My Second Act
Welcome to my blog! Definitely better than my first Act!! You'll find my plot points, some some good lines, and so-so acting in this Second Act! Hopefully it's worth the admission ticket!! Thanks for stopping by!
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Summer's Solstice In A Tourmaline Sky
Posted:Jun 21, 2021 2:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2021 9:33 am

Outside, 's almost midnight
Looking up in the night
Stoking Campfire's flame
Watching as stars peep
One by one
In the tourmaline
Shyly shedding their former life
Hiding places revealed
Secret thoughts exposed
Vulnerable, just for the night

I can't help but wonder....
Do you see them too?

Shamelessly I breathe in the smoke tinged air
follows me
Grey mist feathers surround
Like the clouds
swallows me

I'm relishing this meditation
The silent 'Ohm"
Of sense meeting sense touching sense

I write

I can't help but think...
It compels you too?

Traveling a different time
Imagining a different choice
Wondering a different way...

Summer's solstice is near
My favorite time of year
When I enjoy the fruits of time's labor
And linger in the longest sun
Shining on my face
Refreshing , remembering
Summers past and place
When I wasn't this old --

The jumps in the lake
The lily pad fronds...
The beer and beach parties
The wild throngs
The ski boats and skinny dipping
kissing in the night waters
Fluid flesh on flesh --

Reminding me that this time
This present is all we have to be living,
the switch from Summer to November's cold
Is swift and oft times unforgiving.

Breaking and Entering - A Bit of Erotica: Epilogue
Posted:Jun 17, 2021 11:39 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2021 7:17 am
The Domme broke the silence we shared by saying, “That was so fucking ! I’ve never watched before.” He then pulled out of me and rolled over my side, limp but satisfied.

“So, Will, you got what you wanted? We done here? “she said all businesslike.

He propped himself on his elbow and said, “Yeah honey, this was great! Thanks for doing this for me!”

“Happy Birthday, darling Will!” she said as she helped him sit up and kissed him.

“Birthday? Wha…?!”

"Yeah, it’s Will’s birthday today. I wanted to give him a nice gift, but couldn’t afford a lot with the move and all. He said that was okay, all he wanted was a threesome. His fantasy gift."

“You were his birthday present. The icing on the cake!"

"WHATTT?!” I said emphatically enunciating the “T”.

She went on, getting dressed as she talked. “He said that it would be sweet with you and me, and I knew you wouldn’t agree to it if I asked you outright, so we planned out this scenario to make it happen for him.”

The loving feeling, the afterglow, the flush in my face that I had just experienced cooled quickly.

“Yeah, honey, that Domme thing? That was over the top cool!! You were amazing!” He reached over the bed for another kiss from her.

“And, really, so were you! You made my day!!” he said as he leaned over to kiss me.

I backed away and stared him down. I needed a moment to process this new information.

Honestly, at that point, I didn’t know whether to kiss him or him.

I had admit she was right: I would not have agreed a threesome if she asked me outright.

Question is: would I do again???
Would you?
Breaking and Entering: A Bit of Erotica: Part V The “Finishing Touch”
Posted:Jun 13, 2021 7:28 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2021 8:37 am

She motioned for me to come over to her. “Here. Hold this while I suck his balls”, she whispered. With that, she handed him over to me while she lowered herself down to engulf his balls. With her hands on both his thighs, she held him firmly while she licked and tickled him and closed her mouth around him. He arched his back and moaned, “Oh my Gawd! Holy Fuck! “

I watched and stroked him a little, but I admit, I got distracted. I was fascinated by all of this. I was young, young enough to have never played with a dick so much before [most experiences up to that point were of the ‘wham, bam” variety] and certainly never a threesome!

Yet here we were.

She stopped for a moment. “Let’s move this party to the bedroom”. Having the take-charge personality that she does, she became The Dom in the situation. Actually, it was more “teacher/student”; nah, more “master/apprentice”. We stripped our clothes off and got on the bed.

He laid on the bed, his dick ready and glistening. “You want some of this, Lil Grasshopper?” she said holding his member.

‘I have never given someone a blow job before” I said in a quiet voice. “It’s okay, just think of it as a luscious ice cream cone”. With that she straddled his face and braced herself with the headboard.

With him occupied, and the sounds of both their moanings and slurping, I knelt beside him and bent over him. I held his cock and began to lick. “Ice cream cone”, I thought to myself. So I started at the base and licked him like he was a triple scoop of rich soft chocolate. I did this a few times, working my way around his cock. I could taste his precum and began to play with the tip, flicking my tongue on the top of it, and around the head. I was totally enjoying this, as he enjoyed her and her moans and movement indicated that she was enjoying it too. As things intensified, it was then that I took him in my mouth. I held him firmly as I slowly brought him into my mouth, slowly sucking and teasing him. I took my time; I didn’t want to gag first time out. I thought it uncouth to do so. I sucked long and hard ever so slowly at first. He paused what he was doing to let out a full guttural moan.

“Feels. Soooo. Damn. Good.”

She then got off his face. She signaled to me to stop -Damn, just as I was getting a nice rhythm going, too! She then mounted him backwards and rode him while I watched; as one does learn by observation!! She rocked to and fro, with him watching and touching her ass. While she continued to straddle him, I went for his lips. I wanted more of the kiss I had enjoyed earlier. I tasted her on his mouth, but I didn’t care. I was into it now. His kiss was delightful, and I loved to hear him moan with each movement.

Just as things were reaching a fever pitch, she abruptly stopped. “No!” she said loudly as she got off him. “You came here to see her! Right?! Why? Why did you come here?” she demanded. He meekly mumbled an answer, reeling from the quick change of direction. “You want her? You want her more than me?!! FOOL! Then do it! Do her! NOW!!” She got off the bed and strutted around it. She was definitely feeling her Dom oats!!

“I’m serious! This is what you came here for?! This is what you wanted?! Then do it!” she shouted. I figured if she’d had a riding crop she would have used it right then.

At this point, I think he was aching a bit. The waiting; the stopping and starting was beginning to get to him. He looked at me almost apologetically, and mouthed the words, ‘You okay?” I nodded my consent as I laid on the bed.

We picked up where we left off before the knock on the door. This time I was more than ready for him. He was on top of me ready to enter my willing pussy. He watched me as he entered in. I didn’t moan this time, but I looked at him with eyes that said “it’s okay…I want it.”

She pulled up my vanity chair, sat down with legs crossed and watched, saying nothing. He entered me slowly and deeply as if testing the waters to see how I would respond. I closed my eyes and held on to his arms as he thrust inside me. He leaned down to kiss me, my mouth longing to meet his. We soon forgot about her watching. It was an amazing moment in time; our movements were becoming rhythmically synchronous, both of us matching thrust for thrust. He stopped and rolled to the side so I could have my turn on top. At this, my bestie/The Dom leaned in. She whispered something in his ear that I couldn’t quite make out. He nodded to her as I straddled him and gently guided him back in to me. I stayed that way for a moment, not doing anything, just feeling the fullness of him inside me. I then grabbed the headboard like I saw her do earlier. My clit met his pelvis, it was electric. I instinctively wiggled and rocked my hips. My boobs waddled and swayed, my nipples grazing his mouth; he went crazily for them, grabbing and sucking hungrily on them as my hips moved up and down. It was such a full and sensuous feeling for me! I felt so sexy and empowered and, well…beautiful, really. It felt incredible! I wanted more! I wanted the moment to last forever! I looked intensely in his eyes and said, “Fill me, give me all you got!” At that he grabbed my hips and rolled back over. He was thrusting hard and deep, still holding my hips. I gasped and lifted my legs to put them on either side of his neck. He grabbed my legs and growled as he held them. His orgasm came fast, his release filled me as he hugged, kissed and bit my legs. I was arching my back, completely lost in the moment. Feeling his warmth filling me as he convulsed, my eyes looked at him softly as he lay on top of me. Once calmed and sated, he started to pull out of me. I whispered, “No…Stay.” He gently brushed my cheek and kissed me with his perfect kiss.

It was the finishing touch that I needed.

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Breaking and Entering: A Bit of Erotica Part IV
Posted:Jun 8, 2021 8:42 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 9:54 am

My eyes got wide.
He stopped mid-thrust.

“Did you hear that?”

“Shhh!” He said.

We were frozen like two postcoital oppossums, staring and listening.

“Hey! Are you in there? Your car’s here so I know you are.”

It was the bestie.

I had some choices at this point:
I could:

a. Ignore the knocking till she goes away. Tell her later I was sleeping. [would involve lots of yawning]

b. Scream out “help me, help me!” Causing a big scene; with him having a lot of explaining to do; or possibly getting lead out in cuffs, charged with assault. [Not a bad thought, but Nah, I didn’t want that kind of drama]

c. Hide him, in my bedroom closet and answer the door, act like I just woke up from a nap. Tempting, but how long would she stay there? [She’d eventually hear him thumping around, I’m sure]

d. Get him out by way of the back patio door and answer the front door like nothing happened. [This was my Plan B]

e. Or answer the door with him there, and have him explain why his pants were down around his knees and his flagpole waving. [Think ‘Honesty is always the best policy’, and truly, the truth is so much stranger than fiction]

Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

Knowing that my bestie has an uncanny knack for intuiting the truth of a matter whatever the circumstance, I opted for E.

I opened the door as he was adjusting himself and zipping up in the living room.
“Hey, Hi! Look who’s here!” I said like it was normal that he would be over at my place without her.

“Hey” her tentative reply. I said nothing, but followed her eyes as they looked at me, then him, then trailed down to the still hard bulge in his pants.

She knew what happened, she knew!

“Wow! What have you two been talking about?” she asked as she went over and rubbed her body against his and reached up to steal a “hello” kiss from him. “Must’ve been some kind of conversation to get this kind of rise from him!” she said as her hand reached down and grabbed him by the balls. He and I both jumped a bit.

“Told ya he’s a good communicator, didn’t I? You just have to warm up to him. and by the looks of things, you did!”

“I, I, I can explain”, he stammered. “It was her! She started it!” pointing his finger at me. I stood there like a good little opossum with my mouth hanging open.

“Well, maybe I can be the one who finishes it!’ With that, she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants pulling them down around his knees. I stood there, completely transfixed by the scene.

He stood there, frozen, as she made her way down to his member and began sucking him.

At that point, his legs buckled a bit. He used the fireplace mantle to steady himself. His eyes rolled back in his head, as he began stroking her hair.

I shook myself awake to the fact that I now had live porn in my living room!

Should I go make some popcorn??!!

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Breaking and Entering: A bit of Erotica, Part III
Posted:Jun 2, 2021 9:29 am
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2021 12:23 am

My body betrayed my words.

As I pulled my panties down, I surprised myself at seeing my own wetness as my panties trailed down my legs.

For a brief moment, he stood there watching me. I laid on the edge of the bed, my eyes daring him.

“C’mon, you’re not going to just lie there, are you?”

“This is what you want, isn’t it? Come and get it.”

“But I want you to enjoy it too” he countered, sauntering in my direction. His hard, fully erect cock getting menacingly close.

At that point I envisioned some scissor kick move I could employ once he came in to mount me. Like Onatop in 007’s Golden Eye, I could squeeze him unconscious with my strong dancer legs!

Instead he lay on top of me, his arms on either side of me supporting his lithe, muscular body; his cock poised on top of my shut-so-tight-together-can’t-pry-them-open-with-a-crowbar legs. Instinctively, and once again, my body had plans that my brain did not…my legs miraculously parted making way for him to enter in. He started by teasing my pussy with his cock as he moved it sensuously around my lips, his hips rotating slowly. He smiled as he felt my wetness and he entered in, playfully, just the tip. A quiet moan escaped my lips as I closed my eyes.

I didn’t want to enjoy it; I really didn’t…

But those damn hip movements, and his fuckingly hot cock just got to me. I bent one leg in anticipation of wrapping it around his waist as he eased himself in to me. I couldn’t believe how ready I was for him! He went in to me all the way, and started pumping, our eyes locked on one another.

“Ohhh, this is just how I imagined it to be. You feel glorious”.

I said nothing. I didn’t want him to know that I thought he felt glorious too. I thought about how ridiculous I felt; how this should not be happening; how I really just wanted it over with [did, i?? Really?]; how do I keep this from bestie?

As his movements continued, I heard a knock at the door…

Breaking and Entering: A bit of Erotica, Part II
Posted:May 28, 2021 8:40 am
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2021 12:20 am
His work boot stopped my attempt at slamming the door shut. Now with half his body inside the room, he easily shoved the door open and pinned me against the wall with his body. I could really feel his hardness now, I instinctively put my leg up, my thigh in between his legs so that my pussy wouldn’t feel it. His chest with his full weight behind it was holding me still, his eyes burning into mine.

He whispered, “I so want to kiss you now. Can I?”

With that he leaned in to me. I tried to avert his straight on kiss by defiantly turning my head to and fro, so he went for my neck first. I paused from the shock of it, and with that opening he went for my lips. His kiss was surprisingly good; full of passion, his lips soft. I was caught off guard by that. We stayed that way for a moment’s time, as his hands moved towards my sides and met my hands where our fingers interlaced. He released his body slam pin hold on me against the wall but for his hands which were still holding both of mine.

“Are you ready to be a good girl now, and feel my cock?” He said as I tried to wriggle free from his grasp.

“Yeah, no, not gonna happen” I said as he pulled my arms down and sat me on my bed so that his crotch was in my face.

“I want you rub it, to feel how much I want you.”

His crotch filled my purview. I was struggling to break free of his grasp. He was strong; he held my hands fast and firm and brought one arm up to have my hand brush against him. At that I struggled to pull away and broke free from him.

“Why don’t you want me? Why?” he pleaded. “I seriously get this hard on every time I think of you!” he said as I stood up and went to the other side of the bed.

“Then don’t think of me. I really think you need to go now.” I said, pointing at the door.

“I really can’t help it. I need you! I really must have you! C’mon! Please feel me!” with that he unzipped his pants and set his manhood free. Determined, he said, “ I don't want to force you, but I’m not leaving until you have some of this.”

I thought I was in a bad dream.

Well, a kind of sexy bad dream: a virtual stranger knocks on my door, ends up in my bedroom with his dick hanging out? I’ve had the fantasy of stranger sex, or even of an intruder coming in and overpowering me with his strength, tying me up and having his way with me, but this?! This cannot be happening!

But it was, he was and he wasn’t going go away until he got what he wanted.

I knew . He knew .

“So you want this?! Fine!” With that I stripped off my jeans and panties. I shocked him for a change.

“If this will get you out of here and out of my life…, here I am.” I surrendered the situation. I figured I would be the “dead fish ”, wooden, immovable while he “did his thing”.

That was not the case, however.

Breaking and Entering: A bit of erotica*
Posted:May 24, 2021 8:58 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2021 10:46 am
*Based on a true story

She manages to find all the “ills” in life. Two Bills, a Will, and two Phils have all been in and out of her life at one time or another, with only one remaining a lifelong friend. [I, on the other hand, preferred to scratch an ‘itch’…I had met a Rich, and a Mitch! ]

She wanted me to meet Will. She had just begun dating him and had talked him up to me. “I think you’ll like him”, she said as we drove in to the apartment complex and parked in her space. It was her first place she moved to when she decided it was time to leave her marriage. I had a place in the complex as well. It was my first place ever. Living alone was a scary prospect at first, but I came to love living by myself. My time was my own; my things were my own. I bought the living room set brand new – a dark blue sectional with glass coffee and end tables with a beautiful celadon green ceramic lamp, and the” trendy flamingo print hanging above brought it all together. Decorating and owning it all myself was so liberating! It was a smallish one bedroom, perfect for just starting out. I loved the living room with the sliding glass door that opened to a cute patio and rolling greenery making it easy to walk to the nearby buildings. I had a friend that lived above me in Building J and my bestie in Building B. so I felt pretty safe and secure.

Will had stopped by her place on the way home from work. He was an electrician working on new homes going up in the area. He didn’t seem her “type”, really, if she had a type. She chattered away, joking with me as Will quietly observed us both. She was far more impressed with him than I was. I had made up my mind that he was a bit “nondescript”. “He’s not much of a talker, is he?” I asked loudly within earshot of him. “Maybe not, but he communicates well enough”, she said suggestively as she winked at me, while he watched us out of the corner of his eye. He barely acknowledged my coming or going, in fact he barely said anything. Granted, sometimes it can be hard to get a word in edgewise with the two of us, but he was…like I said, nondescript.

I excused myself at that point, saying something about needing to get my mail, and walked back to my apartment to leave them some privacy at her place.

A few days later while I was in my bedroom, I heard a strange knock at the door. After the second knock I realized it wasn’t at the front door at all, it was at the sliding glass door. I drew back the curtain enough and jumped when I saw a man there.

It was Will. He was alone.

“What’s up? What are you doing here? Where’s my bestie? Is she okay?” I queried as I opened the door a crack, as only the stick in the slider would allow.
“She’s fine, I think. She’s not home from work yet.”

I removed the stick from the slider tract and opened the door. He came in to the living room as I circled the coffee table and sat down on the sofa. “I thought I’d come visit you. We didn’t get a chance to talk much the other day, and I wanted to get to know you.” He stayed standing, gently running his fingers along the fireplace mantle.

This time I was able to observe him as he talked. He was dressed in work clothes; a worn and faded golden hued t-shirt that clung snugly around his chest and arms and then hung a tad looser around his waist as it met his light colored carpenter’s pants, the kind with lots of pockets and a loop to hang a hammer on. His sandy hair was tumbled and his pale blue eyes seemed to hint at something.

“Besides I wanted to talk to you about something”.

“What about?”

“I was wondering if you could help me out with something.”

“Okay. What’s up?”

“This.” He pointed to his pelvis now sporting a rock hard penis yearning to be free. “Ever since I met you, I can’t stop thinking about you!”

Nervous, I stood up and started laughing a little bit. “Dude??! C’mon, really?! You’ve got to be kidding me!!”

“I want you. The moment I met you, I wanted you. I have been craving you.”

“OMG! No you don’t! You don’t want me, you want her! You don’t even know me! You barely talked to me when we met!”

“Don’t want her. Want you.” The look in his eyes confirmed his words.
So did the big bulge in his pants.

“I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you, I was speechless. I’ve never been like this”, he said with a flourish of his arms that directed my gaze to his pelvis.

I laughed again. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I repeated.

I started to move around the coffee table and into the dining room. Not a far walk, but away from him and his bulge. He traced my steps and what followed was a dance around the dining room table; with me backing around it and him moving toward me pleading his case. After a couple laps around the table, I went to the first available door and tried to shut it.

It was the bedroom.

May 18th – Do you know where you were on this date?
Posted:May 18, 2021 10:39 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2021 9:22 am

It’s a big day of remembrance in our neck of the woods.

Like remembering Neil Armstrong’s first steps, or the deafening silence in the air on 9/.

May 18, 1980, the day Mt. St. Helens erupted scarring the land some 230 miles or so. We lost 57 lives, notably geologists, photographers, campers and a cantankerous old man willing to fight to let the mountain take him. Beautiful campgrounds and hiking trails, fishing lakes and areas surrounding the mountain were forever changed.

It was like a death of a memory.

I remember my friend who grew up near the area in the larger town of Kelso , which shares a border with the county seat in Longview. She loved growing up in that town and invited me one year to go on “The Loop” with her. The Loop, though it sounds like a bike/hiking trail was actually an annual Labor Day Weekend festivity that the locals did where they bar hopped caravan-style from town to town all night making a loop from Longview to Kelso to Castle Rock to Toutle to Cougar and back to Kelso/Longview area. It was 1978, I had just turned 21. All I remember was old bars with worn wood floors, a nameless faceless manfriend of hers who looked after me as I twirled around the old fashioned cast iron street lamps in one town and tried to do cartwheels with no hands in another. [Not recommended!]

I believe some of those little towns were hit hard by the mud flows that followed the eruption.

I lived in Portland at the time. We didn’t get the ash fallout that cities north and east of that mountain did. That Sunday, my bestie and I were trying to follow the sun and were heading to Central-ish Oregon to Kah-nee-ta Warm Springs resort. [Ha! Another memory gone, I’m told] Actually it’s near another mountain in our area, Mt. Hood. I remember looking to the north and seeing the voluminous ash cloud blanketing that part of the sky. We put toilet paper around the air filter in the car as ash fell like small snowflakes around our house. As we drove, I thought immediately of crusty ol’ Harry Truman, the iconic man on the mountain that the press and forest rangers had strenuously warned to evacuate. My heart ached. The radio played tributes to him. For once, my friend and I drove in silence, letting the radio fill the void of sound.

Do you remember where you were that day?
HNW - Favorites
Posted:May 12, 2021 10:13 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2022 8:35 am
Hmmm, this is my first time posting for HNW. I wanted to do it when the theme was "Bubbles" a couple of weeks ago, but my hot tub date fell through that week. Since the theme is "Favorite that has been used before", I decided to pull from my "Bedroom Pics' album. But, alas, I couldn't decide between a couple of them, so thought I'd post 'em both. What do you think? Which one should be a favorite?

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Episode XII: Another Hot Tub Adventure-Shock the Monkey!
Posted:Apr 23, 2021 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2021 10:20 am

Mr. ICU – what an adventurous lover he was!

About a month after our first outing we met again at the tubs. I was more relaxed now, and the session was slated for longer than an hour. He wasted no time however. The minute the door was closed, he was on me, kissing my neck and helping me out of what I was wearing. I did the same for him. I loved undressing him, like my own life-size Ken doll, [only with the dick included] lol.

After he had a warmup snack, he got up and said, “Oh, I have something for you!” I sat up on my elbows and watched as he reached into his bag. “I’ve never tried this before, but see if you like it!”

After covering my breasts with kisses, He then covered one of my nipples with…

an electrode [?!]

“What the hell!?!”, I exclaimed. “What are you doing to me???”
He said, “I’ve been wanting to try this on you. Hold still, while I get the other one.” He attached another electrode to my other breast.

“Okay, now hold on!”
He turned the motor on and my boobs contracted. My nipples perked right up.
“Can you feel it?!”

I moaned and giggled, “Ummm hmmm….”

“I can turn it up, if you’d like.”
“Yes, please”. I squirmed as my nipples grew harder.

The hubs had a tens unit to help heal his foot after surgery. I’ve had that kind of a unit on my neck before at the chiropractor’s office. The tensing and releasing of the muscles makes the neck easier to adjust. It’s a strange sensation to get used to, but once you do, it is relaxing and it works to make the adjustment easier.

It was working quite well that day too! He left them there while he devoted attention to my pussy. It was glorious! It was like having a threesome with just the two of us! Lol!

He then said, “Wait! I want to try something.” He gingerly removed the electrodes and while he fidgeted with the motor control, I held one in each hand. Curious by nature, I decided to put the two electrodes together.

Bad idea.

Really bad idea!

I shocked myself. Sparks flew and I flew back on the cot/bed/slats. I threw them away from me.

“Holy Shit!” I exclaimed as I recovered. He said, “No, no, no don’t do that! Are you okay?” He took them out of my hands and said, “here, lay down. Spread your legs a bit.”

“oh no, no, no, you’re not doing that!” I said as I sat up again.
“No, really, It’ll be okay, I’ve got the level turned down real low.”

Since I have made the decision to follow this path wherever it leads, I have been feeling a lot like Jim Carrey in the movie, “Yes Man” where I say ‘yes” to pretty much everything lately. I laid back on the bed but kept gripping his one hand as he adjusted the levels with the other and attached them to my lips.

Yep. He did that.

Attached them to my lower lips.

Yep. Those ones.

I couldn’t feel it as much, but I think he could.

As fun as the experiment was, I’m thinking a bonafide couples’ vibrator would serve the purpose better. [To be honest, haven’t used one of those yet! I tend to like the real thing ] But I’d say, bring the electrodes…just in case!

What say you? Have you tried the couples’ vibrator?
What about the remote control ones?
What sex toy do you recommend?
Episode XI: The Hostess with the Mostest
Posted:Apr 20, 2021 9:12 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2021 6:26 am

He woke me up early on a Saturday.
“C’mon, I want to show you something”, he said as he pried the covers off me.

Uh oh, I thought. What’d I do with the checking account this time? I walked tentatively down the hall and sat at his computer, steeling myself for what was to come.

“See this profile? Read it and tell me what you think”. Puzzled, I saw a profile of a woman. She was about my age, very well put together with laughing eyes and a great smile.
“She and her husband host parties.
They have a hot tub. ”

“Parties? What kind of parties?”

“Adult parties. Play parties. Where you can meet people and, well…play! They have an awesome Halloween party”

“Okay. And how do you know? “
“Oh! Well, I’ve been to a party there. I didn’t do anything. I just went to see what they’re like.”

That’s like Bill Clinton’s first public lie: “I smoked but I didn’t inhale”…

I said a long, drawn out “Okaaaay…”
“I told her about you. I sent her your picture. I didn’t have any of your profile pics so I sent this one.”
It was me in the car, hair back, no makeup…not my finest moment.

“She wants to meet you”.
“She does? Well, next time we are heading down south, we can schedule time to do that.”
“Tomorrow. She and her husband want to meet you tomorrow. They’re fixing a lunch for us.”
I gulped.

When everything was starting to come to light last year, and the hubs made it clear that life as we had known it was over, we talked about the possibility of threesomes or foursomes, or swapping. In fact, we had started conversing with a couple of couples. “We’re just talking,” my hubs would say in an effort to assuage my fears. Part of the appeal was the opportunity to expand our social circle; finding folks to do things with. I mean, really, when we looked at the friends that we knew, it was kind of an either/or thing: where either I’d like the wife, but my hubs didn’t have much in common with her hubs…or vice versa. You ever run into that?

There was one couple we were slated to meet during the shutdown, but they cancelled. I think she got cold feet. I empathized with her. I was grateful; the dude seemed a tad aggressive.

“It’s okay, it’s just the two of them, I think. There’s the hot tub if you want. It’s just a meet and greet”.
“Are we talking swapping? Or just nekkid in the bubbles?”
“You control it. It would be up to you.”
“Holy shit, honey, I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet!” Up to this point, no one had seen me nekkid. Oh, except Mr. ICU. And the idea of watching my husband with someone else?? Me with someone else???
“Then you’ll just meet them. We’ll drive down and back tomorrow. It’ll be fun!”, he said, all bouncy and happy; like Tigger on a wonderfully, glorious day!

The next day I changed my outfit about four times. I carefully put on my makeup. I texted Mr. ICU and told him what was up. He was certainly game; he wanted to go with me to a party there.

“Maybe down the line, my friend. I don’t think I’m ready to share you yet,” I texted back.
I was beyond nervous. When I am nervous, I react usually one of two ways: I’m either very quiet or very talky. That day, I was both. I asked a million questions…we were practicing “honest” communication at that point. Like the drip, drip, drip of a faucet, truth will come out of his mouth…I just have to wait for it. It’s a two-hour drive to their place so, a lot of truth came out that day.

“So, how’d you meet this person?”
“Online, not Senior Sizzle, though. Another site I’m on.”
Ah yes, through my earlier investigative ventures, I had learned that my husband has been on several sites: Ashley Madison, Senior Sizzle, Senior Sizzle affiliate sites, Match, Our Time, etc.

“So tell me about first meeting her.”
“Well, she always likes a first meet before extending an invitation to her house parties. She screens everybody. Remember when I told you I went by myself to the fairgrounds down there to see a concert because my buddy didn’t get a hold of me soon enough?”
“uh huh”
“Well, I met with her for coffee and she invited me to go to the concert with her and her sister. That’s how I got to know her.”
“She actually hosts a group that meets monthly too. They meet at a restaurant for like two hours or so, then they head over to her place for the party. Not everyone participates. Some just go to her party to chat and party, but leave when the Play time starts.”
I asked again for clarification…” So, how many parties of hers have you been to?”
Drip. Drip. Drip.
“Three or Four”.
“And never participated?”
“Well, I did meet one gal. But I left before things got too crazy.”
[Bill Clinton’s 2nd public lie, “I did not have sex with that woman!”]
As the miles rolled away I learned that he left alright, with the gal. I also learned that the couple has a beach house with parties as well.
“Remember when I met up with you and Jackie at the Casino at the beach?”
“Yeah, you said you were riding the bike trail down there”
“Well, I did…but I also went to a party down there. I camped out in their backyard. Lots of folks did.”

Drip. Drip. Drip.
Finally, I asked, “Okay….Now, is there anything else you need to tell me before we get there? Anything? Anything at all?
Anything, I might need to know…”

“well, I guess you might want to know that I hooked up with her.”
“Who? The Hostess?”
Oh good Gawd Almighty!! I couldn’t help it, my eyes rolled.
Slapping my thigh, and then his arm I said drop-jawed, “Seriously, dude?!”
A few miles down the road I asked him how was it?
“It was fun. She’s into DP.”

I couldn’t ask too much more. [like, what's DP? Remember, I am "Alice in Fuckland"; lol.] By this time, we were rolling into their driveway. We got out of the car, I let my hair down and straightened my shirt. As we walked up the walkway, I couldn’t help noticing how “normal” everything looked. I don’t know what I was expecting, really…a decorative street lamp with a red light, maybe? The undulating sculpture that framed Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate? Nope, it was just a typical suburban house.

She answered the door and warmly bade us to come in. We said our hellos and the hubs and her exchanged light banter as we came into the dining room. Our Hostess was very warm and talkative. Her house, like mine, was chock full of stuff. She gave us a brief tour and made drinks for us as we sat at the dining table. She and the hubs talked; catching up like old friends.
The drip of the truth faucet was starting to run like a nose with hay fever in the Spring. I learned so much more between the two of them. All I could do was give the hubs “The Look” across the table. He just smiled, amused at my reactions. They shared more details about that concert and about what she does.

She and her hubs are quite active in the lifestyle and have been married 44 years, swinging for 43. She is the organizer for a monthly meetup group for her parties, and maintains a discreet Facebook page for swingers as well. As we moved to their patio, where there was lots of seating and the hot tub, she explained the reasoning for screening potential party-goers.
“We want this to be fun for everyone, not just an alternative hookup place for couples or affairs and NO DRAMA. So, I always make sure everyone is on the same page: if they are married, I ask if the spouse/partner knows what’s going on.”
“Huh,” I mused. ”So how’d you make the cut?” I asked the hubs. This whole time her hubs was there too. He was cordial but quiet, he didn’t join much in the conversation. He was limping, favoring his right foot. He started to warm up when I asked how they met; and how they got into the lifestyle.
The whole time I was picturing all of us in the tub, swapped up and decided….
Nah, I couldn’t do it. It’d be like two strangers paired up on a double date at the drive-in while the other couple, familiarly got it on in the back seat. Besides, I got the vibe that he wasn’t interested much either.

But they were gracious hosts. She is a strong, boisterous, convivial woman that you can tell warms a room or a party the minute she enters the scene. He is her stalwart strength; her anchor that watches everything and lets her be The Hostess with the Mostest.

After lunch they gave us a tour of their backyard, and even gave us some zucchini [but of course! ] to take home with us.
We said our thank you’s and goodbyes, promising to come again when things start opening up. As we headed home, I sighed and thought this truly was a wonderfully glorious, day.
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Episode X: The First Time Out at the Hot tubs
Posted:Feb 15, 2021 9:57 am
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2022 9:42 am

It was May, as I remember it. Finally, ready to take that leap, we planned to meet at the local hot tub rental where the were the hour. I was giggling and nervous. I recorded a brief note for the Milf & Gilf podcast [“Cover me! I’m goin’ in!] as I was driving there. I told my make-believe audience, “Gee, I hope I don’t do anything to embarrass myself, like have mascara dripping down my face, or come up out of the water with boogers out of my nose! So unsexy!”

Okay, just writing it is so unsexy!

I drove up to park where he greeted me with a kiss and warm embrace. The ‘suite’ at the hot tub rental was a private room with a wooden hot tub for two or four, double showers, a sauna and a ‘bed’ that’s really a wood slatted platform with a twin sheet covering a foam cushion on it. Certainly not the Ritz, but what does one do in a lockdown?

I brought some tiny bottles of whisky and vodka…hey, we were both nervous, and we quickly cracked the bottles open to take the edge off. The warmth of the liquid moving down inside helped to loosen me up to him moving quickly down my outsides. Mr. ICU got to work quickly. He kissed me hungrily as he lifted my shirt over my head. I wriggled out of my leggings leaving me in my black bra and panties. He took in the view and so did I as he quickly undressed before me and I sat on the edge of the bed.

He gently pushed me back onto the bed as he went between my thighs, his tongue working expertly on my clit and lips. He lifted his head up once just to tell me, “Mmmmm, I LOVE your pussy!” I arched my back and moaned as I was immersed in the feeling of divine warmth, every fiber of my being relishing the moment. I told myself that I wanted to remember EVERYTHING, but truth be told, I was too excited to do so. I moaned and writhed as he worked, getting wetter and wetter with each stroke of his tongue and his exploring fingers.

We went into the tub with more small bottles in hand.

I have to say I love hot tubs! Being naked in the bubbling froth, legs entwining, boobs teasing his chest, hands working underneath. Wet kisses in the, water! I love that feeling! He was getting too hot, so we got out of the tub and it was his turn to lay back on the slats…er, bed, I mean.

Having just completed my course in Oral Studies from Senior Sizzle Sex University, where I graduated Soona Cum Loudly [lol], I was eager to do some “field study” with him. I made my way slowly down his torso with my tongue, licking and kissing as I went. I kissed and lightly bit his sides, right at the hip, seeing if that was an erogenous zone for him. I then licked his cock like an ice cream cone, slowly and savoringly. I flicked the tip teasingly with my tongue. I took him in my mouth easing him into my lips, slowly sucking him as my hand massaged his balls. I then sucked on them, taking them into my mouth, and massaging his perineum. It was his turn to wriggle and moan. I liked his lack of quietness; his willingness to let me know he liked what I was doing. I took him fully in my mouth sucking and working harder now. He couldn’t wait, he yelled, “I’m gonna cum!” And I let him. I took it all in and swallowed. It drove him wild.

That was a first for me. I never really enjoyed blow jobs before…part of that performance anxiety, I’ve always dealt with. But I guess you could say they are growing on me.

I guess you could say, I have a newfound appreciation for them.

I guess you could say, I might need more field work experience. Just to be sure I like them.

Excited, he returned the favor again, getting me ready for more. Then he entered me. With eyes wide, he said, “Ohhh baby! You are sooo tight!” [What can I say?? It’s been a while, and toys aren’t the same as boys…] “I’m going to cum quickly!” Annnd he did. But he was happy. And I was too. Since it had been awhile, I didn’t need it to last very long that first time.

Besides the hour was almost up.

We showered together and dressed. Both agreed we needed more time the next time out – an hour is just not enough!

Mr. ICU isn’t a good lover, he’s a grrrrreat lover! He certainly managed to bring the tiger out in me! He made me feel comfortable and ready for sex. No head games, just sex. His propensity for intensity pays off in his overarching desire to please his partner.

It works. He did.
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Feb. 12th D-Day: A year later
Posted:Feb 12, 2021 10:42 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2021 8:36 am
“Write your own story
Create your own legend
Love your own way”
From Ethical Slut

You know, for a lifestyle that would be outward looking; that would be about including and expanding one’s ‘circle of friends’, one still has to do a lot of looking inward in the process…

It’s been exactly one year since my personal D-Day happened. Has been much change? Where do I stand now? Where do we stand now, as a couple? What’s changed? What’s stayed the ?

EVERYTHING. At least from my perspective.

’s been a lot of decision making and choices: at first was, do I stay or leave? Move in with a friend or go where my family is? What about my ? What about work? What about what I’d be leaving? Do I walk away from what I started?

Throughout our marriage, most of our troubles have been about finances and, of course, sex. We are just getting the point of getting over bad financial decisions; paying off mortgages; being able forward planning ahead do things we’ve always wanted do (travel) and pursue our passions (music and art). Did I really want start over?

I guess the real question I had ask myself in those first days was: are things bad enough overall leave? Or can we do what makes us happy within the framework we now have?

Most people would probably have thrown the out with the bath water when learning of their partner’s infidelity. But if ’s one thing I’ve learned in life is that life is not about all/or nothing, either/ or, black/ or white, right/ or wrong [i.e., I’m right and you, you are certainly all wrong!]

It’s more about both/ and.

For me, it involved owning up the fact that takes two make a relationship work, and takes two make fail. Each person is culpable. Each person has a piece of the blame own up . Each person gets decide what they want out of .

were other factors. Nurturing sort that I am, I knew involved more than just me: I had my consider. He’s a bit slow launch and would be devastating him if either of us moved out. We are a small but tight family; like a three-legged stool, ’s a balance . ’s also the hubs consider…I had started something, my own something [a business]; did I really want put on the hubs have finish or “clean up” my mess?

That was my very shaky start into a choice and a lifestyle I never would’ve said ‘yes’ to in years prior.

The easiest question to answer: am I better off now than I was a year ago?


My mind has become more flexible, though my body hasn’t, lol. My mental gymnastics have included going from “I hate the bitch” to the realization that lots of great men had muses were not necessarily their wives. I still hate the bitch, and I have some resentment that she is the artistic muse or inspiration in his life; but I would never wish her any ill will. In retrospect, I’ve always been a part of the women that inspired his songwriting!

I realize that she hasn’t had all the information, a full disclosure from the hubs any more than I have. As a result, she jumped conclusions that either the hubs fed into or just never clarified his position enough; perhaps for fear he would lose a playmate, and for him, as with most our age, hard to find. Besides, he can be a kind of “let it ride” guy in those situations.

I have learned to accept this lifestyle choice without jealousy.

Now, that’s a HUGE thing for me. Having always labeled myself as a tempered, passionate Spanish Senorita, I’ve always been a competitive type of person, inwardly anyway. So a jealous streak can go hand in hand with that kind of internal comparison.

Of late, I’ve been able accept his seeing her on a regular basis without snarkiness or sarcasm. It took a while to get , but part of was realizing what I had done him over the years. By rejecting sex, I had been rejecting him. What that must have done him! So, if this woman [or others] can make him smile, I can handle that…I can share. I told him a few months ago that as long as we’re intact, I’m good.

The external parts of a marriage actually help the marriage stay intact.

Seems backwards, I know, but I believe that to be true. For the men I’ve met, seems have made them happier and less combative or resentful at home. For us, has been more of a help our sex life this past year. And more sex with each other, brings more communication in other aspects of our life together. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our little secrets…someone on here once said that we should keep some secrets. I believe honesty is not always full disclosure. But its disclosure enough to make this work.

Overall, I would say this year has been one of “unlearning” possession, and learning to love without conditions…well, mostly, anyway.
That’s where I sit exactly one year later.

I’ll let you know what Year Two brings.

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