Fantasy))Smooth sailing  

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2/13/2022 5:22 pm
Fantasy))Smooth sailing

The weeks flew by as i was slowly becoming Shawna's Sissy. she made me want to shave my body smooth and soft like hers, I let her pluck my eyebrows, and give me estrogen suppositories, I was in love with the whole situation and was slowly turning into a gurl.
I noticed my nipples where very sensitive, and Shawna loved that, she rubbed creams and lotions on my<b> chest </font></b>and peenie twice a day, pills every morning and a suppository every night, plus once a week a shot in the tushy. I don't know what all I was taking but I just wanted to make her happy. slowly she transitioned me into feminine clothing, first she bought be some brief type of silk underwear, then skinny jeans.
In the bedroom, i was very much the submissive to Shawna, she even would peg me once a week or more some weeks. she was slowly increasing the size of her dildo's and was talking to me about a cage and a plug, i am a afraid, i can see the changes in my body, I look more feminine than masculine at this point. this is it, i know I am not a man anymore. I catch myself now looking at men's crotches now when we go out.
Its Valentine's Day, and Shawna has a present for me, it's a pink cage, and a big black plug. with a black spade jewel on it. I haven't been able to get a hard on in a few weeks so i don't care about the cage anymore. but the plug, i sort of knew the whole bbc reference, but She just laughed it off.

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