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The List
Posted:Jan 29, 2022 5:53 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2022 5:49 am
Welcome to the List

If you wish to be considered, add your name to our list.

Leave us a note and your contact information.
For a quicker response:

Leave an email address
A brief description of who you are
and why you want to join our little network

All post to this post will be kept private.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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The Rules
Posted:Jan 29, 2022 6:24 pm
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2022 6:38 pm

If you to play with us, you have to play by our rules.

First and foremost: Discretion and patience.

If you are not reliable, we will not give you a second loo If we are to meet, everyone we agree will be meeting, will be there. If you are wishy washy about meeting, do not even bother. We are busy and try to make the most of our free time. Do not waste it.

You must be clean e. Disease free, Drug free

Have an open mind

If you to get in touch with us, get on the list. You can leave us a message there. We are not going to put that much effort into dating sites so, we will not be able to read your messages sent through the messenger. And we probably will not bother at them.

This site is not our first go to, rather it falls about fourth.

1) General social areas about town
2) Swing clubs
3) Nudist beaches, clubs, and resorts
4) Dating sites

We are a happily married couple for women, couples (both male/female and female/female), and select males. She is bi and he is straight. We travel a lot for our business.

Speaking of which, we do not mix business with pleasure so, do not ask about our business if you in on the pleasure.

We are building a network of people throughout the US to have someone or ones to have fun with in every port. Indy is where we live but we are rarely there.

Our Ideal Person:

Women of all types. Preferably Bi so both of us can have fun.

Two females, at the least, he gets to watch.
Male/female, as a lesson learned, if she decides to not come to our meet, do not bother coming. If he decides he does not to come, she can still come.

We travel together and play together.

Only select males get an invite for a solo meet.

She will contact you if she wants to meet you. No exception!

These rules will change as we see fit. If you can not play by our rules, you can not play.
About our Florida trips (both)
Posted:Feb 28, 2022 10:07 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 8:3 pm

Told from both of our of view.

Him - Florida trip

Our trip to Florida was very nice. We almost didn't think it was going to happen with the weather coming in. It was nice experiencing the contrast between Indy and Florida. There wasn't anything worth wild to share other than the awesome sex my wife and I always have. There is something about having sex in a bed that isn't our own.

Lucky for you, we got called back there and this trip us worth telling about.

If this story doesn't sit right with you, please understand this is our first attempt at telling about out adventures.

Our trip started out in the usual way. Check into the hotel, get settled, eat dinner and get ready for the next day. The room was very big and esthetically pleasing. The bed was separated from the sitting area aith a bar that the T.V. sat on across from the couch. Nice set .

We didn't really much attention to the couple who was checking in the same time we were until we noticed some similarities. Besides checking in at the same time, riding the same elevator and getting off on the same floor, we seemed to be on a simular schedule when we saw them at dinner in the hotel restaurant and then again the next morning at breakfast. We decided to approach them if we ran into them again at dinner.

It was our luck, shortly after we arrived at the hotel restaurant for dinner, they showed up. My wife made her way over to their table and after a small talk she invited them to our table. She just has a nack for socializing. I wouldn't be surprized to see her talk a nun out of her habit.

Lovely couple from Texas here for a vacation get away. We will call them Dick and Jane. He is your average , clean cut, clean shaven, well dressed. She is a smaller, Hispanic, breast and an amazing ass. Long curly black hair. If I have guilty pleasure, it is women with long hair, preferably curly. I love the way it feels when she drags it on my chest as she does her thing on top.

After dinner we went our separate ways and agreed we would get together Saturday morning at breakfast then go out and explore the city. Our plan was to and see what this city has to . I can go on about our day but, that's not why you are reading this. Although I do have to say those mom and pop Cuban restaurants are hidden gems. And, the Cuban coffee is the best.

When we returned to the hotel, the women suggested we try out the hotel . We went to our room, got changed, then we all met at our room to head down to the .

I wasn't very impressed with the or area. It is an indoor with a glass wall facing outside. The area felt sticky like there was so much more humidity than outside. And it is very warm. After all it is a heated . We climbed into the cloudy water. For the price of the rooms, you would think they would have a good filtration system. We occupied of the corners and soaked. My wife was busy getting friendly with Jane. After having her fun with Jane, she grabbed the Jane's hand and pressed it against my cock. Jane ran her hand and down my shaft a few times to make sure we were ok with it then she slid her hand into my trunks grabbing ahold of my cock and firmly stroked it. My wife followed suit with Dick pulling his cock out of his trunks to give it a good rub down.

I had my arm behind Jane and ran my hand down to rub Jane's ass. I sware she had to have worked out. Her ass was so firm and tight. I slipped my hand into her bottoms and traveled down the crack of her ass. Slightly apprehensive, she clinched her ass cheeks together a couple times. Had I been wedged in the crack of her ass, she could have held my hand fast and kept it from moving.

Arriving between her thighs I immediately could tell what was water and what was her juices. Her juices were so much more hotter than the water. She was so warm and moist. My fingers slid effortlessly into her. Her clit swollen and sensitive to the touch. As I played with her pussy she pulled my cock out of my trunks and began stroking more vigorously. I was going to cum for sure just not before Dick did. When he said just loud enough for the of us to hear, "I'm going to cum." We all watched through the cloudy water as cum shot out of his cock and into the water followed shortly by my cum shooting into the water. By this time we were all worked and ready to get back to the room.

When we got back to our room the women went into the bathroom, stripped down and rinced off emerging from the bathroom wearing nothing but towels. Dick and I decided we would do this separately. With everyone rinced off, we were about to get the fun started when Jane wanted to go back to her room to grab a few toys she brought along. My wife volunteered to go with her. Walking out the door, Jane went first followed by my wife who dropped her towel on the way out. After the of them were in the hall, the second towel flew into the room as the door quickly slammed shut. While the women were away, Dick and I each went into the bathroom to rince off. We both emerged wearing just a towel. We then sat in the chairs and talked until the women came back.

Dick and I waited for about an hour when the door opened and fine looking naked women entered. My wife strolled over to the end of the bed and fell backwards onto it. She brought her knees , planted her feet on the bed with her legs spread apart completely exposed to Dick. She raised her head and peered between her legs at Dick who was loving the view he had. She asks Dick, "So... are you going to fuck me or just stare? Dick hesitated for a second, a stunned by how forward my wife is. As dick stood his towel came off and over to my wife he went. He's in for a treat. My wife is all about the Kegle exercises.

I stood and dropped my towel and walked over to Jane. I took the bag of toys from her and tossed them on the chair. Grabbing her hand I led her to the top of the bed. When she sat down I pushed back on her shoulder to lay her down. I reached down, grabbed her legs by placing my hands behind her knees and lifted he feet onto the bed. Speaking her legs I knelt down and proceeded to lick her pussy. This woman had a wonderful mound shave clean. Her lips were beet red from where my wife had already obviously been. Her clit was just the right size to suck on and play with using my tounge. She moaned softly. The more I liked her pussy the wetter it got. Her juices dripped down her tant and onto her tight ass hole. Then the spasms began and to my pleasure she squirted on my face and in my mouth. Oh the taste was devine. I had to make her do it again. I rammed my fingers into her pussy and pumped vigorously as I licked her lips and sucked on her clit. Her moans got louder and turned into screams of ecstasy. She pressed my face into her crotch and raked my back with her nails. Her legs began to tremble again as she bucked her hips into my face and then again, that hot stream of juices hit me in the face.

I slowly crawl my way to where I'm face to face with Jane. I rub the head of my cock on her pussy lips and clit teasing her before I slowly slide my cock in her pussy. She takes in a huge gasp than holds it when I'm buried to the hilt in her. Then she let's out a long sigh and whimper as the muscles in her pussy contract and release. She just wants me to lay there in her until the contraction stop. After I begin fucking her she pushes on my hips to stop me. I bottomed out on her and she needed a couple seconds to adjust. When I went back to it I was mindful not to go too deep. I started out slow then worked myself faster. She grabbed ahold of me like a bear wrapping her arms and legs around me. Her body shakes as she releases again. Her juices drip off of my ball sack. With that she rolls me over and mounts me. She is riding me as if she was being chased by demonds on back. Her hair flying all over as it bounces with every thrust. She leans forwards and allows her hair to brush my chest. She began to move faster and faster. Before she could get off, I pulled out of her and with my hands on her ass I pushed up as I told her to stand up and put her hands on the wall. Once she was in position, I reached up and finger fucked her until she came all over me like a shower. She may need a break seeing how the convulsing continues after she cums. Let's see how much further she can go.

The next position we did used of Jane's toys, the double dildo. Jane and my wife went to town on this thing while sucking our cocks. So many positions I really should learn the names to do these women justice. My favorite position was with the women on all , ass to ass, each end of the double dildo in each woman's pussy, and my face in the middle being slapped on each cheek perfect asses.

Needless to say this episode went all night and into the morning. I ate pussy for breakfast. I sware I came times. I wasn't keeping track of the times Dick came.

Besides this getting long and the fact I don't care much for typing because I type so slow, I'm going to turn this over to my wife so you can hear those things she is privy to.

Her - Florida trip

I like letting my husband go first so he can tell you all about the meet-cute stuff and I get to get right down to the fuck- shit.

Jane was an easy read. Her eyes wondered to every woman in the room. And the way she was checking me out in the elevator told me she was of those people still trying to figure out her sexuality. I love people like that. They are so open to trying new things. Getting Dick to fuck me is easy once he gets his wife's permission. Getting her permission is going to be fun.

We wrapped things with business and we were ready to enjoy this city. If anyone can recommend some clothing optional beaches and spots around Florida, we may see you there this summer. I'll be the one wearing nothing.

I thought we may have missed our chance with this couple until we saw them at dinner. I went over to their table to talk them into joining us or rather convince Jane into joining me. At our table I sat next to Jane so I could subtlety get her interested. A rub of her shoulder, the occasional hand on her thigh, stuff like that to get the chemistry going. Thankfully she was very receptive to these gestures. At first she was a bit nervice but began to loosen going as far as putting her hand on mine when I placed mine on her thigh.

The next day while exploring the city I continued flirting with Jane causing her to blush a few times. I may have even shocked her a couple time. Like when I talked about my husband's cock and how I could imagine it in her pussy. I asked her if she wanted to touch his cock and assured her that both he and I were ok with it. When I asked about her husband's cock and asked her to describe it to me she was a bit hesitant. I liked the way she squirmed when I asked her that. Then I asked if I could touch it. I don't think she was use to someone being so forward with her. Then I started to talk how I wanted to explore her. It made her more intrigued when I started talking about her and I.

When we got back to the hotel it was time for a swim. I wanted to get us out of these clothes and into something more revealing. We met back at our room when everyone had changed. She was wearing this cute piece you would see the average woman wearing on the beach where mine covered just a bit more than it had to cover leaving very to the imagination. I needed a wrap to walk through the hotel. Most people are not very open to an almost naked woman walking around in public places.

Like my husband I was a disappointed with the but, it will serve its purpose. We gathered together in of the corners of the away from the croud and . positive is the water was warm.

After we all got situated and began to relax I moved around behind Jane, wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in tight while laying my chin on her shoulder. I ran my hand down her stomach and slid it into her bottoms to finger her pussy. It was so warm to the touch. Warmer than the water we were in. She didn't seem to mind the closeness. She even put her hand on my hand that was around her waist. I was enjoying the moment and decided my husband should enjoy this as well. I grabbed Jane's hand and placed it on my husband's cock. She flinched a bit but he stood fast. When she realized it was fine and she started rubbing his cock through his trunks. With that started I moved between Jane and Dick and began to tease him. When Jane encouraged my flirting, Dick understood what came next was alright with her.

I was more aggressive with my approach and slid my hand directly into his trunks and grabbed his cock. He was getting hard before I grabbed him. I stroked him hard then loosened the draw string in his trunks and pulled out his cock. Jane could see this through the murky water and followed suit. There we stood, our men with their cocks out as we stroked them off. Dick slid his hand down my back and over my bare ass then slid his fingers into me finger fucking me as I stroked him off. I may have been a over zealous because it didn't take long for Dick to tell us he was cumming. We all watched as he shot his load into the water. Soon after my husband shot his load into the water. We watched as the cum drifted through the water and sank. With that, the general consensus was to continue this back in the room.

Back in the room I got my opportunity to get a close look at this beautiful woman. I pulled her into the bathroom so we could wash off that water and what ever was in it. As I turned on the shower, Jane got undressed. I then slipped out of my suit, grabbed a couple wash cloths and some soap and joined Jane in the shower. I lathered up my wash cloth and passed the soap to Jane. As she lathered up her wash cloth I began to wash her down and explore every inch of her titties, close attention to her titties, her hot pussy, and firm round ass. I didn't want to get her too worked . Not yet. She inturned, did the same for me. I know I got her in the mood when she told me she had some party favors back in her room that would spice things . I was all for going to get them but Jane was worried about us wearing towels. My reply was that we didn't look any different than when we came from the . That put her mind at ease.

When we came out of the bathroom, we told the men what we were going to do. Jane headed to the door and I followed. I had a great idea. Jane opened the door and walked out into the hall. At the same time, I dropped my towel and followed her out. Once in the hallway, I grabbed her towel and yanked it off of her and threw it into the room before closing the door. There we stood naked for the whole world to see. Jane tried to cover as she started to protest. I asked her if she was going to just stand there and wait to get caught. She hesitated a second until the light went on than ran down the hall. Oh what a sight it was to see that tight ass bouncing down the hall as I followed her. To my surprize, their room was a further from ours than I thought it would be. Made the run that much more exciting.

We entered the room quickly and breathing hard. She turned to me after i entered the door. I walked straight at her backing her , guiding her to the bed where I pushed her onto. I continued to move forward as I straddled her legs and crawled on the bed until I was looking into her eyes. I went down and slowly kissed her lips then he neck and earlobes. I worked my self all over her body, sucking her nipples rock hard, licking the sweat from her cleavage down her treasure trail, over her mound straight into paradise. I settled in to giver her the tongue lashing of her life. As I licked and sucked, she bucked and shook. I probed her asshole with my finger intensifying the experience. Her orgasms covered my face and dripped off my chin. Her moans encouraged me to go deeper licking every drop she could put out. By the time I stopped, her pussy was so swollen and cherry red. All I has to do is blow on it to make her cum. She could barely catch her breath before another orgasm would hit.

When we reversed roles, she grabbed of her toys and pushed it into my ass before she went down to ravage my pussy. Slowly she increased the vibration until it wouldn't go any faster. My legs shook uncontrollably as she worked over my pussy. Her looks are deceiving. To look at her, wouldn't think she was as devious as she was. The organs she brought on were borderline torture. She got off to seeing my body thrash around as overwhelming orgasms hit me after the other. When she felt I had enough she let and lowered the speed of the toy inside me.

When we both caught our breaths and were rested we headed back to our room the same way we came here. The difference being, I still had her toy in me. My pussy dripped on the carpet as we ran naked down the hall. When we got back in the room, I went straight to the bed and fell back and pulled my legs onto the bed. Spreading my leg, I looked between the at Dick and asked if he was going to fuck me or just stare? I was soo ready for some dick in me.

As he rose his towel dropped I watched as he went fully erect. Oh was I in for a treat. Walking to the edge of the bed he slid his cock between my lips, over my clit and rubbed my pussy with his cock. If he thought he needed to get me wet, he didn't have to. His wife already took care of that. He played with my tits a then bent down further to suck on Mt nipples. At the same time he thrusted his cock into my pussy. We fucked like that for a while. I would catch him looking , watching his wife get fucked by my husband. He would go harder both in his cock and thrust as he watched her. After my first orgasm, Dick pulled out then slid down to eat my pussy. He saw the end of Jane's toy hanging out of my ass so he tugged on ti a few times before he pulled it out replacing it with his big fingers as he ate me out. It is hard to decide which was better, the toy or Dick's fingers. After licking me clean, driving me to orgasm again and licking that , Dick flipped me over and began to fuck me in the ass. That was definitely better than the toy. It felt like he was going so deep into my ass.

After everyone was well familiar with their new partners we all came together for some activities. I couldn't tell you what time the next day we decided to get some rest. We all laid on the bed. Jane and I in the middle snuggled together with my husband on the other side of Jane and Dick behind me.
Posted:Feb 19, 2022 7:07 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2022 9:02 pm
It is interesting how some people jump to conclusions when you do not answer their messages you can not read or reply to, because you are not a gold member.

For you Gold Members who do not know, This is what a non- member sees when you them a message.
Lazy weekend
Posted:Feb 12, 2022 6:18 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 8:3 pm

It is great to get a lazy weekend. Last week's trip to Florida was great. Almost didn't think it was going to happen with all of the flight cancelations. We got very lucky. Oh did we get lucky
We got a lot accomplished and had a great time.

We will fill you in on our next post. We just wanted to check in and let everyone know we were back in Indy.
Florida bound
Posted:Jan 31, 2022 8:18 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 8:3 pm

We know this is short notice.

We will be in Florida from Wednesday to Monday. We are looking for a few good couples to spend our weekend with. If you are interested, let us know.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Florida bound
Posted:Jan 31, 2022 8:09 am
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2022 8:31 am

We know this is short notice.

We will be heading to Florida Wednesday and come back Monday.

We are looking for some Floridians to share our weekend with. Let us know if you are interested.
Our First Moron
Posted:Jan 29, 2022 6:59 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 8:3 pm

You will find out we play a game of Cloak and Dagger and tonight is the perfect example.

Before we posted our rules for meeting couples we arranged tonights meet. We did tell this couple what our rules for couples are.

Low and behold guess who showed up without his wife. Our expectation is that anything can happen the night of a meet from a quick hello and good bye to fun all night.

We knew who we were meeting and he did not know what we looked like. We do this to get a feel for what kind of people we are meeting with. The way we see it you to join us. Rarely do we reach out to anyone on these dating sites.

My wife walked up to the bar next to him acting like she just ordering drinks. After a few moments she made talk with the guy. Her there to meet some people for drinks by himself. COVID seems to be a convenient excuse for his wife to not show but then she asked him why would he show up to meet these people if he had contact with someone who has COVID. His response he vaccinated. That does not seem to mean much with the way people with the vaccine have been catching it. When our drinks arrived she politely left him at the bar. We enjoyed our drinks then left, texting him as we pulled out of the parking lot that our meet not going to happen.

So be warned, we may or may not already be there when you arrive. Next time we may be sitting in the car.

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