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31 Dec 2014 (3)  

SubMonique101 67T
5 posts
2/28/2021 1:12 pm
31 Dec 2014 (3)

Upon entering the backstage dressing room it looked like I was seeing things. There before Kate was five nearly identical women dressing in the same costume as Barbara Eden on the TV show 'I Dream of Jeannie'. It reminded me that when I watched that show as a I always wanted be the sexy jeannie. All of the other girls were already putting on their final makeup touches and adjusting their costumes to fit perfectly.

Hanging on a coat rack was a garment bag with a pink name tag of 'KATE' hanging from the zipper. I was expecting to find my French Maid uniform to discover I too would be dressed as a harem for the night. I had to conceal my excitement of fulfilling a childhood fantasy as I slipped comfortably into the puffy pants and halter top. Thankfully I had been working with my tummy being exposed all night in tonight's uniform, and with the added veil to disguise my facial features Kate could feel completely comfortable as the woman she was becoming no matter who was in the crowd tonight.

When I finally looked at myself in the mirror it felt like Katherine was finally nearing the end, or was it a climax? A nd although it had been a wild ride, it was time to return to my quiet life and put the past couple years all behind Dave. I stood there looking at the reflection of Kate and couldn't believe that my self esteem had gotten so low that I felt Kathrine had no other destiny but to be where I was at that exact moment. As I spritzed some perfume on the nape of my neck there was a knock on the door followed by Mr. Fred and one of his muscle guards entering and carrying a black box, "All of you have reached a very important stage in your association with our syndicate, and as you may have already heard we are transitioning into more legitimate enterprises, and with this development we are moving our base of operations back to London. So for each of you this may be either a new fresh start or an unwanted ending." Mr. Fred turned and grabbed the box from his guard, "As a token of our appreciation, and for all your services, Robbie wanted each of you to wear this going away present proudly tonight."

He walked around the dressing room handing small jewelry boxes, including the last one that he handed to with a cunning smile crossing his . We all waited for Mr. Fred's instructions before anybody opened our gift, "You may now open your box." Inside was a gold necklace with some type of gold symbol on the chain. I glanced over the closest to and noticed that hers was different than mine. As each harem snapped the necklace around their necks I could see that every one of the pendants were different. It looked like something Arabic, which I thought was quite appropriate with the festivities ahead of us.

One of the other girls noticed the same thing that I did and asked what each symbol meant which Mr. Fred quickly explained, "The symbol is your name in Arabic. Our special guests tonight will appreciate the added touch to make them feel right at home." I was expecting the typical added insult or dominant statement from Mr. Fred, but this time he treated me and the other harem girls with a touch of respect.

As we were leaving the dressing room Mary, dressed in a flowing white robe that covered every inch of her skin except for a small area of her slightly exposed above her vail, "I need the strongest to give a hand with moving the last of the liquor bottles from the storage room to the bar." Her statement stopped me in my tracks when I saw her give me a sly wink. All of the other weaker girls walked past without giving it a second thought, which worked out great for us. Mr. Fred was busy on the phone in the office, which gave us the perfect timing and slipped away without anybody noticing.

When we stepped into the back room I swung the door closed and wrapped my arms around Mary's tight waist. We kissed passionately, as this had been the first time we really had any time alone since Halloween. It got and heavy quickly as she was nibbling my ear and rubbing my crotch, "I wish we had time for that, but I do know something you could do for me that would get my night off to the best start possible." Mary stepped back to a shelf and placed her foot up nearly waist before pulling open her robe to expose her shaved pussy framed by a red latex garter belt and tan stockings. She pulled a pair of matching red panties of the robe pocket, "I'll put these on after you get off. Now get on over her slave and lick your Goddesses' pussy."

Whenever Mary got a bit forceful with it always chilled to the bone. This time it was also laced with the lust that was building in me as I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs to spread her to my lapping tongue. I looked up at her with my buried between her labia and she just nodded before her head fell back and I could tell she had been waiting for this as much as I had fantasized about it for months. I traced lightly along the inside of her smooth thighs with the tip of my tongue and then would return to her hardening clit to lick and suck it between my puckering lips.

Several times Mary shuddered from my tongue reaching deep inside her pussy, but also by this reaction she would shake the shelf causing a bit of unwanted noise, "Don't stop now. almost ready to . . . and I didn't lock the door." This would not go over well if we were discovered, so I went her like an oral Olympian. About a minute later and her hands locked onto the back of my head and pulled in so tight I could barely breathe. She was grunting and moaning softly as I felt her slightly squirting on my tongue, which was still deep inside her juicy pussy. Mary was humping and grinding her pussy in my as I managed to slip up to her clit and suck harder until a second orgasm rippled thorough her sexy body once again. Her hands came off of my head and I finally opened my eyes to up and see her stretching to the as she was coming off of her orgasmic .

After cleaning her oozing pussy the best I could with my tongue I back up to my feet while she pulled on the panties and dropped her robe down, Pulling her dark veil across her and attaching it to the opposite side, and Mary was once again just a lowly female servant with no identity and no rights. Mary kissed on the cheek and thanked for the 'stress breaker', "Wait about a minute after I leave, and bring that case of booze to the bar. Let's try to get another break together similar to this sometime during the night, but probably not until after midnight once everybody is<b> drunk. </font></b>I know that little encounter will hold me over until ready for more." She reached the door and then turned around with a smile and added, "And when YOU are finally ready for ." I chuckled the thought that yeah, when I was ready. I planned to have my way with her the first chance I got.

veryslowhands4un 75M  
5 posts
4/11/2021 1:00 pm

quite the erotic writer, was into from start to finish

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