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Katherine's Descent
My final steps leading up to the point of no return.
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Apr. 30, 2016 (pt. 2)
Posted:May 26, 2022 6:27 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2022 11:33 am

Mr. Paul moved around the desk in the office to a small mini-bar, "Would you like something?" As he casually opened the refrigerator he turned and smiled and answered his own question like he was reading my mind, "A Coke right? Just a can of Coke." He then slid the unopened can across the desk and turned to fix his drink. I was attempting to ramp up my courage and also not upset the one person who was always on my side. As I heard the first ice cube hit the glass he continued, "The mustache nearly made me laugh, but as you know, I'm pretty good when it comes to a pressure moment. Including the policia." I opened the can as Mr. Paul poured a brown liquid in his glass, "You think a sub sissy slut like you can just hide out in public like you're Clark Kent? No, you need a lot more than just a pair of glasses and some facial hair to fool anybody about who you really are." He finally turned around and toasted me, "Here's to you, and everybody staying on this side of prison bars." He took the drink down in one gulp as I took the opportunity to dive into a subject away from Kate, "Oh yeah. What's going on with that? I thought after your partner was arrested everything would just move back overseas." He poured a second drink as he answered, "I was against it, but Robbie loves the excitement of skirting the law with the forbidden side of our business. Plus, the response in Los Angeles has been overwhelming and all positive when our 'feeler' invitations first went out. That even included a few of the men that were caught up in that downtown fiasco. Also going back to our old security protocols relieved many of our patrons that are here for the slave auctions." I nervously sipped my Coke as he continued, knowing that everything he was saying was drawing me back in deeper and deeper.

I was laser focused on every word he said, "Plus, we did want to expand our video side of the business into the U. S., so face to face meetings needed to take place . . . including this one tonight." His eyes felt like he was consuming me as he slowly downed his second drink. It felt like he was ready to pounce as Mr. Paul moved around the desk to where I was standing. He then surprised me by reaching down and lightly tap at the growing bulge in my pants, "There's the slutty fuck toy I've missed. Take off those stupid male clothes. I want to see what you wore for me tonight. Show me how your lust ultimately turns to submission, because we both know deep down inside you love to be watched." I could barely think, but one thing I could do was quickly disrobe in front of him, "You've been getting off knowing men jack off to your forbidden pictures and erotic videos." His rehearsed introduction worked perfectly as I was proudly standing in front of him in my pink satin and lace bra and matching panties, wide garter belt and white frosted stockings. He motioned me to spin for him so he could see all sides of Kate, "Oh yes, I recognize this lingerie from our surveillance condo videos. Don't worry it's in a safe place under lock and key."

I picked up the pile of clothes and moved them onto the desk, which he used to grab me by the hips and spin me back into his strong hairy arms. I could feel his erection pressed against my belly, "While editing your videos I discovered I watched way too much of you. And after Robbie told me about you already being a fantastic oral we both agreed to extend your video rights with us awhile longer." I was trembling as Mr. Paul pressed forward and kissed me passionately on the lips. Finally breaking it off just as my mouth began to open submissively. He then roughly grabbed my right wrist and tugged my hand down onto his throbbing cock, "Every person that's been working on your video wants a piece of that ass and to dominate you, even if it is only for one night. For me it starts tonight!" He then threw me off by going soft on me, "Your new thin pubic landing strip is adorable and have made guys moan out loud." It was all almost too much for me to take in all at once, "We'll know a lot more by the public reaction once it's released, and not just by a bunch of horny editors."

He leaned in close and kissed me tenderly on the cheek before returning to the other side of the desk, "Now it's time to start talking business and clear up a few accounting omissions." For some reason I never felt more vulnerable than at that moment standing before him dressed as the syndicates wicked and desperately kinky porno sissy. I had only been at the party for less than an hour and it felt like Dave was buried once again. Mr. Paul pressed a few keys on the laptop before reaching for my pants and removing my wallet, "Hey, what are you doing?" As he continued to rifle though it the next thing he said stopped me in mid sentence, "Say another word and I will have security you out into the party and force you to service every erection until you are begging to be a man's collared bukkake slave . . . including your buddy Steve." I was frozen in fear as he fished out a blank check, "Oh good. You brought it. Well, that just proves you can follow orders sometimes. We'll need to work on that." He snapped a quick picture of it and my drivers license before returning back to the laptop. The printer then came to life and began spitting out several pages of documents, before he reached over and slid them toward me on the desk, "We've moved to all wire transactions for payment. Now we have your routing number, which solves that problem." The title on the first page was PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO RELEASE. I didn't need to read it without seeing my forged signature at the bottom. Looking up Mr. Paul was smiling widely, "I'm getting pretty good at signing things for you. You can't tell me that is NOT your signature." I was swaying with this revelation as he continued, "Your pay for last year was for your contributions for the video, and this year you'll just be on a retainer until we know if it all moves forward to featuring you. Top billing!" I flipped to the bank documents and saw just how official everything had become, "Yes, sweetie. you're ours 24/7 until we say it is over."

At that moment he looked down and saw the wetness of precum staining my soft panties, "Your owner says a leaking clit shows me how desperate you are for control. Forbidden photographs, collared humiliation, feminization by a Dominant and of course sissygasms. And all while being filled with a man's hot sperm." He spun the laptop around to show me something, "I thought you might like to get a sneak preview of the featured video playing tonight. It's a new sissy hypnosis training series. It's actually a very lucrative business if you get weak ass beta boys become paying members on a web site. Our regulars have no problem with the fees, but we need to pull in all of those fucking losers that deep down are probably just white boys wanting to be BBC whores. Once those sissies get sucked in that's when things will get real interesting." He motioned for me to pull my panties down which I did immediately and allowed them to drop to the floor, where I stepped out of them and stood before him with my feet spread slightly in defiance, "I'm still trying to get Robbie to branch off into this more and away from auctions." Why was he telling me all of this? I was totally baffled, "Well, maybe a few auctions for special occasions, or how else would I have met Kate?" The screen came alive, drawing my focus to the images that started flashing quickly, "It's unfortunate the authorities are being a bit more diligent these days. The images may have been flashing quickly, but not quick enough that I didn't recognize Kate in the action, "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!"

Paul came around his desk with his thick cock lustfully sticking out of the opening in his pants.
April 30, 2016
Posted:Feb 17, 2022 12:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2022 11:00 pm

As the end of the month approached I knew I was running out of time and had no more excuses except to face my problem and find a way to finally put this all behind me. After receiving a message on my answering machine informing me that the date of the gathering had been finalized and that a Fed Ex package would include the instructions for attending the party Kate was hopefully a step closer to being out of my life. When the package did finally arrive I quickly realized that the syndicate had returned to their old ways by doubling down on security. Fortunately, I read that Kate wouldn't have to drive, which meant door to door service for my return at the end of the night.

The Friday before the gathering I bumped into Steve in the parking lot. It was hard for me to be around him because it reminded me that he was partially his fault for getting Kate into this predicament, "Hey, what are your plans this weekend?" I came back with an easy lie, "I haven't been feeling right all day, and I'm going to take myself home and lay low the whole weekend." It was actually a half truth without him knowing it because I hadn't felt so much like Kate since I opened my party instructions. He was already passing me as he added, "I wish I could do that. I'm already behind schedule and it's 4 pm. Big weekend for me. Get better bro." It was almost a relief to know that he had worked himself out of our 'circle of friends', which would help me extract myself strategically.

The final unopened envelope inside the Fed Ex package had a message written on the outside of it instructing me to open the morning of the party. My hands were actually shaking as I was having trouble with the reality of crossing back into this world. My mind went blank for a moment and when I opened my eyes the envelope had been ripped in half and a small pink index card fluttered to the floor. Without even picking it I could clearly see a phone number written on the card. Lifting it closer I suddenly felt kind of committed, even though a part of me was convinced I could just back out of going once again.

Picking up my cell phone, and punching in the number I did pause for a moment before pressing the call button. It only rang once before it was answered. A voice I had never heard before gave my instructions without allowing me a chance to ask any questions before he finished and cut off the connection, "Slave Kate, you will be picked up at 5 pm outside your condo. You are to wear only pink lingerie under your clothes, although you can attend the gathering in your everyday male clothes. You have this one choice. Do not expect to return home until sunrise the next morning. And one last thing, bring the envelope of photos you found in the air vent >click-buzz<."

Well, I felt a bit of a victory after the phone call, as I wasn't expected to arrive dressed as Kate. The lingerie under my clothes was a nasty habit I was trying to break, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me to go out dressed that way. The fact that it would be known what I was wearing under my male costume always made my hands tremble as I wrapped the pink lace garter belt around my slim waist. With the garter straps dangling down my smooth things I rolled the pink stockings up both legs and attached them taught against my skin. I ran my hands over the smooth texture of the stockings and felt an electric charge jump through my body. The pink half cup bra, once I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror, looked so empty without any forms that I decided to stuff them with the smallest enhancers I owned, and if it looked like it was too obvious once I arrived, I could always remove them before becoming too humiliated.

The wait in the lobby seemed like an eternity as I waited for my limo ride. When my phone rang at five I knew things were already in motion, but I was more shocked to hear Robbie's voice on the other end of the phone call, "Your driver will be arriving at your residence in one minute. Step outside and he will pick you up at the curbside. It will be good to see you again in the flesh, and not on a video screen." I wanted to respond, but once again was not allowed to respond before the call was ended. Stepping through the glass doors I saw a car drive up and didn't realize who it was at first until the horn from his car shook me to my core. It was Steven and I instinctively clutched the envelope of Kate's photos to my chest as I slowly walked up to the car. I thought this must have just been a coincidence as I was looking for my limo as I leaned in through the open window, "Hey, what's up?" Steve gave my a knowing grin and said, "Looks like we are both back in the inner circle once again. Get in, time is wasting. I don't want to miss any of this tonight." There was no limo. My friend was my driver, and with it an added level of danger of Kate being exposed to the wrong person. I settled into the passenger seat as Steve added, "It's just like old times." As he drove us away I knew that this was nothing like it once was.

Things did feel eerily familiar as we proceeded through the old runaround before finally arriving at the location of the gathering. This time before we entered the rundown warehouse we were both frisked, and I got a knowing look from the muscle guard when he felt the corset I was wearing under my clothes. He was about to say something when Mr. Paul saved me the embarrassment of being outed in front of my friend, "Hey, long time." He reached out and shook Steve's hand and then turned and looked at me like he didn't know who I was. The mustache I had grown couldn't have hid my identity that much but I decided to play along as he questioned who I was, "Have we met?" Steve leaned in and introduced me, "This is Dave. He was at one of the auctions a couple years ago." He played his part perfectly acting like he was trying to remember who I was, "Oh, nice to see you again. Lots have happened since then. Have a great evening. It's our first major night back in the States, so I've got a lot of mingling ahead of me." He turned to Steve, gave him a slap on the back, and was wading off into the crowd near the entrance. I wasn't sure what was happening, but I saw it as hopefully an opening to truly end this without any further damage to my reputation.

Inside the warehouse it looked like a Vegas casino with a large stage filled with a four piece band playing Beatles tunes. I was about to comment to Steve that they must be expecting an older crowd, but when I turned to say it to him he was already gone. I suspected I would find him anywhere that a sex act was taking place. He was like a hound when it came to finding the action. I moved over to one of the bars and settled in with a drink as some of the female guests were already putting on quite a show on the dance floor. From behind me I heard someone say, "Hey, don't I know you?" When I turned around the female bar tender was smiling widely, "Great costume!" It was one of the bar tenders that also knew me as Kate. "You got the police looking for our employers?" I tried to laugh it off and made my point, "I'm here as a guest, not as an employee." She
shook her head and barely made her comment above the roar of the crowd, "Nobody gets away that easy." The red head turned and moved down the bar to serve another couple waiting patiently. Just when my confidence was at a peak, her final five words shook me to the core. I was ready to leave, and if I didn't find Steve quickly I would find another way home,

As I was bolting for the front entrance Mr. Paul blocked my escape with two of his men, "Leaving already?" I looked around like a trapped animal as I fumbled to find the right words, "I was just going outside to get some fresh air." Mr. Paul moved closer and with his eyes piercing though me ushered me away from the front doors, "Before you go, we need to talk for just a few minutes to clear things up...if you really must go already." The bulge in the jackets of his guards made me quickly realize that going along with what he wanted was probably also the best thing that I could do. As we entered a side room I recognized the gathering around a slave chained to the floor as an auction bidding war was in full swing, Paul leered at me and nudged me, "Bring back any memories." I could feel my face blushing as we moved into a smaller office where the guards waited outside as the door closed.

Check back later for the whole story...
February 27, 2016
Posted:Jan 21, 2022 8:21 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2022 6:17 pm

As the end of the month approached I kept hoping that some way I could avoid the reappearance of Kate, so I planned to use the recovery excuse one last time. I received an IM and the Fed Ex package on the twenty second and relieved that the gathering had bee moved to New York City at the last minute. I took this opening to return the plane tickets and attached travel schedule. It didn't take long for Mr. Paul to call and ask for an explanation, "I'm not ready to travel anywhere, especially cross country as Kate." I paused for a moment before continuing my lie, "Although I prepared to attend the party in Palm Springs." There silence for a few moments as I heard him cover the phone to speak to someone else, "That's okay, but we are all losing our patience with you. Keep the last weekend of April 30th open. If you're not there I won't stop your video from being widely distributed immediately. You are so sexy in it!"

I lost for words as he pressed his position, "Once it's out there, especially on the dark web, there is no possible way of ever getting it bac" Every word he said made it feel like Kate would always be out there in one way or another, "We've been breaking into your condo for the last couple months, and have enjoyed your private performances with all of your toys, so don't try to tell me you don't dress up anymore because we both know the truth. I started frantically around my living room as Mr. Paul concluded with, "We have one Dom with a huge cock that wants to replace that penis shaped dildo you use. He met you at a couple of our gatherings and has had his eye on you ever since. He the guy that Robert had to out bid at the last auction. Okay, I'll be in touch, and be ready by April. No more excuses."

After the call ended it didn't take long for me to find a camera in the air vent with a perfect view of my bedroom. I damned the consequences and yanked it out and tossed it off of my balcony. As I replacing the vent I saw a manila envelope inside the vent and wondered what might be inside. As I sat down on my couch I pulled it open and found a note that read, 'Stills captured from video'. I then opened the inner envelope to find it filled with slutty Kate in garters, stockings, corset and high heels. What I saw a submissive feminine fuck collared, horny and desperate for cock and cum in the pile of forbidden photographs. My wicked humiliation of being watched by my owner made my clit head sticky with precum as my shaved asshole penetrated until a thick orgasm could be seen splashed across my belly.

I couldn't imagine it being any worse, but thinking about the promotional video that probably already released, I resigned to the fact that Kate would always be a part of me, and in time may be the only part of me left after a few more encounters. That each time my feminine desires are released and Kate appears in public, just seems to ratchet up the forces against Kate ever returning to being just a kinky fantasy.
January 1, 2016
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 9:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2022 7:18 pm

Three phone calls from London and a Fed Ex package with first class plane tickets were quite tempting, but I still recovering from my recent shoulder surgery and used it as an excuse to turn down Robert's gracious offer. My big out of town new year plan fell through at the last second, so I found myself alone on the night of the 31st, and I always heard that what you are doing when the ball drops will mirror what you'll be doing the most during that year. And with that stuck in my brain I quickly found my submissive sissy self all made up and dressed in crotchless panties, a lacy garter belt, stockings, high heels and lowering myself down over a thick penis-shaped dildo suction cupped to my bathroom floor. Feeling the helmet head of the cock rubbing my pussy lips brought out my desperate lust to release the feminine to control my every move.

The lower that my juicy hole descended down the veiny shaft made my growing erection sticky with precum. I teased my cunt for a bit just rocking the first few inches of dildo inside my slick asshole. The motion became a bit more frantic as Kate's forbidden desires became overwhelming. I battled with myself, knowing the lower I went the more frantic I would become to fulfill my kinky needs to be dominated by every horny throbbing cock Kate could imagine. I could hear girly moans fill the darkness of the condo when my cell phone suddenly rang...sending me down balls-deep on the erection filling my slutty fuck hole. As I shivered and cried out the second ring brought me a bit back to reality when I finally recognized that ring tone. It all became too much to handle as my clit began shooting cum across the floor as Mr. Paul waited on the other end of our impending connection.

My body still rippling with a female orgasm on top of my throbbing clit still oozing had me passionately crying out, but knew I had to reach the phone before it went to voice mail or face the consequences. Fortunately, it rang again within reach so that I didn't have to unplug my pussy and barely managed to answer it before the fourth ring. I breathlessly said hello and waited for a reply. I heard Robert clear his throat before starting, "Sounds like your being the slutty sissy we all love." I wasn't expecting to hear his voice, but I couldn't disguise the fact that he had caught me fucking and all I could manage was a soft reply filled with humiliation, "My other plans fell through." I could hear a bit of sadness in his voice tinged with anger, "Don't think your contract with us is expiring at midnight. I had one of my lawyers draw up a new contract for another months."

I protested that I never signed any contract a moment before my phone chimed with a new message, "Go check what I just sent to you." I fumbled with my phone before seeing a picture, "Can you see that? It's a legal document signed, notarized and filed in both England and California." I just stared at it dumb founded as he continued, "And I can keep doing this every year now that my forger has learned to do your signature perfectly. It's a contract agreement between you and our video company." I looked closer at the signature and he right. It did look exactly like one of my own, "Since we are going more legit everything has been merging together for me to protect our assets. Turning more legitimate does have it's advantages, but maybe not for you. Everything now has more lawyers involved, which is how we are using that to our advantage."

It all looked official to me, too official, as Robert dropped his next bombshell, "We have a U. S. test auction scheduled in Palm Springs in late February now that the heat has lightened up. Plus, several of your Dominant fans expect to see their favorite French Maid, unless you prefer we go ahead and release 'The Pink Room' starring Slut Kate." I froze with fear as my pussy gripped the dildo, sending me over the edge with another female orgasm shaking me to my core. As I panted and moaned and lost myself in the feelings building inside me Robert laughed, "From the sound of it I take that as a yes. Get healthy and be ready, or your video will be put in full release, starting with adult bookstores in Southern California. Then we will see if you can hide from your xxx-rated past, or should I say embrace your destiny."

I never felt more trapped in my whole life and searched my brain for the proper response. I couldn't focus as I continued to quiver from the latest orgasm, "You're missing a great party. Expect another Fed Ex package in the next couple days with your copies of the contracts and a short one minute promo I expect you to eventually post somewhere on-line, or the whole world will start seeing who the real slutty porn star is in Los Angeles." I settled back on the dildo, pressing fully down until I could feel the balls pressed between my ass cheeks as Robert hung up and couldn't stop reading and rereading the legal document that appeared to have no easy way out for Kate . . . or me . . . or both.
November 28, 2015
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 10:03 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2022 5:5 pm

My hopes were that my excuses would keep me out of trouble and after another couple months of no contact I started to believe I had been discarded by the syndicate, which allowed me to return to my life as a closet submissive sissy slut. That is until one night when I out drinking with Steve at Boardner's in Hollywood. It a typical night of male bonding and debauchery until once when I went to use the facilities I noticed a guy staring at me as I washing my hands, "I'll be done in a second." "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to stare. Take your time, but I thought I knew you from somewhere." We both looked at each other for a moment hoping one of us might place when it happened, before breaking the awkward moment, "I can't place you." He nodded and replied, "I'm always doing that." I nodded in agreement as I moved toward the door as he added quite confidently, "You probably just remind me of someone else I know. Once again, sorry." As I hit the door I raise my hand without turning to look back at him and said, "Have a good night."

When I returned to join Steve I told him about the strange encounter and he just laughed, "That's Hollywood for ya." My curiosity was only raised when the guy returned to his booth filled with six other rowdy guys. I could tell he was telling the same thing I told Steve because they all turned around and looked directly at me. Again one of the other men reacted like he also recognized me and excitedly started talking to the group. I tried watching the basketball game, but out of the corner of my eye I could see that I had somehow become the focus of the entire group. I was trying to ignore them when Steve answered his phone, that was buzzing on our table, "Holy shit! It's Paul. I've got take this outside. I haven't heard from these guys for months." I heard him say 'hello' before he walked outside to get away from the noisy crowd. I acted as if I wasn't interested, but I knew Steve would tell me everything when he returned.

I turned my attention back to the game before I heard a man's voice ask me from behind, "Are you Kate?" I was frozen for a moment as I collected my thoughts and tried to remain calm before I turned to face my accuser, "Are you drunk? Do I look like Kate?" He loomed over me as he looked closely at me while I acted shocked by his question. He broke right in to say, "It's not me. It's some of the other guys. They are convinced they saw you performing in a porno they watched last night." My heart was racing wildly, but I managed to keep a cool exterior, "Okay, we just had to know for sure and I was chosen to as I didn't watch it but they told me the slutty porno could be your identical twin." I took a deep gulp of my beer, "Thanks for the tip . . . I guess. May I ask where did they see it?" I thought he about to sit down at the table as he added, "My buddy brought back the DVD from his trip to Amsterdam. I haven't seen it yet, but they say you are very hot in it. A natural cock sucking star." I interrupted him, and stopped him from sitting down, "Again, I said that it is not me." and with Steve returning from his phone call I quickly brushed him off and turned back to the game and he walked back to his table through the crowd.

Just then Steve plopped down into his chair, "Who that?" After taking another long sip I explained, "Some drunk lawyer that thought he knew me, but once he told me where I knew he mistaken." Changing the subject I pressed him for information, "So, you got a call from that 'PAUL'?" Steve tossed down the rest of his beer with a smile on his face before pouring another from the pitcher, "He just wanted me to know that the next auction is being held in London. He said that things got too hot in the U. S., but he hoped to be back for January first if things all work out right for them. Did you know they are moving into more legitimate activities?" He had to tap me on the arm as my attention split between his story and the table of horny voyeurs, "I haven't heard anything from them in over a year. What kind of legitimate businesses are they branching out into?" He then told me something that I didn't to hear, "Triple X hard core videos, but only in Europe right now. He said they hope to expand into the States early next year." I trying to remain calm, "Paul said he would send me an advance copy of their biggest current seller, but when he told me it featuring their newest sissy star under an exclusive contract I told him I would take a pass and would prefer anything with hot chicks."

I so thankful he had reacted that way and turned down the offer until my phone started ringing with the specific Mr. Paul ringtone, "This is important. I've got to take this outside. It is way too loud in here." Steve turned back to the game while I moved to make a quick exit. Fortunately, we were seated close to the front entrance and I able to answer the call before it went to voicemail. All my voice could produce a very weak, "Hello?" HIs voice ripped through me like a hot knife, "Hello Kate, guess who?" Over the next couple minutes we caught up on each others outside activities, and he told me the same story he had passed on to Steve, "I thought you might like to know that Robbie finally pulled our L. A. video guy off of your Whitley Heights condo. We got all the coverage we need, and you've been a bit non-revealing lately. Plus, we both know there is plenty of video on Kate already. we have been operating strictly out of London. That story I told you in May to weed out any other possible police informants. I personally vouched for you and said you would never do anything like that against us. You know there would be major consequences for Kate, but moving forward we're not putting ourselves in anymore 'public' locations."

Since Mr. Paul had broached the subject I ready to know the whole truth, "There have been two things on my mind since I last saw you. First, I really auctioned off at the strip club, and second are you using video of Kate in your pornos already?" There a long drawn out silence on the other end of the line before he finally chuckled and answered," Yes to both. It Fred's idea, but once Robbie saw your raw footage he all in for making you our sissy series star. After Fred place you in the auction without Robbie's approval he bought you back to keep you under an exclusive contract."

I couldn't move as the reality sunk in, "A guy tonight thought he recognized me in a video." Once again I heard him chuckle, "Ever since the sting we have been shifting most everything to our legitimate endeavors. Robbie is being totally anal about lawyers and legal contracts. Of course we lost some of our partners with this move, but everything leading up to the raid by the Feds saved and moved overseas. Oh, and Fred got arrested, so things will never be the same."

That same group of men that had recognized Kate earlier exited the bar at that moment, but I overwhelmed by the phone call, "What does all of that mean to me?" I watched the men talking and laughing before they noticed me on the sidewalk and Mr. Paul revealed his true self, "We are not through with you. You'll need to accept that, and also being recognized by porn enthusiasts. Just think if you are already being recognized , and you were just a portion of the latest video, I can only imagine an future encounters when you are featured."

As a stretch limo drove drove by and began honking the horn I looked up to see if filled with my fans hanging out the windows and standing through the roof, "Hey, porno slut!" I just gave them the finger and turned my back on them listening to Mr. Paul, "Robbie is going to just love hearing about you being recognized on the streets, and that once again his instincts were correct." As I reached the door I responded, "I didn't sign up for any of this!" Mr. Paul's tone suddenly changed, "Oh yes you did bitch, and this is only the beginning of it!" before the connection ended. I could barely breathe as I tried to collect my thought and sat down defeated,
May 23, 2015
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 8:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2022 12:25 am

For the first couple months of the year I settled back into my previous life while burying my life as Kate in the past until one day when I got a call from Mary. She told me that she had taken a job in New York with a new video production house. It her dream job to get into promotions, "I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, but I got offered the position just a couple days after the harem party, and the company flew me back east to get me started right away." I happy for her, hearing the excitement in her voice, and also felt a bit crushed, "I'm my place in Los Angeles, but will be returning from time to time with my job, so I hope we can get together starting with my next visit." I agreed and wanted to hear more details about her new position before she broke in with some surprising news, "I don't know if you heard . . . Mr. Fred . . . arrested for sex trafficing. Word is that a police informant worked the club for the last auction. They busted in less than an hour after you left. Most everybody they were targeting were already gone, so Mr. Fred became the fall guy in the sting." I couldn't help to think that he deserved it for the way he treated me as Mary continued, "Fred skipped the country after the syndicate posted his bail, so you won't be seeing him around here anytime soon."

I needed to know more, "Were you still there when the police arrived?" She told me she got caught up in it, "They interviewed all of the help, but they were mostly after Robert, Paul and Fred. The Prince would have been an added feather in their hat. I just played dumb, and gave them nothing the police could use against anybody." My feelings were mixed, happy she slipped through the cracks, but also sad that she had moved away, "My guess is that's the reason the syndicate has moved almost exclusively to the legitimate side of their businesses least for now, or until their demand a return to live auctions."

We talked a bit more about her new job and I knew it ws the right move for her, "Have you been contacted by anybody lately?" I told her I had not, and explained my relief that I too may have got out of that mess at the perfect time. She had to cut the phone call off all too soon, but her last question lingered in my head for a couple days until I got an unexpected call from Mr. Paul from out of the blue, but since I avoiding a crush of spam calls I gladly allowed it to go straight to the answering machine. I managed to not listen to it for a couple hours before my curiosity got the better of me. Mr. Paul told me the same story I heard from Mary but added, "We might be back in the States in the next few weeks. I know it's been awhile, but I wanted to keep you updated and see if you want to join us once again." I found his offer tempting, but knew it would be better for my sanity to make a clean break from these kinky criminals.

I found myself sliding back into that same mind set of the feeling of being watched if the syndicate were returning to their dark origins. Fortunately, when the call came in to tempt me back with gifts of lingerie and taking my French Maid uniform home after the auction. I only a day away from making my way to LAX for a planned trip to Texas, giving me the perfect excuse. When I finally returned the call Mr. Paul did not sound happy, "Maybe next time." I knew how they worked and they would soon discover that my 'safe-out' . . . a totally legitimate excuse, but deep down I did miss my nights at the auctions as a sub sissy slave serving in a room full of Dom owners seeking their newest cum for their forbidden desires. As I boarded the safety of the Delta jet I wondered if my need to be the slutty cock-craving bondage would ever be totally eradicated from my soul.
January 01 2015 (conclusion-2)
Posted:Dec 30, 2021 12:43 pm
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When I heard Robbie moaning approvingly and I took a quick side glace at the mirror to assure myself that this was actually happening. I then raised up slightly and grabbed the root of his thick cock to steady it, and feel it's lustful heat, before my own lust overwhelmed me and I barely managed to swallow his meaty penis until my nose was brushing his thick patch of pubic hairs. Kate gagged and swallowed repeatedly while fighting back a tear as her masculinity was on a steep decline. She quickly began long-dicking this Alpha's dominant erection and milking it with her tight throat. Thankfully, the plug in my cunt slowed to a slow buzz, which allowed me to train my focus entirely on what Kate was doing with this Dom . It was at that moment I felt my soft clit ooze with precum as I was overtaken by my own lust. This sent us both over the edge as his cum erupted from the tip, splashing across my tongue, with thick chunks deposited directly into my belly as my own orgasm was shooting across the floor below me.

After the first couple injections of sperm Robbie pulled his throbbing dick from my painted lips to splatter his cum across my face and chest, "You're a marked woman now, and after this encounter you will always want more." As my owners manly cum shot into my left eye I accidentally looked up and was shocked to see him holding his iphone and I could hear the distinct sound of his taking many pictures in rapid succession. I then fell back on the floor as he announced, "Those pictures and the video of your first blow job will need to hold me over until I get back from Australia." He then pointed back to his dripping cock and I gladly moved back up to properly clean him of every drop of cum that I could find.

"I hated to throw away such a large bid on any slave, but after watching your porno I wasn't about to let Kate get away without sampling the merchandise at least once. Especially since you are still considered virgin property. The kinkiest Dom's and slave traders like to use the term 'fresh meat'. Do you like that?" I didn't have any response as I was only focused on cleaning his softening cock and getting this over once and for all. Robbie then cleared his throat to get my attention before continuing, "We could still find you a caring trainer, but definitely an Alpha , if our slutty feminine cum slut Katie ever requests her permanent release." I turned and looked at the image in the mirror and was disgusted by what I had become.

The force in his voice shook me when he demanded, "Give me your butt plug." I felt ashamed and humiliated as he closely watched me pull the remote controlled butt plug from my sissy cunt. There was a juicy plop as I pulled it clear of my sensitive puckering hole and placed it in a clear plastic bag the this Dom was now holding, "I'll keep this in a safe place if you ever change your mind. I've got a plane to catch, but Paul told me he will stay in touch so you will always have that option open for you." He then stuffed his forbidden prize inside, zipped up his pants, buttoned his shirt and walked into the other room. Slipping on his jacket he checked himself in the mirror, smiled back at me watching him from the doorway with his slut still covered with his cum he added one last comment as he opened the hotel room door, "All of my friends that has viewed the final cut of your porno have nicknamed you Jamie Lee Curtis, because you are the sexiest woman every Halloween, but now we need to add January first to that list." It was at that moment I truly felt like property.

He turned to look back one last time before finishing with, "Oh, and you can Master the next time I see you." And with a sly wink and a smile he was gone and I did the same thing as quickly as possible, vowing that this would be the final appearance of Katherine anywhere. They were expecting to fuck a slave into submission while turning her into a 24/7 slutty feminine both feminized and collared for wicked forbidden acts, but I had other plans for twenty fifteen.
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Posted:Nov 18, 2021 9:15 pm
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I am almost prepared to current life sometimes gets in the way of reliving the past. (If anybody is interested)
01 Jan 2015 (conclusion-1)
Posted:Apr 22, 2021 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2021 12:30 pm

When the door swung open Robert entered and slammed the door shut behind him, then locking the dead bolt before walking directly toward me, ",Oh, my little sissy Katie. You do know that was a real slave auction that took place tonight? And although I initially planned to have Slut Kate on the block for a one night temporary contract. Nothing permanent, just on a trial basis, the response was overwhelming, so I just had to take you back for myself. It all works out about the same in the end because I still get back most of the bid except the percent transaction fee. Hold on . . . I guess with being the boss I get that back too."

He then moved even closer as he explained further, "I think you are worth the price I bid, although I know of one bidder that was going to turn you out on the streets tonight and was quite disappointed." I tried to act like this was all news to me. I had already guessed most of it, but wanted to hear the truth from him. He his jacket and threw it across the king size bed, "It was something new tonight. The entire event was all silent bids this time and every one of the submissive slaves were dressed exactly like you. Those necklaces and Arabic symbols designated each of you as being available." He reached out and held the pendent in his hand, "This says you are slave number five. You were being sized up by every dominant men in attendance . . . especially the Prince."

Robert then walked past me and carefully emptied a bag of white powder across the glass table top and snorted several lines before offering to join him, "Those other girls wont be so lucky when they set foot in the middle east. An American , held as a kept woman, with no rights except the life of a slut. That could have been you if I didn't step in." He offered the coke again, but I had to keep my senses for the moment so I could get away from his syndicate, "You still looking for that 'out' every slave dreams of?" I nodded yes and he looked disappointed before snorting the final lines, "You're a victim and you don't even know you're a victim." He crossed the room while unbuttoning his shirt to partially reveal his chiseled body, finally stopping before he pulled his belt off and swung it around my waist allowing him to pull Kate closer. I immediately felt his thick erection bulging into my groin, "The clock is ticking Katie. Now is the time to prove to yourself that you're either a slut or a . The trap had been set and I had nowhere to run.

Hoping it was all just a test, I leaned in closer, which he took as a signal to initiate our first kiss. It started soft and hesitantly before I gave in and wrapped my arms around Robert's neck. He dropped the belt and grabbed my ass cheeks so he could erotically grind into my torso. I could feel my resistance declining, but I continued holding on to my senses so as not to give in completely. His left hand moved down to my thigh, which he used to pull my leg over his hip, opening me so his throbbing cock was rubbing against my horny hole.

The kiss lingered for a few more moments before he broke it off and looked deep in my eyes, "That's why I bought you. Whores don't kiss, but sluts will do anything for their Master." I was embarrassed and a bit humiliated, but that didn't stop him from taking us to the next level. When this Dominant Alpha pressed forward the 'boss' gave Kate that look every woman knows as he slowly unzipped his trousers and ordered me, "Reach inside." My heart was racing as I played along hoping it would end quickly, "You were mostly unconcious when you got passed around in your Halloween video, but now you know exactly what's happening and you want to be forced beyond the point of no return."

I didn't want to agree with him and turned my attention the thick cock my hand was now slowly stroking. I didn't even realize I was doing it until I looked down and hauled his big Australian cock out, "Looks good enough to eat. Don't you agree?" All I could do was nod in agreement as he forced me down on my knees. Once I was faced with my destiny I pulled his thick erection through the opening and kissed the spongy head, "Mmmmm, yes Katie. Take your time. We have all the time you and I will ever need. This night may permanently turn you into a true porno princess." I looked up at him before he brushed his hand tenderly across my face, sending Kate shaking down upon the floor, "Get back here and don't look at your owner again until you are ready and become my breeding ." I moved back on my knees in a position of extreme servitude and began stroking him again, "Don't make me wait much longer!"

Kate's moment had arrived, and now all I wanted was to have his 9-inch shaft of man meat buried deep in my throat, and hopefully have him unloading into my belly to avoid this Dom from taking my anal virginity. Without thinking about what I was preparing to do I instinctively bit my lower lip and brought a finger to my lips as my imagination was running away with me. Finally, I brought his dick to my painted lips, licked down the shaft, mouthed the underside of his veiny shaft and covered it with a thick coat of my saliva to help aid my plans for deep throat.

As Kate prepared herself to suck the bosses cock in hopes of aiding my ultimate release, "What's it going to be Katie? Is the real woman inside you a slut or a ?" I also wanted to discover the truth as my mouth lunged forward and fill it with his thickening hard on. Once again he touched me tenderly, sending me swooning to the carpeted floor. He moved off to the bathroom and informed me that he wanted me to follow him inside, "But I want you dressed in a lace garter belt and stockings, or whatever lingerie you brought with you tonight. I expect to see the slutty feminine fuck slave from your submission video when you join me for your introduction to full 24/7 feminization." Kate had no answer for him as I watched Robert enter the bathroom.

Robert's control felt complete as I obediently dressed as his submissive wicked slave. To intensify the moment the butt plug began humming in my tushy once again and now I had a better idea who had been controlling it the entire evening. When I joined him in the bathroom he was standing next to a large floor to ceiling mirror, "You took so long that Katie is going to have to start all over again." Although he had softened, his cock was still the forbidden introduction of being controlled by a dominant Master. He held the remote control and pushed the button to 'high', which sent shivers through Kate as he stepped forward. He positioned me closer to the mirror,"Remember, don't do it unless you accept your destiny. You are the syndicate's feminine lusty fuck slut. You can look at yourself in the mirror, just not up at me."

I was desperate to get this behind me, so Kate began stroking his thick cock once again and forced myself into submitting to my kinky owner. With my lips sucking his cock head he added a comment that made me moan, which he thoroughly enjoyed my reaction, "I told Fred and Paul I wouldn't need to have you in a collar and cuffs to swallow my orgasm." I tried to block his words as my tongue lapped the tip, tasting his precum for the very first time, "No hands sissy. I want you playing with your clit and nipples while you worship your man's cock . . . and we do own your ass! Never forget that." All I could do was moan around the dick in my mouth before I began jamming the Dom's soft head into the top of my throat, while one hand furiously twisted my hard nipples and my other hand was wrapped around my fully erect and oozing penis.

This went on for several minutes . . .
01 Jan 2015 (4)
Posted:Apr 3, 2021 2:21 pm
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The rest of the night I was expecting be snatched up like those other harem girls were handled earlier in the evening. Several times I purposefully worked an area of the club close the exits, but each time I thought I could escape without being noticed security or one of the muscle guards would turn me away. One of the clubs regular security guys obviously had his eyes on me all night, so I hoped use that my advantage and when I saw that he was alone at the rear entrance I made my move.

Kate did her best girly bimbo impression and shamelessly flited with him for a couple minute before, "It's so smokey in here tonight, you would like join me in the alley for some fresh air?" He looked down the narrow hallway back toward the main room before nodding and stepping away from the door. I touched his arm lightly to make seem be what he thought would be coming next, "Just give me a minute or two get ready. I hope you have a big cock." seal the deal I reached down and handled his growing bulge, "Oh, good! I want you fill me with your cream load while I deep throat your throbbing cock." I gave a seductive wink before pushing past him and out the back door.

I walked out slowly, but as soon as the door snapped shut I was running for my life, needing cover a couple blocks reach the safety of my car and then I would disappear for a couple days and try figure out my next move. I ran as quickly as possible, thankful I wasn't in high heels as my normal foot wear attire for these events. Once I reached the end of the alley I thought I had gotten away unnoticed when I scurried out of the darkness and directly into a line of limos on the street where the prince and his entourage were in the process of leaving the party. I froze in place, not knowing what to do when Robert walked out and began talking to his royal guest as two of the harem girls willingly entered the second limo with three middle eastern men. It wasn't long before Robert glanced in my direction and began to intently stare directly at me. The syndicate's property had nowhere to hide so I tried to slowly back up toward the security of the alley and decide what Kate's next move would be.

Finally reaching the safety of the dark alley as the prince entered his limo, which gave Robert a chance to signal me to get back inside the club, before waving one last time at the prince. As the limos pulled off I could see an LAPD car stopped at the street light beyond Robert. It would be risky, but I had to take the chance to run for the policemen's protection, but just as I made my final decision the squad cars roof lights sprung to life followed by the tires squealing as they drove off in the opposite direction to help some other victim of a crime. I thought I could still run off down the street away from Robert and his crew hoping for the best when I felt a steel barrel pressed into my lower back. It was one of the syndicate's largest muscle guards, "Where the do you think you're going?" Robert was still staring at me and motioned for me go with his guard, and with a weapon cocked and loaded behind me I dejectedly turned and walked back down the alley return the club.

Outside the back door the club's security guard was sprawled on the pavement bloodied and severely beaten. The guard behind me chuckled, "Damn amateur security. Thinking about a blow job and not the job he was hired perform. He didn't know you were a sneaky little sissy bitch." As I reentered the club was a long line of patrons exiting out of the front entrance. I discovered just by the chatter I overheard from several couples that once the prince exited the party was on the move another location.

Walking in from the opposite direction was Robert and a muscle guard, and on a direct line toward me. I was surprised to see he was acting like nothing had happened, "Well, it's almost three in the morning, and I always live up to my agreements. Why don't you get changed and get out of here. James will make sure you get back to the hotel safely. If I don't see you again I hope your time with us will always remain a pleasant memory." The boss then turned and walked off like I was some insignificant ex-employee. Not a single mention of my current status after tonight's silent auction.

Not wasting a moment I rushed back to the dressing room and quickly changed into my street clothes, rejoining my body guard as he walked us toward the front entrance. I did briefly catch Mary's eye before leaving as she gave me a that clearly meant 'what's happening?'. I just smiled and gave a subdued wave before we exited the club.

That walk back the Hotel Cecil was nerve racking as every step I expected a van pull up filled with men in hoods that would abduct me, but when I finally reached the hotel lobby I felt relieved and a bit safer, and when the sexy night manager waved me over the guard held his ground near the front entrance while I moved see what she needed, "Hello. When you checked in yesterday afternoon the manager forgot have you sign this." She pushed the paperwork across the desk and purposefully leaned over so that I could easily down her open blouse see her pink areolas. Distracted by her luscious breasts she handed me a pen, "'s for your late checkout later today that was prearranged. 's so you don't get charged for an extra day." I looked back up into her deep brown eyes and explained, " wasn't on my credit card, and I plan be gone long before my checkout time." She gave me the sweetest , "That pig of a man that is the day manager is always screwing up and I am just trying cover his ass." seemed like a reasonable hotel policy and I shrugged off and signed next the X.

The sexy red head slid another envelope across the marble desk while snatching the paperwork from my view before I could read what I had just signed, "'s a gift for being a guest in our Presidential suite. Inside is a complimentary two-night stay in any room. The management is extending this offer you the next time you are visiting Los Angeles, just not the Presidential suite." I knew I would never use it, but also thought it might be useful if I ever acted upon my fantasy.

Once inside my suite I grabbed all of my belongings and stuffed them in my bag. Passing by the rear window I looked out see if my car was still waiting for me. It was, and I was happy see two other cars in the rooftop parking lot, and the parking attendant was already gone for the evening. I quickly checked to be sure I wasn't leaving anything behind and as I was reaching for my bag I heard a key in the lock of the door and I froze in terror.
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01 Jan 2015 (NYE - 3)
Posted:Mar 27, 2021 9:39 pm
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As I passed the door of the Managers office I heard Mr. Fred call out from inside, "Kate! Where the fuck have you been?! Get inside here now because you don't want to piss me off one last time!" It sounded ominous, but also liberating as it sounded like he had already come to the realization that my time with the syndicate would soon be coming to an end. When I walked inside and saw him he only motioned for me to sit down in the chair in front of the large wooden desk.

As he began talking I was shocked feeling the vibrator start to hum softly, but how could Mr. Fred being doing that since I could clearly see that both of his hands were empty, and no remote control in site. I refocused on what he was saying, but only caught something about the police and London, " since everybody is pleased with your performance tonight you'll get to leave early at three a.m., and not be a part of the clean crew. You'll still be the clock until your 24 hours are over. So, just hang out in your hotel room if you're needed for anything else." It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders, "Once things cool down and were back full time in Los Angeles just know you are always welcome as a guest at our gatherings. I rose out of the chair as he concluded, "Good bye Katherine or is it Dave?" I just smiled and shook his hand and walked towards the door now totally confused by his final statements. As I turned to ask a question the vibrator began throbbing stronger as Mr. Fred just stood there and watched. I barely was able to get out of the office and now needed to know who was causing my sissy pussy to pucker with lust.

For the next hour I tried to be the best waitress possible as the tips that were being stuffed inside my costume was making this a very profitable night. When I finally took a short break and returned to the bar I was hoping to get a word privately with Mary when I heard a familiar voice behind me, "Katherine! Katherine is that really you?" I spun around and saw Mark swaying drunkenly with a bottle of champagne in his right hand, "Damn Kate! That is you. I didn't recognize you behind the veil until after the auction. Damn, if I would have known I would have jumped in the bidding."

Mark staggered close and pulled me even closer by wrapping one arm around my waist as his other other grabbed the back of my head giving me a deep French kiss. I had never felt a more passionate kiss, which made it harder to resist. Before he stopped, his hands moved down to my ass when I wrapped my arms around his neck. When the kiss finally broke off he looked deep in my eyes, "It's good for both of us that the syndicate bought out your contract. That means I've still got a chance to make you mine."

I was frozen by his words, "At least it was only a short-term extension and not a lifetime commitment like two of the other harem girls purchased tonight." I was in shock, but I couldn't but feel sorry for the two unsuspecting slaves, and as one of the harem girls passed with a tray of drinks I wondered if she was one of the lifers, and if they knew they were now some Alpha Male's property. I had been around this action for over two years and I barely figured it out, with most of it coming only after the fact.

Mark then forced himself on me again to drive his tongue deep in my wet mouth while he moved one hand to my clit and grabbed it firmly. Nibbling over to my ear he whispered, "Once I put a ring on your finger and make you a respectable woman, we will need to keep this locked in chastity...most of the time." I heard myself gasp and Mark felt me tremble, "Good. That was the response I was hoping for." He gave me a peck on the cheek and finally staggered off into the crowd.

When I turned around Mary waring staring at me with her mouth wide open, "Is that the same guy from Halloween? Wow, he has got the hots for you." I leaned against the bar and told her he wants me to be his chastity bride, "No way!" Taking the opportunity I asked, "Was there an auction tonight?" She hesitated for a moment before answering, "Yes, there was a slave auction tonight, and I hate to say it but I think you were a part of it!" Mary tried to calm me down, "It was a silent auction. Something the boys are trying out to protect themselves. I only just found out about it when I overheard those two guys talking at the other end of the bar."

When I snuck a peek at the pair they raised their glasses in recognition of me as the older man tugged at his necklace. It reminded me of the I was still wearing, which I immediately attempted to remove, but as I tugged at the clasp I felt a small part of the latch break off and fall to the floor. I was horrified as I started tugging wildly at the thick gold chain, then somebody stepped behind me to , "I can you with that, just hold still." It was my savior Mr. Paul as I stood there obediently as he attempted to remove the necklace, "Oh my sweetie, how did you manage to do this. Your necklace has an extra security attachment . . . a break-off screw, but I can , just hold still." After a couple tugs and twists of the necklace I felt him softly blowing on the back of my neck, "There, almost done . . . everything will be perfect in just a couple seconds."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Paul place a tube of super glue on top of the bar, and after a couple more soft blows he leaned into my ear, "Now the only person that will ever take that off is your Master when you finally become Kate 24/7." I felt a wave of defeat and submission sweep over me as I was thinking if Mr. Paul would do something so devious to me what could I expect from the others that were involved in my down fall. When I turned back to him he added with a smile, "It was a joke. Doctor Lee put me up to it. Always the practical joker."

I was a bit relieved as Mr. Paul introduced me to the doctor from Thailand standing next him laughing out loud, "My apologies Miss K, and I must add you are so much more beautiful than any cross dresser I've helped through their transition." He then told us all about his practice in a Bangkok clinic where he performs SRS surgeries before Mr. Paul broke in, "Doctor Lee has agreed to be the newest member of our team of specialists. He's another safe and legitimate outlet for our expanding services." The doctor smiled and bowed slightly before moving off through the thinning crowd. After a couple steps he turned back to look me up and down one more time and then turned to Mr. Paul, "She has show girl potential if you ever get her to the clinic."

Mr. Paul was placing the super glue in his coat pocket as I tried to interject, but he cut me off, "Last night huh? I'll hate to see you go, but you've got my . Call it anytime, and I hope you won't mind if I check in with you from time to time." I was about to question him about the night's auction when the butt plug began throbbing at it's highest speed. I could barely keep my wits as he took a step closer and reached into his pants pocket as I was expecting to see him with the remote control, "Tips are typically bigger on new years. How did you make out tonight?" I told him after my last count I had made $740, "Okay, so the deal was $750 for your harem girl/waitress duties, and I feel you deserve your typical under the table $1000 bonus. Just because everybody loved what they saw at Halloween. Beyond the bosses expectations."

He leaned over and gave me a long deep soul kiss, which was even more passionate than Mark's. As our lips parted he remained uncomfortably close, "I'll give you a call when we get back in Los Angeles, maybe we can meet some place quiet for dinner and drinks to catch up on Kate and Dave." He placed a wad of bills down the front of my sheer top and wedged it in my cleavage, and as he passed off behind me he slapped my left butt cheek loud enough that it caused others at the bar to turn to look.
01 Jan 2015 (NYE - 2)
Posted:Mar 15, 2021 1:21 pm
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"...THREE....TWO....ONE....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" As our kiss lingered I couldn't enjoy the moment, as I was hell-bent on getting out from under the predicament that had only started out as a one-time encounter with an under world most people don't realize really does occur all around them every day. Mary immediately sensed something was wrong and backed off. Before she could say anything I put my index finger to her moist red lips, "Don't ask. It's my problem. It's nothing about you. You are the best thing that has happened throughout this whole period of my life." Even with the celebration going on all around us it felt like it was just the two of us in this together, "Is there any way that I can ?" I leaned in and kissed her tenderly and I felt my heart melt.

Mary looked around at the crowd and then forcefully pulled me off toward the rear of the building. We mostly went unnoticed as we made our way through the crowd as the revelers were still singing. When we reached the back door unguarded she excitedly turned to tell Kate, "We only have a few minutes, but I can't wait any longer." We stumbled out into the alley behind the club and began kissing passionately once again. As I moved her to a dark corner in the alley Mary's hands were already down inside my harem girl pants and tugging at my growing erection. She looked at me with a wicked grin, "I thought our first public sex would be in a bit of a classier location, but I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year."

I was immediately erect in anticipation of what was to come and Mary then pulled my costume down to mid thigh. She then dropped to her knees and began mouthing my hard throbbing cock like a five dollar . I thought this was all she wanted until Mary stood back up and placed her right foot on a small wooden box against the wall before lifting her robe to show me that her panties were already missing, "No time for licking. I've been wet for you all night. Now fuck me like the way you want to be fucked."

I wrapped my arm around her waist and stepped forward while with my other hand I guided my pink mushroom head between her wet labia lips. Even before I entered I could hear her gasping and moaning in my ear, and all the while begging me to take her slutty hole. With the head wedged inside her tight pussy I moved my arm under her upraised thigh for better leverage and slid deep inside with one powerful thrust.

I took one last peek around at our surroundings to be sure we were alone before our lips met once again and I was met with her tongue diving deep into my open mouth. I pressed inside with my thick cock until our pubes were smashed together and her wetness was already flowing down to my balls. As she wrapped her legs over my hips she breathlessly stated, "I'm not sure which of us is the bigger slut." As she hung on while her first orgasm rippled thorough her body I began my lust fuck not concerned if we were being watched.

Our desperation fuck in the alley felt forbidden and right. As I was slamming balls-deep with every thrust Mary clenched her body to mine and I could feel her release her wanton desires as another powerful orgasm rippled through her body. Feeling her pussy tighten around my cock made this kinky situation dominate my total submission of lust. The smacking sounds of our bodies echoed in the alley as I was dominating her as hard as I possibly could without cumming too soon. That changed when she leaned back and began playing with one of my nipples while still keeping my hard on deep inside her pussy. The control I felt as a guy slipped into feminine submission as she watched like an owner exposing a wicked secret. She began twisting and tugging at each nipple as I could feel my orgasm begin to build, "You were always meant to be a slave and ." I couldn't take it any longer and with one last deep thrust to plant my seed deep inside my cock erupted, causing the rubbing against her clit to bring on yet another orgasm.

Our grunting and moans were animalistic as I could feel the sticky cum begin to flow down over my thighs. She then held on tight and began milking my erection for my entire load, "Breed me Katie!!" I made a couple slight moves, but mostly just held motionless as she was grinding against my torso and feeling me fill her with sperm. One last small feminine orgasm Mary, as my cock began to shrink, filled my ears with passionate moans and rumbled through her quivering body, "Now, get down there like a submissive cum and clean up your seed." Realizing just how much cum I had shot into her, and a mess that would be hard to explain to the bosses, how could I refuse such a wicked invitation so I dropped down in a submissive pose and began eating her out.

Just as I finished cleaning her sloppy pussy and she dropped her robe, three of the guards walked out the rear entrance into the alley for a smoke. We both froze as the humiliation of the scene swept over both of us. Fortunately, we were just out of view enough to wait them out before they returned inside, "That was close." Mary handed me a towel from the top of the box, "You better clean that mess up before going back inside. And yes, I had planned this before the night began. Your oral cleanup was just something I thought of at the spur of the moment." As she brushed past me and went back inside I was left standing there with my harem girl pants still down around my ankles as I cleaned up the best I could before returning inside the club.

Just as I was making myself presentable, and not giving off that 'just fucked' look, the butt plug in my ass came to life at full power, sending me nearly to my knees as I grabbed onto the green dumpster next to me to steady myself. It then went through a repeating sequence of off and on which made my clit stir. I was so confused the battling desires within me that I found myself panting and moaning like an real life alley . And in a sense at that moment, that is who I truly was, as a feminine orgasm rippled from my belly and burst out the top of my head.

When I entered the club one of the muscle guards gave me a strange look as I was adjusting my veil and returning to work, "Where the hell did you come from?" I tried to brush him off explaining I just needed to get some fresh air, "Well, get back inside because Mr. Fred has been looking for you." I thanked him and walked back into the main room, now convinced that Mr. Fred had been controlling the buzzing in my ass the entire night, which was now just at a low speed to keep me on the verge of another orgasm.
1 Jan 2015 (NYE)
Posted:Mar 9, 2021 1:09 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2022 11:43 pm

During the final hour of the year Robert caught my eye while I was waiting on a drink order for one of the private rooms lining the outside of the club. As he was looking at one of his harem girls I suddenly felt a slow buzzing start in my sissy cunt. Not sure what to make of it at first the buzzing continued to grow stronger as I realized the butt plug in my ass was vibrating, and that somebody in the room was controlling it. My knees began to shake as I attempted to act as if nothing was happening. I couldn't take my eyes off of Robert as the buzzing continued to grow stronger, and with it a sense of an impending female orgasm started to build within me as it brought out the lusty desperate slut that I was hoping to keep completely underwraps the entire night.

One of the other blonde harem girls stepped up next to my side and said, "I was told to take over this order for you. I guess it is finally your turn to serve the prince and his guests." She then used a slight nudge on my hip moving Katherine forward as I hesitantly made my way through the crowd toward 'the boss', The buzzing in my ass was so intense that I needed to pause twice before reaching Robert, all the while hoping that the loud music and talking would cover my predicament, "He hasn't been satisfied with any of our other harem girls that has served him tonight. He mentioned that it's always like this with most American girls, and you're our last option." He came up close to me and got very serious, "Now, don't fuck this up! He's a new, and very rich, and possible partner in our little , so don't disappoint . . . or him."

After pulling back the red velvet curtains enough to step inside I was completely taken with the view before . Was this truly a prince and his entourage, all looking quite comfortable in their natural surroundings while seated on fluffy cushions? The prince was a middle aged man with strong masculine features highlighted with a thick dark beard. He motioned to come closer as I was there expecting to take their drink orders, "Please, come inside. And you must be Kate." Two of his associates were looking at a folder containing a stack of papers and photographic enlargements, "In my country a sissy slave like you must always be kept lock and key, but here in the United States you are allowed to do whatever you want. So much freedom, that it typically overwhelms most submissive girls. Don't you agree?" I wasn't sure how to respond as he was then handed several black and white photographs and the file folder. He looked at everything for about a minute in complete silence, which made the submissive before him feel quite uncomfortable before he finally looked up to size up the harem slut standing before him, "Oh, you're THAT Katherine. Well, if you are a waitress tonight I want you to be our private server for the rest of the evening, but if you ever become available at another auction I'll have Robbie contact my people. Tonight we are here for two of the other slaves already set to sign contracts." I believe he could sense my nervousness, not knowing that the butt plug was still humming at a very low speed in my lubed hole. I was given a list of drinks and as I exited I felt Kate had escaped just before the curtains may have been closed permanently on Dave.

When I returned to the bar Mary must have noticed the panicked expression even behind my veil as I placed the prince and his entire parties drink orders. As she was mixing the drinks she had to ask, "What happened?" I gathered my senses now that the plug had finally stopped buzzing and asked the question on my mind, "Is there an auction happening tonight?" Mary just laughed, "No, it's just a New Year's party. I've seen enough of these to know the difference. I think it's just a crowd enjoying themselves and really getting into the Arabian nights B. S." After I told her everything that the prince had said she didn't appear to be that concerned, "Sounds like he's here for a deal that's already been signed and completed. Maybe he was just looking for an excuse to make a side trip to Los Angeles. They do love to spend their oil-royalties on the most extravagant luxuries that lead to vast pleasure for all those involved."

As midnight approached it seemed odd when one of the big screen televisions changed from the close-up coverage of the red headed stripper on stage to a graphic of a running digital clock on top and 6 empty green boxes lined up beneath the readout. When the clock reached :50:00 the boxes lit up with some kind of writing in each, that I couldn't see clearly from the other side of the strip club. I really didn't give it a second thought, thinking it was something to do with the ending of the year, until I noticed several of the guests were clustered into small groups and checking their cell phones.

When I was eventually sent to another of the private rooms near the back of the club I could finally see that the boxes on the screen contained more Arabic symbols. Several of the green boxes already had several red check marks next to each. As I was about to pull back the curtain on the room I had been directed to, I took one last peek at the screen and recognized one of the symbols was exactly like the harem 's necklace that I had closely looked at earlier. Actually, once I looked back at the screen I also noticed that one of the boxes had a symbol exactly like the necklace around MY neck. As I tried to comprehend it's meaning the butt plug in my sissy cunt began buzzing again, which meant I needed to get back to work as a way of getting it to stop.

Upon entering the private viewing room I found three aristocratic looking couples lounging on the long velvet couch waiting for their waitress. When I pulled the curtain closed their reaction was surprising as they were treating Kate like they already knew her, "Oh, we haven't seen you in the flesh all night, but we were told you would be here." I quickly felt uncomfortable in front of these people and dropped my eyes to the floor as any submissive lingerie slave would react. Another of the men asked, "Just to be sure we have the right person behind that veil, what is your name?" Control felt like it was slipping away from me as I calmly answered, " Kate, also know as Katherine." Before another word could be exchanged Robert entered the room and pulled the curtain closed behind him, "Is everybody having a good time?" Just hearing his heavy Australian accent made my panties bulge with a growing erection, "I see you've already met our forbidden wicked video slave. Don't you just want to dominate, collar and leash her as your feminine dildo fuck slut?" The humiliation was immediate, which I realized was his intention as he continued on, "You've seen how kinky and slutty she can be while dressed in lingerie. Feminization by her new owner would financially aid in our porno plans with her whenever she is around thick cock and even more so when servicing throbbing cock ready to dominate her with every sticky wicked orgasm she is forced to swallow."

All I kept repeating to myself was, 'just finish the night' when the butt plug in my sissy hole came to life once again. As I quickly squirmed on the need to be filled by a Master's real cock everybody was watching my reactions as my body twitched with lust, "Katie, these are the video editors from New York that we've hired for the new expansion of the syndicates legitimate business dealings. These guys are masters at making the best raw footage into the best pornography on the open market and will now be doing that for all of our erotic features. That is if we can ever get all of the wording in the contract agreed upon." My head was spinning with a flood of new information as Robert directed his comments to his guests, "My lawyer and notary are both here tonight to finalize any contracts we can get signed." Theblonde on the end of the couch raised his glass of champagne, "That's why we are all here tonight. To celebrate a great new beginning for all, and being here to personally watch the fireworks leading up to midnight."

I was in a near panic when I finally got of that private room with an order for more champagne for the entire . Nothing seemed right as I staggered through the red curtains, and the same time nothing seemed real to me in this world I was attempting to escape. I was trying to put everything together in my mind as I made my way back to the bar, and when I glanced at the video screen with the digital clock at :56:30 and everybody was already cheering and shouting, ready to bring in the new year I had no idea what to expect from that moment forward.

As I passed the stage I focused on one of the other harem girls necklace passing by and then turned back to the screen to compare the two in my own mind. I looked back and forth several times to be sure they were the same before turning my attention to my own necklace. That is when the true shock set in because the fifth green box had a symbol exactly like my necklace, and it too had several red check marks next to the box on the screen. Then switching my attention to the groups still more focused on their phones than on the festivities going on around them, I came to the realization that this was more than just a party. I too had been mistaken like Mary, but in this unsuspecting crowd there was an actual slave auction taking place, and my thoughts of being completely safe were crushed.

I barely got back to the bar and settled into one of the bar stools as everybody began counting down the final seconds. When they reached 'thirty', the clock on the big screen started flashing with red numbers and more check marks appeared next to several of the boxes. As the countdown reached ten seconds three words came up on the screen, and it wasn't 'happy new year' it said 'final bids closing'. As the revelers counted down to midnight, Mary came out from behind the bar and kissed me hard on the lips, but at that moment my thoughts were to run away.
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