Truly amazing...  

Travel4entertain 52M
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11/20/2021 12:04 pm
Truly amazing...

She was beautiful. The photographs she sent were stunning. She needed to meet up or so she said. We slowly nailed down the details but it turned out that she was located nearly 5000 miles away. The problem was, my need was immediate. Now, I was excited but without her on the agenda. Senior Sizzle is terrible with people who are not real. From reading other posts this seem problematic for everyone. It also seems like a waste of . But that is not my story today. So here I was, thinking about all the things we would do. Go shopping in Waikiki, walk on the beach, dinner and of course end up in the hotel room. Then we would passionately devour each other’s sensual needs. So I headed over to another site and found someone who was actually on the island and serious. The amazing thing, she was there for a hook up... Just to find release! Jackpot this girl was hot! We grabbed a hotel, near the beach and started off with a warm shower. Finding each others soft spots. What we liked. How to make the other shutter with pleasure. We ended up in the bed with her queening me for nearly an hour. We were both in heaven. What a save. What a night!

AnaRossy 50F

11/20/2021 12:24 pm

This man is amazing. So skilled in the bedroom, thoughtful and considerate. Our hook up was mind bending.

G000dbuddy 34M  
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11/20/2021 11:47 pm


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