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Great whites in Florida
Posted:Mar 24, 2019 3:04 am
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2019 8:15 am

Florida right now is surrounded by massive Great White sharks..Surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters Florida is now home to some of the largest Great White sharks..In the ocean off of the Florida Coast line there is a ton of marine life to be seen , but the most impressive is the Great White sharks that have made their home there now..The ocean current and the appeal of the warm salty waters have drawn these massive predators of the deep.The ones who inhabit these waters all have names because they already have been tagged ...Tagging a shark is the only way Biologists have to identify a certain shark and study its hunting and travelling paths..
1 : Miss Costa
Great White female weighing in at a whopping 1668 pounds she is an impressive 12.ft 5 in long she is currently just off the coast of Key West last ping was march 19th 2019 ..she was named after Costa sunglasses who is a partner with OSearch
Great White adult male who was named in honor of the residents of Nova Scotia Canada where he was first spotted and tagged..He weighs in at 1186 pounds and is 11 ft 6 in long .he was pinged swimming with Miss Costa march 8 2019
3: Cabot
A small sub adult Great White was last spotted playing off in the Gulf of Mexico Not far from Miss Costa and Nova ..this little guy is only 9 ft 8 in long and weighs in at 533 pounds ..SeaWorld chose the name when he was caught and tagged naming him after the explorer John Cabot
4: Hal
Hal is an adult male Great White and is partial to the eastern side of the Sunshine State he was last pinged on March 19th 2019 .This big boy weighs in at 1420 pounds and is 12 ft 6 in long ...He currently now swims off of the Coast of Daytona Beach his name is in tribute to Halifax Nova Scotia where he was caught and tagged..
5: Katherine
Last but certainly not least is this hugh female Great White who can be found near West Palm beach ...Katherine is the largest female shark to be caught and tagged ..Katherine weighs in at 2000 pounds and is a 14 ft 2 in powerhouse of muscle and killing machine she was pinged February 29th 2019 ..Katherine likes deep water .
Seems the Ocean has a vast number of its own Great White sharks and we only have these few to go by in size , impressive yes, but larger sharks have been seen but stay elusive to capture and tag...OSearch has their own website with more pics of the sharks that was caught and tagged
Worlds biggest and oldest fossilized bones..
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 3:50 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2019 4:50 am
Paleontologists discovered the worlds biggest and oldest Tyrannosaurus Rex in Canada they announced it on Friday that they discovered the giant Carnivorous skeleton in Saskatchewan ,This Rex far outweighs Chicago Sue by about 400 kilos..
Named for a celebratory bottle of scotch that was shared the night it was discovered " Scotty " is also the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found in Canada...The field crew raised a bottle of scotch to celebrate a toast to the find,.. Paleontologists say that the meat eating dinosaur , whose skeleton is 13 meters long . weighed more than 8,800 kilos when it roamed prehistoric Saskatchewan roughly 66 million years ago...this one weighed more than its counterparts by more than 400 kilos.
" Scotty " was believed to be in its early 30's when it died and is believed to be an unusual long life. the Dinosaur's life seemed to be a particular violent one , scars across the bones are pathologies ( spots ) where scarred bones record large injuries..Among the scars other injuries include broken ribs and an infected jaw, and impacted tooth and a hugh bite on its tail..
The skeleton was uncovered in 1991 but only has been announced now because of the amount of time it took to unearth the skeleton..the surroundings encasing the skeleton was cement like and was very hard to painstakingly remove..The skeleton is pieced together and is on view in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina.

The Vultures gather!
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 3:58 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 3:00 pm
No its not like that was reading another article about garbage dumping and waste issues plaguing the land and oceans ...Seems Lima Peru has a bit of a handle on the issue of waste and garbage dumping..The country has no means of getting rid of the tons of garbage , in a Country of 9 million people , that's a lot of garbage ..The issue was getting desperate and since there is no conventional way of dealing with it ...the vultures have come up with an ingenious way of ridding the place of most of the garbage..Hats off to them..
What seemed to be a hopeless quest to find a way of dealing with illegal dumping now is easy to spot thanks to the hundreds of vultures who take to the air every time someone dumps a load..The vultures lead authorities right to the spot and usually by the time those guys get there the birds pick up and fly away with the choicest bits of edible stuff leaving the guys to either burn or sort things out that can be taken away ..but the things that can be hauled off have really no place to go and most generally left on another heap...The solution?
Well whats normally left that's the problem the piles of metal now its not a whole lot but they are trying to come up with a way of dealing with that issue ..but they feel its not as important as following the birds who lead them to the illegal dump sites ...if it weren't for the birds it could be way worse...
There is actually 5 Countries that contribute to 60% of plastics that makes its way into the Oceans, China, Indonesia, Philippines ,Thailand and Vietnam..thats 1 ton of plastic for every 3 tons of fishin the Ocean by the year 2025. as Asian economy rises they are adapting to the Western way of consuming things such as cigarettes pop and other plastic filled containers of junk food..and most of it does not end up in any landfill.the garbage is piled up in communal dumps where the rains and high tides sweep it out to sea.In Indonesia there are people who scavenge the dump piles for plastics that can be sold to recyclers for profit but the rest is left to wash out to sea..Although corporations are not churning out the plasic containers , such as shampoo or pop with the intent of it ending up in the ocean it does however present a severe problem that needs to be addressed.
Its a vicious circle with the planets wildlife and oceans fish who pay the price ...whales do not need to shampoo or that sugary thing called soda but end up getting the bottles that held the product.

Access Nova Scotia..replace peeling plates or face fines!
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 8:21 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 7:01 pm

Access Nova Scotia asking anyone who has peeling licence plates on their vehicles to replace them or fines. .Its cheaper to replace them than to a fine ..Actually its free to replace , take your old plate in to the branch near your city or town and they will replace it free of charge ..fines range for not properly displaying your licence plate from 237.50 to 1.25 for a defective plate ( no explanation for what qualifies as defective) ..Only thing is when you get your new plate because of the peeling you don't get to keep your old plate registered ..Fruck! I had my plate for a lot of years and had it memorized ,now if I have to get a new plate I got to memorize the new ..sigh!
The plates which are deemed defective or not properly displayed now 6 dollars to fix it but that's a considerable incentive as opposed to the fines ..shoot! If your plate is lost stolen or damaged its a whopping 5.80 to get it replaced. .if its defective it not considered your fault and the is carried by the registry folks its up to you better check those plates because if it looks anything like mine I better haul ass to Access NS and get it but for the most part I put things off too much ..procrastinator extraordinaire ..that's ..!
Toxic relationship, why does it have to be ?
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 2:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 6:49 pm

I don;t know what others have been through and normally do not talk about my past relationships or private affairs .but one subject came up in an article I just happened to come across which was about toxic relationships and what it means , why do people become that way and how it affects and basically rules someone;s life ..someone;s insecurities and is what starts the ball a rolling; so to speak..
People don;t mean to become toxic its just they really don;t think of it as controlling and insecure on their part , being hurt in the past by someone else just means they will do the same things over and over if they see a trend that;s not there..It starts out innocently but as it rolls along there are some things to watch for, it doesn;t even have to be a personal relationship , it can be a whole family or one member and is what makes it so difficult to get away from
I was married for years to a guy who was very conventional and was taught very strict values ,.he was hurt a couple times by former gf ;s , so I suppose that;s when his reasoning and thinking process got messed up...I am pretty strong, independent and confident woman and also not a cheater and stay very loyal to my partner in any kind of relationship so I suppose I didn;t see any of those signs I should have been aware of..Why would I though ? Things seemed to be going along smoothly little did I know...
Things in a toxic relationship are very subtle at first thing I accepted was the &; checking in phase I would be in town or at work and constantly feel as if I was a microscope, he would or ask how I was what time I thought I be home from work , or be done shopping, I laughed it off ..saying things like , geez I don;t know, or like would say maybe an hours time ...I wouldn;t even be a half hour hed be back again was kind of annoying , I be like does he miss me that much? We were not married that long so I chalked it up to missing me..
I couldn;t spend time with my friends or family and of course I got pissed , because of the constant calling or texting , the questions were sounding more and more like an angry parent , and I felt I was being accused of doing something wrong family was close knit and my .Family members were starting to be a bit concerned and warned me about his behaviour , but love is I was getting a bit nervous by then so I would make excuses to leave things go and visits with family and friends became shorter as time went on..I get home and be grilled very subtly of course, who did I talk to why didn;t I get back when I said I would he even hinted about me keeping a log so I could keep track of appointments and time with friends....he laughed saying that maybe my memory gets a bit off from time to my memory is excellent always has been .... , anyway needless to say it came to a head one Sunday afternoon when I was supposed to attend a family gathering to plan my sisters wedding, he started off my morning asking what my part of involvement was in my sisters wedding....I was doing her cake so I needed to get some ideas from her as to what she wanted...well I didn;t know he said ...I said I didn;t think you needed to know...its my sister wedding! Of course he said at that point he didn't like my sister and wasn't going to attend such an affair because shes just making a fool out of her man seriously?
He just kept picking and needling all morning about little things, how long was I going to be there , I offered for him to go with , but he made it clear he wasn;t going to visit my family and talk nonsense with them...ok ...was I going to do the cake here the house...of course where else would I do it....just stuff...I asked him if he would mind not asking things I couldn;t answer ...then he would pout and start again ....I felt like I was walking on egg shells..then he blew and said you are not going down there because I know you are going to be with someone else ..don;t tell me any different !
Then I lost was hard not to but I had enough by time I just simply said to him if you are going to be a jerk then I staying Moms tonight ,,and you are on your own...we were in the bedroom point and he shoved , I went back against the patio doors and .came close to going thru them ..this was a two story house and the deck outside the bedroom wasn;t done it was just the patio doors and a foot drop to the ground...I pushed him back we got into a shoving and shouting match with storming downstairs and into my vehicle , him rushing behind saying sorry sorry ..yeah right ...lay your hands on again we will be what pops! I left and he tormented me for days...I called his Mom and Dad and told them they better get help for their ... was the end for ...I can take a lot but when someone you love puts their hands on you in a destructive way way.
Moral of this true story from my past ? He actually was seeing another woman behind my back for the last of our marriage ..can you beat that ? Kind of wondered if she is going through or was still going through what I went through..I felt bad for her for awhile but moved on..
Not much news lately but there is always funnies!!
Posted:Mar 21, 2019 4:57 pm
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 1:12 am

I have read about every story and find it very boring there is either counrt battles between companies, or individuals and I see the guy who won the lotto max 1 million is being sued by his co workers who claim they were gipped out of their winnings when they pooled their the office and the guy won but don't wanna divvy with know what though? they have no proof to their claims , No one at the office knew there was a pool for lotto and nothing backs the but they plan to take their case to court anyway...what I be sayin' to them ? prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt !
I see Timmys has set for the customer loyalty reward get a loyalty card , purchase a minimum .50 and space the spending 30 minutes apart and on your 8 th purchase you can get either tea coffee or baked goods ( but not a bagel or timbit) the most expensive thing in your order will be free..scan your card and Bob's your uncle
Wow another satisfied loyal customer , imagine more coffee and going off your rocker to prove it, seriously people are leaving their rockers to slide , crawl, hobble, and run to get freebie...I freaking hate the coffer but love the tea...cant stand the donuts but love the chili, .I don't think I will be playing though I don't make enough trips there, it will take a to get 8th , by time It be over....sigh!
Snakes! why did it have to be snakes?
Posted:Mar 20, 2019 3:27 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 11:51 am

Texas size surprise: 45 rattlesnakes found underneath the house:
Warmer temperatures coming snakes are gonna crawl, and when they do there is gonna be lots of them. .A Texas home owner who reported seeing a few snakes under and around his home was not prepared for what was to come .According to the Big Country Snake Removal , workers removed 45 rattlesnakes from under one homeowners house ..This happened near Albany 240 km from Dallas .The home owner crawled under his house after high winds disrupted his cable tv service and came face to face with a few rattlers...he decided to call a snake removal service this happened last week..
When the company sent a few workers to remove the snakes the place came alive ..snakes slithering out from under the house everywhere .The warm weather allows snakes to come out and sun themselves as soon as the sun comes up ..Apparently a lot of snakes are making their way out from under peoples houses .especially around housing developments as their habitat is being destroyed.. Abilene tv reports over 2000 snakes are removed from around houses and businesses..
People get bit quicker when they are unaware of the slithering sneaky snakes when they disturb them as they are lying in wait for sunny days. State wildlife says that around 7000 people are bitten by venomous snakes each year in the USA but few bites are fatal and one or two people die in Texas each year from a snake bite..
Apparently these snakes don't crawl at night , that's what they say ..when the sun goes down then the snakes don't
Who's your Daddy/Mommy?
Posted:Mar 20, 2019 8:05 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 11:51 am

Ok now this isn't going to be a very long post but I am gonna give it a whirl anyway..Now seems I got blocked from the advice line by a guy who apparently doesn't like it if someone voices their opinion about the right wording for ( cd/tg/tv/ts) I politely asked him to not refer to these people who are males , born males, as women , ladies, girls , females, etc...I was told to f off ...he didn't want to hear it..I said to this person that I didn't think it was right to refer to males as she...its not me reflecting on anyones sexual orientation but as a woman who was born a woman I took this as an insult ..this person blocked me for speaking my mind...I don't care what people practice or what they do on their own time its none of my business but when some men stop referring to males as women I will shut my mouth...Take it as you will ..its not about gender discrimination but what is the right way and not the wrong way of reference..
A true legend has passed away at age 95..
Posted:Mar 19, 2019 7:18 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 8:57 am
I think most everyone has heard about or watched the documentary about the " Lost Treasure of Oak Island " here in Nova Scotia yes? Its been a mystery for a lot of years.
Now with the passing of Dan Blankenship , treasure hunter extrodinaire , we only know what it means to be a dedicated believer as was Dan
The series on tv " The Curse of Oak Island " has seen the deaths of at least 6 people who have had the fever of finding treasure at the infamous Oak Island treasure pit..Dans passing has open a lot of memories for people who supported his belief and his dream , that there was and still is treasure beyond mans wildest dream buried on Oak Island.
Dan was the key player for two brothers who believed as Dan did that they could uncover the wealth of treasure that was buried there by pirates who pillaged , plundered and stole loot from passing ships laden with treasure and coin..
Dan was admired and respected as a level headed man and one whose determination inspired everyone who came into his life...Dan was not born in NS he moved to the Island in 1965 and spent much of his life and a small fortune searching for the fabled treasure of Oak Island...certain clues egged him on and on ..many areas were the focus of interest in the quest ...
Sorry to hear about Dans passing I am sure the Island will never be the same but those who stay behind to try and find the treasure will surely miss the guidance of such an extraordinary legend , few will measure up to his dream , sadly he will not be around when the Island finally gives it up..

This planets victims!
Posted:Mar 19, 2019 4:33 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2019 4:34 pm

When a dead whale washed up on the beach in the Phillippines on Saturday the veterinarians mistook it for a pregnant female because of its swollen belly.
It was in fact a severely emaciated juvenile male , a Culvers beaked whale to be exact..filled to bursting with 40 kilograms of hard calcified plastic garbage..The whale was found on the beach near a town called Mabini. As the veterinarians started cutting it open one reached his hand way down inside and finding a real hard lump. The countrys Bereau of Fisheries and Aquatic resources said its the biggest collection of plastic they had ever seen inside any mammal..Two lumps of calcified plastic balls the size of basketballs was discovered lodged inside its stomach completely blocking its digestive tract, it literally starved to death..Literall plastic bag after bag was pulled out of the stomach of the whale..
Ok so where does this stuff come from? Well believe it or not the ocean is full of plastic and sometimes we get to see it and sometimes not..Is there grocery stores at the bottom of the ocean that we don't see? Nooo of course not silly., but this stuff gotta be coming from somewhere..
Well in 2015 it was determined that somewhere between 4.8 million and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic came from people living no more than 50 km from any coastline and had already made its way into our oceans..Much of this is centered in The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ,a hugh floating mass of mostly plastic that grown three times the size of France.but floating masses of plastic is not only found locally it has been found floating as far away as Antarctica and as far down in the deepest trenches in the ocean,and it ending up in the bellies of our marine life.often causing agonizing death.
This whale had been suffering for months and so much so that if it hadn't died the stomach was close to bursting..normal diet of squid and fish wouldn't pass thru because of the plastic which had become a hard mass due to stomach acids burning it into the hard whats to be done? hmmmm.
People take the mentality of " well its not my problem " make it someone elses...ships that dump large amounts of garbage at sea hardly ever get caught , do they have to plant a snitch on board? can you imagine if that person would get caught ? well I am guessing he would either sleep with the fishes or end up like Jonah , literally in the belly of a whale..thoughts ? comments? welcome..
pets and Vegans!
Posted:Mar 18, 2019 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 11:52 am

Switching your pets over to a vegan or vegetarian diet? Don't!! People who do this already have experienced loss of all reason, delusions and numerous other normal brain function! Just because you don't want to handle meat ,or don't eat meat fish or poultry ..don't make your pets suffer ... their systems are different than ours and need to be treated as such...
Cats and dogs come from wild ancestors who were and always will be meat eaters, if that's taken away from them then there are very very few substitutions that's on the market today that will suffice...I mean come on now did you cat or dogs ancestors go digging up carrots or turnip? Nooo of course not why would they when the meat supply was already there for them...Cats hunt mice, fact mice provides protein, dogs hunted rabbit, fact rabbit provided protein..get it?
The diet we choose should not be pushed on any pet..we eat specific things for numerous reasons..yes? whether it be plant based or animal based foods..we get our protein from whatever diet we choose because we can reason and read and experiment with different recipes..rice, pastas fish etc..Our pets don't have a choice as to what we feed them do they? If they could talk you be getting an earful if you shoved a carrot in their they refuse it? of course silly human they do and if it were me sitting there looking at your sorry face stuffing yourself with Vegan foods and offering that crap to me I be so in your face yelling for meat!
So think with your god given brain and the process will come to you ...They need meat, crave meat, want meat..not carrots and rice...just look into their eyes...that ought to point you in the right direction...if not well say bye bye to all reason !
This is the way i see things!
Posted:Mar 18, 2019 8:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2019 10:13 am

Health Canada is kind of putting the bash on natural homeopathic medicine, just because Health Canada does not approve of these practices and its not been scientifically proven to work , does not mean that it doesn't work.Proof as they say is in the pudding...Native Americans have been using healing alternative ways for a very long time..
Most parents have heard about a childs immune system and how long it takes to develop and how babies are fed either through breast milk as per natural or formulas that include as best they can alternative additives to ensure development of immune systems.. Mothers know that the breast fed baby thrives on colostrum which is prominent in breast milk to help with proper development .This is the most important start a parent can give their babies..But what about the parent who cannot feed their child in this natural way..and believes that homeopathic medicine and natural products can do the same? Not a chance says those who specialize in their field of childcare , call them what you will.
Children from infant to toddler who doesn't get the proper start with what they need to produce an immune system and with proper vaccines can suffer if the parents believe in many alternative medicines that has not been an approved remedy ..Homeopathic medicines some say and many specialists and even some of those who believe in the natural homeopathic medicines say that it is definitely not an option for children, it is best left to the child when he or she reaches the age of consent to make their own choices then. .not parents who believe that homeopathic medicines are the greatest alternative and best alternative to their childrens development and is definitely a mixed bag of opinions..
With a twist of lemon?
Posted:Mar 18, 2019 7:15 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2019 5:07 pm

Ok this is one of those head scratcher stories and actually deserves a bit of thought.
Anyone who has ever been on a date site and found what they think is a good connection , chat up a storm , find lots of things that both have in common, chat some more ..then make plans to meet ..the big day..nervous and don't really know what to expect..arrive at destination..check the time..yep ahead of schedule..wait ..tap tap your foot...wait more, look around ..nope didn't miss anything..check watch again...sigh! Now seeing someone approach you and look up kind of puzzled look at the person who has stopped by your table...hmmm wonder what they want...ignore...then the dreaded words ..hey sorry I'm late but here I am.....whaaa? This is not the person whose pic you seen in a profile...overweight sloppily dressed....! Not quite what you expected ?
Ok so try this ..guy sees a beautiful woman on a date site automatically smitten , swipes right asks a few questions ..looks at her pic...several more , sees her as a twin...not identical as her sister but ..still appealing some more..make plans to meet ..she sends more pics ..lovely very striking woman...ok agree to meet ..get to the place early of course ..there is a lot of people there and someone approaches your table ..puzzled you look at her ..same woman as in the pics ..face wise any way but is at least 100 pounds overweight ...she is still beautiful but admits she has shown her twin sisters pic to you not hers because of her weight...not being judgemental you get on with your date have a blast but are still a bit peeved by her deception..
Ok what to do here? She obviously wants to go on another date she has indicated as such.... obviously she deceived you but did she because she is a twin and passed off her sisters pic as her own..we all have flaws we want to pretend isn't there but?? Confused and still peeved he struggles with the deception...he feels like he is " fat shamed" because of her lack of judgement in her decision about honesty and not telling him in the beginning...he asks his colleagues what they think ..they are divided as to what he should do...forget the incident or don't feel obligated to go on another date...tell her your truth how you feel about being honest right off the jump...
The end result in my own got catfished , doesn't matter if she has a twin she still used her sisters pics to make herself look good and used her pics to get dates...
How does this sound to you if you been deceived as this guy was? What did you do or not do? I was deceived big time by a guy and it only took me 20 minutes from meet to feet so I know what my outcome would be!

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