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June Already
Posted:Jun 15, 2019 8:47 am
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2019 9:20 am
Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. Not much new here to report. Just working six days per week ten to twelve hours per day. The paychecks are nice, but it sure does get old fast.

My kiddos are out of school, and home now which makes working so much even more frustrating. They grow up too fast as it is, and I feel like I'm missing out. I'm hoping my vacation next month goes as planned, and then things will be more relaxed for me.

Even though I've been busy I have been checking in as often as I can. It may not be for a long time, but I do what I can. I still want to chat even though I don't always have the time. I really like the messages that start out telling me what is going to happen to me. Some of the people get very creative, and I wish it could come true. Others not so much. The old first message asking me what I'm wearing seems to be a normal one too. I'm usually thinking that it doesn't matter since you want me out of anything I have on anyway.

As far as at home there's not much to say. My frustrations grow with my stresses. Working adds more stress, and there's no relief in sight. My dreams are getting rather strange though. Some are non sexual, but a few are really out there. One that sticks in my mind was that I was standing on the edge of a dock overlooking a dead calm lake at sunset. Something reached up grabbing my ankle pulling me down.

I hung on to the edge of the dock as it pulls all of my clothes off, and then my grip lets go. I feel the cold water cover my naked body as I'm dragged under through the water at a high rate of speed by my ankles. Somehow I can breathe though. When I look in the direction I'm being pulled I see a huge outcropping that looks like a monstrous cock. My legs are opened as I get closer, and the fear fills me. Then just before I'm impaled on it I woke up. I remember feeling scared, frustrated, and let down all at the same time.

I guess I'm just losing my mind. Most of my dreams like that lately have been much more tame. Just the feeling of warmth as I'm being held, and then the feeling of strong hands caressing my nakedness. It's always finalized by me not feeling the satisfaction of an ending. It' no fun being horny all the time. That's for sure. The rainy gloomy weather isn't a help either.

Anyway... All is good with me otherwise, and I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Feel free to like and comment on my stuff. I'll try to update and post as I get a chance. Big hugs to all the lovers, and a kiss my ass to all the haters. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay in touch. Later.

Easter Weekend for Me
Posted:Apr 24, 2019 9:07 am
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2019 9:14 am
Well friends I finally got a few days off from work! I spent the first few with my family, and it was great. I think my husband agreed to relax my bonds, but I'm not sure. I just asked him if was was afraid to lose me, he he admitted it. Then I asked if he trusted me, and he said he does. Mind you this was part of an entire conversation. I asked if he wanted me to be happy, and if he would do whatever it took to keep me happy? He said he did and would. Then the conversation turned to our sex life or lack there of. I reminded him of what he just said, and then asked if he would be afraid there's a better man out there for me? He admitted it's a legitimate fear so I eased his mind, I think. I ended the conversation when he started to get uncomfortable.

When I first brought up the subject he would just get mad and walk away. Now we actually talk. This time I ended it asking, if he could let me be happy knowing my love is his even if it meant seeing me with someone else for a short time, would he do it. He said yes! It's not an actual, "Yes you can ," but it sounded like it. I'm hoping for a chance to get him to clarify. I want to hear him actually say the words so we both know for certain. I'm not going to break up my marriage on a "could be." But, hey, I'm stoked! It's taken a long time to get this far. Once he says I can my problems will really begin. I have to decide who's first without slighting anyone.

I know what I want right now, but may change in an hour. Right now I want a man can hold me close easing my fears. A guy will slowly peel my clothes off kissing every inch of my body starting with my neck and working down. Someone with a gentle touch to bring out the goose bumps in me when his fingertips trace my body. I want a man knows when to push me on my back and kiss up the insides of my legs. He will look into my eyes when he lays between my legs, and he will slowly fill me with his hardness. I want to be filled deeper than I ever have, and stretched wider than I thought possible. He will move just right until I'm writhing in ecsatsy. I want to feel him throbbing between us when he pulls out of me to finish all over my crotch.

After we will hold one another for a while. Maybe go for another round later? Maybe my mood will change by then? All I know is my dreams haven't been much fun lately. Yes, I'm still dreaming more than usual, but it's not every night. Most are good, but a few really suck. Like one I had about a week ago where I was sitting at work answering the phone and my boss started screaming at me for something I did right. I woke up when she threw my computer at me just before it hit me. I woke my husband up when I startled awake. In another one I was walking along a treed path. The ground was paved, but I knew I was miles from anywhere. I felt like the weight of the world rested on my shoulders.

I came up to an open area with torches all around the circular opening. In the middle was four large stones. All of them shaped like dicks. The first one was regular size at about six inches, and proportionately wide. Then they get progressively larger until the biggest one which has to be twelve inches, and really thick. They are lined up in a row, and I feel like there are things under them I have to collect. I also know I can't touch them with my hands. I begin stripping, and squat on the first one. It's cold inside of me as I move it with my vagina. I grab the paper under it before moving to the next one. It's a bit bigger, but I move it too. The third one is about two inches bigger than the first. It fills me full, but I manage to move it even though I'm so wet it keeps sliding out of me.

When I get to the last one I'm in desperate need for an orgasm. It's intimidating, and I'm scared. I squat over it feeling the cold stone against my overheated puss, and I psych myself to just do it. Then just as I set to just do it I wake up. My underwear are literally soaked. I had to run down to the bathroom to change and clean up. I wound up laying in my wet spot for the rest of the night. I don't know why, but dream just sticks in my mind for some reason. Maybe it's all the raw emotions, or maybe it's the sexual energy? Maybe it was because I had to sleep in my puddle? I don't know.

Sorry I've been so long winded. Aside from my dreams and fantasies not much else is going on in my world. Planning the family vacation, working, and being mommy. The usual mostly. I've been trying to get here to post more updates, but I don't want to be responsible for boring you to death. But hey, next month is Mother's Day, my birthday, and ends with a nice long weekend. Maybe I'll have some good news to bring you all? I'm hoping.

's all for me this time around. I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Remember to like and comment on my stuff so I know what is good. Send me some good messages too. I love reading a hot story, or seeing what you would do with a girl like me. I like the unfettered ones the best. Nothing but carnal sordid words. Until the next time, later.

Under the Skirt
Posted:Apr 6, 2019 6:17 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 8:09 am

What is the sexiest under a skirt?
G- string
Regular panties
Boy shorts
4 Comments , 41 votes
Under the Skirt
Posted:Apr 6, 2019 6:01 am
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2019 10:36 pm

What is the sexiest under a skirt?
G- string
Regular panties
Boy shorts
94 Comments , 1413 votes
It's April, and I'm the Fool
Posted:Apr 1, 2019 9:45 am
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2019 8:24 am
Here we are in April already. The days are flying right by. I'm still working six days per week, and I'm really ready for camping season. It's still too cold and wet here though. The cabin is still winterized since I hear there's still snow up there. I was eyeing up the ATV's yesterday wishing for the trails to be open. Some day I just want to pack one up, and go away for a week riding the trails camping as I go. That would be so refreshing.

I've been having the strangest dreams lately too. Last night I dreamt that I was standing to pee like a guy would, and when I finished a hand came up between my legs grabbing my crotch lifting me off the ground. I land flat on my belly, and feel something huge, hot, and hard poking between my legs trying to find my insides. I feel my body responding accordingly, and wake up so horny that I'm a mess.

A few days ago I had a dream where I was reaching next to the stairs in my garage, and a black mist grabbed me holding me still as it wisped out around me before stopping behind me as I was bent over. It held my hands to the stairs while I felt my pants rip open exposing my crotch. Then I woke up in a puddle.

I think I need to get laid. Lol. There have been more, and a couple have been with other women that pop into my dreams. Like one that was just a woman giving me a hug, but when my cheek touched her chest she was naked. Her nipple was rock hard, and her soft skin was so warm. I woke up as I turned my head to suck on it.

Seems all the action I get is while I sleep. I guess I'll just have to find more than a couple of hours a night to sleep. Maybe I'll have a wet dream? And I don't mean waking up wet because that happens a lot already.

Other than my overactive imagination there's nothing else happening in my boring world. Just working and adulting. Nothing fun, and nothing worth mentioning. I hope whoever reads my drivel remembers to check out my pictures and captions. Remember to like and/or comment on them too. I love reading the comments of what the picture does for you, and how it affects you. Don't be shy.

Here's my long overdue blog post. Sorry if I bored you too much. I'll add some new captions to try to make up for it. Have a great day, week, month, or whatever. Stay safe. Later.

Post Valentines Day
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 9:24 am
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2019 9:15 am
Here we are in February already. Time sure does fly by. I've been busy with work and the family way too much, and then add in crappy weather to make things worse. I don't mind snow, but not every other day. And not 3 plus inches every time. That is getting old. I digress. We're shorthanded at work, and the brainiacs decided it was a good time to fire one of my coworkers that they didn't like. That's a whole sordid mess that sure she's going to be compensated very well for, but it still leave the small team on halved. To compensated I get to work more. Lucky me. Yesterday I was told that one of my other coworkers is elsewhere because of the way the other was let go. Soon I'll be the entire team. I wonder if they figure that I'll just work around the clock then? Again I digress.

As for my home life... it's pretty much being mommy and wifey. My hubby is helping out a lot around the house and running errands, but it's still exhausting. There's no much alone time for us let alone time for me. So that means even less nookie for me. Oh well, it'll all work out in the long run.

I guess that's the catch to living. Either you have to needed to get ahead, or you have a life outside of working. I wish I was a millionaire, but then I'd probably be a pretentious bitch. All I know for sure is that if I had to change anything I'd work less, and have more fun.

That's enough of my bitching for now. sorry I wasted your time reading my sob story. Hopefully the captions I add make up for that. So until the next time... Be safe, and have fun. Later.

Is it ho hum if you hum a ho?
Posted:Jan 16, 2019 10:11 am
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2019 8:57 am
Hi everyone that reads my drivel. I hope you have all been well, and having your most carnal fantasies filled. I haven't, but my mind has been going like always. As if my status hasn't given that away. Unfortunately I can't read any of the comments even though I really want to. I guess the site is saying that I'm just not good enough to get more turned on hearing all of your thoughts and comments. I guess I'll have to settle being my normal horny self then.

As you can also tell I'm in a nit of a bratty mood. I'm also in a mood where I see a woman's breasts and I'm getting really hot. It's strange because I've never been this overheated by another pair of tits. I just want to touch them, trace the nipples, kiss them, and just to have them for me to play with for a while. I'd love to wrap my arms around her holding her tight while I kiss and lick her breasts.

But that's just my mood right now. I'm so horny most of the time that I might want a woman, but if there was a hard dick there I'd take advantage of it. I guess that would make me the ho in the title, but since I don't fuck every person that I want to or offers that would exclude me from that title. Like I always admit; I'm a closet slut. I hope and I dream, but in the end I take care of maters myself so my brain stops being so needy.

I just figure I'd let everyone know that I'm having issues with reading comments on my status and pictures right now, and then I went on a tangent like usual. Sorry about that. Have a great day, and stay safe. Later.

A New Year- New Possibilities
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 9:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2019 10:13 am
Hey there everyone! I hope everyone has been well, and their desires are being fulfilled. The hectic holidays are behind us, and the new year has begun. hoping for more relaxing, more camp outs, more family time, and many more pleasurable experiences. If only I could not work, and have nothing but me time. But this is reality. Reality sucks most of the time.

So for my reality still working nights, and the hours are starting to pick up even though it's not the busy season quite yet. hoping that we aren't slammed with too much overtime like last year. I don't mind a few hours over forty every week, but I hate when it's fifty or sixty hours every week.

At home things are slowly changing. My are getting older. As we all are. Their schedules are morphing into different things, and it's keeping me busy trying to keep up. My hubby's schedule is still the same, but he's become much more attentive to me. Like he's actually trying to give me what I want without actually going all in. I hope he does some day even though he doesn't like the idea.

For my times... Well... They are few and far between. I didn't even get out camping like I had hoped. I got one week at the cabin alone, for the most part, and that's nowhere near enough for any satisfying relaxation.

So hoping my new year is better with more camping, more relaxing, and more of everything great. And I hope your new year is also. Have a great time, and enjoy life. Until the next post. Be well. Later.

The November Cool Down
Posted:Nov 9, 2018 10:17 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 9:33 am
Well the temps are dropping and the snow is flying here in Wisconsin. I've neglected this blog for too long now, and I promise to get back into it on a more regular basis.

Here's what's new in my life. Nothing. Sorry to break your hearts hoping for a good story. I've just been working six days per week, and trying to keep up on the house on the seventh. As for work. It's busy, and we're short handed.

My mind on the other hand has been also working overtime, and it's making me go through a lot of underwear everyday. I was just at the cabin relaxing good (that means naked and alone), and when the gas guy came to fill the tank all I could think about was him filling me. I stood in the front window watching as he left since they don't come to the door. I was hoping he'd stop, but he didn't. Little does he know there was a naked and horny woman standing a few feet from him as he worked. It could have been, but wasn't.

My cousin visited a couple of times though. He's had a crush on me since as far back as I can remember. I got dressed when he pulled in though. He always stops by when up there. We drank and talked before he left, and I felt great after returning home nice and relieved.

So there's my little update. Hope I didn't bore you too bad? Here's some fresh captions to try to make up for it. I also will have a new story and pictures soon. Stay tuned. Later.

Taught Hubby
Posted:Oct 19, 2018 9:03 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2021 8:49 am

I had it with his smugness. He's always telling me that I shouldn't be thinking sexually all the time, but when I tell him that sex is part of a marriage he always says that it's not an important part. So here we are. Twenty five later, and older and bigger and a lot more horny all the time. He's still himself. Albeit with a bigger belly and a few gray hairs. I keep my locks brown, and long so that the grays don't show through. I don't care for my size, but I don't mind my D cups. Compared to my A cups when I was first married and before two it's an improvement. The big butt and big belly I can't seem to be rid of, but I see guys looking yet. Not as many as there used to be, but a few.

In my mind they're looking because they're interested, but in the back of my sanity I know a few are grossed out by me. I don't let that bother me though. In my head they're all perverts just like me. And not just your average pervert. I have a wild side that borders on insane. always fantasizing about playing the field so to speak. Letting my inner out to play. investigating my submissive kinky side. also the loving wife, and mother who has an upstanding reputation. I feel for those I love, and I can't bear hurting them. It's when they make me mad that I do stupid things that will hurt their feelings, and when super horny that my mind doesn't think right.

Today is one of those days. It all started before we were even out of bed. I woke up with a puddle between my legs after dreaming of being taken by strong men, and when I rolled over my husband had the hardest morning wood I've ever seen. So of course I slipped under the covers to suck him. I love a hard dick in my mouth, but he doesn't like it when I do it. He says that it's gross and won't kiss me after, but I deal with it. It felt so good throbbing on my tongue. I can take his six inches no problem. This morning it was hitting the back of my mouth. I loved it.

Before I knew it he was finishing in my mouth. I just swallowed it down sucking away until he yanked me off him asking me what I was doing. I just laid there as he got up staring at me looking mad. He repeated his question telling me that he's not joking.

"I was trying to get some dick, but it went off too quick." I replied joking.

"You know I hate it when you do that. Why do you always have to try?"

"Because I like to. It's fun, sexy, and it makes me horny."

He shook his head as he walked out down the steps leaving me to my own devices. So I of course let my hands roam. My left hand was working my left nipple. Pinching, pulling, and twisting. My right hand was between my legs with my middle finger working my sopping wet clit when he walked back in.

"Knock it of. The are in the next room."


"You didn't even lock the door."

"I was hoping that hard dick would return to finish the job."

"Just stop it. That's not right. You're over 40 . Act like it."

" in my prime. When was yours?" I say getting frustrated.

"Prime what? You're acting like a . You to stop before the see you like this."

"Well then fuck me!"

"Really? What's wrong with you?" He says leaving the room once more.

My frustration has turned to anger, and although horny too mad to continue. So I just grab some clothes, and head to the shower. He's sitting in the chair watching the news when I walk past.

"Put some clothes on. The don't want to see you walking around naked woman."

"No, but a real man would." I say as I head to the shower. "A real man would satisfy his wife."

I shower, and as my attention turns back to my horniness my hands begin to wander as I soap myself down. Then I hear the door open, and the toilet lid open telling me that the youngest is up. Hurrying to finish I soap down and rinse quick before just tossing on a tee and jeans. Being the weekend I only have my black lace brief underwear instead of my usual bikini cut, but all of my bras are dirty so I toss in a load of laundry before going out to start the day.

He pretty much watches TV not minding me for most of the day. I can tell that he's mad at me, but I don't care. Later in the afternoon we decide that we to get groceries so we head out. I don't even bother putting a bra on since we're just going to the corner store for the few things we . With both in tow we peruse the store finding our groceries, and when we get to the produce aisle we have both running for stuff leaving him and I alone for a few seconds. I grab a cucumber holding it up smiling at my husband.

"Look. It's nice and hard. I bet it wouldn't mind if I put it in my mouth." I say joking snidely.

"Stop. Just stop."

"What? Are you jealous that it'll stay hard long enough to make it into my pussy, or just because it's bigger than you are?"

"You are just not right in the head."

I look behind him as he walks away, and I see a middle aged man staring and smiling. I know he heard, but although I feel a tinge of embarrassment I also feel a tinge of excitement in my crotch as he looks me up and down from afar. My husband begins to walk away as I grab another one.

"Here. This one is smaller. Nevermind, it's still bigger and harder than you. I bet it would like to be all creamy in my mouth."

"You are so gross. I don't know how you can even like that."

"You should try it sometime. Then you'll know."

"I don't think so. That'll never happen."

I look back at the man who is kind of following us now. Or so it seems, but in a small store it always seems like that. The are quickly back, and then I stop talking and egging him on. I know he's not happy with me, and having fun with it. I want him so pissed that he feels as frustrated as I do. I figure the worst thing that will happen will be he doesn't fuck me. That's what always happens anyway. The best thing would be if he gets mad enough to tear my clothes off and fucks me so hard that I pass out, but that's never happened anywhere but in my head.

We are soon at the register checking out when the man lines up behind us. It's a small place with only one register so I don't think anything of it. I smile when we make eye contact, and he smiles in return. My husband is placing the stuff on the belt to be checked out with the helping while I hold the cart still. The man is about a foot behind me.

"You're pretty spunky." I hear almost inaudibly behind me.

I turn to see the man talking to me.

"I like that. You told him. If you were my woman you wouldn't be having any complaints."

I just smile as I feel my face redden turning away before he sees me blushing.

"You do have a very nice ass, and I love the way your nipples poke against your shirt." He says grabbing my ass with both hands.

I look down to see my nipples rock hard under my shirt. I never noticed, but now that I do I can feel how sensitive they are rubbing against the fabric. His hands let go of my ass, and I hear a younger voice from behind me as well.

"I got the duct tape, but all they had was small rolls."

I turn to see a younger man in his twenties taking to the stranger. Just then I feel a tug on the cart. My husband has finished, and the cart is full of the bagged groceries. I push the cart to the car, and watch as they all pile in leaving me to load the trunk. A few minutes later both men walk up to the car just as a bag rips open dumping all of the canned stuff on the ground.

"What the hell are you doing back there? Let's go woman." My husband yells from inside the car.

"He sounds like an ass." The man says as he helps me to pick up the stuff.

The younger man grabs a can that rolled a few places down.

"Why do you stay with him? You deserve so much better."

That's when I notice the ring on his finger.

"What would your wife say knowing that you're sweet talking me?"

"She'd love it. If she were still around to say anything."

I crouch down to pick up the last of the cans, and I can see him staring down my shirt. I kind of wish I had worn a looser shirt to thank him for helping me, but I didn't. The younger man placed the few cans in the trunk that he rescued, and the older man took the cans from my hands as I stood up. I could feel his cold hands rub across my nipples as he took the cans, and I swear I could hear myself whimper in anticipation.

The younger man goes to the car a few spots down getting into the driver's seat while the older man stands there staring at me. His eyes fixated on my chest.

"Thanks." I say breaking his concentration.

"The pleasure is all mine." He says walking away.

I close the trunk, and get into the driver's seat starting the car. My husband just looked at me shaking his head as I back out of the stall.

"If you wanted help all you had to do was ask."

"They just helped. I didn't ask. Because that's the right thing for a man to do." I say getting mad.

The rest of the drive is silent, and I put the groceries away when we get home. My oldest heads to his room, and my youngest plays games on the computer. I take care of the rest of the laundry while he watches TV again. So it's back to the same old routine. And nothing changes for the next week besides the fact that I am so horny that there's no words to describe it. My husband is his usual self so nothing is happening there. It's to the point where everything I see, and everyone I encounter is a possible fantasy in one way or another.

All week long my frustration grows, and my anger against him intensifies. By Friday ready to take him, or just go out to the bar naked to see what happens. My mom calls in the afternoon asking if my want to go to the cabin with her and my dad. They at times take all the grandkids with them to spend time with them doing fun stuff like swimming, and sightseeing. My husband and are all for it so she arranges to pick them up in a couple of hours leaving me and my husband alone for the weekend.

The first thing I do is sit beside him as he watches TV on the couch. He looks at me knowing what I want before ignoring me. I lean in nuzzling his arm.

"We're alone now."


"Maybe you could let me... I don't know... do certain things?" I say in a submissive sexy tone.

"You mean like let me finish watching my show? Sure."

"How about something more like making this thing hard?" I say grabbing his crotch.

"And then what?"

"Maybe you could use it on me for a while?"

"Is that all you think about? There's so much more to life than sex."

"Don't you want me?"

"Not like that. Not right now."

"Most guys would kill to have a girl that likes to fuck you know."

" not most guys."

"I've noticed. You are the only guy that complains when he gets a blow job." I say sitting back in frustration.

"I still have no idea why you insist on doing that."

"Because I like your hard dick in my mouth. I like feeling it.."

"Just stop!" He interrupts. "I don't want to hear it. That is so wrong on so many levels."

"You asked."

"No. I said I didn't know why you insisted on doing it. Not why you do it. It's late. going to bed since I can't watch my show anyway."

I sit there as he walk up the stairs to the bedroom, and I soon hear the sounds of him snoring. left alone at ten at night sitting on the couch still frustrated and horny. The more I think about what just happened the more I get mad so I play a few games on my phone to calm down before going to bed myself. I slip into my sleep shirt which is just a long loose fitting black shirt, and my black lace thong since it's wash day tomorrow and it's what I've been wearing all day.

Slipping into bed beside him he doesn't even stir. I crunch the blanket up under my chin feeling sad for myself, and hating feeling like I do. It takes a few minutes before I begin to doze off. I am soon startled awake by a feeling of someone beside me standing there. It's too dark, and my eyes don't focus before I feel a bag pull over my head. It tightens around my mouth gagging me, and I feel my hands being tied behind my back as I am turned onto my stomach.

I feel struggling beside me telling me that my husband is also being tied up. I hear him ask what's going on, but then his voice is muffled. I am let go, and the bed stops shaking. I listen. The silence of the room is broken by the sound of the light switch. My shirt lifts up off my ass, and hands grab my ass cheeks firmly. They are squeezed, shaken, and spanked lightly. I feel my crotch tingle and wet recalling my rough sex fantasies.

Then I hear a familiar voice saying, "That's one fine ass."

It's the man from the store, but his voice is from across the room nearest my husband.

"That ass needs to be taken care of. If you can't appreciate it you must like cock."

I hear gagging sounds, and feel the bed shaking side to side as the hands run under my panties.

"That's it. You're learning." He says as the gaging continues.

I feel my underwear pull down exposing my naked ass, and then I feel the fingers roaming into my crack. They rub up and down touching my asshole, and finding my crotch. I moan as a finger presses into my wet vagina. I feel it slide up into me before pulling back out spreading my wetness up my crack.

"She's liking that. See? Look at how wet your wife is."

My hips lift up as the fingers slowly move back down. I want to feel them inside of me. I am so horny that I just need a release, and I don't care how or who does it. I don't even notice that the hood is untied as the finger slips back into my eager puss. My eyes are closed as I moan. When I open them I see my husband laying there beside me watching me as the older man from the grocery store stands beside him holding his head to watch. The man is completely naked, and is sporting a rather large thick erection that is tight against my husband's cheek.

A second finger joins the first making me moan as my hips raise higher giving myself to my intruder. My eyes close in ecstasy feeling the fingers slowly fuck me. I look back after a few seconds to see the younger man standing full clothed beside me with his hand touching me. His cock is straining against his jeans is all I can focus on as his fingers work me over. My attention is broken by the sounds of gagging again.

I turn to see the older man forcing his cock into my husband's mouth making him gag as it hits the back of his throat. It looks so sexy seeing another man's balls pressed against his chin. Hearing the man moan as my husband pleasures him. Feeling the fingers inside of me I feel an orgasm not far off. My hips raise and lower to meet his fingers. Even when he pulls out to rub up over my asshole my hips never stop.

"She's hot to trot. You should have kept her satisfied. I bet you never even took advantage of that nice big ass of hers have you?" He asks my husband as he gags him more.

Then I feel a finger slip into my asshole while two slide into my pussy. I moan louder lifting my hips high. He fucks my holes slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. I feel my orgasm coming on fast.

"Fuck me! Make me cum!" I insist as the pleasure takes over my actions.

"Listen to your wife. She's become such a since you don't take care of her needs."

The fingers pull out leaving me wanting more. My orgasm so close, but still so far away. I watch as my husband's mouth gets fucked hard, and the feel my hands being untied. I pulled onto my knees, and my shirt is lifted up off me leaving me completely naked. I watch as the younger man undresses. The older man reaches over pinching and pulling on my nipples.

He leans in sucking and nibbling my left nipple and breast while making my husband pleasure him. The younger man joins him on my right breast. All I can do is hold their heads and moan enjoying the sensations. The older man uses his free hand to rub down my back to my ass. I soon feel his finger against my asshole. He rubs in circles until it slips into me. My hips begin to rock fucking his finger as they suck my tits. My eyes are fixated on my husband and the cock going in and out of his mouth.

Then I feel a second finger stretching my asshole. It feels so nice. I've never felt such sensations before, but liking them. The younger man rubs my clit and pulls my pubic hairs hard as he attends my breast, but he never lets a finger enter me. It doesn't matter. too horny to care. I feel my orgasm returning, but once again they stop just before relief is mine.

"You should show your husband here how to suck a dick properly." The older man says to me.

The younger one grabs my husband holding him close as I kneel beside the older man who is laying on his back. I look my husband in the eyes as I run my tongue up the entirety of the man's shaft kissing the tip. Then back down kissing his hairless sack. I pick it up, and run my tongue up the top of his shaft until I get to the tip. I see a big drop of pre cum forming, and I lick it up tasting it before taking him all the way into my mouth. I don't stop until I feel his body press against my lips. His cock poking against the back of my throat. Then I begin to suck him. Slowly at first. I hold it upright so I can enjoy every inch.

He's a bit bigger than my husband, but not a lot. He's definitely thicker. I kiss lick and suck it for a few minutes before he tells me to stop. I look up to see the younger man's rock hard cock right beside the older man. I lay across the older man's legs, and suck the younger one. He's definitely bigger, and thick. He's rock hard, and I love gagging on it. I find it a challenge to take him all, and I succeed.

"Now that you can see how a sucks a cock you can do the same bitch." The older man says to my hubby.

"Just leave us alone you sick fucks!" He yells.

"Get to work faggot or we'll take it out on your wife." He says spanking my left ass cheek hard enough to make my body jiggle.

My moan from the sting is muted by the cock in my mouth. Then a second swat lands on my right cheek.

"Get to it." He demands of my husband.

I quickly hear gagging sounds again telling me that he's sucking the man again. I feel a hand rubbing my ass cheek as I attend the dick in my mouth. He kneads and pinches my cheeks while the younger man has his fingers entwined in my hair.

"Did you like those love taps?" The older man asks.

"Mmm hmm." I moan.

"Your slutty wife wants more swats. Who am I to let her down. That's what she has you for. Now be a good bitch, and let me take proper care of your wife. You just watch and take notes."

The younger man pulls me off his dick making me kneel while the older one stands up. Then I am pulled down onto my hands and knees with the older man to my left and the younger one to my right. I am positioned in the middle of the bed, and my knees are spread as wide as they'll go. Rope is tied around my wrists, and I am again pulled onto my knees but with my arms high in the air.

"What do you want from us?" The older man asks me.

"Use me."


"Spank me, fuck me, do with me what you wish. I just want to cum."

"What about your husband?"

"I don't care. Just do it."

I hear a belt buckle, and when I turn to look at the sound coming form my right I see a thick black strap coming at me. It lands right across my ass cheeks with a resounding whack. It stings and burns. The pain is intense, but I have no time to think about it before I feel a swat impact my ass cheeks from my left. It stings more, but feels like something harder. I look to see that he has a wooden paddle.

One by one the swats continue as they take turns spanking my ass. After a while they stop, and the older man plays with my hard nipples as my ass burns. He pinches my left nipple hard making me flinch, but he doesn't let go and it makes me pull my nipple trying to get out of his grasp.

He soon lets go, and I feel the wooden paddle crash down across my breasts. I pull back from the impact, but I can't go far since tied to the ceiling. Then the younger man takes his turn, and the belt strikes right across my right nipple and left areola. They are soon into their rhythm as they paddle my chest. Slowly they work down until my skin is being tenderized from my neck to my knees.

After a while they begin to swat my ass on occasion too making sure to welt my entire body. It goes on for minutes, and my skin is burning. They then untie my hands, and make me lay back as I kneel. It's a very uncomfortable position. Especially for a big girl like me. I feel tugging on my pubic hairs once again, and then feel a slap across my crotch. It sounds like someone is splashing in a puddle, but it stings like needles are being pushed slowly into my labia.

"She's awful damn fuzzy, but God damn is she wet!" The older man comments. "I bet you've never made her this wet before faggot."

He walks over to my husband, and pulls him so that he's kneeling on the floor looking between my legs.

"Look at that cunt there fag boy. Look at it glisten. That's a bitch that's ready to go. Do you like her hairy twat?"

I look down to see his answer, but can't see past my fat stomach.

"That's what I though. And just because you like it going to let you shave her cunt bald."

I shave on occasion, but he doesn't like it. So turned on by him shaving me.

"Grab hold of those pubes there gay boy."

I feel him grab a handful.

"Now shave them right out."

I feel him pull slowly, and I feel the hairs holding on to my skin not wanting to go. This isn't shaving, but it's so much more kinky. He pulls harder and harder making me moan as my skin stretches.

"See, you finally made her moan."

Then I feel the first few strands of hair give in, and then they are quickly followed by more as the hairs are yanked out. Then I feel another swat come down across my crotch making me jump.

"Are you a good ?"

"Yes sir." I moan.

"Tell me then what you want right now."

"I want him to shave my pussy."

The younger man walks into the room. I never saw him leave. He holds up a razor, and I see my husband take it from him. Then I feel it shaving me. No shaving cream, and no lotion after. Just a dry shave until bare down there.

"That's better. I'd tell you to kiss that cunt now, but I know you'd rather have my dick so get to work bitch."

I lay back with my legs straight, and I see my husband on his knees taking the older man's length into his mouth. There's no gagging now. Just the sounds of sucking. The younger man lays beside me on his back, and I can see that he's still rock hard. He motions for me to mount him, and I watch my husband staring at me as I do.

His cock slides right into my sopping wet pussy, and fills me so full. It feels so good as I rock my hips back and forth fucking him. He pulls me down massaging my boobs, and begins to suck my nipples. I moan in sheer delight. His cock pummels me from underneath bringing me to a moaning orgasm in just a few minutes. He fucks me right through it, and doesn't stop until I finish. He then rolls me onto my back, and rams me deep making me feel every inch of his dick. It's not long before another orgasm rips through me rocking me to the core.

"Look at that faggot. He made your wife cum twice in less than ten minutes. Look at all her cum on his dick as he fucks her. She's loving every second of this."

After my second orgasm ends he gets up, and I see the older man stand up. I am positioned on my hands and knees, and the older man sinks into my eager pussy. I love this position, and feeling a cock using me right in this position is so nice. His hips slam hard against my ass cheeks as he drills my vagina. I look over to see the younger man feeding my husband his cock. I think about how I just came on that same cock twice, and now it's in his mouth. A finger slips into my ass, and I shudder in another orgasm as the man fingers my asshole.

"I can feel her cunt milking my dick homo. I bet you never felt that." He says to my husband. "Has he ever fucked that nice big ass of yours?"

"No." I moan.

"Well then, it's about time it got fucked."

I feel him pull out, and begin to press into my ass. I can feel my hole opening up around his girth. Stretching as he slips into my virgin hole.

"Nice and tight. But not after done with it."

He pushes it deep pushing past my sphincter until he's all the way into my asshole. It feels like being ripped in two as my intestines are filled with his cock. He pulls back only to slam it back deep. It takes my breath away, and he slams into me a few times fast. My grunts come out in short gasps.

"This is how you make your bitch bark like a doggy." He jokes at my husband. "Well, this is how I make your bitch bark like a doggy."

He then grabs my hips, and begins to fuck my ass hard. My legs shake, and go numb. My hole feels like it's stretched wide. All I can feel is his cock plunging deep into my rectum.

"Do you like getting your ass fucked?"

"Yes sir." I hear myself moan.

"Good. Then you can fuck me."

He pulls out laying beside me, and I straddle him. He slaps my breasts hard telling me to turn around and watch my husband. I do as he says, and feel his cock slipping back into my ass as I lean back lowering myself onto him with my legs wide open. It feels like he's even deeper, but I start to ride him anyway. His hands play with my tits from behind me, and he pinches and pulls my nipples. I see my husband watching as he sucks the younger man's dick. Then the younger man pushes him off, and climbs between my legs.

His cock slides right into my puss filling me fuller than I've ever been. My husband just kneels there watching as they double fuck me hard. I soon orgasm so hard that I almost pass out. In my throes of passion I hear the younger man grunts as he pushes as deep into me as he can. Then as I finish He pulls out and the older man groans loud. I feel his cock throbbing in my ass as he fills me with his cum. He holds me tight to him until he's done, and then pushes me off.

I lay there panting as they both make my husband suck their cocks clean. I am awed that neither on is going limp. Both are still rock hard, and it's turning me on. I want more. Even after all the orgasms. I want more. The younger man is the first to return to me. I stroke his cock lovingly as I look him in the eye. He rubs my head, and I suck him into my mouth. I can still taste myself on him, and it adds to my lust. I can feel the cum trickling out of me tickling my skin, and that too adds to my want.

"Can we fuck you wife again? I think she wants another baby maker." The older man asks my husband.

He shakes his head no, but the men don't really care what he wants.

"Do you want more sweetie? Do you want another double stuff?"

"Mmmm. Yes." I moan.

"See homo. She's a good . going to fuck her cunt now, and give her a baby."

He climbs between my legs laying me back, and slips right into my vagina. He slams it deep and fast fucking me for all worth. The younger man fucks my mouth from my left, and I suck him with renewed gusto. It's not long before I orgasm again, and my climax is answered by a mouth full of cum. I swallow it all down lapping up every drop while the older man fucks me good.

The younger man pulls my husband onto the bed beside us, and lays him on his back. The older man makes me straddle my husband's face before reentering me. He fucks my pussy hard from behind until I hear him groan loud.

"Open your mouth bitch. Take in your wife's baby maker." He says as he fills me so full with cum that it runs out.

He keeps pumping me until his dick goes limp, and then makes me sit on my husband's face.

"You better clean her out good. I switched her birth controls pills about a month ago with aspirins. You don't want another baby to take care of. Would you?"

I watch as they dress, and then just before they leave the older man whispers in my ear, "I'll see you after breakfast. Don't tell him though."

Hearing this sends me into another body shaking orgasm as they leave.
My Last Story
Posted:Aug 11, 2018 6:31 am
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2018 10:58 am

I'm sorry about how my last story is all jumbled up. The site wouldn't copy it all in one, and I didn't notice until after it was posted. Either forgive me, or paddle me until I learn. Either way I'm sorry.
The Second Job part 1 ending
Posted:Aug 11, 2018 6:29 am
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2018 10:57 pm

I moan out loud peeling my shirt off. His hands pinch my nipples as I tell him to pinch harder while I fuck him. Having a cock in me feels so good. I want it to last forever. My hips rock hard grinding him deep into my pussy. I am soon in the throes of orgasm. I feel his cock throbbing inside of me, and I can feel the warmth of his cum as it fills my womb. Then when I'm all done I collapse onto his chest with his cock draining inside of me.

He rubs my back as I catch my breath. My head is achy and swimming. I feel him softening in side of me before it slips out. I look at him to see him smiling.

"What came over you?" He asks.

"Something made me do that. Something was inside of me."

"Yes there was, and I'm glad."

"That's not what I meant."

"I'm still glad. It's not every day that a man can make love to an angel."

"I'm not angel. As a matter of fact I'm not even on anything so this should never have happened. I can't believe it did."

"Do you regret it?"

I think for a moment before answering, "No. I don't."

"Then let's just consider it a once off, and go from there."

"Sounds good to me." I say going into the bathroom to clean up.

Jose holds the door for me again as we exit, and walks me to my car.

"I still want to do the investigation thing with you. Now I know something might happen."

"Okay. Whatever. Just tell me when."

"I'll have to get stuff together. Figure in a few weeks. We'll shoot for an overnighter."

I get in my car, he closes the door behind me, and I return home showering as soon as I get in the door. All night long I think about what happened. I worry about getting pregnant, and I recall the shadow figure with fear. All day Sunday I think about the shadow figure when I look at the door. I barely recall being groped. I begin to think that the shadow is the reason why all the girls quit. At the end of the night Jose mentions as I leave about getting the stuff that he needs.

"I'll have everything by next Saturday. Clear your schedule so we can be here all night."

"Will do." I say before going home to tell my husband that I have to work late Saturday and early Sunday so I'm just going to sleep for a couple of hours at the Bistro.

He thinks it's odd, but is okay with it. All week long I silently dread accepting Jose's offer, but I'm in too deep now so I have to do it. Before I know it Friday is over, and the alarm is going off for Saturday night.
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The Second Job part 2 ending
Posted:Aug 11, 2018 6:26 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2018 9:21 pm

"No. You left me plenty. Why?"

"I saw the folder."

His face turns red when he hears this. I walk up sitting on his desk in front of him again. I open my legs pulling my dress to the side so he can see that I'm bared underneath.

"I'm ready for the bonus." I coo.

"I don't know." He says standing up.

I pull him close feeling his boner through his pants against my crotch. I pull it out, and make him slip into my pussy. He stands there shocked for a few seconds before he begins to fuck. I pull my breasts out, and pull his face between them. It feels good being fucked. Like he's scratching an itch I can't reach.

He lasts got a few minutes before he groans fucking his load into me. I let him finish before kissing the top of his head, and then I stand up straightening myself up. He sits back in his chair watching me.

"I'm going to fuck Trish. Just so you know." I tell him.

He shrugs his shoulders, and I walk out to work.

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