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my fantasy...#17  

bottomONtopp 63M
0 posts
9/16/2021 5:47 pm
my fantasy...#17

i have the entire day off with nothing 2 do
so i just sit around & watch sum porn
& play with my pre-cum-drooling tool...
as i watch a couple of studs get it on
& squeeze & stroke & pump my little cock
there is a very quiet knock on the door...
i press the mute button on the remote
as i quickly pull my shorts back on
& do my best 2 hide my hard-on...

when i open the door
u stand there
& i pull u quickly inside...
i am surprised 2 see u
but now i am very excited 2
& i don't try 2 hide my erection...
when u sit down on the love-seat
i have cumpletely 4gotten about the movie
& u smile when u see what is on the screen...
as a white guy sucks on a huge black cock
u smile wickedly & say
" sorry i interrupted u !! "

i reply
" its okay ! i would rather share time with u !! "
& i sit down & watch the on-screen action with u...
when the white guy deep-throats the black cock
i suddenly feel your hand slide on2 my leg
as it moves 2ward my straining erection
& then i feel your fingers stroke my little cock
through the thin material of my shorts...

i pull off my shorts
2 give u total access
& u lower your head
& lick up & down the length of my erection
be4 u take the head between your wet lips...
u start 2 bob your head up & down
as u engulf the entire length deep in2 your throat
& as u suck my horny little cock
u massage my<b> balls
</font></b>& i can feel my orgasm build...
i groan
" i'm not gonna last much longer !! "
but that only makes u suck harder...
within seconds
my little cock swells & pulsates
& sprays spurt after spurt of cum
deep in2 your talented mouth
as u swallow every drop...

as soon as i can move & breathe again
i reach down & pull off your shorts
then i press u against the back of the couch
so i can spread your legs
& run my tongue up the length of your cock...
u moan your approval
as i dip the tip of my tongue in2 your cum-hole
& caress your silky-smooth<b> balls...
</font></b>i open my lips as wide as i can
& began 2 lather your swollen glans with my tongue
as my hand tightly grips the base of your shaft...
u moan
" suck that cock !! suck that big cock !!! "
as i slide my tight-clasped lips lower & lower
& take more & more of your thick shaft in2 my mouth
then in2 the taut opening of my throat...
u groan
" that's it !! don't stop !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !! "
& as soon as u speak
your cock throbs on my tongue
& your whole body trembles
as i feel your hot seed spray in2 my throat...
i suck & swallow until u are drained
then slide upward & whisper
" do u wanna fuck me ??
i wanna feel your cock inside me !!! "

i run in2 the bed-room & grab my lube
then squirt it all over your thick cock-shaft
until your fantastic fuck-tool drips with goo...
i press my chest on2 the back of the recliner
& grip the sides of the back as tight as i can
with my knees hooked wide on top of the arms
so my ass hangs over the front edge of the seat
& i press my ass backwards as far as i can reach
so i pull my cheeks as wide open as i possibly can
& my smooth-shaved<b> balls </font></b>lightly brush the seat
as my pulsing little cock bobs under my hovering ass...
as u stand up & slowly move up closer behind me
i look back over my shoulder & wriggle my ass
loving that your tool is still as hard as steel...
your thick cock glistens with slippery lube
as u grip my hips tight & move closer 2 me
until i feel your greasy glans in my open cleft
& u press your slick knob against my ass-hole...
i gasp & groan as u press even further 4ward
until i feel your girthy glans expand my opening
& u ease your shaft deep inside my tight fuck-hole
as my resisting opening stretches wider & wider
then i press back against u as hard as possible
& take your man-hood as deep in2 me as i can...
u start 2 fuck me as slowly as u can manage
& drag your cock out until just the tip touches
then u force your entire length in2 my tightness
but it isn't very long be4 your tempo increases
until u pound cock steady & deep in2 me
& make me take your whole cock over & over...
i urge u on as i clench my ass & whisper
" that's it !! fuck me hard !! fuck me hard !!
fuck my tight ass with your big fucking cock !!! "
& u grip my hips even tighter & pull me backward
as i feel your hot sweat drip on2 my ass & back
while u forcefully delve in2 the depths of my ass...
i scream as your cock hits bottom & then whimper
" oh god !! fuck my ass deep !! make me cum !!
make me cum !! make me cum on your cock !!! "

i feel the familiar pressure build inside my little cock
& i know that i will cum explosively & very soon
from the pounding that your cock is giving my ass...
just as i think that it can't possibly get any better
u reach around my arched back & then below me
& start 2 stroke my fully distended little cock-shaft...
i can feel my inner muscles tighten around your fat cock
as i have one of the most intense orgasms i have ever had
& i spray long strings of cum all over the seat of the chair...
i groan
" oh god !! i'm cumming on your cock !! i'm cumming !!! "
as u hold cumpletely still & just ride out my orgasm...
as soon as my body stops quivering & i can move again
i pull myself slowly 4ward & slide off your thick tool
then turn myself around so that i am facing 2ward u
as i slide my ass out 2 the edge of the seat cushion
& hook my knees out over the arms of the recliner...
as u slide down 2 your knees in between my open legs
i reach down with both hands & grip my inner thighs
& pull my ass up as high & as wide as i possibly can...
my anal muscles quiver & twitch with hot anticipation
at the thought of having your cock inside me again...
as u hold your girthy cock between my open legs
& rub your slippery cock-head on my aching ass-hole
i stare up in2 your eyes & lick my lips & then groan
" quit teasing me !! fuck me !! fuck me hard & deep !!
i wanna feel your cock all the way inside my ass !!! "

u slide your cock deep inside my upturned ass
in one long & smooth & forceful thrilling thrust
& i groan as your cock stretches me wide open...
u push me even further back on2 the recliner
then press the chair back in2 the reclined position
so you can pull my thighs tight against your chest
as u ram your shaft deep in2 my hot & horny hole...
u have never fucked my tight ass this hard & deep
& it feels wonderful 2 be so totally anally violated
as i reach down between us & caress your<b> balls
</font></b>making u fuck me even harder & deeper than be4...
i can feel your orgasm approach very quickly
becuz your smooth<b> balls </font></b>get tighter & tighter
& i look in2 your eyes & whisper breathlessly
" i wanna taste u !! i wanna taste u again !!
i wanna suck every drop of cum outta u !!! "

u power-fuck me 4 everything u were worth
& ram your throbbing erection deep in2 my guts
as your<b> balls </font></b>slap in2 my ass with each stroke
& make the cheeks of my ass jiggle every time
until u finally moan
" i'm gonna cum !! i'm gonna cum !! suck my cum !!
drink every drop !! drink it down !! DRINK IT ALL !!! "
& u quickly slide your throbbing tool out of my ass
as i pull myself upward & grab your ass in my hands
& slide my open lips all the way 2 the base of your cock
& take the first salty spurt in2 the opening of my throat...
as the cum continues 2 pour out of your quivering cock
i slide my lips back & grip your thick shaft in my hand
as i lock my lips just behind the ridge of your fat glans
& take the rest of your juicy jam on my thirsty tongue...
i gulp & swallow & roll your seed around in my mouth
so i can taste every single drop of your sweet seed
until your orgasm finally begins 2 slowly subside
& i let your rubbery cock slip from between my lips...
i look up at u & lick my lips luridly & then whisper
" i love feeling u cumming in my mouth !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )

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