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Another day in June
Posted:Jun 18, 2020 9:26 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2021 8:30 am
So it begins. The daily grind of the summer begins now that things are opening up here in Wisconsin. I was never laid off, allowed work from home, or even reduced in hours. It was the opposite. I got more hours, and more wor School is now over for the for the most part so that'll be nice help slow down some. I've made a few caption pictures, but they're based on older pictures I've used before. I hope they're not too stale, or too disappointing. I've been trying to breech different subjects which some may not enjoy, but I'm trying to keep open minded about all things. I hope you let me know what you think about them. If they're not well liked I'll stop making them.

Anyway, I've been mommy, teacher, wife, and good worker for many months now. I'm ready for a brea Hopefully I'll get some time in July go camping or something just get away and relax for a few days. It sounds like I'll be working the weekend of the fourth so that's out. I just need be kidnapped, and taken a for a week or . A nice spa where I can be pampered for hours. Some place I don't have be dressed or worry about anything. That would be heaven right now.

Other than my normal whining nothing much has been happening in my life because I'm boring. I've had a few naughty dreams, but those are just the normal ones where I'm laying there and a guy climbs between my legs. Sometimes he works my underwear down, sometimes he pulls them the side, and other times he just rips them off me. Any way he gets rid of them they are moved before he sinks right into me waking me up. Sorry to say they aren't as in depth as I'd like, but they are good enough to wake me because I feel like I'm peeing myself because I'm so wet.

Sorry I'm boring, and don't have much exciting to report. I'm hoping for things to improve soon, but I've been hoping for that for a while. I'll keep posting updates though. Maybe they'll be good, but unless something happens I'm sure they'll be boring as well. Sorry.

So until the next time be safe, and stay healthy. Let me know what you think of my captions by liking and commenting, and I'll be back again later.

I'm still here
Posted:Jun 9, 2020 8:23 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2020 7:38 am
Well, sometimes. I've still been busy. With the Covid crap adding my already busy schedule making teacher the as well as get everything else done before work. Yup, I'm essential so I got zero days off. I actually had work overtime since a few people took voluntary time off. I can't afford that, and it wasn't offered anyway, so I had to keep working. I'm back to day and ten hour shifts. So much for things slowing down like they promised. I was hoping for a 40 hour work week by now. The money is good though. I found out I got a raise for being reliable. I guess it pays not call in. That helps out too. The government money is sitting in the bank collecting interest since I know they'll want it back. Just like the last time. I'll at least get a few pennies off it.

At home it's been business as usual except for the fact that I fell asleep on my hubby while he was trying to get frisky. It's not that I wasn't in the mood. More like I was spent, and he was moving way too slow and lovingly. That was the same day as my car went in the shop for repairs. It's never ending. As soon as things get a bit ahead something happens to cancel it all out.

I wish I had more to share, but I really don't. I've been boring, and normal. I'm tired of it, but it's all that is happening now. Hopefully it'll change soon, and I'll have something to write about. Something to feel guilty about. Time will tell. Until then I hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and lives life to the fullest. Later friends.

May the Fourth Be With You.
Posted:May 3, 2020 11:08 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2020 8:27 am
Wow, it's May already. Time sure is flying right by. I've been way too busy lately with work and the family. I was hoping for some spring camping, but the parks are closed with this virus going around. No matter your thoughts about it every one has had their lives complicated by it in some way.

For me work is still days per week, and with the "non essentials" laid off I'm back ten twelve hour days. Yay . Not! So add that in with the being home 24/7 I'm staying occupied way more than I care be. My husband is just as busy since he too is essential, and working more than usual. Paying some bills has been complicated since I can't just walk in to pay them, and they want to charge extra to take payment over the phone. Assholes. Can't rely on the USPS, and don't want to pay extra, so I'm stuck hoping the payments are getting there on time.

Enough of my complaining. I haven't been doing much besides being home and work, and with both of us working there's been a severe lacking in the bedroom. I've been having some wild dreams lately. Some are sexy, and others are just wild. In one I was in a dark room laying in my bed on my back naked, and there was a dark shadow man who was kneeling between my legs stretching my pussy wide as he entered me. I woke wet and wanting. In another I was at a surprise party for a cousin, and one of my old high school friends came behind while I was talking my aunt. He just started fucking right there.

Weird and crazy. I know. Unfortunately that's been the extent of my love life. I wish I could report that I was out violating the spacing out order, but I'm not. I have stay healthy. I hope you are staying healthy as well. So until the next time... Later.

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It All Started When I Went Shopping
Posted:Mar 9, 2020 8:39 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2020 8:27 am

When I was up at the cabin I had to run onto town for some groceries. When I was there a short blond girl started chatting with me in the produce section as I was looking at avocados.

"Making guacamole?"

"No. My likes to just eat them."

We chat for a bit about avocados, and then fresh produce, fruits, recipes, and family.

"I'm Stacy the way."

"I'm Michele."

She's maybe an inch taller than my five one with long dyed blond hair hanging down to her mid back skirt as long as my brown hair. She had pretty green eyes, fair smooth skin, and a pretty smile. She's a bit chubby with a large bustline, and is wearing a tight shirt with a plunging neckline with tight blue jeans showing off her round backside.

We even discuss where my cabin is, and how long I'm going to be up. She's a local, and her place is right up from us.

"We're practically neighbors. You have to come over for supper tonight. We eat st 4."

"I don't know."

"I'm sure your family can do without you for one night. I'd love for you to let me cook for you. Promise me you'll be there. "

"Okay. I'll try. That's the best I can promise."

"I'll take it. Do you have a ? Give me your phone and I'll call mine so you have my ."

I hand her my phone letting her call herself, and then add her and name to my contacts. She gets in the check out lane just as I was leaving. She waved, and I waved back.

I think about blowing her off, but at 3: she texted me a reminder telling me to not be late. I feel guilty blowing her off so I tell my dad about her, and her tells me to go.

I pull up to a light blue trailer home, and then wait for a second thinking about just driving off and making up some excuse. Then the door opens and she's standing there waving me in. I reluctantly walk up putting on my happy face. She takes my coat and purse, and I take off my sneakers so I don't track snow through the house.

I sit in the kitchen at the table across from a skinny guy that looks to be in his early thirties like her. He has short brown hair, is clean shaven, and tattoos covering both arms. I can see more tattoos on his chest through the sleeveless shirt he's wearing.

"Wayne, this is Michele. Michele this is my boyfriend Wayne. He won't bother us tonight. Right Wayne?"

"If you insist babe." He answers.

She serves up lasagna and cherry Moscato. It's all really good, and the wine goes down way too good. We chat more about work, family, hobbies, and such. Wayne seems like a nice guy. He shows me most of the ink on his arms telling me the stories.

After supper Stacy clears the table, and Wayne goes to watch TV.

"Nevermind him. He'll just sit there tonight."

We keep talking, and the conversation turned to sex, fantasies, and our experiences.

"Have you ever gone to a strip club? That can be fun."

"I have, but I just sit there mostly."

"I've even had a stripper undress me on stage. That turned me on so much. I've always had the fantasy to have a room full of guys all to myself."

"I've had that fantasy myself, but I'm not as pretty as you."

"Don't be silly. Your beautiful. I love your pretty brown eyes."

"I'm old and fat. I'm the one most guys run from gagging."

"Sure you're not in peak athletic condition, but neither am I. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I bet under those clothes you're very sexy even though you're not a model."

"I'm a model of the before lady on the weight loss commercials or the plastic surgery commercials. If I started to strip I'd be told to put it back on. Especially when they saw all my stretch marks."

"I bet you have a beautiful and sexy mommy belly. Can I see?"

She doesn't wait for me to answer before lifting my sweater up over my belly.

"That's so sexy! I've always had a thing for a woman with tiger stripes. I'll never have any since I can't have , but I just love your stomach." She says rubbing all over my belly.

I'm shocked her sudden burst of forwardness. The wine swimming in my mind isn't helping much either. She suddenly stands in front of me pulling her shirt off showing me her bellybutton piercing and her me black lace bra.

My eyes focus on her overfilled cups, and how her skin looks so white compared to her paleness. Her chubby belly hangs slightly over her jeans with a long silver and diamond dangle hanging over her bellybutton.

"You like? Wayne talked me into it. I was hesitant, but I'm glad I did it."

"It's cute. I've never wanted something like that. I don't even wear earrings even though my ears are pierced."

"He wants me to get a tattoo. I can take out a piercing, but I can't just take off a tattoo. What do you think?"

She pours another big glass for us as I answer, "I've thought about one, but I don't know what to get or where."

I hear moaning coming from the TV playing loud. I look up to see a blond porn star getting hammered by a huge dick on the big screen TV.

"Don't mind him." She says nonchalantly. "He's always watching that stuff."

"Even when company is over?"

"He likes you. He would have gone to the bar if he didn't."

The scene turns to three women starting to work each other, and my eyes are constantly drawn to the action. She excuses herself, and I watch drinking my wine down.

"Watch porn at home?" She asks from behind me with her hands on my shoulders making me jump.

"We watch a lot of it." She whispers in my right ear. "We even made some of our own."

She then sits on my lap wrapping her arms around my shoulders planting her lips on mine kissing me passionately. After a few seconds she sits up holding my face in her hands looking into my eyes.

"What the?" I ask stunned looking at her dressed in a red satin teddy with matching g string thong that's see through.

"Too much? I'm sorry. I just thought that you liked me like I do you. You're not mad are you?"

"No. You're fine. It's just..."

She smiles hearing my words, and interrupts by kissing me again.

Slowly I feel my body coming alive with desire, and I begin to return her kiss. My hands grab her waist feeling her warmth. She answered pulling me close, and kissing me deeper.

Her ample breasts crush against mine as she rubs against me. I feel the heat of her crotch on my right thigh. She moans into my mouth while she holds the back of my head keeping our lips locked. When she finally lets me breathe my crotch feels like a swamp, and my nerves are standing on end.

"Let's go into the bedroom." She whispers looking into eyes.

She hops off my lap, and I see a wet spot on my thigh where she was sitting. She takes my right hand pulling me toward the living room past Wayne and the TV, down the hallway, and into the bedroom closing the door as she sits me on the edge of the bed.

She straddles my lap kissing me again tackling me in the process. I feel her hands under my sweater pulling it up as she reaches under my bra baring my breasts.

Her caresses and mouth attend to me perfectly meaning me moan pleasingly. I feel my nipples against the palms of her hands as she rubs her breasts against mine, and she grinds her crotch on my hip. My hands rub her back letting her lead.

"Do you want me to stop?" She asks after a bit. "You seem like you're not into this."

"You're fine. Really. It's just."

"You don't like me, do you?"

"God I'd love to be you. You're beautiful. I've just never done this before."

"Really?" She asks confused. "The way we connected I figured you were bi too."

"I once kissed another girl. Well, twice now. But that's it."

"So you're not bi?"

"I don't know. To be honest kissing you is really making me hot."

She reaches under her crotch running a finger between my legs rubbing me, and making my body tense and shudder.

"Damn! You are hot." She says pulling my sweater over my head. "You won't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable. So if I do something you don't like just let me know."

She smiles as I put my hands up over my head giving myself to her. Then she bends down kissing me once more. Our tongues dance in our mouths, her hands caress and gently claw my breasts. I moan and my back arches to her touch. Her hips rock rubbing her pussy against my thighs.

Her moans steadily intensify until she's writhing on top of me. Then I feel her kisses run down my neck, over my collar bone, and right to my right nipple while her hand attends my left breast.

"Ooohhhh. Fuuuucccckkkk." I moan as she licks, sucks, and gently nibbles my nipple.

She kisses and nibbles all over my breast teasing and pleasing my right breast giving it great attention before switching to my left breast. It feels so good, and after a long time her fingers found the fly on my jeans unzipping them.

I lift my hips as she pulls my jeans and underwear down while she kisses down my belly and around my bellybutton. Then her lips find their way down my right thigh as she pulls my pants and underwear right off. Then she kisses back up my left leg to my face. We kiss for a few minutes before she kneels up straddling me once more.

I watch as she lifts her teddy up over her head baring her large chest. I see her pink areolas heaving over me. They're big and they look sexy with her half inch long hard nipples poking from the centers. She takes my hand putting them on her breasts. I begin to caress like I know what I'm doing. She tosses her head back and moans telling me I'm doing okay. I explore her soft white skin enjoying every inch of her. She lets me take my time feeling her. Touching her. Exploring her.

"I have to taste you!" She says after a little while.

She bends down kissing me again working right down biting my nipples a bit hard a while before kissing and licking over my belly. Her legs push between mine. Her lips kiss over my pubic hairs. My hips rock in anticipation, and my legs open wider as her mouth closes in on my crotch.

"Fuck!" I moan feeling her tongue tickle over my labia teasing me.

She teases and torments me coming so close to my clit and vagina, but not touching even though my hips move to make it happen.

"Please." I whimper after I can't take anymore.

"I thought you'd never ask." She sighs running her tongue up over my asshole, through my slit, and her lips wrap around my clit.

"Fuck yes!!" I moan loudly.

She sucks and licks while her hands caress my breasts and pinch my nipples. I feel my nerves tingle, and I feel an orgasm build deep inside of me. My hips rock her tongue as the pleasure grows and grows.

"Oh yes! I'm going to cum!"

Just as I moan this she stops kissing back up my body to my face.

"We can't have that yet, can we?" She asks kissing me.

"No! Please!" I beg.

"In time my sweet. I want to savor you for a while."

She kisses me so passionately. Her right hand moves down finding my crotch. I moan feeling her finger slip into my vagina and fuck me as she kneels beside me. I can taste myself on her lips, and it turns me on even more.

I reach under her with my right hand feeling that her thong is crotch-less, and my fingers slide through her wetness feeling how hot she is. She moans in my mouth while I slip my middle finger into her. Her hips rock my finger, and I feel her legs weaken at my touch. Her finger quickly matches my rhythm, and we are soon moaning together.

She keeps me right on the edge without letting me over, and I'm eventually full of pure lust and need. When I can't control myself any longer I sit up tossing her onto her back diving between her legs. I've always been curious, and now I'm going to see if it's for me.

I kneel between her legs looking at her pink wet slit. I can feel the heat radiating against my face, and I can smell the sweet musky scent of her sex. I lick her labia from the bottom to her clit licking deep into her hole. She grabs my hair pulling my face tight moaning loud.


Her moans feed my lust, and I devour her licking and sucking her clit and pussy making her moan over and over. She holds my face so tight that I can barely breath, but I don't want to stop. She tastes too good. She fucks my face hard as she works toward her orgasm.

I love every second, and I feel satisfaction when she screams, "Oh God! I'M COMING!!"

I lick her bucking pussy until she collapses on her back panting. I kiss my way up her belly to her left breast, and then kiss and nibble all over it giving her nipple most of my attention. Then I give her right breast the same attention before kissing to her mouth.

I kneel over her straddling her kissing her deep. She wraps her arms around me holding me tight. Really tight. A few seconds later I feel a dick slide into my still wanting puss.

"Oh fuck! N." I moan before she silences me with her mouth.

I feel him slide in slowly stretching my neglected vaginal walls wide until I feel really full. Then I feel his hips press against my ass cheeks. His hands grasp my hips tight as he slowly fucks me.

Her hands release me, and attend to my breasts while we kiss. I break the kiss to moan from his dick hitting so deep inside of me. She takes the opportunity to kiss down to my breasts sucking my nipples and nibbling expertly.

"Holy shit!" I moan feeling my arms and legs shaking from the pleasure.

She twirls around getting into a sixty nine, and I feel her tongue on my clit as her fucks me faster. I look down to see her pink bare pussy right under me. I can't contain myself, and I drop my head sucking her clit hard. My hips rock and my body pushes back on his cock while I moan into her puss feeling her moaning against mine.

"GOD YES! I'M GOING TO CUM!!!!" I moan loud.

He pushes my head back between her legs so I stick her as hard as I can until i can't anymore.


My vagina trembles around his thrusting cock while she squirms under me. My entire body shakes in pressure as the waves crash through me. For a minute I'm in pure heaven. He fucks me good and hard using his entire length working my orgasm out of me. Just as I begin to come down I hear him grunting.

I feel the warm grow inside of my womb telling me that he's finishing inside of me. I can feel it quickly over filling me and leak out as he adds more. Once my own orgasm allows me to control myself I stop back down sucking her again. Her hips rock and fuck as I quickly bring her to completion.

Once she finishes he pulls from me, and she pulls me straddling her face as she licks his cum from me. I soon feel raw so I roll off her laying on my back. She lays beside me kissing me. I taste myself and him in her mouth, but it feels nice kissing her.

"Sorry. He was supposed to leave us alone."

"Yeah, I'm sure he was." I laugh.

"Really. Normally he leaves, but today he didn't. I didn't even know what he was doing until I felt you moving on top of me."

"Well, it's a good thing he can't have . I haven't had my pill in a couple of weeks."

"Really? Oh shit."

"What?" I ask confused.

"I said we couldn't have , but that's because I can't have any. I'm so sorry."

"In that case you better get down there, and make sure you get it all."

She smiles at me before moving down between my legs, and I soon feel her tongue delving into my vagina once more driving me wild.

She sucks me to another mind blowing orgasm before I see that is getting late.

"It's almost ten. I better get going." I say.

"No. Stay the night. Please?"

"And have your boyfriend take advantage of me again?" I laugh.

"I'm so sorry! Please don't hate me for that." She says grabbing me from behind as I sit up.

"I don't hate you, but I do have to go."

"Please let me hold you for a few more minutes. Please?" She begs like a .

"I really have to go. I shouldn't have come here to begin with. I'm way older than you and I'm married with . This should never have happened, and now I have to worry about getting pregnant because your boyfriend was horny."

She sits on my right with one leg behind me and the other on the floor holding my right forearm. I look to see her crying.

"You do hate me. I don't know how to tell you how sorry I am. I'd throw him out, but I love him. I really feel something with you, and this felt so right."

I feel sorry for her even though I feel double crossed them both. I put my arm around her waist pulling her close laying her head on my shoulder.

"You're okay. I don't hate you. I hate that her took advantage of me while you held me still. I feel let down that you basically gagged me kissing me so I couldn't tell him to stop. Mostly a feel angry that he didn't even consider the consequences when he finished inside of me."

"I'm so sorry." She sobs with her tears running down over my right boob tickling me.

"The worst part of it all." I say holding her tight. "The worst part is that I'm married, I have two , I love my family more than anything, but I also loved every second with you. I loved feeling him inside of me. I love holding you close and feeling your skin on mine."

She stops sobbing and looks me in the eyes weeping her cheeks.


"Yes. Really." I answer hugging her.

"Will you at least come back then?"

"If I get my phone I can ask if I have to be home yet."

She jumps to her feet pulling me to mine. She holds my hand as we rush out to the kitchen to my coat. Wayne watches as we walk past without saying a word. I grab my phone out of my coat calling my dad.

"No. Everything's good here. You just have fun. We're up here to get away so you have fun with your new friend, and don't drive if you drink."

"I guess I'm good for the night if you still want me?"

"Wayne! You get the couch tonight. STAY ON IT!" Stacy tells him.

"My purse is in my car. I need to get dressed so I can bring it in."

"Just go get it. I'll hold the door open for you. My slippers are right there. Just slip then on."

"Your neighbors are le right there though." I say pointing out the closeness of the trailers.

"So they see ya. They'll just go beat off thinking about you."

"They'll call the cops, and then I'd get arrested."

"I doubt the boys would even show up for that call out here. We're in the middle of nowhere. The closest town is a half hour drive."

She's right, and I slip on her slippers running out to my car at the end of her driveway. I hurry as fast as I can, but I see the neighbor staring pretty much right away. I just smile as I hurry back inside.

"I can see it's cold out." She jokes pinching my left nipple jokingly.

"It must be cold I'm here too." I reply pinching both of her nipples fairly hard.

"Keep doing that and we're going to have to go back to the bedroom."

"Not until I see that video of you that you told me about."

"You want to see it? It's pretty long and boring."

"Show me."

I follow her to the living room where I sit on the couch opposite Wayne. She takes out his porn movie putting in hers, and then sits between us.

I watch as he undresses her in a motel room. He ties her to the bed blindfolding her, and then plays with her pussy with vibrators and dildoes. He keeps her right on the edge of orgasm for a while before letting her down. Then he fucked her not letting her finish. He finished inside her, and then walks out of frame.

I hear the door to the room open, and then see three guys walk in. They converge on her like vultures, and she sucks and gets fucked but them all at the same time. One finishes in her pussy, another finishes on her chest, and the third finishes on her face and in her mouth. I'm awed and turned on watching her and sucking. The first guys brought her to orgasm, and it never seemed to end until the last guy filled her.

Wayne is kissing, sucking, and groping her while I'm captivated the show on the TV right to the end.

"What did you think?" She asks pulling Wayne's mouth from her right nipple.

"That was very sexy. It was super hot." I admit. "I want to take you to the bedroom right now."

"Or she could just sit on your face right here." Wayne says latching back onto her nipple.

"I wouldn't argue if she did."

"Then lay down." He orders.

They both stand, and Wayne pulled off his tank top and shorts. I see all his tattoos all over his hairless body in full color, but mostly I see his seven inches standing at attention above his large saggy balls. Stacy takes my hands helping me to my feet kissing me when I stand. Our lips don't part until I'm laying flat on my back on the couch.

I watch as she climbs over me, and see the moisture in her pink folds as she lowers herself to my lips. My tongue licks and explores as soon as she's close enough. The room quickly filled with the sounds of jet moans, and her hips fuck my face.

I don't fight it when I feel my legs open wide, or when I feel him kneel between them. I just grab her ass pulling her tight to my mouth as his cock stretches my vagina once again. This time he didn't go slow. I'm sure he can tell my wetness how ready I am for more.

I hear them kissing above me while we all moan in unison. His cock slams into my pussy over and over driving me wild. Stacy moans loud that she's coming, and I feel my mouth full with her juices. I gulp then down as fast as I can, but it's easy too much too quick.

I hold her as tight as she bucks and rocks not letting her free until she finishes. Wayne plows onto me that much harder moving both of us as he fucks me. His cock feels so good. My nirvana hits minutes after Stacy's. He fucks me right through it before I feel him pull out finishing all over my pubic hair. Then he slides back into my vagina me until he goes soft.

When he finally moves Stacy drops down licking his cum from my skin. Then she gets off me taking my hand bringing me to the bedroom. Wayne follows, and I lay between them being cuddled from both sides with Wayne on my right and Stacy on my left. I lay on my back in the middle.

Their hands explore me, and Stacy and I make out. After a while I feel Wayne's dick against my leg. I reach down massaging it to full hardness. Then Stacy notices what I'm doing, and she moves down sucking his dick.

When he's done she lays on her back beside me pulling my face to her crotch. I resist, and she rolls over straddling my mouth. I have no choice but to open up, and she pushes his load out making me eat it from her. It's not as bad as I thought so I just reach up spreading her labia so I can get deeper, and I lick her up until she orgasms.

After we lay for a few minutes we shower together, and I get dressed. Wayne insists on keeping my underwear so i just let him.

"He's such a pervert sometimes." She laughs as we walk to my car.

She kisses me, and Wayne comes hurrying out bringing me my phone.

"Thanks. I need that." I say.

"This is what I need." He says spinning my around as he pulls my pants to my ankles bending me over the hood.

He slides right into my pussy, and he slams me hard making me cum just as he fills me with his load. Then he pulls up my pants thanking me.

"I'll call later." Stacy says as I drive away.
Where is the time going?
Posted:Feb 20, 2020 8:34 am
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2020 6:04 am
I can't believe February is almost over! I've been so busy with everything I haven't noticed the days flying by. I'll just drop a quick update on things for you to read in the little time I have to type.

First there's work. I was hoping for shorter hours, but that hasn't changed much. Still six days per week and a minimum of eight hours per day. It was ten so I guess it's gone down.

Second is family. They're keeping me busy trying to get a ton of stuff done in between snows and work. I'm glad my hubby is stepping up a lot to help or I'd be in a rubber room.

Last is here. I check in most every day, but there is days I just don't have the time. So if I'm not answering your message right away that's the reason. I'm either not on, or don't have the time to chat. It sucks and I wish I could just chat most all day, but that's not the case unfortunately.

All in all I'm still the same old boring me just busier. I'll try to write more often, but who knows how that'll work out. Until the next time stay safe and healthy. Later.

Showing Off part 2
Posted:Dec 12, 2019 10:47 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2021 9:43 am

The next day I again stand in the window in underwear. Most of them being black since skin is so pale, and these being no exception. The neighbor comes screaming down his drive like always, but this time he slows way down. I see his window roll down as he waves. I wave back hoping he had as much fun as I did. After a while I sit and read. I make it through a few steamy scenes before I hear a diesel truck closing in. I stand in the window watching the truck turning around.

"Another boring uneventful day." I think. "I'm okay with ."

I return reading as the sun warms the room even more making open the windows for some cooler air. All day it's hot and the sun beats down. The open windows some, but I'm glistening in no time. around five I feel the air begin cool slightly. I take a shower the hopes of more coolness. When I finish I slip underwear back on watching the news as the sun sets. As I watch the weatherman telling about the record breaking high temps I can only focus on his nice package. I never thought him as handsome, but he looks hung.

I grab some supper sitting in chair eat as a truck turns around at the end of the road by drive. The lights shine into the woods as it turns, and then I hear it drive up the road. Nothing new since the state closed the boat landing, and the park is open for hunting in a few weeks. I eat up flipping through dumb show after dumb show until I give up turning off and returning book.

Another vehicle approaches the dark. I watch as the headlights appear through the trees along the road. I stand the window watching see all I can as the truck slowly turns around stopping facing the neighbor's property. Then it drives off. I sit back taking care of book. A few steamy scenes later and my fingers are touching places better left unsaid.

"Damn you're a horny one." I say myself.

Just then I hear the wood on the deck crack just outside of my window making look quick. I jump up looking , but see nothing. I sit back letting heart calm thinking it's just the cold of the night contracting the wood. I decide turn for the night. It's a while before I nod off. I listen the wind in the leaves outside with the mice scurrying in the ceiling over while I lay there naked.

"The perks of living in the woods." I think listening the footfalls running from end end until I fall asleep.

I swear I hear the floor creak as I startle awake.

"Is someone here?" I wonder mind. "Can't be. I would have heard the door."

I doze off yet again in time. This time I wake feeling the cold air on butt while I lay on side. I cover myself again rolling on my back. Half way between awake and oblivion I lay there waiting for unconsciousness. My brain is shut down, and I doze off slipping between sleep and reality. I soon feel fingers stroking my pubic hair just like in the story. It feels so good.

Then I feel my legs being slowly parted like the hero did with the maiden. His tongue lapped her folds driving her into a frenzy of lust; just like I'm feeling. Then he knelt between her legs spreading them wide as he plunged his fleshy saber into her depths. Just like I feel. The hero sucks and nibbles her nipples drawing her orgasm.

"Wait! He's not sucking nipples. This ain't right." I think opening eyes.

I see a dark figure over the top of , and feel his dick puss.

"What the fuck?!" I say trying get up.

He doesn't let , and just keeps .

"Who are you? Get off . Stop!" I protest.

"Your pussy is so hot!" He says not stopping.

"What do you thing you're doing?"

"I'm coming!" He says as he pulls squirting all over pubic mound and crotch.

I'm impressed, but I'll never tell.

"Get off ." I say calmly.

He wipes his dick on belly before sitting on the edge of the bed beside . I just lay there feeling his jizz all over .

"Sorry. I'm not like this. I saw you the window, and had get a better look. Then you were touching yourself.. I'm so sorry."

"How did you?"

"I've read book. It's a good one."

"I didn't hear you come . How?"

"I don't know. I wasn't very quiet."

"Who are you?"

"Brad. Please don't be mad. I shouldn't have..."

"Settle down killer." I stop him. "I'm not going to the cops just yet."

I feel sorry for him feeling his remorse as true. Men get horny, as well as women, and we make decisions. I'd hope he'd give the same consideration if I were ever just fuck him for no reason.

"I really shouldn't have done this. I'm so sorry." He moans.

"Just shut up, and hold for awhile. Then I'll decide if I'll forgive you." I say.

He lays behind spooning . I feel his heat warming cold back and rear, and quickly fall asleep. I wake a short bit later feeling his right hand on right breast massaging it. It feels so nice. Probably because I am still ready go. I can feel his sticky squirt still slickening skin so I know it hasn't been long.

"What's it been, five minutes? Now you're starting something you're not ready finish?"

He then cuddles tight ass, and I feel his hard dick lay pressed along ass crack.
He squeezes boob a bit harder pushing against crack with his cock.

"Or maybe you are?"

He begins biting and kissing on the back of shoulders and neck. sweet spot for sure. I don't even mind him humping along ass with him giving the right attention. His finger tips gently run down stomach to hip and then back again making moan when he runs them over nipple. I feel myself pressing my ass against him as my back arches, and he pushes forward with his hips crushing his dick against my asshole.

"So warm. So inviting." He moans.

His tongue runs up my spine from between my shoulder blades to the back of my neck sending chills through my body. I feel his dick slide between my thighs as he moves from the back of my knees almost until it's sliding along my slit. Bending slightly I feel him humping along my wet crease spreading his slime mixing it with mine while his fingers run up and down my stomach and all over breast. His cock keeps pushing against my asshole before slipping down to where it should be. He moves his body down slightly biting the middle of my back gently as he pulls my hip back in time with his humping. I reach back pushing his dick off my asshole back to running along over my labia.

"No touching." He coos behind me. "Only I get to touch."

His fingers then run down the front of my hip and through my pubic hair .

"So soft. So hot." He sighs.

"And so slimy thanks to someone." I .

"'s a good thing." He says as his fingers slide between legs clit.

legs open a little letting him in while ass pushes back as back arches delight the second his touch meets clit. I feel his dick press against asshole poking in a bit before I catch it.

"I liked ." He says biting back a bit harder.

His finger again rubs over clit with the same results only this time he holds his dick tight asshole not letting it move.

"Watch where you're putting thing." I tell him in a moan.

"If I do I can't do this." He says lifting leg high before his fingers run length.

His touch is so gentle while leg is over his arm. He sildes his fingers from the dick poking against asshole really sensitive clitoris. I moan arching back when his fingers rub firmly over clit before moving back down. I feel him humping against when his finger slips into honey pot. His playful bites cover back, and almost reach right hip which is rocking as he twirls his finger inside of .

"Just fuck already." I beg wanting his dick in pussy.

His finger begins fuck which is okay. Not what I was hoping for, but still will work. When his thumb begins rub clit as he fingers hips rock happily response, and moans tell him he's doing just fine. I feel his dick poking harder and harder against ass, and it kind of takes from the moment while adding it too.

I feel ass opening and stretching around him as his dickhead pokes in and , but it's only a strange feeling rather than a discomfort. When I feel a second finger slip into I forget all about his dick poking there. His two fingers fill pretty good, and no time he has hips rocking the moans right from mouth. I feel his dick poking deeper until I feel it pop all the way into ass holding hole open around it. I freeze, but his fingers instantly bring back.

"Oh God." I moan feeling ass stretched around him as the jolts of pleasure run spine. "It's so big."

His fingers just fuck a bit harder while he holds his dick deep. The only movement I feel from him besides his hand is slight pushes with his hips making his dick fuck in the slightest way. His hand on the other hand is really starting fuck hard and deep with moans encouraging him. In only a couple of minutes he's literally slapping his two fingers into poor pussy, and it feels so good.

He bites more than kisses back all over, and it doesn't take long before I'm ready explode. I try resist it, but this point I'm not much of a fighter.

"MMggaahhhhh!" I moan as I shake in orgasm.

"Mmmmyeah." He moans in return.

The pleasure hits hard and runs completely through my entire soul. His finger stationary while my body shivers violently on them making them fuck . I feel ass quivering around his dick feeling plugged and intense. For a minute the waves take across the rough seas until I'm left on a tropical beach the sun. He pulls his fingers from easing leg down with his dick still ass.

We lay there motionless tight together for a few minutes as he holds close. When his dick falls limply from he slowly rises of bed. I just lay there comfortable as I hear him drive off. laying more on belly than side I lift right leg up taking the entire bed for myself, and I fall asleep feeling his leaking over left ass cheek.
Showing Off part 1
Posted:Nov 18, 2019 9:01 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2021 9:42 am

I was cabin on a cool November morning just watching the wind blowing the leaves around outside just wearing black bra and panty not thinking anything of it when I watch the neighbor from across the road tear of his driveway.

"One of these days he's going hit something." I think knowing the deer walk across his driveway all the time.

The guy is like a hundred years old so he's probably set in his ways. He's a nice guy though not much look with a bald head, and very skinny. He's not much taller than , and I'm five foot one inch. He always waves or says hello when he sees us, and once and a while he stops by if we're outside otherwise he keeps to himself just like most of us up here. Then again being a 45 year old fat married mom I don't go around talking to everyone.

I may be middle age, but I still have long brown hair. I have the salon thank for . Most guys know tell I'm too cute for a married chick. The one's aren't trying get pants just tell I'm way too nice of a person most of the time. I do what I can to when needed is all, but there's not much a 0 pound like can do. I'm either too weak, or too big. husband says weight just made boobs and ass better over the years. They are much bigger. eighteen I was an A cup, and now I'm a D. I think childbirth had something do with too.

I know 's why belly has the stretch marks, or as husband calls them, stripes. weight doesn't slow down though. fat little legs can carry a long way before they get sore. I also don't mind being unclothed whenever possible even though most girls size try always cover up, and being here the cabin alone means I can walk around however I want. Today I decided on just underwear. Tomorrow it may be nothing, or it may be fully clothed? I'll decide then. I'm not an exhibitionist by any means, but I do get turned on pushing the limits of having others see me.

After five minutes I watch him race back into his driveway at about thirty miles hour. I just shake head and laugh thinking, "If you weren't always in such a hurry you'd see the fat lady in this window."

I sit back with a sexy romance novel, and soon enough hear him over there using his mower clear the leaves from his lawn and drive just like he always does. The noise of the mower is irritating since I have keep a close eye case family drops by unexpectedly. I don't need them seeing too much. 's also the reason I check whenever I hear a vehicle driving by. After an hour of noise it quiets down so I can hear the breeze in the leaves. Every time I hear a vehicle I stand in the window see if I need dress. Most of the time it's the wind. Once in a while it's a car or truck turning the dead end front of driveway.

I just stand there watching. If they see they see. I'm not bashful, but I'm not going wait the end of the driveway waving arms. Just before noon I watch a red truck turning around slowing down real fast mid turn. I feel nerves stand on end and heart beats of chest watching it pull a stop the edge of drive.

"I think I've been spotted?" I think aloud.

I soon see a bunch of turkeys walking across the road in front of the truck.

"Or maybe not."

heartrate slows back normal, and I sit back returning book occasionally looking the window in front of as I sit. I hear voices over the sound of the idling truck, and I glance the corner of the window peeking see neighbor talking with the truck driver. All I see is the bed of the truck through the trees, and I can't make what they're saying. I slowly get confident enough just stand the middle of the window watching them chat. After a few minutes the truck drives off, and neighbor walks over his driveway. He messes with his mailbox a few minutes, and then looks up waving .

I wave back forgetting I'm standing in underwear plain view. He immediately comes walking over. I panic, and toss on a gray camo fleece zip up and some black shorts barely finishing by the time he knocks on the door. I open it inviting him in.

"Hello. How are you? I haven't seen you in a while I hope things have been okay for you?" He says standing in the doorway as I close it behind him.

"I'm good thank you. Things have just been really busy at home so we didn't get up as much as we wanted."

"So they all sent you up first to get things ready before they get here?"

"Oh no. I snuck away for a few days. I don't have to be back until Saturday or Sunday so I'll be able to relax for the next four days."

"Well, it's great seeing you again, and if you need anything give a holler."

"Will do." I answer as he walks .

"Crisis averted." I sigh watching him walk up his driveway.

As soon as he's of sight I strip back down underwear returning book. I soon get a really steamy chapter, and I can't take my eyes away feeling myself getting worked up over it.

The thing about is I get horny very easily. Too easily, and when I get horny crotch gets wet. The hornier I get the wetter I get. I've already left wet spots on chairs, and woken up with a swamp between legs. It's not fun especially the worst times. Right now I don't care. I just want keep reading resisting the urge touch myself since will only exasperate the issue even though I can feel myself overheating fast.

"I'll just take care of things when the scene is done." I think.

When I finally finish I set the book down feeling hornier than I've been in a long time. Something outside catches my eyes, and when I look up I see the neighbor standing there watching me. I gasp knowing it's too late to hide. heart jumps into throat as the adrenaline makes head pound. Taking a deep breath I rationalize I'm underwear so it's not bad. Then horniness tells I'm underwear so he can see most of .

I watch as he turns the door walking right in. He walks right up standing feet while I sit staring down with a glimmer his eye.

"You have a great body." He says after a minute.

"Um, thanks?" I say nervously as he ogles .

He reaches for his crotch drawing attention down it. I see him grab his rather thick bulge stroking it slowly. pussy warms even more lust while vision fixates on his bulge.

"You like?"

I stay silent as he steps closer spreading feet apart as I sit up straight the chair.

"I like what I see. I want see more. Do you?"

lust gets the better of for a second making reply with, "Yes."

Before I know what I just said he's unzipping his jeans pulling his dick of his white briefs. It hangs inches from face bouncing as it points . I can't take eyes off it. The purple head with the pee hole topping off the veiniest shaft I've ever seen. He looks rock hard, and has to be seven inches long or more.

He takes right hand wrapping fingers around the base of the shaft. I feel it pulsing with blood as I strain touch fingertips together around it. He just holds hand as he rocks his hips using hand masturbate himself. All I can do is watch it and feel it sliding in hand. It looks so sexy and I quickly see a drop of pre form on the pee hole.

Like most girls I have weaknesses, and sight is one of them. I've always gone crazy for a dick leaks pre for some reason. They just turn me on so much it isn't right. This one along with horny state of mind easily drive over the edge, and I forget modesty and decency.

With the urge too great I lean forward licking the pre from the tip hearing him moan in response. His moan is all I needed hear so I let go licking the bottom of his shaft from his balls to the tip before taking as much as I can into mouth. His hips rock with head bobbing. lips tight around his cock is so satisfying. I don't mind when he hits the back of throat on occasion making gag slightly. I've had an urge for a dick like this for a long while, and it's now being filled quite well.

His right hand drops down while I blow him reaching behind unhooking bra. I feel it loosen before he takes the straps pulling it away. Then his right hand finds left breast caressing it gently. hard nipple rubs across his palm sending shivers up spine and making moan.

"This feels so good." He moans.

I feel nipple crush slightly between his fingers sending a shock of excitement through me crotch.

"Oohhh." I moan on his dick.

"You're going make finish soon doing pretty lady."

I look up him stroking him smiling, "I better stop then."

He kneels down between legs on the floor taking breasts his hands caressing them both while watching them move. It feels so nice especially when he gently pinches nipples between his fingers. Just when I think it can't get better I feel his mouth engulf left nipple sucking and nibbling while he rubs right breast.

"Oh God feels so good!" I moan feeling like a cat in heat.

He sucks for a while before turning his mouth right nipple. hips rock the chair the cushion under unconsciously. His hands eventually explore sides and belly all the way hips where his fingers slip under the waistband of panties slowly pulling them down. ass lifts allowing underwear slip over as he pulls them the floor and off before it returns sitting right on the edge of the cusion. He kneels watching as he runs his hands up the insides of legs from ankles thighs giving goose bumps all over. As his fingers near crotch legs part on their own giving him full access crotch.

I look down as he watches bared pussy front of him, and I feel his fingers tracing labia making hips rock need. When his touch caresses clitoris body jumps response.

"OOOHHHHH!" I moan.

Then he traces down slipping through vaginal opening making hips rock return.

"God yesss." I hiss.

I hear how wet I am as his finger slips in and of . I lay back closing eyes; loving every second. The next thing I feel is his lips engulfing right nipple while his fingers fuck , and it's way more than I could have expected or done by myself pleasure wise.

"OH FUCK YEAH! I moan arching my back in delight.

After a couple of minutes his fingers pull away and grab my left breast just as I feel the tip of his dick pressing against my crotch parting my labia vaginal opening. I look down him feeling senses returning for a second, but still so ready.

"You need put on a connnnndaaaaHHHHHHHH!" I moan pleasure as his cock pushes .

It slides deep opening pussy more than it ever been, and hitting places haven't been hit since ex. He slowly begins fuck as he lifts his head from nipple looking .

"What was ?"

"Never.. ohhh... mind... Jussst... Pull ." I moan as his cock picks up speed.

He wraps his arms around waist holding tight while his hips make use of every inch of his cock. I don't even last five minutes before I begin quivering in sheer ecstacy.

"OH GOD I'M COMING!!!!!" I moan loud as the wave shudder through .

I feel vaginal walls clenching his hard dick as it slides in and harder. He squeezes tighter while hips rock against him. He quickly holds tight grinding his dick deep. legs wide open around his waist entwined in our naked glory. His lips wrap around left nipple as I hear muffled grunts coming from him, but I can only focus on pleasure.

For a few beautiful minutes I ride the waves until they disappear. I lay back panting feeling his cock occasionally throb inside of . He lets go of waist rising up looking the eyes smiling. Then another throb makes his hips push against as his body tenses.

"You didn't, did you?" I ask.


"Damn it. I asked you pull ."

"I was too into it. It's not going to be a problem is it?"

He throbs again.

"Maybe in nine months if you keep adding more."

He grinds into for a few seconds before pulling . Sitting back he stares crotch.

"'s such a pretty sight."

"Pretty messy." I .

He gets up pulling up his pants staring the entire time before speaking. "I'm going go then. This was a dream come true. I haven't had anything in a long time as far as sex. Thank you. Please keep standing in the window. I'll be watching now."

I stand up with legs still shaking from orgasm following him the door closing it behind him. Then I stand in the window watching him walk home, and feeling his running down legs. Once he's of view I go clean up. I sit on the toilet pushing as much of his . It never seems end as it drips into the water.

"I guess it has been a while for him." I think. "I just hope it comes liquid now instead of solid in a few months."
An Update from a Closet Slut
Posted:Nov 12, 2019 6:20 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2020 11:12 pm
Hello again all you wonderful and crazy sexy fiends. I hope you've all been well? I've been my usual busy self, and unfortunately even more than normal for a few weeks. It looks like it's all coming to an end though. I'm happy, and yet sad.

First things first... At work things have been shaken to the core once again for my team and others. Another "restructuring" has gone through. Many were let go, and a few moved around. A couple from my team were let go. Well my team was full for a month, then halved, and now the training begins again for three more. I was passed up for this "promotion" thank God. It also sounds like one of the new people are going to be on every Saturday so I don't have to work them all. That sucks for my wallet, but a welcome piece of information.

At home not much has changed. I'm still taking care of my family, and now helping with my sister's when needed. That's been a hassle when I have to be taxi driver, and get my own stuff done. I still get up at six every morning during the week, and I still have to work every afternoon until late. So there's some routine to keep me somewhat sane.

In the bedroom... I wouldn't want to be responsible for boring you to death. The only action I'm getting is in my dreams, and it's not with my hubby there either. I guess dreams do reflect reality in that aspect. When he's in my dreams he usually the cause of the stress happening. But enough of my whining. I'm sure nobody wants to hear my problems since everyone has their own. So I'll just tell you about my last dream. Keep in mind it was just my emotions running high.

I was standing on my front porch wearing just my bra and underwear as cars were driving by bumper to bumper. They all just stare at me as they go by. I can't see who, but I know they're looking. I try to walk in, but there's ropes coming out of the concrete tying my ankles in place. When I reach behind me for the door handle it ends up being a very large black dick. I drop it, but it's stuck to my hand and it's crawling up my arm to my chest. I know where it's trying to go and I want it to go there, but my husband is standing behind the door watching me.

I turn looking at the road again as the black dick heads under my arm pit and down my side when my arms are grabbed and yanked straight out to the sides. I look side to side seeing two small garden gnome looking guys holding the ropes that are tied around my wrists. They reach over tearing my bra off slowing the traffic in front of me. I know they're working with the black dick somehow, and I'm afraid but yet so horny. My husband bangs on the door scolding me. I try to get loose, but I can't. Then they show me their big white dicks with cartoon like red heads seconds before I feel the black dick under my right breast moving to the middle.

They're dicks are poking back and forth like they're fucking the air toward me. Then they jump off landing on my feet. I can feel the hot slimy feel of them as they worm up my ankles. I struggle harder as my husband bangs on the door pissed at me. I can feel the dicks leaving a slime trail up my legs. When the dicks get above my knees the little gnomes rip off my underwear. The traffic is a parking lot with cars parking all over the place watching me. I feel the black dick tapping on my chin telling me that it's heading for my mouth.

I clench my jaw and purse my lips, but it just pushes right in all the way to my throat. It hits my throat just as the two dick begin to slither to my bottom end. One at each hole tickling as they rub making me moan. My husband slams the door behind me locking it. That's when I woke up. I wanted to feel them in me, but I didn't want the emotional confusion that went with it. I can still remember the way those dicks tickled my bottom end before starting to crawl inside.

I guess I am just another crazy old lady. I even tried having some "personal" time recently as well. I did finish, but it wasn't very relieving. I need a few days to do things right. That, or a good hard dick. I'm tossing around the idea of just meeting one person to see how things go. I don't know how or who it would be, or even when for that matter maybe around New Years? I would probably be able to go out that night without too many questions. Any suggestions? Maybe you can tell me what we'd do if we met too?

So I'll end this long winded blog by saying that I love chatting, and I love the comments on my pictures. Only a few have guessed which ones are me so far, and nobody has guessed them all. So to really make things interesting I'm doing something I really shouldn't, but fuck it. Somewhere in the attached captions is my phone number. All ten digits. If you call I won't answer, but if you text you'll get a reply. I pay per text so make it worth my while. Now keep in mind I may not answer right away because, well, I have shit to do, but when I reply we can chat for a bit usually. So strap on your bifocals, and warm up your brains. Let's see who can figure out my dumb puzzle.

Maybe to for an incentive I'll give something as an award to the first one that figures it out. I don't know what though. Maybe a pair of my dirty underwear since I get asked for those a lot? I'm putting myself out there doing this so please don't make me regret it. So I best be going. I hope you all stay happy and healthy, and don't let this cold snowy weather get you down. I know it sucks, but then I suck, and I don't think I'm that bad. I look forward hearing your replies, and good luck working out my puzzle. Until the next time. Later.

The autumn wind is blowing
Posted:Oct 17, 2019 6:59 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 7:01 am
And it's bringing the cool wonderful temps. The air is getting crisp, and the skies are turning gray. I guess 's why I've been a weird mood lately? I've been normal horny self, but emotions are flip flopping between wanting it hard and rough soft and sensual. Right now I look see only people voted on last poll and nobody has commented on last blog entry, and I feel let down. Which is weird because I'm not here for confirmation. I know I don't need some stranger on the internet tell what they would do . I guess I just like hear it though. When you I'm most always ready go; I suppose the comments tell me I'm still wanted some strange way.

I'm hoping it's just stress, and I'm not going totally insane. I'll never know unless someone tells me when I've gone over the deep end. So if you see me there running around buck naked screaming for attention just calmly take somewhere private please.

This time of year is favorite. The fall harvest time is here with cool weather, warm cider, and usually a few weeks off head the cabin. It sounds like those weeks are going have be postponed though since work is still backed up. I was planning on having a week off in the beginning of November, but it sounds like 's going be cancelled on . happens way more than I want, but it's part of the job. Right now it's still on, but I'm not going hold breath.

My dreams are getting crazier too. Just last night I dreamt I was walking through the woods, and someone was following me. I was cold and there was a bonfire ahead of me, and as I neared the fire I realized I was naked. The fire felt good as I stood facing it. Then tall dark men began to walk from behind the flames on both sides of me. All I could fixate on was their huge thick penises. I woke up just as their hands grabbed upper arms lifting off feet.

I have no idea what it means. I think I'm just losing mind. Lol. Have yourselves a safe and prosperous life, and be happy. I'll blog again soon. Later.

Which Shirt is Sexiest?
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 6:59 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2019 10:09 pm

I tend think most men prefer their women to dress as sexy as they can, and a lot of us girls like to dress sexy as well. My questions are... What is considered sexy versus showy? Can it be both, or is there some invisible line separating the two? Given the choice I prefer something that will tease showing just enough skin without giving away any secrets like a plunging neckline which will show just enough cleavage like the second option.
Sexy yet conservative
Sexy and teasing
Showy but sexy
Showing most all
Other ( add comment)
2 Comments , 36 votes
October Already
Posted:Oct 8, 2019 9:17 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2019 2:23 pm
Here we are in October already. It's almost Halloween, and I'm still working way too much. I don't have anything new to report, and I haven't been as naughty as I wish I was. The best I've been able to do is dress in a rather inappropriate manner. As in I wore a skirt that was rather loose flowing, and blouse that had a questionably deep neckline, and I left my bra and underwear in my dresser drawer. Someday someone will recognize me, and take me like I've always dreamt. Until then I guess I'll just keep hoping.

Not much has changed at home either. My husband is still on the fence about letting me have fun without him. I don't want to push the issue, and then have him revert back to just arguing about it. So I'll bide my time until he's finally ready. We've been too busy to think much about that stuff anyway.

My naughty dreams are still happening on a regular basis. Not everyday, but at least twice per week. My last on was me driving along. It was the middle of the day, and I was buck naked. My hands were tied to the steering wheel, and my body was tied to the seat in a way that my breasts were tied as well. The car wouldn't go very fast, and I had to drive through the downtown traffic.

I was so wet and turned on when I woke up as I approached the long lines of cars moving slow. I felt the fear, the exhilaration, the sexual tension deep inside of me knowing that I'm so turned on, and hoping that I'll be ravaged somehow.

Before that I dreamt the I was alone in a boat in the middle of the lake. It was a small row boat, but the oars were gone leaving me stranded. Nobody was around to help until another large boat pulls alongside me. A rope flies through the air to me wrapping all the way around me. As I struggle to untangle myself the boat pulls away. I shout out for them to stop, but in seconds the rope get taut, and my clothes go flying off leaving me naked. I look around to see hundreds of boats all around me, and I can feel the eyes on me.

I remember feeling afraid and turned on at the same time. I woke up in another wet spot. I'm getting used to those. Lol. Even after the last time my husband and I had sex I woke up in a horny puddle. I hope when I hit menopause this calms down. I'm really tired of my body reacting to everything, and over reacting to nothing.

Well, enough of my whining. I hope you all aren't too bored with my latest installment here. Sorry if you are. Aside from the naughty things in my mind I'm not much fun. Lol. Until the next time stay safe, and be happy. Later.

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August is almost done.
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 8:01 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2019 10:09 pm
It's hard to believe summer is just about over. I've been so damned busy I haven't had a chance to really get out to enjoy it. I went camping once , and only had one fire at home to sit . I've been so busy working and being wife and mommy I haven't had a chance to be the slut I wished I could be. I haven't even been on here as much as I wished I could. I miss the sexy chats, and meeting new people. I'm hoping this ends soon, and I can spend a day on here to just chat with everyone is willing to get my juices flowing. Until day I'm left just hoping and dreaming.

Here's a little update for anyone cares. Stay safe and happy. Later.

My Vacation
Posted:Jul 29, 2019 9:10 am
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2019 10:07 am
Hello everybody! It was a great week away camping. The weather was great since it only sprinkled twice all week, and that was in the middle of the night. We cooked over the fire all week giving the food that little extra flavor. It was quiet and peaceful for the most part. Being in a state park you always have a few that need to be asshats.

On Monday night we went for dinner. Just the two of us. When we got back we sat by the fire just enjoying one another's company. At bed time he gave me the greatest back rub, and I mean the best with the best kind of ending.

He slowly lifted my shirt up off me to rub my entire back. I was so relaxed. Eventually he pulled my underwear down to rub the small of my back and butt cheeks. I bent into a more fetal position on my left side, and I never even felt him get undressed. I just felt him slip into my eager puss.

He slowly rubbed and fucked me making me orgasm fast. It had been so long that I forgot how great it feels. We quickly moved into the missionary position where he massaged and sucked my breasts while slowly moving in and . I have to admit that I was soaking wet from excitement and orgasm. He used every inch of his dick to fuck me, and I came two more times. Little ones, but still orgasms.

He was so methodical, and exacting. He worked me so slow and good that by the time he was massaging my breasts hard it felt like heaven. He bit and sucked adding so much to my pleasure. He looked me right in the eye just as he pushed deep into me filling my vagina with his sperm. It felt like it wouldn't end as he filled me so full. It made me shake with orgasm one last time as a really strong one me.

He keeps his cock buried deep until I finished the main part of my orgasm, and then he kissed me before pulling . He even wiped me off the best he could before handing me a tissue. I needed a few to clean the load leaking from me though. It was still leaking the next morning. I fell asleep, and slept good that night.

The only other fun we had was when I gave him a quick blow in the screen tent when I got horny reading a sexy chapter in a book. I got horny, and he was just reading. So I snuck to my knees, crawled under his arms, unzipped his shorts while he was asking what I was doing, and then I went to work. People were walking by, but I doubt anyone seen anything. I'm sure he would have stopped me if they had. Instead he let me do as I wanted, and I sucked him to the end savoring every last inch and drop.

Needless to say it was a great week that ended way too fast. Now it's back to the grind, and getting things back in order at home and work. I hope all of you have a great week also. I hope you all stay safe, and happy. Later.


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