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31 Dec 2014  

SubMonique101 67T
5 posts
2/24/2021 7:52 pm
31 Dec 2014

I was ready break away from all of this and the phone calls with Mary over the month made my decision even more comfortable. She only wanted Kate acting like a girl and would only allow Kate the honor of talking with her in my girly voice. It was really<b> weird </font></b>doing it every time. Then each time I would fall back into more of my guy voice Mary would scold me, "Come, come Kate. That's not how you've been taught to speak to me. Now try again." It seemed like a wasted effort on me as every conversation was being interrupted whenever things got a bit steamy. Until one night Mary called after I was getting very high and had purposefully been performing in front of the dining room window, which something I had avoided for most of December.

The ringing nearly knocked off of my high heels, but when I answered the phone and heard Mary's voice it felt like a trance fell over Kate and my true girly voice came out of me naturally. After 20 minutes of us chatting about anything and everything Mary complimented me and suggested we meet for lunch at Ernie's, before we were due at the party, "I'm sure you got comfortable with your new little toy, but now it's time for me to take it back for awhile, so you'll want it even more the next time. Isn't that right my little butt plug ?" I didn't need to answer because she knew I was nodding in agreement.

As we met in a dark corner booth at Ernie's even when she tried to 'dress down' in a pair of jeans and plaid men's shirt, her sexuality was always smoldering just below the surface. Following a strong embrace and lingering kiss we settled into both sides of the booth facing each other, "Well, let's get the business over with first." As I reached into my jacket pocket I pulled out a black pouch and placed it on the table just as the waitress arrived. As we ordered the butt plug in the center of the table sat there like a neon sign in my eyes, and to add to her enjoyment I then felt Mary's stocking foot playing with my crotch. The waitress finally walked away with the menus and Mary didn't miss a beat by grabbing the bag, "Now what could this be?" She began playing with it and sensually stroking it's thickness, "Only an ass slut would love this...and you do love it don't you Katie?" I tried to shush her and she giggled and laughed as she placed the black pouch into her purse.

She was so playful, but the next thing she said took my mind off of the close call with our waitress, "I may have found a permanent way out...for me. It's a bit of a sleazy move, but..." Before she could finish I broke in and gave her my reassurance that whatever it was would be acceptable to me, "I know how this lifestyle can trap you if you're not careful, and you already told me you need to get out now." Mary reached across the table for my hands and tenderly added, "Well, fortunately you're not in so deep, which means you can step away at any point without anything drastic happening to you or your life." She may have believed it, but I was more and more concerned that Kate had a much tougher route to extradite herself and me along with her.

Our lunch together was up all too soon as we exited the restaurant, with her leaving through the rear entrance to a small secluded parking area, at the same time that I walked out the front entrance to the main parking lot facing Cahuenga Blvd. Just gazing up at the right moment made me realize it was a good thing we went our separate ways, because I spotted somebody across the street in front of the church taking photographs of me with a telephoto lens. I suspected it was my' peeping tom' from home and just departed without giving him a second look so that he didn't know that I had spotted him.

It wasn't until I got home and was putting the final touches on my eye lashes when I realized the whole time I was with Mary at Ernie's that I was talking in my girly voice. The waitress hadn't even given it a second look, and that was while I was dressed as a guy. Now here I was dressed and made up for my final fling with the syndicate as Katherine. I barely made it thorough my condo's lobby before being spotted by several of my neighbors sitting by the pool. Fortunately, I had learned a baseball cap, sunglasses and mostly with my head down and you can rush by almost anybody even if your face is fully made up as a woman.

My driving instructions were back to the elaborate run around through downtown Los Angeles, similar to an auction night, until I got verbal directions from a parking attendant at the next check point to reach the final destination for the night. Finally on Los Angeles Street I spotted a man waving a yellow flag in a bright red shirt, which matched the photo that arrived in the Fed Ex package. Once I showed my drivers license I drove up the one level and was directed into a parking spot on the roof and got out with my change of clothes bag and makeup. At the guard shack I was directed to the hotel across the alley and was told to check in at the front des

As I crossed over the stairs I was looking for a hiding place for my car key since I had decided give myself an extra backup escape plan if things went wrong tonight. There was already a change of clothes in the back of my car, and when I spotted a large dumpster on the corner of the roof I placed the magnetic container holding my key and a hundred dollar bill on the back of it and slid the dumpster tight against the wall. Now my attention turned to the old hotel I was faced with and read the sign painted on the side of the tall white building, 'HOTEL CECIL LOW DAILY-WEEKLY-RATES'.

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