My first and only times with a guy  

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1/1/2022 8:52 pm
My first and only times with a guy

(Like any other story I add here, this is completely true.)

I 18 and hanging out at a friend's house over night. He had a girlfriend. I had been seeing a few girls too. We spent the day on our bikes and playing basketball. Later in the evening we were playing Nintendo on the living room floor until his parents went to bed. Then things got a more interesting.

He said he wanted to show me something. He turned the TV to Cinemax. His parents were religious so they didn't subscribe to anything like that but their screen actually showed a lot more than I had seen on TV before. There a movie finishing up with a younger who slept with her father's friend. Then the next video two women kissing and touching each other. I hard as a rock after a few minutes and from the way he shifting around the floor I could tell he turned on too.

I asked him what he thought it like for them being with a member of the same sex. He said he didnt know but I could see the wheels turning in his head. He suggested we give each other turns with the TV so we could get some relief. It pitch black in the house except in the front of the living room where the tv . My stomach felt funny as I realized how hot the idea of him touching himself seemed to me.

He sent me away first into the next room separated by an archway. I didn't really like the feeling. It dark in there, and I in a house I wasn't used to. I decided to look over toward where he was in front of the TV. It was about 20 feet away so I couldn't see much but I did see movement and could tell his shorts were down around his ankles. I started grabbing at my own cock and had that funny feeling in my stomach again. It was too<b> weird. </font></b>I was getting turned on watching another guy half naked and masturbating.

I couldn't take it anymore. I whispered into him to get his attention and asked him if we could switch or something. He pulled up his pants and I went back into the living room. Our shorts weren't really hiding much at this point.

I offered to let him stay and said we could just promise not to watch the other or maybe just keep our shorts on. So he sat down a few feet away and reached into his shorts. I followed his lead and worked on my own underneath my shorts.

After a few minutes he repeated the question I had asked earlier about how they could be so into a member of the same sex. When I just said 'hmm' and shrugged, he said something about it might not be so<b> weird </font></b>if someone was wearing women's underwear and maybe touching through that.

I moved closer to him and ended up sitting behind him both of us fully clothed on the floor with my legs on the outside of his. He pressed up closer to me so that his back and butt were right up against my cock while we continued to watch the screen. He kept pressing into me so I started to get more turned on and braver. I put my arms around him and pulled him closer. With the pressure and friction from his body against me I wanted more. I slid my hand down above his shorts but started massaging his cock a bit. His thick like mine and it added enough familiarity to the situation where I wasn't as nervous about it.

I stopped and attempted to reach down into his shorts when he abruptly got up and said he would be right bac It looked like he going down to the basement. I moved over to the couch and caught my breath for a few minutes. I had taken off my shirt and pulled my shorts down a and pulled a blanket up to cover myself.

When he came back in, he still had his clothes on but then started to strip down on the floor in front of the couch where I laying. When his shirt came off I saw he had his mother's bra on. Next his shorts came off and he wearing her panties too. He laid down flat on the floor alongside the couch so we were head to toe.

I reached down and started rubbing his cock through the panties. It very different this time! I could feel the head and the full shape of it. I didn't give him any warning before sliding the panties down so I could touch his cock directly. It didn't take long of me handling him before he sat up and climbed onto the couch on top of me.

The panties slid back up, he got underneath the blanket, and I caught. My shorts were just above my knees so I couldn't move, and we were both twisted in the blanket. I felt him dry humping my cock so that the panties separated his from mine. His head caught under the blanket, and I had one free arm. We were cock to cock with a thin silky material between us. He furiously rubbing his against me and kissing my chest while I ran my free hand across his head over the blanket.

There no turning back for either of us now. I told him to move back to the floor and lay down. I joined him and took off the panties. I between his legs with my head a few inches from his coc I had one hand gently massaging his balls and the other going up and down on his coc The head of his cock so smooth, and I had never experienced a scent like this. I breathed it in deeply and my stomach had that funny feeling again. I stopped what I doing and licked from just above his balls to the tip of his coc I asked him what that felt like, and he asked what I had done. I told him but I think it freaked him out a bit. My hands went back to work and within a few minutes he cumming a lot. There some on my hands, and I breathed in the scent again but I didn't try tasting it.

He recovered and pushed me back so I laying down. With one hand he aggressively pumping my coc I wasn't used to doing anything that fast or hard so after a few minutes of that I took over and got myself off, and it was so much more than usual.

A few months passed before we saw each other again. My parents had left in the middle of the day and I invited him over. We talked a bit about what had happened during the sleepover and just bringing it up a turn on. He had jeans on so I let him borrow a pair of my athletic shorts. It bright out so I tried to find a closet for us but nothing really worked. We finally went back to my room and he suggested that we help each other through the blankets.

Seeing him in an identical pair of shorts to mine made it surreal. I felt him on the outside of his shorts and then he had me lay down. He got under the blanket and I pulled my shorts down a . His head created a tent but I held the blanket down by my chest so I couldn't see anything he doing under there. Again he aggressive and pumping really hard. It felt good but I had trouble relaxing enough to cum for him. I reached in, and he stayed where he , his head keeping the blanket out of the line of fire. Within a few minutes I cumming.

We traded places, and he still hard. I got under the blanket with the heat and that smell again. Even though I had just cum I needed more. I pulled down his (my) shorts and started kissing around his cock and then eventually kissed his cock and rubbed it against my lips. It didn't take long when I started trying to do what he did. I pumped fast and hard with my hand, and he cumming less than a minute later. I lingered there while he caught his breath and started masturbating again with my hand inside my shorts.

After I had cum again we cleaned ourselves up. Reality hit that my parents could have come home at any moment. They eventually did, and after a few hours he took off.

I think I saw him once more before I went to college but we lost touch. I did see him a few years ago. There were a lot of people around, and we both had our home lives so even if I had been brave enough to bring it up I don't think it would have happened again. Sometimes though when my wife is sleeping and I'm laying awake, I will reach down, touch myself and imagine those days and that scent all over again before cumming and falling asleep.

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