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my fantasy...#28  

bottomONtopp 63M
0 posts
9/17/2021 6:37 pm
my fantasy...#28

as we stand under the steamy spray of the shower
i pull u close against me
& i can feel your horny cock harden & lengthen
in between our slippery bodies...
as u firmly massage & caress my butt
taking great care
2 cumpletely lather my ass-crack & tight hole
i whisper
" i wanna feel your cock deep in my ass !!! "

u slide your soapy fingers along my sensitive crevice
& dip your finger-tips in2 my tight resisting hole
& i feel a ripple of pleasure course through my little cock
just from your exploring touch...
u get me so worked up that i pull u from the shower
then press u back against the bathroom door
& get down on2 my knees in front of u
2 worship your magnificently swollen cock...

i lather your shaft
& slowly slide my tongue
from the tasty bubble of pre-cum on the crown
down the length of your thick & pulsing shaft
2 your smooth shaved<b> balls...
</font></b>as u groan
i slide my mouth back 2 your straining cock-head
then open my mouth wide
as i look up in2 your eyes
& slid my open lips over your glans
& take your cock all the way inside...
i suck u deep in2 my mouth
& feel your cock-head go in2 the opening of my throat
which makes your hot cock as hard as it can possibly get
then i release u from my wet orifice
& plant a kiss on the head of your cock...
i tilt my head back
& look up & smile & moan
" i wanna feel your cock inside me !!
i wanna feel your cock in my ass !!! "

we move in2 the bedroom
& then u push me on2 my back on the bed...
u spread my legs wide & dive down between them
& then your hot wet mouth engulfs my swollen little cock...
u suck my hard shaft in2 your mouth
& roll your tongue all over it
as i squirm & writhe beneath u
& i already teeter on the verge of orgasm...
then u pull your hot mouth from my little cock
& grab my ankles & lift my legs high in2 the air
so that my entire ass rises cumpletely off the bed...

i groan as your wet tongue slides deep in2 my hot hole
& explores my puckered quivering opening
as i press my horny hole hard against your face
& i crave the familiar feeling of your thick cock in my ass...
& i whisper
" i wanna feel u stretch my hot hole with your thick dick !!! "

after u fuck my ass with your tongue 4 a moment more
& twist it around again & spear it in as deep as u can
2 make sure i am relaxed enough 4 your entry
u slide it slowly out of my cock-craving ass-hole...
the removal almost as pleasurable as the insertion
& u drool your saliva all around my taut fuck-hole
causing me 2 shake & quiver with anticipation...
u moan
" suck my cock & make it nice & slippery !!! "

then u move on top of me & straddle my chest
& offer me your throbbing erection 2 lick & suck...
i happily coat every bit of your flesh with saliva
& swab my tongue all over your girthy shaft
drooling spit all over your deliciously hard cock
so it will slide easily in2 my tight little fuck-hole...
then u move off me & return 2 my slippery ass
& push inside me in one long & deliciously hard stroke
that makes me reel from the feeling of absolute fullness...
i relax back on the bed & let my thighs splay wide
& relish the sensual feeling of your pulsating cock
as it pistons in & out of my wet anal opening...
each pounding thrust heightens my excitement
& i nearly cum right away from the sensations
but i manage 2 hold back & save that hot explosion
4 when u fill my guts with the hot splooge
that will be spraying from the veiny tool
that u have wedged inside my horny ass-hole...

i don't have 2 wait long...
satisfied with my state of arousal
not 2 mention my begging u 2 deep fuck my ass
u press my knees all the way back on2 my chest
so that u can drive your cock even deeper in2 my ass
then delve deeper & deeper in2 me
with each long & slow stroke
until your big<b> balls </font></b>slap against my upturned ass
with each powerful thrust...
u slide the full length of your girthy cock
all the way in & out of my ass with each rhythmic movement
your thick shaft gliding in & out of my wide-stretched fuck-hole
almost effortlessly...
i moan non-stop with pure pleasure & delight...

u start 2 move a little bit faster
as my rectum molds around your horny organ
& grips u extremely snugly...
your eyes meet mine
& u moan
" your ass feels so fucking tight on my cock !! "

then u start 2 thrust even faster
& pound your sweet cock in & out of me...
i can actually feel your thick erection pulsing
deep inside my hot & horny passage...
i grab my little cock roughly in both hands
& squeeze & stroke the pulsing shaft
& rub the leaking head with both thumbs
as your prodding cock presses even deeper in2 my ass...
i toss my head from side 2 side
& moan loudly
as i enjoy the unbelievably intense sensation
of being crammed cumpletely full of throbbing meat...
u bring your hands 2 my butt
& grip my flesh tightly 2 steady yourself
as u pound my ass with your probing prick...
your<b> balls </font></b>still slap against me
with each deep thrust
adding another hot sensation
2 the intense & pounding pressure
of your further-expanding cock...

i love it as every powerful stroke of your pistoning shaft
goes even deeper & deeper & fills me even more...
i squirm around on your cock
knowing that i am gonna cum soon
& knowing that i am gonna cum hard
& when u start 2 twist your cock side 2 side
i finally go over the edge...
the wicked feeling of being fucked full of cock is just 2 much
& my muscles contract around u
as sticky strings of seed spray from my little cock
& splatter all over my chest & face
& i scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!! "

u have 2 hold me down
2 keep me from writhing off the bed
but that doesn't interrupt your rhythm
as u relentlessly deep fuck my ass
through one of the most intense orgasms of my life...
i look up in2 your eyes
dazed & confused
& i still quiver inside
as the rapid pulsation of my oozing little cock
gradually slows down 2 a mild tremble...
my body tingles as u relax your pace
but still continue 2 stroke your pulsing cock
in & out of my spastically clutching anal cavern
as i hoarsely whisper
" cum in my ass !! cum deep in my ass !!! "

i watch your face begin 2 contort with pleasure
& i grind myself hard & tight against u
as i ache 2 feel your steamy spurts fill my fuck-hole...
u moan
" i'm cumming !! oh god !! i'm cumming !!! "
as the first wave of cum explodes from your prick
& splatters deep in2 my grippy ass...
as splash after splash of wet heat fills my insides
it makes me shudder & clench my ass tighter
on2 your throbbing thickness...
i moan
" fuck me full of cum !! deep in me !!
deep in me !! fuck me full of cum !!! "

when we finally stop shaking
& regain our breath
u gradually pull your softening tool
from my still-clutching hole
as i feel slimy drops of cum ooze slowly
out of my well-fucked ass-hole
& slide down the crack of my ass
2 the sheets below me...

i slide backwards off u
& kneel on the bed between your legs
& take your softening cock-head in2 my mouth
& slide the tip of my tongue in2 your open piss-slit
& search 4 the last wet drops of cum
as u groan
& press your tingling cock upward in2 me...

i slide backwards away from u
until i find the edge of the bed
& my feet hit the floor
& then i just stand there
& smile a wickedly satisfied smile at u
as i lick the last traces of your cum from my lips...

( do u wanna ??? )

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