a trip to FL and some random thoughts  

dadbodd46 47M  
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1/25/2022 3:48 pm
a trip to FL and some random thoughts

I have a<b> trip </font></b>coming up to FL and have been search/browsing to see if someone is looking for some NSA company... kind of curious how many people on here are real... how many are just looking.
Going through the search results, is it odd that some people's stated goal is to find a fulfilling long term relationship with the love of their life?...
Sometimes "just looking" fills the need for something a exciting without jumping into the deep end of the pool.
I've had times in my life where the anticipation and the fantasy of it was so much better than the real thing. I wonder if hooking up like this is the same thing.

I would be most interested to hear any of your stories...



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