How To Fuck A Transman -- 3 Easy Steps  

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10/27/2021 11:10 am
How To Fuck A Transman -- 3 Easy Steps

Okay, that catchy title was only to get you to open the Blog post. There aren't three easy steps, there's actually only two...

1. Ask nicely
2. Don't be a total ass

That's it . That's all it takes to get in a trans-guy's pants. Why? Because most transmen are just as horny as genetic males, perhaps even more so. While a genetic man's body produces testosterone naturally... each month, transmen are injected with mega-doses of testosterone. And this can drive a transman's libido completely through the roof.

Speaking for myself and perhaps for the dozen or so transmen I know, most of us think about fucking or getting fucked, pretty much... "All the Time". Is that a bad thing? Heck No! We make no apologies for our sexuality or our sex drives.

No Shit-Heads Please

However, most of us won't fuck just any shit-head that comes down the pike. If you're a self-absorbed ass who expects a transman to be at your beck and call... to drop everything and bend over whenever you have an extra hour to kill... or to play silly power-struggle<b> games </font></b>with you... then what can I say... you just don't get it.

Guys, keep in mind that transmen aren't "women" anymore... and never really were. Just like any other guy, we like to fuck and we like to fuck hard. Most of us aren't dainty or feminine looking. We're muscular and hairy, or have thinning hair... and some of us even have hair growing out of our backs... Heaven Forbid!!! But when you endeavor to hookup with a transman, if you're expecting to meet a tom-boyish looking woman dressed in men's clothing... Buddy, are you in for a surprise!

Magical Mystical Unicorns

Now, don't get me wrong, some transmen are quite handsome, some are average looking, and some... well, some are downright unattractive. But so what? The same holds true for genetic males. My point is, we're just average guys looking to get laid... not magical, mystical unicorns with hard dicks and cock-hungry pussies.

Well, most transmen do have both tcocks (massive clits that get erections) and pussies. As a result, most of us are NOT hard-up to get fucked. That's because guys like to fuck us, women like to fuck us, even t-girls like to fuck us. And why not? We provide a literal smorgasbord of intriguing sexual possibilities... oral, anal, vaginal, DP, men, women, t-girls, 2 men, 2 women, couples, pegging, fisting, groups, gang-bangs... And what's more, most of us are fun, intelligent, genuinely nice guys.

Closing Thoughts

If you've wanted to have sex with a transman, and if you have compatible sexual interests, fucking a transman can be a fun and exciting experience. We look just like genetic males and because we're quite strong, we can fuck hard. But since most of us were socialized as women, we can be gentle, soft and really tuned-in to our sexual partner's needs. In fact, most of the transmen I've ever met are sexually attracted to both women and men. And like a lot of other guys on this site, many transmen also love hooking-up with t-girls.

So my advice is this, just be real. Don't play games, and don't waste a transman's time... Do these three simple things, and there's a very good chance you'll end up getting fucked... like you've never been fucked before.

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