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Virginstrgt247 55M
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2/4/2022 3:48 pm
Gloryhole visit

Today i went to the gloryhole in fairfield have been so excited for today i went and bought new panties and nylon.drove over to fairfield went in my $ went into one of the booths with no gloryhole sat down took off my jeans and just sat there in my nylons and panties got my cock nice and rock hard got up left my pants off and walked into the first booth looked through the hole and saw a guy getting his ass poubded i put my nyloned foot up to the hole and next thing i know he is sucking on my toes so hot i stood up put my cock threw the hole and he started sucking it ,sucking on my ball licking the shaft .good ten minutes go by im ready to blow i tell him im cumin he kept it in his mouth i blew a huge load he swallowed it all..i hoping he gonna put his nice cock threw no luck he just left i waited few more min and heard door shut i am hard again and i see the guy next threw the hole so i gave him the sign to let his cock come threw it a nice one i wrapped my feet around his cock he said omg and came with in 2 minute . Pulled up his pants and left..i getting ready to leave i hear the door shut and look through the hole and it a women i see her look at the other hole and say now what babe so must of been her man next thing i know his cock threw her hole she drops abd starts sucking his cock she is doing a good job sucking his cock he says lifft up your dress and back that ass up .he starts fucking her he asked what do u see in the next hole she said a guy watching and playing with his cock its a very nice cock too he said give the signal if u it so she did i put my cock threw and she started sucking on it .the bf must of liked it he said im cumming she said no no not yet ..he did and you hear her say dam it.. once i heard that i said i will take over if u i do but i my ass fucked i said ok her ass so tight i could her saying god this feels so good her bf came into her booth and sat and watched i fucked that ass for good 20 min i told her im gonna cum she ask if it ok if my bf sucks you off with my ass juices all over your cock of course i shot a huge load down his throat .. they got dressed abd were gonna leave but b4 they did they said come have a drink with us so went to the bar in the<b> shopping </font></b>center took each other are phone bnumbers

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