My journey so far  

Tennbroad 69F  
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2/22/2022 1:14 am

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2/22/2022 11:20 pm

My journey so far

I was thinking about some things and reading a couple of notes I had got and I felt I needed to address a few things. I have been on this site since about 2000 maybe sooner my late husband was here before me and I just deleted the couples part and made a single profile. I think I have met about 7 guys on here and of those was in a relationship with 3. I still get messages from men and seeing I thought about retiring , well maybe in a year but first let me explain something. I know this will be boring as heck but I really needed to get it off my<b> chest. </font></b>I am a cancer survivor I am bald by choice but still all woman. I am not a round about girl I realize this is a sex site but I think you might want to get to know me first I may not be your type or you might not be mine. I am a plus size woman short in stature but still good friend material. I know a lot of men like exciting beautiful women and most of the men that hit on me want sex and that's all. That's ok I understand and sending pictures of your manhood is cool too. But if you would like to be on the same page with me give me a peek of your face. It helps to break the ice. I enjoy the company of me my age. I not into the young men on here for I feel I can't measure to what they are looking for even if you say you like older women you are not being true to yourself. This is a bunch of nonsense I know and maybe when I retire my sex life will be as exciting as it was when I was younger I use to go to the hotel parties, the clubs and just have a blast. Looking forward to that again when things get more stable and you can breathe without the fear of catching something

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2/22/2022 2:58 am

What you write makes a lot of sense and makes you all the more attractive.

Jd4tsgirl 56M
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2/22/2022 8:24 am

ok go for it

Owatalife 65M
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2/22/2022 3:33 pm

Your post is anything but nonsense to put things mildly. You are honest about both your feelings & desires which is all one can ask for. Happy for you being a cancer survivor as so many dear souls haven't been so fortunate.

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