Excited by wierdest things  

aurin99 50M
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3/24/2022 8:29 pm
Excited by wierdest things

So for the past few years I keep seeing the White hatchback driving down back alley. Mostly noticed it in the summer as I'd be on the deck. Once got to see who it was. The took off fast for a back lane. Then last week I see that car passing by at stop sign I was. I saw the driver got really good look at the driver and the car passes it's the same back end even the partial license plate was right, I took law enforcement as was trained to pick stuff like that. It was an old lover I hadn't seen over 3 years. Things didn't end well with us.

Here's the odd part. This should creep me out. But it kind excites me. Is that<b> weird </font></b>or what?

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