Molly Knocks - 1  

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Molly Knocks - 1

Jill is refreshed from her shower and knowing that her father probably masturbated outside the bathroom door, and she is so turned on. She wants confront him, and ask him, and fuck him. She knows she is naughty but clings the story in her mind that her real dad died in a car wreck with her mom. Life sucks sometimes! She was young when it happened and so her godparents took her in and raised her as their own.

“Hey, yo, what the heck is going on?” Jill’s friend, Molly, finally answers the phone.

“Molly! Awesome babe! Where are you?”
“I’m at my parents for the weekend. You?”
“Same. Did you hear about the reunion?”
“Totally! Wanna go?”
“Fuck! I’m thinking about it.”
“Honey, I can’t STOP thinking about fuck!”

After seconds of silence, the girls burst into hysterical laughter.

“That was very funny! So, you must be my date if we go. You know I hate going to things like this alone. In fact, you should come over to my dad’s house and hang out. We can plan it out. It will be fun. Besides, I miss you and have not seen you in months.”

“Fine. I will be over in an hour or so. It’s supposed to get hot.”

“Good.” Jill hangs up and heads outside. The sliding glass door opens to a large pool-side patio. It’s perfect. But there’s no sign of her dad. She wonders where he is hiding. Molly will help draw him out. Jill laughs to herself and can’t help but wonder about him. She swears she heard him masturbating at the bathroom door. Molly won’t be there for awhile and so Jill goes looking for her dad.

He can’t believe how turned he was from seeing Jill in the shower – but then ashamed that he would have such thoughts over her. He is her guardian and supposed to look out for her and protect her – that was the promise he made. Still, as his mind wanders through strings of rationalizing his lust for her, he can escape the image of her in the shower masturbating her sweet pussy. He came so hard that he almost got caught. Oh, how he wanted to go to her, but it would have changed everything.

The pool house is a quiet spot he likes to retreat to for solitude. No one ever goes out there and his wife calls it his ‘mancave.’ As he thinks through his desires, erotic scenes out in his mind, and he is annoyed that he is so distracted but also incredibly hard. What if she would have caught him? What would she have done? Maybe she is actually the little pervert she presents herself as – like his little slut. He is absent-mindedly stroking himself through his sweats and realizes how horny he still is. He knows she could have anyone she wanted, and his tool is not the biggest in the shed – but he is proud of its girth, and it still stays rock hard. He squeezes it at the base and strokes toward the head and closes his eyes.

“Ah, that’s it, Jill, take ’s cock, baby. That’s it – yes, stroke it while you suck it. Ah, that makes very happy.”

He doesn’t know when his wife will return, but he needs to fuck and gives in to the loss of time to do chores – his needs are more important now. “Fuck her list!” He laughs, “...there is always tomorrow!” He envisions her dropping to her knees and taking him. “Ah, yes, that’s it, baby…, right there.”

“Right there, ?”

He suddenly opens his eyes, startled, and sees Jill standing there with a sly smile. She steps toward him as he is trying to cup his engorged coc

“Oh fuck! Ah..” He stammers and tries pull up his sweats that are now tangled around his ankles.

“No , stop.” Jill coos and takes his hand away so she can see his coc “Oh , I like that very much. It’s ok – I won’t tell.”

“Fuck Jill…”

“That’s what I want, .” She cuts him off, inserting herself into his fantasy. She is wearing the skimpy swimsuit he had bought for her last summer. “Will you pull this string for me, ?”

He looks up from the floor and her eyes tell him she is serious, and he can’t resist. He let’s Jill take his hand to pull the string around her nec Her suit drops the floor, and he can’t believe how amazing she is up close. Her breasts are large but firm and are pointing right at him.

“Please suck them for , . Please.” Jill has replaced his hands with her own and slowly strokes his hard dick with delicate hands that make him look large.

Her pulls her by the waist and begins suck her nipples with lips and tongue. This is what she wanted and is so glad she thought to look in the pool house when she did. They had plenty of time before Molly would arrive and then no time for awkward silence. She liked how thick his cock felt in her hands.

“That’s it, .” She whispers.

“Oh Jill, we shouldn’t be doing this.” He breathes

“It’s ok, . I’ve wanted you to fuck me forever.” Jill pushes her soft mound toward him and rubs against the head of his dick as he sucks and pushes her tits together. She feels him let go and take control. She doesn't resist as he turns her around and pulls her hips to him - just how he wanted her in the shower.
She loves it.

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And the plot thickens...Nice read.xoxo

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