A Fum Meeting Part 3  

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1/12/2022 6:11 pm

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A Fum Meeting Part 3

"Now I bet you are ready to really fuck" you smile up at me.
I couldn't agree more as I take your hand to help you up....You lead me to the kitchen and with a grin lean over the table. Your ass sticks up and your tits are squished under your chest as you wait for me to get into position behind you. I move slowly behind you and rub your ass with my hands. I reach between your legs and get your sweett pussy juices on my palms and smear it on your asscheeks and around the tight hole. Then I lean against you with my stiff cock jutting between your legs. As I move forth and back the head rubs along your lips and against your clit. You groan and move back with your hips wanting me to enter you. I move forth and back a few more times then lean into you and press my cock foreward. You reach under yourself and I feel your hand on my coc You rub it in your fist a few times then guide the head to your pussy. It slides easily between the wet swollen lips and the head pushes into your tight cunt. I pause feeling the hot tight muscles grip my cockhead then with a groan push in hard. My hips bash agaisnt your ass and my cock fills you. You sigh and rest your head on your forearm as we start a steady rythm. Holding on to your hips I push into you with all my force so my cock slides in as far as I can get then I withdraw slowly to slam it home again. I<b> bite </font></b>my lip and push harder with each thrust feeling the your hole loosening up as we fuck so hard. Your juices cover my cock and I even feel some dripping off my nutsac as we slam together. I push into you and you move your hips back to meet me. You reach under you again and this time I feel your hand on my balls, tugging and squeezing them gently, coaxing the cum from them. It isn't long before I have to cum and I moan loudly as I start to shoot into you. You feel the hot cum inside you and give my balls a tug as you start to cum again too. We fuck harder now trying to relieve the pressure of our orgasm and getting as much stimulation as we can. After an eternity of cuming I feel drained and lie against you reaching under you to squeeze your breasts as I gasp for breath. You go limp under me with only the table holding us up as our gasps fill the air. "Oh wow, you sure know how to fuck me good".


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2/10/2022 8:03 am

Mmm really hot. Keep it coming hugs V

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able202 replies on 2/13/2022 6:14 pm:
Thanks, always great to hear from you. Stay safe and healthy. XOX

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1/12/2022 10:57 pm

Nice read Hun..Very hot and looking forward to reading more..xoxo

able202 replies on 1/13/2022 8:17 am:
Thank you, XOXOX >>!

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1/12/2022 6:17 pm

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