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i am revamping my blog here and now... consider it fully under construction until further notice from the bitch upstairs (my goddess guides me, soothes me, and is careful to amuse me when i write!) for starters, after i write my blog, i notice that Senior Sizzle leaves out words, sometimes powerful words that drew the blog together abd so what i write not always consistent with what is published (need to get on about that to Senior Sizzle mind you)... and secondly, i want to dedicate my blog to my dear friend paul e. stewart, a 'one man riot' in his own words, poet, bestie and past lover because he is what propelled me into my sexuality in my mid-30's and today i am light because he is my friend. last, i want to correct all the errors, rewrite where need be. shine down your comments and words of love on me. Blessed Be
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men not couple charade
Posted:Jun 1, 2021 3:00 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

i have to take this time out to bitch about something that needs to be read, heard and noted: men stop representing yourself as couples!!! i am sooo tired of hearing from men who are listed as a couple say they "play alone" or "she's sleeping/busy/at work/out of town...." or worse yet they were too cheap to get their own account when their girlfriend left their pathetic ass! i think i have heard it all now. guys - knock this shit off please please please! sure its easier to meet women when you have one, but not having one pretending you do just to pick up women is a loser thing to do. we know, we're not stupid, and you can stop that this minute. at least don't message me!
slow like honey
Posted:May 31, 2021 8:05 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

come home with me tonight
i'm oh so wet and very tight
let's make it in the balcony
i know i know you like me
your not the one for all time
only tonight will you be mine
i'm not your special
i'm just another one
but i am a lot of naughty fun
lets get naked and run, run, run
in the morning you be gone
leave me just before the dawn
i don't even want to know your name
let's just not talk at all, how very insane
you are not my last end game
but i will linger just the same
'cause i'm slow like honey and
heavy with mood
fuck thee
Posted:May 26, 2021 2:26 pm
Last Updated:May 31, 2021 8:06 pm

its my birthday and i'll fuck if i want , suck if i want ! you'd fuck too if it happened to you. at least i would think we all try to get naughty on our birthdays. i always do, and usually line up my special day in a perverse, freaky kind of way. that way i can get older bringing sexy bac at 46 i can honestly say i am not feeling ... i feel blessed. and if you don't believe in birthday sex then fuck good are you at birthdays anyways? this time of the year, the year of the witch for me, i open my 3rd eye and care be free, and carefree. now if i sound mixed up then you just don't get . i am the triple goddess, dirt of the land, water drops of the sea.... dipped in syrup and rolled in pixie dust, i live for unforgiven lust. so happy fucking birthday . anyone want be my fantasy? females come over and get pleasured by both my boyfriend and i. it may be a long shot but hey i try. and there is a lot be said for a nympho like get out of bed... and come out and look around, pussy galore without a sound, where oh where can you be. come over and eat {sit on my face} and eat me. somebody plze fuck thee.
late night thoughts
Posted:May 15, 2021 12:29 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2021 8:06 pm

seduction, seduce... enchanted, charmed, sexy, intelligent/ these are some of the traits that manifest attraction, affection and the sought after versions of lust, and pixie dust.

don't let them say you ain't beautiful
they can all just get (stay true to you

My Pleasure
My Power
My Pain
eviction day HEY!
Posted:Apr 28, 2021 9:25 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm
hey freaks and fans! how goes it? today was a strange day. we got evicted but my roommates weren't paying rent so hey! I should be having a meltdown when actually I'm a bit relieved. the house was trashed and not by my doing ( tho maybe caused my undoing for a bit) but my roomies used the entire house as their took bench, auto parts garage and basically like 4 yr olds who made the house their playpen. I couldn't even walk thu the house. it was fucked . worse part is that my cats are staying with a friend, and I miss them. I'm staying with family along with my partner. it almost feels like a vacation of sorts. bummer we had 5 minutes vac we are supposed be able get our shit out of there friday. so if anybody wants help move, we'll have party favs and provide beer and pizza. enter at your own risk. so what's been with y'? talk lovers. come , talk .
Posted:Apr 18, 2021 12:44 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

i have always been fascinated with psychology, the study of the mind. but let's not leave out other interesting "ology's" such as mythology, fuckology, and biology. i find studying human behavior helps understand others, break down barriers meeting others and renews my interest in meeting new and interesting people. mythology is very interesting as i am into witchcraft and the gods and goddesses are based myth. what is your favorite topic of study?
my day today
Posted:Apr 13, 2021 10:10 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

typical morning here. my boyfriend took a viagra gel, we showered and played around for a while until, well he had a dry orgasm and i gave up on that shit for this morning. periods can be such a mess and always gross out my guy. then we move onto the next phase of waking up... we smoke some spiz (some say 'skate' but we prefer 'spiz' as it rhymes with jizz and doesn't sound like dope). now we were awake after that ritual! we eat our yogurt breakfast, and as always i share some with my kitties. lacking a real job right now, i am doing some "work" to help out my buddy pan these days, helping his mother get her house organized, paperwork in order and this includes going through a lot of boxes and bags... its a bit boring but pays cash money so i cannot turn it down. to help with this project i got my friend ayah hired on as well. she's my bestie, my homegirl. everyday we work we have our routines and each day i look forward to them. she is like me, likes to talk about sex. single, she bitches about all the sex she isn't getting. in a relationship, i complain about the sex i'm not giving. ha! neither of us are satisfied there. so we joke around about it all the damn time, and its fun. she's a firm believer in me with holding sex when my guy is being a dick. only problem there i cut myself off too. she is forever in search of the giant cock, shaved and attached to a sexy guy who will fuck her then go away. we stop for sodas and food, do some lines on her phone (trying not to 'line dial' any friends. we avoid talking about our mutual friend, whom we both fucked,, because its an awkward subject since she had feelings for him. i know what your thinking but hey i am not a heartless bitch... i never fuck with love, so had it been a love thing would never have gone there. still i shouldn't have gone there. but anyway... we get to pan's, go downstairs when we arrive at pan's and do some bong hits before we get started. then on to work. there it is, my day.
i'm a bitch
Posted:Mar 31, 2021 6:53 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

many times i have been accused of being blunt, perhaps even to a fault. i like to think of myself as being direct. sure this can sound sarcastic, insensitive, or inappropriate. now these things are all true, but i'm no hater! i never just say mean things unfounded to the underserving of criticism; no i save my harsh words for those who most need to hear them, or should i say to the mundane. i'm kinda a hipster, part ghetto, part warrior, part , and the biggest part... why be a queen when you can be a goddess. i mean am i right? right. so anyway, getting back to my topic (blah/blah/blah). ok, so one of my all time favorite rappers is /eminem/! he tells it like it is, no holds barred, and i really dig this. plus he writes about me (in my mind anyway), "i want a girl who sits around the house with no panties on, knows she can say 'no' but won't" -eminem
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pussy smiling
Posted:Mar 29, 2021 9:56 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

today was one of those days that started mundane and is shaping up to be not so bad. and while i do not require affirmation that a sexy bitch, it doesn't hurt to get a little now and again. and today was a day not without surprises. i guy friend of mine that i see now and again had told he heave to put a hold on our visits for awhile. yet a week or less later he is inviting over. guess he missed what he does not need with the other he does not care about. and don't think i am bitter because i am not. in fact i grin when i think of my friend, who says he he "just uses as s distraction"... he kisses on the mouth sometimes and he knows how i feel about kissing (its very personal to me, reserved for feelings not fuck buddies)! anyway, i asked him for some pot and he said sure, come on over... so i did, we did, it was fun, but short lived. left me wanting for more. ao off i went to run errands after recovering from smoking a joint dipped in dabs with friend, finally recovered. so i had to take another friend, my homegirl ayah, to the hospital after a bad reaction to antibiotics. i was worried and they kept her overnight (bur she'll be alright). then on my way home, another guy friend called... he asked me if i was alone and where i was... i told him driving home and he asked me if i wanted to meet him that cheesy motel we used to go to hook up. thinking of his having a girlfriend, and thinking of my guy, i declined the invitation. but i was flattered. for a second there my pussy smiled, that's right, remember sex with him made my pussy smile, and i felt wild, like a horny teenage , but not today i decided, hiding my excitement that we may start fucking again. still, he is forbidden fruit and i know this!
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wasting the dawn, SLUT
Posted:Mar 23, 2021 11:28 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

S.L.U.T. is for Suductive, Lively, Uber Sexy and Tantalizingly and the word "slut" easily describes . I'm not a , they charge . I'm not a bot, I am real. I am not an again they take men's . I'm not a stripper or a Jezebel. I love fuck and I suck like hell. I'm a skut, a slut, and sometimes I like it in the butt. so if you ever think of yourself as one then we have something in common, and I like other sluts. like licking cunts. don't need a stand in double my stunts. I have guts, charisma and ass, it's your pick for a ride: gas or grass. wait not really because this ride is free, it be no fun if I charged a damn fee. in this we can agree, I'm a free slut, free slut, and I want you I want you not, in , and make it a reservation for 3, because 3 is always more fun then 2, and add a female, I know what do... are you her, is she you? I'm a slut, a slut and I want it all the time, no panties on, what eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn?
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PANdemic Memory
Posted:Mar 23, 2021 11:17 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

if you enjoy erotic stories then I have a whole gang of them so hold on tight. recently I was remembering fucking my friend pan, an old fwb that used to cum around when my boyfriend jj would be willing to share me. with pan it was always so easy to fall into sex, like a dream I'd fall as if in the air. and he recently claimed that he used to fuck me into time warps, as in we'd lose track of time completely and just fuck for hours. I believe this may be true. I know the last times my boyfriend fell asleep, or at least went on bed, frustrated perhaps. but there is no preparation required of getting his cock inside of .. I never had , as a matter of maintenance, suck him get him hard. he is just perpetually hard. what amazing sex we had. oh the organisms he used give were like another guy we won't mention. he he cannot be mentioned fucked me better then I've been in over a decade, and pan was a close 2nd as that goes. after work I seen him on my way out the other day. I was sooo horny, but I resisted. still I cant help but feel jared when I remember myself shuttering about, cuming in circles, until full circle and then would be the supreme orgasmic gush of lights in every color, like an aura they were marked with combinations of color and light, so powerful that I cannot subscribe their memory more then a faint bliss, a special kiss. if only live felt like this!
friends @ Senior Sizzle
Posted:Mar 21, 2021 7:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

I just want to reiterate that I endorse this site because my circle of friends stem from people I've met on here. some of my very best friends are on here either because they were when i met them or because i recommended it to them, or directed them to my blog. a few honorable mentions are sarah, ayah, wado, gale, pan, vinnie, christa, and maximan whose name will be kept in confidence.
pan/sexual fwb
Posted:Mar 21, 2021 6:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:20 pm

many times I find myself wondering if it's too late to hook up, or too damn early. guess it depends on your perceptive. what I have going on that day has a lot to do with it. right now I am temporarily helping a friend's out with organizing her house. it's a gig and goddess only knows I need the so I am going to do this task as long as it can be done. the friend goes the name of pan. yes that's short for pansexual. I met him here on Senior Sizzle, and he is one of my better friends. while we didn't see each other during this covid outbreak, we did stay on one another's minds which I knew we would. he's a great guy, very passionate, and occasionally we fuck... in front of my boyfriend. that means he's off limits unless Jimmy is present. and I can live with that. over at his house on a regular basis I am behaving myself. pan asked me to ask jj if on live Senior Sizzle can counter as "same room sex" but I already know the answer to that question. so I'll ne good at being good dammit and should I have a moment of weakness in thought, I will go home and get out my toys. that's how I roll. I can't accept the karma to lie because its damaging to the soul. so work not on the table, or any other flat surface, i will still remember how much fun it was... and hope he comes over to my house again- to get my guy stoned and fuck.md silly. stay tuned for the next episode.

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