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Wdj908 67M  
0 posts
9/22/2021 10:13 pm

I got home early. The house was empty. I grabbed one of dads beers out of the refrigerator. Even though I’m He won’t complain. I took my first swig and unbuckled my belt. It is quiet and I realized I was alone in the house. I hadn’t been fucked in a while and my dick was getting hard, needing a release.

I headed to my room, stripped, and laid down on my bed. I slowly stroked my hard cock. Grabbing my phone I found some porn. I spent what seemed like an hour edging, backing off and stroking again. I fingered myself inbetween stroking sessions.

I heard something outside my room. I went cover but there wasn’t anything available. I looked at the door see my step brother Dave watching , laughing. I told him to get out but he opened his pants, displaying his huge dick, and said I do it too. Move over. Reluctantly I did. we lay watching porn my phone, he reached over and started stroking my cock. Using his other hand he grabbed my hand and moved it his cock. It felt good be able touch him.

I was so engrossed with his work I had stopped stroking him. He kept stroking while he moved down the bed. I felt something warm at my groin, then his mouth surrounded my cock. I just moaned. He had skills that’s for sure. It wasn’t long before I unleashed a load of cum in his mouth. You wouldn’t know it, as he swallowed all of it.

He let me relax a bit then rolled me over. He started rimming me. I didn’t stop him. He took a break and I heard a drawer open. He was going for my lube! He slid a lubed finger into my ass, then two. He positioned himself so he could put his dick in. I wasn’t sure about this. I’d never had a cock in me.

I turned my head and saw my dad watching us. He smiled and said I’m happy to see you boys getting along. He must have been watching for a while because there was a wet drop on the front of his pants. My brother looked at him and told him round two was about to begin. Join us. Apparently he knew my dad was watching. I’m like what the fuck, have dad and Dave done this before?

Dad told Dave to carry on. Dad unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. A drop of precum was on the tip. He slowly spread the juice over the head of his dick. Then Dave entered me. I thought that dick was coming out of my mouth. It felt that big. After he took a few strokes dad walked and put his dick in my face. Suck it. I did. He tasted great. Dad grabbed the back of my head and forced himself the way in. I took of him. Thank god he wasn’t as big as Dave.

Dave turned over and sucked my dick and<b> balls </font></b>while he fingered . Dad you should get in . Mikes going nut again. Dad’s like again? yeah, he’s got a big tasty load.

Dad stripped completely and took over for Dave. In the mean time Dave moved and dangled his cock in my face. I took it without hesitation. Dad worked on , I worked Dave and nothing else mattered.

Each of them lifted a leg, and I felt someone between them. Careful dad Mike’s a still a virgin. Well almost. Lol. I could feel dads cock stiffen inside me. He pumped slow at first, then sped . the while Dave is giving him instructions. Go in deep. Stroke his dick , etc. Dad followed Dave’s commands. Suddenly I came again. There was cum everywhere. The tightening of my asshole sent my dad off. He filled my ass with his cum. When he pulled out cum dripped over.

That left Dave cum. Dad turned Dave over and called over. your knees he commanded. Once I was positioned where he wanted he shoved my face in Dave’s ass and told eat. My tongue licked and probed that hole. Surprisingly I was hard again. Dad spread some lube on my dick and put my dick in his ass. Then he pushed me in. Dave and I both moaned loudly. I fucked him slowly enjoying every thrust.

Dad didn’t like this position, so Dave flipped onto his back and I resumed fucking him. Dad grabbed Dave’s dick and stroked while I poked. Dave squirmed over. I knew he was going cum and that made harder. Suddenly I could feel us both throb and we came together. Me in his ass, him over dad and himself. Man he could shoot.

I took a while to recover. Dad grabbed us beers and we just laid together naked, laughing about what happened. Dave was hard again. I stroked him as dad watched. As I played with his<b> balls </font></b>dad pinched Dave’s nipples. This sent Dave over the edge. He arched his back as he shot loads of cum 3 feet in the air. It landed his body and dad and I rubbed it in.

After Dave rested, dad declared time over. We grabbed more beer and headed for the shower.

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