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my fantasy...#31  

bottomONtopp 63M
0 posts
9/17/2021 6:24 pm
my fantasy...#31

when i wake
i am in your bed alone
but i can hear the shower running
so i go in2 the kitchen
& start a pot of coffee...
just as i walk back in2 the bedroom
u walk out of the bathroom
dripping wet & wearing nothing but a wicked grin...
the sight of your sexy naked body
& especially of your magnificent hard cock
standing up like a flagpole
makes my knees weak
& i have 2 sit down...
u cum over & stand be4 me
so your awesum straining erection
is right up in front of my eyes
& my brain is suddenly swimming
in sensual delight & anticipation...
my mouth opens automatically
2 take your fat cock-head inside
& i moan around your glans
as my tongue dances & swirls & caresses
your wet & wicked & delicious cock-skin...
then your hands are on the sides of my head
guiding my mouth further on2 your cock
until my throat rapidly opens
& takes your ample glans inside...
u stare down in2 my eyes
as u firmly press my face
against your smoothly shaved crotch...

i lean 4ward & grip your ass tightly
pulling your stiff & dripping pole
all the way back in2 the depths
of my cock-engulfing throat again
my wet lips finally resting tightly
against the thick base of your cock
swallowing over & over & over
my hot throat milking your glans
making u groan softly...
i can hear your deep breathing
as u watch me pleasuring u...
a soft moan escapes your throat
& i moan in turn
as i slowly slide my lips back
2 the ridge behind your glans
my tongue lashing & slathering
your pre-cum oozing cock-head...
i feel your body becum tense
as i take u deeper in2 my mouth
then even deeper in2 my throat again
& i know that it drives u wild
2 watch your long cock disappear
all the way in2 my throat...
so i open my throat wide
& take your cock all the way inside me
over & over & over & over & over
as slowly & as teasingly as i can
bringing u closer & closer 2 the edge...

within a few minutes
u are hunching your hips 4ward
gripping my head even tighter
& brutally fucking my throat
as fast as u can move your hips
your pubic bone slamming in2 my nose
& your<b> balls </font></b>slapping wetly against my chin
& i am loving every second of it...
even though i wanna feel u fuck my tight ass
i am praying 4 u 2 cum this way
& shoot your seed in2 my thirsty throat
& let me drink it all down...
i love your salty-sweet taste
& besides
i can always make u hard again
when u are ready 2 fuck my ass...

i love the feeling of your hands gripping my head
making me becum submissive 2 your every desire
moving me 2 the rhythm of your cock fucking my throat...
i am moaning continuously around your hard flesh
as u power-fuck my face
& i wanna taste your sweet delicious cum...
but it is not 2 be
not now...
u pull away from me
dragging your long tool from my throat
as i look up at u & see the wildness in your eyes...
the next thing i know
we were both sprawled on the bed
& u push me back
spreading my legs 2 see every part of me
2 taste what u love so much 2 savor...
your tongue dances on my oozing little cock-head
& your lips suck my glans in2 your mouth...
your eyes peer up at me from between my legs
watching my twisting face as u pleasure me...
u suddenly release your lip-lock on my little cock
& whisper
" i wanna be deep deep inside your ass !!"
& u move up over me
pressing my legs wide against my chest
& we utter simultaneous moans
as your broad cock-head presses its way
in2 the tightness of my ass-hole...
u feel so wonderful
as u slowly work your way up inside me
inch by throbbing inch
your glorious cock stretching me wide
& filling me up...
i groan as u move in & out of me
until i can feel your smooth<b> balls
</font></b>resting against my wide-spread upturned ass...
i can hear the sound made by the wetness of our flesh
as u pump rhythmically back & 4th
in my gripping & squirming anal canal...
i whimper
" oh yes !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "
i don't know how u can hold out 4 so long
but i cannot....
my stomach contracts
& my whole body stiffens
as i scream out
& my orgasm washes over me...
i scream
" i'm cumming on your cock !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
fuck me !! fuck me !! cum deep in me !! DEEP DEEP IN ME !!! "
& my horny little cock explodes
spraying sticky cum all over between us
splattering both our bodies
with string after string of steaming juice...
i scream out my joy 2 the whole world
not caring who can hear me
as my whole body writhes & convulses
in the pure delicious ecstasy
of cumming on your deep-fucking cock...

i am still moaning in the exquisite aftermath
of my intense orgasm
as u drive your wonderful cock even deeper in2 me...
i love feeling the weight of your body
lying on top of mine
as u slide your hands down 2 grip my ass
& i hear myself whimper
with need & anticipation
as u thrust so slowly in & out of me
pulling it all the way out
then all the way back in
until your fat cock is ready 2 explode inside me...
but u don't...
instead u hold very still
your cock pressing deeply in2 me
until the feeling subsides
then u begin 2 move again
slowly at first
but soon faster & harder & deeper
driving your cock in2 me savagely
& i cry out as i match your rhythm stroke 4 stroke
my whole body quivering & shaking with pure lust...

again i am mystified
by your ability 2 restrain yourself
from releasing everything u have
deep inside me
but i know u will cum inside me when u were ready...
a few minutes later
when my body has stopped shaking
u flip me over & take me again
this time feeding your thick tool
in2 my tight hole from behind...
this is just about my favorite position
& i know that u liked it 2
as u can more easily see your long cock
slide in & out of my tightly gripping ass...
your breathing is ragged now
& i am certain
that u are finally gonna give me your cum
but i am wrong again...
u pull out of me with a grunt
& a wet slurping sound
turn me over on2 my back
& enter me again
pulling my legs up over your shoulders
& pressing them wide open
pulling the backs of my legs up tight 2 your chest
as u drill your swollen shaft deeper & deeper
in2 my cock-gripping ass-hole...

now u are ready 2 let go...
i can see it in your eyes
& feel it in your movements...
your cock feels even longer & harder inside me
& i can feel every inch of your wonderful cock-flesh
caress the depths of my wide-stretched anal opening...
u raise yourself slightly on your knees
2 get a better angle of attack on my ass
your cock-head now rubbing my aching prostate
with every deep & powerful stroke...
i can actually feel your orgasm cumming on
as your cock swells 2 even greater thickness
& u thrust harder & harder
until your orgasm is cumpletely unstoppable
& your animal shouts of sexual fulfillment echo loudly
off all the walls of the musky-smelling bedroom...
when your girthy cock finally explodes
spraying my snug inner walls
with spurt after hot spurt of steamy seed
u grip the front of my thighs
& pull my ass tight against u
burying your fat cock even more deeply up in2 me
filling my ass with your wet strings of cum...
i moan & grind my ass in tiny circles
as i feel your semen overflow my aching ass-hole
& slide down the wide-spread crack of my ass...
i moan
" fill my ass !! fill my ass with your cum !!
shoot me full of cum !! fuck me full of cum !!!"
as your cock finally stops spraying
& starts 2 soften inside me
u still hold me tight against u
rocking your hips slightly
milking every single drop of cum
from your glorious cock...
i whisper
" i love having your cock inside me !!
i love the way your cum feels in my ass !!! "
when u finally pull your soft rubbery cock
from my wide-stretched & oozing ass
u lean back on your heels
& i sit up between your legs
taking your slimy cock in2 my mouth
then all the way in2 my throat
licking & swallowing every drop of cum
from your slippery cock...

( do u wanna ??? )

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