell eminating from him. The musky sweaty stench is strong, but I soldier on. I take him into my mouth, and feel my stomach wrench as the bitter taste of sweat overcomes my senses.
I begin to suck him washing his gross dick with my spit, and eventually it isn't so bad. He never gets really hard though so I just suck it harder making it stretch out as I suck. His hips motions tell me that he likes it, and in less than five minute I taste his cum in my mouth. I swallow it down as he withdraws.
Then I sit there again. A few minutes later another dick pokes through. This one is harder, but just as small and just as hairy. I give him the same attention, and I actually feel his get a bit bigger seconds before he pops off in my mouth. He has a nice big load that doesn't taste all that bad. I gladly swallow it all down.
A few minutes later another dick pokes through. This one is darker telling me something about the owners race, and hearing the moans in spanish tell me even more. He's not huge, but he has the girth. He looks neatly trimmed too. I suck him good and hard trying it hear him carrying on in his native language. He fucks my mouth through the hole in the wall, and he soon delivers me a large load of man goo directly to the back of my mouth.
I gulp it down as it slides down anyway. He jiggles as I drain him, and then he pulls back before giving it back to me for more. I suck him until he goes limp, and then I sit back waiting for the next one. It's not long before a small limp dick is poking through. I see the hairy saggy balls topped with the little dick.
I kiss his sack thankful that he smells like he just washed. Then I suck his nuts as I hold his dick in my left hand. I slowly stroke it gently bringing the blood down to it. Then I kiss and lick up the bottom of the shaft before taking him into my mouth. I suck on him feeling his cock harden in my mouth. It gets long as it hardens poking the back of my throat.
It's not thick, but it's nice and long. Just long enough to make me gag a little as I mash my face into him. He loves it by the sounds of his moans, and that just gets me going more. I stroke and suck him the best I can until I feel him get a bit harder. I prepare for my treat, and am soon gulping his seed down greedily. He quickly goes limp in my mouth before leaving.
The door swings open, and the lights turn on blinding me. When My eyes adjust I see Lori and Freddy standing there. Both have big smiles.
"Still hungry?" She asks.
"No maam."
"Good. Follow me."
She leads me through a door at the far end of the hall. I step into a room covered in red cloth with a stage in the center of it. At the center of the stage is a single high back wooden chair. The chair is facing a row of windows with blinds covering them, and has bright lights all around facing it.
"Show time." Freddy says.
Lori pushes me into the room toward the chair. I walk in, and hear the door close behind me. Looking back I see that I'm alone. I walk to the chair, and sit down. I feel the heat from the lights on me, and can barely see the windows in front of me because they're so bright. I think I know what's expected of me since I remember seeing something like this in a movie.
Just then the blinds on one of the windows opens. It's dark on the other side, but I can see the outline of a person sitting there. I can see the shadow shaking as I am viewed. I immediately think that whoever it is must be playing with themselves. I face the window, and open my legs. The shadow moves faster, and I know that they are playing with themselves.
It turns me on knowing that I am being desired by this stranger. The shade closes, and one beside it opens. I turn as I begin to run my fingers down over my breasts. Slowly I tickle myself as I work my fingertips between my open legs. That shade closes, and two more open. I sit back, and use my left hand to pinch my nipples and caress my breasts while my right hand finds the source of the heat between my legs.
I quit watching the windows, and concentrate on my growing lust. My hand finds my wetness, and my finger slips into my wanting sex. I moan feeling myself. I pinch and tug at my nipples while sliding my finger into myself. It feels so good. My hips rock to meet my hand letting my finger slide deeper. It feels so great. I hear the windows opening and closing, but I don't let it bother me.
The orgasm inside me becomes a need fast, and my hands more more forcefully the bigger it builds. My legs tense lifting my ass of the chair as the pleasure begins to take me. I moan a pained relieved moan as the waves course rapidly through me. My body fucks my hand wanting more. I bounce on the seat as I orgasm. Then All too soon it is over, and I am left panting as the final waves leave me.
Then all the windows close, and the door opens. Freddy waves for me to come to him. I walk out with him leading the way. We meet Lori at the counter where I hear the guy telling her, "If there weren't so many marks I would pay more."
She takes an envelope from him, and we walk out. I again am left to cover my chest with my arms. We get into the car, and she begins to drive. Not a single word is said for the entire time we drive. I just watch out the window until we pull into a driveway.
"Come on." Lori says.
I follow her in, and Freddy shakes hands saying hello to the couple of guys that are sitting on the couch in the living room. Lori tells me to wait as she walks down a hall to another room. I hear her talking with someone, but I can't make out what they're saying. She seems agitated, and after a few minutes she comes walking out.
"Your friend doesn't want to honor our deal." She says to Freddy.
"I'll go talk to him." He says walking down the hall.
I hear their voices, but it's a lot less agitated. After about five minutes Freddy comes walking back.
"Good to go." He says to Lori.
She smiles, and then takes me by the hand down the hall. We walk into a room that has a doctor's style chair in the middle, and a hulking tattooed man standing beside a counter with his back facing us. He's mumbling something, but I can't tell what. Lori stops me at the door, and goes to talk to him. They look something over on the counter, and then she smiles at me.
"Sit." He says turning to me.
I sit down, and he walks up to me handing me a paper.
"Are you good with this? If so, sign here."
I sign the paper without reading it, and he sets it on the counter. Lori leaves, and the man grabs my wrists unfolding my arms before binding them to the arms of the chair. Then He grabs my left ankle lifting my leg before placing my foot in a stirrup. I watch as he binds my leg to the chair. Then he does the same with my right foot. He walks behind me, and I feel a belt tighten around my waist tight holding me to the chair.
"This is going to hurt in such a sensitive area. I hate doing these. I really don't want to hear you scream so please don't."
"Gag me then." I offer.
He reaches into a drawer, and pulls out a gag that looks like a small thick dick. He straps it to my head gagging me. Then he wipes something onto my pubic area. My gut is in the way so I can't see what. He goes to the counter before returning with what looks like a sheet of plastic with something on it. He presses it against my pubic area really low down. I feel it along side of my pussy too. On both sides.
He pushes it hard against me a few times before I feel it peel off. I watch him set the stuff on the counter, and then grab a pen like thing with a line attached to it. I learn what it is in mere seconds as I hear it begin to buzz as I feel it jabbing into my skin. I lay back feeling the pain, and knowing that she's having me tattooed.
It feels like he's slowly slicing my crotch to bits with a razor blade as the tattoo gun pokes into my flesh. He only stops to wipe what he's doing before he begins again. I squirm more and hear myself whine as he gets closer to my pussy. Then when he goes down between my legs beside my labia it really hurts. I bite down on the gag feeling my tears roll down my cheeks. I resist the urge to scream somehow. After a couple of hours he finally says that he's done. He removes the gag, and wipes my cheeks dry.
"You impressed me. I thought for sure you want to stop. You're stronger than you look. Do you want to see it?"
"Not right now. I'm sure you did a good job. Lori wouldn't trust me with just anybody."
He begins to clean his stuff up, and I sit there tied down with my legs wide open. I feel the heat eminating from my crotch. I am surprised that I am turned on from all of this. He eventually turns, and wipes some liquid onto me with a white pad. I see the pad is red and has some black on it as he tosses tit to the counter. Then I feel the sting burning through my entire crotch area. I clench my teeth sucking it up.
"Yeah, it's going to be tender for a week or so." He says wiping some salve on me.
I moan when his fingers brush across my labia. He pauses, and then keeps wiping on me. His thumb touches my labia as he adds it to the side, and I again moan softly.
"You'll need to take good care of your puss until it's healed."
"Fuck me." I moan as his hand brushes across my clit.
"What?" He says surprised.
"Fuck me. I want your cock in me now."
"I don't think so dearie."
"Please. I didn't scream."
"No you didn't, but if I do that then I could get into trouble."
"Just stop making excuses and fuck me. I want you cock. Now."
"I don't have any rubbers, so no."
"Then fuck me without one."
"It's not right."
"Are you homo? Don't like girls?"
"Hell no!"
"Then prove it. Pull out that cock, and shove it in me."
"I'm going to tell everyone I meet that you're gay then."
"You wouldn't."
"Try me."
"You do have a nice cunt, and it is damn wet."
He pulls out his dick, and I see the hairy thing growing as he walks up to me. I feel him wipe it up and down my pussy trying to make it hard.
"Untie me."
He does, and I sit him in the chair before I open his pants all the way letting his dick out. Then I suck on it while I massage his balls. He gets hard enough after a few minutes so I mount him. It stings as his cock opens my sore crotch. It feels good having him inside of me though. I rock my hips as I fuck him making his dick grow even more inside of me. When he's finally hard I ride him good feeling his cock plunging into me as I slam down on his lap.
His hands find my tits, and begin to massage them. He's being so gentle. I want to be man handled. I grab his hands, and make him crush my boobs and pinch my nipples. When I moan he gets the picture, and becomes more in tune with what I want.
"Make me your bitch." I moan feeling my orgasm just out of reach. "Hurt me. Fuck me like you hate me."
He slaps my breasts, and pinches my nipples as he twists them. It hurts so good.
"You better stop before you get more than you want girl." He moans.
"Make me." I say riding him harder.
He moans, and I watch as he tilts his head back closing his eyes. Then he grabs my hips, and holds me tight to him not letting me move. He gets a pained look on his face just as he graons. I feel his cock inside me begin to throb, and then I feel the heat growing in my vaginal canal. His shaking body unde me feels so sexy. It's sets me off, and I too orgasm. I cum hard as he fills me. It feels so relieving. So needed.
He holds me tight until I finish, and then I kiss him on the cheek before dismounting him. I feel his cum run down my leg as I stand. He gets up, wipes himself off, and then hands me a towel.
"I don't suggest too much of that for at least a week." He says reapplying the salve.
"That's not going to be easy."
I sit there
The New Boss part 3
Posted:May 4, 2018 9:01 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2018 7:46 am

Here's the last part of my little novel. I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

I catch the ball, and then throw it to Tad. He tosses it to Les. Les tosses it to Lori who tosses it back to Tad. He tosses it to me, and I miss it. I wade to get it through the people before tossing to Les. Tad and Les wade into waist deep water off to the side so we have more room. Lori and I follow. We continue our game of catch when I notice that the teenagers seem to be gravitating closer to me. I am closest the main beach so I'm not too surprised.
They play catch with a Frisbee just behind me. I figure they too are trying to escape the crowd. One of the boys almost runs right into me. He just misses me by a few feet to my left as he goes for the disk. I just look at him. He smiles apologizing. I can see his eyes looking me up and down. My arms automatically fold against me covering my chest as he moves back behind me. I'm glad this suit is tight, but I wish it covered more.
Les tosses me the ball hard. It goes high so I have to run toward the shore and jump to catch it. When I land I see an different boy standing there looking me up and down. He walks up to me in the knee deep water until he's a couple of feet away from me.
"That suit wasn't made for a fat chick, and you need to make sure your cunt is shaved clean instead of your twat stubble. You need to cover that mess."
I don't say a word. I feel his word burn into my heart as I walk back to Lori. I hand her the ball, and she sees the pain in my eyes.
"What's the matter sweetie?"
"Nothing. I think we should leave."
"We'll go in a little while. Did he say something to upset you?"
"Just the truth."
"Like what?" She asks holding me after tossing Tad the ball.
"That I shouldn't be here dressed like this. It's not me, and girls like me shouldn't wear stuff like this."
"Hey, I picked it out because I thought you'd look gorgeous in it, and I, we, think you do. You have to take the source. He's a in a man's body. He has nobody while you have anyone you want. I bet he'd even jump at the chance to be with you."
Her words do resonate with some truth.
"I think you look great, and are a perfect woman. That's all that really matters. He'll go to his mommy's basement after this while you will party with me. Why don't you go lay out on the blanket until it's time to go? Relax, and do what comes to mind. You have nothing to lose here."
I go back to the blanket thinking about her words. She's right. I don't have anything to lose. Nobody knows me, and I'll be going home in a day. I'm surrounded by complete strangers who judge me for no reason. I don't judge, and if I seen me dressed like I am I would be jealous that the girl would be so bold. I need to relax.
I lay on the blanket under a tree shading me from the hot sun. I watch as a couple of men seem to move closer. One even lays down a few feet from my feet. A couple keep walking by, and I see their eyes checking me out. It turns me on feeling sexy. I lay on my back with a rolled up towel under my head lifting it enough to see the guy below my feet from the bottom of my eye.
He rolls onto his stomach constantly looking up at me. I feel a tingle in my puss. I feel myself begin to wet. I act as though I'm falling asleep letting my feet relax so my toes drop to the side. He moves, and I see that he's trying to get a better view of my crotch. After a couple of minutes with my crotch tingling more and more I stretch myself.
I fold my hands under my head as I stretch my toes down, and then I relax letting my legs open slightly. I lay my head to the left to see the that almost ran into me sitting there staring at me as he watches his friends in the water. He doesn't see me peeking through my eyelids, but I see him. I just lay there for a few more minutes before I decide to stretch once more.
This time I stretch my arms down toward my crotch as I hold my hands together squeezing my boobs between my arms. I then relax again by folding my fingers under my head, and opening my legs a bit more. I see the pull out his phone and snap some pictures of me. Looking down I see the guy at my feet still staring unabashed. I know he's staring at my crotch, and it's turning me on.
I lay for a while longer before opening my eyes. The quickly looks forward pretending he's looking at his phone. As I sit up the guy by my feet just keeps staring not caring if I see him looking. He smiles at me when I do look at him. I smile back sitting there with my legs open and my feet apart. I see his eyes lock onto my crotch once more as he lays on his stomach.
I look around for Lori and the guys out in the water thinking about the guy's boner poking into the sandy beach. I see Les walking from the bathroom across the beach, and then I see Tad. Barely though. His back it facing me, and he's behind a bunch of trees off away from the main area. He eventually turns, and I see Lori close to his chest. She's moving up and down telling me that they're fucking. I watch feeling myself getting more and more horny.
Then the teens friends walk up as I watch Lori and Tad. The mean one stares at me for a minute before scoffing.
"Hey fatty, Your huge fat tit is hanging out. You might want to put it away before the piglets want to suckle."
I look down to see my left boob just hanging free, and I cover it with the suit.
"Yeah, I better put it away before you mess in your pants. Your mommy wouldn't like to have to clean the stains out of your underwear. Never mind, she's probably used to it." I snap back.
The that was sitting there smiles as the mean one grabs his things mad that he was bested. There's four of them in total. All boys, and three out of the four seem nice. The mean one seems to be the leader of sorts, and he wants to leave since he was embarrassed by me.
"Let's go guys. The air stinks around here." He says.
"Maybe if you'd let your mommy wash behind your ears once and a while it would smell better." I back.
The guy by my feet giggles, and the teens leave with the nicer one nodding as they walk away. Les soon is by me drying off. He sits next to me, and drinks a water silently. I watch Lori and Tad fucking until they finish, and walk up smiling. I smile at Lori, and she knows that I seen them. They dry off, drink a water, and then we collect our things to go. I offer to fold the blanket, and they bring the rest to the car.
Kneeling with my back to the guy that was at my feet I bend reaching for the edge of the blanket. I make sure to open my legs enough to let me see the guy staring. My ass is only a couple of feet from him, and I know he can see just about everything. Taking my time I bring the far edge to the nearest, and then the right one to the left. I repeat two more times before I move around so that I'm facing him as I kneel. I bend down on my hands and knees picking the debris off the blanket tossing it to the side. I feel my boobs shaking as I toss the junk piece by piece.
I glance up to see him never looking away. When I finish I smile at him as I make sure that my boobs are in my suit, and then I walk away to the car. The door is open for me, and I get in the back next to Lori. She slides next to me putting her arm around me.
"We weren't that obvious. Were we?" She asks.
"No. I could barely watch." I smirk.
She kisses me as we drive away. Lori and I tell the guys that we want to shower before we go anywhere or do anything. The car drives to the cabin, and she tells me to shower first as she peels my suit off on the front porch making me stand there naked until the door is opened. I head right to the shower, and it feels so nice washing the sand out of my hair. I reach for the soap when the curtain opens and Lori steps in. She takes the soap out of my hand turning me so that she's under the shower head, and begins to lather me all over.
When I'm all soaped up I take the soap sponge from her, and return the favor. Her warm skin feels so nice as it glides under my touch. I soap her good before I use my bare hands to work it more. Her back arches as I touch her breasts. I run my hands down her stomach, over her hips, and touch her firm ass. Puling her close with my hands on her ass I kiss her deeply. She moans in my mouth as the water rinses us clean.
I run my hands all over her as we kiss wiping the soap off her body feeling her writhe under my touch. I kneel to rub down her legs, and then back up letting my touch linger on her hot wet crotch. Looking up at her I see her watching me smiling. I lean forward. Her legs open as my mouth closes in on her. My tongue finds her soft labia as my lips wrap around her mound. Her hips move forward letting my tongue slip into her vagina.
I moan tasting her sweet flavor. I can taste a bit more though. Her hips fuck my face while I decipher the added taste. It's Tad's cum that I taste. That's it. I lick with added gusto, and she is quickly pulling my hair as she orgasms down my throat. I hold her ass cheeks holding her tight to my lips as I savor every last lick.
We are interrupted by a banging on the door. It's Les telling us to hurry up. I am so horny, but I know that they are getting impatient. We laugh and quickly finish before drying each other off. Lori helps me shave my stubble before she dresses while I dry my hair and comb it. Then I dry her hair while she combs it. We walk out with me wrapped in my towel. She leads me to her bedroom where she hands me a pair of light gray shorts, and a white tank top. I slip into the shorts which fit nice in the waist, but are really loose in the legs. They are really short too. It feels like my ass is sticking out of them, but It's not when I look. Close, but no.
The tank is also loose fitting, and of course has the plunging neckline. I see my nipples poking out through the sheer fabric along with the outline of my areolas. The neckline shows my cleavage all the way down to my stomach. She hands me a pair of white socks and gray sneakers. The shoes and socks fit great.
She smiles saying how nice it looks on me, and then takes me by the hand leading me out the door. Tad drives Lori and I to the state park up the road while Les stays at the cabin. The afternoon sun is beating down on us as I follow them down a trail. Lori wears a fanny pack with a few bottles of water, and Tad reads the map leading the way.
It's not long before the sweat begins to flow out of every pore in my body. I see Lori and Tad sweating too as they hike. We go through an open prarie, and then into the woods. The trail starts wide and upkept, and then gets more and more narrow as we twit and turn. Small signs pots tell him where we're heading since I really donw know. Nobody says much of anything, and neither one even looks back to see if I'm even here.
We hike for almost an hour before I hear voices ahead. I try to look, but Tad and the trees are blocking my view. Lori looks at Tad with a huge grin as we enter into a narrow slit of rocks just off the path. I have to walk sideways for about twenty feet to get through squeezing between the tall rocks. The voices are just ahead of us.
The slit in the rocks opens up to reveal a large opening with a single tree near the middle. I see one way out. The way we just came in. Off to the right is a few folding chairs sitting open. To the left is rock wall rising straight up from the ground. The center has the tree, and between it and the chairs is a large firepit. I see about twenty guys standing around the pit drinking beer as they load it up with wood. The men range in ages from twenty to fifty, and all of their other attribtes vary also. Fat,skinny, tall, short, bald, hairy, young an old. They are definitely a variety.
They all stop to look at us, and I see one light the fire. It roars to life with flames rising high. Lori takes my right hand leading me with them to the fire. I'm hot enough already, and the heat from the fire is unwelcome. The guys stand there drinking as they look me over. I look down to see my chest is clearly visible through my sweat soaked shirt. I release her hand to cover myself, but hands reach from behind me engulfing my breasts.
He squeezes hard, and shakes my boobs roughly as he calls attention to me. I manage to pull free from his grip pushing him away. I turn to see a very drunk younger guy laughing at me as he drinks another beer. An older guy with white hair walks up to Tad handing him an envelope. Tad looks into it, smiles, and then puts it in his pocket.
Whispering into Lori's ear they turn to me taking my hands. The men watch as I am led around the fire to the tree. Lori kisses my lips before telling me that she's sorry. I am confused. She and Tad take my hands raising them over my head. I stand there watching as my wrists are tied with a rope hanging from an overhanging branch.
They check me over as I stand on my tiptoes hanging from my wrists. Lori walks away looking ashamed. Tad kisses the side of my head hugging me before he walks to Lori holding her at the back of the opening. The white haired man walk up to me looking me over close. He grabs my nipples puling them until they're both hard. Then he walks behind me grabbing my ass cheeks feeling me up before swatting my left butt cheek.
Standing in front of me he grabs my crotch roughly, and getts inches from my face. I smell the beer on his breath as his fingers work under the crotch of my shorts touching my labia. I feel my body respond accordingly as my crotch flushes with excitement and wetness.I shudder as his finger drags across my clitoris making the ropes dig into my wrists. The men all gather around me watching as the man wiggles his hand between my legs forcing his finger into me.
"Not the tightest, but you're wet enough. Your not a super model, but cute." He licks his finger before continuing. "Tastes pretty good too. You have nice big tits, and an ass made for tonight."
I see another guy setting stuff on a table to my right. I watch trying to see what he's doing as the older guy pinches my nipples again.
"It's our lucky night. I'm glad Tad needed some help. He sold you. Well, rented you to us for a few hours."
The guy setting thing out moves to the side, and I see crops and paddles laying on the table. I fill with fear, anxiety, and lust.
"Do you like our toys? We like to use them, but it's so hard to find a willing recipient."
I see Lori crying against Tad's chest as the men line up taking thier choice toll from the table. The man tugs my shorts off me, and tosses them onto a chair before ripping my top off me. I stand there nude as the men walk behind him.
"Forgive us if we get out of hand." He says snickering. "Or don't."
He takes his belt off, and steps to my left side. I feel it smack across my ass hard. I clench my teeth bearing it. A second swat quickly follows, then a third and fourth. I moan as the sting sets in.
"Go ahead and scream. Nobody will hear you. I encourage it." He sneers as he turns his belt to my chest.
Not wanting to give him the satisfaction I hold in my pain enduring it by shaking the sting off feeling my tears running down my cheeks. Swat after swat sets my skin on fire as he beats me hard with the belt. Eventually he turns the strap to my crotch beating my mound until it matches the rest of me. By the time he steps back my skin feels like it's burning.
The next guy walks up to me. He looks me over for a few seconds before I feel his crop slice across my breasts. A moan escapes me as the crop cuts into my skin. Slowly he works the crop down to my crotch, and back to my ass before whipping the back of my legs making them give out from the pain. I hang from the rope as he works up my back to my shoulders before stepping back.
Then the next guy steps up showing me his crop before laying into my ass with it. He smacks me hard and fast as though he hates me. Then he lets the next guy take his turn with a paddle. One by one I am whipped and spanked as they drink and watch. My body is numb from the abuse, and my eyes are clouded from my tears. All I can see is that it's getting dark through my blurry vision.
By the time they finish I see the fire lighting the night. I feel my body being lifted by many hands as the rope is untied. I am carried toward the fire, and layed on my back on something soft. I wipe my eyes to look around with the heat of the fire heating the right side of my body while the night air cools my left. As I focus I see the flames dancing in the night. Turning away I see Lori staring at me while Tad chats with one of the men.
I see the edge of the air mattress I'm laying on as I look around. Staring back at the fire unable to move, and feeling my skin tingling with ache. My legs lift up. I look up just in time to see one of the older guys between my legs as his cock fills my pussy. Another guy knees beside my head, and slaps my lips with his dick until I suck on it.
"This pussy is so fucking wet." The guy ay as he fucks me.
"She sucks a mean cock too." The other guys says as lust makes me gobble his manhood.
Less than ten minutes later I feel a load of semen being pumped into my wanting womb stopping my libido short of orgasm. I suck harder feeling it warming me inside which make the other guy fill my mouth with his cum. I swallow it as fast as he squirts it out just as another guy lays behind me. I feel his cock ram into my ass while I suck out the last drops of cum from the dick in my mouth. As soon as my mouth is empty another guy lays in front of me lifting my left leg high into the air a he slides into my pussy.
Having two cocks in me is way more than I ever thought would ever happen. As soon as they start fucking me good another cock slips into me mouth. My lust takes me to new heights as my body is filled full driving me crazy with lust. My moans match my rocking hips. I am soon overcome with such an intense sense of pleasure that I would have screamed if my mouth wasn't full of dick. As soon as I finish my orgasm I feel the dick slip out of my ass. A small fart slips out, and I feel slime run out of me.
Another takes his place, and not long after the guy pulls out of my mouth finishing all over my face. One by one they use me in every way finishing in me, on me, and where ever they choose. I don't even try to stop them. After my fifth orgasm I give in to my libido letting them have me. They take me in every way, and in multiple positions. I am left with semen all over dripping from my every orifice by the time Lori takes my hand.
I struggle to my feet, and under shaking legs I am stood up. The men cheer when I'm on my feet. Lori helps me to walk back to the trail where Tad is waiting. I stumble and fall to my knees a few times as we make our way back to the car. When we finally make it back Tad and Lori have an arguement, and Tad wins as Lori sits in the passenger seat angry. Tad opens the trunk looking at me.
"You're a mess, and I don't want that all over the inside of the car. Sorry, but it's this or walk back." He tells me.
I climb in the trunk, and he closes it on me. The car starts, and we drive back. I fall asleep not long after we leave, and wake up to Lori hitting Tad while she yells at him. My body is too beat up to move so I just listen to her telling him how he fucked up letting them use me, and how she had feelings for me. She keeps sing the past tense which makes me wonder.
"If you loved me so much you'd show it." I try to shout.
Tad hears me, but Lori does not. He tries to calm her to no avail. I manage to sit up, but she had her back to me. Tad points, but she keeps ranting. My body is so sore as I move to the edge of the trunk. I swing my legs over the edge, and try to stand only to fall back against the car. Lori still doesn't notice, but I see the tears streaming down her cheeks. I manage enough energy to push myself up off the trunk, and I wrap my arms around her as I fall forward. We fall to the ground as my weight brings her down.
"You bitch too much." I joke as I lay on top of her.
She hugs me tight hurting my aching body, but I welcome it.
"I thought you were gone!" She sobs.
"I'm right here. Where would I have gone to?"
"You know what I mean."
"You aren't getting rid of me that easy." I smile.
She kisses me deeply, and holds me tight. Les walks up wondering what is going on. He sees me, and is amazed.
"What the fuck happened to you? We better get you inside."
Les and Tad carry me in, and Lori tends to my wounds. I pass out in my bed as they tend to me.
I wake to the sun shining in my eyes. Les and Tad are talking outside my door. I try to get up, but my body isn't letting me. Les walks in, and puts a pill in my mouth. I have no choice but to swallow it as I lay there naked. I close my eyes, and nod off only to wake about an hour later. I still ache, but can at least move around.
"Good. The meds worked. I knew I shouldn't toss them." Les exclaims.
I smile as I make my way to the bathroom. I have to pee so bad, but the door is locked. Tad tells me that he's going to be a long time when I knock. I go to the couch as I pinch it off.
"Just go outide to piss." Les offers. "There's trees everywhere. Pick one."
I decide that he's right after a few minutes, and knowing that I won't be able to hold it much longer I walk out the patio doors. I make my way back by the shed, and squat letting it flow. It feels so good. I lean back with my legs open and my back against the shed, and feel the pressure easing. When I push the last squirt out I look up to see the elderly neighbor standing there watching me. I smile, and return to the cabin. Once I walk back through the patio door I realize that I'm naked from head to toe, and he got a great look at my body. I don't care. I sit on the couch next to Les as he watches the morning news.
"What's the weather like today?" I ask.
"Shut up ." He answers silencing me.
Lori coms out of her bedroom, and heads for the bathroom. I follow her in.
"When are we heading back?" I ask as she pees.
"Later tonight, Why are you homesick?"
"I was just wondering." I answer.
"Your shorts are in my purse. Clean yourself up, and put them on." She commands.
I grab them out before taking a shower, and cleaning up. I slide them on just as she hands me another shirt. This one is a light pink tube top that barely covers my boobs. It also shows the welts and bruises that are starting to form all over my chest,ass, and crotch. I slip on my shoes and socks after dressing, and follow Lori and Tad out the door.
We drive along when I ask, "Where are we going so early in the morning?"
"You're a good catholic girl. Where do you go on Sunday mornings?" Lori asks.
"Mass." I mumble.
"Yup, but that's not exactly where we're going."
I sigh in relief. Being dressed like a slut, and my body red from my knees to my shoulders would give the old ladies heart attacks. My head feels like it's swimming under water, and I blame whatever Les gave me.
"Sit back, and relax. It'll be a little while before we get there." Tad says.
As I lay back Lori pulls me to her cuddling me. It hurts, but feels so right laying with my head on her shoulder. I feel the car twist and turn before it rolls to a stop. Lori nudges me to sit up. I do, and then look around. I see we're in a gravel parking lot with cars and trucks parked all around. In front of us is a small nondescript tan pole building with no windows and a single dark brown door.
"I just want to say that you don't have to go in, or do anything that you don't want to do." Lori says holding me.
They walk to the door with Tad leading the way. Les walks across the road to a small tavern with a couple of trucks in the parking lot. Lori looks back as she stops at the door, and sees me close behind. She smiles and hugs me repeating that I can walk away at any time, and that I don't have to do anything I don't want to.
Tad holds the door as we walk in, and I look around. I see what looks like a black marble altar about four feet high and ten feet long. It is on a large platform that's about three feet high and thirty feet long. There are wooden chair with black padding lined up facing the altar filled with men and women of all shapes and sizes. The concrete floor is covered in a soft red carpet everywhere except the main aisle. That has the same carpet in black.
People turn looking at us as we take seats near the altar. I watch around nervously as the room fills with people until they are standing on either side of the room. After a few minutes the room goes quiet. I think to myself that this must be one of those new style churches as I look around at the people. None of them are dressed up like they would be for a traditional service. Some are wearing clothes that show just as much skin as mine do. I even see a few girls holding other girl's hands.
My attention is taken when a younger black man in a purple robe walks out on the stage. He looks around before raising his hands. Everyone stands, and I hear him telling us that we're welcome and to welcome out neighbor. I go to shake hands with the older man beside me he grabs me hugging me catching me off guard. I stand there stunned as Lori hugs me.
"This is how we greet each other." She tells me. "You don't have to unless you want to."
The woman behind me holds out her hands offering me a hug, and I see her large breasts between her outstretched arms. I figure there's no harm in a hug. Her breasts press against mine crushing between us. She feels so warm and soft. She smells so nice. I feel myself getting turned on by her, and she compliments my hair. I hug the man beside her, and then the woman on her other side. Then we all sit down watching the man in the robe.
"We are all gathered here today in His love. Love is the reason for everything in the world, and what everything in the world needs. Complete love is the power of the heart. Let us worship and praise love." He starts.
He drones on preaching about God and love, and how they are one in the same. I have to agree. I've thought that for years. After about fifteen minutes he asks if there was any visitors, and Lori points me out.
"Stand up pretty lady." He insists.
I stand nervous and ashamed knowing that everyone will see my half naked bruised body.
"Looks like somebody had a fun night recently." He goes on. "I'm jealous. Welcome, and feel free to be yourself here. You're among friends."
I sit back down relieved that the spotlight is off me.
"Thanks for doing that." Lori whispers. "Are you okay?"
I nod as she takes my hand into hers. The woman behind me tells me that I'm brave for standing up. She begins to stroke my hair as we sit telling me that they are all my friends. When the preacher guy in the robe continues we sit there. It's almost like a traditional church service except for the bible reading, and that there's no communion. At the end he asks if anyone has anything to declare. I watch as Lori stands. He calls her to the front, and she stands beside the altar addressing everyone.
"I want to declare my ove for everyone. Mostly for a special person in my life. This person has shown me love like no other. I found out what true love is, and I'm extremely grateful. This person has become such a part of my life that I can't think of living without them." She opens pausing as she chooses her words. "We have been a part of this group for a while now, but never declared, or felt the need to declare until now."
I smile as she declares her love for Tad in front of everyone.
"She's so brave." The woman behind me says.
"I declare my complete love for this person who has taught me more about myself in the short time we've been together, and I wish to let the world know by calling them up here with me to share in the love."
I look over at Tad who smiles at me.
"Michele. Would you come by me?" She says stunning me.
Nervously I walk up beside her, and also face the crowd who applauds.
"Over these past few weeks I watched this woman do things, and endure things that most would have run from. She didn't. Instead I seen her blossom into the perfect person as she came out of her shell. Right now I'm sure she's nervous, but she shouldn't be. We're all here to love you." She says turning to me. "I want you to know how much I love you. I am asking to be your Forever Friend. Which to us means your special partner in love. Will you be mine?"
I nod my head as she holds my hand. She smile and hugs me tight.
"In order for you to be Memeber Lori's Forever Friend you have to be accepted into out little group. Are you willing to do that?" The preacher guy asks.
"Yes." I say to him.
Lori leads me beside the altar by the hand, and kisses me. Telling me that I can back out at any time. I smile, and she hugs me. I feel her pull my tube top down baring my breasts between us. Feeling her close to my makes me wet. Her hands pull the top down grabbing the band of my shorts as she lowers. I feel them pull down over my hips, and then drop to the floor. Lori again takes me hand as she sits me on the altar top.
The preacher steps in front of me as I sit there naked. I see his robe pointing outward in the middle, and then I see his dick pop out as he opens his robe. It's a cute thing of avarage size. It's not the first black man I've seen, but it looks so dark as he walks up to me until he's right in front of me. Lori stands to the side behind the altar while the audience watches. He looks me in the eyes as he gently touches my cheek with his right hand.
"Do you accept our love?"
"Yes." I answer.
"Do you accept all of our love?"
"Then our love you shall have." He says leaning forward until I'm laying on my back with him between my legs.
His cock glides easily into my excited vagina making me moan as it fills me. The people applaud hearing me. He responds by slowly fucking me. I feel him inside of me. It feels so nice. His cock slowly massaging my vaginal walls excites me all that much more. I grab him by the waist as my lust becomes unbearable, and I pull him to me.
His pace never falters. Slow and steady as though he's teasing me. All I can do is moan. The audience just watches with a few people touching themselves. My focus turns to the woman who was behind me, and I see her right hand in her jeans moving around vigorously. Her left hand is up under her shirt as she palys with her nipple. The men around her just watch her and me.
I feel an orgasm slowly and methodically begin to build deep inside of me. My hips rock to meet his thrusts. He jut stares into my eyes holding me close under him. My gaze is drawn to him. We stare into each other's eyes for a minute. I feel my orgasm begin to push against the dam holding it in me. I so want it to burst, but I need a little more. He bends down kissing me on the left cheek. I feel his hot breath on my neck, and I moan loud as my orgasm bursts free.
My body shakes and bucks as the pleasure takes me to new heights. His rhythm continues lik he's a robot. I don't care. The waves bring me to a delightful climax for a few minutes before slowly dying away. His cock keeps fucking me until I am a quivering heap under him. He rises off me leaving me laying there. I feel his semen leak out of me and run down over my ass as the crowd cheers.
I see Lori taking his place between my legs. She kneels down, and I feel her tongue work it's magic as she cleans my pussy and ass. She licks and teases my freshly fucked pussy until I am again moaning and rocking my hips fucking her face. She reaches up to pinch and pull at my nipples. My horniness builds back strong quickly. My desire for another orgasm becomes a need. In only a few minute I feel her suck my clit hard, and it sets my orgasm in motion before it builds up strong.
I hold her head between my legs as I writhe in pleasure moaning loud. Her tounge and mouth partake of my nectar as my love flows freely through my body. She pinches harder making me cum harder. I am quickly very sensitive down there, and I have to push her head away. My body shakes as the last waves of orgasm flow fom me. I see her kneeling and watching me with her chin glistening in the lights. I smile at her, and then she leans over me kissing me. I lick myself off her face as we kiss.
She helps me to sit up, and I see the preacher has put his robe back on, and is watching us like everyone else. The room roars with applause, and the preacher step behind us making us face the crowd.
"Let us accept our newest love, Michele."
I am still naked, but I don't care. i watch as the people begin to get up, and line up in the main aisle. The preacher makes me kneel before motioning for the older man in the front to come forward. I watch as he steps up to me, and takes out his hard dick. He plays with it for a minute before I see it squirt, and feel his cum landing on my chest. He is followed by a younger man who does the same. Then the woman from behind me walks up. I look up at her and smile.
Her breasts are heaving under her shirt making her nipples become visible with every breath she takes. She pulls down the front of her pants revealing her natural crotch. I watch as her fingers dive down touching her pussy. I hear the wetness as she fingers herself, and it proves too much. I lean forward, and bury my face into her muff letting my tongue dive down. I hear her moan, and then feel her orgasm squirt into my mouth. I swallow it down as fast as I can, but still get a lot down my chin and chest before she's done.
One by one they come up to me playing with themselves. Mostly men, but a couple of women. Some cum right away, but some need a little coaxing which I'm more than happy to provide. The last on in line is the preacher. When he opens his robe I see his dark cock again fully erect. I waste no time getting him into my mouth and suck him. I take advantage of the situation, and I take charge. I suck and stroke like I'm in heat. My reward is quick to arrive when he has my open my mouth as I lean my head back.
He strokes himself against my bottom lip. I quickly feel him as he spurts onto my face and in my mouth. I stay motionless letting him use me until he's done. Then I suck the last drops out. When he steps to the side I see everyone back in their seats.
"You have been accepted, and have accepted us. Lori has a wonderful Forever Friend with which she can spend the rest of her days with." He says before turning to the audience. "Now as you go about your day remember to love. Fully and truely."
A woman hands me a towel, and I wipe myself off with it as Lori and I gather my clothes which are near the altar. Some people come to us to congradulate us before they leave, and Tad just sits there quietly waiting for us. We eventually make it to the door after I redress, and then we go across the road to join Les who is already a bit tipsy.
We order a lunch and drinks.I see that there's three really old men sitting at the far end of the bar with the bartender who looks to be in his fifties with graying hair. After we eat I have to pee so I make my way past the men to the women's bathroom. The bartender informs me that it's not working at the moment, and that I can use the men's room next to it.
I walk in, and the see that there's no toilet paper. I go to ask the bartender for some, and he has to go get it from the basement. While I wait one of the old guys looks me over before grabbing my right butt cheek as I stand to the left of them all.
"That's a nice fat ass." He slurs.
I push his hand away. He grabs me again, and I again push it away.
"Whats' the matter sweetie? By the way you're dressed you want a man's attention."
"No thanks."
He gets up, and presses his body against me pushing me against the counter. I smell his beer breath as he talks.
"What do you expect a guy to think when you're dressed like a cheap slut?" He mumbles as his hand reaches around my hips grabbing my crotch.
I push him off me telling him that he's not my type, and to stop. He turns me facing him, and grabs my breasts after pulling my tube top out of the way.
"Nice tits!"
I again push him away, but he grabs my nipples holding on. I cringe in pain as he squeezes them hard. I close my eyes as I try to pull his hands off. I feel them being pinched harder and harder before being pulled outward from me. Then I feel him ley go as they slip from his grip. I grab my breasts holding them until the ache dies away. They are still very bruised and sensitive which doesn't help.
When I look up I see Tad pulling the old guy off me. He tell him to sit down before he gets hurt. Just them the bartender walks back in with the toilet paper, but Tad takes my hand pulling me out the doot with him as Lori and Les follow behind. We get into the car, and I see Lori whisper something into Tad's ear as we sit in the back with her behind him. He giggles, and we are soon driving into a park. Tad stops the car by a playground, and we see that nobody is around.
"The good thing about Sunday is that we will have the playground to ourselves." Tad says.
"Leave me out of it." Les adds.
We get out, and Lori takes my left hand leading me to the play equipment. I see her holding a black case, and wonder what it is. I have to still pee, but she doen't let me go. Instead she leads me up onto the tower thing, and tells me to pose as she pulls a camera out of the bag. I smile, pose, and hear the camera shutter click away. She has me pose in various positions, on various pieces of the play stuff, and even to flash now and again. It's all fun until the teens from swimming show up.
"Look who it is boys." The outgoing says. "It's the fat chick from the beach. I see you haven't lost any weight."
Lori begins to talk, but stops when she hears me say, "And you haven't found a brain either, huh?"
"You should cover that fat ass of your before someone calls about a beached whale."
"Are they going to use your phone in your mommy's basement?"
"Looks like someone found some use for you. As a whipping post. They must have had a lot of extra time to be able to whip your huge flabby gunt."
I shake my belly laughing, "I'm fat, and I can still get laid while you get turned down by your hand."
"There's guys desperate enough to fuck a like you? I doubt it. Your stinky cunt would make a dildo vomit."
I walk up to him facing him down, "How would you know what I smell like. I'm sure all you can smell is your boyfriend's taint all day."
I can smell you stinking ass from ten miles away bitch." He says backing off.
"So you are trying to get a whiff of me, but since your head is so far up your own ass you can only smell your own colon?"
He backs all the way up until he runs against a picnic table, and it makes him sit.
"I bet that you're a virgin, aren't you?" I ask not waiting for an answer. "I bet you've never even been this close to a woman before."
I straddle his lap taking control.
"I bet you've never even felt a woman against you?" I ask pressing my chest against his.
"Or felt her breasts against your face." I say lifting myself so that his face is crushed between my boobs. I hold him tight to me smothering him in my cleavage and feeling him getting hard between us.
"It's too bad that you're such a little asshole, or you'd have a chance to know what your missing." I say as I look over at Lori.
I let my pee flow as I sit on his lap crushing him against me as I hold him tight. He struggles when he realizes what's happening, but he can't get free. My pee runs down over him onto the ground, and I hold him fast until I push out the last dribble. He pushes me away as I get up off him.
"What the hell bitch?!"
"Looks like the little boy wet himself. Mommy's going to be mad." I taunt.
He walks off in a huff calling me all kinds of names. His friends go to follow, but stop when I confront the quiet one.
"With friends like him you're not going to get anywhere in life." I say as I pull off my soaked shorts.
The rest of them gasp seeing my nudity. I turn to face them as I take off my top letting them get a good look.
"You boys get to see what he didn't because he wants to be childish."
One of them reaches for his phone when I stop him.
"You better not be calling him."
He shakes his head so I let him take it out, and he begins to take pictures of me. The other friend follows his lead, and I pose for them showing them my everything. I feel so sexy, and empowered. And turned on. Before I know it I am standing in front of the quiet one, and I drop to my knees taking him out of his pants. He stands there watching as I gobble his soft dick into my mouth. I suck on it hard feeling it grow between my lips.
I suck until he's good and hard, and then I sit him onto the picnic table bench. I turn my back to him before lowering myself onto his cock. It feels so nice inside of me. My wet pussy once again being filled properly.
"I hope you're eighteen." I moan as I fuck him.
Looking back at him I smile and pull his hands up around me to my breasts. He cups them massaging them gently. I use my hands over his to show him how to do it harder. I feel him soon kissing my back as I ride his cock.
"Fuck me." I moan.
His friends are recording us, and I open my legs so they get a good view. It makes his cock poke in just the right spot sending me to heaven. Just as my orgasm starts I feel his fingers find my clit and rub it hard. It makes me savage with lustful abandon. I moan and fuck hard as the pleasure controls me, and enjoy the minute of pure bliss.
I slow as my orgasm wanes, and I feel his dick getting limp inside of me. His body twitches as I slowly ride him telling me that he finished when I did. He holds my hips rubbing up and down my back. I sit there with him inide of me feeling it throb every now and then. After a minute or two I open my legs wide giving them a good close up view as I lift off of the dick. It plops out of me flaccid, and his cum begins to leak from me right away. I let them see it for a little bit before I stand up.
He sits there as I grab my wet shorts, and tube top. Lori laughs as we walk back to the car. Tad and Les are standing there watching us. Les drinks the last of another beer while I use the tube top to sit on so Tad doesn't get stains on the seat. Lori and I hod each other as we drive back to the cabin.
I help get thing together and clean up. We finish around six, and then Tad drives us back with Les driving the big truck back. Lori insists that I sit in the passenger seat while she rides in the back. We drive slow down the highway since Tad likes it when the people next to us see me. Lori records every encounter even when we went through the drive through for supper. That got an eye full, and I'm sure he's never going to forget me. Especially since I seen him take a picture before other boys came to look at me.
Surprisingly I find it funny more than embarrassing. We pull off to the side to eat, and then continue on. Tad pulls into a wayside rest area between a bunch of trucks. I see out my window a bunch of old fat guys gathering around looking in.
"Lay back, and open your legs. Let them see you play with your pussy."
I do as instructed, and see them pulling their dicks out as they stroke themselves. I like watching them for some reason. It's sexy and exciting. The window is lowered, and the men move in closer. feel their hands touching me all over. Pinching, pulling, and caressing me. One guy moves his dick right into the window. I move closer to the door thinking about sicking him, but he quickly shoots his load out on my right boob.
I hear the door unlock seconds before it swings open. I turn so my legs are hanging out while I touch myelf, but they pull me further sitting me on the step between the door and the seat. I use my right hand on my clit while I hold myself up with my left. A load of cum splatter all over my left boob, and anther on my stomach.
It feels so hot at when it hits, and then tickles as it drips down. I rub myself harder feeling an orgasm coming on quick. Cum shoots out all over my hand and crotch making me super slippery. I cum hard, and am rewarded by load after load splattering out on my body covering my breasts, belly, and crotch. I rub it all in as the men watch. Then I get back into the car, and we finish the long drive back.
I can feel the semen dried onto my skin by the time we get back. Tad parks across the parking lot at my work making me wonder why. Mine is the lone car in the empty lot, but I see Les as he walks out from behind the building. I look at Tad who shrugs his shoulders as he points to Lori. She gets out opening my door for me.
"We can't park closer since the cameras would see us together, and that wouldn't look so good for either of us." She says handing me my car keys. "Your purse is in the car along with some clothes. I'll see you tomorrow morning."
She hugs me tight kissing me on the lips.
"I'm going to miss you." She says as she pushes me toward my car. "Now move along. If you act normal they won't even notice that you're naked since their cameras aren't so good."
With a slap on the ass I begin the long walk to my car wondering just how crappy their cameras are. Les meets me at the front of my car, and just stares at me.
"Thing are back to normal now ."
He grabs my arm spinning me around bending me over my hood. He pushes down on my back as he slides hi dick into my ass. His cock feels like it belongs as he rams me hard against my car.
"This ass is getting too lose bitch. But, like you, it still has some use. Not much, but some."
I don't say a word except for the occasional moan, and in a few minutes he grunts as he fills my rectum with his cum. He finishes, pulls out, and then begins to walk away as his cum runs down my leg.
"Good . I'll have to pay you later." He says.
I lay there feeling content as his juices dribbles out of me. After a couple of minutes I open my car, and find the stuff Lori left me. I find my own black dress shoes and my blue socks along with a blue skirt, light blue blouse, and black lace thong and matching bra. She left me a note telling me that I'm only allowed to were thongs and g strings if I wear any underwear at all, and that the bra will be worn only until I get to work. Then I am not allowed to wear any at all. I smile wondering what she's planning as I dress beside my car, and then drive home.
The meet me at the door with big hugs. It hurts my bruised achy body, but very welcome. I give my hubby a kiss as I walk past him on the couch. He asks if I had fun, and what we did. I said that I did, and that we didn't really do much except sit around the fire, go swimming, and church.
"It was nice and relaxing. I wish you could have been there to see yourself."
"Maybe next time?"
"Maybe. I'm hitting the shower. I feel sticky all over."
After my shower we watch TV until bedtime, and then we go to bed. My alarm goes off all too early, but I welcome the day. Around noon Lori texts me that she go ahold of the videos of when we got back, and took care of them. I ask her how she did that, but she never answered. When I got in I went in to see her to ask, but she would only say that it was taken care of.
"Thank you. I can't afford to lose this job." I say.
"You can thank me in a few weeks sweetheart." She says kissing me on the cheek quick. "I want you so bad right now. I need to be with you."
"You are with me, but we have to be professional here. Let's meet for lunch tomorrow?"
"Deal. I'll be over at eleven. Now get to work."

THE END? Let me know if you want more, and I'll write more.
The New Boss part 2
Posted:May 3, 2018 7:30 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 7:58 am

Previously I was left with the vibrating egg inside of me as Lori was walking away...

I tried to ask her to have some sort of mercy on me, but I can't talk. All I can do is shudder as the buzzing inside of me rattles my sex pleasingly. I try to do what work I can trying to take my mind off the constant arousal.It's so hard. The time slowly ticks by, but the sexual mood progresses quickly. It's only ten minutes before I feel an orgasm course through me. It's a small one, but it makes me shudder just the same. About five minutes after that I am humping the chair wanting more.
After an hour I have had four orgasms, and I'm feeling really worn out. I'm ready for a break from the stimulation. I can't concentrate on working so I just sit back, but then all I feel is the egg working it's magic. My computer screen flips to show me in real time. Lori is telling me that she's watching I guess. I look worn out, and I can see the horniness in my own eyes.
Seeing myself on the screen with the look of want on my face as the toy pleasures me only makes my situation worse. Or better depending on how you see it. I watch myself as another orgasmic peak approaches. I see myself reacting. The look on my face, in my eyes, is a look of pure wanting lust. The way I see myself moan as the pressure builds in my crotch. I can see myself rising up and falling back as I hump the air uncontrollably. I see myself moving faster and faster as the pressure builds to enormous lengths.
I see myself begin to shake when the stress in me begins to give. I watch intently feeling the wall holding my pleasure back explodes releasing my orgasm. I see myself moaning, shaking, and humping as the waves shoot out of me. I can't stop it, and I don't want it to end. It feels so good. The waves come one on top of the other for a minute before slowly waning.
I am then left slouching in my chair seeing myself as the last few waves shake me to the core. I am exhausted and sore, but the egg keeps on going. I have to go pee so bad, but the stimulaton is keeping it at bay. My body is so worn out from the orgasms that I can barely move. Yet I feel the buzzing inside of me. Wearing through my exhaustion. Stimulating me once more. Slowly the need builds again. Slowly my sore crotch is beginning to want again.
I close my eyes hoping to slow the end results, but it makes it worse because all I can feel is the vibrations. I open them only to see myself once more on the computer screen. There's no way out so I give in and close my eyes letting nature take it's course. I feel my body reacting once more, and I feel another orgasm slowly rise within me. It feels like a while before it fills my soul, and is ready to release. I want it, but yet dread it.
My body tenses as it overtakes me, and my hips raise up off the chair humping nothing. I accept my fate wanting it. Needing it once more. My breath quickens as the dam readys to brst inside of my loins. Then the egg stops. The stimulation ceases. My body falls to the chair, and the dam quickly rebuilds holding my orgasm inside. I open my eyes to see Lori standing beside me smiling as I catch my breath.
"Looks like someone was having fun while the boss was away."
I just look up at her feeling faint.
"You look fucked. Literally. Did you figure out anything you'd like to tell me?"
"You know. You seen." Is all I could mumble.
"I did, and I knew you wouldn't mind. From what I seen I was right. Right?"
I nod my head admitting the truth. She kisses the top of my head before giving me a quick hug.
"Rest up sweetie. You're coming home with me for a couple of hours."
She walks away, and I am left with the need to pee overcoming me. Without the egg buzzing the pressure in my bladder is getting to be too much. I try to stand, but my legs are too weak. I sit back down. I slide to the floor hoping to crawl the way to the bathroom. I sit there holding the arm of my chair trying to not pee myself when I see the cushion of my seat is soaked with my sex juices. Looking down I see my jeans are also soaking wet in the crotch almost like I had already peed myself.
The cold floor chills my ass through my torn jeans making it harder to retain my urine. I roll around onto my knees, and begin my long journey crawling to the other side of the room. I get a short way before Lori is standing beside me watching.
"Nice view from behind." she comments.
I turn to see her holding her phone pointing it at me.
"Tad will love this sight. Keep going. Mommy likes."
I turn, and keep moving trying to not mess myself along the way. It seems like forever before I am opening the bathroom door. I have to stop a few times to squeeze my legs together to keep from peeing. I crawl in, and see my destination at last. My legs are still weak, but they are slowly feeling better. I barely get through the door before I feel the egg activate once again making me fall flat on my face.
"You look like a hot mess dearie. But I feel guilty that I didn't let you finish before. So I'll let you finish now. Right here on this dirty bathroom floor."
I feel it vibrate hard right from the start, and it makes my feet numb. My vagina reacts immediately by becoming wet and sensitive. The dam quickly regrows inside of me, but it feels more intense that before with the added pressure of me having to pee. Lori pulls me onto my knees making me kneel upright facing her. She makes me lock my fingers together on top of my head submissively. My weak legs barely hold me up, and my body shudders as the dam reaches the breaking point.
I watch Lori as she leans back against the sink recording me. She has a huge smile on her face as she points her phone at me. I close my eyes, and that's all it took. Once my eyes shut all I can feel is the vibration inside of me. It's enough to overflow the reservoir bursting the wall holding my orgasm back. My body shakes and shivers, my legs fight to keep me up, and I bite my lip to keep from screaming as I moan. The waves take me hard pleasuring my sore and tired body. One after the next I succumb to the lust of my lover's torture.
For a few long minutes my orgasm takes me to enjoyable heights before slowly waning off into occasional twitches making me shake. As soon as the egg stops buzzing I feel my bladder give in. My sore crotch feels the warm wetness that tickles my legs as it runs down my legs. My already soaked pants barely absorb any as it flow freely and uncontrollaby from me.
"Naughty, naughty. My sweetie is making a pee pee mess." She scolds me as she continues to point her phone at me.
I just relax letting it flow since the mess has already begun. I feels so good losing all of the pressure. Feeling the relief. Once I'm done she sets down her phone, and leans down looking me in the eye as I kneel before her.
"Daddy's not going to like to hear our Michele had an oopsie. Now take off those disgusting pants."
I manage to my feet feeling my legs shaking under my weight. Leaning back against the wall I peel off my soaking wet jeans. Standing half naked in front of her she motions for me to come to the sink. I try to stumble over to her, but my legs give out. I fall to my knees.
"Stay there then. Take off the rest of your clothes, and kneel."
I watch kneeling naked as she fills a coffee mug with water. She dumps the cold water over my right shoulder. I feel my body tense, and my nipples harden from the chill. A second cup dumps over my left shoulder. She looks at me for a second before dumping another cup full down my back. Then she reaches down grabbing a firm hold of my hardened nipples squeezing them gradually harder and harder making me moan as the pain sets in.
She kisses my lips as she squeezes lifting my breasts by the nipples. Then she returns to the sink before returning with a pump bottle of soap. It too is cold as she squirts it out onto my chest and stomach. Then onto my back just above my ass.
"Rub it in. It's time to have a clean, fresh, and not messy girl. You need to be clean before we go see daddy."
I lather it all over me, and as soon as I finish she begins to pour more water over me rinsing the soap away. The water feels much warmer, and more tolerable. A welcome thing for my aching body. When I finish rinsing off she begins to hand me paper towels. I use them to dry myself all the way down to my feet. Then I am left with wet feet standing in a puddle.
"Go get a mop out of the janitor's closet."
I reach for my clothes, but she stops me.
"I didn't tell you to take your clothes, did I? Now go."
I stare at her in disbelief. The closet is all the way across the office, and anybody can show up at any time. I couldn't imagine what would happen if I was caught streaking through the office.
"Go! Now! Hurry up!" She insists.
I open the door peeking out. She shoves me through it. After a second of shock I look around quick full of adrenaline and run to the closet. I grab the handle only to find out that it's locked. I run back to her covering myself the entire time the best I can with my hands and arms.
"Oh yeah, you'll need the key. I forgot." She says laughing as she hands me the key. "One more thing. Stand here a second."
I stand as she removes her bra, and puts my feet through the arm holes so that it's around both of my ankles.
"Now go, and don't stretch out my bra."
She again pushes me out of the door into the office. My arms quickly recover my nakedness. I hear her order me to keep my hands on my hips. I try to run as I hold my hips, but the bra makes it impossibe to moe fast. I use the cubicles as cover the best I can as I slowly make my way to the janitor's closet once more.
I have to go through at least a dozen keys to open the door, and then I grab the mop before slowly returning. I mop up the wet floor, and then she makes me return the mop. Eventually I am standing in front of her. She takes her bra off my ankles, and takes me by the hand leading me to her office. Closing the door behind us she hands me a bag.
"I got this for you."
I look in it, and see clothes. I pull them out one by one looking at what she bought. The first thing I pull out is a white halter top. It has spaghetting strap shoulders, a plunging lace neckline, and a lace back. It's not very big for an XXXL size. I set it to the side before pulling out a really short mini skirt. It's light pink with a wide lace side panel running from the wait to the hem, and the hem itself is a wide strip of lace. It too doesn't have much to it for being a large size. The next thing I pull out is a black bra made completely out of lace. It has a front clasp, and looks almost see through. I pull a matching g string out next looking it over before seeing a pair of red high heels in the bottom of the bag.
"Try it on girl. It's all you have to wear now."
I squeeze into the g string first. It's rather tight, but I manage. Then the bra, which is also a bit snug leaving my cups to runneth over a bit. I slip the top on. It's really loose for how little there is to it, but it covers my big belly. I can see the front of my bra through the neckline. Then I slip on the skirt. It fit's rather well. A bit snug, but not bad. The hem is really short though. It doesn't even cover my entire ass leaving the bottom of my butt cheeks hanging out for all to see. I slip on the heels which fit nicely. They're hard to balance in with my tired legs, but I manage.
"Looks good. I think daddy will like. Look in the mirror. See how nice you look for daddy."
I look at the full mirror on the wall, and I see myself looking like a cheap . My eyes are immediately drawn to the outling of the bra through the white halter top, and the blackness peering through the plunging neckline. Then the cleavage created by the too tight bra catches my attention. I look further down to see the string of my underwear easily visible through the light pink skirt, and how the lace side panels give clear view of what's underneath. I turn to see the rear view, and I see the bra clearly through the lace top. Then I see the string of the underwear through the skirt fabric as I gaze lower. Finally I see the whitness of my fat butt peeking out from the bottom of the mini skirt no thanks to the lace hem line.
I do like the shoes though. They're too red, but I like the way the straps criss cross over my foot. I also like the way that they are made. The heels are a bit high for my short stature at six inches, but I can deal with that.
"Let's go. It's almost three already." She says leading me to the door.
I follow her, and we both get in her car. She drives to her house, and stops at the gas station.
"Fill it up." She says to me.
I look at her confounded. "But I might get my new cothes dirty."
"Just be careful then. Now go."
I reluctantly get out, and fill up grateful that there's nobody else here. Of course a big black truck pulls in right across from us just as I start pumping the gas. A guy in his twenties gets out, and doesn't hide the fact that he's checking me out. He just stares at me all the while we're filling the tanks. I finish as fast as I can feeling really out of place, and then jump back into the car.
Lori hands me some money motioning for me to go pay the bill. I sigh as I take the cash, and she tells me to get her an iced coffee. I walk into the store seeing two middle aged men at the counter talking, and they both stop to stare at me while I look for the cooler with the coffee in it. I look back and forth trying to find it. I hear the bell on the door ring as the younger guy comes in to pay. Looking up I see all three just standing there staring at me.
"What are you looking for?" The younger guy asks.
"Iced coffee."
"Bottom shelf on the end closest to the counter." The attendant says with a heavy Indian accent.
I look to where he says, and find it on the very bottom. Looking I find myself in a dilemma. If I bend over to get it they will get a good view of my girl parts, but if I crouch my skirt will climb, and they will see my entire ass. I glance at them. They look as though they're anxiously waiting. I crouch down, and immediately feel my skirt climb right up over my ass. Grabbing the bottle, I try to pull it down as I stand which doesn't work out well since I am holding the bottle and money.
I hear one of them whistle as I recover my backside, and then walk up to the counter. Both men at the counter stand on either side of me as the attendant rings me up. In seconds I feel a hand on both of my ass cheeks. The attendant feels like he's taking his time as these two guys grope my ass. I reach back pushing their hands away, but as soon as I grab their arms I feel the egg kick in.
I almost forgot about having it in yet, but I am reminded quickly. Feeling it shock my sex to attention as I grab their forearms makes me just grab their arms tight as the vibrations start my lust once more. I hold back a moan as the attendant hans me the change. I feel cold fingers trace down to my crotch, and rub against the gusset of the g string. My vagina is at full attention knowing the only thing between those fingers and me is a sheer strip of lace. Then the egg stops. I regain my composure, take my things, and step back away from the counter.
"That's one hell of a hot pussy you have there." The older man says.
"Nice and wet too." The younger on adds.
"How about we bend this one over the counter?" The older man asks the attendant.
"I have to go boys. Sorry." I say as I walk to the door feeling their hands slip from under my skirt as I go.
I return to Lori, and we drive the rest of the way to her house. She is smiling the entire way. When we get there she leads me in by the hand, and walks me to the living room where Tad is sitting. I am told to stand in the light of the window so he can see me.
"Looking good little girl." He says.
"Our little missy made a mess today. She peed herself as she tried to get to the bathroom. I made her clean it up though."
"Well then I guess our naughty girl will need to learn a lesson. Come here, and get on your hands and knees."
I obey, and feel him lift the skirt up over my ass. I look up at him as he stands. He pushes my face down to face the floor.
"Shameful girls look down, and never look away from the shame of themselves." He says sternly.
I hear the jingle of a belt buckle, and then feel it cut across my ass. I flinch with the sting, and my body shakes trying to absorb the sting. But another swat comes quickly after, then another, and another. Tear flow down my face dripping onto the carpet as he spanks me repeatedly. My ass begins to burn and it is soon feeling like it's on fire.
"I'm sorry daddy." I hear myself say out of nowhere.
He pauses for a second before resuming the swats.
"I'm sorry daddy!" I say louder.
He stops again, and this time I feel his cold hand touching my ass cheeks rubbing them. After a minute of massaging my ass the belt again cuts into my flesh.
"Please stop. I said I was sorry. Please daddy. Please stop." I beg.
He stops, and makes me hold the belt in my teeth as he walks behind me.
"Are you really sorry?" He asks.
I nod my head as I sob.
"Truely sorry?"
I again nod.
"Then you'll have to prove it."
"Anything daddy. Please. I'm so sorry."
He takes the belt, and laces it around my neck before kneeling me in front of him. I see his lounging pants bulging inches from my face. He pulls up on the belt tightening it around my neck choking me. I rise to compensate and loosen the belt. I see his hand reach for the waist of his pants, and slowly pull the front down revealing his bald pubic area. Soon his dick pops out, and hits my on the left cheek. He's rock hard, and I can see that he's rather well built. He pulls my head so that his dick rubs across my cheek to my lips.
I take him in my mouth knowing that's what he wants. I don't mind sucking dick, but it's alway been with my husband who doesn't really get into it. He does it more for me than himself. Tad on the other hand grabs the back of my head, and pulls my face tight to his body moaning as I gag. It takes me a minute to get used to his size, and then I suck him just like I like to suck dick. I feel myself getting so wet as I lick from his balls to the tip, and then back. He seems to enjoy it as I take his length into my mouth over and over letting him fuck my face. I grab it at the base to stroke it too.
"No hands. Just mouth." He commands.
I obey sucking with added vigor. I taste his manly taste which I guess is pre cum. He soon drop the belt, and grabs my head. I just kneel there as he takes control fucking my face. I feel his dick hitting the back of my throat over and over as he moans and moans. Faster and faster until I hear him moan a deep moan. I taste his cum in my mouth as his thrusting slows. It oozes down my throat, and I gulp it down trying to not gag as I breathe. His dick starts to go limp as he finishes, and eventually steps back from me.
Lori stands up, and hands Tad a camera before taking off her jeans and underwear in front of me. She then lays under my head with her legs between my arms on her stomach. Looking down all I see is her ass. Its so small amd cute. She reaches around grabbing my hair pulling my face down to her soft globes. I bury my face between her cheeks, and let my tongue find her holes. She moans and rolls her hips as I lap her up. I poke my tongue deep into her ass, and then down to her vaginal opening. I lick her labia, and then back to her back side.
It takes her a while with my teasing and taunting, but she does eventually climax as I lap her up. In this position when I am deep in her vagina I feel her asshole twitching against my nose as she cums for me. It adds to my enjoyment. I lick up her orgasm until she pushes me away, and then I am told to sit on the couch.
"Well, we don't have much time if you have to be home." Lori says to me. "Do you have to be home yet?"
"I can stay for a couple of hours yet." I admit.
"Good. Then let's have some real fun." She says happily.
She reaches into a drawer next to her, and tosses Tad something shiny. He quickly grabs my left hand, and I watch as he slaps handcuffs on my wrist. Lori grabs my right hand forcing it behind my back, and Tad slaps the loose ned of the cuffs on that wrist. Lori hands Tad the controller, and he cranks it up full power. The vibrations make me moan and squirm as my body reacts. Then Tad climbs up over me, and pulls his flaccid cock out shoving it into my mouth. He pushes me back against the couch crushing my head with his body.
I feel him getting hard in my mouth as he pulls my hair, and fucks my face once again. My head is pushed back hard as he shows me no mercy. It feels like he's trying to suffocte me with his dick as rough as he's being. He keeps it plunging deep making me gasp for air. In time he's again rock hard, and I'm ready to fall over. Suddenly he pulls out, and jumps down. Lori grabs my hair, and yanks my face down to her spread legs. I begin to lap her up as the egg satisfies me. Her hips rock and sway grinding her box into my lips. It seems as though we are nearing orgasm together quickly.
After a few minutes I feel my g string pull down off me. The egg turns off, and I feel it pull out of me. Lori holds my lips to her labia so I can't look back. I feel A dick slide into my vagina filling me. I moan from the intrusion. My body begins to push and pull as he fucks me. His dick feels so good inside of me. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I can't stop. I lick her with added vigor letting my lust control my actions. In minutes she is filling my mouth with her orgasmic juices, and I feel myself have a small one at the same time.
She rides my mouth all the way until she's done, and then pulls my head away watching me as he fucks me from behind. Looking into her eyes, and feeling his cock plunging into my pussy quickly sends me over the edge. I orgasm all over his hard prick. He rams me hard knowing that I'm in heaven. As soon as I finish he pulls out leaving me feeling empty inside.
He pulls me so that I'm sitting on the egde of the couch, and then he pulls my legs wide apart. Lori takes a bunch of pictures while Tad walks out of the room. He soon returns with a towel, razor, shaving cream, and a bucket with some water. He lathers my crotch up with the shaving cream, and slowly shaves me bald. Feeling so helpless, comblined with the feel of the razor on my crotch and around my asshole are super erotic and make me even more horny. He then wipes me clean with the towel.
He sits back admiring his work. I see his cock still standing at full attention. Lori takes my hand, and pulls me straddling him. I feel his hot cock press against my frehly shaven crotch, and then slide down until it enters me. I moan as it again fills my vagina, and my hips begin to rock on their own. I look up to see Lori recording it all. Tad reaches up pulling my boobs out of the halter, and then playing with my nipples while massaging them. It feels so nice being the center of attention.
He eventually sits up more, and begins to suck and bite on my nipples and breasts. I want to pull his haed tight to me, but I can't. It feels so carnal, so primal. I find myself slamming down on his cock trying to get it deeper and deeper. My moaning fills the room, and I can only feel my need for completion.
"You better be carful or he's going to make you a real mommy." Lori jokes.
I don't care about that. I just need to finish. I fuck as hard as I can feeling the dam so close to giving way. Just a little more. His hips raise to meet my motions, and he lays back holding onto my hips. I look down to see the pleasure on his face. He looks up at me, and it sets things in motion. The dam bursts hard. My body shake violently, my legs give out keeping him deep inside of me, and the only movement is from him under me. I moan loud as the pleasure resonates through me. My head swoons from the intensity of my orgasm. I come so close to fainting, but stay aware until it ebbs.
As I regain my body control I hold myself up so that he can fuck me from underneath. And fuck me he does as my orgasm wanes down to panting relief. My senses feel heightened, and I feel my body shaking as his hips impact me making my entire body bounce. I watch him seeing my boobs bouncing blocking my view at times. I want to stop him before he finishes inside of me since I'm not on any birth control.
He again sits up, and buries his face in my breasts wrapping his arms around me holding me close. I feel his dick occasionally throbbing as he holds it deep inside of me. I rock my hips trying to keep him close knowing that time is running out. He bites and licks both of my breasts, and I feel his cock going soft inside of me. He holds me tight as I try to move off.
"Looks like daddy gave little missy a present." Lori laughs.
His cock is almost completely limp before he lets me move. Then he lays back, and makes me lean all the way back. Lori records it all as his cock pulls out of me. I feel his cum leak out as he spreads my pussy open for her. She records for a few minutes before setting down the camera, and he lets me roll off him.
"You have a very beautiful pussy, and it's even better looking with my cum in it." He jokes as he takes the cuffs off me.
"That's not funny. I'm not on anything." I retort.
"You're fine honey. He's fixed. But we will have to get you on something right away." Lori says sitting in the chair. "And I don't mean his cock."
"Why not? It liked it." He asks her.
She tosses me another bag from behind the chair, and I see some more traditional clothes in my size. I pull out a white tee with a vee neckling, but not plunging, a pair of blue jeans, and my shoes and socks. White lace underwear, but more traditional style. He puts the panties on me not even letting me clean up, and then pats my crotch making sure that his cum is plastered in there good. I put the rest on, and then Tad drives me to my car. He smiles and pats my ass as I leave. I sit there for a few minutes trying to wrap my mind around what just happened.
I soon leave, and when I get home to my family they are all happy to see me. I kiss my husband, hug my , and then sit back to relax. Well, I try to relax, but it's hard when he bruised my butt with his belt earlier. We go out to get a late supper, and then do family stuff the rest of the weekend. I wanted so bad to make love with my husband, but he wasn't willing, and I was worried he might see the bruises on my ass so I didn't push the issue.
Monday morning Lori called me into her office as soon as I got in. She handed me the box, and told me that I need to close the door. I do, and then sit across from her wondering what's going on.
"Did you ever figure out what it is that you are supposed to tell me?"
"Not really."
"Open the box."
I open it to see that it's empty. I look at her confounded.
"Now have you figured it out?"
"You want to know what happened in the warehouse?"
"You were there though. Weren't you?"
"I want to hear you say it."
"Okay. I went down there. The old man was the only one around. He showed me where the box was, and I went up to get it."
"What else? I know there's more. As a matter of fact I have it on video. I can let everyong here see it on their computers if you'd like?"
"No. Don't. I tore my pants on the shelf trying to get by him, and then when I got down with the box the egg started. I couldn't move, and then he tore my pants open in the back. It was too much. I was too horny. I begged him to fuck me, but he would only fuck my ass so I took what I could. He took me. He called me names, and then tossed twenty bucks at me saying that I wasn't worth any more."
"Did you... you know?"
"Yes I came. I have a really good orgasm. I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to. It felt so good."
"Okay. That's all I wanted to know. You can go back to work now. One more thing though. In three weeks we're going up to my cabin up north. We'll be leaving Friday night right after work."
"We're. As in you, me, and Tad. I'll make sure that you get paid for the day. Our resident warehouse worker says that you're used to getting paid for fucking anyhow so it should be good for you. Now get to work."
"Yes maam." I say leaving.
I think about how I'm going to tell my husband that I'm going to gone that weekend with them. I really wish things could me different. I feel so bad sneaking around. It's not me; it's not who I am. I love my husband. He's my everything. Well, almost. He never was very generous in the sex department. As a matter of fact we haven't been intimate in almost half of a year, and he's fine with that. I get frustrated, but it's not a good enough reason to be cheating on him. I really need to change this or end it. I have a couple of weeks to work things out.
I don't want to hurt Lori. I like being with her, but my husband would be destroyed if he knew. I would like for him to join in with us. That would be tons of fun. I'd like to see him with another woman with me. I know that would never happen though. I think that I have a lot to consider, but few choices. I get a headache thinking about it.
I delve into my work trying to forget about it at least for a while, but it eats away at me constantly. On my break I search the internet for some inkling of answers, but the trolls seem to destroy every question I read that is remotely close to my problem. I need a time to talk with him where it'll be just the two of us. I need to know what I'm going to do before talking even, and I don't know. All I know is that I need to do something really soon.
When I get home we go to bed, and I can't sleep. My mind isn't slowing down. I reach over, and I gently touch him on the stomach since he's laying on his back. He doesn't stir. I run my hand down touching his dick through his pajama bottoms, and he rises to my touch. Feeling him hardening in my hand has always turned me on, and this time is no different.
I slip under the covers, slide his bottoms down in the front freeing his dick, and I take him into my mouth. His hips raise slightly as I slowly suck him savoring every second. He's never been one to let me suck his dick. He says that he's not into it, but lets me once and a while because he knows I like to do it. For me it's an exciting experience to start things off, or add to the whole situation.
Aside from his slight hip movement he doesn't stir. I get him good and sloppy with my mouth before I slide off my underwear as I climb on top of him. Using the headboard I lower myself onto his cock feeling it slowly opening my eager vagina. It feels so good since I've been wanting him for so long. I feel so safe and at ease as I slowly move up and down his cock holding the headboard for balance.
His hands grab my sides rubbing from my hips to my breasts, and I close my eyes to maximize the feeling of his dick in me. It's dark anyway so I can't see much. It feels so good. I feel a climax qickly builing inside of me. I want it so bad. The sound of our breaths dance in the moonlight streaming in through the window as we keep quiet as we can. Growing more and more strained and labored as I move up and down his shaft.
My legs get tired so I climb off, and let him behind me as I lay with my ass in the air offering myself to him. He kneels behind me, and slides into my pussy grabbing my hips to push it deep into me. Slowly he fucks me making love like he always does. I push back making him plunge harder. He holds me tight to him as he humps my pussy. It feels great, and I lose myself feeling him penetrating me. The orgasmic pressure inside of me builds and releases fast.
I bury my face into the pillow silencing my moan as my orgasm takes me. For a quick minute I'm in heaven, but it's quickly overcome by my worries and stresses. My moans turn to sobs as I bury my face. My husband keeps fucking me, and I just let him. I started things, he should be able to finish too, and it's not his fault that things are like they are.
It takes him a while before he pulls out, and I feel his hot cum splashing all over my ass cheek. It tickles as it runs down my crack and leg, but I'm not in much of a laughing mood. He lays beside me, and I lay on my stomach trying to compose myself. My tears stop eventually, and I just lay there feeling his cum drying onto my skin. I doze off listening to him snore.
The next morning it's as though nothing happened. He's not any more or less loving. It's business as usual. I get the off to school, and the only mention is when he's leaving for work.
"It's going to be a long day today since someone kept me up last night." He says with a smirk on his way to the door.
He kisses me, and I apologize.
"Don't be sorry. I guess I have to give in occasionally to keep you happy." He jokes.
I feel like he gave me sympathy sex. I feel angry at his comments, but I know he's just trying to lighten the mood. He has to sense that I have a lot on my mind. He has to sense how stressed I am.
"Sorry I bothered you. You better get going." I answer.
He agrees, kisses me on the cheek, and then walks out. I finish getting the out the door, and then sit in the chair to watch the morning news. I can't concentrate. I have to find a solution. I don't have anyone to talk to about something like this so I text Lori. I ask if she can come over so we can talk. She doesn't answer. Instead I see her pulling into my driveway after about a half hour. She walks right into the house without knocking, and startles me since I was dozing off in the recliner.
"What did you need? I don't have a lot of time." She asks.
"I don't know what to do, and it's killing me."
"I'm kind of biased. You mean a lot to me. That's why I had to hurry over."
I explain my feelings the best I can quickly knowing that she doesn't have a lot of time, and then she gives me her thoughts after listening.
"I would like you to drop everything to be with me, but I know that's not so simple. From what I see you have a couple of options. Keeping things as they are isn't going to work. We know that. So that option is out. Telling him that we're seeing each other, and sleeping together isn't a good option either because it'll destroy your family. Asking him to join won't work because my husband is possessive of me, and gets jealous easily. Your husband isn't that playful anyhow. So that's out. So that leaves ending things with us, or telling him before asking for permission to continue seeing us if he gives his consent. Which may or may not happen."
"That's why I'm torn. I know when I tell him about you it will break his heart, and he'll hate me. But I want to keep seeing you."
"Maybe if you asked for permission without mentioning us. Then we can just come along after as though things happened at a later time? It's not exactly the truth, but it's better than all the other options."
"I doubt he'd be so willing to let me sleep around. He says that he should be enough for me, and that sex isn't the basis for a relationship."
"I think the last idea is your best option if you can get him to give you some freedom. I have to get back, but I'm here for you sweetie. Good luck, and whatever you decide I'll back you one hundred percent."
We hug, and she gives me a quick kiss on the lips as I hold the door open for her. I look around to see if anyone saw, but I don't see anyone. I watch as she opens her car door.
"Don't forget safety first. It's never too early to start safe practices. See you later."
She drives off, and I go call my doctor. She's right that I should start some sort of birth control on the off chance that he allows me to play around. I was once on the pill, but with our sex life it didn't pay to continue it. It's hard to get pregnant when you don't have sex. The doctor has an appointment that opened up in about an hour so I take it, and hurry to get ready.
A quick shower, and some fast driving I made it just in time. The appointment goes well, and I decide to get the implant which is supposed to last for a year, and be more effective than the pill. In less than an hour I am done and on my way home still nervous about everything. I clean the house trying to ease my mind as I decide how to bring up the subject and what to say. I come up with what I think will be a good arguement, and a great way to bring up the subject.
I run my ideas past Lori when I get to work, and she agrees that I'm onto something. I decide to breach the subject when I get home. We will be alone since the will be in bed, and our last fuck is still fresh in our minds. The night drags on, but with my mind set all I do is try to memorize what I'm going to say. I prepare for any answer I think he may give, and I convince myself that I have a chance.
As I shut down my computer for the night the nervousness sets in. The butterflies get bigger and bigger the closer I get to home. My heart is pounding out of me chest as I sit across from him getting ready to start talking.
"I have something that's been bothering me." I start getting his attention.
"Do tell babe." He says turning down the TV.
"Is it really that much of a bother for you to have sex with me? Do I disgust you or something? I know I'm not the 97 pounds I was in high school, but that was a long time ago."
"Not at all. You know how I feel about that. We've had this discussion before."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not needed for a strong relationship. But I need it. I love you, but I hate our lack of intimacy."
"It's not me. You knew that before we were married. Sex is okay, but I can do without."
"I can't. I want more. I need more."
"So what are you saying?" He asks concerned.
"I'd love for you to actually want me, but I guess you are incapable of doing that according to you."
"I do want you. I just don't need sex all the time. You're my love, and not my mattress."
"I want to be your mattress too. I can be both. I don't think it's fair for me to be frustrated all the time wishing for more while you are content. I can't even have sex with you without crying because I feel like I'm making you do something you don't want to do."
"So you want a divorce?"
"No. I love your dumb ass. I want you to fuck me every night in every way. That's what I want."
"I don't know if I can do that."
"Then let me find someone that can."
"That's not right. Why can't my love be enough for you?"
"Your love is great. I love you with all of my heart too. But your love isn't giving me the relief I need, and you won't change so that it does."
"I can't. I'm sorry, but I can't get a boner and keep it all day long. Let alone every day. No man can."
"Then you'll have to get creative."
"That just isn't right. It's gross. I can't imagine doing some of the things you've asked over the years. I mean the one time we tried butt sex you started to cry before I was even in, and it was your idea."
"I told you that it hurt some and to keep going, but you stopped. My tears never bothered you any other time."
"They alway bother me, and you know it. I don't like to see you hurting."
"Then why do you let me hurt with frustration?"
"Because I can't imagine seeing you as used goods. You're my goddess. That's how I think of you. I don't want to think of you as dirty, or cheap."
"I was used goods when we met. And if me being happy is dirty or cheap so be it."
I am taken by surprise, and ask him to repeat himself.
"Fine. I'll swallow my pride because I love you, and we'll try things out for a little while to see how it goes."
I wasn't expecting him to cave in to my pressure. He never has. I was ready to tell him how there are certain things that he can't do that another could, and stuff like that. I feel myself smiling, and a tear run dow my cheek.
"I thought that was what you wanted? Why are you crying?"
"See the smile? Tears of joy you dumb ass." I say as I hug him. "I'll make sure that you don't regret this. I love you so much."
He wraps his arms around me holding me close. "I don't feel good about it. Just so you know."
"Thank you!"
He holds me for a while until we go to bed, and then he holds me some more until he's fast asleep. The next morning I text Lori telling her the good news. She congradulates me, and tells me that she hopes I can be more myself from now on.
She calls me into her office right away when I get to work, and gives me a big hug. She is beaming with happiness, and tells me that Tad is also very happy for me. I explain what happened, and the decision we came to. She reminded me that we have certain nuances we need to discuss as far as how much he want to hear about, and where things can happen. Set some guidelines, and to allow the conversation to remain open.
The night flies by, and when I get home I feel much more at ease bringing up the subject. He doesn't want to think about it, but I insist. He admits that he may get curious, but overall doesn't want to know. He left the limits up to me, but said that our bed is off limits. He thanked me for coming to him before anything happened, and then asked if I had another guy in mind. I told him that I didn't, but we needed to iron out some of the details before I did something wrong without knowing.
"There's probably going to be things that come up, and I think it's important to know what's going on before it happens. But if we need to talk I want to know that we can talk." I admit.
"What do you expect to get from all of this?"
"Inner peace mostly. Less sexual frustrations. I could never replace you if that's what you're thinking. I expect things to go slow, and I plan to be careful. Nothing is going to happen for the next week for sure."
He looks at me confused.
"I'm on my period. Nobody wants bloody sex, and that's all it would be too. Sex. Nothing more."
"Then why don't you just do it yourelf?"
"It's not the same. Playing with myself if fun, but it only does so much."
"There's an image I didn't need in my head." He laughs.
"And some people want that image in theirs."
We hold each other until bed, and then sleep. The next few days go just like usual. Things return to normal, and it's soon Saturday. Tad calls, and asks if we wanted to come over and do something, and I asked my husband. He agrees, and we tell the that we're going out for a few hours. We drop them off at my mom's before driving to Tad's house. They both greet us at the door. Both hugging me, and Lori hugging my husband while Tad shakes his hand. We decide for dinner at a local place before stopping at a bar up the road for a couple of drinks.
It's a good night of conversation and friendship. Tad begins to put his hand on my ass and hip later on in the night. I see my husband looking so I push the hand off. When he isn't looking I leave it. Lori mentions about going to their cabin, and asks us if we wanted to join them as though she hasn't already told me that I have to go. My husband says that it sounds fun, but we would need to find a sitter before we could commit. I mention asking my mom knowing that she's busy that weekend, but thinking that there might be an off chance she could watch them.
Tad is pretty drunk by the time we go home. My husband and I don't drink much so we are still sober. Lori is chatty, but still walking and talking okay so she must have a good buzz going on. Lori insists that my husband drive them home siince they were both in no shape to drive. Tad wants no part of that, and gets mad. He tells them to go without him, and that I will take him home. I shrug my shoulders telling my husband that I'll just drive him to keep an arguement from happening.
Lori and my husband get into my car, and I see her lean towrd him before they drive off. Tad laughs, and grabs me hugging me with his hands on my ass squeezing. He looks me in the eyes smiling.
"I got you now. We're all alone."
"You're drunk. Give my your keys."
He hands me the keys, and follows me to his truck. I get into the driver's side, and look over at him in the passenger seat. I see him sittig there with his dick out. It's rock hard as he wiggles it at me.
"I got your seat right here." He jokes.
"I don't think so. That would be too messy. I doubt you want red seats."
"Use your mouth then." He says pulling my face down by my hair.
Before I realize what I'm doing I am sucking his cock like a true slut. The taste, texture, and the heat in my mouth just make me so horny. I stroke it while I kiss, lick, and suck feeling it's hardness in my hand. I can't get enough. He lays back letting me do as I please, and I'm okay with that. By the sounds of him he is too.
"I just fucked Lori about an hour ago. How does she taste?" He says out of the blue.
"Yummy." I say before resuming.
"I want to cum all over your face so your husband knows what you're doing."
I just suck harder knowing that he can't last long. I stroke faster and faster hearing him getting closer. When he just about ready to blow I let go, and suck it all the way into my mouth. I'm going to take every drop of his cum. I need it. He holds my head moving my mouth up and down his shaft fast. With my hands on his thighs I feel him beginning to tense.
I feel the first shot hit the back of my throat as he moans and thusts his hips. He yanks my hair, but I resist. He doesn't have it in him to try to fight me as the streams of cum fill my mouth. I love feeling it throbbing in my lips. Tasting the sour salty goo in my mouth. Feeling him tensing under me. Because of me. I hold his cock in my mouth until his twitching stops. I look up at him with his dick between my lips smiling. He too has a huge smile.
I grab it at the base, and slowly pull it out of my mouth as it grows flaccid. I spit a little of his cum onto the tip, and I rub his cock all over my cheeks. Then I spit a little more rubbing it down my chin and neck. I never break eye contact the entire time, and I see the pleasure he's getting from it. I spit the last onto the tip, and again wipe it all over my cheeks.
"Did I do good daddy?" I ask sucking him clean.
I suck until it's all the way down, and then I begin the drive back. I feel, taste, and smell his cum on me the entire time. It tightens my skin as it dries to my face and neck reminding me of what we just did. I drive the exact speed limit, and get back to their house after about twenty minutes. We walk inside, and see Lori and my husband sitting there. Tad does the drunk act again, and it was all just an act. He sits by Lori, and I sit in the chair near my husband.
"Are you feeling less like an asshole now?" She asks Tad.
"Little bit" He says. "I'd rather feel your asshole. Around my cock. Moving up and down."
"And on that note I think we better get home." I say.
"He's always like this when he's drunk. Everybody gets looser and become invincible with alcohol." Lori replies. "You don't have to leave."
"It's late, and we have to get the in the morning. We really should be going." I admit.
"Stay here." Tad offers. "You can sleep in my bed."
"No thanks Tad." I laugh as Lori tells him to stop.
"Well at least Lori will sleep with me. She loves me. I bet you two don't even love each other."
"I bet we do." My husband says. "We love each other very much. More than you know."
"How come you two never even hug? You don't even so much as kiss. Not even a simple peck on the cheek."
"We do all the time. Just not out in public. We're not teenagers." I say trying to move things along. "Which is why we need to be going."
I mouth the word "stop" to Tad when my husband looks away. I see what he's trying to do. He just laughs. Lori is completely clueless, and has a confused look on her face.
"Fine. Leave us then. But I don't think that you two love each other as much as you say. He didn't even hug you when you got here. Makes me think something funny is going on." He says stumbling to his feet. "So if you don't want to give her a hug and kiss I will."
My husband grabs me pulling me out of the way as Tad stumbles toward me. Tad stops at the door right behind us, and then watches us. Lori grabs Tad to keep him at bay apologizing to us.
"He's not usually this bad. I'm so sorry."
"It's okay. If he wants to see us kiss and hug I'll show him." My husband says pulling me close.
Before I could stop him he is hugging me, and is kissing me right on the lips. My mind immediately thinks about how I just sucked Tad's dick, and how I have his dried cum all over me. I don't say a word. Tad smiles as he opens the door for us.
"Okay. You two love each other. Have a good night. You can still stay if you'd like." He offers.
"We're good. Thanks." I say as I follow my husband out the door.
Lori gives me a big hug as we go whispering that she's sorry for Tad in my ear.
"Don't be." I smile. "Just have him tell you about his ride home."
She smiles knowing, but not knowing. Tad slaps my ass as I walk past. My husband just leers at him. I hear Lori telling Tad that we are probably never going to go drinking with them again as we walk to the car. The drive home is rather quiet. He doesn't say much even when we get to bed. I'm break the silence out of curiosity.
"How was your drive back? Did you two have a lot to talk about?"
"Not really. Lori was just hating the way Tad was acting and all. What took you so long to get back?"
"I had to get the drunk into the truck, and then listen to him moan the entire way back. He kept trying to go back in to drink more. I would have rather driven Lori back. She didn't seem too upset when we got back though."
"No. We got back, she changed her clothes, and then we just talked. It seemed to calm her down."
"You always were a good listener."
He holds me as we nod off, and all too soon the alarm is going off to go get the . When we get to my mom's we ask about watching the for the weekend coming up. She reminds us about how she's not going to be home, and apologizes. My husband and I discuss turning down the offer to get away, but he insists for me to go and relax offering to stay with the . With only one catch. Tad can't drink. We both laugh, and go about our day as usual.
That Monday Lori asks me into her office when I get in. She has me close the door behind myself. As soon as the door shuts she begins to giggle.
"I can't believe Tad did that. He did do that right?"
"He wanted to fuck, but that's not happening right now."
"Yeah, he said that you told him that you were on your rag. So you sucked his dick instead."
"Good. I didn't think he'd tell you."
"Oh no. We're totally open. I know he was faking being drunk. He didn't drink much all night. He was as buzzed as I was at most."
"Yeah, well, he wanted to finish on my face, but I don't care for that."
"But he said you wiped it all over yourself after?"
"Yeah. I got a bit overzealous at the end. I get like that when I'm horny."
"Then he pressured your husband until he kissed after all that? He's evil. Creative, but evil."
"Yeah, that's what I was thinking. He told me that you two had just done it a little before that too?"
"He caught me in a dark corner. I couldn't help myself. I get horny just being around you, and he knows it."
"So you're blaming me?"
"I can't blame your husband. When we got back I stripped naked right at the door. I got him a bottle of water stark naked. Bending, and making sure he can see everything, and he still didn't even budge. I feel sorry for you girl. He seems like a sweetheart, but a dud in bed."
"He's not a dud. He's just not sexual."
"I wonder if he recognized the taste from your lips when you kissed then?"
"Not likely. He doesn't go anywhere or do anything. I'm surprised he accepted to go out with you guys."
"Well in a couple of weeks we'll be going out for a weekend. Remember?"
"Yeah. About that."
"You better not be telling me that you're not going because I will be pissed."
"My mom can't babysit." I say pausing. "But he offered to stay back while I go with you. But Tad can't drink."
We both laugh, and she hugs me before I leave the office to go to my cubicle. Then I dive right in to work while my coworkers stare at me.
"We heard that you were going to be in trouble. What happened?" One asks quietly.
"She just asked me to gather the files from the old system about an old account that I guess we're getting back. You know how the old system was. The one way back before all the updates. I told her all the issues we had with it, but she wants me to see what I can find."
"Better you then me." She says laughing. "I like her as a boss though. I hope she hangs around."
"Me too. She very likable." I smile getting back to work.
The days drag by, but it's finally the Friday to leave. I go in to work as though I was going to work, and I'm surprised when I see that Lori isn't around. I sit at my desk, and get ready to start my shift. My computer boots up, and I see myself on my screen. Shocked I sit back looking around. Then an IM pops up.
"Warehouse. Dock 3. Now."
It's sent from an anonomous computer so I have no idea what's going on. I turn off my computer, and head to the dock. I am soon entering the warehouse. It's buzzing with activity. I make my way back to dock 3, and when I get there I see a trailer backed to it empty. I recall that this dick isn't often used because it's way out of the way, and hard to get to. By the looks of the area I have to agree.
I look in the trailer, and see something white laying at the end. It looks like paper so I go to check it out. It's dark, and gets darker as I near it. I see that it is a piece of paper. I bend down to pick it up when the door shuts closing me in. I shout for them to wait, but I quickly feel the trailer lurch into motion.
I bang on the walls, and scream as I am driven off being bounced around in the dirty trailer. I give up as the truck seems to be in constant motion telling me that we must be on a highway somewhere. I'm wishing I had my purse and phone as I sit waiting for the time to start shouting again. We go for hours before I feel the truck slowing to a stop. I sit there listening as the truck is shut off. I clutch the paper hearing footsteps beside the trailer. I shout and bang on the side.
My banging is answered by banging with the same tempo. I make my way in the darkness to the doors, and soon hear them squeek as they are opened. They burst open, and a man with a ski mask jumps at me grabbing me. He pulls me out of the trailer, and I see that we're surrounded by woods. I fall to the ground as he yanks me out, and then he pounces on top of me pulling at my clothes.
I feel the fabric giving way as piece by piece I am stripped naked. He puts my clothes in a pile in the middle of the road, and pours something on them. I watch as he lights them on fire burning them. I catch a moment of clarity, and I run into the woods to escape. I run and run before I fall breathless in a clearing. In seconds he is on top of me binding my wrists. I am dragged to a nearby overhanging tree limb, and strung up. He ties my ankles apart to two trees at my sides.
"Please let me go. Please. I'll do whatever you want. I'll pay you. Just let me go." I plead.
He pulls a gag out of his pocket, and buckles it to my head motioning for me to be quiet. I watch as he sets down a back pack and begins to pull things out laying them out. Firt he pulls out a black leather paddle, then a wooden cane, after that a cat o nine tails. He searches around in the bag looking for something. I see him then set out a cattle prod, candles, and a very large bowie knife. Again he searches.
He tosses the bag down frustrated, and grabs the paddle. He spins around fast swatting my right breast with it. I feel it hit near my arm pit, run across my right breast, and then the left before he is again facing away from me. It stings so bad. My body shakes from the impact and pain. My scream is silenced by the gag. He then spins the opposite way swatting my chest in reverse with the exact same results.
Tossing the paddle back with the rest of his stuff I watch as he walks away leaving me hanging literally. I wiggle and shake feeling my hands working free. My left hand frees first, and I quickly until myself. I grab the paper for God knows why, and I run in the opposite direction of him. I find what looks like a trail so I decide to follow it. Eventually it opens up to a wider trail, and looks more kept up. I run for a long time feeling the adrenaline pumping through me.
I don't stop until I reach a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. It looks like a very expensive cabin with large windows, a big garage, a large shed in the back, and cedar siding. that's just what I can see from the side I run up on. I run to the front pounding on the door. Nobody answers. I sit exhausted on a chair beside the door as the adrenaline wears off. My feet begin to ache, and my chest feels like it's on fire. I see the redness of the paddle on my breasts, and the cuts and scratches from running in the woods on my bare feet.
I realize that I am completely naked, and I quickly run off the porch to find something to cover myself. I try the shed, but it's locked. Then the garag. It too is locked. I can't find anything so I just go to knock on the door again figuring that I'll cover myself with the paper I'm still holding. I look down at it wondering how I can tear it so that it will cover my ample body.
Something catches my eye on the paper. Really small in one of the corners is an address. I can barely read it. I look around for an address on the cabin, but don't see one. Then I walk to the end of the long driveway. It's written on a marker in the ground near the road. I'm not far from the address on the paper. It's going to be dark soon so I better see what this address is since it's close enough. Walking down the road I duck whenever a car or somebody happens by hiding myself which isn't often.
I find the address, and then begin up the long driveway. I either have to walk on the gravel or the sticks along side. I choose the gravel. It doesn't hurt as much. I soon see a small cabin appearing out of the trees. It's a nice log cabin. One story, but well kept. There is a garage of average size, and a front yard of sorts with one big tree in it. Skirting the treeline I approach the cabin. I see a light on inside, and I hear voices from behind it. I sneak around to see who I'm hearing since the voices sound familiar. I cover myself as I run to the side of the cabin, and peek around.
Just before I see anyone I am grabbed from behind. A hand covers my mouth, and I am pushed into the open. I see ten feet in front of me Lori sitting next to a campfire drinking a mixed drink, and Tad beside her drinking a beer.
"She finally made it." Lori says.
"Dressed appropriately too." Tad adds.
"Say hello to your favorite warehouse worker."
The hand drops, and I hear a gravelly voice from behind me, "Hello ."
I turn to see the old man standing there smiling. I stare at Lori confused.
"We had the idea to kidnap you. I hope you don't mind. Les says that you were pretty wet in the crotch when he tied you up." she says.
"She was dripping. It was running down her legs."
"I didn't notice probably because I was in fear of my life."
"Don't worry. He noticed." Tad laughs. "Now sit. Have a drink. Let the fun begin."
I sit down in an open chair across from Lori. She just stares at me silently. The old man sit next to me to my right, and Tad is sitting to my left.
"Tad says that you suck a mean dick. Is that true?" The old man asks.
"Don't be blunt or anything Les." Tad laughs. "You'll have to excuse our friend. He doesn't know how to treat a lady."
"I know how to treat a lady. This ain't no lady. She's been shaking her ass at me ever since she first started. she wants my dick in her cunt so bad, but she's not worth the sweat off my dick."
"Really Les?" Lori says.
He stands in front of me grabbing me by my hair making me look up at him.
"This is lucky I didn't use the bull whip on her instead of the paddle. You should be thanking me you fat bitch."
"Thank you." I say as he pulls my hair.
"I didn't tell you to talk cunt." He says pulling his dick out. "Thank me!"
I open my mouth, and he shoves it in. I immediatly taste his sweaty unwashed cock. It makes me gag, but he pulls my face tight to him. His pubic hairs tickle my nose as he crushes into my face.
"Here's your drink ." He snarls.
I feel a stream of bitter hot urine flow into my mouth and down my throat making me me gag. I have no choice but to swallow to be able to breathe, but it comes too fast
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A New Story.
Posted:May 1, 2018 10:58 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 8:03 am

I wrote a new story. Here's part of it since I always tend to get carried away when I write.

The New Boss

It's a new day, and we have a new boss starting so the tensions are high throughout the office. We all look up over the tops of our cubicles to see when the upper management walk the new supervisor in. All we've been told is that the new boss has a lot of experience, and brings a ton of knowledge to help us be more efficient in our daily workload. I wonder how strict things will become since every new supervisor has their own ways of doing things, and can be really hard to deal with when they try to change everything right away instead of finding out the ways that we are required to do things.
I take a phone call while trying to keep an eye out, but I hear some of the girls around me saying that our new supervisor is a woman. Not really surprising considering the field this is which is basically customer service. By the time I'm able to look the door to the office is closed, and I can't see anything through the tiny slit of a window in the door that is way across the room full of cubicles. All I can see is that the light is on, and someone is moving around inside.
Around eleven I receive an IM telling me to report to the office as soon as I'm off the phone. The call drags on, and my stress level grows by the second. I wonder why I'm being called in, but I can't dwell on it. Maybe we are all being called in one by one to meet the new supervisor? I'll find out soon. The call drags out for fifteen minutes before I'm able to put myself on hold. Then I take a deep breath, and walk to the office.
I open the door, and walk in to see a woman in her fifties sitting there typing on the computer. She is very feminine looking with shoulder length blond hair, and a navy blue business dress on. She stands up smiling, and offers her hand. I shake it as she tells me that her name is Lori, and that I can call her by her first name.
"Michele?" She says sitting back down.
I nod as I sit there nervously.
"I hear a lot of good things about you. I'm looking forward to working with you and the team to try to alleviate some of the things that are bogging down the workload. The VP Kevin says that you're the go to person to learn the newest program that was installed a few weeks ago, and that you have the best understanding of the old program too. He also says that you don't mind working a few extra hours when needed. Is that true?"
"I don't mind working extra, but it's hard for me to do during the week. I can usually come in a bit early, but with my it's often difficult. I'm only here this early today because I had to switch shifts with another girl so I can go to my 's recital at school tonight."
"That's right; you work the late shift here. That's going to be an issue. What are your feelings about working weekends?"
"I'm okay with that so long as nothing is happening."
"Good. I'm glad to hear that. It's going to take a few days to get things in order, and to get authority into the system. How about this Saturday? We can start whenever you'd like."
"That works for me. I usually start around eleven on the weekends, and then work until four. Is that okay? I ask.
"The eleven works fine, but there is a lot I need to learn about things here. Do you have problems about working longer if need be?"
"Nope. I can work as long as needed."
"Very good then. We'll figure Saturday at eleven. I'll set it up."
I go back to my desk, and the girls around me just look at me curiously. I smile whispering that she seems nice. Then one by one the rest of the team is called in, and introduced to Lori. We all agree that she seems nice, and we are all surprised that she's not out to change everything.
Saturday comes quick, and before I know it I'm sitting at my desk waiting for my computer to boot up. Lori walks in carrying a bag, and goes into her office before coming by me. She sets the bag on my desk, and pulls out doughnuts offering me some. I take one as my slow PC boots into the system. She sits close beside me.
"Does it always take this long?" She asks.
"No. It usually takes longer. For some reason my computer has never worked very well, and IT can't figure out why."
It boots just as I finish my doughnut, and I sign into the system. I activated my phone, and put myself as training so no calls come to me.
"Show me the new system, and then we'll tackle the old one some other day. I need to know the ins and outs of the entire system."
I give her the new person tour of the program answering her questions along the way. She sits so close that she brushes up against my right arm often, but her perfume smells nice so I'm good with it. It's almost three by the time I begin to show her the nuances of the program where it's lacking in efficiency, and offer suggestions on how to improve it as I explain the whys, whats, and who does what.
She takes notes off to the side on my computer using the IM program. I just move to the side when she types. At four she asks if I'm good with staying yet, and I tell her that I am. She tells me to write down all the things I'd like to see different with the system, and all the things that I like. Then to compare it with the old system that we were using. She goes into her office as I begin to type, and it's maybe five minutes before she calls me in.
"What can I help you with?" I ask as I walk in.
"I can't access the messages that I sent myself from your computer. What am I doing wrong?"
I step beside her, and look at the screen.
"You sent it to the wrong folder. I'll have to use my computer to resend the messages to the right place."
She follows me to my desk, and watches close as I resend her messages. I feel her breasts pressing against my right shoulder and arm, but I ignore it the best I can. It's not easy since she is rather well endowed, and they feel so soft. I have always had a curious side to me, and her closeness is piquing it. She rests her left hand on my left shoulder as I refile things before sending. She reaches over me to point at the screen asking questions about the files. I feel her pressing so tight against me, and I feel her hand so gently touching the back of my neck as she strokes my hair saying how soft and thick it is.
I hit send, and tell her that she should be able to access it now on her computer. She thanks me, and returns to her office. I sit back, and feel the heat that has built up between my legs. Her soft feminine features, and her likable demeanor are enough to make me think of her more as a friend than a supervisor, but I'm surprised that I'm thinking of her as more. Not her per se, but the entire mood of the moment. If that makes any sense?
Again she calls me in after a few minutes. I return to her, and she tells me that she can't find the messages. I stand beside her, and watch as she looks through file after file. I don't know what she's doing wrong so I ask if I can just try it myself, and she sits back letting me. I lean in to type, but she doesn't back away. Instead I have to lean against her to reach the keyboard. My left breast presses against her shoulder as I begin to open the proper files. I explain what I'm doing as I do it. In about a minute I have the proper file open, and all of her messages are in queue.
"Thank you Michele, you are a life saver!" She says standing up and hugging me.
She hugs me tight, and I feel her pressing against me. My nipples harden with the closeness, and I feel myself growing embarrassed. By the time she lets go I also feel the heat has built back up between my legs. She looks at me for a minute after she releases me. I see her smile, and I look down to see my nipples are standing like sentinels poking through my blouse. I feel my face blush.
"Don't be ashamed girl. I liked it too." She says throwing me off guard.
Before I know it she has my left nipple between her fingers, and is pinching it firmly but gently. I hear myself moan as my body reacts by pushing my breast toward her. She grabs my right nipple, and my knees grow weak. I swoon, and she pushes me back toward her desk. I sit on the edge as she gently pinches and twists them as she stares into my eyes.
"Have you ever been with a woman before?" She asks me.
I shake my head because words aren't coming to mind.
"I've been with a few, but nobody like you. I find you beautiful and captivating. I can be very dominating when I set my mind to something so forgive me if I'm too forward."
She then leans in and kisses me on the lips. I don't pull away. Her tongue slides into my mouth, and I find myself returning the favor. Her right hand releases my nipple, and takes my left hand. She places it onto her breast. I feel her hard nipple in my palm as I cup her soft supple breast. We moan in unison as she grabs my left breast firmly, and then begins to massage both of my breasts.
I feel the heat burning between my legs. Her hands soon slide up under my blouse and she lifts my bra up over my boobs. Feeling her warm hand on my bare skin makes me moan even louder as my breathing quickens. She massages, pinches my nipples, and sends shivers up my spine. I feel her blouse open up past my hand, and her bare breast is soon filling it. Her nipple feels so hard against my skin, and her breast feel so soft and warm. I squeeze her nipple between my fingers making her moan. She pulls me closer kissing me more passionately.
I grab her other breast, and squeeze that nipple as I massage. She breaks the kiss to moan. Her hand leave my breasts, and find the top of my head. She pushes my mouth down to her chest where I quickly lick and suck on her ample breasts. I lick, suck, and tease her nipples making sure to massage and squeeze at the same time.
"I love the way you suck my tits. It feels so good." She moans. "I want more."
She stands up, and pulls me to my feet kissing me once more. I feel her grabbing my ass. Massaging it as she turns us. Her hands again pull my lips to her breasts as she leans back onto her desk. Then after a few minutes of letting me tease her she pushes me down over her bare stomach to the waistband of her dress. I am soon kneeling in front of her looking up to her. She lifts her dress revealing pink cotton underwear. My eyes are immediately drawn to the huge wet spot in the crotch.
My hands move on their own grabbing the waistband of her underwear and yanking them down slowly as I watch her breathing grow more intense. Soon they are around her ankles, and I run my fingers up the inside of her legs watching her lean back more on the desk. Her legs open wider as my finger get higher. I lightly touch up over her neatly trimmed black pubic hair which is so soft to the touch. Her skin is so smooth and warm. I slowly explore her body before running my fingers down over her exposed crotch. She is so hot and wet. I slip a finger into her soft folds, and her moan fills the room. I begin to gently finger her watching the entire scene playing out before me, and feeling my own crotch begin to drip with anticipation.
She moans and writhes as I finger her for a few minutes. Then she grabs my hair hard. I pull my finger out catching myself before I fall over.
"Suck my cunt. Fuck me now." She demands as she pulls my face against her crotch.
Her scent fills my nose, and her taste fills my mouth as I begin to lick her as deep as I can. I lick and suck as her hips rock and mash against my lips. Her moans grow with intensity as her hips rock faster and faster.
"I'm going to cum. You're going to make me cum."
I grab her hips, and hold on tight. Then I suck hard on her crotch as I fuck my tongue deep in her.
"God yes!" She moans as her back arches.
I feel her orgasm flow into my mouth, and swallow it down as I tongue fuck her. Her hips buck and shake as she holds me tight to her. I feel my own wetness running down my legs as she gives me my first female experience. Her orgasm lasts for a few moments before she goes limp on the desk panting.
She looks down at me with a huge smile as she regains her composure. Then she touches my left cheek before running her fingers under my chin and leading me up to her. I stand there between her legs as she pulls me closer for a kiss. Her hands grab my ass pulling me tight to her. Then she wraps her legs around me kissing me passionately as her hands massage my breasts under my blouse.
I close my eyes enjoying the attention when I feel my blouse raise up exposing my breasts. The cool air on my hot skin is offset by her warm mouth wrapping around my left nipple. I feel her teeth nibble on it gently making me moan. Then she bites a bit harder making me moan louder. I rub her head as she kisses and sucks from one breast to the other. Then I feel her teeth sink into my right nipple hard. My back arches mashing my tit to her face and a soft wanting moan fills the room. I feel my pants unbutton, and drop to the floor.
The cool air against my overheated crotch gives me goose bumps. Then I shudder as her fingers lightly run over the crotch of my black cotton underwear touching my clit through them. I almost fall to the floor as my legs weaken.
"We'd better trade spots." She says standing up.
As we turn around I hear a door close. She hears it too.
"It seems we're not alone." I say.
She buttons her blouse, and goes to look. I pull up my pants hoping it was just the wind.
"It's the janitor." She whispers. "Looks like we're going to have to postpone the fun."
Let down I redress myself. She stands in front of me, and as soon as I look at her she kisses me again passionately holding me tight.
"Postponed, but not over." She says.
"It's late anyway." I admit.
I am so horny, and let down. But I'm used to that feeling so I just go to shut my computer down, and then tell her when I'm leaving. The janitor is going from cubicle to cubicle emptying the trash slowly working his way toward us. Lori pinches my ass as we walk out, and winks at me. When we get to the parking lot she backs me up against my car. Her hand grabs my crotch roughly as she kisses me one last time.
"Next time I'm not going to be so nice to you girl." She coos. "See you Monday."
I reminisce the entire drive home. My husband and are waiting up yet, and I tell them that it's been a rough night, and it took a lot out of me. I grab a quick bite to eat as we watch something on the TV. Before I know it it's after ten. I go to bed exhausted, but still very horny. I try to initiate things when my husband climbs into bed, but he just rolls over and snores almost immediately. I begin to touch myself thinking about her pleasuring me. I pinch my nipples like she did, and I touch my crotch softly like she did. I feel my wetness grow quickly. My fingers touch harder and harder as I rub myself through my underwear.
It's not long before my hips are gently rocking with pleasure. The pressure soon builds inside of me, and then releases in waves coursing through my body and out my crotch. It's a nice release, but it's not satisfying. I'm left relieved, but wanting more. I quickly drift off to sleep with my fingers against my crotch and a hand cupping my breast under my shirt.
Monday was soon here, and busy as ever. Lori spent most of her time doing supervisor stuff, and I worked on that comparison list between calls and emails. I only seen her a few times in passing before she left for the day. We smiled at each other as she left, but never got to speak.
The rest of the week was more of the same. Way too busy, and the time flying by. On Friday Lori handed me a note on her way out. I read it on my break. It says to meet her at an address around five Saturday for a small get together for us employees and our spouses. It gives directions, and a number to call if I have problems. On an extra piece of paper she wrote for me to dress casual since she wants to see me the most of all, and doesn't want things to be too impeding. Then she added a winking smiley face. I feel my crotch tingle with excitement with thoughts of being with her.
We show up a bit after five. I introduce my husband, and we begin to mingle. Things go good, and my hubby chats freely which isn't like him. I am kind of glad, and I walk out for some air. Lori follows me onto the patio, and stands beside me facing me.
"You look nice tonight. I never expected you to wear a skirt, and a tank. They're so cute together though. The lacy red tank with the black lacy skirt. They accentuate your beauty. Makes me want to eat you up right here and now." She says pulling me close and yanking up my skirt to grab my ass.
"Well, well, well. No undies either? Has my Michele found her inner slut?" She then grabs my breasts squeezing them hard. "No bra either. I like that."
I feel her fingers work between my ass cheeks and touch my crotch pressing hard against it. She looks me in the eyes smiling.
"Feels like you're ready for some fun. You'll have to wait though."
We hear someone calling for her, and she walks back in after wiping her finger onto my lips. I stand there horny as ever tasting myself on my lips watching her ass as she walks away. I straighten my skirt before turning away to watch the fountain in the back of the yard. I walk over to it, and admire it. A few minutes later the old guy from the warehouse walks up.
Him and I have never really gotten along very well. He's a mousy sort of guy with a troll's demeanor. I used to say hello, but was always met with a grumpy sneer. So I quit saying anything to him. He's a short thin guy that looks like he should be retired. He has short gray hair with a receding hairline, but he's not bald. The most prominent thing on him is his rather large nose which gives him his mousy look.
He walks right up to me. I just smile, and I don't say a word. I just go back to watching the water cascade down the fountain. I admire the female form in the center. She's naked, and holding a hose which wraps through her legs spraying the water upward creating the fountain. I sense him standing beside me. I remain silent.
"I bet you like a hose between your legs too don't you?" He says.
"Excuse me?" I reply stunned.
"I'm sure a fat cunt like you would welcome anything between her legs so she can finally get off."
"I think you need to leave."
"Shut up bitch. Admit the truth. You're dressed like a because you are a , and you'd welcome a dick in any hole thankful that you're finally getting some."
"You really need to leave before..."
"Before what cunt?" He interrupts. "Any guy with half a brain can see what a fat like you is good for."
"And you have half a brain?"
"More than." He says stepping behind me, and pushing me against the fountain. I catch myself from falling into the water as he yanks my skirt up over my ass.
"That's a huge fat ass." He says spanking it a few times really hard. "I bet it's never had this."
He barely finishes his sentence when I feel his dick ram into my asshole tearing me open. I moan as he plunges deep, and then pulls back before plunging deep once more.
"That's a surprisingly tight asshole for a fat . I'm impressed cunt."
He grabs my hips, and fucks me hard and deep. The slapping of his hips against my ass cheeks echoes through the yard. His cock feels so big as it fills my once virgin asshole. My legs shake and grow numb as he uses me. The minutes seem like hours, and my insides strain at the stress. He lets go of my hips, and yanks my head back by my hair slamming deeper into me. I lose my breath which every thrust into me.
"Like that slut? Do you like a hard cock buried up your fat ass?"
I can't reply. I feel him reach under me, and grab my pubic hair. He pulls on it hard, and I feel some yanking out. He slams harder as he pulls harder.
"I'm going to grease your shit bitch. I'm going to fill your ass so full of cum that you'll be burping it up for days."
He again grabs my hips hard, and I feel him spreading my ass cheeks wide as he plunges into me. Then he pulls me tight holding me close with his dick deep in me. I hear him moan, and I can feel his cum filling my bowels. It feels so strangely exciting. I feel myself have a small orgasm as his cock twitches inside of me.
"That's it . Take that load. Shake your ass around work all night. You should be glad I'm letting you have it. Next time you'll have to beg like the you are."
He slams into me a few more times before pulling out. I feel his cum drip out some before my hole clamps shut. He tosses me ten dollars before going inside. The stinging sets in making me clench my cheeks together to endure. After a few minutes I return to the party, and act as though nothing happened. I go to the bathroom to clean up feeling dirty, but containing my emotions. The rest of the night goes on without a hitch. The old guy just smiles at me occasionally, but never says a word to me.
One by one everyone leaves. It's almost midnight before it's just myself, Lori, and our husbands. My hubby wants to leave, but her husband insists on showing him the playroom in the basement. When they leave he smile at Lori, and she quickly comes by me sitting next to me.
"They'll be gone for an hour or two. My hubby will get your playing a game of pool, and that'll take them a while. I'm going to fuck you now."
I know my husband doesn't like to play pool so I'm not so sure about them being gone for hours. She doesn't care to hear my thoughts, and pounces on me pinning me to the back of the couch. She pulls out a vibrator from under the pillow, and quickly has it turned on high and is shoving it under my skirt.
"This goes into you pretty pussy. Now spread those legs."
My legs open automatically, and I feel it slip right into my excited vagina.
"Good girl. Now open that shirt and let me see those tits."
Not thinking I do as she says.
"You listen well." She says as she grabs my breasts roughly.
She bends down, and bites my nipples hard making me moan and tense with lust. Feeling the vibrator combined with her teeth is so intense. She sucks and bites my chest bringing me so close to orgasm.
"You can't cum yet girl. Show some courtesy. Mommy first." She says standing on the seat of the couch over me.
I look up to see that she is naked below the waist, and she's lowering her crotch to me. I am so horny, and so frustrated. My body rises up to meet her with my lips wrapping around her crotch. My tongue delves into her making her moan in delight. She rides my face for a few minutes before she grabs my hair, and falls onto her back on the couch pulling me with her. Her legs move onto my shoulders, and her thighs lock around my head as her hips fuck my face.
"Suck me. Eat my pussy." She moans as I find her clit to lick.
I slip a finger into her fucking her with it while I suck her clit. This drives her crazy with pleasure. It's not long before her legs tighten around my head as her body shakes in orgasm. I lap up what I can enjoying every moment. She pushes me away as her orgasm quickly subsides, and then I sit back admiring her spread out in front of me.
She catches her breath, and get on her knees to get up. She looks back to see me staring at her ass. The view is sexy to me. Seeing her asshole and her pink pussy all glistening with my spit and her orgasm. She pushes her ass back to me wiggling it.
"Like the view?"
"I do." I stammer.
"Good. Because sometimes you'll have to kiss mommy's ass to keep her happy."
I don't even begin to understand what she means before she pulls my face to her ass by my hair. Then it's clear, and I begin to lap up her asshole feeling to twitch as my tongue poke at it. It's not nearly a gross as I thought it would be. Before I know it I'm plugging her hole with my tongue making her moan.
"Good girl. Eat mommy's ass. Lick it all up good."
Hearing her drives me crazy myself. I am so full of lust, and feeling the vibrations inside of me aren't helping calm my needs. I tongue fuck her ass for a while until we hear the husband's coming back. She pushes me away, and dresses quick.
"Looks like you are going to have to wait again." She whispers.
"What about your toy?" I ask just as the guys enter the room.
She smiles at me as the guys sit back down talking about their pool game.Lori and her husband sit across from us, and I see the way that they look at each other. He knows what happened. Mine is still oblivious as usual. After a few minutes we take our leave. My husband goes to get the car while Lori and her husband see me to the door.
"See you Monday." She says hugging me.
I smile. Then she lifts my skirt as my back is towards the door, and exposes me to her husband. She reaches between my legs removing the vibrator. With a kiss on the lips she drops my skirt. I feel ashamed being exposed like that, and I feel myself blush.
"You're turning red my dear. Don't be bashful. Mommy and daddy like your pretty little pussy. Now daddy is going to fuck mommy with his big cock while you go home to your husband. I hope he treats you the same."
I turn to exit knowing that my husband won't want to do anything but sleep when we get home. I am so horny and frustrated. A lot has happened today, and it is more than I can really comprehend. I get in the car, and we drive home in almost silence. He goes straight to bed, and I shower to wash the dirty feelings away.
I sit in the recliner after, and I notice that I have a text message. It's from Lori. She sent a message saying that she misses me, and that her husband would like to see more of me. She attached a picture of his rather large cock as it was plunging into her vagina. I know it was her since I've seen it close up already. I barely set my phone down before I get another text from her.
"Almost as good as you my dear." She wrote with a picture of her laying there on her back.
I could tell he took the picture from the angle. I could see his cum all over her from her breasts to her crotch. Then I noticed in the background what looked like me as I was being intimate with her. Well, all that could bee seen was half of my face and her crotch. I don't recall her taking pictures, and I wonder what else she did while we were being intimate?
I asked what is in the background? She replied that they had a great video playing, and that her hubby wants to see more just like it. She offered to show it to me the next time I came over, and hinted that she has no plans for tomorrow. I said that I'll have to see what's happening first.
"Be here at nine." She responded. "No excuses."
I set my alarm surprised by her tone, but willing to go by her. I go to bed to hear my hubby snoring away. I lay beside him feeling my butt hole tingle from being abused earlier, and also feeling my vagina wet from the night's fun and tomorrow's anticipation. The emotional roller coaster makes it hard to sleep, but I eventually nod off.
The alarm jolts me awake at seven. I slowly crawl out of the bed groggy, but moving. My husband doesn't stir. I shower and throw on a pair of blue jeans and a pink tee as I get ready. I grab an orange on my way out the door for breakfast. I stop to leave my husband a note telling him where I'm going, and that I will be helping Lori for a while. The butterflies begin to flutter in my stomach as I pull into her driveway. I am getting nervous, but yet still wanting to see what the day will hold. I guess hoping for some relief from my sexual frustrations.
She opens the door as I prepare to knock. I see her smile brightening the threshold, and her presence seem uplifting. I step in to see her husband sitting there in the chair facing me. He too has a huge grin. I barely close the door behind me before she hugs me. He gets up to greet me, and offers me a seat and a drink. I accept a water.
"You seem troubled today." She notices.
"Something just doesn't feel right."
He returns handing me a bottle of water. I take a sip as I sit on the edge of the chair facing her. She sits on the sofa with him sitting beside her. He is laying back more relaxed, but Lori looks intent and worried.
"What doesn't feel right? Is it me? Us?"
"All of it really." I say almost in tears as a feeling of depression fills my very soul.
"Oh sweetie. Don't fret. You don't have to do anything you don't want. and I'm your friend before anything." She says kneeling in front of me hugging me.
"I know that. I appreciate it too, but there the feeling of guilt. I'm married. It's one thing if I'm forced against my will, but to be willing is wrong on so many levels."
"Did something happen last night?"
"It's okay."
"Did your husband say something or do something?" She presses.
"No. It wasn't him."
"Who was it, and what did he do?" Her husband asks concerned.
"It's nothing, nobody, don't worry about it." I answer.
She holds me close comforting me as the tears roll down my cheeks. Her husband leaves to use the bathroom, and she kisses the top of my head.
"You can tell me whenever you're ready." She says soothingly.
"Why was the old guy from the warehouse here last night?" I ask feeling myself at ease with just her in the room.
"He's an old friend. He's a bit crass and often times an asshole, but I've known him for years. He mean well." She pauses before asking, "Did he say something to upset you?"
"It isn't what he said that is bothering me."
She rocks me in her arms holding me close. Then the dam inside me opens up.
"I was by the fountain last night when he came up to me calling me names." I begin. "It bothered me at first, and I started to get pissed. He's never even said hi back when I'd say hi to him, and now he comes up calling me a . I told him where to go, and he got physical pushing me down against the fountain. I was shocked."
Lori keeps holding and rocking as she listens to me.
"He yanked my skirt up, and the next thing I know he is inside me. It hurt so much. I've never done it like that before. He pulled my hair, and called me names the whole time he was using me. He even yanked on my pubic hair, and it felt like he yanked a bunch out. He didn't stop until he finished inside of me, and then tossed money at me before he left me there."
"What would you like me to do with him babe?" Her husband asks her. "He's your friend."
"Let's let Michele decide what she wants to do." She answers him as she holds me.
I sit there with my mind going a million miles per hour. My head begins to throb as a headache sets in fast. My depressive feelings are eased from telling her, and I don't care if her husband heard me either.
"Leave it." I say.
"Are you sure?" He asks.
"Yeah. I'm sure."
"Anything you want my dear." She says softly. "I'm glad you told me. I'll make sure that you don't have to see him ever again."
"You don't have to do that." I say.
"You mean it wouldn't bother you to see him again?" She asks.
"Yeah, kind of. Maybe in a way. No, not really."
She looks at me confused.
"Promise me that you won't think less of me?" I beg her.
"I could never think less of you. You're way too important to me."
"I kind of liked it. Being called those names. Being treated like an object. Maybe it was just being wanted even for a moment? I don't know. All I know is that even though it hurt, and I didn't ask for it, he made me orgasm. Not a big one, but one just the same. My butt has been stinging ever since then, and it's kind of exciting me. Feeling the pain from him using me makes me remember the experience. I don't know what to think. I'm confused." I confess.
"That's okay dear." She soothes. "Sometimes we don't know what we want, and sometimes we are made to do things that deep down we need to do even if it's just for the experience. Then when it happens we like it no matter how wrong or against the norm it is."
I look into her eyes, and see her sincerity. My heart fills with trust for her, and I can feel the warmth of her soul. She wipes my cheeks, and kisses me gently on the lips as she holds my head in her hands.
"If there's anything you'd like to try or do you can just tell me, and we'll do what we can to make things happen for you. And I'll be here for you no matter what." She offers.
"What did you want me to come here today for?" I ask.
"To see you." She smiles.
"You're all she talks about." Her husband adds. "I think she likes you more than me lately."
"You don't really know me though."
"I know that I want to know all about you. You're all I think of, and all I desire at the moment. So you just being here is me being greedy."
She stands up, and takes me by the hand leading me to the couch before sitting between me and her husband.
"Let's get to know each other then shall we?" She asks smiling. "My name is Lori, and this is my husband Tad." She begins joking to make me smile.
It works. We all laugh a much needed laugh to lighten the mood that I brought. The day wears on with us telling each other all the facts and a few of our life experiences. Around two in the afternoon my husband texts me asking what is happening and when I'm going to return. I tell him that we're going over recipes, which we are at the moment, and that I'll be home when I get there. He replies that there is a nasty storm coming in, and to be safe. I tell him to do the same, and to keep the safe.
I go to look out the window, and I see the dark gray clouds. The wind is dead calm. Lori steps beside me looking out too.
"Looks like we're going to get hit hard." I say.
She turns on the weather channel, and we see the storm coming in strong. And it's big with lots of lightening.
"We better get the candles out in case we lose power." She says to Tad.
He goes to get candles, and flashlights. We all watch out the window at the driveway when Tad tells me to pull my car into the garage. I grab my keys, and pull in quick. We return to the window by Lori just as the wind kicks up. It went from zero to fifty miles per hour in under a second. The rain soon followed. First it was big drops, but it quickly turned into a torrential downpour. Then came the thunder and lightening. I stand in the window awed by the awesomeness of it all.
"You like to watch storms, huh?" He asks me.
"They really make a girl know where she stands in the grand scheme of things."
"I like feeling the vibrations of the thunder. It makes me horny." Lori admits.
I smile at her as she puts her hand on my back. She leans toward me, and we kiss a passionate kiss. It feels so nice knowing that I'm not the only one that gets horny during a good storm, but I hold that information back. Not like I could say anything anyway with my mouth full of her tongue. She moans as we kiss, and the thunder cracks. Then on a good loud band she moans hard. I smile thinking that the thunder made her moan, and she begins to kiss me with much less sensuality and passion. Her kisses become more wanting and primal. She is almost trying to devour my tongue as we kiss.
It's then that I notice that her trying to devour my is because her husband is fucking her as we kiss. As the rain slows it's drown out by the sounds of his hips slapping against her ass. Her moans muffled by my mouth. I reach down pulling her shirt up baring her rocking breasts. I use both hands to caress and fondle them as I kneel beside her. He begins to fuck her faster, and she pushes my head down as she arches her back up. I am soon licking and sucking her rock hard nipples while I rub her soft supple tits.
Her moans show that she is closing in on an orgasm rather quickly. His thrusts tell me the same for him. She grabs my head, and shoves my face down to her crotch from underneath. I see his balls slamming against her. Then I see his dick. Rock hard, and glistening with her juices. It pushes deep into her before retreating just as fast making her body shake. I waste no time in getting my tongue to join his cock attending to her pussy. His balls hit my chin as I lick her clit from below. She almost screams in pleasure, and her orgasm hits in less than a minute.
I can feel her body reacting to her pleasure. I keep licking and he keeps fucking. A few minutes later I hear him groan. His pace doesn't slow at all until a few seconds later when he stops moving all together with his dick halfway inside of her. They stay motionless for a minute before he backs away.Then she drops down making me lay on my back. Her pussy never leaves my mouth as she squats over me.
"Lick it." She insists.
I'm already licking her. I taste his cum mixed with hers. It's bitter, salty, and has a taste of it's own.
"Eat daddy's man juice out of mommy. Clean mommy up like a good girl."
I grab her hips pulling her tight to my mouth, andlet my tongue lick deep into her. Her moans tell me that it was the right thing to do. I feel my shirt lift up baring my breasts, and then I feel my nipples being pinched and tugged on. It hurts, but in a good way. It is making my already wet crotch wetter. Her hips rock, and the tugging gets to be pinching, pulling, and twisting as she nears another climax. It makes me moans and wiggle under her.
I feel my jeans unbutton, and slide down my legs quickly followed by my underwear. Warm hands touch my belly and crotch exploring me. They gently yank on my pubic hairs, and tickly my labia. Lori's hips are grinding hard against my mouth telling me that she's close. A finger slips into my vagina making me moan as the anticipation of relief takes me. My moan is enough to set her off, and her juices flow into my mouth. I swallow them down as I lap deep into her. Another finger enters me just as she yanks hard on my nipples lifting my breasts high making me moan again. She shakes hard before jumping off me panting.
I look down to see Tad kneeling between my leg completely naked as he explores my nether regions. His fingers working in and out of me. Then I look at Lori laying there beside me with a huge smile. She's watching Tad as he explores. I then look up to see out the window as the rain falls outside. My hips rock fucking his fingers as I lose myself in the moment.
It's not long before I feel his mouth wrap around my crotch. I moan in relief as I prepare for a much needed orgasm. Lori begins to explore my breasts with her tongue adding to the excitement. She teases and attends to each breast before trading places with Tad. He sucks, nibbles, and bites while she licks gently teasing my labia and clit driving me crazy with need.
After a short bit they switch again. Tad laps me good bringing me so close to orgasm, but just before it hits Lori switches with him. They switch off back and forth for over an hour teasing me and torturing me. I am in such a need for a release.
"Please make me cum!" I beg to deaf ears.
The fingers, the hands, the tongues, the mouths, the warm flesh against mine. All of it fills me with a deep desire and lust. A need for relief through orgasm. Feeling my pubic hair being pulled while teeth sink into my breasts and nipples, having my hair pulled so she can lick and kiss my neck, and feeling her fingernails running down over my breasts and legs all add to my need.
The phone rings, and I hear my husband's voice on the answering machine. Lori and Tad stop letting me answer it. He wants to know how we're holding up through the storm. I tell him that we're doing fine, and that we're just watching it rain as we chat. That's when I feel Lori press up against my back. Her naked body feels so nice against mine. She lifts my shirt off, and then my bra before wrapping her arms around me hugging me. Tad kneels in front of me, and burys his face in my crotch.
He pushes my legs apart so he can lick my clit while I talk to my husband. Then Lori slides down my back, and I feel her hands spreading my butt open just as her tongue finds it's way across my asshole. It makes it hard to talk, but I somehow manage. He tells me to keep him posted because he's worried about me driving in the weather. I told him that I won't leave until it lets up.
I couldn't get off the phone fast enough. I barely had it gung up when a loud moan escaped from me. My legs go weak as I give in to the pleasure. Lori spanks me playfully, and Tad plays with my nipples. My hips rock harder as my orgasm becomes imminent. Her tongue traces my spine as she cuddles up behind me pressing her ample frame against me. Her hands find my breasts while her mouth finds my neck.
Tad licks up to my neck, but rub my clit hard, and I don't last for more than a few seconds before I moan loud as my legs give out. They hold me up as the biggest orgasm I've ever had rips through me. My eyes close as the sheer intensity grips me. I feel my vaginal walls shuddering inside of me, and I feel my wetness run down my legs as he rubs me. My body tenses and relaxes at an amazing rate as the waves flow through my soul only to exit out my crotch. It lasts for a few glorious minutes before I am left exhausted and out of breath.
They lay me on the floor. I watch them kiss each other as I catch my wind. Lori soon kneels beside me kissing my forehead.
"Thank you sweetie." She whispers lovingly. "That was amazing."
All I can do is pant and smile. Tad looks down at us smiling just as the power goes out. He walsk over lighting an electric lantern filling the room with a soft glow. I notice that he has little to no pubic hair. Even less than Lori's neatly trimmed mound. I think about how mine is, and how I gave up primping down there for lack of anyone to impress. My husband never seemed to notice when I cleaned it up for him. Lori sees me staring at him.
"He does have a nice dick." She says.
"That's not what I was looking at, but he does."
"What captivated your attention about my husband?"
"Just at how he looks like he shaves, and then I remember that yours is trimmed. I used to do that years ago, but gave up."
"Hubby didn't give a damn, huh?"
"He couldn't care less."
"Did you trim, or shave?" He asks sitting beside me.
I sit up, and tell him that I usually just trimmed it back.
He gets up, helps Lori and me up, and we return to the couch by the lanterns. We sit naked with me in the middle this time, and Lori to my left and Tad to my right.
"I have no real preferrence when it comes to women." He says. "To each their own. I do find it kinky to shave a woman though."
"Just it isn't happening with me." Lori adds. "I hate being bald. It feels weird."
"Someday you'll give in though." He jokes.
"Nope. You'll have to talk her into it."
"I don't know about that." I giggle.
"I'll just tie you down then." He laughs.
"I'm sure you'd really like that." I answer.
"I'm sure you would too." Lori adds with a devilish smirk. "I'd let him tie you down now, but you're expecting it."
"Going for realizm?" I ask.
"That's the only way to go." She says. "What would you do if we did do something like that?"
"What could I do? You'd have me tied up. All I could do is scream."
"No. I'll make sure you're gagged." Tad adds.
"You're going to be in for a lot of fun with us girl. I get to be your boss all week, and your mommy on the weekends. I'm so glad I met you."
"I'm glad we met too. I like you both a lot."
She kisses me, and then we hug. All three of us.
"I better get home. I'm sure he'll be calling again soon. Besides that it's getting late."
"Stay here.You can sleep in our bed." Tad offers.
"I would like to, but I can't."
"We'd like you to also sweetie, but I understand. Reality needs you."
I gather my things, dress, and then head home in the slow rain thinking about what just happened. Feeling myself getting more and more turned on imagining what could happen. Thinking about being tied, and used. It sounds so sexual, but so wrong. I'm soon home, and I'm greeted at the door by the . My hubby offers me some supper which I gladly accept. Then we sit and talk about the storm, and I told him about us sitting there talking. Not the subject, or what else went on.
Monday came all too soon. Lori just smiles when she goes by never really saying anything. Friday I'm called into her office, and she asks what I have planned for the weekend. I tell her about my functions that I have to attend, and she tells me to keep the following weekend open for work.
"Real work. Not the fun stuff." She adds at the end.
I tell my husband that I have to work the upcoming weekend, and he's okay with it. All week long Lori sends me IM's about various things to have ready for the weekend, and by Friday I have it all done, and ready. Saturday morning at nine I meet her by my desk.
"Here's everything you wanted." I say showing her.
"Not everything. Just work." She says looking around. "Are you wearing underwear?"
"Of course."
"Give it to me."
I get up to go to the bathroom to take it off for her, but she stops me.
"Now. I need it now."
I reach under my shirt undoing my bra, and then pulling it out from under. Nervously I look around realizing that I have jeans on.
"Hurry up. I need them now."
I pull down my pants and underwear all at once, and quickly jump out of them seperating them before pulling my pants back up. I hand her my underwear, and she grabs them out of my hand.
"You listen good, but I didn't tell you to put your pants back on, did I?"
I'm shocked, but also getting very turned on. I again look around.
"Now. You don't have time to be fucking around."
I pulled them back off, and stand there in front of her. She hands me an egg shaped thing with a wire hanging from it.
"Put this in your pussy. Now."
I take it from her, and let it slip into my wet vagina. Then I stare at her waiting instructions.
"This stays in until I tell you to take it out. Now put your pants on, and let's get to work."
I obey, and then begin to transfer all the files I have ready for her. I barely begin when I feel the egg inside of me start buzzing. It throws me off, and then feeling it gives me makes me so horny. It vibrates for a few minutes bringing me cose to orgasm before stopping abruptly. I compose myself, and send more files. The egg activates sporatically driving me close to orgasm, but stopping short every time. Afterva few hours I am filled with frustration and need. Lori returns handing me an envelope.
"I see that you're holding up bettervthan expected." She laughs.
"This is so meee." I say being stopped as it starts once more.
"It is so you." She snickers. "Now take this to the warehouse, and make sure it gets done right away."
I just look at her wondering how she expects me to walk with this thing in me.
"Go on now. I don't want to be here all night."
I wait for it to stop befor standing. She slaps my ass telling me to go. I get to the warehouse only to see nobody around. I look all over, and feel the egg vibrate again stopping me in my tracks. Waiting for it to stop I watch around me doing my best to hold back my moans of pleasure and frustration. When it stops I continue my search. I see one person at the end of a long row so I go to him. I see that it the old man as I get closer. I turn to walk away, but he sees me.
"What do you want ?"
I take a deep breath, and turn back to him. Holding up the envelope I tell him that I need this done right away.
"I have other things to get done before your crap you stupid bitch. What's it worth to you to get it done right away?"
"It' not for me. It's Lori's job."
He takes the envelope, and looks into it pulling out a piece of paper. He stares at it for a minute before returning it to the envelope.
"Follow." He demands walking away from me.
I follow him down a long dark row. I don't want to follow, but I have to. I can hear him mumbling under his breath as we walk. It takes a minute before we reach the end, and then he pulls up a ladder before looking at me.
"Top shelf, . I think the ladder will hold your fat ass."
I look up to see an old cardboard box covered in dust. Then I slowly walk past him to begin up the ladder. He doesn't move out of my way, and I have to squeeze between him and a shelf to get by. I feel the shelf dig into the bottom of my butt cheeks as I ake my way to the ladder. I sowly climb, grab the box, and begin my descent wondering what is in the old box. It's really light.
I make it to the bottom rung before the egg kicks in again catching me off guard. I clutch the ladder tight as a moan echoes through the warehouse. I hear the old man laugh, and then feel himstep beind me. A cold finger touches my ass, but I'm too engrossed in the pleasure I'm feeling to worry about it.
"Looks like my got a hole in her jeans."
Then I feel him rip the back of my jeans wide open baring my ass. His cold finger plunge down between my ass cheeks until he touches my crotch.
"Damn. You cunt is soaking wet."
I hear his zipper open, but I can't move. Then I feel hi hard dick press between my ass cheeks humping me. It feels so hot, and so hard. I can feel it sliding against me parting my crack with it's girth.
"Do you want some of this cock ?"
"Yes." I hear myself admitting.
"You know what you have to do then."
"Please fuck me sir. Please fuck me with that big cock."
"You're wish is my command." He sneers.
I feel him pushing the tip down my ass crack. My body bends giving myself to him. Then I feel it slip across my crotch rubbing against my clit. I moan more from the attention.
"Please fuck me."
The egg is going stronger, and his hot dick against my clit is driving me wild.
"Your fat cunt is so fucking wet bitch, but your slimy pussy doesn't deserve my dick."
I feel him pull back, and then I feel the tip press against my asshole. He pushes it in, and my body accepts it all. It slides in easily with all of my wetness. Then I feel my sphincter clench around him, but it's too late. He pushes it all the way in, and begins to fuck my ass hard. The ladder rattles as I hold on with all my might. My moans come one after the other echoing throughout the warehouse.
"God yes, fuck my ass. Fuck me good."
"I will . I'll destroy your fat ass before I'm done."
The egg vibrates harder and it quickly becomes too much. I feel an orgasm quickly release, and I moan in delight as he plows my asshole. I can feel my ass clenching in rhythm as the waves run through me. It takes me to heaven for a few wonderful minutes before slowly ebbing. The old man isn't slowing down at all, and I feel my hole being ravaged. The egg stops vibrating, and I feel him holding onto the waist of my jeans using them to pull me with his thrusting.
"Get ready . You're going to get some real man's seed deep in your dumper." He says just as he rams it as deep as he can as hard as he can.
I feel his dick inside me begin to pulse, and then I feel his cum warming my rectum. He grunts a few times holding it in me, and then he pulls back before slamming it deep once more with a moan. Then he pulls out, slapping my ass. I stay motionless feeling his cum leak out some. Then I see a twenty dollar bill fall to the floor next to me. I just stare at it.
"It's a used hole, and it's only worth twenty . But if you keep up the good work you may just earn my dick in your fat cunt."
I grab the money and box, and I begin back down the row. He grabs my arm making me look at him.
"You're welcome you fat useless bitch."
"Thank you sir." I hear myself mumble.
"For what cunt?"
"For helping me get the box."
"For fucking my worthless ass, and letting me have your cum."
"That's a good . We'll find some use for you yet."
I return to my desk feeling his cum dripping out of my sore asshole. Lori is soon standing beside me smiling.
"You got the box I see. Any problems with the old timer?"
"I see you split you pants. What ever caused that?"
"I snagged a shelf."
"Anything ele you want to tell me?"
"Not that I can think of."
"I'm going out for a couple hours for a meeting. I have the controller for the toy, and it only works if I'm within twenty feet of you. So if you decide that you have something you'd like to tell me it'll have to wait until I get back. I expect you to stay at your desk until I get back, and I'll know if you even go to the bathroom."
She shows me her phone after typing on it. I see myself sitting here. I look at my computer to see that camera is activated. She shows me a small controller. I see an on/off switch, and a slide bar. She turns it on, and the egg starts to vibrate. Then she moves the bar, and it intensifies. She sets it to the maximum before putting it in her pocket.
"Have fun feeling those good vibrations."
She kisses me on the cheek, and I watch in dismay as she walks out leaving me being vibrated at my desk feeling the need and lust growing once more.
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It's been a while...
Posted:Mar 19, 2018 9:31 am
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2018 10:35 am
I know, I know... it's been a while. There's not much new to report either.

I've been busy working and living. Being mommy and wife is a fulltime job. And when you add in my fulltime job it makes for very little me time. Keeping up with the and their activities doesn't help.

The hubby and I have been working all the OT we can to try to keep ahead of the bills, and that's not an easy feat. I'm no longer putting together orders. Now I help people straighten out their online issues. It's more mentally challenging, and I like it.

Being so busy has robbed me of any time to post here or write anything. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to write soon. I have a few ideas in my head that need to be written down. I haven't even had the time to create any picture captions.

So since I don't have the sexy stories or enlightening trysts I'll leave you with a few captions that I've had. Enjoy. I hope I get to write again soon. Be well, later.

The Visitor at the Cabin
Posted:Dec 19, 2017 7:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2018 9:45 am

Well here I am again. Sitting at the cabin all alone. I'm looking forward to a week of peace, quiet, and solitude. It's a bit chilly, but I can handle that. The heater works. I have a turkey hunting tag this year, but I'm not feeling the push to go out and sit in the woods. I also have a few movies to watch. I'll probably just do that. Watch movies, and stay warm.

It's nice to not have to worry about anything for a week. The were driving me crazy, and the bills were stressing me out. I have all I need and my husband's truck to haul it. It's late when I got here last night so I'm unpacking today, and getting all settled in. As I watch out the window I see that the woods are quiet. No wind, no animals, nothing. Just dead silence.

I resume settling in, and once it's all done I sit in the recliner under a warm blanket. Flipping on the TV I go through the channels. Nothing is coming in as usual. I hate digital TV. The reception sucks. I turn it off, and open my computer. There's no internet, but I can play the games. Solitaire it is.

When I'm good and into my game I'm startled by a knock on the door. I wonder who it is since we're hardly ever here, and I never did hear a car pull in? I look out to see an older man standing on my porch. He is about average height. I'd say five foot seven or eight. Balding on top with just a horseshoe of a hairline for his gray hair. He is a bigger guy with a definite belly in front of him. His clothes look like old things that he just tossed on from the dirty pile.

I crack the door slightly saying, "Hello. How can I help you?"

"Where's the boat landing?"

"They closed that off years ago. You have to go all the way around to get to it now." I answer since it's actually all too common for this question here.

"Then why didn't they change the name of the road? It don't make sense."

"I agree, but you know the government. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No. I'm good for now. Thanks."

I watch as he walks up the road, and then I close the door when he's out of sight. I figure that he's parked up the road since it's really hard to turn around with a trailer on this small cul de sac. It's not even that actually. The road just ends into the trees. My driveway is the last one on the street, and I see a lot of people pulling in as they try to turn around. It usually takes them a while.

I go back to my games. The day wears away. I relax nicely, and enjoy my peace. I make pizza and a mix drink for supper. I choke the food down since I'm not really that hungry. The drink goes down really smooth. I'm mixing another before I know it, and my lips are getting numb from the alcohol. I watch the sun set through the front window, and then draw the curtains. It's nice and warm inside now. All the chills are gone. It's almost eighty degrees according to the wall thermometer. Comfy zone.

I peel off my jogging pants, and unzip my fleece top. I resolve myself to lounge around in my undies for the rest of the week. I try the TV again, and it seems to be coming in somewhat. Not very well though. I check my phone. No reception. I usually can call or text, but for some reason I can't do anything with it this week so far.

I give up, and put in the first movie I grab. It's the story about an old witch that is exacting her revenge on a small town. I know. Sounds dumb, but the story looked interesting when I picked it up. It starts out like any other B movie. In a flashback. Back to the 1700's where the woman is being accused of being a witch because she is having an affair with some judge or something and his wife finds out. She ends up cursing them as they burn her at the stake.

The story really played on the romance between her and the judge guy so it captured my attention. Then it advanced to "present day." I laugh when they do that in shows. It's so cheesy. Now we follow a younger man in his twenties as he passes the bar, and quickly becomes a judge. All the while he is having erotic dreams that turn to nightmares. Then one day a young woman appears in his court on solicitation charges, and she captivates him. He goes to visit her after the jury finds in her favor.

She winds up being a rather prim woman who is a devil in the bedroom. The sex scenes left very little to the imagination. The only thing it didn't show was penetration. I'm not complaining though. I love a good sex scene just as much as the next person. Maybe a bit more if it catches my eye just right. The sensual and erotic nature of the scenes turned me on. I feel that familiar tinge from between my legs, but I don't want to stop watching the movie to take care of things. So I keep watching.

In the end she turns out to be a reincarnation of the witch who was out to take her revenge. She does, and the movie ends with her walking away from his burned corpse. Not a bad show, I think. It's almost ten at night, and I'm pretty drunk so I decide to sleep it off. I turn in wrapping myself tightly in my sleeping bag.

The next morning I'm reluctant to get out of bed fearing the cold air of the morning. My bladder tells me that I don't have a choice so I go down the hall to the bathroom, and I pee a long after a night of drinking pee. I wash my hands when I finish, and go back to bed. I lay there for a while before giving up on trying to sleep again. I get up, and turn on the morning news. Surprisingly it comes in clearly.

I begin to nod off after an hour or so, and I'm startled awake by a knock on my door. I am surprised since I never had this many interruptions in one week let alone on my second day. I look out to see that same man from yesterday standing there. I crack the door slightly; curious as to what his problem is now.

"What can I help you with this time?" I ask.

"I see that truck you have there, and was wondering if you'd like to sell it?"

"No. That's my husband's truck, and we use it quite often. Especially with running the around and stuff."

"Too bad. Is he here? I'd like to make him an offer."

"Not at the moment, but I'll let him know."

"Sure. Can you give him a call or something? Just to see what he would say."

"I'll do that in just a little bit."

"Okay then."

"Anything else?"

"Not right now. Thank you pretty lady."

I again watch as he leaves before closing the door. When I sit down I realize that I just answered the door wearing nothing but my fleece shirt and my underwear. I'm not even wearing a bra yet today. I begin to wonder where he came from, and why he didn't just drive in this time? I peek out the window on occasion to see if anything is amiss since I have the feeling that I'm being watched. There's nothing, and I blame my overactive imagination. Jut to be safe I load the pistol that I have.

By nine I'm bored, and decide to bundle up and go for a walk in the woods. We have trails cut so I know I won't be long unless something catches my attention. I grab some clean underwear, and search for my bra. I can't find it anywhere. I only have the one, and I must have put it somewhere when I was drunk last night. I give up looking. I'm not going anywhere off the property, and there's nobody around.

I put on my jogging pants, a sweater, and a heavy jacket. My old hiking boots are usually warm enough so one pair of socks will work just fine. I head out the back door, and into the woods. I take note of the blue jays, and squirrels. I watch the chickadees frolic all around. I even stop to watch a young whitetail doe browse past. My short walk takes a little more than an hour before I walk back in chilled. I get out of the cold clothes, and sit in the chair covering with a fleece blanket.

I make myself a mix drink hoping to warm up quicker. It again goes down so smooth, and I am mixing another in less than fifteen minutes. The third in forty five, and the buzz is coming on strong. All the alcohol hits at once when I get up. I stagger to the bathroom to pee, and then stagger back after I finish. I'm drunk, and it's not even noon yet. But I don't care. The alcohol is warming my blood, and the heaters are warming the rest of me. I am soon too warm. I unzip my shirt, and uncover my legs to cool down.

I try to play games on the computer, but fail miserably. I then put in another movie. It's another romance movie about a couple that fall in love, and then divorce before remarrying only to have an open relationship. It barely begins before the first sex scene. Again there's little left to the imagination. My fingers work their way down over my belly to the gusset of my underwear, and before I know it I am touching the wet spot in my underwear. It feels nice as I move my fingers in circles touching myself.

Right as I'm getting into things there's another knock at the door. I stumble over, and swing it open. The same guy is standing there staring at me.

"What do you want now?"

"Did you talk with your husband?"

"No. I couldn't get ahold of him."

"You're here alone aren't you?"

"Go away."

I turn to shut the door, but he stops it with his foot before pushing it open again. He barges inside pushing me back until I fall into the recliner. In seconds he is on me holding my arms to the chair. His head turns when he hears moans coming from the TV. He watches as he holds me as the woman in the show is fucked good.

"No wonder why it smells hot horny pussy in here. You're watching smut."

"No I'm not. Now go away."

I struggle free, and run for the back door. He chases me pushing me past the door. I run into the bedroom, and he pushes me onto the bed. Using my legs I kick him pushing him back before I reach for my pistol. I can't find it. Then he stands up, and I see him pointing it at me.

"Looking for this? You weren't going to try to shoot me now, were you?"

"Please just leave. You can have the truck. Just go."

"I'll keep that in mind, but I'm wanting something better now. Stand up."

I do as he says even though I can barely stand from the drinks and the adrenaline. I am panting and light headed, but I know that nobody would think twice about hearing a gunshot around here. I also know that my husband knows how the reception is here, so he wouldn't worry if he didn't hear from me. I'm not due home for four or five more days.

"Off with that top."

"Please no. Just don't do this." I say fully conscious of my gaping open shirt, and lack of bra.

"3, 2..."

I unzip it the rest of the way, and slip it off my shoulders letting it fall to the floor. Then I cover my breasts with my arms.

"Turn around."

I do as he says turning my back to him. He steps up to me, and I flinch when his cold hands touch my back just under my shoulder blades. I cringe as he slowly runs his fingers down over my ass cheeks, and then back up to the small of my back. I am really regretting wearing a thong today.

His fingers slip under the waistband of my underwear in the back before he moves to my hips holding the band. I feel him pull them up higher and higher. They begin to dig into my butt and crotch. Soon I hear the fabric cracking as they stretch too far. He is pulling me to my tip toes with them. The cracking happens more and more until I feel them give, and then get tossed to my feet.

"Turn again."

I cover my crotch with one hand and my chest with the other as I face him. He points the gun to my head.

"Arms at your sides."

I drop my hands, and begin to cry as he studies every inch of me. He pinches and pulls on my nipples commenting on how hard they are. He says that I must be loving the attention. I guess he doesn’t know what happens when a person gets cold? Then he pulls on my pubic hair mumbling something.

"On the bed."

"Please don't." I say as I lay down.

"Spread those legs nice and wide."

"No, please."

"3, 2."

I open my legs before he gets to one, and then he kneels between my legs. I feel his cold finger push into me vagina. I sob as he violates me.

"Please stop. Don't do this."

"Shut up. I don't want to hear another fucking word out of you."

He stands up, and walks out of the room sniffing his finger along the way. I make a break for the door, but it won't open. He casually walks out of the bathroom laughing.

"There's no way out pretty lady. Just do as you're told, and we'll get along fine. Try to run again, and bang."

He turns me around, and pushes me back onto the bed telling me to stay. He sets down an old ice cream pail beside me. I look inside to see shaving cream, and a razor.

"Clean yourself up. You look a mess."

I take the razor, and he sits across from me. He takes out his phone pointing it at me. I hesitate so he tells me to begin. Then I raise my arm, and shave my left armpit. He moves closer and further as I shave my right pit. I set the razor down looking at him.

"Finish up. You answered the door half naked so I doubt that you're bashful."

I have a feeling of what he wants, and I have to do it. I shake the shaving cream can before putting some on my hand. Then I rub it all over my crotch. I shave myself as he watches. His phone never leaving his hands. I wipe off the excess when I finish, and then lay back.

"That's much better. You look so clean and fresh. You pussy looks so nice. Make me something to eat now."

I walk to the kitchen grateful that he didn't try anything, but still hoping that he'll leave. I stare at the front door as I pass it. He has it blocked, and locked. He fishes through the fridge pulling out bacon and eggs. Then he sits at the table. I take out the pans, and begin to cook for him. It's not long before I'm acutely aware of my lack of clothing as the grease begins to pop. It stings when it lands on my bare skin, but I manage through it. I am so tempted to toss the grease on him, and jump out the window. But I know that it'll never work.

I set the plate in front of him, and he pulls me onto his lap. I sit on his knees while he eats and rubs my ass with his left hand. He engulfs it quickly, and then tells me to clean up. I wash the dishes before sitting in the recliner in the living room. He is sitting in the recliner beside me watching TV.

"Your TV sucks. Do you have any good movies?"

I shrug my shoulders handing him the big book filled with DVD's. He flips through them for a while before pulling one out. Handing it to me I look at the title. I remember the movie, and I remember that it was a movie that I had made for me. It's a sex video about a big girl like myself who takes great pleasure in pleasuring others. It's an amateur video from an ad on Craigslist. It cost twenty bucks so I figured why not.

I sit back down after putting it in, and he plays it. Minutes into it I feel that tingle return to my crotch as I watch the movie. The girl is beautiful, and the guys are pretty nice too. I can't believe that the movie still has that effect on me. I chalk it off as being horny, and the alcohol. All I have to do is make sure he doesn't know how wet I'm getting.

"You like these kinds of shows?"

I nod, and shrug my shoulders.

"Did you ever make one of yourself?"

I shake my head vigorously.

"We'll have to change that."

He stands up, and then kneels by my feet pointing his phone at me.

"Open your legs, and touch yourself."

I am shocked, and I shake my head refusing. He holds the gun up shaking it. I sigh as I lean back opening my legs.

"Damn you are wet girl. You must really like the movie."

I reach down tracing my labia with my fingertips. I circle my clit a few times making the shockwaves of pleasure run through me. Then I slip a finger inside of myself. A moan slips from my lips. Using the palm of my hand to massage my clit I finger myself slowly. I close my eyes as I let myself go. I slip a second finger into me. My hand is wet from my lust. I rub faster, harder, and my moans get louder. The knot forms in my stomach telling me that an orgasm is forming. I open my eyes to see him still pointing his phone at me.

I watch him knowing that he's recording me, and then seconds later my hips raise up as my back arches. My entire body tenses as the knot rushes down through me, and escapes through my crotch making me shake violently as the waves course through me. It lasts for about a minute before I fall back down into the chair panting.

It was a much needed orgasm. Months in the making, and very satisfying. I just wished for better circumstances. He puts down the phone, and sits in the chair beside me again. Then he plays the recording for me making me watch. I must admit that I'm no porn star and he's no cameraman, but watching myself is definitely a turn on.

"We can take this further if you want?" He offers. "Not like you really have much of a choice right now. It's getting late. Let's turn in."

It's only eight thirty. Late? Like he said; I don't have much choice. I walk to the bedroom with him right behind me. Grabbing my sleeping bag I crawl in. He watches. When I finish he unzips it all the way. Then I watch as he undresses down to his white briefs. His hairy pot belly and hairy legs are as white as his underwear. He slips under the bag next to me, and I turn my back to him.

He cuddles up behind me putting his arm over my side. I feel his body touching mine making me cringe. I wait for him to do something knowing that he's going to. I soon hear him snore. I try to sneak out, but having to crawl over him wakes him up.

"Where are you going?" He asks grabbing my wrist.

"I have to pee."

He gets up leading me to the bathroom not letting go until I sit down. I try to push out anything just to not make him mad from lying to him.

"I can't go when you're watching."

"Then you'll sit there until you do."

It takes a few minutes before a small trickle comes out. He watched me the entire time. Then he waited for me to wipe and wash my hands before leading me back to bed. I lay there awake for hours listening to him snore trying to figure out a way out of here. I eventually fall asleep without a single idea.

I dream of the porn movie, and me being the star. The actors were all deeply in love with me, and they all want me a lot. It turned me on as they vie for my affections. I had a crush on one man, and we snuck off to my bed where he tosses me down on my stomach. I feel him kissing his way up the back of my legs, over my bare ass, and up my spine to my neck. I feel his hard cock snuggle between my legs searching for my wetness. It feels so hot. When the tip touches my eager labia I wake up.

I am still laying in my bed with the hairy guy holding me tight behind me. Only now I'm really horny from my dream, and I can feel that I'm really wet. I also feel something stiff poking me in the butt cheek. It's him. He has a morning boner. I lay there trying to think of something else, but all I can think of is how hard it is and how horny I am. I move slightly, and feel his dick slip between my butt cheeks. I can feel it throbbing.

I push my ass back against him as it throbs. I hear his breathing sputter when I move so I do it again. Again his breath sputters. It's such a turn on listening to him that I begin to slowly hump him with my ass crack. I get a bit carried away and move a bit far up. When I move back I feel his dick slip down between my legs. I freeze. I feel it throbbing against my crotch. The only thing between us is his underwear.

I don't move. It throbs over and over pushing up against me. It feels so good. I am so horny. I feel my hips move slightly. It takes my breath away as his cock throbs just at the right time. I need an orgasm. I slowly move my hips back and forth rubbing him against me. It feels so good. I choke back a moan so I don't wake him. I feel his dick slip out of his underwear, but I'm so horny that I just don't care.

I slowly hump him rubbing his dick across my crotch feeling the wetness covering us. I am quickly feeling my orgasm growing within me. My need becoming more intense by the second. My motions become needier, and it's hard to hold back my moans. Then I feel his cock slide into my vagina. A moan escapes me before I know it. I push my ass back burying him deep in me before moving my hips forward. It feels so good. I push back again and again feeling his cock against my vaginal walls.

It's too much. I push back hard against him as I begin to shake. Then knot inside of me releases through my crotch with such force that my toes go numb. His grip on my hips tightens, and I feel him push forward going deeper into me twitching vagina. Minutes later I stop convulsing. I lay there panting for a bit. His cock still rock hard and twitching inside of me as I relax.

He slowly begins to fuck me. My lust quickly returns as his dick pushes into me. His hand gripping my hip using it as leverage. He fucks me for about a minute before he pulls out. He rolls me onto my back, and slides between my legs. I don't want him there, but my legs just spread on their own. His cock pushes back into me going deeper than before. His eyes meet mine as his dick thrusts into me. He has such a loving look in his eyes. I don't fight him as he bends down taking my right nipple into his mouth.

He nibbles and sucks it while his cock works me over nicely. I moan loudly as he switches from one breast and nipple to the other. I tense up once more, and feel my orgasm rush through me. I can feel myself pulsating around his hard cock. He slams hard into me, and then I feel my orgasm intensify. It like every nerve in my body have become super sensitive. He fucks me through a nice long orgasm. It's hard to catch my breath as he continues to ram me.

As soon as I think I'm good he makes me moan losing my breath again. His cock make me shudder as the occasional wave ebbs from me. His breath becomes more and more labored. I know by his motions that he close to finishing.

"Not in me please. I'm not on anything." I whisper between moans.

He looks me in the eyes as he lays on top of me propped up by his arms. I hold my legs wide letting him push into me. He rams me hard, and I see a strange look come over him. Then He slams down with all of his weight as he moans loud. I feel his cock pulsating inside of me, and feel a hot sensation inside of me. His body shakes against me shaking the entire bed.

I close my eyes knowing that he is filling me with his cum. After about a minute he pulls back and slams into me again still moaning. A few seconds later he does it again. I open my eyes to see him watching me smiling. I feel his dick going limp inside of me, but he holds tight. The way he looks at me makes me worry. It's a crazed look. Scary look.

"I guess you might have a long lasting reminder of this morning."

He gets up, and runs into the other room leaving me laying there. He soon returns holding the roll of duct tape. He peels some off, and presses it over my crotch.

"We wouldn't want to lose any." He says giggling. "Now go make me some breakfast."

I get up and warm him some waffles. I serve him the waffles with milk, and then sit on the chair beside him waiting for him to finish.

"When are you going home?" He asks.


"Good. That gives us three more days together."

I sigh as the thought of all week serving him makes me want to puke.

"Let's get cleaned up." He says after finishing.

He leads me into the shower, and records me as I soap off. I am happy when the tape falls off in the water. Then he brings me into the bedroom where he ties me to the bed while he goes to shower. When he comes back in he hands me one of my thongs, and an old worn out button down light blue shirt. It must be one of his because I don't remember it.

I try it on, and the fabric is so worn that it's almost see through. It's way too small, and I can't button it except for over my stomach. At least it's long enough to cover my ass even though my boobs are half hanging out. He hands me a pair of red heels that I had forgotten that I had here. I put them on, and he looks me over. I am the allowed to do my hair and makeup while he watches.

"You look pretty good." He says. "We're going to go out to a place that I know, and even if you try to run away it wouldn't end well for you. So just be on your best behavior."

He then buckles a pink collar around my neck, and attaches a matching pink lead. He leads me out the door to the truck. I am place in the passenger seat while he drives. I am freezing cold since I'm not wearing much of anything. I shouldn't even be out in public like this. Thankfully the truck warms up fast, and I watch out the window as he drives. We drive for almost an hour before we pull down an old forest road, and up to an old pole building.

He parks the truck, and leads me out into the building. When we walk through the door I see logging equipment everywhere. In the corner is a bed with lights and cameras all around it. I begin to know what he's expecting.

"I told you that you're going to be a star. You just don't know it yet."

He leads me to the bed sitting my on it. He sits beside me after turning on all the lights and cameras.

"Tell me your name, where you're from, and how old you are."

"I'm Michele. I'm from Appleton, Wisconsin. I'm 42."

"Very good. Have you ever made any videos?"


"Sexually speaking have you ever been tied up, spanked, or roughed up in any way in order to orgasm?"


"Do tell."

"My ex used to like to tie me up, and my husband has on occasion spanked me as foreplay."

"What's the biggest dick you've had?"

"A little bigger than seven inches."

"Nice. Did you take it vaginally, anally, or both?"


"What's the biggest you've had in your ass?"

"None. I don't do that."

"I bet you don't suck dick either."

"Not yours."

He walks up in front of me smiling.

"I think you're forgetting your incentives. I think you should apologize properly for that."

I lose my backbone, and unzip his pants pulling his dick out. I begin to suck him, and feel it getting hard in my mouth. I also feel myself moistening down below. I am soon getting into it. I do like sucking dick, but things have to be just right. I guess this is just right enough for my mind. I stroke and suck his cock kissing and licking it. He's loving it, and a few moans tell him that I am too.

"Pull those tits out. I want to see them." He says backing away.

I reach in the shirt pulling them both out for him.

"Nice. Now show the rest of you to the camera."

I pull my underwear off setting them on the bed beside me, and then I lean back opening my legs wide. He tells me to show my ass so I stand up, turn my back to the camera, spread my feet apart, and bend at the waist grabbing my ankles. I hear his clothes hit the floor, and I look between my legs to see him undressing. I stand up as he lays on the bed. His cock rock hard reaching up to his belly button.

He tells me to finish my apology so I lay beside him, and continue sucking his dick. All too soon he tells me to stop, and then stands up. He lays me on my back, and opens my legs wide. I watch him as he pushes his dick into my vagina. A moan seeps from my soul as he begins to fuck me. It feels so animalistic and primal. I hate him, but he's fucking me so good.

I soon want an orgasm, and my rocking hips agree. His cock diving deep into me is making that a reality rather quickly. He spins me around so I'm on all fours, and then takes me from behind. I feel my body shaking from his thrusting. I orgasm in minutes. He fucks me right through it before pulling me on top facing away from him. He leans me back, and I look at the camera pointed right at my crotch as I ride him.

After a while he turns me on his cock so that I'm facing him. He grabs my breasts, and sucks on them as he mashes then together. Another orgasm rips through me. This one more intense than the first. He waits until I finish before he pushes me off from him, and tells me to get on my hands and knees.

I do as he says, and he pulls me back over the edge of the bed. I lay there as he ties me tight to the bed. He kneels behind me shoving his dick into my wanting vagina once more. He rams me hard crushing me against the metal frame. It hurts, but feels so good. He grabs my hair, and pulls my head back roughly as he fucks me.

"I like feeling you big ass slapping against my hips, but I think it's time to feel your tight ass around my cock."

I am filled with shock and fear as he pulls out of me. I feel something cold run down my crack, and over my butthole. He rubs it against my ass using a finger to push some in. I grab the sheets, and prepare as he moves into position. His dick touches my exit, and I tense up. He slaps my butt cheeks before spreading them wide open. His cock poised at the hole. Just sitting there.

He leans down kissing my back, and then pushes it into me. I feel my ass open and stretch around him as it slides all the way in. It hurts, but he doesn't stop. In seconds his body is pressing against mine, and he is deep in my rectum. He grabs my hips, and begins to ram into me hard. It begins to burn as he ravages my once virgin hole. His cock plunging my guts with a vengeance.

I can just lay there and take it. I hold the sheets tight trying to endure. He fucks me so hard that I can't breathe. I feel him let go of my right hip only to feel him spank me before regaining his hold. He takes me like he hates me for a long time. My legs go numb, and my asshole feels like it's ruined.

He slams into me with all of his might, and then I hear him groan. His body shakes as I feel my guts fill with heat. He rams it in after the first few squirts, and then pulls out. I feel his cum tickle as it runs down my leg. I hear him moving around behind me for a few minutes. Then he unties me. I wipe the tears from my eyes feeling my asshole stinging from the punishment.

"Now you'll be a superstar." He says tossing me a towel. "Let's get going."

I wipe up, and redress before he leads me back out the door. We walk to the truck, and he drives further up the road deeper into the woods. In time we come to a small tavern. There are a few trucks parked all around, but it doesn't seem too busy. He parks, takes my lead, and brings me inside.

It smells of stale beer and urine. It looks like it needs a good dusting, but everything seems in good shape. The bar is long and wraps around the room with about ten guys of all ages and shapes sitting by it staring at me. I am led to the bar where he orders himself a beer. Then he leads me to the back hall handing me fifty cents for a game of pool. I have to rack so he can break.

I notice all of the guys watching me closely, and he tells me to give them something to look at. So when I shoot I make sure to bend over more so they can see down my shirt, and my bared butt. I win the first game, but he wants to play another. He says that if I win I can go, but if he wins he will fuck me right on the table. He didn't seem to play that well so I agree.

I sink most of my solids before he even takes a shot. Then he sinks a few before I clean the table except for the eight ball. I have to sink that in the same pocket as the last ball that I dropped. All of the stripes are in the way. He takes his turn, and clears the table. I watch as the eight ball narrowly misses the pocket giving me a chance. I line up, and shoot. It tracks straight for the side pocket that I need it to go in. Then it touches the edge just before, and bounces across the table before dropping in the opposite corner pocket.

"I won." He says claiming victory.

"Two out of three?" I suggest.

He walks behind me, and pushes me down onto the table bending me over. I feel my thong yank to the side, and feel his dick push into my vagina. I moan as he fucks me hard and fast. The sound of our skin slapping together echoes throughout the hall. It feels so sexual to be taken like this. It turns me on so much. Of course I was already turned on giving the guys a show. He rams me good pinning me to the table.

In less than five minutes I feel his cock explode inside of me. It throbs hard as his cum warms my womb. He pulls out when he's done, and slaps my ass cheek firmly.

"Now I'm thirsty. Stay here while I get a drink. Don't move either."

I stay still feeling his cum leaking out of me. I know all the guys can see all of me since my thong is still pulled to the side of my ass cheek. I fumble around with the cue ball as I wait. Then I feel a cock enter me. It just pushes in roughly, and begins to fuck me. I moan as my lustful passion returns. My ass jiggles and shakes as his hips slam into me. An orgasm begins to build in me, and my lust is taking me.

Then I feel him slow his thrusts. I hear a moan just as I feel the warmth puddle inside of me. I look back not recognizing the voice. I see one of the guy from the bar filling me with his semen, and two more waiting behind him. My abductor is sitting at the bar watching as the next guy takes me. He too just uses me hard, and I take it. All of it. By the time he adds to the cum inside of me I am wanting more.

The next guy shoves it into me, and then pulls out before slamming back in. He slaps my ass hard as he uses me. It makes me orgasm in minutes. I don't even finish before he rams his cock into my asshole. He pumps me a few times before I feel him fill my ass with his load. One after the other they take me. They use both of my holes as they please, and I orgasm over and over.

When they finally have had enough of me I go to wash up in the bathroom. The women's room doesn't have any paper so I have to use the men's room. When I finish cleaning I return to the bar where my abductor spots me. He takes me by the lead, and walks me to the truck. It's late, and it's freezing out so I chill right away. We drive back to the cabin where he leads me right to bed.

In the morning his morning boner again pokes me in the back. I'm not as horny as I was yesterday so I just ignore it. He begins to rub my back while he humps my butt crack. It feels good. Nice and relaxing. He pulls off his underwear, and pulls my thong out of my crack. He humps and rubs. I just lay there enjoying the massage. Then I feel him wipe spit on his dick and my ass. He bends me more as I lay on my side, and moves himself lower.

He's rubbing my lower back now, and it feels even better. His dick is poking at my asshole, but I ignore it. After a short bit he wipes more spit on himself and me, and he lifts my ass cheek as he pushes against my ass. I feel him poking into me. His rubbing on my back is taking all of my cares away. His dick slowly fills my ass, and he is soon all the way in. He slowly fucks me while he rubs my back.

It combines to feel so great. My pussy flushes with lustful abandon, and the dam inside of me begins to strain. I arch my back letting him take me. He pulls back, and rams it back into me hard. His fingers kneading the small of my back like he's using my skin to hang on. His pace quickens. His fingers rub my ass spreading my cheeks as he thrusts into me. His cock feels like it's getting deeper. His grip moves up grabbing my hips firmly, and squeezing pulling me tight to him.

I feel my dam burst, and my orgasm comes rushing out. I moan feeling my asshole tightening around his cock. I hear him grunt, and feel him shaking behind me. My inside warm adding to my pleasure. Then we finish together. Panting, and amazed I lay there with his dick inside of my ass.

"See you can cum from a dick in your ass. You're not just a useless cum receptacle. But you will be whatever I say you are. I still own you, and you need to remember that."

His tone is that of a man that is evil, and full of hate. It scares me. I am afraid to even look at him. He grabs my hips really hard, and pulls me tight to him. Then I feel a warm sensation in my ass. It grows more uncomfortable by the second, and my inside begin to bloat as it fills me. I realize that he's pissing into my ass. It hurts, and feels really warm. I feel like I'm going to burst by the time he pulls his dick out.

I run to the bathroom, and sit down just in time as it all comes rushing out of me. My insides feel so empty by the time I'm finish letting it out. Then I pee myself, and wipe myself. He walks into the room with his dick right in my face. He tells me to suck him, and I do. The taste is sour as I suck his limp dick. He walks away after a while, and then I brush my teeth and wash my hands before returning to him in the living room.

"Go get me a permanent marker bitch." He orders me.

I do as he says, and give him a black Sharpie.

"Good girl."

He yanks the shirt hard ripping it off me, and then tears my thong down my legs ripping it in the process.

"On your knees."

I kneel in front of him, and he stares at me with the look of distain in his eyes. He uncaps the marker, and reaches toward my right breast. I feel him writing something on me, and then something on my left breast. He makes me stand, and then writes something on my pubic area before spinning me around. I feel him writing all over my ass cheeks. When he finishes I hear the camera in his phone click as he takes a picture of my backside.


Then I watch as he snaps a few pictures of my front. Then he shows me the pictures. I see that he has written "" on my right breast, "slut" on my left, and then "cum here" with an arrow pointing to my crotch on my pubic area. The last picture is big letters saying "destroy my asshole," and "cum " all over my ass.

"Go put on that sexy nightie in your closet. The pink one. Then find some of you underwear that'll match."

I forgot about that thing. How did he know about it? It's been in the back of the closet for years. I doubt it'll even fit anymore. It's all lace, and sheer at that. I remember how I could see right through it when I wore it for my husband. Then I remember the following argument. I go in to dig it out, and squeeze into it. It's tight, and the lace is stretched to its limits. The plunging neckline is doing all it can to keep my boobs from flopping out, and the waistline clings tightly to my stomach.

I find me a pink thong that is really close to the same color, and slip into it. I look at myself in the mirror. I think it looks okay, but the writing and my areolas are clearly visible through the lace. I return to him, and he looks me over.

"Good enough. Let's go."

I'm surprised. He attaches the lead to my collar, and yanks me behind him out to the truck. He pushes me in the passenger seat before getting in the driver's side, and beginning to drive. I hold my arms over my chest as we drive up the road. We pass a lot of people, but it seems to take him a long time passing semi-trucks. A few honk when they see me, and a few take pictures. I try to hide.

We eventually pull into a large parking lot with a bunch of vehicles in it. I heard loud music as soon as I step out of the truck. My abductor takes the lead hanging from my neck, and leads me into the building through a back door. We enter a darkened room that's only about ten foot from end to end. There's boxes piled up on the sides except for a thin walkway leading to another door. I see light shining under it, and hear the dance music blaring loud.

He turns to me, and removes the collar from my neck. I look at him confused.

"I'm not worried. Soon you'll be asking me to put it back on you. Now when I say so I want you to walk through this door, and let you true slut come out. Don't piss me off. Got it?"

I nod my head agreeing, and then hear the music stop. An announcer speaks through the overly loud PA.

"Welcome all to Jewel's Funhouse where we pride ourselves in showcasing all the jewels we can. Even the big ones. Tonight we don't have our usual entertainment, but we do have a special treat for you. Please put your hands together for our special guest. She says, "I don't want nice, I don't want gentle, and I don't care if you're a little bit mental." She's a fellow Wisconsinite all the way from Appleton. Please welcome Michele!"

He opens the door for me, and I walk through into the lights. I find myself on a stage with stripper poles on either end. I see about thirty men sitting around, and staring at me as they applaud. I walk out in front of them smiling, and really nervous.

"Michele is here to fulfill her secret fantasy, and she needs your help to do it. And what's this that I see? Does Michele have something written on her? Why don't a couple of you lucky gentlemen come up, and find out what's hidden under her nightie?"

About five guys jump on stage, and surround me yanking my nightie off me, and then I feel my thong yank backwards until it tears free leaving me naked in front of them.

"If you can read; you have discovered her secret fantasy."

I feel myself being leaned back, and my arms are pulled behind two men's heads as they each suck on my breasts. They sit me down, and another guy lifts my legs while he begins to lick my pussy. It feels so good. I haven't be licked in a long time. My head is yanked back, and a dick is shoved into my mouth. I feel him hit the back of my throat just as his balls hit my nose.

I moan and writhe with all of the attention. Sucking the dick makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing. It isn't much more than five minutes before I am moaning through a wonderful orgasm. The guy in my mouth shoots his cum right down my throat. I gulp it down. I then feel myself being lifted higher, and then feel a dick slip into my vagina as I'm set down onto it.

The guys sucking my boobs stand up so I can suck and stroke them both switching from one to the other. I lean forward, and feel a dick push into my ass. They fuck me good from under, and soon I feel a load inject into my pussy. The guy in my ass keeps fucking while the one under me slides out. I am pushed onto my hands and knees from behind, and the guy in my ass begins to ram it into me hard. It hurts, but I don't dare say anything. He fucks me savagely for minutes before he fills my sore rear with his seed.

I turn my attention to the men that I was sucking, and I take one in my hand sucking him once more. The other one spins me around laying me onto my back on the cold stage. He crawls between my legs, and fucks me hard. I keep sucking the other one, and he soon cums all over my left breast and the side of my neck. Another dick is soon near my face, and I suck it like the last one. My body shakes as I am being fucked, and it feels so good.

All too soon I feel him push deep as he cums inside of my pussy. Not more than a few seconds later I am blessed with a load of hot jizz all over my right breast and shoulder. By the time he finishes another guy is lifting my legs, and fucking my asshole. Three more men come up, and I take one in each hand and one in my mouth. They all let me pleasure them, and reward me with their semen all over my belly, chest, and face.

Everybody clears as a large farm boy looking guy in his thirties walks up. I look down to see his thick cock swaying in the air. It's not long, but it's thick. He pulls me onto my hands and knees, and I feel him at my vaginal entrance. The he grabs my hair, and pulls me back as he rams it in. I scream as he rips into me. It feels like he's tearing me in two. I clench my teeth as he begins to fuck me hard. He uses his entire weight as leverage to fuck me deep. My pussy is aching from the abuse, and my lust is providing more lubrication for him.

His thick cock reaches places that I never knew existed, and in no time I am writhing in orgasmic delight. He fucks my through countless waves keeping my orgasm going for a long time. Then He finally has enough, and pulls out shooting his huge load all over the small of my back covering it almost completely.

My pussy feels empty when he pulls out. The next guy takes my ass, and another takes my mouth. They finish all over me adding to the cum dripping down my skin. I am fucked over and over for hours. I have semen all over me, and leaking out of every orifice in my body. My belly is full of it inside and out. Then the announcer speaks up again.

"I hope it was all you hoped and more Michele. It looked like fun from here."

The music starts again, and an older guy tells me to follow him. He leads me through a side door, and down a short hall to a dressing room. I look around, and see a full bathroom. I sit on the toilet, and push out as much semen as I can before I hop into the shower. The Sharpie doesn't come all the way off, but it gets really faint and smudged. I then look around for something to wear. I find nothing.

I walk out naked as the day I was born, and run into my abductor in the hall. He looks me in the eyes smiling. I see the loving look in his eyes as I stand there in front of him.

"Are you ready to go home now?"

I nod.

"Did you have a good time?"

I again nod.

"Would you like me to take you home so we can do this again?"

I nod once more.

"Then speak."

"Please collar me like a so I can go home."

"Not a dog. A deserves more respect."

"I'm sorry. Please collar me like a slut so that I can go back home."

"That's better."

I lift my hair so he can put the collar back on me, and then he leads me back to the truck. It's still light out, and I thought it was later. On the ride back I don't bother hiding from the truckers. Instead I sit sideways, and show them my body. I blow kisses to the ones that take pictures and videos. My abductor smiles when he looks at me.

When we get back he tells me to light a fire. I'm freezing, but do as he says. I huddle beside it when I finally get it lit. Being naked outside when the temps are in the forties is crazy. We watch the sunset outside, and then sit there in the fire light. I watch as one of my neighbors walks up. He stares at me, and asks if everything is alright. I just smile as he answers for me.

"We're good. Just having some drinks by the fire."

"She should put some clothes on before she catches a cold."

"Why? Does she disgust you?"

"I didn't say that, but it is cold out here."

"It's warm by the fire, and she has a fire burning inside of her too."

"Then why don't you let her answer for herself?"

"I'm not stopping her, but she doesn't like to talk to strangers. Isn't that right dear?"

"Yes. I'm good. I like to be naked whenever I can. I'm not ashamed of my body. I'm sorry that you are." I say hoping to appease him.

"I'm not ashamed of you. I just want you to be safe."

"I think you seen me from over there, and watched me through binoculars or something. Then you decided that you wanted to see me up close because you're a pervert."

I walk up in front of him, and put his cold hands on my breasts.

"There. Now you even got a feel."

My hard nipples press against his palm, and I feel his grasp my breasts slightly.

"Are they good enough? They're all real."

He just stammers, and stares at my chest as he holds me.

"Come here." I say sitting in front of him.

I put my legs on the arms of the chair giving him full view of my crotch. He stands in front of me staring.

"Do I look okay now?"

He stammers trying to answer. I pull him down so his face is inches from my crotch.

"You have to look close at a slut's pussy to be sure."

Then I pull his face right against my labia, and I feel his tongue slide into me. He licks up to my clitoris, and sucks on it before returning to lap up my juices flowing from my vagina. I rub the top of his head moaning.

"That's it. Make sure that my slut pussy is taken good care of. Good boy. Make me cum."

He slips a finger into me, then a second, and a third. He sucks my clit hard flicking his tongue over it as he fingers me. It feels so nice, and I orgasm in only a few minutes. He laps it all up before he stands up. I see the boner bulging in his pants.

"It looks like my hero is having issues of his own. He should let a good slut take real good care of him."

I stand up, and sit him in the chair. Then I kneel in front of him unzipping his pants. I open them up, pull down his underwear, and release his raging hard on. I bend down and run my tongue up the shaft from his balls to the tip. Then I hold it up, and kiss the hole rubbing his precum onto my lips. I run my tongue down the side, and back up the other side making sure to kiss his scrotum in between.

He's moaning like a virgin in heat by the time I get back to the tip, and then when I kiss the tip I open my lips taking him into my mouth. I take him all the way in before sucking as I come back up. I kiss the tip again, and lick down the bottom of his cock to his balls. I gently bite as I work my way back to the tip. Again I kiss the tip before taking him all the way into my mouth. I make sure to pause when his pubic hairs mash against my mouth. Then I hear him grunt. His cock begins to throb, and my mouth fills with the taste of cum.

I wait until he finishes before swallowing it down, and then I stand up. My abductor just watches.

"Too bad. I was hoping for more." I say to the neighbor. "I hope I'm doing well enough for you though?"

"Real good. Damn fine. The greatest." He raves as he zips up, and walks away.

"Don't forget me." I joke as he goes home.

"Let's go in." He says.

I follow him into the cabin, and the warmth feels really nice. We sit in the recliners, and he watches TV.

"I have to go home soon." I remind him.

"I'm keeping you until Sunday. Not Saturday. And I may even pay you a visit at your house from time to time."

"My husband will find out, and it wouldn't end well for you."

"Is that a threat?"

"I'm just saying."

"You need to stop saying, and shut the fuck up. You're my to do with as I see fit. I own your ass totally and completely. Besides, nobody wants a filthy like you."

I sit back not wanting to argue. He has me make supper, and then clean up. Then he makes me shower, and shave before bed. He sleeps naked, and I feel his dick wedged in my ass crack all night. I eventually fall asleep, but I don't sleep well at all.

The next day begins as usual. I make breakfast, clean up, and then sit there as he watches the morning news. Only today the sun hasn’t yet risen, and he has already woken me up. Everything is done just as the sun peeks through the trees. I am tired. My body is sore, and I want this all to be over.

"Go get dressed. Wear something nice, but not bitchy."

I have no idea what he means, but I figure that he wants me to dress sexy, but not slutty. So I search my clothes. I find my black shirt with the lace bodice and keyhole sleeves, my black knee length skirt with the lace hem and slit up the side, I find my old pink lace garter belt, and pink stockings, and to top it off I find my black dress flats. I return to him, and he smiles.

"Now you look like a classy . Very good. I like the way the stockings match the collar."

I never even thought about that, but it worked out. He attaches the lead, and we go for a drive. By six thirty we are pulling into the parking lot of a warehouse. We sit there for a minute before he looks at me.

"I've never done this before, but you're different. I'm going to give you a choice. You can go inside there. If you do it will prove that I own you, and you belong to me. Or you can walk away. Inside you will find a new side of you that you never knew existed. If you walk away you will never know."

He unhooks the lead, and reaches over opening my door.


I sit there thinking. I want this to be over so bad, but what's in there? A side that I never knew existed? What do I want? I can just give in to my urges, or I can walk away. But if I walk what will he do to me? What should I do?


Not this again.


Oh shit! I'm done.

"1. What's your choice? Make it now."

I open the door the rest of the way, and step out of the truck. I look at him as I close the door. My feet get a mind of their own, and I find myself walking into the warehouse. Once inside I see a wide open area with heater burning away keeping it really warm inside. The warehouse is empty except for a chain hanging from the ceiling right in the middle, and lights and cameras positioned all around. I look around, and then hear a voice over a loudspeaker.

"You look beautiful. Remove your shirt."

I look around, and see that the cameras are running, but nobody is around so I pull my shirt off.

"Very nice breasts. Please remove your skirt."

I pull it off still trying to find the voice.

"Turn for me."

I do as instructed.

"Remove the panties."

I pull them down not knowing what to expect, but feeling my pussy moisten with anticipation.

"You are a very sexy woman Michele. My compliments to your owner. Now please do put on the ball gag in front of you."

I look around, and see a pink gag hanging from the chain right beside a pair of handcuffs. I put it in my mouth, and buckle it to my head.

"Now the cuffs my dear."

I try to pull them down, but they're attached to the chain. I raise my wrists, and clamp them on.

"Very nice. Your handler has taught you well."

Some movement catches my eye, and I turn to see five figures coming toward me dressed in red robes. When they get to me they clamp shackles to my ankles, and then to a metal rod making me spread my feet wide apart. Then I feel the chain rising up hoisting my wrists with it. I am soon standing on my toes in a very uncomfortable position.

A tall figure come toward me dressed in a purple robe pushing a black box. He wheels in to the side of me, and opens it. He pulls out some wires, and walks in front of me. Showing them to me I see thin wires attached to alligator clips.

"This is going to be an experience for you Michele. I hope you enjoy it. If not, oh well."

He pinches the clips to my nipples. The jaws dig in painfully. Then he puts more on my labia. It hurts so much pinching me in a sensitive region. Then I feel tugging on the wires followed by slack. A second later I feel electricity course through my most sensitive areas. It burns as my body shakes and tenses. Then it stops as I cry out against the gag. Tears flow down my cheeks as I wonder if I'm going to live through this.

Another shock hits me. After a few seconds it dies. I watch the figures as they gather around the box. A shock courses through me for a few seconds, and the stops. I look back to see the wires attached to a small box. A timer. Then my attention is drawn to them as another shock hits me.

I see them pulling leather paddles, riding crops, cat o nine tails, and whips out of the box. Now I know their plan, and I don't like it. The man in the purple robe walks up to me, and he shows me a silver metal dildo. It's about the size and shape of an average penis. A shock hits me, and when it stops I feel him slide the dildo into my vagina. The next shock runs though the dildo also shocking me deep inside.

He then steps back, and I watch as he hauls back a black leather paddle. I tense as he brings it forward. It strikes me across my left hip, and it stings. Then I feel a swat across my ass followed by a sting as a whip curls around from my back to cut into my right areola. Then one from my left cutting me from my breast to my hip.

I scream as they whip me repeatedly. The pain is intense, and the shocks never cease. I hope to pass out, but it never happens. They stop just before, and let me rest before continuing. At one point they shove another metal dildo into my ass, and that one adds to the shocks. After a long while they stop, and remove the clips and dildos. The man in the purple removes my gag.

"You weathered that like a true champion. Now it time for the finale."

I see him through my tear blurred eyes as he opens his robe revealing his rock hard cock. I feel the chain lower, and one of the others brings a table. He places it in front of me as I'm lowered, and lays me across it. I am too weak to do anything, and as soon as I stop lowering I feel my ass cheek spread. Then I feel his cock plunge into my pussy. A moan escapes from deep within me.

"You have the nicest, and wettest pussy I've ever seen. It feels so warm and good inside."

His flattery makes my loins tingle even though I hurt so badly. His cock plunging into me is driving me lust forward. He doesn't touch me, and all I can feel is his cock as it uses me. He even stops before his hips touch my ass cheeks. The rhythm is slow, and steady. I feel a huge knot building up in the pit of my stomach.

"It seems you are quite receptive to me at the moment. I'll gather that you are enjoying yourself then."

I don't say a word. I just lay there feeling him fucking me. It's like all of my senses are attuned to my crotch at the moment. I notice that my body is pushing back to meet his thrusts slightly. The knot in me keeps growing as his cock keeps fucking me. I hear moans coming from myself. He keeps the same rhythm. I hear him moan as he uses me. The sounds of my crotch echo in the openness.

His dick throbs as he slide in and out of me. My body receptive to him. Wanting him. The knot fills my torso, and I begin to tense. All I feel is his cock moving in and out of me. I hear his breathing mixing with my moans and the sloppy sounds of sex. It adds to my lust.

"I would love to be inside of you all day every day. Your pussy is the best I've ever had."

Hearing this makes me want to orgasm so bad, but it's not time yet.

"Fuck me." I moan softly.

He continues, and the knot fills my soul. My entire body tenses hard, and I close my eyes. He must know because he slides his cock as deep as he can pushing against my ass. I feel a tinge of pain, but it is just what I need. I moan loud, and begin to shake. The room goes dark as the knot unravels inside of me. I feel my vagina quivering as my orgasm flows out. I hear the wetness as he fucks me. My entire body is so tense that it shakes hard shaking the table I'm on. I hear the chains rattling as I moan in sheer pleasure.

I hear him groan, and hold his dick inside of me as my body shakes making me fuck him more. My orgasm last for a few glorious minutes before I collapse to the table exhausted. I lay there with my senses amplified, and I feel him slowly withdraw his dick. His cum leaks out dripping to the ground. I lay there watching as he walks away.

One of them unlocks the cuffs before walking away. I lay still until I have enough energy to move before I unshackle my ankles. I fall to the ground. Relieved, but sore. I have never had such an intense orgasm in my life. I'm left wanting more. I grab my clothes, and dress. Then I stagger out to see the truck still sitting there.

"Very nice." He says as I crawl in. "This will sell."

I look at him confused.

"You belong to me. You just proved that. You like what I provide. You want it. Can you admit that?"

I nod in agreement.

"Good. Then I will treat you as you are. A . Just like any other woman in your shoes. You want so much, but are afraid to act on it. Now you don't have the choice, and I will sell your ass, or do whatever I please. And I bet you like it. Don't you? It looked like you had one hell of an orgasm in there so don't try to lie."

"I do."

"Yup. I know. Now since it's suppertime we'll get something to eat."

He drives us to a restaurant, and we sit on the hard wooden chairs. It hurts to sit, but I manage. He orders for the both of us, and we eat in silence. When we return to the cabin my neighbor comes walking over as I clean the fire pit.

"I'm sorry about last night."

"It's okay. A lot of guys can't last that long."

"That's not what I mean. And why are you dressed if you like to be naked so much?"

"You must have seen that we just got home, and you should remember that I said I like to be naked when I can. Going into town isn't one of those times."

"I just came over to apologize. There's no need to be bitchy about it."

"I'm not a bitch. I'm a slut. Get it right." I say getting in his face.

"Fuck you then!"

"Think you're man enough?" I ask turning my ass to him, and lifting my dress.

"That's it."

I hear him fumbling around, and then feel him slide into my vagina. I moan as he begins to fuck me hard.

"You have no respect, and need to learn some." He says fucking me.

"Then teach me you bastard. Fuck that respect into me."

He pulls my hair, and slaps my ass as he rams me. I have all I can do just to stay on my feet. He grunts and groans. His fast pace begins to slow.

"Cum in me you fucker. Make me your slut." I goad.

It's enough for him. He pulls hard, and groans. I feel his twitching cock unloading into me. I push back fucking his cum out of him. He quickly finishes, and pushes me away.

"It was a pleasure." I say as he walks away. "Apology accepted."

He keeps walking without saying a word. I finish cleaning, and head inside. He's there watching TV, and I sit on the couch on my side. He soon joins me, and lays me across his lap. He pets my head for a while, and the removes the collar once more. I look up at him, and he smiles at me.

"It's not over my sweet. I still own your fat ass, and I intend to enjoy it."

"Thank you." I say putting my head back down.

I fall asleep, and have a nice restful slumber. When I wake he's gone. I see my phone sitting on the kitchen table with a note. I go to read it, and it takes a lot just to move.

"I know your name. I know where you live. I know you phone number, and everything else about you. I will send you copies of all the videos I made of you my superstar, and then you'll know where you sit. Now be a good , and return to your hubby."

I toss the note, and pack my things. I drive home thinking about what has all happened. I hate myself for letting go, but I had no choice. The battle rages in my mind the entire drive home. My husband greets me at the door, and then helps me unpack. I explain how I couldn't get reception all week, and I loved every second of it.

Well, I didn't lie. Now I just have to wait to hear from Him.
The Neighbor II
Posted:Nov 13, 2017 10:25 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2017 7:04 am

I feel his hips slam against me as he buries every inch inside of me. His cock feels like it's hitting the inside of my chest as he fucks me. He makes me continue fucking him as he watches the porn on the TV. Then I see him look up at me with a look of lust in his eyes. I ride his cock as we make eye contact, and then I feel his shoot his cum into my uterus. He smiles as I fuck his semen out of him. When he finishes he pushes me back down onto my knees. He waves his shrinking dick at me, and I see my wetness all over him and his cum dripping from the tip.

I lean forward, and take him into my mouth cleaning his cock. I lick what I can't suck. Making sure to do a good enough job. I suck him until he goes flaccid, and then I kneel at his feet again.

"Why don't you go lay down for a couple of hours?" Tom suggests.

I go to the bedroom, and lay on the bed. I hear Tom and the man discussing costs for something. I fall asleep listening. Tom wakes me in a couple of hours. I'm still tired, worn, and sore, but I slept soundly. I am still laying on my back just like when I fell asleep. Normally I roll over at some point.

I walk out, and the man is still sitting there. He smiles at me as Tom leads me over to a table beside the TV. He has me kneel in front of it, and then lay across it. He tells me not to move.

I watch the reflection in the mirror in front of me, and I see the man stepping up behind me. He's holding something, but I can't see what. He steps to my left slightly. I watch intently. I see his arm draw back, and then come forward. I feel the sting of a strap as it cuts across my bare ass cheeks. He smacks me over and over spanking my ass good. The tears roll down my face as the sting becomes my only feelings. I'm not sure how many times he swatted me, or even how long he took, all I know is that my ass is burning.

I am relieved when I see him toss the belt aside. My relief is turned to fear when I feel him lay his dick across my back. It reaches half way up my spine. He moves it down until the tip touches my vaginal opening, and then sinks it all the way into me. My pussy accepts it without a problem. Then he pulls it out slamming it back in a few times making me moan in pleasure.

My pleasure ends when I feel him pull it out, and begin to push it into my asshole. I beg him to stop, but all he does is grab my hair pulling it as he pushes it deeper. I feel my asshole ripping apart as it tries to open for his massive cock. Then my sphincter is torn wider as he pushes past. In less than a minute I feel his cock bottom out inside of me. His hips push against my bruised ass cheeks while he tries to get the last few inches into me.

He pulls back, and slams into me hard. I moan in pain as his cock ruins me. My insides feel like they're being mixed around as he plunges my intestines. He fucks me harder and harder. My entire body goes numb from the abuse. The minutes seem like hours before I feel his finishing inside of me. He keeps fucking me until his dick goes limp inside of me. Then he pulls out, and goes to clean himself. My asshole feels like it is hanging open. I feel his cum leak down my legs.

"Well. We should get you back sometime today." Tom says. "Can you walk?"

"I don't know." I mumble.

I try to get up, but my legs are limp. Tom helps me to my feet, and then the blood begins to flow again making my legs tingle. He helps me to the bathroom where the guy that just fucked me was just leaving. I sit on the toilet, and try to push out the semen. I only accomplish a fart. I use a lot of paper wiping the blood and cum off me before Tom hands me some clothes.

"For the ride home." He says.

I look at them, and see a black mini skirt, red sleeveless blouse with a deep plunging neckline, and red lace g string.

"I'd never wear anything like this. How am I going to explain it?"

"Not my problem. Just put it on."

I slip into the clothes, and notice that the skirt is way too short. My ass pokes out the bottom. The shirt is way too loose, and leaves nothing to the imagination. If I turn wrong my boobs will fall out. He looks me over, and smiles.

"That looks great on you."

"I don't think so. I look like a ."

"Well, if the shoe fits."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Just because of what happened I'm a ? I don't think so. I don't charge."

"Well, you might now have, but the last guy that fucked you paid handsomely."

"You asshole." I say getting pissed.

"No. Your asshole. And it made me five hundred bucks. Your cunt made me three. You did the blow job for free though. Here. Put these on instead then."

He tosses me a pair of blue jeans and a black tee shirt. I change quick, and we drive home in silence. Sarah was already home when we arrived, and said that she explained to my husband that she had to leave early, but I would be home today. She noticed that I was upset, and pulled my inside the house to talk.

She convinced me to just let it go. Then she kissed me before Tom told me to wear the outfit he got me when I come over. I don't say anything to him. I just walk home, and take a shower. I notice that my ass was purple with bruises when I look in the mirror. Then I dress, and go back to my life as usual.

My husband asks a few questions about the party. I make up some lies to appease him. That night I sleep better than I ever have. I wake in the morning refreshed. My body, on the other hand, is sore all over. I see the hubby and off in the morning, and then change before heading over to Tom's house.

When I walk in I go directly down the stairs to see him chatting with an older man who looks to be in his fifties. They stop talking when I walk in.

"Good morning." Tom says with a smile.

I just stand there.

"She is nice looking." The guy says as though I'm not there.

"I'll leave you two alone then." Tom says.

I watch as Tom adjusts a camera set up right in front of a mattress laid out on the carpet.

"You know what to do ." Tom says as he passes me. "This is your life now."

I walk over to the man as Tom walks up the stairs. I take his hand, and lead him to the mattress where I place his hand on my left breast through the open front of my blouse. He wastes no time puling my breasts out, and groping and sucking them both. He bites ever so gently but firmly on my nipples sending shocks through me. I reach down, and unzip his pants letting them drop to his ankles. Grabbing his dick I stroke him until he's hard.

Then I kneel down, and stare at his uncut cock. I take it into my mouth, and suck him for a bit stopping before he he cums. I then turn my ass to him, and pull the string of my panties aside offering myself to him. He again wastes no time sliding into my eager vagina. He moans and groans as he slowly fucks me. Hearing him taking so much pleasure in me turns me on so much that I feel a tiny orgasm sneak out of me.

My moan as it frees itself is too much, and I feel him throbbing inside of me. The warmth of his cum heats up my vagina as he shoots me full. When he pulls out I let go of my underwear, and turn around giving him a kiss on the cheek. He dresses quick, hands me an envelope, and then leaves. Tom returns right as the man walks out.

"Did it go okay?" He asks.

I don't answer. He takes the envelope from me, and pulls out the money that was inside. He counts out five hundred dollars, and then hands me one hundred.

"Your portion."

He then checks the camera, and smiles with what is recorded.

"This is some good stuff. You got me hard."

He pulls out his cock, and waves it at me. I kneel down, and take it into my mouth. I suck him, and he doesn't last long before he pulls out of my mouth. I stroke him as he pulls my breasts out. Then he lets loose with a huge load of cum all over my chest. It hits my skin so hard that I think it's going to go through. His cock pulses as the ropes shoot out all over me. It feels so warm. Cooling as it runs down my skin. I suck the last drippings from him before standing up. That's when I notice that he was recording me again.

"Good shit for the website."

"What website?"

"The one starring the older thicker MILF with the long brown hair and nice tits."

"I never agreed to anything like that."

"I never asked either so I guess that means that I don't care if you agree to it. Right now I'm having a contest to see what the subscribers want to see you do the most. The leading suggestion is for me to leave you tied up somewhere. Would you agree to that?"

"That depends. I have a family to think of. And that's the only reason I'm doing any of this crap."

"No. You're doing it because you want to. I'm helping you fulfill your fantasies and darkest desires."

"What does the winner of you contest get?"


He shows me the website, and has me live chat with a few of the people on there. They are the normal perverts, and just want to see me naked. One guy seems nice out of the whole bunch, and I chat mainly with him until I have to leave for work.

The next day I run my errands, and check my messages before going over to the neighbor's house. I am surprised to hear Sarah call me to the kitchen. When I walk in I see another girl sitting beside her. She introduces me to Brenda. I recognize her as the girl that I thought lived there too. She has waist length black hair resting over her plump frame. She is quite attractive I think.

"Brenda wanted to meet the girl I was telling her about. Turn around. See, isn't she cute?"

I just smile, and so does Brenda. Sarah grabs me, and kisses me surprising me.

"She has the softest lips too. You have to try her Brenda."

Brenda steps up in front of me, and smirks.

"She won't shut up unless I do it." She says.

"That's fine."

Then Brenda leans in kissing me ever so softly on the lips. I feel my crotch flush with excitement. It sends a chill up my spine making me shiver.

"That good?" Brenda asks.

"Yes." I coo.

Then she wraps her arms around me, and kisses me deeper and much more passionately. I melt in her embrace, and feeling her tight against me makes me drip with lust. Her pert breasts pressed against mine, and her sweet smell all combine to make the river flow as I orgasm from her kiss.

"Then that should be better." She whispers.

"More than you know."

"I felt it." She says smiling.

"Let's take this to the bedroom." Sarah says pulling Brenda and I into the bedroom.

Sarah undresses in seconds, and then kisses Brenda as she undresses her. I watch as they begin touching each other all over their naked bodies. Brenda soon lays on her back, and I look on in awe at her chubby form laying before me. Her breasts laying slightly to the side with large pink areolas topped of with long hard nipples. Her belly rising and falling with her breath, and her legs parted just enough for me to see the outline of her labia right under her shaved crotch.

Sarah stands up, and undresses me as I stare at Brenda. I am quickly standing there naked as Sarah lays back beside Brenda. She takes Brenda's left breast in her hand, and sucks the nipple hard. I watch as her skin pulls and ripples from Sarah's attention.

"Come here." Sarah says. "I know she's beautiful, but you can't have her way over there. Taste her. Give her pleasure."

I lay between Brenda's open legs, and lower my face to her crotch. Her scent is intoxicating. The heat is tremendous. I lick her labia, and am awed by her taste. So sweet, so delicious. I dive in, and lap up her wetness. Her hips rock, and her moans fill the room as I lick her while Sarah attends to her breasts. I slide a finger into her vagina while I lick her clitoris. It drives her wild. In seconds she shakes violently as she orgasms. I lick and suck until she calms down, and then I sit up to see the look on her face.

They both look at me with huge grins. Then Brenda pushes Sarah onto her back, and goes down on her right breast roughly. I watch for a second before Brenda pulls my face down to Sarah's pussy. I give her the same that I gave Brenda, and it had the same results. With Sarah's cum filling my mouth.

Then Sarah pulls out a silver dildo. She and Brenda pull me between them, and I feel it slide right into my vagina. It begins to vibrate, and Sarah begins to fuck me with it while she and Brenda each suck and bite on my breasts. Brenda reaches down, and plays with my clit while Sarah fucks me. I close my eyes, and let myself go.

In less than five minutes I feel the dam burst within me, and all of my tensions gush out through my pussy. My body shakes and rocks as the orgasm takes me to new heights. I moan loud uncontrollably. My orgasm lasts for a few amazing minutes before It begins to ebb. Then when I fall to the mattress panting I feel the dildo pull out of me, and they both slide up against me kissing me.

We cuddle and make out for a long time before I have to leave. As I walk out Tom smiles knowing what just happened.

"See you tomorrow?" He asks.

"Maybe." I say walking out.

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