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getting comfortable being their playtoy  

Tjw67 55M
0 posts
11/17/2021 6:04 am
getting comfortable being their playtoy

for starters, this hasn't happened yet (except for in my mind)

It's been a few days since my first encounter with my dream couple and I'm really hoping that they message me back for more fun. I'm trying to work but I can't stop thinking about last Saturday night and I know it's gone but I swear I can still feel his cum trickling out of me and that makes me smile to myself
I get home from work and there is a message for me asking me what I'm doing this weekend so I message back and let them know that I had no plans and would love to meet up for round two.
I get another message back saying they'd love to have me back but there are conditions) first they'd like me to shave my face (I have a short cropped beard not one of those bikery ones but nice and short cropped) and 2nd) The Mrs. would really like me to fuck her but thinks I'm way too tiny to give her any pleasure so they bought a strapon for me to wear over my chastity belt.
I can't believe I'm hearing this and you don't even know how humiliating but exciting that sounds to me so I message back that I would love to know what it's like to feel a woman squirm under me and finally hit spots that I could never hit
before. it seems like forever but it's only 4 days until our 2nd hookup and I shave my face and head out to their home where I'm greeted at the door. "come on in its cold outside" they say as they offer me a drink ) I'm about 2 sips in before she grabs my hand and says follow me to the bathroom where she has all her makeup laid out on the vanity "we're going to make you all pretty this time if that's ok with you" my heart started racing and my mouth goes dry but I manage to just be able to get out the words "yes please"
I can't believe this is happening as she gets started applying makeup to me
while she goes to work her absolutely gorgeous boobs are right in my face and I can feel myself trying to get hard but my chastity cage wont let me
after about 20-30 minutes she hands me a mirror and I can't believe it's me!
she then takes my hand again and leads me back out to the living room to show her husband her handiwork and he can't believe it's me either and just puts his hand on top of my head and pushes me down on my knees and tells me to take his cock out of his pants so I reach out with my shaky hands and undo his zipper and button) I have to tell you) I haven't been that excited in years if ever! it takes a second to get him out because he is way bigger than me
but I manage ) he's still only semi hard when he pushes my mouth over it and tells me to suck) no gentle licking this time )this time he knows what he wants and knows that I know how unlike last time. she comes up behind me and is now rubbing my shoulders as I can feel his dick growing in my mouth until it's hard to keep it all in there and she's telling me how sexy I look and points out the lipstick trails on his cock that I'm making (my lipstick) I never could've imagined me leaving lipstick on a man and that is a huge turn on
he starts pumping my mouth while the whole time she is rubbing my shoulders and whispering words of encouragement in my ear
after about 10 minutes of him fucking my mouth I can feel him tense up and I know what's coming (or shall I say cumming)
when he cums it feels like gallons filling my mouth and throat and it tastes way better than I thought it would (I worried I wouldn't like the taste )
I do my best to keep it all from spilling out of my mouth when she comes over and says "let me help you with that" and starts kissing me until the two of us have his sperm all cleaned up
I swear) aside from my first kiss ever from when I was a this is the best kissing I have ever done and it's making me so hot!
she then asks me if I'd like to fuck her while he is recharging and I just nod my head yes with a big smile on my face
she tells me to stand up and I forgot all about the conversation a few days ago so when she takes this harness and a cock shaped dildo out of the package and I'm suprised "well you didn't think I'd want your tiny penis in me did you?"
I know she's right) that's why I have the chastity cage
it takes a few minutes to get the straps and everything all adjusted but when she's done she tells me to look down and tell her what I think) I do as she says and i have to tell you it's weird looking at myself with an actual useful cock between my legs!
she stands back up and kisses me and leads me to the bed where she lies on her back and motions for me to come down to her ) my head is spinning by this point as I lower myself and she puts my new dick to her opening
"(you remember how right?" she asks .
I swear it's the weirdest (in a good way) feeling in the world to slowly slide into her ) to be able to actually watch my (new big cock) disappear inside
i can see in her eyes she is liking it as I start thrusting in and out of her slowly
I loved the way i had to actually put effort into arching my hips back far enough so it would slide out instead of backing up 2 inches and falling out which would be the normal me.
We are in it now) she is thrusting up to meet me and its the greatest feeling in the world to be pleasing her with my new cock!
all of a sudden I can feel his hands on my buttcheeks as he moves himself into position behind me and tells me to hold still for a minute and I can feel the cold lube dripping from the bottle onto my hole.
he then puts his tip up to me and forces himself inside (not so gently as he did before) OH MY GOD ! the sensations I am feeling are amazing as I'm fucking her while he is fucking me! I have no control over the pace anymore because he is slamming my asshole hard this time and its forcing me into her hard.
I can hear her breathing ) the panting and moaning I think is coming from her but it might be coming from me who knows.
I feel like I'm part of a well oiled machine as the rhythm increases and I know everyone is close to cumming!
All of a sudden she grabs me hard and cums all over my new cock (that has never happened to me before) I've never been able to make a woman cum from just intercourse ) its always been through oral or my fingers so its a totally totally new and exciting feeling for me!
while she is cumming he explodes in my ass )I didn't even know that a guy could have two huge orgasms in one session but here we are and I can feel it hitting the inside of me just like I've read about !
I don't know whether it's the excitement of the moment or what but I've heard of<b> anal </font></b>orgasms before I just thought it was a myth but the feelings I had throughout my body while impaled by him had to be an orgasm right? i'm shaking and quivering and when I looked down there is cum leaking from my cage so it had to be right? just like before we all laid down in a pile of sweat and smiles ) just rubbing and caressing each other until it's time to go home
I'm still tingling the whole drive home and on cloud nine thinking about how much I love my new friends
once I got home and looked in the mirror I realize that I'm still in full makeup except that half of my lipstick is gone ) maybe I should've checked before stopping for gas and a soda

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