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Daddy's girl  

ToddH315 48M   
0 posts
1/1/2022 3:38 pm
Daddy's girl

You come Daddy's house in a "Improper Casual Outfit" (baggy sweats, sweatshirt) But, you know better than forget have your proper slutty undergarments... You want Daddy's discipline misbehaving, but you also need his approval. You think you have it all figured out, until he puts you over his knee and begins a firm but loving spanking. You just know he's going pull those sweats down soon, see what's underneath and be so happy you were properly dressed after all. And then you see look in his eyes and you know, he's not happy. But you've never seen him this upset. "You didn't run out of time get ready!" (which is why you told him you were in sweats) But, just seeing your ass, he knew you were perfect underneath. Wearing your pink, skin tight, boxer briefs with just a hint of your hottest black thong showing through them. "Show me what's underneath Now" he demands. You know now that you messed up and he's angrier than you've ever seen him. "daddy" you say sheepishly. "It's Sir Now" he says as his eyes glare at yours. You don't know what to do... You live his approval, it's all you desire in this life... make Daddy happy. "Take off that garbage and show me!" You dutifully stand up and begin undress. you take off your pants and you're perfect just as he likes you. Your pink briefs with the sides of the black thong now just peeking above from taking your pants off. Your as smooth as a seal, you made sure you were perfect underneath. (It took forever, but you did want to surprise him and be perfect underneath) You take off the sports socks you were wearing and your toes are flawless, nails short and matching pink with your shorts and nails. "Stand up and lose that hoodie, Now" You've had your hood up since you got there... as you pull it back... again your perfect, your makeup is flawless, your hair is neatly braided and falls down between your shoulders. "Don't mess it up" you think to yourself as you tuck your hair in and stretch the neck as you slowly pull it over your head. "Please don't smear" you pray as you get it over your head. You did it and you look perfect from head to toe, but he's not looking at your perfection, he's just staring in your eyes. "Do Not Move" he barks as he walks away. "y, y, yes sir" you whimper. He walks around you to the window behind you and throws it open letting the 20 degree air outside blow across your barely clothed body. "Stay Put" he says as he climbs the stairs to his bedroom. It seems as though he been gone forever... Your starting to shiver, your rock hard nipples are straining on the too tight black push up bra, as the goose bumps rise across your body. "What is he doing, how can I earn his love back, I need him, I need his touch" thoughts just filling your brain until your trembling. You don't know if it's the cold or the stress of upsetting him causing the trembling. Wait, you can't even feel the cold anymore, ....
but, yet you can't stop shaking. "COME HERE" he demands from the top of the stairs. "Yes, Sir" you reply as you slowly climb the stairs and he turns his back on you. The thoughts are a swarm in your mind and you can't get them to stop, you just want to go back and put on that dress, like you were supposed to... "What are you doing? Come in here" you don't know what is around that corner, the fear of losing him is taking over... when you suddenly feel a determination come over you. He is your Daddy and you are going to earn his love back... No, you're going beyond just that. you're going to get the reward, that only his good gets... (The one that won't get out of your head. The one that has had you uncontrollably touching yourself a week.) You walk into the room and see him, naked, beautiful... You need to please him, you need him to forgive. You will him, it is all you can think about. he puts you on your knees, he slowly feeds you every inch until you feel his hot, throbbing sack on your lower lip. Your throat is gagging trying push him out but, you fight it, you need please him, you need show him your worth, you need taste the salt on his balls... You push past the gagging, opening your mouth and pushing your tongue out until you just touch that salty skin with it. The second you taste it you lose control, you open your mouth wider and take him even deeper, so that your tongue can lap every inch of his balls. But, you need ... breath . His cock comes flying out of your throat but, you need that salt, you immediately are all the way back down, mouth open lapping with uncontrollable need and as your giving him everything, you see a glint of pride in his eyes and you know that you've earned your Daddy back and your reward. Now you can play again as you edge him slowly his climax. You switch back and forth from your need take him completely into your throat and worshiping him with your tongue. Until he can't take anymore, grabs your head and fucks your throat like a pussy until he gives you, what you've been dreaming of.. feeling him pulse in your throat as he shoots right down your throat, you try to lift, you need to taste it, but he won't let you, he pumps it all down your throat and holds you gagging on him until he sure it's all gone. He releases you gasping air, knowing you won't be able live without tasting it. You reach his balls and try shove him in your mouth the chance at one drop... When you feel yourself get lifted in the air and thrown down on the bed, desperate that taste... When you feel the cold metal of the handcuff against your wrist and realize your night is just getting started. You begin drip as a smile forms on your lips.

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