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my fantasy...#1  

bottomONtopp 63M
0 posts
9/15/2021 8:01 pm
my fantasy...#1

i have been waiting 4 u all day long
& when i finally hear u turn off the shower
i am already ready 4 u 2 cum & fuck me...
we are both already cumpletely naked
& we dispense with any sort of 4-play...
not that preparation is even necessary
becuz i am already hard & throbbing
just at the wicked & wonderful thought
of finally having your delicious cock
buried deep inside my tight fuck-hole...
your cock is also entirely engorged
most likely 4 the very same reason
i hopefully & very happily presume...
my ass-hole is already puckered up
with anticipation & sexual excitement
& it aches 2 feel your cock entering...

i roll very slowly over on2 my back
& pull my knees outward & upward
until they almost reach my shoulders...
meanwhile u grab the bottle of lube
& slather it all over your thick shaft...
" don't 4get 2 slick up that big head !!! "
i breathlessly & anxiously remind u
as my nerves quiver with arousal...
u rub sum on2 your swollen crown
& then 4 a bit of extra insurance
u drip sum on2 my constricted hole...
lube slithers in2 the cleft of my ass
but i am so hot 4 my imminent fuck
that i don't give a moment of thought
2 what the fluid will do 2 your sheets...

" are u ready ?? are u ready 4 me ??
are u ready 2 feel my cock inside u ??? "
u ask
& i impatiently hiss back at u...
" fuck yes !! fuck me !! fuck my ass !!
i wanna feel u fuck my ass full of cock !!! "
i feel your thumbs press in2 my ass-cheeks
as u spread them apart as far as u can
then i feel the tip of your broad cock-head
nudge at my futilely resisting ass-hole...
i grasp handfuls of the sheets tight
as i gear up 4 what i am sure will be
an unmercifully intense amount
of extremely pleasurable pressure
at my exposed & upturned rear entrance...
i am not disappointed as u grunt loudly
& shove in that wide knob of cock-flesh
until it has powered its way through
the snug & rubbery ring of my anus
& is lodged inside my quivering butt...
then u grunt even louder than be4
& drive what feels like a mile of cock
in2 my straining & fully-expanded hole
but when i look down between our bodies
i discover that only the first inch or so
is buried inside my wide-stretched ass...
i cannot even fathom what it is gonna feel like
when u finally cumpletely fill my snug ass-hole
with your entire throbbing & pulsating erection
& i am thrilled that i am about 2 feel u inside me
& experience the incredible & amazing ecstasy
of extreme penetration by your meaty member...
( another deep & excruciating anal insertion... )

" just cram that big fat cock deep in2 me !! "
i demand
" i wanna feel every fucking inch of u inside me !! "
my grippy ass-hole is already starting 2 adapt
2 accommodate the thickness of your member
& my own little cock is throbbing & oozing
as the deliciously sweet anticipation
of receiving the anal fucking of a life-time
continues 2 grow deep inside my body...
i groan
" fuck that big cock in2 my ass-hole !!
fuck my ass !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "

u give me what i want...
u rock back & 4th several times
as if revving up
& then slowly & steadily
u press the rest of your pulsating prick
in2 the straining & vainly resisting depths
of my extremely expanded man-hole...
i cry out the moment that u hit bottom
as i experience a whole new variety of sensations
that are totally thrilling & wickedly wonderful...
i can hardly wait 2 feel what else u have in store 4 me
but instead of giving me the deep-fucking that i want
u pull your cock half-way out & stop moving
& then ask
" are u okay ? should i stop ?? is it 2 big 4 u ??? "

i don't reply
as i hunch 4ward those few inches
2 slide my ass back on2 your shaft...
it is time 4 u 2 fuck me
not talk 2 me
& luckily
u realize what i am doing...
as a result
u just hold still above me
& let me fuck myself back & 4th
on your totally turgid tool...
that is really nice
becuz it allows me 2 set the pace 4 a while
& i move very very slowly at first
marvelling at the way my ass-hole strains
around the thrilling thickness of your cock
becuz it is so incredibly stretched out...
then i start 2 move a little bit faster
& my ass slaps firmly against your thighs
as your deeply delving cock-head
repeatedly bumps against my core...
my body is soon siffused with a hot flush
i have never felt be4
& i can tell that the orgasm
building so deep inside me
is gonna be a monumental explosion
when it finally erupts
from my wildly pulsating little cock...
i moan softly & whisper
" i wanna feel u make me cum !!
i wanna cum on your fucking cock !!! "

u grab my hips
& begin 2 saw your thick dick
in & out of my clutching ass...
i let u do your thing
eager 2 see how u are gonna wield
your impressive weapon...
u start at a slow steady pace
then pick up a little bit of speed
& maintain that long & even pace
as u obviously enjoy
how my tight hole hugs your fat shaft
& how the relative lack of moisture
creates a slight scraping sensation
on the sensitive skin of your cock...

a slow & rhythmic fuck might be fine 4 u
but this time it is not enough 4 me...
as much as i am enjoying every moment
of this extremely pleasurable experience
my cock is also desperate 2 cum
& i know that i can explode my load
without even touching my horny little cock
if only u will really start 2 pound
that long & thick cock of yours
even deeper & harder & faster
in2 my tightly clutching ass-hole...

" deeper !! harder !! faster !! "
i beg
" fuck me really hard & fast !! "
but u continue 2 take your time
i think as much 2 tease me
as becuz u like the way that it feels...
" fuck me !! please fuck me !! "
i beg again
" fuck me hard !! fuck me deep !!
fuck my ass as fast as u can !!! "
practically whimpering & whining
but u just continue 2 push your girthy cock
all the way down in2 my welcuming ass
& then draw it back out again & again
at a casually slow & leisurely pace...

as horny & frustrated as i am
i know that u cannot keep this up 4 long...
the sound cumming from above me
your loud & labored breathing
& the periodic grunts & groans
grow louder & faster by the minute
& they all signal 2 me
that u are getting close 2 your climax...
i know u have 2 spew sumtime
i think very happily 2 myself
as u dig your fingers a little deeper in2 my hips
& the speed of your swollen & thrusting cock
picks up just a little bit more & more
& i know just exactly what 2 do 2 u...

i reach down between our bodies with both hands
& i cup one of your hot & sweaty<b> balls </font></b>with each palm
then curl my fingers gently all the way around them
& then smoothly & firmly tug them both downward
with the same rhythm that u thrust in2 me with...
when i move 2 grab your smooth shaved<b> balls
</font></b>it changes the angle of my body slightly
& suddenly
your shaft is pressed against my aching prostate
& it scrapes thrillingly back & 4th across it
with each deep-delving & delicious thrust...
soon my sweaty body trembles uncontrollably
as your cock strokes me closer & closer 2 orgasm...
i know that when my little cock explodes
u will have 2 cum with me
becuz u will not be able 2 resist
my tight ass-hole clenching down on2 u...

u groan long & loud
then u pull me so tightly against u
that my ass bangs in2 your thighs
& u really start 2 slam your thick cock in2 me...
as u hammer your ferocious tool
in & out of my ass-hole at lightning speed
my ass-cheeks jiggle uncontrollably against u
& my hard little cock flops obscenely back & 4th
as it slaps back & 4th from your belly 2 mine
& splatters my sticky & juicy pre-cum everywhere...
i whisper
" yes !! yes !! yes !! make me cum on your cock !!
fuck the cum out of my cock !! MAKE ME CUM !!! "

u cumpletely lose all control
& orgasm is obviously your only concern now...
all the while
i pinch & twist your nipples
as u have crushed my hands
out from in-between our crotches...
your thick shaft still grates across my prostate
with every jack-hammering stroke
& that delightfully deep-driving action
combined with the unequaled pleasure
of your girthy & throbbing cock
stretching my anal opening so wide
finally makes me explode...
i scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !!
oh fuck !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!! "

i cum 4 what feels like hours
& my cum boils out of my little cock like a volcano
as my whole body goes stiff in your arms...
u hold my hips up tight against your crotch
so that i don't collapse away from u
but keep right on deep-stroking your cock in2 me
as my ass clenches down tighter on2 your thick shaft...
the cum continues 2 pour out of my pulsing little cock
in a steady stream of almost endless ecstasy
as u plow down in2 my shaking ass harder & faster
going even deeper down in2 me than be4...

with a groan that is almost a scream
u let it all go
& your pulsing cock spews its creamy load
deep within the recesses of my tight clutching ass...
i groan
" oh yes !! fuck me full of cum !! shoot me full !!
shoot me full !! fuck my ass-hole full of cum !!
cum deep in me !! deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! "

the delicious feeling of your throbbing cock
splattering hot seed deep in2 my butt
is so cumpletely & totally intense
that i wanna feel u doing the same thing
over & over & over & again & again & again

( do u wanna ??? )

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