7 Sept 2013  

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1/16/2021 1:36 pm
7 Sept 2013

The wait was over and 'the' week had finally arrived. It was already Thursday, and sadly there was still no messages for me. Standing at the refrigerator scanning the wide selection of canned drinks I heard the voice of somebody that I had been avoiding all week, "Hey buddy. We need to talk." I grabbed a Coke and turned to face Steve, "Yeah, what's ?" He then did his typical looking around suspiciously act, checking the room for anybody else, "Good news, The guys have finally returned from London, so the fun and<b> games </font></b>are about begin again. Did you get an invitation?" I just shook my head 'no', and acted like I didn't care, " dude, that's too bad. Maybe next time." He patted me the back, grabbed the Coke I was holding, and left the room with wondering if I had become a permanent entry on the no-invitation list.

The rest of the day I just moped around knowing that Steve was invited while I was being shut out. I started seriously questioning my decision in May. Maybe I should have accepted at least a part time association with the underground syndicate. I convinced myself that it didn't mean I would have be Kate every time there was a gathering. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted a second chance, and as I was packing my things at the end of the day my cell phone rang with the familiar ring tone I had been waiting for. Lifting the phone to my left ear my heart was nearly thumping out of my chest in anticipation.

Just hearing his voice melted me immediately, "Hello Katie. Did you miss me?" I couldn't hide my excitement as I blabbered on for a couple minutes, voicing my needs and desires, wishing that I could be extended the offer of employment I had foolishly passed on in May, "We'll talk about that later. I was just calling to see why we had not heard from you. Didn't you receive your invitation? I wrote a phone number on it for you to call if you were ." It was like a weight had been lifted off of K "No, but I was hoping I would hear from you." I could hear him chuckle the other end of the phone before he continued, "Fred was against it, but I talked him into it. This is only a 'guest' invitation, so no worries about showing as Katie." I was both disappointed and relieved, but mostly ready dip my toe back in that pool of sin that was consuming much of my thoughts.

Saturday night I was not fashionably late. Actually I was one of the first to arrive, this time at a house somewhere out in the Malibu Hills, and while the Masters and Dommes filed in and began mingling together I tried to help with any preparations that needed completing. I was disappointed not seeing Mary behind the bar, but the smile across Mr. Paul's face when he greeted me was much appreciated, "Hi. I heard you've been helping, but that's not necessary. You're a guest tonight, unless you dress in one of those." Mr. Paul pointed across the room at two French Maids, "I picked you a really sexy outfit in London that's always ready...when you are ready." I thought about it for a moment, seriously thinking I would take the plunge, "Thank you, but you're right. Tonight I am just one of the guests, so save it until next time."

He jumped on this comment, "Speaking of next time, we are having a huge New Years party planned for the end of the year. Trying to make for our absence this past new year. Although, the night in London was quite memorable." He leaned in close emphasize, "Got keep our satisfied, but you'll see that here tonight with the slaves we've collected for tonight's show. Can we plan on you being there, hopefully as Kate?" I accepted his proposition without a moment of hesitation, "Great. I can offer you 500 dollars for the night plus tips. How does that sound?" I started thinking twice about his offer, but still accepted believing that this time I wouldn't smoke anything that got me into the same trouble like last Halloween, "You will be the most beautiful maid there, that I can guarantee you." He sold me on the fact and we shook hands sealing the deal, "Have a great time tonight, and don't get in too much trouble." And just like that he was gone and I was in deep once again.

Just as the MC took the microphone and began the main event I was spotted by Steve, who came across the room and greeted me with a high five, "Hey, you made it. I thought you didn't get an invitation." Thinking quickly and covering how deep I was being drawn into these activities I told him that the invitation had arrived the night after we talked before finally adding, "You told me at the first auction that all of this was kept strictly confidential." He didn't look totally convinced, "I was the one that got you in the front door, and we're buddies, so there should be no secrets between us." I agreed that I would be more forthcoming in the future, but knew that this was a big lie if it meant keeping Kate under wraps.

Our attention was redirected to the stage where a stunning brunette was led to the auction block by a leash. It didn't look like she was being held there against her will as she confidently strutted back and forth several times to allow the bidders to get a closer look. The sexy slave then bent over to show off her deep cleavage to a small group of men, but I was drawn to the woman standing with them. She was wearing a tight white mini dress that easily showed off her curvy figure. I nudged Steve and asked, "The slave is hot, but who is that blonde with those lucky guys?" We were both trying to get a better look when she turned around and revealed to us that it was Mary, "Isn't that the regular bar tender at these things?" He was right, and my mouth fell open in awe, as she was fully made up to attract every horny guys lusty attention.

When our eyes eventually met I saw her graciously excuse herself from the group and rush over to give me a long hug before whispering in my ear, " my God. I was hoping you would be here tonight." Steve just stood there surprised by her reaction as she nibbled on my ear. As I looked over at him he just gave a thumbs and turned his attention back the auction. The nibbling turned into a long breathless kiss before she said, "Can we go somewhere private? I need to tell you something." We immediately slipped away, finding a quiet part of the mansion with what I thought was the intention of catching the past several months.

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